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Attorney for William Randolph
Hearst arc making offonts to havo
the $600,000 llbol aiult brought
against h'm by IlaBkoll transferred
to a federal' court, claiming that
neither of the parties arc residents of
Nebraska, where tho suit wob
, How Is Yohp IVlgcstloH.
Mrs. Mary Dowling of No. 288, 8th
Ave!; Ban Francisco, recommends a
remedy far stomach trouble. Sho
stya: "Gratitude for tho wonderful
effect of Kfoctrlc Bit tors In a case of
acute Indigestion, prompts this tofltl
monial, I am fully convinced that
for stomach and Hvor troubles Elec
tee Bittern Is the boBt remedy on tho
market today." This great tonic and
altoratlvo hiodlclno Invigorates tho
systdhi; purifies the blood and Is cspd-
cltlly holpftil In nil forms of romtiio
You can cure, dyspepsia, Indiges
tion, sour or weak stomach, or In fact
I'any form of stomach trouble If you
will tako KodOl occasionally. Try II
today on our guarantee W,e' know
what It will do for you. Sold by all
When Wcll-Krtown Salem People Tell
It So r,lalHly.
Whon publlo'ehdorsemoat is mado
by a representative citizen of 8al6nd
tho proof is positive. You niust be-
Ijnvo It. Read thin testimony. Ev
ery backache sufforor. every man
woman or child with any' kldriey'
trouble will find profit in the read
Jacob E. McCoy, retired, living on
pi'siu r
. K"
Delphlne Doddsworth, for "the Bec-'CALIFORNIA CAPITAL
San FranclacJ, Nov. 4. Tho fate
of tho cnpltal removal bill that
ond tlmo, has boon deported to Eng
land, because of 13r Mormon belief
In polygamy. j t ,
provides for changing the sent
government of tho stnto from Sacra-
A Tip for Fat "Women.
In a fow years that excess fat of mento to Berkeley Is In tho balance.
yours will becomo a bad habit lm- Tho length of tho ballot and the
posslblo to break. Better take time 'anxiety to get returns on tho nntlou-
raaiiy nmpiui in uh lornw ". 'Capital St., beyond Mill crook. 8a-
nC8B. dub nt J. v,. Lvuf a u, uS ,onl Qr 8ny,. ..Thori ,,aB bc(Jn
8 i. i teaBon for me tb cllange my good
. " ' . ! opinion of. Doan's Kidney Pills which
Charles W. MorBO, tho Now York i expressed through our papery three
baiikor, I'ndlctod for violating tho years ago. I procured tho remedy qt
United States banking law, will
knpw his fato, probably, boiiio time
Seven Yearn of Proof,
"I hftvo'ihat! rtovnn vnnra nf nrnn' .
that Dr. King's Now D'scovory is tho kidneys
Dr. 8lono's drug store at that tlmo
nnd received the most gratifying" re
sults from -their iisc. I wan rollovotl
of -kidney complaint of soveral years
standing. The prtnepal symptoms
Wore In connection with tho kidney"
secretions and any strain or overex
tlon ofton caused hemorrhages of tho
Nothing I had found In
best medlclno to tako for coughs and tho way of mpdlclno gavo mo any snt-
3ndltloh i israotory roncr until i got'Donn's iu
colds and for ovory dlnensod condition
or turont, chost ro lungs,": snyrfAY..'".
Henry, of Panama, Mo, tThO'worl'd
has had 38 years of proof that Dr.
King's Now Discovery., is jtho, best
rpaiedy for coughs, ;co1ub, la)grlppo,
aMftKia, hay fever: bronchitis, hem
orrhage of tho' lungs, and the early
mages or consumption. Its dimply
Use always prevents tho dovolopmont
of pneumonia. Sold under gitarantoo
at J. C. Perry's drug storo, GOc nnd
$1.00. Trial bottlo froo.
neyPllls. They gavoprompt am,
lmtlhg bonedt. 'I havo'recommondeff'
mom over sinco inon wuon occns'on
'For sale by ail doalors. Price 50
Iconts; Fostor-MIIburn Co.. Buffalo,
Now, York, sblo ngontu for tho United
Romombor tho nalno Doan's
and tako no othor.
by tho forolock and reduce now in
a natqral way It you would keep In
tact tho youthfiul symmetry of 20
through tho trying years of middle
pgo. Go to tho druggist and ask him
for ounco Mamolar, k ounco
Fllud Extract Cascara Aromatic, and
3& ounces Syrup Simplex. Tako a
tcaspoonful after meals and" at bed
time. .Mix them at home if' you wish,
but see tho Marmqla comes to you
in a sealed package.
Thin mixturo makes' firm fleshed,
well-formed women out of flabby,
shapeless ones. It .animates their
stomachs to burn up the food fats In
stead of allowing them to gather al
tho waist lino. "Without disturbing
tho diet or requiring oxerclso to help
It out it dissolves the fat away Just
where noedod tho most It -has been
known to molt away harmlessly ns
much as 10 ounces 'a" day without
causing a slnglo wrinkle.
' a
Lauronco J. Lcsh, who ascended in
n glldor, at tho Aernonant Society
moot In New York city, foil 40 foet,
breaking his right log.
Kennedy's Lnxativo Cough Syrup
moves tho bowels gently. Contains
no polntes. It Is pleasnnt to tako.
and children especially llko tho t&sta,
so nearly llkrf mnplc sugar. Sold by
nil drnigglsts.
al election has resulted In u 9lu
count of tho voto on this proposition
all over the stato. Returns from tho
Interior and southern portions of tho
cstato arc especially late.
At 9:30 o'clock this mornliijr par
tial returns from all porttnnj of the
Btato Indicate that tho bay counties
gave a big voto for the removal bill.
Alameda county wont ovoiuhelm
Ingly in faVbr of It, and, If the ratio
shown by pVeClrnjIrf countod In San
FruncIsco'hoiUd good, this cl will
give the bill at 2 lo 1 majority.
Tho Interior of tho stnta Is agntnat
tho bill by about 6 to l; and partial
returns from 'Orange, San iioinnr
dlnd, Riverside, San Dleg.i and Lob
Angeles counties, Jn Southern Cali
fornia, IndlcatO that thy voto south
of tho Tehachnpl was 10 to J ngaltiBt
the removal proposition.
By far a larger portl'U of tho
voters cast tuolr brillofK on the re
moval bill aboiit the " bay', 'b-jvever,
than voted on It -In other nicioiM of
tho state As a majority of t&o oto
cast on' tho bill fs uriiclo;u, r seomH
poeslbkr at this ttmo th'it ttj big
voto- In tho Wy coaatles amy' cany
tho incsbturo.
" I
argumoht has bogun boforo
the Unltod Stales supromo court In
the laterstato commerce commission
against Hnrrlman to compel him to
glvo an accounting of how ho Bocurod
the stock of competing companies.
Mind Your niislucn!
If you don't nobody will; It Is
your bUBlnos? to keep out of all tho
troublo you can and yau can and will
keep out of llvor and bowol troublo
ir you tnko Dr. King's Now Llfo PIIIh.
iiiuy rii iiMiuuniiuBH, illinium nun ..,nr0.t n ivn niiHtrn morn tlmo to
Jaundlco out of youryHtom. 2Ge ntcmrV Mvo uuuro moro umo io
j. u I'orrvw (lruir storo.
A man giving tho nnmo of Edward
Fitzgerald wqs arrested In San Fran
cisco Immediately after ho had held
I up a car and- robbed tho conductor
and motormnn of $0.
DoWItt's Kidney nnd Bladdor
Pills aro unoqunlod In ensos of weak
back, backacho, inflnmatlon of the
bladdor, rhoumntlc pnlns, Anthontlc
and act promptly. Sold by nil 'drug
gists. o
A truco of a fow dny has boon do
irod ito glvo CttBtro moro tlmo to
comply with tho detunndB of Holland
Tho Clnclnnatff Commercial" club
la to bnnauot Taft.
Try Kodol todny on our guarantee'.
Toko It fqr n lltHc whflo; as that 'a
all you will need ta'take. Kodol di
gests what you oat and makes tfto
stomach sweet. Sola try all dnrg5-glfJts.
o .
TiOcnl Purer
Nor. ff. Registration- cUtscs fo
clty prfmnry.
Monday Docombor C. Registra
tion closes for city election,
, Dccembor T. City eloctlon.
Docombor 1-5. ' Frultgirxuvors
meeting, Portrand
o i
OuBu iSLI O XL X &.
Bun tlo
lho Kind You Ham Alwn Bwght f parl t!l ,
-- - - s
Buy tea by the ounce
until you get Schilling's
Best ; it makes no differ
ence therr.
Tour croccr return rcur money If too don't
Iflwili ma pit him-
Mr. Baker lillll'y, noted Clirfstlan
Scleatlst, has purchased a blip auto
mobllb arid can now be scon dteihlnu
nroumU tho streot nf ftoitna, Uieamo;
as any of tho youtlte 40 years hor
ffTI tfi.wl Vyt ITawA A1.M4 "TSk t
la uso for over 30 years, lias t;orno tKlTW
ahd lina ben ,..i.V?tni rf
All Counterfeits, ImltAtIdnsnnajUstIrS?h,i
Rtflrlmonts that trlllo "with mirf .iT?"rT JW
Infills and CliUtlxcu-ExpcricncB aruiJ!ke
- -apwas
Castorla Is a liarmlcss substltnto for Castor Oil k
Korlc, Irops nnd Soothing Syrups, it fa MTT.
contains neither Opiuni, Mori'hlHa nor otkera!lJ!
substance. Its ago la its guarantee. Itdestrwgw
anil nltnta irnvni-lalitiftca. ft: nnma M """M
CoUo. It rclioves TcotlUng- Troubles, cures ComUmS ,
and Flatulency. It sshuUates tbo Food, regntatSttl
StointicJi nnd Bowels, giving healthy ami natural !.
Tho Cltildieu's Pauucca Tho Mother's J?rieU
BooJ ih Signature of
L&S&TY JryjfriAj i
- v t T " r,M
, w
The M You HaYe AlwajM
In Use For Over 30 Yean,
vi otNTAun oowiuir. rr Hvmuv emirr. Ncwromerrs
DoWItt's Little TRicly Risers, tho
famous little liver p'lls1. Sold by all
,lte Kfno ou Itew Almrs Boi$J
:natu -
Family hiqttot Store
i 44 Commercial St
Free Dctorwy
rco Lines, Three Insertions, 25c,
U5.Acr rutUfn IS mileii of Port-
w -a, Fine fruit Und and cIobo to
nnw ninMria lino und county road,
and ?lo pr moiuu
17R0. ISO
TinBiaaakkrs Information Bureau
222 H. jircl4 St., lem, Or.
yWf Ble A irst-'clasa m horso
power MIUMJ- rwllM englna.
with auto. wrlr, both In good
oaaltloa. AUe S ? .power
w.ta anur. Bnautrs at Journal
oc:lmmditoiy, It yo wish a
rr Sale Sevejidfooia', hduw, all
malftr-H 6TiveRlees, one-hall
wSck. Und, For furthor particu
lars call on mo mornings at my
..Maupn ml Of Car llH. 8Uth,
j4r. Geo. JI. Jonos Phono 1181.
yr- lo--Uy owner, good house,
bam, shed, cow, KWrae, HRht
wagon and buggy; ten lots all
fenced and cultlvntod; fruit trees;
eomtr Tweaty-second and Hyde.
Tumor Road. 10-22-Sw
Ono C-room house, 3 lots, good baso-
mont, wash stand, bath, tcrtlotr
good now windmill, all kinds oC
fruit; oIobo In. $2500.
Good 7-room houso, flno "wood house,
ftlnblo. cood well, forco pump. S
lota. $2000.
Good 6-room houso, good ntabjo, fc'
noroa of land. $2700.
Groom houso on 18th stroot, cor
oner lot. $050.
Good i room houso, - bath, toilet,
pantry, lot 75x175, Prpco, $150.
Good placo with 12 lots, Btnall hosw,
well fenced, all kinds of fruit,
ono horso, ono good cow, 2 onp-
horse wagons, 200 chickens. Al
for $175Q.
3 choap houses In Yew Tark; houses
qf all prlcoa from $10QQ to $4000.
81 acreB, good Ijouso and barn, boo4
IB acres, good' 7-roorn pltoetored
and paporcd1 houso, lftarn, oubbuil 1-
lng5 fruit, tc. good home, Insldo
corparntlonu only $600.
r acres, gqod Douso, barnt fril(B. otc .
In good location on, good road; for
n fow dhypu $I7C0i
Good 6-room) plastoretT houso, torn. 2
acres,, all u fruity Just aut of S;u
Iqih Thin is good! land; good' home
Onlv J134.
Also Dome f tho- bet lots oev'stntot
19 acrcBr oo mile of good' town and!
-school, ch good' read, good?, 7"-roora
of fruM. otc-.h good water, good!
fcoase,. enly ra90. ,
llwsfw tv ront eie.
It you are looking for terms, n
house, sco
Room 9. ovor Waited States Natlol
Daak, Salem, Oregon.
ifiH)l OaU ffbr the Foreitera' dauce,
November T. llolmanls- hall.
ffCemoit W.wtlt ConcreiK walks, sop-
tlo tankay esacent flowt aad fouu-
dntlans, Onimates faratohed and'
all work. tfttaraBtoedJ J. P. Votch
33 Manila street. Pheae 608.
Helpi FHrnfah4 Free oC Carge By
Garnntcrs Un-lon Xu 1M& Local
, Union No. 1305 oC Carpeotors ana
i Joiners of Amorlcax moot evor Sat-
I urrttay ovonlag. at 7T:3A p. m. lni
! Hearst hall, 420- State Streot i
( A. W. Donu8, Rea; Su. ,
trorotcrs of imericn Crt Shor-J
wood, Foresters, No. 19. Meets IJ
Saturday night in Holman hall,.i
Stato streot,. GooA F". ruttersdn, 6:
IL J. O. Perry, MuanoiW aecrota,rjx-
1 IcMan Lsai Company, 4T8 Statfifforwl IiOdasa No 18, K. f T.
arteet.v pkeae No. x4v. Partle
wanting heU please cail at offlce-U
qr phoe- as. Also Uaw cows for
sale ' i
wqII, plenty' ot all kinds of. tr,lt. Why ,my whon wo can BOl, yoil
10 cows. C hogs, 2 doson chickens,
gopd wagon, buggy and 2 lior.
plow, harrow and soma other fur
niture $80 per acre,
80 acres 3 miles of Salem, 40 acre
For Sale Tea sharta -et Hkkry
' Bark prfrred atoek. A4r
Drawer S18, 8leja, Oresoa.
rrj-r.l have one of the. bt a1
largest varletlea of any grew en
tho coast aad can furnish you
rncui Btnek and true to aame. Bead
for catalog, Geo. I. Allta, Iba-
oa. Or. 10-28.lmo.
a llttlo houe and two Iota, 18
fruit trees, different Yarlettea of
berries, good well, for $S5 cash.
You will havo to hurry.
ft 1 1 0nfVvLM-u Sitr.Ttnom tlnmnc
in cultivation, balanco In PMturejNow modorn 6.romu hou8ei h&tu
and tlmbor; $65 per mm.' I toUott 8p4)Ua power wlre4 for eec.
3 10-acre trncxa iroai "
Gouqreti? W&rk-rOet my prices obj
atdew&l'k, curbs, spMtc tanks and1
cemoat work of any kind. AUt
Work guaranteed arst class. M.
War. 378 Maple. Ave.. Highland.
. Pho 5.69. July24-tfif
iafotierit Wopdmeau of AaterJca One-
Bn Cedar CampiNoc 5246. Meet
every Thursday avealng att 8
'clock Ja llolnian hall. W. W.
Hill, V. 0.; F. A Tttrar, clerk.,
30 acros, house, barn, orcnara.
21 acres of good 'and, good house,
bam, 9 acre orchard, $ kersa, 2
cows, wagon, buggy haraejs,
plow, la fact, all the furniture-oa
tho place, $6866.
36 acres all In tlmbor and pasture
And some of the best of tha river
bottom land.
j. c. snxiue,
UM) State 8t. Salem, Or.
INwdes For Hal Broke to work or
ride, Bnqulro Kooler's feed Bhed,
. near ateel bridge. U-2-3t
flood dairy ranch near Slab creek .n
nitaiinnV rountv. 160 acros with
10 good cows, 20 acrea cleared,
fair 6-room house, barn for 12
cows, 2 horsee, 20 tons hay This
for snlo or tranBfor for Salem
property W II tako $500 cash,
id $1 dny till raid out, only
A beautiful dairy farm, 40 crosc 5
miles from town, Ono sprlnator,
pood barn, fair 4-room house, 250
KnslNh va'n!ts. 1200 loganber
ries, 2 acros Seating orchard, well
tiled, $v400 worth of tiling on place.
A Joe dandy. $6000.
Houses and lota for sale and rent.
Reasonable prlcoa If you want any
thing In thU lino. Want notary
work, or best of lnsuraaco; want
kelp or waat work of any kind.
Register n wta with
" W WV1V
OanMr OiwiuWui aad Oatw ,, tf.
Catamlns Bros.1 Traaafer Oompaay
All kinds of transfor work done
Furnlturo and pianos boxed ready
for shipment. Prompt aorvlce U
our motto, stand ana omce r
253 South Commercial street.
Phono 210, Rosldonce Phoae
Weimer . ClHrrlngton---pIanos and
orgaria sold on ensy torms; tele
phone 1187; 24? Commercial
Street, Salem, Oregon, - tf I
Llrery ami Fee4 Stablea Old PoJt
oco Stablos, at 254 Ferry stroatJ
between Commercial and Front
trt. TelepkQiia 188. 8oa at
tha tVHwt llverM la the city earn
fa4 here. Wrtaeett Jaaa-
i trlclty. Only $1100.
Modern $flOOO lrticrty for aioH).
Ono of tho best built homes In the
olty of Salem; strictly modem aad
up-tO'dnto, H room, double doors,
reception hall, bath, two toilets.
screen-In back porch, with laundry
tubs, large living rooms, large
open fireplace, fine electric fix
tures, large dining room, 5 large
bod rooms wKh closets, basement
with furnace, largo corner lot, ce
ment curb, shado trees, lawn and
flowers; certainly a big bargain for
$4000. x
It you are going to buy a farm,
buy a good one. Don't buy until
you boo the 80-acro farm on beau
tiful Howell prairie, voty host of
Bell and location. Prlco only $S5
per acre. Every foot of good Inn 1.
Many othor' farms; any number fcj
acres to buU. ' '
5-acro tract, Improved, for tontl
cheap. If you have any prOpo'clvl
to"ell or exchange see
tl State St. ' Rayad iRUUtHag
:,i i . i -i i i i in i -. .;
Creer Can doi all' kinds of
reaaa aad Inside- work; Anything:
froa repairs to oratraatlBg. A, CJ
lrwv ;5.9d JJKwttu BTtb -treeu
' 9-29-
&&tx Lsber tout, Fuel Co,--LaBV
ar .shingle, hHtldtag material,
wd aad eeal Lew Brleea ae
f reai at deUvetW. Oae block ea(
st a, P. pasaMig depot. Pha
18, 7-2-f
Clvatlo hall In irolmaai block, cor
ner State? and Liberty streota.
"Faeeday pt ea? ki week at 7:30 pi
nr. Oscan Johuson, (7. C; 13. Ik
Aaaerson n.. or n. aau a.
WooAnerii of World SCeet every TrU
day night at 7:30,. la Holman aaii.
Kr Luirton, C. C: I . Fraaler,
' " " in
LIhcoIh Aanttity iratoB S.Jck. acci
dent and pensloa lasuranca; $2,
000600 pledged; every clalnt paid.
Goot ageata wanted. J. H. G.
Moataomery. 8ree oraaalzer,
Box 432 Sateia. Oregoa. R. R,
Ryan eearetatT.. 546 Stat street.
& NOT!
100 acres, flvo bIIm ff J
goed: tcn-rese bsa, N J
x60, straw mf ji,
splendid p. raw, '"'
6 acres, gou bi-- r- yj
hwjso, 358 berHf '""'JJ
50) bearl-as spsWka.wJ'H
trees In Deans. -'Til
close la and cfcwp l MJ
Now C-room house, " r
threo lots, goetf .'llj
Ciry lots for ' vi'
amounts dow, 1l,
.monthly lns,aiwi,--j
et. 4
Ri A Wea4ewt Flae
llQHors aad cigars. We aaadla
the celekrated Keileg gaad Castle
teMaktM, Cool aa retrehlag beef
eeatUatly or draught. Seata
Coneaerela) itrt. e-X-lyT
Lost -A large Scotch collie, white
forelegs, with white breast, small
white stripe over nose o neck.
La ".U seen In Salem Sunday. Suit
able rewitrd It finder will call up
Main 12, Independence, Orogon.
Rookkeepltfg And ponmanshtp clasi
now oemg rormeu. Atiaross x. ai.
O: A. Jilgh Bchoolv
1 1-2-3 1.
f .
fkeo, M.iIUrr Plumblpg.hot water
,aad steam heating, and tinning;
164 Commercial, street. Phone
uMIJia,., , . j-jij
Q F. MAXN BOX CO. : -r : :
917 Hllr St rm tin aalon avu. M." J. PetM4 PlumbilZ. BtttABl aad
lecturer of all kds of bpxes, cfaiea ' "i.tLiu,1?
and trait dryer acceaaorlee. Parte ( iJS5!-? -Obaftrll' street
$1800 Large two-story, !ght-room
house, modern, all nw. 'Itwilde
prorierty. .
$4500 Very handsome new( alne
rooaa hoase. pn Cqurt .street, lot
75x165. modern, heated with
furnace. A Bargala.
3,e0 a new modern buagalow.
just completed, flaely equipped
with modem conveniences. Qa
Court Btreet. A Snap,
$1550 EachTwo newly hullt cot
tages In Yew Park, woaera.
Nothelng cheaper In Salem.
$1250 New house and barn, very
largo seven rooms, well built.
North Salem. t 4.
$1450 New house, six rooms, bath
, and tojlet, septic sewer, .well built,
on Asylum avenue.
Lots from $150 to $1000 Soroo ln-
sltte lots nt $350.
Modern house. 7
Mights, bath, toller, pan
Wock beautiful-grounds,-Wdlpkxe
a largo list of clt;
ties for sale.
room, ejcctr,iQ
pantry, nan
city p-roper
Houea and lots,
Tho Mala 17.
ties tor eaie. mua .-.
$600 and up. Vacant Iota $50 ana
up. Call oa
asvr, Jk MTNTOX.
341 Stata street. Bayae BMK
Vatcd TaaewewtW"1
vialon street.
;wHfAT!ON "d
I wllUBay yJV 1
, nr mmzmnv . ...
hnth Of US. iMfTtumtM
matkn ro Vtl a t
Lands on m" "T-j &
Crook countlJ, g
servatlon. PMrtarf.
j. c. "r"LiA
1267 Marloa
Office oTcrSteuloi-
Three choice M
I isSOand $960. o
Tw0 lots corner W -$600
for the t
nodd ,drlvlng tj - '
Good yorkteaa. nT
137 w " "

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