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5(10,000 SURVIVORS A N U
Atlnntic City, N. J., Sept. 19.
Members of the Grand Army of the
Republic tire gathering hero today to
1egln ' their forty-fourth annual en
campment. The streets are filled
' "with gray-haired veterans who
fought over 40 years ago and with
members of the woman's relief corps
also holding Its annual reunion in
conjunction with the veterans.
Mrs. Jennie L. Berry Is the na
tional president of the relief corp3.
General S. R. VanSant, former gov
ernor of Minnesota, Is commander-in-chief
of the Grand Army men.
The day was spent by the veter
ans In renewing old acquaintance.-),
there being no features on the regu
lar program. Wednesday will bo tho
lilg day of tho reunion and on that
day the annual parade will be held.
Every year shows a noticeable de
crease in tho ranks of the Grand
Army. Where more than 1,G44,000
men were honorably discharged from
the union army, there are now, ac
cording to a government report, on
ly about 560,000 survivors. As
cording to the report, the death rate
lias increased so rapidly that now
2, SCI veterans die every month.
Commander Van Sant's band
marched into the city this morning
playing "Dixie." All through the
day a fraternal feeling haa been
manifested and a movement to
merge the Grand Army with tho
Confederate veterans was launched.
The 24 th annual conclave of the
Grand Commandery, Knights Templar
of Oregon, will be held here Septem
ber 23. It Is expected that between
200 and 300 sir knights and their la
dles will be here on that occasion.
This order Is founded on tho Chris
tian religion, and camo into exist
ence following the Crusaders, 792
years ago. It is the highest body in
York Rite Masonry. Do Molay Com
mandery, -of Salem, has arranged ev
ery detail calculated to make the
visit of their fellow sir knights one
to be remembered. Twenty autos
liav been provided for taking tho
-visitors over the city. Several rooms
and a big parlor have been engaged
for the occasion, for rest rooms for
tho ladles, and everything possible to
add to tlie pleasure and enjoyment of
the visitors has been looked after.
Tim entertainment of tho grand
commandery is considered a great
lionor by local commanderies, and it
is needless to say that Uio local sir
ltnights will make this an event in
tho Masonic history of Salem.
. P
l' Seattle, Wash., Set. 19. Tho Pa
cific Coast Steamship Company'3
steamer City of Pueblo, plying be
tween Pugot Sound ports and San
Francisco, is ashore somewhero off
the northern coast of Washington or J
British Columbia, and Is Bonding out)
wlrfc-s calls for assistance, accord
ing to messagoe picked up this morn
ing by,the chief operator of tho Conti
nental Wireless Telephone and Tele
graph Company, sent from' the wire
less operator on board tho Pueblo.
According to the report tho steam
er is lying off No. 4 post point boll
buoy, north eight west magnetic. The
operator reports soundings show 18
feet of water astern, 18 feet amid
ships and 24 forward. Tho hold Is
lining with water, according to tho
The agents of the steamer hero
havo heard nothing of tho accldpnt.
The steamer is commanded by Cap
tain George Johnson. She left Ta
oonm Saturday for Vancouver, and
wae dde to sail from Seattle tomor
row for San Francisco. As far aa Is
leuown there are no passengers aboard
The steamer Is supposed to have
truck a rock as she was making for
Belllngham bay harbor, at 9 o'clock
tbis morning.
Ayers Cherry Pectoral
Beverly, Mass., Sept. 19. Pros
dont Taft will, In tho coming short
session of congress, urge an appro
priation for tho fortification of the
Panama canal. While no official an
nouncement of this fact hns bein giv
en out at the summer capital, It Is
intimated here that tho president In
tends to hurry the work for the forti
fication plan at the coming session,
fearing that If the Domocmts control
the next congress they will oppose
tho Idea.
He will ask an appropriation of $2,
000,000 as a starter on the work, and
will eventually expend $20,000,000.
The work to be 'done will be the be
ginning of tho plan of fortification
which will necessitate the expenditure
of the larger sum to carry to comple
Seattle, Wash., Sept. 19. Joseph
Rossa Is held today to answer a
charge of murder following the cul
mination of a vendittta feud last
night when Joe Bocatro was shot
dead and Barlan Bese was mortally
wounded. Beso said he and Booatro
were shot after they had refused to
engage in a pistol duel to determine
who was tho "best men." The. Rossa
brothers have been bitter enemies of
the victims for a long time, It is al
leged. After tho shooting Joseph
Rossa was arrested In a nearby saloon
but his brother could not be found,
united rwssa leasso winn.l
Nenv Haven, Conn., Sept. 19. Not
only will President Taft attend the
meeting of the Yalo corporation, as
he planned, but he will hold a con
sultation with Theodore Roosevelt.
The rumor that Roosevelt was to
meet the president at Nw Haven has
been current at Beverly, but It was
not confirmed until Serretary Charles
D. Norton today received word that
Roosevelt had left Oyster Bay to meet
It is understood that tho subject of
the conference will bo tho New York
political situation. Just what phaso
of the affair is to bo taken up has
not been given out, but It is believed
the president and his predecessor will
talk of tho part that Vlce-Prepldent
Sherman has played In tho situation,
and that it will be a very clear un
derstanding about Roosevelt's Intend
ed attitude during th'o coming cam
paign. The conference was requested by
Roosevelt, It is learned. Tho ar
rangements were mado with the
greatest secrecy. Roosevelt left Oy
ster Bay at daylight In a motor
boat and crossed tho sound. Ho
met Lloyd C. Grlscom and thoy con
tinued tho trip in a motor boat along
tho Connecticut shore. At a deso
late spot along the shoro some dis
tance from New Havon, Secretary
Norton's automobile was waiting for
tho colonel. Grlscom and Roosevelt
entered the machine and weito hur
ried Into New Haven. They lunched
with Taft, Norton and Otto Bannard
at the home of Henry C. White.
Secretary Norton admitted thar
the conference was held, although ho
was plainly sorry that tho nows had
become known. Ho refused to say
what subjects were discussed. It la
believed that Roosovolt requested
tho conference so that ho could as
certain clearly what tho attltudo of
the admlnistrat'on In the New York
situation Is 'before, preparing that
part of his speech which will deal
with Taft.
Otto Bannard. has boon mentioned
for tho. gubernatorial nomination
and is ono of tho Roosevelt liouton
ants. He is believed to be the can
didate Roosevelt most favors.
Politicians here assort that Roose
velt is seeking further aid from
Taft in tho Saratoga fight. It Is be
lieved also that the two mon dis
cussed gubernatorial candidates.
Roosevelt asked Taft, according
to rumors here, to como out openly
for a candidate to head tho tleket.
Since Taft's letter explaining his
stand in the New Tork situation,
tho administration forces, have kept
out of tho fight. Since tho machine
violated Taft's wishes, according to
the latter relatlvo to tho Sherman
Incident, It is belioved Roosovolt has
doslred tho president to take an
open hand in the fight. .This It Is
thought Is ono of the phase of the
sanation that was discussed.
Colonel Roosevelt haa too much
nervous energy to stand pat. He
must move.
Oyster Bay, N. Y, Sept. 19.
Confident that ho will have an op
portunity to deliver it either from
the platform as temporary chairman
of tho Now York Republican con
vention, or from tho floor as a del
egate, Theodore Roosevelt is work
ing on the "big speech" ho will
make at Saratoga. The address, ac
cording to thoso closo to tho colo
nel, will not contain any further in
dorsement of tho Taft administra
tion than that thus far given.
If Roosevelt secures control of
the convention there will be no
blanket endorsement of tho admin
istration either In the temporary
chairman's address or In tho resolu
tions. The colonel takes the atti
tude that President Taft has two
more years to yjrve and this is no
time for a broad eulogy.
Roosevelt's triends intimate that
tho speech now being prepared may
even openly attack some of the Taft
Tho speech is being so prepared
that It may bo delivered cither from
the floor or from tho platform as
the keynote address.
If tho chairmanship fight proves
close, It is predicted by friends that
Roosevelt will withdraw. If ho
does, he will denounce the "ma
chine" from tho floor.
The colonel, his advisers say, is
not worried by tho Saratoga fight.
Ho believes he can afford to bo de
feated if the machine controls, thus
nvoldlng defeat that has been fore
casted at tho Fall elections. Tho
colonel does not expect tho machine
to play nice politics' and if ho con
trols the convention and succeeds in
naming his ticket, It Is predicted
that the old guard members will
knife the ticket at the polls. Such
a defeat would be more disastrous,
he thinks, than defeat in tho conven
tion, which would be openly charge
able to machine methods.
San Francisco, Set. 19. With all
the pomp and ceremony due a person
age of his rank, Prlnco Tsai Hsun, of
China, was welcomed to San Fran
cisco today. Tho prlnco was tukon
off tho liner Manchuria as soon after
sho dropped anchor in tho bay as the
quarantine officers would permit. On
board a launch bearing tho recoptlon
committee, ho was landed at the Fol
somo street wharf before tho Man
churia docked. A parado was formed,
and, after marching through China
town, the princo and his party wore
taken to the St. Francis Hotel.
Many pounds of powdor woro
burned by tho guns of Undo Sam at
Alcatraz and North Point as tho
princo, on tho Manchuria's dock, was
passing through tho Golden Gate, a
royal saluto boing fired by direction
of the navy department. A military
escort of regular soldiers, assisted
by several volunteor organizations
mot tho prince's party when it land
ed and marched bealdo tho prince's
auto to tho hotel. Besldoa Princo
Tsai Hsun, in the party were his ex
cellency Chow Tszchl, who accom
panied Minister Wu to this country
eight years ago and Admiral Sah Chen
Ping, besides nearly a dozon others
who rank aa Captains In tho Chlnogo
Tho reception commlttoe was com
posed of all tho army and naval of
ficers of high rank stationed In and
near San Francisco, .Mayor McCar
thy, Charles M. Schwab and oth'r
Prince Tsai will be the guest of the
Chinese Six Companies at a banquet
at the Palace Hotel, and tomorrow
morning will leave for Uie Mast.
Stubborn as Mulus
ire liver and bowela sometimes
team to balk without cause. Then
there's trouble Loes of Appetite
Indigestion, Nervousness, Despond
ney. Headache. But such trouble!
ay Wore Dr. K'ng's New Life I'IMb
be world's best Stomach and Liver
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4t sfc j$c jc jJ s s(t sfc JC ss jc jjc 5(c dc c
Sepclal meeting of Pacific
Lodge, No. 50, A. F. & -A.
M.. this evening. Work In i
(G)$ tho E. A. degree. Visiting 1 1
brethren welcome.
Cider Apples Wmitcd
Gideon Stolz Co., corner Mill and
Summer streets. Bring them noy.
Sacks furnished. S-24-tf
SclioIiii'sijp -
In Willamette University for rent.
Derby & Wlllson, U. S. N. Bank Bid.
Lost At tho Fair
Half grown Collte. yellow nnd
white, female. Reward for return to
Journal. 0-19-tf
Wanted to Borrow
$2000 loan wanted on first mortgage
security on Corvallls residence prop
erty worth $4500. For Information
address box 1C7,, Corvallls, Oregon.
For Sale
Good 6-room house, north side.
Oak street, Yew Park. Immediate
possession. Must be Bold this
month. Will trade for farm proper
ty. For Information and terms, see
Derby & Wlllson, U. S. Banl: Bldg.
Greatest State Fall'
Ever held in Oregon, and you will
find tho greatest values In our hand
made single hntnbss In Salem, also a
good line of driving gloves at F. E.
Shafer's, 187 ' 'South Commercial
street. 9-15-tf
Snap! Snap! Simpi
A new bungalow for sale close In.
City water, toilet, washstaud, etc.
Cabinet kitchen. Five rooms with
usual closots. Basement, cement
walks, electric lights and fixtures.
Small payment down, balance on
monthly Installments. Homer IC.
Smith. Room G, McCormjack Bldg.
Phone 9G. 9-10-tf
Hero Is Something Good
48 acres adjoining O. & E. track
at Waconda station. 12 acres In
English walnuts, 1G acres cleared,
balance in brush; $1G5 per acre.
$3,000 down, balance in terms to
suit. It will pay you to see me
about this. Homer H. Smith, Room
6, McCormack Bldg. Phone 9G'.
0e of tho Finest
Houses In Salem has been placed
in my hands to sell. Tho Bile must
be mado soon, therefore the price Is
reasonable. Soo "mo about this be
fore it Is gone, .Homer H. Smith,
room 5, McCornnck bldg. Phono 96.
A Few Boards. Please
If tho street commissioners will
kindly call tho attention of tho peo
ple who are In charge of tho Im
provements on Capitol street and
for that matter somo of tho others to
tho fact that a fow boards laid on
the mud at tho street crossings
would bo a convenience to tho pub'
He, ho will win s'omo heartfelt plaii'
dits, and savo tho managors afore
said some warm left-handed bloss
Is Your Awning Low?
Many of the awnings In the busi
ness section aro decidedly low. Just
tako a hunch gentlemen, that when
a lady Jams tho upper story of her
hat. which If tho hat Is "modorn",
she Is sure to do into a low awning.
sho Is the enemy of tho owner" thoro
of for llfo. No charge for the hunch.
Ltmbs Also Low
Tho street commission can find
occupation for a weok or two In no
tifying property ownors to trim up"
tho trees along tho sldowallw.
Many of thorn droop tholr brnnchos
so ono has to either go around, or
stoop to got nlong tho walks, Thoy
are a decided obstruction to tho sldo
Notaries Appointed-
List of notarial commissions Is
sued in and for Orogon, September
17, 1910: W. H. Meredith, Port
Orford; Virgil Coopor, Eugone; IT.
H. Schwartz, Milton Boron, .E. H.
Conser, Portland; Walter Toozo, Jr.,
Dallas; John M. Parry, Moro.
Failed to Fly Over Alps.
rnNiT"n Fr.nn imut wmio.
Brlog, Switzerland, Sept. 19.--
After a daring attempt to sail
across tho Alps . today in aoroplanoa,
aviators Chavez and Weymonn wore
forced to give up tho nttompt and
landed near where they arose for tlw
flight. Each man mndo two at
tempts to cross the mountains but
baflllng air currents made It Impos
sible for them to complete the at
Chaves: reached a height of orer
7.000 feet aud headed directly for
the Slmplon Pass. Heavy okiud
obscured the pass and the gusty
eross winds blowing made the trf
so haaanlous that be brought ti'n
machine back to earth.
Weymann'i machine waa (liahtlv
Is the "old tnuurd" furMfhliig up
Its arms? The Mine approaches when
It will have to do or die.
It saves wear on your shoes and it saves colds, sickness and doctors' bllh.
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over $3.00 per pound. That's why the prices of rubbers and rubbor boots are higcr man thoy were
last year. But when you buy rubbor footwear insist on having tho "Boston" brand because "Boa
ton's" are better than other matte3.
We have sizes and shapes for every class of wear.
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Jc Jc )i 5jc jjc sp 5j jjc
Ls X 1 1 1 J X X L fr vL to
f jfi j ej If X" f t T T T
Miss Mlnnio Bruggor has re
turned to Portland nftor spending
tho summer with her frlond, Mis?
Cora Talklngton.
Alex Morriflold, of Aumsvlllo,
Orogon, hns spent tho week nt tn
state fair, and visiting In Salem with
his sisters, will loavo for Shoshone,
Idaho, to visit his brother at that
Mr. and Mrs. Cllas. Morriflold and
family, of Seattle, Washington, havo
started for their homo after visiting
rolntlvos horo and attondlng tho
stato fair.
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Morriflold, of
Aumsvlllo, Orogon, who havo boon
visiting in Salom tho past wook with
their chlldron, start for Shoshone,
Idaho, Wodnosday, to visit tholr
John W. Reynolds, a former resi
dent of this city, but now a promis
ing young attorney of Portland, wa3
In tho city toduy on buslnoss of a le
gal nature nt tho stato house,
Mr. and Mrs. F. Roy Davis and
boh, F. Riley, havo roturned to tholr
homo in Ashland nftor a visit to rel
atives in this city and tho stato
Mr. and Mrs. Jnmos Fighor, de
parted Saturdny ovonlng for tholr
homo at Nowborg after a fow day'
visit to frionds and rolatlvou in thla
city and vlowlng tho sights at thj
stato fair.
Pirate of tho Far South Boas.
Sydney, Australia, Bpt. 19j John
Mortleman, pirate, who assisted, In the
murder pf two men and the taking or
the ship Nanva Tigre. In November
1907, lias arrived here from Sura,
FIJI, to begin a aeatenee of life at
penal servitude.
Mortleman and a companion uamed
Bherratt shipped from Callao, Pom.
on the Neuva Tlgre, and when lfi
mill from shore forced the captain
to walk the plank. Tliny grounded on
reef In the Gilbert Islaode. aid were
Is a Necessity During
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ft 4
such an opportunity as the follow
ing: For sale, good G-room house,
pantry, bath, all rooms good size,
board walks, barn and chicken
house, city water, oxcollont view,
lots of shado and fruit trees, house
plastered and In extra good condi
tion. Prlco $1900, oasy terms.
Homer H. Smith, room C, McCor
nack building. Phono 90.
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folding machine 4-G-8-10 or 11
pages folded at onco up to a full
sized 7 column paper. Cheap It
taken soon. Spood 1800 to 2000
por hour. Inaulro Journal Salem,
Ore. 3-21-tf
POR SALE A fine lot on south
east cornor of 24th and Trado Sts.,
high and dry, 00x192.4. This la
a dandy. $400, $25 down, bal
ance $10 por month. Homer H.
Smith, Room 5, McCormack build
ing. C-20-tf
WANTED AT ONCE Two onorgotlc
young mon for tfood positions.
Apply "X," caro Journal.
lailloH for good position, Address
"X," caro Journal. 9-14-tf
carrier boy on a routo paying
about $11 per month. Capital
Journnl. 9-lB-tf
FOR SALE Eleven miles from Sa
lom, CO aorea good land, all olear,
now 7-roofu house nnd lnrgn
ham, young orchard, ami highly
Improved. Call on or addreas 11. S,
jin K'r-n, n.mini..i Br
MOVED Cliaal W. Zanker has
moved his shoe shop from
State Btreet to 145 8. Liberty St
WANTED One or two mn to work
In prune dryer and pick apples,
Manuel Bchlndler. Phone Farm
ers 684. 9-19-lt
the Rainy Season !:
HmH -
Our Prices
FOR SALE Fino b or 10-aero tract
Jiiomor tit smith, room 5, McCor
nack bldg. Phono 96. 8-2tf-i
Over Ladd & Bush Bank, Salem, Or.
Norwich Union
Fire Insurance Society
FraiiK AlcreditJi, iiduiit AiceMt
Room 13 Bush Bunk BIk, Salem. Or.
Aftor ono has collected hl
thoughts the collection- usually is
without nny particular value.
Cottage Undertaking) l,arlors
modern in ovory dotal!. Lady assist
ant. Cor. Cottngo and Chomoketa.
Phono 724.
Standpatters Hunting Jobs.
Washington, Sept. 19. That tho
presldoncy of Princeton Unlvorslty
which tho candidacy of Woodrow Wil
son for governor of Now Jlrsey will
probably make vacant, will bo offered
to Sonator Theodore E. Burton Is ru
mored horo today. Sonator Burton la
a graduate of Oberlln College.
Safe Medicine for Children.
Mrs. F. Marti St. Joo. Mich., saya
Foloy's Honoy and Tar Bavod her
llttlo boy's llfo. Continuing, sho
says: "Our llttlo boy contracted a
sovoro bronchial troublo and as tho
doctor's medlclno did not cure him,
I gavo him Foley's Honoy and Tnr
In which I always had great faltn.
It ontlroly cured tho cough aa wq!I
as the choking and gagging spells,
nnd he got woll In Just n short time.
Foley's Honoy and Tnr has many
times savod us muon trouuio ana wo
Red Cross Pharmacy, H. Jormati
'Q -
What kind of a horse did tha em
peror of Korea get In oxoltange for
his kingdom?
Mrs. Jacob Wiimert, Mncoln, 111.,
found her way 1hc kfo perfect
health. She writes: "I suffered
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times. A few week's ago I got sonii
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