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E. nOFKH, Kdltor ad Proprietor
jiuUioudoni Kevripupor UotoIoJ to American Principle and
j the (TrmrcM aurt Dorolopemont of All Oregon.
Publutiol Kerr Brenlng Except Sunday,
suiihciuption rates.
(IuTrUblr lp Adranoe.)
Dally, by carrier, per joar. ......
Dally, by mull, per year...
Weekly, bjr mall, for er.
Head Camp Officers to Be Guests of City Are Hon. 1. 1. Boak,
Head Consul; W. C. Hawley, T. M. Robinson, Jas. Stein
" house, John Pattison, F. P. Hawke, P. E. Snodgrass and
F. B. Tichenor W. 0. W.'s Great Day.
Woodmen of tlio World plnn n
Touslng cclobratlon nnd grand rally
In this city August 6, when over 2000
WriSilmen- will bo horo nnd n Inrgo
nunWr of bond camp officers.
Tho Woodmen of tho World rnnks
among tho best grcnt frntcrnnl or
dori In oxlstcnco today nnd Ita mem
borshlp being loyal to their chosen
crnft, It Is expected this great cele
bration will bo ono long to bo ro
membcrcd by the public In gonernl
or well tin tho mombors of tho order.
Ono fentura that prompted theso dis
tinguished visitors to make this visit
to our city Is that It Is tho homo of
Hon. W. C. Hawloy, who Is chairman
of tho board of head managers.
Tills being tho busy tlmo or tho
year and tho Cherry Knlr being an
ovent of tho piiBt, nnd foarlng that
n long spell of Inactivity might prove
detrimental to our enterprising city,
especially at u tlmo when thera aro
so many eastern peoplo arriving, It
was decided to hold a Woodmen of
tho World rally on thu Gth day ot
Hon. w. II. King, district manager
of tho order assisted by n committee
of Snloni camp No. 118, composed
of Oco. O. Snvngo, II. II. Turner,
A. L, Ilnrvey, 0. I). Dnualdson and
O. L. Darling, has secured n visit
to Baloni of tho head consul. I I
Honk, nnd tho members of tho board
of head mnungurs and other associate
bond camp officers The cominltico
will sparo no expense to make this
evont n roaring success. gigantic
pnrndo has been planned where inor
tint n S000 nnunbers of perfoctd wood
craft will lit In line hiiiIiI the glaro
of red flro and Iloman candles and
other Hpproprlatti fireworks The
main program will tuko plac lu tho
grovo In Marlon Square uar tho
cornet; of Coiumgrelnl and Marlon
stroets, us it would be utmost ImpoK
I tile to obtain u building largo
enough to accommodate tho liuim-iisi
crowd that will bo In attendance
A baud has been procured for the
occasion, us well as it number of
other musical numbers for the pro
grain. Thorn will bo 100 candidates
npponr lu tho anulu. which, after
tho spooking In Marlon Square, will
march to the lodge hell. whr the
trombllng neophlto will be Introduced
Int otho mysteries of perfected wood
craft, after whleh r Miiinptuoiis ban
quot will ho Nlvwt by tho Saluni Silver
Hull Olrolo. i.miumnr Woodcraft, th l"B orw having 2.700.000 in mo
uuxlllary of th Woodman of thu retwvo fund, nil Invostod In muni
World. clpnl iwcurltloB. mostly In tho Pacific
An oxcwdlnnly large erxiwd Is M. ?!"!' ovor H 00.000 bilng Invostod
puotod to bo Hi Skloin on tlmt tiny '" u,u mrt of U,e Wl"n' vnlloy
us the menu. of the order nnd T1) rtNWrvo fu,ul vt "rings the
tholr friends from 30 different cltlee nr,,ur " '"r,' ,ncomo of H30.000
surrounding Snloni will nttond, h a,m,, mtorert. which Is nddml It.
very low rate having boon secured thw principal yearly. It has a bal
upon nil roads loading Into Salem. "UCo ,n tno nolit f",ul ' oarl'
Kollowlng Is a brlof history of the rl.000.000, which is Incronslng at
founding of the erder: Nineteen tor lylB oft tho death olalins eneh
yearn ago on the 10th of June. K A. ontli about J35.000 not ono
Knlkenburg with his cummliwlnn as punt of ' B00' '0 l"y anything
head conauj of the Pacific Jurisdiction lu,t th and monniment olalms. Tho
Issued to him by the orgunUlng con-1 oximse of manngeniqiit Is provided
voutlon of tho sovereign camp, com-1 f3' "" ' l'r capita tax.
menccd work by moiuornlltlng tho I Take evorythliiK Into constdora-
camps that had been orgnnUcd by
tho Modern Woodmon ot America in
the state of Colorado At thnt time ot foundation of any fratornal bone
thore was not a single member of tho tit order lu existence. All tho sister
Tho surest way la to begin
now and save regularly a part
of your earnings.
Tho best way to save is to
open u savings account with us.
Capital National Bank
galem, Ore.
1 "-JsSre
Per month.... ..-..60o
1'cr month 35c
Six monthi .....60o
Woodmen of tho World In tho west
ern states, but there were 30 cuinps
of tho Modern Woodmen ot America
In Colorado, with n membership of
about 1000. Head Consul Knl ken-
burg Invited theso 30 enmps to tnka
n vote on tho 28th dny of Juno, 1800,
us to whether or not they would
withdraw from thu Modern Woodmen
of America nnd becomo tho nuclous
of tho Pacific Jurisdiction of the
Woodmen of tho World. They de
cided to cast their lot with tho Pa
cific Jurisdiction then being organ
ized and thus commenced an order
that stands today the giant of tho
In 1H03 Head Consul Fnlkoiiburg
died lu California shortly nfter the
Los Angolos head camp session, nfter
which Hood Clerk I. I. Honk was
elected head consul, which office ho
still holds.
Tho Woodmen of tho World Is
divided Into three Jurisdictions. The
Hoverolgu, Pacific nnd Cnnndlnn, with
n total membership of 740,000, which
Is Hindu up of the very best inou of
good moral reputation and standing,
.1. J. HO K
Head OhinuI HNlmeli of tlio World
us their constitution prohibits tho
momhiirahlp of men of bad character
and who r- engaged In dlsruputnblo
or unlawful vocations.
Tho Pacific Jurisdiction hns now
a moiuborslitp of 100,000, making It
the lurgt fraternal benont ordor In
wtt8t- u ,s Ul" ",lglnnl roorvo
tion the plan ot tho Woodmon of the
World U conceded to bo on tho linn-
Call and try them. Meals 1B
Hoard per week 18.75, alsi fur
nished room? Tery reasonable.
Salem Restaurant
orders, with very few exceptions,
have or aro accepting tho reserve
J plan which 1'J conceded to bo tho only
way by which wo can lnsuro to our
members pcrmnnent nnd future low
rates. Their rates of assessments
arc the lowest thnt conservative and
economical management can provide
nnd be snfo.
This great order is paying to the
widows nnd orphans In tho Unltod
States tho enormous-sum of $11 per
mlnuto night and day, and can you
think of placing such a vast sum to
a better purposo? Members carry
Insuranco to tho amount of one, two
and three thousand dollar, oery
Jiust claim Is paid promptly and with
out litigation, besides erecting n
beautiful $100 monument to mark
tho laBt resting plnco of a departed
neighbor free of charge.
All sick and disabled members
kept In good standing and nover al
lowed to becomo delinquent.
The Woodmon of tho World,
through Its channels of organized
bonovolencc, Is building homes' for
tho poor nnd unfortunate, Is paying
off mortgages, feeding, clothing nnd
educating tens of thousands of chil
dren, helping tho widows anl mak
ing lighter tho burdens ot l'fc una
old age.
Man through tho Instincts implant
ed In his breast fraternnllzeB natur
ally, it Is tho "law of naturo that
llko nttracts llko. Fraternal men
aro attracted to a truly fratcrnnl
order, honco the fratornal and social
strength of tho Woodmen of tho
Llfo Insurance Is n mathematical
problem, tho science- of dollars and
conts applied to llfo expectancy.
r Many plans have boon tried, with
tho result of many failures record
ed and tlmo and experience prove
thnt to succeed a noddy must have:
Flrat: Adcquato assossmont rates;
Bocond, n resorvo or equalization
fund; third, honest conservative man
agement; fourth, a loyal nnd re
sponslvo membership.
Tho Woodmon of tho World pos
sess all of theso qualities, honco Its
phonomonnl growth nnd deserved
Tim Wnn.imnn if ,,. Wn.i,i i.na I
tho largest membership of any ertwXgZ&SSfig
In Snlem, bolng about COO. Tlu Jur-, lug from inch troubles." Chas. II. Hal-
Isdlctlon Is divided up Into districts ,
which are under tho management ot
district managers. Tho Salem dis
trict which Is undor the management
b m 1 ! a,himtfjTmffBtmtpmm0mmLmimmm0mmmmt - m wsAasjaaWkaiaawaiayamjajaiitja
ni.OO.MKUS ADDITION to the Olty of Newport, Oregon, Is now on the market for the first time. Tho tract Is located about half way between
,yo Creok and Newport, and conslstsof some 30 lots, on tno rising ground directly aoovo tho ocean. Each lot Is but a fow stops from the
ooach and a commands a view of tho ocenn or surf for miles north and south. To tho north can bo seen Jump Oft Joe and tne Ynqulnn Head
Light. To tho touth tho ontrnnce to Ynqulnn Hay and tho Lifesnvlng Station. The property Is about a Hvo-mlnute walk from the boat landing
In Newport. It Is reached by a now six-foot board walk, which runs In a straight lino from tho Ocean House Hotel In a northwest direction td the
lots. This Is now tno most popular walk In Newport on account or Its beautiful surroundings and magnlflcont view of tho Paclflo when the end Is
roachqd at ULOOMKK'S ADDITION. Horo before tho observer tho ocoan and the Lench stretch for miles and miles.
You could not find n moro Interesting location to spend your summer than around this beautiful bay, which Iscon.cded by those vao know, to
be tho most beautiful summer resort, XATUltAMA', of any on the Pacific coast, barring none Huutlng and fishing are unexceheJ, and the many
places of Interest jalose to Newport, such as tho Lighthouse, Otter Rock, Seal Rocks, etc., make It an Ideal place to own a summer home.
You will soi that IIUWMUU'S ADDITION is right on the ocean, and yet has the great advantage of being close to the bay uud town with no steep
hills to climb to rerch It. Tho beach In front ot the propony is good for bathing and the gathering of rock oysters. Mr. Dloomer has already built
two beutlful cottages qn those lots for his own personal use. Mr. Bloorae Is a Seattle man, and Intends to make this the most popular addition' to
Newport. ;. ' Ir ;
Kor further Information enquire at - .Mt ,
of W. IL' King contains 3i camps
with n membership ot about 2, GOO
members, including Canby on tho
north, Wendllng on the south,
Brownsville, Sllverton and Stayton
on the east, and Newport on the
Just a few things to remember;
W. .0 W., tho Giant of the West;
tho organization that hews to the
lino nnd lets tho chips fly where "they
will; tho largest order In the stato
of Oregon; tho lnrgest order In Sa
lem; the largest reserve collecting
order In tho world; the order thnt
holds the world's record for big
class initiations; the o-dcr that plucr
a monument over its decased mem
bors; tho order that was first to ren
der assistance to tho sufforcrs at
Heppner, Galveston and San Fran
cisco; tho order that decorates tho
grnves of deceased members on the
Cth of June each year; tho order
that unveils tholr monuments with
a beautiful ceremony; tho order that
boasts of having economical nnd
consorvatlvo management; tho order
that will make Bnlom famous on the
Gth day of August, 1909.
(United I'resi Unci! Wire
Vallejo. Cal., Aug. C. Replying
today to the attack directed against
his theories on the origin of the moon
by Professor Moulton of tho Univer
sity of Chicago, Professor T. J. Spo
of the Mure Island olispryatofy de
clared that tho Chicago astronomers
are excited, as tho work has upset
tho result of sovoral years of research
on the part of tho windy city savants.
See believes thnt the moon was cap
tured out of spaca by tho earth nnd
that it IS slowly bolng pulled toward
this sphere, and out of Its own orbit.
Moulton scouts such nil Idea and
Bad Breath
"For months I had great trouble with my
stomach and used nil kinds of medicines.
My tonnue has been actually as trreen as
' grpss, my breath having n tad odor. Two
wceksago a friend recommended Cascarets
and after usine them 1 can willlnclv and
cheerfully say that tliev have entirely
pern, 114 u. 7m St., New York, N. Y.
Plciant, Palatable, Potent. TmtoOood,
uo uoou. never oicnen. weaken or unpe,
10o.2Jc.J0c. Never 10M In bulk. The bod
nine tablet stamped C CO. Guaranteed to
euro or your money back. 923
In a communication claimed thnt See
was simply publishing some of Moul
t on's cast-off Ideas on the subject.
"Ho has the habit of starting out
on B01110 hidebound Investigation nnd
at the end of n long drawn-out dis
cussion admitting thnt he has reached
no conclusive results," said, Sec.
"In conclusion V desiro to Btnto
that my objections nro not personal
In any sense. Moulton has dono good
work hut not along these lines."
Pasadena, Cul Aug. 6. May Sut
ton, promlor woman tennis player of
the world, today confirmed the re
port thnt her engagement to Harry
O. Ham, son of George Ham, n weal
thy banker of .Mexico, had been de
clared off.
Miss Sutton npponrcd unwilling to
discuss the detniis lending up to the
breaking of her engagement. She
stntcd that thu arrangements for her
murringo with Ham, which was to
havo taken place into this fall, had
been stopped by mutual agreement,
reached by correspondence between
her and her former flnnce in Mexico.
"Wo agreed to discontinue our en
gagement," said Miss Sutton today,
"nfter we had discussed matters
thoroughly by letter. I have no fur
ther comment to make, other than
confirming tho report that tho en
gagement Is ut an end."
"No," she continued, In reply to n
question, "1 don't know whether or
not Mr. Hnm will como to Pasadena;
I don't see why ho should, do you 7"
"Havo tho reports that Mr. Ham
played the part of a gay swain In
Moxlco, said to hnve boon circulated
Here, had anything to do with your
plans?" was asked tho champion.
"1 won't discuss thnt," sho replied.
"There Is no renson why that subject
"hould be discussed."
Indianapolis, Ind Aug. G. Tho
United Minors' Journal todny
charges that Samuel Qompors presi
dent of tho American Federation of
Labor, was sent to Europo by the
Federation, which Is paying his ex
penses, it assorts that It and othor
pnpors havo been offered weokly let
ters from Qompcrs at ono dollar
Tho charge that the letters wore-
Health and
Strength that Last
are not attained by tonics that
give- artificial strength by stim
ulation nnd by supplying food
material. The effects of such
tonlca arebut temporary and dis
appear as soon as you stop tak
ing the tonic. On the other hand
bullda up portnanant health
by acting directly on the diges
tive organs, toning them up so
that they properly digest tho
food and supply the body with
Its full share of nourishment.
Health and strength attained in
this way last.
Sold by all druggists In two
sixes, 50c and 35c
Dr. D. Jayae'a Expectorant la tho
bett known ana most rename
remedy for Cough and Colda,
croup ana wnooping
cousn, v leuruy ana
similar klnda
sold to a nowspapwr syndlcato which
expects to sell them to tho labor
press. Tho Minors' Journal announ
ces that It will not publish tho Qom
pors lottors.
11 Ids for Supplies.
Scaled bids will bo rocelvod by
tho Hoard of Directors of School
District No, 24, at tho offlco of tho
District Clork, for supplbt for
Manual Training Dopartmont, as per
list on fllo In City Superintendent's
Hlds to bo opened at High School
Saturday, August 7, 1909, at 7:30
o'clock p. m.
Hoard reserves right to roject any
or nil bids.
' District Clork.

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