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E. HOFER, Editor nnd Proprietor.
Independent Newspaper Devoted to American Principles nd
the Proftress and Developonlont of All Oregon.-
rubllibod Every Evening Except Snndsjr, Salem, Ore.
(invariably lu Advance.)
ally, by carrier, per year W.OO Per
laUy, by mail, per ycar 4.00 Per
Weekly, by malli per year- J.00 Six
The Supreme Court of Oregon is criticised for setting
aside a convction founded on purely circumstantial evidence,
In such cases conviction must be on such a complete
proof as to be beyond a reasonable doubt.
This is a right which any accused man has, to appeal
if he can show that there was reasonable doubt as to his
The state must convict a man fairly and fully or the
Supreme Court will set him free.
In cases of circumstantial evidence there must be a
plain, strong, direct chain of evidence,
There must be no "inference from an inference," no
drawing conclusions because somebody or some newspaper
thinks they ought to be drawn.
On the other hand the Supreme Court must stant out
against the other extreme ,
Special grand juries, specially selected trial juries, spe
cial pleading political trials, newspaper convictions must be
It is a well-known 'fact that probably any grand juror,
any trial juror, employed in some of the federal court trials
in Oregon was picked, packed, instructed, fixed for the sole
purpose of securing convictions.
Only jurors who would convict were wanted, or such as
"would fall in with the theory of guilt advocated in the news
papers. The charges, the accusations brought out before the
grand jury, even the testimony to be presented to the trial
jury, was all pbuilshed in advance and directed to secure .
Thus an atmosphere of conviction was built up irr ad
vance, of the trial which the accused could not escape,
''No fair trial was possible under such circumstances.
There was complete assumption of guilt from the start,
It Is against such outrage in the name of justice that a
Supreme Court should stand,
The happy medium is a cool deliberate administration
of justice pursued in the regular legal channels.
Newspaper convictions do not convict in the long run,
Special pleading and special practises do not advance
The Oregon Supreme Court has preserved a happy me
dium and has stood for the rights of citizens to have a fair
For this it has been censured in some quarters . 1
But for this it deserves to be upheld by the people re
gardless of party,
To build fine streets, fine houses, fine business build
ings, and fine pubic parks constitutes a city of good ddeds.
To maintain a good fire department, to provide a sewer
system, to furnish a good public lighting system, and a good
water system, entitles a city to be called the city of good
All these things are for the health, the convenience and
comfort of the people, and constitute this a city of good
If the city advances on these lines, property advances
In value, houses increase in comfort, the citizens improve in
health and longivity, and that constitutes the city of good
deeds .
It is a remarkable fact that most of these things which
constitute a city of good deeds aro the work of the munici
pality, The city of good deeds is sometimes the result of the
work of individuals.
The Wilson park, the Bregman fountain, the Bush
drinking fountain, John Albert taking up the school children's
deposits in the Gilbert Brothers' bank, arc all good deeds.
The Mrs, E, M, Walte fountain that is still to be erected
was another addition to the book of good deeds ,
There have been cases of concerted giving, as to Willa
mette University, to the Y, M, C, A to the City Library ,etc,
But thero have not In fifty years been any larger public
gifts in the city of Salem ,
There is still room for our city to be further distinguish
ed as the city of good deeds.
There Is still room for men to distinguish themselves by
adding to the fame of the city of good deeds.-
DEPOSIT your sav-
ings where they will earn $
Interest. One dollar will
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help you save.
- - . -
Capital National Bank
Consumption Statistics.
rrove that a nogioctod cold or
cough puta tho lungs In eo bad u
Dominion that consumption gorms
tlnd a fortllo Hold for standing on
ono. Stop the cough juat aa soon
as it appears with Ballard's lloro
hound Syrup. Soothes tho torn and
utlamd tlftsuea and makes you well
again. Sold by all druggists.
Otallfllrora ' Cry
The past year there has been added to this city a ladies
and children's suit hbusi, " . ; .
There are several fljaces where ladies - can have their
shoes polished. 'k
There is yet no ladles' manicure establishment in Sa
lem ,
Neither is there a ladies' corn doctor or bunion cure es
tablishemtn. Salem would afford business for a hair-dressing estab
lishment for ladies, .
Salem has many competent dress makers and even good
suit makers,
There is probably room in Salem for a first-calss ladies'
tailoring house.
In a recent magazine article it 'was estimated that ( it
costs $30 to fix up a modern society woman from polishing
her toenails to putting the pink on her finger tips.
Salem is a great women's town, with woman's clubs,
woman's colleges and hundreds of bright married and single
Some of the special services that are elsewhere rendered
to society women would find good remuneration here,
Our commercial ladies should interest themselves in se
curing these industries for the Capital City,
Experiments Made on Beaver
ty Demonstrate this to the Satisfaction of the Officers
in Charge of the Orego n Experiment Station.
That peppermint of a high grade
of quality and capable of producing
a standard grade of oil can be grown
successfully In Oregon for commer
cial purposes Is evidenced uy dem
onstrations mnde by the U. S. ex
periment station at Corvallls, tho re
sults of which aro set forth in a
bulletin by Prof. C. E. Bradloy,
chemist, of tho station, the text of
which is as follows:
"In May, 1908, tho Michigan ex
periment station shipped, at the re
quest of tho chemical department of
tho Oregon station, a quantity of well
bred peppermint roots for trial on
tho Oregon beaver dam lands. The
roots wore planted by Mr. S. C. Ink-
ley, of Banks, Washington County, on
a typical beaver dam soil whore the
plants made an excellent growth dur
ing tho past soason. A quantity or
this peppermint has just been tested
by us and a yield of AA of oil found
on tho greon plant. This is a good
average yiold, and, taken in con
sideration with tho excellent growth
of tho plant .Indicates that the cul
ture of peppermint would be success
ful on tho Oregon beavor dam soil.
"Three kinds of peppermint are
grown In tho United States, Black
Mint (Mentha piperita vulgaris),
American Mint (Montha piperita.),
and White Mint (Montha piperita of
ficinalis). Tho Black Mint Is hard-
lost, yields more oil and Is used
largoly by poppormint growers.
Whlto Mint yields a high grade,
much prized oil.
"Japan Is said to have first culti
vated tho poppormint plant for the
oil and tho records show it was
grown in this country before tho
Christian ora. Tho plant was also
early , cultivated in England and a
fine grado of oil, tho 'Mltcham' oil,
Is still produced thore. In 1S1 pep
permint was first grown In America
on a largo scale In Wayno County,
Now York, which Is still a producing
district. Later tho plant was Intro
duced into Mlchignn nnd Indiana,
tho former stato boing at prosont the
largost producer of tho oil In this
"In 1908 tho principal areas of
tV Methodist Minister Recommends
Chainborlnlu's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy.
"I havo used Chamborlalu's Colic,
Cholera and Darrhooa Romedy for
sovornl years for diarrhoea. I con
sider it tho best remedy I havo over
triod for that trouble. I bought a
bottle of It a fow days ago from our
druggist, Mr. It. It. Brooks. I shall
ovor ho glad to speak a word In Its
prnlso whon I have tho opportuni
ty." Rov. J. D. Knapp, pastor
M. B. church, Mllla drove, Pa, Sold
by all good druggists.
Por Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears tho
Signature of
I have suffered -with niles for thirty.
a be yean. One year ago last April I ba
n taking Cascarcts for constipation. Ia
tW nuintK nf n wk I noticed the nllM
began to disappear and at the end of iix
weeks tney uta not irouoic me &c au
Cases rets have done wonders for me. I
am entirely cureil and feel like a new
man." George Krydcr, Napoleon, O,
PtausBt. PlatAbVo. potent. Tut OooJJ
lia C"K4i Navr SUkutuWoJLkeu at Oripu
Wk5.2HS- Nvw oM In bulk. Thviru
tdatabkttat&tc4CCC. GuirsattfJ to
6v or your nmr mcx. tm
dam Soil in Washington Coun
mint in cultivation in the United
States were as follows: Wayne Coun
ty, N. Y., 121 acres; Michigan, 101G
acres, and Indiana, 201 acres.
"In practice the plants are cut and
while green or partly dried are pack
ed Into wooded stills and subjected
to live steam. The oil, like all as
sontlal oils, is carried over with the
steam and after passing through cool
ing pipes collects on top of the con
donsed stteam. A good average yield
is about 35 pounds of oil per acre
though as high as 50 or 60 pounds
are sometimes obtained.
"It Is estimated that it costs from
?10 to $20 an acre to cultivate tho
mint and from 25 cents to 35 cents
Is the price paid for distilling the oil
at tho central distilling plants which
aro established In the peppermint
districts. The price realized on the
oil has varied from SO cents to ?5
por pound, with an average price of
probably ?2 per pound.
"During the past few years there
has been an over-production of tho
oil and the small growers have had
to sell at very low figures. Like va
rious farm products, there Is consid
erable fluctuation in price and no
surety of getting good returns from
every crop. It is evident, however,
from this experiment that a large
area of swamp land In our state is
especially adapted to the growth of
poppormint and with a reasonablo
price for the product good returns
could bo obtained from what is, in
many cases, waste land."
for backache, rheumatism, kidney or bladder trouble,
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Cottolene Is Not a Substitute for Anything
No animal product, such as hog lard ever has afforded, or ever can afford a satis
faction to compare with Cottolene It is far superior to lard because it contains no hog
at, and its purity is unquestioned. It is more economical than butter for shortening and
frying because, being richer, one-third less is required.
Cottolene is made from cottonseed oil, a fluid extracted from the seed of purest
2n- From Gottonfield to Kitchen- human hands never touch the oil from which
Cottolene is made.
Pies, doughnuts and cakes cooked with Cottolene can be fearlessly enjoyed by the
most determined dyspeptic, for Cottolene makes food digestible as well as pdataWS!
There is no stihstirnfe fnr flnttnhn k .
j n 7ri t
mg as good as Cottolene. It
medium y P"
COTTOLENE is Guaranteed
amj"" 's nereby authorized to
not pleased, alter having given Cottolene a lair test." yUf money m case yu
Never Sold in Bulk j pi with an ah-tigm toP to
from catching dust and abwbing dUagreeable odor,,' ,uch a, fi"h, on,01' a"d U
t sed ana
WW and the resuus V f.
ssm- aim strength, and am
After taking two bottles I regamea my CUNNINGHAM,
now feeling unusually well. -
r ru..rrh Kinston. N.t.
tiaer oapusi. -
ir.v.,.1 stains the two most worm-i"' w. - .
strengthening, bodybuilding elements ot Cod L"er Oil and Tome
tTZotontL no oil, and is by far the Best Strengthemng
Tome obtainable. We return your money without question
TTrrrr , j , 1;q1i all we claim for it.
IT vmoi aoes uui
If your plumbing should be out of
order on Thanksgiving Day? Sup
pose you have us look over it now.
There may be some little thing wrong
that would break out on the great
feast day and spoil all your pleasure.
An ounce of prevention is better than
a pound of cure. Have us do a little
preventive plumbing.
141 S. Liberty St. Salem
Beer Sold in Carload Lots.
Shipments in Kegs or Bot
tied Beer to any Point on
the Pacific Coast : : : :
Brewing Plant
On Trade St in Wholesole District
"i-cuubc mere is no shorten-
is pure, clean, neutral in taste and flavor
"" heaIthful fryinS Bhortening
For Weak, Run-Down People.
a I was run oown mm rr.
indicestion and general debility, also
buffered from vertigo. I saw a cod
liver preparation v.. . - -
ucuucu .
uf a nnirq the medicinal.
Druggists, oivx.
and Offices
Salem, Oregon j;
and urinary irregularities.
and vi2or. Refuse substitutes.
m imu,im ,., ty J 3
in i Mil imi ffinr I

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