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2&SR-.X -.
14. nOFKR, M. mb4 Prey.
iBdeptndent Nwpapr Itarotod to American rrinclplM and
the Protrem end ttorelopoment of All Oregon.
rubllibed Bverjr Krtnlng Kxcept Hutwlny,
buiihoiuption haiku.
(Inmrlililr In Adrance.)
Pally, by carrier, par year 14,00 Per month- .60c
PailT, by mall, pr year. , 40 I'cr month S5o
Weekly, by mall, per year- . '.00 Six month 0c
School ofllcors, pnrcntu and teach -
ors of Wool Salem nnd Eastern Polk
county will hold n grand rally nnd
baskot plcnlo at Mountain View
school next Saturday, March 20, at 10
A. m. All sides tending to nccuro bet
tor rural schools will bo presented by
ablo sponkors. Dinner will bo served
nt noon, T, W. Drunk l chntrmnn,
County Suporlntondont Soymour ssn
rotary. Tho following subjects will bo ills
cussod, togothor with any othorn that
uptake may wUh to bring boforo
tlio moeting: "Compulsory Eduoa
tlon Law," "Union High School,"
(United I'lfM lsrri Wire.
Hunttle, Wnsh., March J7. "Luok
powdorn" of his own manufacture
cnusod tho undoing of S. H. Thomp
son, by tho arrest of whom tho local
pollen bollovo thoy hnyo nlppo.l In
tho bud h schomo to lloooo women of
tho Northwest of small sums of
Thompsons plnn wns to send "C.
O. D." smnll boxes containing n dis
agreeable smelling mlxturo to float
tin women, whoso nnmos nnd ad
dresnos ho picked nt random from
tho tolophono directory.
Tho first complnlnt enmo from Mm.
O. A. Abbott, who pnld 75 conts for
n pnekngn sent to her by uxprein from
Her woman's eiirhtally prompted
Mrs. Abbott to lonru If pouslhlo tho
Identity of tho person who wlshod
hnr 76 cents worth of luok, and
called In tho uld nt tho pollen. Yes
terday Thompson was looatod In this
city and wnn nrroetod.
"Whnt good In that stuff?" asked
Captain of Uoteotlvos Tonnant of tho
"luoky powder" man.
"Well," Mid he. "IU Just n soma,
thing fur bringing luck as thoso nimlo
by Ullllkenii. that nro being sold fur
n dollar. And then this powder J4a
bo lined to wnnh ctothuev It Is fine
for washing olothia."
UuouIhih. Wash.. March 17. A
situation MluillHr to tliw mi In e.x-
iHlllllOO III 1.0 Allgeltf llHS developed
hero through" the resignation of
Councilman J. U. Ollleple. against
ulium tht recall wan Invoked by
moan of h petition HltMl by ward
resident. J ml g Mnaun Irwlu of tltt
superior euart Wan uet upheld the
rueall law by dlrtctlMg tke city conn
ril, nblek littered tks resell pU
turn in otibt a ipeelaJ election to se
lect iinif.i s atieiaaa. OeuavllHtau
(llllasele kaa4ett ta kla reaMtaattoa
!( atghi.
The esUK yell at tho mute njaenl
l Wetter tbaa inaet iHh. It Isn't ef
reHalve. Androw Carnoolo says:
"Thcro Is ono suro mark o(
tho millionalro-lils revenues
always exceed Ills expendi
tures. ... I should say to
younu men, no matter how
llttlo it may bo possible tc
save, savo that little."
It is our business to help
people savo, to start young
men on tho road to success.
Call, and see us about it
Capital National
J. II. Albvrt. l'tvIdnl.
It M. CVwlMii, Vteo Vtx.
J. II. AUHjrC, Cblei
galotn, Ore.
. "Tho Unit of Administration," "Trav
ollng libraries," "Elomontnry Agrl
oulturo In the Rural Schools," "Con
dltlons of School Buildings," Groa
Hon of a County High School Fund,"
"Paronts Visiting tho Schools,"
"School Funds," "Attondanco In Our
Schools, nnd How Wo May Obtain
It," "Janitor Work."
A abort program by tho dlfforont
sohools of tho section.
Thoso mootlngs nro hold for tho
purpose of advancing tho Intoroats of
tho rural schools of tho county, o
lot nil who nro Intorostod In tho rur
al hoIiooIh try and nttond, nnd take
whntovor pnrt thoy wlnh.
limited I'reaa Leaned Wire.)
I'ortlHiid, .March 17. That recnll
movements lira becoming Immuusoly
popular on the Pacific count Ih evi
denced by tho Intent ono Htnrtod by
the Hunnyslde nnd llnwtliornu Av-
nuo improvement oiuns nguiusi an
the hold-over mumburH, uxeept ono,
of Portland's city council.
At a meeting of the organizations
hold last night u uommltteo appoint
ed to Investigate tho feasibility of
Invoking tho recall made Its report.
Dr. A. M. Wchstor, chairman of tho
committee, submitted the following
"llesolved, by tho Joint committee
of tho tliiutiyHldo and llnwtliornu Ave
nue Improvement clubs, appointed, to
consider the udvlsablllty'of applying
tho recall to certain members of tho
council, that It Is tho seuso of tho
uommltteo that the rooull should be
Invoked on nil the holdover members
of the city council except Councilman
The rwiHOUH for starting the move
ment have nut been made public In
detail. All that members of the elulw
will aay la that the whole council
with the exception mentioned should
be retired at the June election for
the general reaou that their official
aottoaa have nut been for the bene
fit of the people. They Htlnt to liu
IHirtaut Improvements that have been
held up and ny that there are no
returns for crtulii siuouuta of money
that lisve left the city treasury.
(United Press Leased Wire.)
Klioknu. Wash., March 17. An
unexitlalueu! paaalou for face or earns'
and otkor baautltylug lotions has re
sulted lUettslroualy for Yea Pitts
ford, a soldier nt Port George W'rUUt
sad for some time he will have to
forego tho use of the powder puff,
havlag been nenteaeed yestenlay to
tae penitentiary for from one te ttvo
year for eteaUHK M0 from a draak
ea mliH.
When arrested Plttsford's pooknu
were lUlod with battles of hair oil,
fare orenme. rouges, powders nnd
perfume of maay varieties. The sol
dier admitted that ho stole the moa
ey to that be eould purobase thf
toilet preparations, but bo declined
to tnte whether be wnuteil thorn f r
uae upon hU own jvereon.
t United Pre Leasod Wlro.)
Oervuls. Or.. Maroh 17. The
couaiy (lruMge coavnUn tor Ma
rtoa ciHty was Ueld In Salem W
aeeday. Marek Is. and eleeted tke
folloHtag deleKatw al aUeraatee te
rprRt Murlea count? at tke qoim
lag weetlag of the Oregoa State
Uraage, wlilee coax-eaee la MsMtHH
vtllv on May U:
Vrtm nervate nrauge. Ne. 371. K.
K Sklebla aad Clara 8klels, WHIUm
J Clarke aatl Laera Clarke as aHer
llenevUle (traage. No. Tt. Lester
Mathsea and wife and WlUard II
Sieve and wife, ef Nerta Heweil
QruHe. NV 274, as alternate.
Urewks UrangeskNi JV Uucea
All Physicians
Mutt prescribe seme f the In
gradients that are contained In
Heed's Sarsaparllla-fer -all trou
bles of the bleed) stomach, kid
neys and liver.
They Include earsaparilln, etllllngla,
yellow dock, gentian, wild cherry bark,
mandrake, dandelion, Juniper berries,
pipsissewn. etc.
The combination and proportions aro
our own formula and glvo power to cure
beyond the reach of any other prescrip
tion of substitute. That's why it is
wieo to get Hood's and only llood'a.
W. Manning and Addle Manning, and
Drltt Asplnwnll nnd Miss Richard
son alternate".
Superintendent Tilllnghnst of the
denf-muto school spent tho dny look
ing over tho various sites offorcd for
it new location for that Institution.
About 20 ncrofl nro needed, and the
prices rnngo nil tho way from I COO
to $1000 por acre. Tho selection lies
between the lands. out south of the
cemeteries and out south of the T. I,.
Davidson phlco In Mornlngsldc. Fine
sites aro alno being examined In Hobo
dale nnd Highland.
Watching A Stomach
Digest Food
Wiih tho Mentis Whereby SeJcnrt
Mmlu I'oNNlblo tliL Cure of
The Abbo Spallauzanl was ibo
first solontlst to study ystmntloally
tho chemical powers of tho gajtrlc
Juice, but It wan by tho caroful nnd
convincing experiments of Uoaiumont
that tho foundation of our oxnet
knowIfc,,K0 of Ub CumpoBltlon nnd nc
tlon was laid.
Donumont was nn nrmy surgoon,
locntod at nn obscure military podt
In Michigan, whllo It wns yet n ter
ritory, nnd was called upon to treat
a gunshot wound of tho stomach In
n Canadian voyagour Alexis St.
Martin, Whon tho wound hcnlod n
pormnnont opening was loft by moans
of which food could bo placed In ths
stomach and gastric Julco taken from
noaumont mndo scientific experi
ments with bin crudo means nnd
wrote a book which Is todny rocog
ulzod among tho olnsslce of physiol
ogy. Donumont blnzed tho way for oth
er'solontlsta so Hint today iiiQillcJnol
knows what ths stomnob doos wltu j
the food nnd whnt food does to the '
Science nlso knows what the gas-'
trlr Juices are, and how to make them
beat for the tyetem. j
SUisrt's dyspepsia Tablets, thnnks (
to the poor nrmy surgeon nnd Alexis '
8. Martin, anva man n moans of dl-1
Ketlug food, replonlshlng tho ex
hausted Jutoofl, soothing the norvs
nnd correcting dyspeptic conditions
of tho stomnch,
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets ar
naturnl fruit nnd vegotablo ossonccs
rrnluco In concentrated form and by
tremendous powor oomproseed into n
tablet. Thoso wnudtM-ful little dl
Kestors are known nil ovor America
aud Canada. Full meals hnvo been
digested by them la glass tubes, nn1
tbe are sold by every druggist.
Pbyalelnns to the Number of 40,000
n them. They are taerltorloiu and
powerful. Oo to your drniggl-t ati,l
buy a package today, price 50c, or
send us your name and address and
we will seHd you a free trial package
by wall free. Address F. H. Stuart
Co.. lit Stuart Illdg., Marshall,
The II rat vole of sprtag the fern-
Intae cry for her Kaster out lit.
Has Strougth Itoatorod By
Mrs. Mlohael Bloom or Ijewlstown,
Ia . wbo la years of sge, says - "For
a Iohk time I have bn so feoblo that
1 have bad to bo wheeled around In
an luvalld'e chair. I bad no strength
aad took cold at the slightest provoca
tion, wkWh Invariably kettled on my
lu. aad a cough would result My
son learned of the cod liver prep
aration called Vluol. aad procured a
bottle for Mr. It built up my strength
rapidly, and after taktug thra bottles
I am able to do meet of my work, and
1 eau walk a qu&rur of a mile easily.
Nvery agesl er weak ron wbo re
quires strt'Ngth sbeeM try Ylnol. 1 am
deltgbted with what II has doae for
As a boily balkier and streagth crea
tor for old people, delicate chlhlrea,
wak, rea-4oMO peceons, aad after
alekaese, taol U unexeelled If It
folk to Riv satlafacUon we U1 re
turn your money.
United Press Leased Wlre.1
Los Angeles, March 17. In answer
to n summons to appear before the
special grand Jufy which has been
called to probe the charges and coun
ter charges of grnft and misconduct
in municipal affairs, former Mayor
A. C. Harper, whose resignation re
sulted from tho recall campaign di
rected against him, returned to his
home In this city today. Harper has
been spending the past few days since
his resignation at his bungalow re
treat on the property of the Pacific
Sugar Koflnory at Corcorcan.
Harper donlos having given out In
terviews crodltod to him since Irs
roslgnntlon and early today refused
to discuss the possible outcome of the
grand Jury Investigation.
"I have nothing to say," ho de
clared. "1 wish I could tell you all
about It but I cannot."
Following tho Issuance of sub
poenas for witnesses to appear before
tht' grand Jury there bos been n scat
tering of the former "bosses" of the
tenderloin. Nick Oswald, commonly
known ns the "cznr," has disappeared
and no truce of his chief lieutenant.
Wllllnm Lnwrence, could bo found to
day. Fugitive warrants have been
Issued for both men.
Alphonse Dttrnnd, who collected
rents in the restricted district for Os
wald, whose property holdings there
an extensive, has been placed under
arrest nnd will be held In custody
until after his testimony Is taken.
The resolution which Senator Pnr
rlsh so carefully prepared endorsing
former United States Senator Charles ,
W. Fulton of Oregon for n place on
the federal bench, Is dead because
no one with the proper amount of
courage to Introduce It could be
When the time arrived yesterday
for tho Introduction of tho resolution
In tho legislature, Fulton's friends
suddenly decided that thoy would not
be able to squeeze It through without
u fight that might injure rather than
help his chances In Washington. Tho
followers of Senator llourne wero
ready with a few broadsides In the
event that the resolution made Its
npponrnuce. After eareful considera
tion It was decided to let It die peace
fully In committee.
Por Infants and Children.
Tho Kind You Have Always Bought
iii.. u. . . i Ukffl&&&Ai
The House
SUhdflyJs fright brought us a la-t
our alrendy compiohonsiva line ,insuies
We fool ceratin you will
Rug and Carpet stock.
The House
Lv !i2
4f M. .PBsggs
If ' -A I WM a
V (V Jk f.
u . ..: j sk iii, i?rWel
VjWliifU' k '.all
I WW 1? A
m I :MX m V U ' X
I 1 V r ta
I I" gggv Ji 9f
scHioaaos.al'i' 1 Jgl t Ifc' )M
ria cwiim. sikJ'oS via
B I fssW I "M
141 N. Commercial St, Salem
Night on llnld Mountain.
On n lonely night Alex. Ucnton, of
Fort Edwnrd, N. Y., climbed Bald
Mountain to tho homo of a nolghbor
tortured by acthma, bont on curing
him with Dr. King's N'cw Discovery,
that had curod himself of asthma.
ThU wondorful modicine soon re
llovod nnd quickly curod his nolgh
bor. Later it curod his son's wifd
of a severe lung trouble. Millions
bellevo It is tho grentost throat and
lung euro on iarth. coughs, colds,
I WW 'm
y -i-J-'oB4l sesM "
H'bSsmV " se, "A
A'esgge x T .. StsfVi
JBBBBHsJsflgggTV T I Vs- V
jAgsMsewlvVnkKBgfi3Sa7 'j wggggggggtjrels' H '''Xfcil." XT'
srBggTT (LAB 9ggggm)gggggggggggwggrfV WT $UfM&u
pment of room-w Rtj&s-wWoh added to
buyers of nn adequate assortment.
be well repaid for any time, you
Select your Spring
suit early, sir select
it nowl
There never was a
better, time for the
Spring styles are just
In from the world's best
tailor shops.
Choice and hand
some garments all
blooming with the new
style features and
Spring freshness,
Correct 'models and
fabrics for middle-aged
men and all the swell
stunts for the dashing
young dressers,
.$10, $15, $20
up to $25
Remember that luck
or chance never enter
into a purchase made
here and that there's
no time like now to
choose your Spring suit
croup, hemorrhages and soro king,
aro surely curod by It. Bo3t for bay
favor, grip and whooping cough, 60c
and $1,00. Trial bottlo frco. Guar
anteed by J. O. Perry.
Tho Baptist Men's Club will did
cusss tho slnglo tax Tuosday night.
Foloy's Honey nnd Tnr euros
coughs quickly, strengthens tho lungs
and expels colds. Oct tho gonulno
In n yellow packngo. J. C. Perry.
may spond In .seeing our
mtt iwa.Ta.-iii 1 1 in

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