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,- "
ffmT Z"1 fmfmYl The only words we could find thai: would tell our friends
tjrttJ jnLJr vJ jLpk) and customers the kinds of merchandise they can buy here
Good Goods applies to every article in this big store. We are just as careful in our selections from the manufacturer as you are when you buy of
us. You can buv flood aoods here for the same urine vou nav for inferior floods elsewhere. We never misrepresent, inflate our price or try to
"hot air" the people out of their money. We've the floods to back every assertion we may make, and best of all, at the lowest possible price..
We want you to try standard merchandising and you will profit and tnanK us tor tne values we give, spring lines aie an leuitue.
W m m Hllltliii,
ImI U 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 N AIH ' m
Spring Showing Dress (ioods, Trimmings, Etc.
HundrcilH of yurds direct from tho famous Botany Vorsted Mills.
Thcso now Spring suitings comblno nil tho now weaves nnd color
orontlons which our women storo friends will delight In looking ovor.
They rtingo In width from 19 to 72 lnohos. Tho colors nro white,
ecru, cream, Arnblun, old rose, umothyst, nnd navy blue solf pollen
dots, tucks, Imitation tucks, cluster tucks, and tinsel dots, nnd plain
mill floral affocts of Drussols net nnd llobinottes. Tills is one of tho
largest and best showings on tho Pnclflc Coast.
Persian and Grecian
Tho Dress Goods Soctlon for this Spring's showing is .featuring n
Btrong now lino of I'orslan nnd Grecian Band .Trimming that arc
suitable for bolts as wall as being tho proper showing of trimmings.
In whlto, prink, chnmpngno, light bluo, ecru nnd whlto with lnvon
dor. Thoru Is a largo assortment of widths and showing Is simply
Tho namo of Knyser on slllc and fabric glovos Is a guarantee of
their good qualities. Tho style, tho quality nnd workmanship nro
tho botfi that highly trained operatives nnd plain every day intelli
gence can produce. Tho colors arc black, tan, navy, grnyB, whites,
chamois, pink nnd light blue. Thoy have patent double toped fingers
and nro built to glvo service as well ns for dress occasions. 50c
to 91.00 n pair.
Silk Petticoats
Warranted not to crack or spilt,
has tho adjustlblo oyolct band and
can bo put on or taken oft by tho
front plackot. Lot us domonstrnto
It to you. Tho newest coloring
effect, including blacks.
(Skirt Section.)
Another addition to our growing
Shoo Section.
Tomorrow morning Mr. Maple
thorpo will bo propnrcd to rocolvo
work of all kinds. "Tom" Is tho
old reliable cobblor.
m J jWF
OOMCJBJleuesA. XM&Jt.Jk7leuvuL
t (WtowmmMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Millinery Section
Now tailor mndo hats hero blos
soming out with tho prottincss of
Spring. Our Mllllnory Section Is
u boo hlvo of industry now. Nlm
blo flngorcd milliners nro fnsh
loning tho latest designs for
3pring nnd Summer. Alrendy wo
hnvo a largo Bhowing nnd tho
Btock Is Increasing ovory day. Tho
naturalness nnd grnco of tho flow
er trimmings nro n foaturo this
yoar as well ns tho immonso color
vnrioty nnd modornto pricing.
.IcNood Slstors, successors to Miss
1. D. tjvnns.
Weather ForvcftsU
tnln tonight nnd Tuewlay.
Ohco in n Willi
Some ouo buys proporty without
having previously studied tho nds
but not often.
If n Woman
Is n "bnrgaln-huntor" hor husband
.pood not bo quite such a harried
Made new by 'Tom,'1 tin cobbler,
at Meycra.
Fine Mnplo and Ash Wood
For sale, cheap, for Immodlato do
llvory. Apply Krnba l)ro8 HuhIi
Uroyman building. Tolophono Mnlu
121. 2-15.lt
Gottagu Undertaking purloin
Cornor Cottngo and Ghomokeln
Mtroota. Up-to-dato. In all linos. Cnlln
unuwored day or night. J. C. SIM,
F. D. Phono 800. 2-25-5t
Yellow Ifcuivvi
Onions, choice stock, 8 pounds 25
cents. Fnrrlngton.
Tho Fifth Wnrtl
Improvement League meets tomor
row night, March 2, nnd will discuss
street lutprovumontB. E. 0. Mlnton.l
"Tom," tlt cobbler, vim mw It
back In on flu new machine nt
Cottngo Uiulortnklnjr Parlors
Cornor Cottngo nnd Ohomoksta
strcots. Up-to-dato in all lines. Cam
anaworoil dny er night. J. 0. Sill,
F. D. Phono S00. . 2-25-5t
To Welctnuo Visitor
A royal wolcomo has haon arranged
by the local camp. No. ,6 of tho Mnu
cnbeo lodgo (or tho coming of L. K.
Staler, tho supreme record koopor ot
the order. Mr SUlor'n homo U In
Detroit. Mloh.. and hu U making n
(our of tho coast clUa. Tho place ot
meeting will bo In Holmnn hnll. at 8
p. m . nnd the following sir knlghla
iayo been elected an tho entertaining
cemmittee: Hd. Kills, A. T. MolUtt.
W. H. Darby nnd August Huckvstoln.
Kb Prico for Salem lunula
One of tho most valuable trans
fers, considering acreage, recorded
oirthe hooka at tho court house was
made today by C. P. and K. H. 1'od
to Wm, 11. Beckett, consideration
17000. Tho proporty sold la located
east of this city on the Asylum Farm
road, nnd contains but 30 acres, for
which Mr. BoclcoTt paid 9360 per
acre. Thoro la now standing on tho
farm five acre of claw No. I Royal
Ana cherries, 10 acrea of high grado
a-pplet and five acre ot English wal
NHts. When one consider that tho
prico pnld for chorrlcb in this city is
from 3 to 5 cents por pound nnj $1
per box for apples, notwithstanding
tho excellent price paid for walnuts
all ovor tho world, S7000 Is not mi
exorbitant price to pay for tho land
In question.
Rnuuigeil, Hut WiintH More
A potitlon has boon fllod In tho
county court by II. II. Tompkln3, n
mall carrlor, on a rural routo in tho
Sublimity district, asking that tho
court pay damages In tho num it
110 for ncdlcnots ho nllogos to hnvo
rcsultod to him from n dotoctlvo cul
vert. In Itemizing tho 'costs of tho
injuries tho petition asks for $50 for
damages to wagon, $60 for porsonal
Injuries nnd $10 for oxponses. Tho
court will look Into tho niattor at tho
next meeting,
WnntM tho l)lffeiviico
H. A. Flunoy has fllod n complaint
In. tho circuit court against A, D.
Smith, a atoro koopor nt Brooks, Ore ,
clnlmlng that ho bought goodB from
Smith for $500, whon tho actual
amount of tho purchnso only nmouut
ed to $3600. Tho complaint asks
tho court to award him $1600, iho
difference btlwovu Iho pi ice paid nnd
tho roal value of tho goodti. John 11
MoNary and C. L. McNary appear for
tho plaintiff. '
Mooes fur Sulc
Wo nro now located In our now
burn nt 661 .Ferry Hlreot nnd hnvo.
on hnud bond of homos, consist
ing of Bovon matched loams weigh
ing from 1300 to IfiOO peunds: sev
eral good brood imirea, tomo good
ilrlVMi'H. These are all fjrst olass
joung, strnlght Htuff. all valley rals
ed and well broke to work We are
lo In tho market to buy as well
as sell. If you have a borne to sell,
bring him to us. wo will pay tho
highest mnrkot price. Will also han
dle huggluH, wagons, hwmatw and
Htfonnd-hnml farm Implements. Coop
er & Oluarwntor llros. 3-l-lwk
A (Jitmt Missionary
At tho First Presbyterian ohmeh
Thursday ovonlng Salqm pooplo will
havo tho opportunlti' of hoarlng one
of the grtatMt inlbslouarlos and
Htatesmou In the world--Dr. 11. O.
I'ndorwood. at tho head of foreign
missions In Korea. Ho nnd Mrs.
Undnrwood will come hero Thursday
morning from Portland, lloth will
leeturo In tho ohurrh In tho after
noon to women only, ami the doctor
will leeturo on ganoral missionary
work In Korea at V:30 In tho even
ing, to which tho public Is cordially
Invited. Dr. Underwood probably
has u greater Influence than any one
over the presont emperor of Korea.
At th tlmo of tho emperor's bap
tism by Dr. Underwood he said that
If he wished it, ho would command
tho whole of his femplre to bo bap
tised Into tho Christian faith. Dr.
Underwood told Kim, "No. I couldn't
do that. I only want those who are
sincerely converted." Tho church
choir nnd. orchestra will assist In the
evening meeting.
Itcpalriug done better than Maple
Chorpe'N, ut Meyers'.
If You Wnnt
Tho best sprny. Ono mndo from
wood oils and wood ncldB, ono that
Is a posltlvo funglcido, ono that lo
Btiroly fatal to all scalo and aphis buy
"Orwood." Uso it on yonir orchards,
your houso plants nnd your poultry
housos. Got It of Salem Hardware
Co. Call for circulars. 2-20-lw
The cobbler, nt McyeiV.
11 UN Made u Move
TlionuiH Mnplothorpe, formorly of
tho Salem Shoo Company, haa moved
to tho shoo dopartmont of tne II. W.
& M. L. Meyers storo. Mr. Mnplo
thorpo will havo charge of tho repair
work thoro. Ills many friends will
bo glnd to know that Mr. Mnplo
thorpo will romnln In Salem.
In now propniva to repair your
sIkm's. II. W. .& M. L. Meyem.
Hunch fhiiNM HiH'f
Throo carloads of 3-ycar-old stair
are expected nt any time now by
fteiiBloff Hroa.' moat marked from
U. 11. Duncan, of Kastorn"rogou.
Tho Hhlpmout loft Kastorn Oregon
somo tlmo ago.
Uobliod Clothing St4U
Shorlff Mlnto rocolvod a tologram
from Shorlff Drown, ot Eugene, today
to tho effect that a clothing atoro In
Hugono wnH robbed last night, and
tho robobrs wore thought to havo
como toward Salem. Tho tologram
did not state whoso establishment
was robbed, but said soveral suits of
men's olotliTng, shirts and other Wvur
lug npparel woro missing.
Vour tiYublcs, UK'S the man ut
o -
Miss Uuby rtlmore of Hosburg
has been the guest of Miss Ethel
lell. returning homo this morning.
n ,, l United Press Leased Wlre.J
nolllnghnm, Wnsh., March 1. Of
from acting Governor Hay that tno
scandal that has dovelopod In tho
nolllnghnm normal school will bo
fully probod by tho stato. Hay do
cljires that tho charges against Dr.
W. T. Mnthos, prlnclpnl of tho nor
mnl, that ho is incompotont nnd has
misappropriated stato funds, nro tho
most sorlous presented from any of
tho Htato schools. Hay has instructed
Assistant Atornoy Gonornl Vpn Tan
nor to bo presont in tho city Murch
C, whon tho official Investigation of
mo affairs in tho school will bo con
ducted by the bonrd of trustcos.
United Press Leased Wire.
Now York, March 1. "Tho only
wny to describe hor gown Is to sny
that It was a 'gasp'," declarod DIJou
r'ornaudoz, tho actress, today In da
scribing tho sensation croated by
Mary Garden last night whon the
Salome dancer nppoared at a recep
tion of the Professional Women's
Longuo In a Btnrtljng oroatlon.
"Tho most Btnrtllng. vhlng I ovor
saw," declnrod tho protty nctress.
' Tho bodlco was cut bo low In the
back 4t reached tho glrdlo and In
front oh, heavens! It was a bou
satlon. Wo ull gasped whon sho
camo In."
"Wo nil" referred to some throo
hundred members and guests of tho
league, which celebrated Its sixteenth
birthday Inst night.
Aillni All Might.
Pnrfs, Mnrch 1. Sornphln MathU,
who uBaaultod Prosldont Fnllloros, of
Franco, last Christmas day, wns sen
tenced to four years imprisonment
and flvo yenrs exllo from Franco for
tho attack;
May Aid Placer Minora.
8acramonto, March 1. Lato this
afternoon tho aenato will dobato tho
bill which It la chnrgod will opon tho
yny for n ronownl of hydraulic min
ing In this stato. Amendments will
bo suggested by Senntor B. O. Miller
and probably by Senator A. E. Iloyn
ton, both of whom fought tho mens
tiro last wook.
(United Press I.eaied Wlre.l
, Chicago, March 1. Adlal Stoven
son, former vice-president of tho
J United States, will glvo no moro of
his tlmo to politics. It became known
today that ho will bo president of
t Im Salle university oxtenslou, which
U modoled after the Wisconsin uni
versity extension without tho course
In agriculture. Stevenson will lee
turo In tho business section."
Got Flvo Jurymen.
(Unltod Pross Loused Wlro.)
Chicago, March 1. Flvo Jurymen
In the trial of tho Standard Oil Com
pany, on charges of robatlng, woro
accoptod today by an agroomont bo-
twoon counsol for tho dofondnnt nnd
tho United Statos. Sovon tentative
Jurora woro In tho box this morning,
nnd the examination of veniremen
continued throughout tho dny.
Gardner Mason of Sodnvllle has ro-
turned -homo. Ho has been visiting
his brother George C. Mason In South
Salem. and atondlng to business
matters hero.
Miss Vora Ovorholt and .Miss Uor
tha Schaefer, who navo boon tho
guests of Mrs. II. II. Henllne, havo
returned to tholr homes nonr Stay
to n,
W. P. HI more, business man. poli
tician and proaoher returned to his
homo In Urownsvllle today after
preaching at the Haysvlllo church
Salem Shoe Store I
The place to buy Shoos for men, womon and children; every J
pair built to glvo satisfaction nnd comfort. Mr. John Lally, who
has been doing our Shoo Repairing promptly uul neatly for the
past four years, is still with us at the old stand. Remember tho J
table of broken sUe shoes at 50 per cent discount.
I The store where we fit J i
Salem Shoe Store
326 Statist G. W. EYRE, Prop. I
Itii i un f fVtMitimaiil9i,f itj
for the Office Man
If jour work is close and confin
ing your o63 nro bound to suffer
probabh they have already caused
you some worry bettor cnll In and
hnvo them examined today.
The relief that a pair of well fit
ted glasses will give you and the pro
ventlon of further decline In the
strength ot your eyes are two large
Items that should not be overlooked.
Let us fit you If necessary with
tho proper lenses the cost la reason
able. Barr's
Dr. and Mrs. Seymour Skiff spent
Sundny with Mrs. Skiff's parents In
Mrs. C. M. Bnrron nnd children
left Saturday for Weston, Mich., to
Join hor husband, who is In poor
Dr. W. H. Byrd was In Joffcrson
yesterday, called thoro by tho sorlouB
Illness of Mrs. Jcsslo Looney. Mr
nnd Mrs. Charles Johnson of Salem
woro nt hor bedsiuo Saturday night.
Mrs. J. E. Unker nnd daughter
Miss Lylah went to Eugene Sunday
to bo gono several weeks ns tho
guests ot relatives.
Ralph Moorcs roturned to Eugene
yestordny aftor visiting his paronts,
Mr. nnd Mrs. A. N. Moorcs.
MJtes Evn Whlto loft for Scotts
Mills this morning to visit her sis
tor Mrs. W. F. Drngor.
Dr. Royal J. Dyo of Bolengl, Afri
ca, wont to SUvorton this morning.
Ho Is n foreign missionary of tho
Christian church nnd spoko boforo
tho Christian church audience hero
last night.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. F. Trnvor of
Portland "returnod to tholr homo to
dny nftor visiting Mrs. Trnvor's par
ents Mr. nnd Mrs. II. Snook, for
tho pnot two wcoks.
Mr. nnd Mrs. E. M. WoBton of Wl
nonn, Minn,, woro in tho city Sat
urday. Thoy nro making a tour of
western states nnd upon tho Invita
tion of F. J. Lnfky stopped off in
Salem. Thoy nro thinking of locat
ing somowhoro on tho const.
II. M. Crooks of Albnny collogo
wns in town- yostcrdny.
Tuning, polishing, ropnlrlng. Ph'o608
Norwich UnlonJFire
Insurance Company
Frank Meredith, Resident Agrnt
Omco with Wm. Drown & Co., No
20, Commercial street.
Ovor Ladd & Dush's Bank, Salem, Ot
For tiuo- A snnp, ono lot on North
"Winter st. Imiulro C56 N. Wintor
at. Phono 987. 2-27-3t
For Snlc At a bargain. Fino driv
ing horso. Hnrncss nnd buggy.
City broko nnd porfoctly gontlo to
tady. W. A. Irvln's grocory.
Why not rend work to tho laundry
thnt does not MANGLK It to pieces,
whoro your (EOods nro pnld for if
lost? Highland Hnud Laundry.
Phono 103. 2349 Currnnt Ave.
2-2 8-1 mo
For Snli Ono of tho choicest resi
dence lots In tho city. Soo J. D.
Dohannon. 3-l-6t
For Hale A No. 1 half Guornsoy
cow, iresh by tho 10th. Also ono
pony, work slnglo or double, or
good to rldo. 771 N. Commerclnl
street. 3-l-3t
Lots on Nineteenth tdreet ?375 nnd
1325. These lota will advance In
prlco March 15th; only a few days
more of this cheap prico. B. Lup
ton, T673 Stato st. 3-1-lmo
For Snl Twenty-eight acres, two
thlrcTa cleared, balance In good
timber; 350 fruit trees, mostly
prunos, on land, two miles wost ot
Salem. FTne view. Mary B. Beav
er, Route No. 2, Salem. 3-1-tf
For Rent 315 nores. 70 nores In
cultivation, bnlAnco pasturo land,
for dairy farming; running water
Inquire M. P. Baldwin. O. O. T.
Co "s dock. 3-4-3t
A fino building lot on the north side
of East Court st., 75x165; 750.
8 lots on the Snletu-Port,land car
lino, ono-half block from elation;
A good 100-nore dairy farm only one
and a quarter miles from station
on Electric line; 50 per acre. This
farm Is all In cultivation and tho
buildings are new. The land is
worth $60 per aero without build
ings. Lot 41x165 feet on South Winter St.,
cement walk, east front; $450;
worth 600.
A good 20-acro prune orchard for
only 125 per acre".
If you are looking for good buys ace
110 Commercial Street

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