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For Your
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Dress Goods ever shown In Salem. Heads Dress Goods always mean
a fabric that Is unequuled by any other make. The now wonvos and
favorite eha'dos are nrattlor this yor than ever.
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produce all of the 'slender offoot
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Baby Furnishings
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(United Press Leased Wire.)
Deraeley, Cal., Mardh 26. Consid
ered toda one of the world's great
est thinkers on questions of bocIiU
economics and world history, Jaines
Dncc, Urnlsh ambassador to the
t nlted States, hns aroused great In
terest and discussion hero b his loc
turo before the faculty and students
of the PailTii Theological seminar
In Hearst hall last night. He spoke
of Relations of ethics and rollglon
before the appearance of Christian
ity ' and in part said:
e understand religion to monn
the conception man forms of the
Deity his Idea of his own rotation to
the unseen power that govurns tho
universe Uj ethics or morality will
be understood man's conception of Ills
i elation to his fellow creatures and
of the duties he owes them. The re
sults of this view of his relation to
others appears In the conduct of his
life That conduct Is also Influenced
b his religious beliefs: so the sub
ject to be considered Is the Influence
of both taken together on the nctunl
i otuluct and behavior of men.
Most of us now mink religion and
morality to be practically Inseparable.
Hut this has not always bcon so.
i hero have been rollglons in which
thero was vory llttlo morality, faiths
in which belief had told vor little
upon practice. There have been sys
tems of morality which could hardly
be said to tost upon religion, systems
at am into. In which the Idoa of any
Delt to whom mnn was responsible
was extreme! faint and dim.
In order to understand the Influ
ence which Christianity hns oxorted
on morallt) It Is necessnr) to know
something of the religions and ethi
cal systems of tho ancient world be
fore Christianity appeared.
Hefore Christianity ethics were a
tntrnl power in tho activities of man.
We find plenty of schools of phllos
cpln many schools of thought, many
louceptlons of a Deity, but In all tho
writings or the ancients we find an
appreciation of the Influence of moral
power Plato may not hnve belloved
in our divinity, but ho had a definite
lomletloii of a divine power and a
well defined conception of the inoial
relation of man to man "
side of tho question "Resolved,
That, waiving .constitutionality, tho
federal government should Impose n
progressive Incomo tax on all Incomoj
above n certain specified amount."
v The surprise or tho dobato was .ho
action of the Washington d. haters In
upsetting Oregon's argument by turn
ihg tho Issue on the question of n pro
portional tax. Tho local men were
not prepared for Mich a turn, so that
their argument for n progressive tax
became weak.
H L. .lame was the leader of tha
Washington team and Josso II. Uond
Headed the other sldo.
ihh m ! wwm imf t f t iiii
A Hurry Up Coll.
Quick! Mr. Druggist Quick!--A
box of Ducklcn's Arnica Salve
Hero's a quarter For tho lovo of
Moeos, hurry! Baby's burned hln
telf, terribly Johnnlo's cut his foot
with tho axe Mamie's scalded Pn
can't walk from pllos Dllllo bus
bolls and my corns ache. Sho sot
It and soon cured all tho family, its
, tho greatest healer on earth. So1 J
' by J C. Perry.
Sentllo. March 2C. Tho reports
from Portland that Fielder Jonos, tho
f treat bateball manager and player,
b irretrievably lost to the Chicago
White Sox are not entlroly corroot,
according to a statement made by
Owner Clinrle Comlsky today.
Comlsky as that the matter watt
not definitely settled at tho mooting
ho held with Joneu In Portland yoi
terday. Jonoe told Comlsky that, if
It was poeelble for him to get awuy
from hU business In the Oregon
oily, he would return and lead tho
Whlto Sox for one year moro.
Tho "Old Roman" denies the story
ent out from Portland to the effftot
that Jonoe offerod him $250,000 for
a half interost, in the Chicago club.
Comlsky today announced that thd
White Sox will upend two weeks 'it
Seattle during their training porlod
next iprliiR. arriving here March 24,
and playing a aeries of gamos with
President Dougdale'a team. Using
thi ttqr as a basis of opeiatlons,
they wttl YisH Taeoma and Vancouver
1 Luc a County, 88.
Frank J. Cheney makee oath that
he Is senior partner of the firm of
i . J. Cheney & Co., doing business
lu the city of Toledo, county an 4
tate aforeeald, and mat said firm
w-lil pay tho sum of ONE HUNDRED
DOliLAHS for each and every ease
of catairh that cannot bo curod by
tlu use of HnU'u Catarrh Cure.
sworn to botore me and subscribed
In my pfeeonao this Gth day of De
eember. A. O. iSSti.
A. . Uleason,
(Soal) Noury Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken in
tornally. and .acU directly on the
blood and muoous surfaces of tho
system. Send for teetlmonlala free.
Toledo. O
Sold by nil drujslsts. 7fc
'lake Hall's Family Pills for rci,.
ill Make Any (I'liiniciit.
S M Chung &. Cth Is n Japanese
firm that has recently located In Sa
lem for the pifrpose of making "lln-
geiie. ' that la. all the delMte little
in tlilfK that women adorn them
Helves with They mako anvthliiK a
woman want. SiilrtwalHU mado to
meaauro. or anything else, and they
hnvo glrle to took after their cus
tomers, tako ntMHHree and' to make
things that fit. It Is a new luiluatry,
but ought to be iirofltablf
Salem Hotel Am'vnK
Cottage Qrovo Andy Arnold and
wife, George Cttshman, Arthur Ulack
OlvMlltlln U'nnt. n 11 rn.t.. II
bort Caurtmnn, John II. Bushong,
Aiex. t'oner and son, Jay, Tom Rose
man. Red DlufTs, Cnl. Mr. and Mrs. H.
A. Thlolmnn. 8. A. Harris.
13'.itte. Mont. DuVu Holllster and
Fnlls City. Or. D. D. Klrkmnn,
Nathan Willis.
La Grande, Or. (leorgo Holcombc,
Mr. nnd Mr. J. H. Loadbettor.
Spokane Daniel McAllister, Hal.
Onkland- A. F. Senm, Mrs, Julia
Ornnd Rondo Fred A. Sitrgont.
Portland T. h, Perkins, J. O.
Johnson, I). 0. Horren nnd wifo, W.
O. Hnrshaw, R. L. Johns, Claud T.
Anson nnd wife, Frnnk Kennedy,
Win. It. Shreovos, L. P. Jeffrlo.
Day City-It. R. Thointimin. A.
Oregon City Rus llenv's, Arthur
Medford. Or. W W Ynimo nn
wire. Al. Danlols. Peter McVrnckon. I
uanioru. t;ai. .Mr. and Mr. G. II.
linker. L. D. linker and wifo.
Sonttlt Hrnost Smith, R. M. Joe
ly'n. F. Locke.
Dallas, Or. Henry A. tludlong
HMiop o o to Home.
Los Angelo, Cnl March 25. An
uoiincemetit wns inndo hero toiny!
that the Right Rov. Bishop Conatv '
will go abroad th's spring, and It !'
understood thnt ho will visit the.
Vatican befme his return. Dlohop
County will Join members of his fam
ily in Italy The tlmo for tho pnrty't
return has rot been decided.
gBl V r ggflgflggK?7 gfl
ngggggggggngr k flgggggggSK
QPHJPSf7 '.kiBgfV.'
UgeKRtllvnglggai. '
Is Ready for You
Isn't It about tlmo you wore
getting It?
You'll find It among those
beautiful new colorings on our
clothing tables' and tho prlco Is
Is so low this season that you
won't want us to keop It long
for J on after you sco It once.
MUX'S CLOTH IX this Spring Is more sightly tlinn over boforo.
becauso unusual attention hns boon mid to the finish of ovory
garment. ,
Brandegee, Kincaid
& Co. Clothing
Holds Its Bhnpo bettor thnn ordinary inuknN becauso It'a built right
all through. This factory combines choice fabrlou, high grndo lin
ings and trlmmlngc, and auporlor workmanship, which means ab
solute satisfaction from ovory suit.
Z7 . f?v
w& Us0sre i
&&&!'. cZareSi'.
' mmm
The reason our prices are lowor than at 'regular stores" la be- X
T eniiso wo do a strictly spot cash IiuhIiiuhh and our business man- t
ngement Is economical,
Waiklifil the Stri-ots '
Tht- Olrni espfilmfiit f riuwUtax and tb reeult wu that thin method
the paved !" uiude luat night of cleaning the mreets will nobabl
by ChiVf of the Km- Uepaitweat Jack be adopted hereafter Vory little
Darr and his. helpt-rs Two aeetlona tiiur was taken up for the lieanlnx f
of ! were put in action on State the two blocks, and the p&fveuaent
Street between Commercial and High ' wac thoroughly wastied
Stops Fwllirnr Hair An Clccant Drcaalnx
Destroys Dandruff
Makes tiulr Grow
Docs not Color the Hair
IH'1"'T I .!! Viu
Unlvi'rlt of Oregon, Bugono, Or.,
kiIVII .. lltjrv 1U liuilllt iuu uv-
bato iH-tweeii the university of Ore
gon und the University of Washing
ton last night are unanimous oday
in the declaration that tho victory
won by the Washington dobators It
ono that they Bhould be proud of
The vote of the judg- wiu two to
nno in their favor
Oregon nupported the nlllnnailv"
Your Examination of
Our Silverware
in our to k of silverware ou Mill
flifll rvpieiieiiiatlve patterns of the
loading maker, rich hi dualgu .nid
genuinely different from the o nil am
and trite.
Why not when "Spring cleanliiK. '
replrrfi those broken set of table nil
W"."aiv and have your aldebourd und
table displays of beauty ami refliiH-ment?
Compleie stocks and moderate
Barr 's
1ff HiicrlAo To clean and overhaul
UU OlCyCieS f0r Hie season's riding.
Our Inducements-KnDctr,mcn
Call up Call up
363 tf&&hhMX. 363
we will call for srczWL?itAjJfi muIII call for
and deliver
your wheel
and dcHver
vour vhcl
i mmmmmm
m-m 4
t- -JW
Common Sense In the Kitchen
There isn't aiy let-up ti hrrm-. vvn k. fne tmee meals must be piopaied every day in tho yenri You cannot
uet out of that, but u i.m -u.ike it iiei and do it in half tho usual time. .
Think how lo-iy it v, you jeT leady to do your work tho way you aro doing it now to colloct all tho uton-
s Is and materials, and put them away again some in tho
pantry, somo in tho cupboard nnd somo In othor places .round
tho kitchon,
disagroenblo part. It Is tho part of tho work that a Hoosior
Kitchon Cabinet doos away with, by grouping materials and
u tonsils in ono complete combination pantry and kitchon ta
ble so you can do your work all In ono placo.
It will give you half tho tlmo you now spond in the kitch
en for other things.
It is not the actual work that UtkM Uw. biggest part ot
youi time it Is getting ready for it and putting things away.
Como into our storo. Let us show you a short cut in
kitchen work show you how you can have a noaV orderly
kitchen with half the work and at a vory small expense,
Hi II 'I I I t li 1 Ci" ? ' r I S" 'liSl
n 'I I illii-'j-ir -gg1 rgr---?J4i'.
iy j '
uosier Kitchen Cabinet
Ij m
Delbb'3 v rfeniBe r. i-n
t HE
immmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmtmmummwnmmmunwmmmimnmmMmmmmmmmmmmmmammm

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