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E. IIOP.ir, Editor ad Proprietor
Independent Kowrpaper Do voted to American rrlnclples na t
tha PrnirrGMi nd DeTolortement of AH Orezon. T.
rubllihed Krery Brenlng Except Sunday, Salem, Oro.
subscription katjcs.
(lnrariably in Adrancc.j
Dally, by carrier, per ycar... W.OO Per month......Mo
Dally, by mall, per year .. 4.00 Per moath 85o
Weekly, by mall, per year-..... .MX) Six month i,......60o
Study the two automobile ordinances before the city coun
cil and tell your alderman what you want.
The mayor's ordinance has some good points but Is not
proteotive enough for the rest of the people.
The ordinance introduced by the editor of this paper was
not drawn up by an attorney and is probably defective in
But it alms to protect poople who do not ride In automo
biles, and who want protection against them.
The ordinance committee will porbably take the best points
In both ordinances and report one ordinance,
But they should realize that we have a big city and one
life saved is worth more than all the automobiles in the
United States. . . , .
Again we say look up the two ordinances as printed In
Monday's Journal and then tell your alderman what you
think about them. , L . . ..
The people should be protected in life and limb against the
craze of the age to drive at from twenty to forty miles an
hour on the public streets and highways,
Isn't It fine to have a state dairy and food commissioner?
The difficulties of dairying are constantly increased.
The businoss is being more and more monopolized,
Ono large concern is making almost a monopoly of the
whole product. ,
The butter trust now asks forty cents a pound,
Substitutes are made Illegal,
Cheese at wholesale is up to eighteen cents a pound.
The trust will try to screw butter to fifty cents and cheese
to twenty-five cents,
Why not? L l ,
When tho state and the national government has to keep
an army of inspectors living off the taxpayer, why shouldn't
the product be monopolized?
The small dairyman and the little creamery and cheese
factory cannot live,
How would it do to havo tho expense of dairy inspection
borne by tho products?
The taxpayer has to stand for it now.
Why not mako tho consumer pay the bill?
Tho stuff could not bo much higher,
A piece of butter as big as an old-fashioned coppor cent
is worth more than a cent.
Tho same weight of butter that is in a silver dollar will coy
nearly as much as tho uncoined silver after awhile,
Wm, E, Curtis of tho Chicago Record-Herald did not seo
somo things worth printing about this community,
Ho saw tho Indian school, tho prune orchards, and the
country roads in and out of Salem,
But ho probably did not ovon havo his attention callod to
the fact that here Is a city without graft.
Tho city council tho other night passed on $100,000 of
bills and contracts in loss than two hours.
So far as an ordinary businoss man can tell there is not a
dollar of graft in the whole proceedings.
Tills community has a public school government devoid of
graft and pull and favoritism and run upon merit,
Wo havo a county government that is devoid of graft and
not a dollar can be not hold of but for value received.
Tho city, school district and county government aro run
on a cash basis and all warrants aro at par,
In nearly ovory Instanco tho offlco seeks tho man, and
there is no political machine that has to bo fod and places
made to keep its votaries out of the poorhouse.
Mr, Curtis could havo seen a local community self-gov-ornocl
on the lino of hlghor ideals than aro put Into practical
oporation in any other community In tho United States,
More Than 20
Ingrodlonts e'vo to Hood's Snr
8ntarllla Its groat curatlvo powor
powcr to euro many and varied com
plaints, including diseases of the blood,
ailments of tho stomach, troubjes of
tho kidneys and liver.
Many of tho ingredients aro just what
tho profession prcscribo in tho ailments
named, but tho combination and pro
portions aro peculiar to this mediciho and
give It curative power peculiar to itself.
Therefore, there can bo no substitute
fdr Hood's. Get it in tho usual liquid
form, or in tablets called HarsatabB.
Dreezo Gibson has struck a new
high water mark by turning aut
wonderful chair, that Is on exhibition
in tho how windows of tho Duron &
Hamilton furnituro store. It Is of
solid curly or burl maple, Buch as
grows only on the Eola hills, and
which If tho furnituro makers could
got hold of In tho Hast would bo
worth almost Its weight In gold.
Somo of tho burls entering into tho
construction of this chair aro thrco
feet across, and were cut from trees
sovornl hundred yoars old. Mr. Gib
son Is n genius for the odd and
freaky In tho works of naturo, and
has been thrco years gathering tho
material for this chair. Every pleco
Is made of tho natural growth and
curves, and tho rough pointed oxto-
rlor burls aro nature's own handi
work nnd carving. Tho largo back
plato of tho chair has a carved mar
gin all around of tho natural burl, a
wonderful design that surpasses any
artificial conception. It needs to bo
socn to bo understood, an no descrip
tion can do it justice. Somo of tho
polished surfaces scorn to havo hosts
of llttlo angol chenubs flickering over
tho surface and tho light reflects a
puro golden yollow from tho highly
polished woods. Tho back of tho
chair Is mounted on a pair of giant
elk horns of soven nnd nlno points
each, tho monster oik having boon
enpturod near Mt. Jefferson especial
ly for this chair. Tho beautiful pleco
of furnituro Is worth at least 9250,
and should graco tho Elks lodge, and
should really bo occupied by tho noxt
governor of Oregon, who will un
doubtedly ho a mombor of that or
der. Tho chair might properly ho
presented to President Taft, as It Is
Rolld nnd strong enough to hold him.
Mr. Gibson hnB inn do many beautiful
works of art In tho maplo burls, but
this surpasses thorn all.
Tho funeral of tho Into Julius Zu
panoky was conducted from tho
dough funeral parlors on Court
street Tuesday attornoon at 3 o'clock
Thcro wero runny beautiful floral of
ferings, and tho servlco was con
ducted by Hoy. P. S. Knight, of tho
Congregational cfiurch. After Ira-
I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 II 1 1 1 II HI 1 U
rvEPOSIT Your Savings 1
With Us-
4 They will earn interest
4 ami be available when
' Savings Deportment
:: Capital National Bank ::
II It I i II I It 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 M 1 1 1 i I
prcsslve reading of tho scrljituro ami
prayer tho friends took olectrlo cars
for tho comotory, whero tho roso sor
vlco was conducted by tho sama min
ister. It consists of sprinkling roso
leaves ou tho casket Instead of earth,
and was closed with rendition of
somo very appropriate verws written
by Nov. Knight. Tho Gorman Gesang
Vercfn rendored a beautiful song In
tho Germau language over their
brother, who was ono of tho charter
members. A largo number of friends
of tho deceased attended tho sorvices,
nnd paid tho last trlbuto of respect
to his memory,
t United IrM Uuiil WlrO
Washington, Sopt, 8. Tho comp
troller of tho currency today Issued
a call for a statement of tho condi
tion of all national banks at tho close
of business Wednesday, September 1
tJnltcrt I'rni I.coicil Wire.
Juvlssy, Franco, Sept 8. Tho first
doath In tho history of Fronch avia
tion wns roglsterod hero today, fol
lowing n fatnl ncoldont bofalllng E.
LoKobvr', who rocontly sprang Into
fnmo as ono of the loading aoro
plnulBts of tho country. LeFobvro
wni touting n Wright mnehlno short
ly bofore nightfall Inst night, when,
or some ronson, tho machlno swoopea
down under a torrlfflo forco gonorat
od by tho revolving propollors and
violently struck thy earth.
LoFubvro landed bond foremost,
mid died a few minutes aftorward
without recovering consciousness.
Shortly beforo his fatal flight Lo-
1'obvro had tested nnothor Wright
mnehlno succoisfully.
Tho aviator wns known as a reck
low llyor. and at different times had
litn tluvd for reokloene.
o '
Another hurrlennu. destroying sev
eral live and much property, down !
In Texas. Come to Oregon
When the Liver s
is Out of Tune j
the whole system is off the key i
stomach upset, bowels slug-
gish, head heavy, skin sallow j
nml the eyes dull. You cannot
be right again until the cause
of the trouble is removed. Cor
rect the flow of bile, nnd gently
stimulate the liver to healthful
action by taking
the bile remedy that is safe to
use nnd convenient to take.
A dose or two will relieve the
nausea and dizziness, operate
the bowels, carry new life to
the blood, clear the head and
improve the digestion.
These old family pills are the
natural remedy for bilious
complaints and quickly help
the liver to
Strike the Key
note of Health
BoM tvtrywhr. la bextt 10c. and Ue
followers of the Pacific Coast
league aro still talking about a play,
the like of which thoy never saw, and
nover expect to seo again, unless tho
samo player pulls it off.
Rollo Zelder, tho San Francisco
shortstop, who goes to tho Chicago
White Sox for $5500, and a player
or two, pulled off the play tbtat baa
kept San Francisco fans talking for
tho past week.
Tho San Francisco Bulletin do
scribes tho play. Zelder was on sec
ond and Griffin on third, nnd runs
were needed to put tho Seals on cooy
street. Tho battor throw up tho
squcczo signal. Griffin caught It, and
an soon ns tho ball left tho hand of
tho pitcher ho started for homo.
Tho batter missed tho ball and It
was clear n day that Griffin was a
dead ono. As soon as ho was able
ho retreated to third, whoro Zoldor
was holding forth.
When within n few foot of tho bag
Grlffln turned about and started for
tho plato again, nil tho tlmo hoping
that somo one would oxecuto a wild
peg, and that ho would score. Ho
hoped In vain, but lo and behold his
antics scored Welder anyhow. Dut
When Griffin camo bock to third
Hogan caught tho ball and started
after tho runner. Grlffln sot out poll
moll for tho plato. It was a hot
raco between them. All thlstlmo
Zoldor was racing right behind Ho
gan, but Hogan didn't know this,
Hogan overtook Grlffln Just beforo
ho reached the plato and tagged him.
Hardly had tho ball been put on Grlf
fln when Zelder dashod by Hogan
and scored. It was tho greatest pleco
of baso running over seen on a San
Francisco diamond. Tho fans wont
wild with glee ovor Zelder's brainy
play. Helena Trcasuro Stato.
Tho funeral services ovor tho re
mains of tho lato J. M. M. Wd, of
Turner, woro held at tho family resl
denco nt Turner today at 1 o'clock p.
m. Rev. Dlcknoll, of tho Prosbyto
rinn church conducted tho services
In nn Impresslvo manner, nnd paid a
trlbuto to tho memory of tho depart
ed. Ho was a pioneer of 18C0, and
wns n highly respected citizen. The
body was burled at tho Cornelius
cemetery, thrco miles southwest of
Tumor. Thoro wns n largo attend
ance of frlonds nnd neighbors,
A Ilunit Child
Dreads tho fire. Tho dread Is wholo
bo in e, but not tho burn; that can bo
honied and Instantly rolloved by ap
plying Ballard's Snow Liniment. Bo
prepared for accidents by keeping a
bott lo always In tho houso. Best for
sprains, bruises, outs, scalds, rhou
mntlsm, neuralgia, bunions any
and all aches nnd pains. Prlco 25c,
50c and 1 00 Sold by all dealers.
Choice Lots
On Easy Terms
$100 and up, on easy payments, will buy lots 50x150
in Meeker's Addition adjoining Fairmount Park. See
Meyer & Belle Land Co., 437 State street, or Mr.
Meeker, S. Commercial St., corner Rural Ave.
$1600 Good 6-room house and 4 lots, east front, 4
blocks from Postoffice.
Huie Wing Sang Co.
Big Sale on all Goods this Week
White and Colored Underskirts. 50c, 75c, $1, $1.25, $1.50 to $4.60
Night Gowns prices.. C5c, $1, $1.15, $1.45, $1.76, to $2.60 each
Wrappers prices 50c, 75c, $1.26, $1.50, $2.25 to $8.50
75c Night Gowns, sale OOc
$2.25 Night Gowns, salo $1.15
$1.40 Biack Underskirts. .83c
Klmonas OOc, 91, $1.50, 92, $0
$1.75 Children's Shoes.. 91.125
$1.S5 Comforts, salo. . . ..ft 1.23
75c Shirts, salo OOc
40c fine Undershirts nnd
Drawere, salo 25c
$2.50 Wool Pants, salo. .$1.00
12c yard Dress Goods, salo. .Oc
26c yd. Dress Goods, salo. ,18c
$1.00 yard bilks, salo 05o
$3.25 Fancy Waists, salo. 82.25
$1.75 Black Waists, salo. 81.25
$1.50 Umbrellas, salo. . . .81.00
15c Flno Hose, salo 10c
75c Heavy Gloves, salo. . . .50j
111k Sale on nil kinds of
325 North Commercial Street, Salem, Oregon
A pleasing good, high grndo, truly
flavored, ambor colored cup of coffeo
can be had and without tho real
coffeo danger, or damage to health
by simply using Dr. Snoop's now sub
stltuto, callod "Health Coffeo." Piure,
wholosomo, toasted coreals, malt,
nuts, etc., mako Dr. Snoop's Health
Coffeo both healthful and satisfying.
No 20 to 30 minutes tedious boiling.
Miide in h nilitiU' ssjm Dr. Shoo?
If served as coffeo, It's tasto will ovon
trick an expert. Test It nnd seo. J.
W. Harrltt.
Tho Gorman pollco havo tho hat
pin under ban, and yot tho hatpin Is
not n concealed weapon.
poison oak, etc., you can rid yourself
of tho Itch in ten seconds by wash
ing with Oil of Wintergrocn com
pounded In D. D, D. Prescription,
Physicians rccognlzo D. D. D. as the
standard for eczema and Psoriasis,
and it has cortalnly been found In
valuablo for all othor skin diseases.
J. C. Perry.
Just a few drops of Oil of Wlnter
greon properly compounded and
wnshod into tho skin will tako away
Instantly the worst kind of Itch.
If you are suffering with any kind
of skin trouble, such as summer
rashes, prickly heat, poison ivy,
H Hon Pickers. Attention
Now is tho tlmo to buy your
supplies. Everything necessary
to comploto tho hop-plckor's
New and Second-Hand Goodfi
When you start out
after that new suit, sir, start
In the right direction. Start
toward the Clothing House that
has a well established reputa
tion for selling only the BEST of
CLOTHES. Such a resolution
will be sure to bring you here.
'! 1 1 4 Han Y
The clothes you will find lure are something more than"just clothes." We will do
more than clothe you we will "dress" you.
G. W. Johnson & Co.
1 4 1 N. Commercial St.

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