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Specials at this
The Keiidy-to-wcur hcctlon otters it complete lino of White Lingerie
Waist, lit the nssortincnt nil sIz-ch nro nhotvn they linvc tlio long but
ton Nlecvt'H, trimmed with fancy embroidery yoke, the value nre well
worth 9J.U5, on unlo tomorrow at 8:00 QQn
No telephone order received.
Now Is the Time This Is the Place
To buy HIioch. We have Just received n shipment of Mcii'h Kangaroo
Grain lllucher Cut Shoes, nil
nt the price,
fiOc ami 70c Neckwear
$1.00 .Veckwear
Dlmel McnIi Underwear
Natural Wool Underwear, $1.25
i.ftO Until Hohert
f 0.00 Hath Robes
Golf Shirt, 9UiO valuer
Golf Shirt, 915.00 value ,.... ......
Mine Flannel Shirt, $2.00 vnliie. ..,., ,,fc ,,,
lllue Flannel ShlrtH, $:.00 value ;, ,
Gray I'lanncl ShlrtM, jjUI.no valuer
(Jray Flannel ShlrtH, ijUI.no values
Auto (ilitvi-H, 9:1.00 vain en. ...
r rw w H BrT jt j
O () 0 O O O O I) o
O O O O O O U () o
Woollier Forerost
tf..t. . milf.lt ..,1.1 lfflf tu..ufiii ltlAlrl
. . V .
southerly wind.
Bavo tho Discount
Orkttil ,lirt1 Jim n m a t t It n sWtlrwt t frt
ouiui uiiuua 111 i7 iiiu uiuuu uw
or boforo tho 10th, to nvo tho dls-
count on Fubruary wntur bills.
Novo the Discount
Bend olmok or pay at the olllco n
or boforo tho 10th, to iavo tho dis
count on Fabrunry wntur blllH,
Now In tho Time
To pny your Fubruary water bill
and gut tho 10 per uont dliiQOiiiit.
Now l llm Time
$ To pay your February waUr hills,
and gel 11)0 10 por cent discount.
, WiHliieMkiy
Will bu tlit lust day to pny your
waior bill anil gl tht dlsaount.
Will bo tho last day to pay your
water hills and get tint dlnuoiuu.
Wlien In Portland
Visit Hall's restaurant, 330 Wnsh
Inton street, o-o-d
W. T. lllgdoti, Uudortnk
Always progressive, up-to-datt
Full equlpmont, largest stock.
tower Itumrwiico lUtc. I
By having uti do ypur work. H. W,'
Oft Ui AIwmuI ol tike ltush
Placo your order for lab wood
now. The a K. 8pauldlur I.ogalng
Co. --5t
(let In Abend of tlm UuAh -
Pluco your order tor slab wood
now. The C. K. Spauldlng lagging
Co. S-95t
llNinI of Trk MeetliHt
The regular mouthly meeting of
the Hoard of Trado wilt ba held in
tho Board of Trad roowa. tomorrow
atgkt; Alt mewbera aro urged to bo
store cannot be
in this city
M)Ild leather, the bent value ever offered
pair. See Court Street window. We
Miwed one In two to show exactly how
they're made. Iiivi-Mtlgtitc.
A place to lni fresh oggB and
country butter, uIho the host of f
orytliing lu tho grocory lino. J. M
Lawrence. Phono 311.
i.Vnlch'N of Incorporation
L'st of articles of Incorporation
moa in the olllco of Frnnk W Ileu
on, secretary of state, February t.
Davis, Kllburn &. Illoch
'principal oftlce, Portland; capita'
Hlook, $10,000; Incorporators, C TV
Davis. (1. F. Kllburn and W. E.
niooh. City Public Mnrkot; Incorpor
ated uuder the laws of tho stnto of
Washington; capital stock, $50,000;
principal ollloo In this atato, Portland,
tittornoy la fact, T. K. Robe, 310 Mo
hawk building, Portland, Orogon.
Touchcro' Kvaiiilnatloit
Tliu county and Mute hqIiooI touch
ers' oxauiluiitloii will bo hold tomor
row lu tho Methodist church, and so
far 60 npplUmntH havu innde known
thulr duHlro to take tho tost.
David l Lonesome
The friends of big Dave Hugh hud
nu wMreiuely HympHthtftlo feeling for
hliti tliU uiornliig, Hiul wr extond
lux romlolnnew on vtry hHiid. Thw
jhuih of Dhvo'm iwil uppeuruiu'e In
due to tin fact tliHt Mm. Dnvh Push
hu kiiiiv for vUdt with her uuitwr,
Mih. kVliwt. In IIdIIIukIinih. Watth..
Hiul H)iir llltltt DmvUI Ih luft nil by life
loumtomo. Ill frlumU. however, will
stop nt nothing to kwp him out of
mltifhtaf until Mit Uavt returns
Thninoiw' Health luiprotes
C. Y. TlmmouB, suntenoud to bu
haiiKud at the htato penitentiary on
tho 20th of this month, Is Improving
rapidly after his severe Illness a
short time ago. While Tlmmous was
retained at tho county jail here ho
oftentimes wus subject to fainting
polta caustsl principally by thtnklig
continually of tho crime ho commit-
"- boln. in a weakened
condition from tho lack of exorclso
and poor appetite. For tho past two
days the prison oftlolals atato he is
In better humor and Is more willing
to converse thau horetoforo. There
sotuus to be nothlnga to prevent his
paying tho penality for his crime.
To Protect School Ilulldliigs
Tho sohool board hid a meeting
last night to consider tho building of
a new city school House. After some
discussion the matter was referred
to the clerk of the board to consult
with tho stato superintendent of
ochoola at to what steps would havo
to be taken boforo an election could
" WJFatmamirir Ml 1
&m Jissssssy I
HHHMk twM jmiwi
IV your stomach 1h too weak
to digest your food, you can
not wonder at your sickly and
rundown condition. Strength
en it at once by the use of the
bo hold, Tho board adjournod until
next Thursday when tho flro system
for tho schools wilt bo decided up
on. A chomlcal system Is bolng con-
sldored. A tank holding COO gallons' IJIIwsard Hit St. Paul.
iBBltuated In thobaEomont otabulM-! St. Pnul, Minn., Feb. 9. A great
ing with attachments of chomlcal bl'zzard struck this city and,-vlclnl"
hoxo running to all tho floors. On ' today and from roports coming from
each floor thero Is lnstallod a station ' all parts of tho state, traffic in all
which can bo operated bo as to it 'directions wns tied up by snow. The
tho bnsomont supply tank In motion. I weather bureau prodlcts a tempera-
A stream of non-combuotlblo gas can
bo thrown 00 feet. Tho promoters
of tho chomlcal Bystera will probaby
glvo a demonstration. at tho state
houso noxt Thursday at noon. Tho
stato capltol Is using ono of thejo
Athletic UnJonj
ino uounty auiiouc union is 'to
Ing boosted along in flno shape b
tho school districts and paronts who
havo children attending school are
heartily In favor of tho plan, whore-
by both nmuBomont and hoalthful ex
orclso can bo afforded. With a III
tlo training and instruction to those
who have not had tho opportunity of
participating in sports, basoball, foot
ball, baBkotball, boxing and most nny
sport could bo handled crcdltnb1.
Tho largor portion of athletes Is se
cured from tho country, and a union
of tills chnractor would incroaio the
number nnd add to tholr standing.
He Knew Lincoln
Among the sponkors at tho Lincoln
anniversary exorclnos to bo hold at.
the M K. church on Friday noxt, ur.-
der tho nusplcos of tho Woman's tt
llof Corps, assisted by tho Q. A b.
Post, will bo Dr. D. C. Eloy, who was
a neighbor of and know Lincoln in
his Illinois homo. Judge nurnntt
will also g've a talk, as will nlso tho
It v Hanoi- and the rtov. SellocK.
Mr. Cotter wll render Lincoln's fs
vorlto poom, "Oh, Why Should tiu
Spirit of Mortal Ho Proud?" Thn3.
vrho Iwito hoard Mrs. Cotter read will
know what a treat Is In storo for alt
who attond tho function. A quartet,
uuder tho direction and leadership
of Win. McGIlchrlst, Sr., will furnlohj
tho music, which Is nnothor Bunrar.
teo that the exerclios will bo of the
be.t. Mrs. Carlton Smith, tho sweet
est alugor of all, will sing, accompan-
"od by Miss Shelton. A general Invt
tat On Is extosdod to all. and eso--
e'ally to tho state ofllclals and tho
rnombors of tho legislature and all
Htrangers lu tho city. Tho W. R. t..
U bonding every onorgy in nn effort
to mnko tho occasion n momcrablo
iipccimi. nnd they generally accom
pllsh what they undertake.
Small Jap War-
It was thoucht for a time that n
lap war was taking placo on State
street yetttartlay whon Chlof of Pol.co
O'liBon wns comelled to Intorforo In
a row started over a bill Jap a'-
logod was owing him on account of
work being dono for a certain estab
lishment. Tho war cloud clenr -d
away, howovor. due to tho Jap belur
uanhlt; to convince the chief that no
was lll-trMted
rui'iictl Over Tn Money
Sheriff Mlnto mad his first 'urn
ovor of taxes to County Treasurer
Mooro yesterday afternoon, which
shows an aggrogato of $22,232 Si
tho largest amount over turned over
during the first 40 dnya of tho collec
tion. Last year the first turnover
was $31,953.63, or $278.79 loss than
tho amount of tho present year Tai
first report shows a robato of $684.29;
stato and county taxes, $10,314.39;
stato school taxes. $3716.97; Salem
c'ty and city road taxes, $3425. SO
road tax, $843.69. The precln't
showing the hlghes tamount of taxes
paid for the'flrst report, Is No. 24,
amounting to $2366.32. There nre '
21 districts that have not been heard
Reosoa Enthroned.
necauss meata are so tasty they
are consumed In groat excess. This
loads to stomach troubles, biliousness
and constipation. Revise your diet,
let reasonand not a pampered appe
tite control, then tako a few doses of
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablota. and you will soon be well
again. Try It. For sale at Dr.
Btono's Drug Store. 8nplc4 fre.
Sold by all dealer.
United Press Leased Wire
Chicago, Feb. 9. One of the heav
iest blizzard of tbo year Is predicted
for Chicago tonight. Tho states of
Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota havo
been in tho throes of tho gale of
snow and wind all day. Lincoln, Nb.,
reported that a cold wind turned an
all night rain Into sleet and lco and
caused BOVoro suffering. Snow is
pllod high throughout Nebraska.
At noon tho blizzard reached Lin
coln and numbers of trains were
stalled in snow drifts In tho north
ern part of tho state.
Tho storm struck Omaha early th's
morning and wrought considerable
turo of 12 degrees below zero boforo
tomorrow morning.
Tho storm came from the Pacific
coaBt, sweeping through Canadian
country nnd tho northern United
Tho weather bureau horo reports
advices -that tho worst storm in
yenrs Is swooping tho Missouri val
ley. i o
Is Made Consul.
t United PrcM Leaned Wire. 1
Washington, Fob. 8. SUiart Lup-
ton of TonncHcco, today was nominat
ed American consul at Catania, Italy,
Lupton vas vlco-consul at Messina at
tho tlmo of the oarthquako, In which
Consul Arthur S. Cheney nnd his wlfo
lo't tholr lives.
'Twns n Glorious Victory.
Thoro'B rojolclng In Fcdorn, Tonu
A man's 'Ato has boon saved, and now
Dr. Klnc's Now Discovery is tho talk
of tho towa for curing C. V. Poppor
of deadly -lung hemorrhages. I
could not work or get about," ho
writes, "and tho doctors did mo no
Reed, but, nftor using Dr. Kings
Now Dlcco7ory thrco weeks, I fool
llko a now man, nnd can do good
work ngnln." For weak, soro or Jli
onacd Uingj, Coughs nnd Colds, Horn
orrhnco, Hay Fovor, LaQrlppo,
Asthma or r.ny Bronchlnl affection It
stands unrivaled. Prlco 60c and $1
Trial bottlj frco. Sold and guaran
teed by J. C. Perry.
Mrs. Cnrric Nation should have tho
loglslaturo of Kansas, her native
wild, allow her to assume tho tltlo rf
"MIbs," because nil of her plans
Portland. Or.f Phonos. Mnln 117, A
4221. Empire Theatre Co.. (Inc.)
Letweo . Geo. L. linker. General
Week of Fob. 7.
Hy Howard RiibsoI, popular mem
ber of linker Stock company and the
author of last season's big success,
"Tho Swindle"
It deals with tho groat mco ques
tion, now Hiipremo In the people's
Speulnl iuubIc. Stngo undor direc
tion of Mr. Donald Howies. Mntluo
K wiling Price- 25, :i."J, ni)c. Matl'
luces, 15, 25c.
Ni xt attraction "In the DIshop's
Carrlngo "
Don't put off giving your eyca the
proper atteBtloa if they have caused
you the least annoyance or trouble
bow 1 the time to have them ex
tunlHCil so you may lie fitted correctly
with the necessary glasses. We make
specialty of this work are
experts In optometry and guarantee
your absolutely correct fitting.
Aad styles of glaMV you delrv
at rcakouablo cost.
.Mttaii I i n
Save MoHoy by Buying Dr. Cha
lwrlaln's Cough Remedy.
You will pay Jftist as much for a
bottlo of Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy as for any of the other cough
medicines, but you Bavo money In
buying it. Tho saving Is in what you
got, not what you pay. Tho suro-to-cure-you
quality is in overy bottlo ol
this remedy, and you get good re
sults when you take It. Neglected
olds often dovelop serious conditions
and whon yora buy a cough medicine
you want to be suro that you aro got
ting ono that will cure your cold.
Ohamborlaln'B Cough Remedy always
ouros. Price 26 and 60 cents a bot
tle. For salo by Dr. Stone'B Drug
- .,.. -.-n. , ,
Calls for Hank Statement.
Washington, Feb. 9. Tho com
troller of tho treasiirj today lsued a
call for statements of the condition
of all national banks Ht the close of
business February 5.
Baby Hands.
Will get Into mlochlof often It
means a burn or cut or scald. Apply
Ballard's Snow Llnlmont just as Boon
as tho accident happens, and the pain
will bo relieved, whilo tho wound
will heal quickly and nicely. A euro
cun for sprains, rhoumatlsm and all
Price 25c, 60 nnd $1.00 a bottlo
Sold by nil dealers.
Valuo tho friendship of him who
stands by you In storms. Swarms of
insects will surround you In sun
shine. o
$100 Reward, $100.
Tho rondors of this papor will be
ploasod to learn that thoro is at loast
ono drcadod dlseaso that science has
boon nblo to euro In nil Its Btages.aul
that !s Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Curt
Is tho only posltlvo euro known to
tho mcdlcnl fraternity. Catarrh bo
ing a constitutional dlsoaso, requlroi
a constitutional treatment. Hall's
Catarrh Cttro Is taken Internally, act
ing directly upon tho blood mucout
surfaces of the system, thereby de
stroying tho foundation of tho dU
oase, and giving the pntlcnt strength
by building up the constitution and
assisting nature in doing Us work.
Tho prorlpotors havo so -much faith
n its curatlvo powers that they offer
Ono Hundred Dollars for any caso
that it falls to cure. Send for list of
Address F. J. Cheney & Co., Tole
do, O.
Sold by nil druggists, 75c.
Tako Hall's Family njls for Con
Timely News
Your eyes are troubling you,
Mralned feeling, headache), mlstl
new, etc. Xow Is the time to at
tend to tin-in.
If you haw us fit you with a
air of Klittoe.s not only will you
secure glu. that will cheek the
advancing t.f the defect bi.t tend
to iviucdj anu.
Drop hi and haw an examina
Tuning, polishing, repairing. Ph'oGOS
Try Prof. Rickard's Electro
Greatest cure on earth for
La Grippe, Paralysis, Rheuma
tism and Blood Trouble,
Facial Massage and Scalp
" Treatments,
lU.sonu-nt of Willamette Hotel.
Six Nicely Furnished
Day or week. 144 N. Front
Street. 1-1 1-m
$ Mrs, Aliens,
Home Boarding, f
fen1ft At nil hmira mnnii fa, m
.. ., . . ,
Strictly homo cook-
;: ing
357 N- Commercial st.
tHHf fltHM)4MB
Miss Emma I. Gregory, of Oreprnn
City; Miss Lucy Soward, of Nyssn,
Ore.; Reynolds Ohmnrt, Snlem; H. D.
Day, Sweet, Idaho; Chester A. Dm
inon of Newberg, aro Btudents reg
istered nt Wllnmotto university.
County Senosfky of Portland is in
tho city today.
Mrs. Zadoc Riggs wont to Portland
this morning to bo gone two days.
Judge li. L. Uonson of' Klamath
rails Is a business visitor hero to
day. Mrs. C. M. Hanek and ohlldrou left
. for Elma, Wash., this morning whore
they will reside.
I Dr. nnd .Mrs. O. K. Wolf loft for
'Vnncouvor, Wash., this morning
( whoro thoy will mnko their home.
They have boon spending tho winter
'...l.t. 11.. Ttrl' .... r.nln 1" .t
WIIU .Hit. iyuiio imivnio I'll. uuu
MrB. Wm. Fisher.
Dr. Pnul Rador, editor of the Chris
tlan Advocnto of Portland Is horo
County Fruit Inspector 13. C. Arm
strong wont to Woodburn Inst night
to Inspect a shipment of fruit tree,
nnd tomorrow will go to Stayton on
another inspection trip.
Mrs. D. M. Rndcllffe, who has been
visiting Mrs. T. Thompson, has re
turned to her home In Woodburn.
Mrs Rndcllffe accompanlod hor, and
will remain hor guest for several
Mr. and Mrs. S. Tookor and chlH
ren loft for Wyoming InBt night
where they will take un land.
Mrs. Oscar Johnson Icavos this
week for Spokane whoro she will
vUlt hor Bister, Mrs. W. II. Port, for
nn Indefinite tlmo. She will be ac-
tomiianicd to Portland by Mr. John
son. MIbs Hollo Parker, who teaches a
school nonr Sllvorton, Is hero taking
a teacher's examination ami visiting
Mr. nnd MrB. Fred Hartholomew, in
Yow Park.
Mrs. Jennlo Downing has boen the
guost of hor slstor, MrB. SubIo Car
pontor, returning to hor home in
Shnw todny.
Mrs. W. W. Williams, of Sclo, his
returned to hor home after vlnltlug
Mrs. Will Sayor.
Mrs. 0. H. GlbbB, of Acme, who
has boon nttondlng tho Krnpp's no
ma!, wont to Eugene todny.
Mrs. P. H. Fullorton wont to Port
land today.
M)bb Julia and Miss Cecil McCul
lock wont to Portland this mornlus.
MIbs Cecil will romnin thoro as trim
mer In ono of tho lending millinery
King Edward's visit to Germany
and tho description of tholr boe re
call Saxe's poom, nnd also tho Idas
convoyed therein:
"While Poto'r klssod Thlsbe and
Thisbo kissed Potor."
For klssoe, llko folks with Jlmlnu-
tlvo souls,
Will mnnngo to creep through tho
Mnallest of holes."
Along with tin Jnp icaro comes
tlu startling nows that CarrloN'a
tlon Is to return to Amorlcn Mar-h
12. Tnft will feol secure at that
time, but how about KansasT
A Simple Trick.
It's an onsy mat tor to keep your
Jo'ntt, and musel s supple not mat
ter what your age he or how yon haJt
-ufTured with rheumatism. Rub your
self night and morning with Ha
lard's Snow Llnlmont. Cures rheu
m.ii i. .fliiewi. crumps. .! n
t!,t- b.-.i k, i d(, neck or limbs, and :
llvi uli i-h-s and pains. Sold hv
all dealer
Norwich Union Fire
Insurance Company
I'm iik Meredith, Resident Agent
Olllco with Wm. nrown & Co., Ko
39, Commercial street.
Over Ladd & Bush's Bank, Salew, Oi
Last Somewhere In Salem, a ladles'
diamond ring; Tiffany sotting, re
turn to Journal ofllce. Reward
For Sale Several houses in Salem
and farm lands at a bargain. Cap
ttal National Dank. 6-1-eod
Wonted A woman for general hou
work. Call at 973 Mllll street
For Rale Young cow; also clovr
hay. Phone K ZiX. S-8-St

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