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Besides This Combination Was
a Big Duck, Which Was
Generously Divided
Among Them.
W. Garrott, J, Schmidt, Hood, Joe
Murphy and "Standard Oil" ParsonB
wont Ashing on tho Wilson river last
Sunday. Misses Lottlo Prlco and LIU
Han Brlckson woro also fishing on tho
rlvor, trolling for salmon, Miss
Brlckson caught a big salmon on hor
troll and tried to haul It In, but had
to call on Lottlo Prlco for help, tho
fish wiiB too much for both of thorn,
so Murphy, Parsons and Hood yelled
to thorn to lot out tho lino and shove
tho boat to shoro, and thoy would
holp thorn.
Tho boat finally camo near onough
for thorn to get at It, and thoy all
piled Into tho leaky craft, and trlod
to haul In that salmon, but In ono of
hlo lunges tho lino got around Par
son's arm, nnd ho knocked Murphy
down, who, In falling, grabbod Miss
Brlckson, and both wont overboard,
capsizing tho boat and throwing tho
balanco of tho crowd Into a pool
about ten foot deep. Schmidt and
Garrott heard tho yells of tho af
frighted crowT, and camo racing
back to soo tho bunch Just climbing
out on tho bank, Thby say that tho
throo dripping flohormon nnd womon
mndo a picture Mint would hnvo' made
n fortuno for tho Gom or Star, If It
could liavo boon mndc Into a film.
"John D." was hanging onto ono
of tho girls with n doath grip, and
asking her anxiously if sho was wott.
Murphy wns spluttering nnd gasping
for breath, as tho other young lady
hnd a stranglo hold on him that
mndo his oyes pop out llko "Whisk"
In tho comic supplomonts, Aftor got
tlng rid of a quart or two of water
tho girls wont homo to get Into dry
clothes, nnd tho thrco fishermen
burnt tho wind making for tho ho
tel to got dry duds and something
wnrmor than Wilson rlvor water, to
keop off chills and fovor, Thoy all
awenr that novor no moro will thoy
nsslst benuty In distress, salmon or
no salmon. Tlllnmook Hornld.
his estate, wero loft In an cnvolope
In the latter's desk.
No causo can bo assigned for tho
act by the friends of tho dead man,
other than a general depression of
spirits that has boon noted lately.
It Is not believed by tho county
authorities that thoro Is anyhlng
wrong with tho deputy's accounts,
but an examination of bis books naa
beon ordered.
Burnsldo's mother resides In Cali
fornia. o
Count a Million Ancestors.
I asked a friend a short tlmo back
how many ancestors ho had In tho
direct line of 20 generations back.
Aftor n mlnuto's reflection ho sug
gested 50. It may bo a little sur
prising nnd of Interest to some or
our renders to learn thnt they ench
hnvo hnd moro than amllllon an
cestors within comparatively rccont
yonrs, nnd that without taking Into
account uncles nnd aunts. Starting
with ono's pnrents each person usual
ly hns two, a father and n mother.
Tho father and his two pnrents and
tho mother had hers. Thus each
porson has four grandpnronta. Ono
stopfnther nnd wo havo eight great
grnndpnronta. I know a caso within
living memory whoro a mnn hnd four
grant-grand parents nil living. A slm
plo calculation gives tho nstonlshlng
result that our llnoal ancestors dur
ing 20 gonorations number no fowor
than 1,048, G7G, or sufficient pcoplo,
If nil living, to populnto tho wholo of
Wales London Strand.
iuimru I'rru l.raatil Wire
Port Angolos, Wash., Sopt. 9..
W. B. Uurnsldo. deputy county treas
urer of Clnllnm county, U dead lioro
today, hnvlng committed sulcldo by
firing a pistol bullet through his
brain some tlmo aftor tho close of
business hours In Ills ofllco on Tuos
day night. Ills dend body was found
by his nssoclntos whon thoy reported
.for duty tho next morning, with a
revolver lying by hln sld'o.
During tho day boforo tho tragedy,
Durusldo hnd made out several deeds
transferring his property to his wife,
and these, together with n letter to
Treasurer Prlngle, giving somo In
structloiiH as to tho disposition of
Ann Arbor, Mich., Sopt. 0. Miss
Mnybcllo Mlllmnn, of this city, whoso
dismembered body was found on tho
banks of Ecroio crook four days ago,
was burled hero today.
Tho authorities bollovo they know
tho Identity of tho man who was
prlmnrlly responsible for hor condi
tion, which led to hor death. His
n rrest nt Detroit. is expoctcd soon.
Tho pollco rofiuso to dlvulgo what
ovldonco tho ypossess against the
mnn undor suspicion, but It Ib bo
Moved thnt his Idontlty wnfl discov
ered by Shorlff Gaston whon examin
ing tho records nt tho postofllco nt
Ann Arbor.
Dr. George Frits has boon arrest
od In connection with tho young wo-
mnn'a death.
Sheriff Gaston stntod todny that
ho wna confident thnt tho girl had
beon aont money to dotrnytho costs
of n surgical operation.
(Continued from pnge 1)
sonrchlng for food, nnd thnt tho suf
fering litis became ncuto. From Es
comllda comes reports of grent suffer
Ing, nnd It Is fen red that scores havo
lost their lives In tho flood.
Another hurricane, destroying bov
orul Uvea nnd much property, down
In Texas. Come to Oregon
At the Seashore
It is a delightful resort and a happy combination of
pleasure ground possibilities. An Ideal climate, diversion
of recreation perfoct bathing, boating, fishing, driving,
and oxplorlng, make Newport a most charming and pop
ular play ground,
From Salem, Oregon
Ask for our booklof'Outlngs In Oregon."
Local Agents
United I'rcu Lcotcd Wlre.1
Snn Francisco, Sopt. 9. Fit as the
provorblal fiddle, and with each man
full of confidence, Champion Jack
Johnson and Smiling Al. Kaufman
aro eagerly awaiting tho tap of tho
gong thnt will stnrt them off on tholr
10-round sprint this afternoon at
Coffroth's sunshlno arena.
Tho woathor conditions aro Ideal,
and, with a holiday as an additional
spur, It Is cortaln that tho arena will
bo packed to Its capacity when tho
battlo starts.
Tho fighters remained nt their
training quarters during tho morn
ing, both taking short walks to keep
their muscles floxlblo. Neither of
the big men Indulged In any hnrd
Johnson is in good humor thlb
morning, and from his manner one
would bollovo that ho looked upon
this nfternono's ongagoment as a
mero frolic. Kaufman Is taking the
affair a little moro seriously, but Is
confident not only of staying tho lim
it, but of giving equally as good, If
not hotter, than tho dusky champion
sends out.
Tho bottlug todny is 19 to 4 that
tho nogro will win tho contest on
points nnd 2 to 1 thnt Kaufman will
stay tho limit.
Tommy McCarthy nnd Roscoo Tay
lor, tho lightweights, who nppear In
tho preliminary, wolghod In at 10
o'clock, both being undor tho re
quired 130 poundn. A plungo on
McCarthy showed him to bo tho fa
vorite at 5 to 4.
As Indicated by tho votes cast in
tho counties of Oregon thnt hnvo
nvnllcd uiumsclvcs of tho provisions
of tho locnl option law, tho prohibi
tion issuo, now in sight for tho elec
tion of Novombor, 1910, will hnvo
to gnln nt lonst 5000 votes outsldo
of Multnomnh county In order to put
tho stnto In tho dry column, evon
conceding thnt nil who supported
county prohibition will voto for stnto.
prohibition, I
In tho 31 counties of tho stnto thnt
hnvo votod on tho tompornnco ques
tion, tho mnjorlty shown ngnlnst tho
huIooiih wns 6421.
If tho figures In tho locnl option
voto In tho 20 precincts In Multno
mnh county in which nn election wns
hold In Juno, 1008, nro to ho taken
as nn Indlcntlon of tho sontlmont In
this county, Multnomnh will poll n
majority ngalnst prohibition noxt
yonr of from 10,000 to 12,000.
In 1808 21 counties voted dry,"
nnd ono, linker, hnd previously voted
ngnlnst the bhIoodh. Tho majorities
ngnlnst tho snlo of liquor In tho 22
counties woro ns follews:
Ilonton, 280; Crook, 58-1; Curry,
132; Douglns, 412; Gilliam, 3G;
Ornnt, 22; Jnckson, 257; Josophlno.
303; Klamath, S8; Linn, 589; Lnne,
770; Mainour, 250; Morrow, 240;
Polk, 263; Sherman, 9fi; Tlllnmook,
00; Umntllln, 09-1; Union. 590; Wal
lowa, 415; Hood Itlvor, 102; Wheeler
92; Ynmhlll, 872. Total, 7209.
Tho wet nmjorltlos In the nine
counties that have voted to letiiln
the saloons woro ns follews:
Clnoknmna, 1C9; Columbia, 1C2;
uoos, ui: niirnoy, HI; LaUo. S5;
Lincoln, 3; Marlon, 571; Wnsco, 185;
Wellington, 105. Total. 1788. '
Subtracting the wot from the dry
majorities In iho counties named
gives the prohibition mnjorlty afore
mentioned of 5421.
In Hnkr nnd Clntsop counties In
laOS several precincts voted on locnl
option. In linker threo prcclnots
voting gnvo a "dry" majority of 95.
Theso woro the threo largest precincts
outsldo of linker City.
W. It. Evans nnd wife of St Johns
wore visiting tho latter's parents Mr.
and Mrs. Lewis Bleakney, returning
homo Tuesday morning. ,
Geo. Plntsh is hero from Portland
looking after his walnut grove.
Thos. Johnson and brother nnd
family returned from Newport Fri
day. Chns. Ransom and family returned
homo Monday from a four weeks'
hunting trip In the Cascades nnd re
port a flno tlmo and good game.
Mrs. O. H. Gilbert Is hero from
Portland visiting her pnrents Mr. nnd
Mrs. F. L, Pound
MIsb Cora Klrkpatrlck Is here vis
iting hor parents during vacation Sho
will tench In tho Salem schools tho
coming term,
F. L. Pound hns beon enjoying a
visit from a brother-in-law, Mr. T. J.
.yland of Kansas, who returned
homo Monday.
Prof. E. Darby left Tuesday for
Cheney, Wash., to take a position ns
chorister with evangelist Weir.
Almost every ono Is making plans
to attend tho stnto fair nt Snlcm
next week.
Miss Mlnnlo Pound Is visiting homo
folks during vacation,
Mrs. Ethel Perkins nnd children
nro visiting tho former's pnrents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. T. Llnville.
Mrs. 8tolla facely arrived Tuesday
and Is visiting her pnrents, Mr. nnd
Mrs. Jos. Klrkpatrlck.
Geo. Brock will occupy his now
resldonco on Main street recently ac
quired from L. M. Rceder, nbout Oc
tober 1.
Ed. Klrkpatrlck made a business
trip to Snlom tho first of tho week.
W. F. Harris of North Santlnm
wns In town Wednesday.
Supervisor Fryer Is engaged In
graveling Main street from town to
tho S. P. dopot.
Threshing senson Is nearly over;
most of tho fa'rmors will hnvo fin
ished up this week.
C. E. Smith nna John Craig nnd
fnmlly, who havo beon nbsont In tho
mountains for sovornl weeks on n
hunting and fishing excursion, re
turned homo Inst Sn turd ay Indon with
trophies of tho hunt. They report
nn excellent run of fish.
Our gonlnl nnd accommodating
stntlon ngont, H. L. Wright, hnB been
nsslgncd chnrgo of tho Fnlr Grounds
stntlon during fnlr week nnd will
lenvo to nssumo his duties Thursdny.
Tho rovival of tho Salem-Aumsvlllo
railroad project Is meeting with very
genoral favor, and ns a result real
estato values nro soaring nnd town
property is in increased demand. The
completion of tne proposed road will
open up a territory rich In soil and
tho dlversliled products of agricul
ture, dairying and fruit growing and
will glvo us more direct and efficient
communication with the world at
United Prcis Leaied Wire.)
Chicago, Sopt. 9. Wheat at tho
foreign markets was affected today
by tho government report Issued yos
terdny and nil prices wero hlghor.
Tho closing wns d higher nt
This market opened with a great
burst of strength and advanced prices
for tho Septombor and December al
though the Mny wns n frnctlon lower.
Closing was c a bushel above yes
terday's final prices.
The marKct mndo a dip of about
e after tho opening, tho bears tak
ing courage at tho report that tho
northwest states would produce a hot
ter yield of wheat than oxpectod.
After the dip thoro was consider-I
nblo covering on tho Improved cash'
situation nnd toward tho closo tho
market was carried 182 cents
above tho opening. Thoro wns n
small amount of selling Just previous
to the closing which carried away
sonio of tho laBt named advanced.
Cash wheat sales: No. 2 hard win
tor, $1.02 $4 1.03 i4.
United Pre Leased Wlrcl
Tacoma, Wash., Sept. 9. What
looltcd like a bitter fight on tho floor
of tho Auditorium at the national en
campment of tho United Spanish War
Veterans was averted when tho Cali
fornia delegation met-last night and
agreed to allow colored troops who
had particrpated in the Spanish war
to form camps not affiliated In any
way with tho white men.
In the parade today thoro woro sol
diers from tho Spanish war, veterans
of the G. A. R. and young men from
tho National Guard of Washington
In line. Largo throngs lined the
streets along tho lino of march.
Reports of the officers of tho na
tional organization read today showed
that there was a largo cash balance
In tho treasury and drawing Interest.
Tho election of ofilcors will tnko place
tomorrow, and tho place of meeting
will bo decided at tho Bamo time.
Good for nillonsncoa.
"I took two of Chamberlain's Stom
ach and Liver Tablets last night,
nnd I feel fifty per cent hotter than
I havo for wooks," Bays J. J. Fire
stone, of Allegan, Mich. "Thoy ate
certainly a flno nrtlclo for blllous
noBS." For salo by all good drug
gists. Samples tree.
yr TT A 1 1 y f Is alcohol a tonic? No I
lfk i SrlirI l Docs It make the blood pure? No
L Y J JL XLsKJ! LKjL I Doesltstrengthenthcnerves? No
(J A ik uour doctor If a famllu medicine.
llitr'j Sariaparllia, It not cattlq teller tclllt
U out elcohol than with It. i'&ST'tuti'
IsAyer'sSarsaparlllaatonlc? Yesl
like Docs it make the blood pure ? Yes 1
Doesltstrengthenthcnerves? res I
Is It entirely free from alcohol ? Yes 1
Tents of all sizes. Pratt & Lambert Varnishes. Sun
shine Stains and Varnishes.
Salem Hardware Co.
Oregon's Biggest Show
September 20-25, '09
(Unttrd l'r .rai wirel
Salt Lake City. Utah. Sept, 9.
Several persons wero fatally Injured,
nmong them bolng the crews of botn
engines, and eight passengers were
hurt at Doulder Summit, near here,
enrly today when the Los Angeles
limited collided hoad-on with a local
passenger train. The limited was
Into, and It Is believer" that It was
overlooked by tho looal passenger
It Is bolleved that the death Usi
will bo confined to tho crows if the
two onglnos. Tho baggagemen ot
both trains nro alo reported to have
btwn Injured. A special train bear
'ng physicians and nurses and a
wrecking outflt have been rushed to
tho scene Details are lacking at this
Six Horse Races Daily
National Live Stock Exhibits
Balloon Racing
Chariot Racing
Fascinating Midway Attractions
Fireworks will be the most gorgeous and magnificent
display ever seen on this Coast. This will
interest the whole family.

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