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jConUnuedfrom page i)
Tail nas eiuneu now iorK oy auotlt 2n0Anni
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Illinois by 200,000. Oregon was carried by k ,
tho Republicans, 25,000 majority In favor of i.81
M, .. l.lr ulntno Wlla 111 ttollnnn ...I. . .. .. H. Tho .1. " 1
T i',
l mil l III,.
I W i i i I i i ' ' "I' I) ' ' i T 't - -- 1 MtaM1M
m. .. iiimnnnn " i i -l i i
. . . A t
iV'. BBF" wn 1 i
!f 4U n and
II H. S B m
- 'A ' S&G
e a I F I c i
m m saa ssi bh MBiHr sbi Jain
Ljf Vk Hmhm Mmm ? H . . H .
ifly Oualitv clean oerfect ity
' .if" , , . Your jjrocer will grind It I L
.. . - tifitfor If crmnnrl nt hnmim tinfi H 7
, ------ ., B.VH-. -.. .w.w WW
. .. , wo ii4nn. '
- i .I -i i i in - ' ' "
See Ottf
'f V
t '-" ,
w . "
A. bill of exceitI6nB was filed In
tho circuit court tlil? morning by Car
son, St. DrQwn attorneys for Laura
Pnlmqr, witol.h99BU94 Ho, Portlaud
Railway Light &.oworcompnny for
llnjurloa received through tho alleged
cajciessncss ..quarguu in jiiw juuui
plalfat Thl tnntter -haa been pond
ing ltv,th circuit court for a number
&f 'Jsoealqns haying boon postponoJ.
Tho plaintiff nlloges In her complaint
that 'tho Portland Hallway Light, &
tower companycnr collided .with ;i
bt'iggy In whlph php andjier husband
woro occupants, throwing thorn to the
ground nnd4cnuslng thev to sustain
InJMrlpa p tho extent ihat damages
aro, domanded from tho electric road
In" tho sum of $1 Q, 425.
I y&wvi&tu. fiieifofl fjhto20upj&m I
-, !, i .1 II fmm MM 1 . I II III
, ptV news
m-i.A.t (.'xlllvll
JL ...lit un nreanUod aUtho aCpUnl
b!ecm Cn)eS on Monday evening.
W.Kffi$" CM at collogo oco
muiDiiiF.. - I - . !..
! T.SV t ..ttiiiclent-rtumbor on-
mw"- .-"v,- ,
111 V J'y continuing
ibtoliTO. 'Give K. IS. hfr a
w MS" --' ""
-Yji wSl im Why-look
furtW.aU up sU.- J, M, Law-
- v iL .,. kill.
rM QM m. vv
L'ok f VfoM tUiB rainy wouthor aa
atapy pthr tlmoy by hyli your
ut'u nrcio& und cleaned occaslonnl-
lV, at a nH oxpeiwo, by JohUBon &
.. . MJ
RANK CJOMS INTO j u0 not conquorod Tho futuccr Ik
I ltKOIV;KH,SHANIjour8." 1
Provldonco. 11. I.. Nov. 4.- Daniel
Commissioner W. P. oodwln took)
control of tho CluCrat Truot Company
which cloflod lu doon today pndng:
court proceedings. A receiver,, ha
boon applied for and a poUtlon fo a
roBtralnlng order tp prevent tho di
rectors from disposing ot the bank's
Asset baa been filed. The "top Vns
takon because of tho alleged unsafe
condition of tho bank,
, -o-
MMtlc Cu Madilmw.
i'lWt auKor from Jilgh-prlced
ltkdlv. maioIIUk gua. Light and heat
vflur bwW kouso hnd cook with gas
made bytABtomatlc Qas Machlno for
Um kM X lor thouaaud. vwt io
lastHll, economlcnl to in, no fcaro.
il up aaywhoro. city dr country.
See Mmle now ruwalag In- Salem.
Write fer partlculara. llwxy A.
Tewsseaw, H. P. 1. No. 3. Swleai. Or
eW, ' l-4-5t
Cmhhob Happy.
Danville, Ills., Nov. i.Speaker
Joseph O. Cannon'thls afternoon save
out the following BUuement:
"The returns bo far Indicate that
I haye received a plurality of 8800
which Is allghtly In excess of the
nermal. In view of the persistent 'op
nosltlon of President Qompera an
hU agents and the attack ot the
leaders of. the antl-aalooa league, the
outcomo Is extremely graUfylng to
mo. It Indicates, that though isoma
good people outride the district were
deceived, the people inswe me aia-
trlct uaderstand ithe real situation.
"I am gratified that the IlepublU
can party has achieved such a splen
did victory. The election of Taft and
Sherman, vdth a Republican coa
grees, o douljt will resuU In a com
nta rAatnratlon of confidence. The
arty will keep the peldges raado In
tho platform. We can and will re
vise the tariff, giving full protection
to he employe. The revision can ba
prowptly accomplished, alter the !
auguaratloa ot Jude Taft, without
disturbing business conditions."
5CiiUoiiiih1u Consy.
Porjilamr, Or., Nbv. 4. Muttonmsbjl
county gavo Taft 18,02.1 votes aady
iiryan 10VO31. That' Is wkat tho ctwH
iploto rutvrns show.. i
In all Multonmah ccnty Hlssenl
cnndldata of tho Indopomlcnco pierty.i
rocolvoT but ry votem. KugOD?- V3
Dobs received IT00 ete.s and! thej
Prohibition party polled C80 for ltaj
Only three precincts- fn the ceuatyr
gave a majority to Bryan. Of these
precincts 74 gavo Taft 11& votes and
nryaa 170, precinct 7C gave Taft'
128 and Bryan 130; precinct 107
gave Taft IB and Bryan IT The-,
flrat two are Albtna precincts, the
voting placo'of tho longshoremen atxf
preelnct 107 tspn Sauvtes Ialaat.
T'e. total vote cast In tfco couaky
was, '30,10.
If You Want-
Sonethtng Ana In tho meat line
call up Stousloff BroB. Phono 321.
Tho case of John A. Hughos vi.
B. t Senrs, an notion for money,. the
attorneys for tho parties1 camo to &
Bottlcmont and tho mnttor was dismissed.
Jtidgo Burnet ndjournod court thla
morhlng unt'l Monday, tho 30th of
Noyombor, nt wlilch tlmo ithorq aro
Bovornl pending enses to bo hoard
nnd probnhly a few arguments on
cotuo new complaints.
Circuit .Tmlgo
department No.
Win. Gnl'.owny, of
2. will hold court
San Francisco, ul., Nov. 4. -With.
5 preclncta yet to rbglator their
vdtca at tho city halt, tho Indications
today nro that James O. Magulro,
Democratic cnncUdnto la tho fourth
congressional district may noso out
his Republican opponont, Julius
'Kahn, tho Inculnbunt. Thla would
glyo California oro Dotiuirr.it In tho
houso of roprosentatlvos.
Lator returns Indicate Tatt's lead
in tho -stato over Bryan Will be 7,1-,
hero tho remainder of tho week. Tho '
dlvnrco case In which Riley B. Wrny
ask to bo divorced from hU wlf),
Autja W Wtay, will bo uga'In takon
up. Rnucbv Sonn & Solt, of Silver
ton, npponr for tba plaintiff, and
Carson & Brown for tho dufamlant.
Klliaboth CluggotfvH. W. Dv Clag-
gottN parties. In nhotnor divorce pro
ceedings, will probaDly have a hear
ing; at this term of. court. Carson ii
Brewn apirenr.ns advisory for tho
plaintiff, and Kaiser & Pogue for tho
defendant. This Is a suit derived
ftem sovetal other d1ssatfstatton?
With which tho public aro fuatlUar
IXtweon tke two In question.
10,000. The states which aro still be h7i. 7khi
return, lit all, 13 electoral votes on olther side we i lii
Governor Hughes, In Now York, and nearlv'hit.L 'i
for reform prtnclplos hnvo beon elontoa. I'Wrinj
Qovornor Hughes, In Now York, and neariv it ..
lng for reform principles hnvo been elected lwntaJ
Opposite to predictions nnd estimates Denecn f
defeated Stovouson (Dom.) In tho race for ii. '
nols by close on to 75,000 votes nud Tatt's tiniT VWnllf 1
will bo closo to 200,00. , wioa,,
Tho present cabinet ofllcors will remain In office win,
. Bonaparte, Wright; and Motcalf, who will resign.' 'N
BU""1 "UD """ v,i.4U rin nntt glv& viM "
'. A Democratic govoruor is also believed to k w
early morntiw t.-. ,.
ploto returns Is4l( . .
Clnclmgca. 0Liry
turns tofay iWt.i'
Hamilton coHaty' u,jfl
ow . . u, , narmoa, Docm
iuu uuuniy hjU m ;
"" "' Iwnrtl, rt if.'.'ytJ
000. While Frank J. ftfurasky 5ft9 "v''uu"b, r
Democrat, lod his Republican oppo-i ' - vl"
nont, Hqnry A. Melvln.Jn San Fran
cisco ln't!io ,racQ for tho suprome
'iustlceshlp, ho, as unnblp. to. moot j
the voto , fliojviu urougm rn
tlio state. .,
With, fow, exceptions the ao-callcdi
maclliio uepuuncans .UQat too in
dononden, twjing ot '.ho. par;y b. fcp-
proxlmatoly,.,th,rQfjv aAomhl.'mcn to
21. Tho flguros received this1 morn
ing indlcnto that 74lRopubtican and' Voto of I5,00'd gboKit Wjj
six Democrata will ho rOturnod. to Iho rrom tIVo nres of !('.
n.utf ' umiuiiiuuiiinn imomi(
. . .tho falling off, saH:
Tlio stato sonato is a ciean sweep )1Tne rcjuctIofl u j',
for tho Ropu'uiicans, tho regulars, so- Bult at tba eBta( t 1wmi
curing JL7 Jn tho upper houao of. tho't0 mnko IU mombttiipipiifl
legislature and. tho Indopondaats'pnrtlp. The incrrase offlNl
threo. i 1st voto throughoat tUnttxi
, For Judges of thoBupodor courta ry will Do SO pr'eMr,dnfci
In tho counties outside of Sun Krnn- falling of fn the Iftdntriife
Cisco tho Ropiiblleati nominees, with it Is ttloufiht b wnKktt
fow oxcoptlons Wero tho victors, fa that tho Socialist w Ii III
San Francisco tho oarly flght on flvo Chicago was made iksinal!;
with a sllglit lead nftor an antfr by the ballots of dtatiiWBr
groft campaign nnd four Ropubll
cau judjgus complotlng tho long tarra.
ticket. For tho short term, Golden BOvon precincts cwtd or tfc i
(Rop.) wbb defeated by nlmnlsa (nj rrnnrr Mil gff. for cspitsl I
(Dom.).. moral (1505, ng?tKfi
Roturns from 24 precincts Im 474,
SprlngMd,, W...to i
returns showi'PhiU rfi-..u
from .Tlllnnla lll ,,v,. T
, v ,Hr IM(t,
jDoncen fQr.teTpriwwii
I ucan ticket will recslM 1 1
or approximately T5,W.
FCTvcr Clilcsfo I
qiifcaRo, Nov. 4',-TVi
A txf ft A Art .1 . l K
WnuttMl At onco, a good carpenter,
Apply at 'Journal office.
Get N' Trial
Kalsrfc Poguo got an order for
a row trial In ClageW Vs. Yannko re'
pleva suit for a horse.
Store Room for Rout Y." M. C. AJ
building, 25 nor month.
HaloHHirn Wanted 'To sell our line
to the trade. Llboral terms, L.
H. BesU ft Son Co. Whip Mfg's.. '
11-4-lw '
.jaudont bodyof Lincoln jwb
Va'fVw," wUl orKRnlso an athletic
vutik WJday afternoon, to which
WetW mt aud girls will bo ellglblo.
T'V to maintain football aui
UtiSll teams. In lholr ftrst en
ceutpr wUh tho Park school tkoy
44 Iheiu 13 .to 0 ,IK'WW.
tMMl game with no score in the
. ialf. but two touchdowns and a
wM-.In tke wcoud tor the Hclw?
TJKP skool (jaivs aro blue aud white,
Washington. D. C . Niv. 4. Prosl-
dont Samuel Gompora, of tho Ameri
can Federation of Labor, this after
noon Bald: "This Is not tho first time
In tho Btruggloa of the masses that
ontronchod woalth, privilege and
nowor havo gained material, ovoh
though temporary victory.
"ThQ moral Influence of tho cam
paign la what udvtmea the cause
of Cho workors.
"Our actions havo beeu consistent,
lii8UtonVnd Jrl8tont,aHd v,-e, wlM
achlevo for tho tollers tho triumph
ot tbe cause of labor, andjho caua
of human justice,
"Though temporarily defeated, la-
VHtM Dresa making and plain,
sewing by the day, by exporlencsa
dress maker. Phone 1316 or call,
16JS Stato stret. Minnie Post.
ll-41St .
H. and M. K. HIckmatt to- Rermaa
MeUgar, land In block 20, Capital
Irk addition ito. Salem, W D, $275.
J. A. Clover, et ux, to P. Larson,
40 acres in section- l'6v 7T3K1R,
W. D, IKS.
O. H. Liggett to J. M, Ralston,
lots 1, 2, 3 in block 2; in Safetn, W D,
M. and F. Q.IIaaa to Jaree T Dea,
land Tn Cartwrlght's addition to Sa
lem, tV D, ttwflfc.
O. Ci and L. M. Gllham (to T. M.
Jone,. 1.57 acres IsTTSRlW.W
D, ?650.
P. A. and L. M. Cupper to L. C.
Stringer, land In block 19 in CapttT
Park addition to Salens, W D, S550.
C. F. and D. A. Breataso to R. D.
Allen, 5 acres la Jean Jangras, DLC
No. 7, T 4 S R 3 W, W D, 310,
A. G. Downs to F 3 Sean, 148.4
acres In T, B. Allen D L C, T 9 8 R
1 W, 141 8-10 acres In section 22,
T 6 SR 1 W, WD, 1460.
J3. E. and 8. E. Porter to Chas.
Porter, lots 1 and 2, wet ion 8, T )
SRI W. and SWKot section 8,
containing 96 acres; also 23 acres
in section 7, T 9 8 R 1 W, W D,
which veriflod tftla- morning, nnd ro
turns from 00 other precincts, whlcll
hnvo bcun. counted; indicato that
Judgo Frank H. Duuno will dofonu
Carroll Cbolc for Jud'ne of the superior
court. Thoro nro four JudgeB to be
0 ectod for tho Ions term and on
for tho short torm. George II. Cta-
bnniss, DQinoornt, has beon elected'
far tUe short tannu awnr Isadoro GolUr
on, Republican.
For tho long torm Judges Hunt
and George A. Stuxtevnat scorn to
havo a lead 'tha usujrai them plueea
at tho bond of tin." ticket. JtwUfe
Dunne, Democrat, und Judgo John
Van Nostrand, RepufrttcHti, aro ilgkt-
tng fihr-the'Sfeltidlifiiww oa the (Icjfcut.
At 9 o'clock this morning It looked
like Bunno? wouldl b third and. Van
Nostrand fourth.
8n Franalsoa,. Nov. 4. Rateirns
received br the ITUltwl Preas afaoon
today from all parts of the atate in
dicate that tha Caltfe'rnla capital r
mural bllK na beea detected.,
Little. RoeTk. Ark.. Nor. 4. The
This lbdlcutcs tbat Uf '
tho proposed rcmerel k wt so a
nblo us was- at flret npi 1
Francisco, nnd, nnlws tfce 0J
clncts eivo a larwr rote, tk 1
ure win probably b ikRitd 1
closo margin-. SHthtra
nn dtho Ihtcrfor ctlcwi
ovorwBellnihir stlst '
Mirwaukcft Wk, t. U
tlcnlft- coMpTete Nt3rwti
ovor tlio state "irt 1 1
f ht.(52' The esurt
staet ticket Rr efcet VfR
Ropubllcaw at Ws 1"
itfii hk oAaarsM.
low tto
njtuk. Mate. Ner. U
ran " l
KttAA. The. J
Reeeen oa Jo M
Night School Classes in shorthand,
typewriting, otc, will bo organised
nt tho Capital Business Collogo ot
Monday evening, November 9.
Call at conego oftlco or tolephono
Main 388 -for particulars. Mus'
bo suftlclont number onroll to Jus
tlfy continuing. ll-4-5t
IilHcoln Store lobbed.
Tho Abrams general merchandise
storo.of Lincoln, a few miles north
of bora, was burglarized at a late
hour last night by unknown parties
and $50 worth of goods carried off.
Wanted A conscientious woman to
take charge ot ofllco and direct
omployos. MJ.," Journal.
ltMrS! or TrnUc At a bargain. A
reglBte,n?d Clyde stalUqn addfosa
H O. Breasler, Routo 6, Box 99,
Salem. Or. ll-3-3t
San Francleco, fJal., Nov, 4. Re
turns from all portions ot tho state
Indicate that tho direct primary
amendment to the constitution of
the state was carried- by a- large nt.
jorlty. It woet coHtIea the. vote
was 2 te-1 in favor of tk anteadt
meat, In some. counties. It stood as
high as 6 to 1 and even Id to 1,
ti t tnrtvht. Wednssday and ' Thursday ht lh j
dertul picture ever exhibit la our prpsperoas Sali
An Auto Heroine
. .. J hnff It Vt
The race for the Vltagrapa uwji, - "
reallsUc and full ot thrilling lucHleats. This will
Ject along with the usual big selected bill.
... ,....., Mrcillt. A BK
Mr. Ed. Berg, late or tno urpuuu -
lng. comedian and Impersonator, will without a dosb
attond Salem's favorite, THK STAi.
.. t. . ... ' ia.ant ranse
Note Don't rorgei tne uns- t
to b &e
Vioso who attend pur matinee every day from -

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