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New Arrivals
Ladies' Suits
Last Snturdny a number of very
stylish suits for IndloB woro received
by us, No good taste can fail to bo
pleated with this lot of suits. Many
styles and shades in tho assortment.
The values nro beyond comparison.
$16 to $50
L. ffi
We also have an assortment of spring coats that
have met with very general praise and approval,
Summer Knit Underwear
for Ladies at Half Price
They're of a good quality
and well made, but we
only have two or three of
a kind, While this lot
lasts you can have them
Thousands of Yards of
We have more gingham in
this store than we over
had before, This is a
splendid assortment of
pretty ginghams for you
to choose from, The
quality is the very best ob
tainable for the money,
A report from tho Capital Wator
Commission was received by tho city
council last night, recommending
that the Blops bolng tnken to arbi
trate with tho City Wator Company,
as to tho valuo of their plant, and
In tho ovont of inability to buy tho
plant nt a fair price, to proceed to
install mountain wator independent
ly. But the Salem Water Company
comes forward with an offor to arbi
trate aud soil nt any reasonable
price that can bo agreed upon.
. Cn motion tho report was roforrcd
to the special committee on moun
tain water of tho city council, com
posed of Elliott, Eldrldgo uud Mil
lard, with power to act. Tho plan
Booms to bo to havo thrco expert en
gliicers, ono representing tho water
company, one for tho city and one
for the Btate, go over tho matter and
arrive nt tho valuo of tho presoiit
plant, and mako a report to the city
Interval lug Fuels Regarding the Lab-
oratory of tho Cluunborlniii
Medicine Co., Dos Moines,
I own.
A person purchasing a bottlo of
Cksn.berlaln's Cough Remedy has no
conception of the magnitude of the
laboratory where the medicine la
manufactured. The machinery and
apparatu lined In Its preparation was
designed especially for the purpose
and ooet several thousand dollars. Ku-
rope, South America and the United
States supply the various ingredlonts
of this romedy, and only the highest
obtainable quality Is used. No palas
or oxponso has been sparod in making
it as nearly perfect as possible
A force of helpers representing
home enough to populate an avorage
Iowa town are regularly employed at
tho plant of tho Chamberlain Medi
cine Company, at Dee Moines. Their
printing department, which Is usual
ly overlooked In calculating the ex
pense of a buslne of this kind,
ranks as one of the beet in the state,
and Is thoroughly equipped with an-1
tomatlc folders of the latest Improved -type.
Here enough print paper to
used in one year to spread over
farms of 1 60 acres each, upon whlok j
to printed advertts'ag matter, dlree-j
Uons ad labels in IS deferent lan
guage! ami dialects. Kaough Uiu-;
ber Is umhI In making the eases In
which the medicines are shipped to
build an oight-roont house on eaohnf
those ten faras every three mosilu.
Tho bottles used by this firm every
year, which are. flUed by machinery
at the rate of 2000 per hour, If placed
end to osd would reach across the
United States seven times, or almost
vnefrele the globe. 4-12-2t
. o '
Cottage Crave is to have another
twostory brlek bulldUg. 7x08 feet.
Sealed bids will be received by
the Hoar dot Directors of School Dis
trict No. 34, In Marlon county, Ore
gon, at the olllce of the school clerk,
In the Murphy block, for the erection
of a new school building on lots 8,
7 and s. In block fro. 77, In Salem,
Oregon Iilds to be opened at the
regulai meeting of the board, to be
held at the high school building
Saturday. April 17. 190. at 7:10
o'clock p. m.
Certified check for 5 per cent of
the amount of bid to accomHiny eaoh
bid. Said check of suoueeeful bid
der to be forfeited to the board un
let he qualify within five days from
dute of award. I'htns and specifloa
tlous can he seen at the oflleo of ar
chitect and superintendent of con
struction. V. A. Lew. In the Mur
phy block, Salem, Oregon.
Hoard reserves' the right to reject
ear or alt bids.
J': old i (i. the board
H A JOHNSON. Jr., Clerk
4S-tdly i
Oakland, Cal., April 13. Louis
Uaylard, of Suisun and his wlfe-to-bo,
today are awaiting tho peals of the
wedding bells, which an unhappy
lapse of memory on the part of the
anxious swain was nearly Instrument
al In postponing to a future date.
Yesterday Hsylard ontered tho of
lleo of the county clork aud timidly
requested a permit to wed. All went
veil until he was asked to state tin
name of the future Mrs. Ilaylnrd
Immediately there was a halt In the
proceedings. The would-bo benedict
thought and poudored and racked hit
brain, but the name of the fair one
was hopoloeely go no.
With the patience born of expert
once, tho willing deputy suggested
every Christian name applicable to n
fair maid that onterod his mind In
tho hope of furnlsnliig a working
IihhIh to tho porsptrlng youth lly
happy cliHiice the roving gluiur of
Itaylnrd fell upon a stately 12ar.tr?
Illy which stood In a vnse upon n
desk, and he cried with happy volt'
"Lilly Irene!"
The fact that the surname w.is
missing, and oould not be found w.i
no hindrance to the determined d-p
uty, and 10 minutes later Uijh.nl
left the ofUce itoseeaed of a license to
wed Mies I J lly Irene, of Oakland
Plans for the happy event ur
lag on apace.
Not since Old Kentucky" flashed
aortMM the vision havo theatre-goers
seen a racing play of deeper Insight
and of more geneulno appeal than
the comedy "Wlldtlre," by George
Hroadhiirsi and George V. Hobart,
In which Joseph Urooks presents
l.i.li.m Russetl at the CI rami opera
Ilium, next Friday, April 10.
It is hii oddity In that It success
ful!) mingles the ntmoBphero of a
beautiful loutitr) nome and the to
nllsm of a race track. The novelty
of the 'heme bridges this seeming
chasm. To Lillian Russell goes the
full credit for establishing the Illu
sion that makes the play vital. Ilor
work Is reliued and artistic and In
tensely dramatic at one aud the
same time. The play Is faultlessly
staged, and Miss Huseelt Is given
clewr Hiipport by a company select
d tin lur b. Mr Ilrouks
Spring Shoes
I havo a full lino of spring show,
Alou's, Ladles' and Children's, tans
and blacks. All good shoos that
will glvo satisfaction. I am sure
you will bo woll plcasod with my
lino of footwear. Sco my Btock bo
foro you buy oUowhoro.
34 G State Street.
The House of Comfort
Tho Llfo of Napoleon Uonaparte and EmprcBs Josephine.
Tho Ilrldgo of Lammermoor.
Tho Painting.
Mlnlaturo Circus.
Mothor-in-Law Droaks All Itocords.
Sung by Gcorgo O. L. Bnydor.
Only lie Master's Voire Will Open
Denver Inventor's Device,
(leorgp J. Charplot of Donvor has
luventod n phonographic safe lack
which ho soyB can bo oponcd only by 1l
tho volco of th owner Toata In tho Sf ;j
prosenco of exports Bubotnntlato tho g
Invontor'a claim. g'
Instead of u knob on tho door o..
inoro is mo moumpicco oi a ioio
phono. A dollcato neodlo Is nttnohod
In Uio diaphragm cylinder. To word
whloh tho safe Is locked on Is thus
recorded, and tho ono who uttorod
A Skin of Bgautjffe a Joy Fcreror
jU tMHiraMW
w?5ai fail
1 z W
Ml Pin
Klkl, 1Mb I'alchM,
lU.h, ml Rkln lllif .
mi Try blf nilm
Ami ilalrrt
liM HOW Ult lfl
III) lit
of ) WI, Will
It to humUM
until lotxiunu
It rrl'ilf nirt.
fill ct ilmllw
mt. Di, I A.
Rati hM to
Mr ot lb huW
1 a man continues to call Me wife
"dear1 after the fret six month,
their marriage to a success.
During the spring every e would
t. benefitted by taking Foley's Kid
no Remedy. It fura'shc a needed
tonic to the kidneys after the ext.u
strain of winter, asd it purlflee th)
blood by stimulating the kidneys, and
causing them to eliminate the Impuri
ties from it. Foley's Kidney Remedy
Imparts new life and vigor. PIoha
ant ta taka. For sale by J. C. Perry
1 O
Haines, Haker county, will dedi
cate an Odd Fellow's ball April 26.
OhII.I Pre I.wl Wire
lxivelock. Nov. April 13. Did W.
T. Ouon, aeHlNtant oashlor of tho First
National Hank, or this olty, commit
suloldo, or was he foully dealt with?
While the belief is general he
took his own life, the coroner's Jury
ha refused to render a verdict to
that effect, preferring to further In
vestigate the ease before inning to a
eonqlnsfon. The Juror cannot be oou
not le convinced that Onon. who was
foHtid yesterday with a bullet wound
ihrongV hie heart. Ilred the shot,
although there Is no evidence U the
contrary. It 'is known that the cmIi
ter's accounts at the kwnk are
Arner, "31300
Record 2:17. Full brother to
Don Derby. 2:04; Derbortha,
2:07: Diablo, 2:09; Dsmonlo,
2:11; Ed Lafferty, 2:16, and
Bty Chs. Derby. 4M7, sire of 6
better than 2: It. dam Bertha by
AmsUra. dam of 4 better than 2:10.
and five others.
Winner of first premium at Sa
lem horse shew.
mr staadard staWoe season f
ISPS at Fair Ground and CluJ) SU-
Fee, 2 for eeason, 135.00 to
insure. O. D. SIMPSON,
i-t-C Fit rgrouad. Ore
IU a Top Notch Doer,
Great deeds eompel regard. The
world crowns Its doers. That's why
the American people have crowned
Dr King's New Discovery the King
of Throat and Lung remedies. Every
atomic a health force. It kills germs,
and colds and la grippe vanish, it
heals eoHgh-racked membranes aal
eottphlag stops. Sore, Inflamed
bronchial tubes ad lungs are ourel
and hemorrhages cease. Dr. Geo.
More, Black Jaok. N. C , writes "it
cured me of hiag trouble, pronounced
hopeleae by all doctors." Sc, 100
Trial bottle free, a Ha ran toed by J.
C. Perry.
o o ) o o u o o o 'O
. O O O O O 0 o o o
Senator lie vera g aays "read the
Illbe." This to undoubtedly good
advioe, but If he has praotloed It, he
nover got lenooeulated with Its doc
trine. As Saxe says, "The simple
fact to. Ills preaehiug Isn't sanc
tioned by his praetlco."
When the country newspapers al
low and Baatcrn syadleate to write
these editorials, the liberty of the
masses Is Indeed In danger. The
great dallies wield a iwwerful In
fluence, ot always for good, but
the editorial opinion of the country
press to the foundation on which the
liberty of the American people de
pends. This la not a "smile," Is a
serious and indisputable faet.
Now that the sale or opium has
been prohibited, maybe there will
not be so many pipe dreams among
ta coast "promoters."
smmusskr e?aBQgtmmm?H
llPlSmmmm-mmmmmV '
VslJ 7t smHsnmmmmmmmmmmmmlnmmmHnBmmmt
Ion ( tlnOt
"At you UdU
will &m Ihrn.
I rcumiond
it must repeat it before tho safo will JiSJ'WUT.lyJldi.s'.r
opon OooOt IUltn In lh Usltsd HUU, 0na il mf.
in tho tests a dozen mou tried KBB.T.HOPMIIS.Piep, 87 Grn! Jmis Sbttl. KiwTetl
Imitate the volco of tho man who
locked tho safe, but tho look would ' '
respond only to th right man.
- ' -o
This Is Woman' Itlgtlis, I
In thlrty-slx states today a marrlod
woman lias no right to her own chll-,
dren. In Btxtoou state a wtfo lmi
no right to lior earnings outsldo th
home In olght stnt a wtfo hou no
right to her proporty after marriage '
In all tho Btates oxcupt tho four In
which womoii uro votors there Is dis
crimination. In ovory Htato consti
tution tho Ineligible votors aro aliens, j
lunatics, Idiots, criminals, untaxed !
Indians and women. I
Tho Circus
acrobat finds It necos ary at all tlmus
to keep h's muecles and Joints sup
ple. That Is tho reaiun that hun
dreds of them keep a bottle ot Hol
land's Snow Liniment always on
hand. A mi re eur for rheumatism,
outs, sprains, sore throat, lamo back,
contracted nusclee, corns, bunion
and all points. Prleo 2Co, 50c and
11.00 per bottle. Sold by all dealer.
Wo often wondor how any porson
can be persuaded Into taking any
thing but Foley's Ilonoy nnd Tar for
coughB, coldB aud lung trouble Do
not bo Joolod Into nccaptlng "own
make" or other substitutes, The gen
uine contains no harmful drugs and
Is In a yellow paekngo. For sale
by J. C. Perry,
The Mount Hood Hallway Company
Is extending Its line from Duo, six
mlloii. This will bring It to the pres
ent road to Mt. Hood and Cloud Cap
Inn, one ot the greatest resorts In tho
world, and thero will he only sovon
mllos of stage travel to roaoh tho Inn
when the oxtonsloa Is comploted.
Lot 70x140 on Winter
Street, near Oak
NKXT 'IO .1. II. AliHKItT'B.
Apply to
Meyer & Belle Land Co.
467 State St. Phono 857
"It's the man who sticks to
i water," says Clay Mooro," that
drinks llko a fish."
i UeWltt'H Llttlo ICarly Rlioro, gentle,
Ivaity. plea-ant. little liver pills, Bold
l by all druggists
How to Curo the flrlp.
Rest warmth and quiet are the
three aoverolgn remedies for this dis
ease, aud the best prevontlves of Its
secondary complications. Oo to bed
and remain is bed until well on the
wt toward recovery. Two or tbreo
days In bed when joh first contract
the disease to better than two or three
weeks later on Also take a double
dose of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
to begin with aud then the regular
done every hour. If It should nau
seate, discontinue It until tho nausea
subside and then take It In smaller
doses or less frequently. Ilefora go
ing to bed take two of Chamberlain's
Rtomaoh and Liver Tablets and batbo
the feet In water as warm as can
comfortably be borne. Do not ven
ture out until fully recovered, this
remedy to for sale by all druggists.
Th Murli Water.
Andy (lor wan was conveying the
manager of the Corvallis creamery
home yesterday, driving the spotted
team of F W. Seeek listweea Tan
gent sad Corvallis Oorman drove the
team Into the Catapoola river for a
drink The water was deeper than
the driver had anUclpaUd. and the
horses were sooo In swimming water
when they became entangled and ose
of the horses wss drowned, the eth
er -jsaetdlttg in reaching shore. Tho
driver and hto passenger had a nar
row Hscep - Lebanoa Kxpress
i of Pound ii Week.
at least, Is what a young baby ought
to gain lu wolght Doos yours? it
not there's something wrong with Ms
digestion, (live It Modoc's Ilsby
Kllxlrnnd It will begin gaining nt
on oo. Cures stomaoh nnd bowel
troubles, aids dfgesllnn, stops fr9'
fuluess, good for teething babies.
Price 2(o asd 10 e. Sold by nil doners.
It Ih pretty tough on ths fatted oalf
that It should have to surfer for tho
tins of the prodigal son.
More than nine out ot every tea
cases of rheumatism of the muuolei,
due to oold or damp, or chronic
rheumatism. In such cases no Inter
nal treatment Is required. The tr.'s
application of Chamhsrlaln's Lini
ment Is all that Ih needod, and (t li
... .- ....- ....i-i. -,ii.., mJ ii
ueriniu 10 K'' ijuiuit ivum. una
a trial and see for yourself how
quickly it relieves the pain and sore,
ness. The medicines usually given lu
twnally for rheumatism are polsoc
ous or very strong medicine. They
are worse than useless In cases ot
shronie and muscular rheumatism.
For sale by all good druggists.
o '
A Salem man with money can
always make friends, but they will
fly when his money does.
BMti ntfdtwHtuXlwaBsit j
AyCT Hair Vigor U compottd of ulphur, glycrrin. qemln, sodium clilorkl, capU
cura, sage, akohol. wattr. and perfume. Not a ungk injurious wjjralitnt In IhU
UU. Ak your doctor if this U not to Follow hu dvKr A lu.tr lood, a hair tonic,
a hair dtcalng. Promptly checks falling luir Completely Uviroi all dandruff.
When you attend church Master
Sunday of course you wish your ap
IMisranse to be jwrfect. Ko matter
how eleicaiii our clothes may be
lt they art' not set off by some re
fined and tnHomlug Jewelry your up
imaraHee Is ttound to be eommgn
plate. Iei us suggest:
HI.Nd'H, llltnocilltH,
UUI'llilM(H, lt)H8, flObl)
Uveryihlug tUi- lu the Jewelry line
that outdoor exsrelie Is needed by
the American people. That's all ytry
well, but bow can people with rheu
matism follow that advice? Tho an
swer i simple U40 Hatlard's Bnow
Liniment and the rheumatism wt'l
go; leaving you as spry as a colt.
Qlves quick and permanent rl'f
from rheumatism, neuralgia, lame
tack and ail pains.
You iiuy rtad how to uvea as even
gisulsr bsiiuaI tbegbtrr than isjs at home.
Conmwptttm, the ..hi' Jss Ulse tsvyer.
Head sbsut it In euKsnt numbers of
De you knew that tesuimptioH U commu
nieai4r TUf it u iktt.ciitsslcr flat It It
CURAULE? lu. -e., l.-i.
20000 Killed every
year in the United States

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