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Fad Quarterly Style Book, 20c, Including a 15c Pattern Free
Republican, of Monitor, iride-
Ladies' Home Journal Patterns and Embroidery Book.
nK ifrnirr
pendent Anti-Assembly caudi-
I date for
i County Commissioner
) of Marlon County.
For Jiistice of tho Peace, Salem
I District, Indepei dent Democrat-
1c, Anti-Assembly, People's
i candidate. Vote for
G. V. BOdGS.
The highest class of
ladies ready-made suits
shown in Oregon. (Port
land's large stores not
excepted.) All custom
tailored, the jackets are
full lined with Skinners'
two season satin, and
the fabrics are the finest
imported woolens possi
ble to obtain, the regu
lar men's tailored fab-
rics, not the ordinary
goods you find in the
usual selections. We're
proud of these smart!
' md we want ev-
" "oman to see them.
Hinoirlerinq quality they
much underpriced.
Have You Seen Our Showing
of Fine Furs?
It 1b a pleasure to us to oven show furs, for wo
want ovoryono to seo tho quality of our stock and
the low prices wo ask. Don't think that just bc
causo you don't huy wo don't want to show you
It Is a pleasure for us for you to look. Imported
and domestic Bklns properly priced.
$5.00 Silk Petticoats, Special
Today only, Wednesday's Surprise Sale No. 505,
tho Petticoat? Section offers a good quality SILK
SKIRT in black and colors to Wednesday's Sur
prise shoppers at tho special low
prlco of
None sold before 8:30. No phono ord-rs.
g T J-"L
Dollara upon dollars on millinery
goods bought at Ilallberg's classy
filx-ltoom House (
Bath, nowly flnlBhod lnsldo, lot 80x
100, for ealo cheap. N. D. Elliott,
Do You Know-
That Ilallborg carries snappy shoos
for ladles und children at loss than
regular shoo storo prices?
Don't Miss
Tho Jnpanosc luncheon and fine
musical program at tho First Chris
tian church, Friday, Octobor 14, at 8
p. m. 10-12-3t
Cntherino M. Williams
Has sovored all connection with
Job prlntor 221 South Commercial
t ' 10 k if tl10 E,lt0 Mnssngo Parlors, but will
otreot' lu-D-u on nnd nfter Mon,,nyi October 3 7th,
IMno Muslciil Program 0CCIy rooma 318-19 u- s- Nat.
And Japanese luncheon at tho butldin.g Will do everything
First Christian church, Friday, Oc- I'ortnlnlng to the beauty lino, hair
tobor 14, at 8' p. m. Program ICo; wvi"B. chiropody work. Will
luncheon 10c. 10-12-31 rato' l llldioB only-
QUson'B barborTnop Hoinburkle Not Guilty
Gllson's cigar storo Tho Jury In tho caso of tho Stato
Qllson'B bathH opon nil day Sunday VB Ai Hornbuckle, who was indict-12-4-w-s-t
o(J Ul)0)j tlio eimrgo 0f poisoning
stock, tho cow of a neighbor, which
was triod In the circuit court yos-
tordoy morning, lato last ovonlng
brought in a vordlct of not guilty,
nnd tho defendant was disehargod.
Johnson's Cleaning and Pressing
Parlors; hats blockod and donned
nud clothes repaired. Hajnaa old
location. Phono 124S.
Cottugo Hotel Hates -
Boglnnlug September 1 table board
by tho weok, $4.50. Single meals, 25
cents. Rbmonibwr, this moans Cot
tage Hotel quality.
Tlirou Glory Tiikot
Throe marriage llconsos wore ls
suod by ounty Olorlc Allen today,
and In oaoh caso tho wedding coro-
Sunday dinner, mony is scheduled to tako placo up-9-20-tf
on this dato. Thoso to whom "glory
cortlfloatos" wero Issuod woro Albert
P. Nys, aged 2G, and a butcher of
"Tho Spirit of Idaho," by. Arthur' . Ylimhn, whn wlll ,V0I, Mlsa
Agnes Molsan, aged 24, nnd tho
(Tho harnessing of Western Rivers) ,ln.htnp . x. ,. nf Uronlra.
by Clayton M. Jones; in Octobor I T, ahBhnnIf ,.,, , ,, n fnrm.
or of Tualatin, who will wod Miss
Mary E. Stastny, aged 24, of Jeffer
son, nud W. F. Wlllard, agod 35, and
a farmor of Jofterson, who wlll tako
unto himself as wlfo Miss Emma Mil
lor, agod 41, also a resident of Joffor-son.
Buusot magatlno. Now on sale on
all news stands 15 cents,
Attention, Voters
Registration bookB wll bo opened
at tho city hall on Monday for the
city primaries, to ho hold Saturday,
Novomber &, If you dcslro to vote
you must roglstor. Attend to It at
onco. W. A. Mooros. recordort
Waxfordt Wcxfortll Wcxfortll
Tonight. "Pilgrims' Progress."
Iluuynn'a beautiful book dramatized.
Tho greatest moving picture pro
duced. "The Holy City." Bung by
ltobort Jones, barltono. 10-11-St
JuimitWiO Kiitortuliiment
At tbo First Christian church FrJ.
day, October 14, at, 8 p. m. Fine pro
gram and lunohjon, Program 18c;
Juncheon 10c 10-I2.8t
'Jttko Advantage
Of Hallborg'a one-third off sale on
chlldron'a dreaBea, cpata ami sweaters
Mrs. Brooks' Funeral
Mrs. Brooks was over 90, and was
a member of tho Sovonth Day Ad-
After ndoptlng resolutions favor
ing tho adoption of the county high
school system which wlll bo present
ed to tho voters of Marlon county at
ftho general election In Novomber.
and pledging thomsolvos as teachers
to oxort ovory Influence to ninko Ore
gon u model tompernnce stato,
thanks to their Instructors, thanks
to tho hoard of oducatlon of Salem
for providing comfortable quarter?
ond ontortalnmont for thorn, during
tho sosslon of tho lnstltuto and their
appreciation of tho efforts' of State
Sohool Suporlntondent Ackorman in
tho promotion of tho educational
work of tho public school system,
nnd tho carrying out of tho program
of instruction for tho dny, tho Mar
lon county teachers' Institute will
adjourn slno die at 5 o'clock tills af
tornoon. It has b'een one of tho most suc
cessful toachers' Institutes that has
ovor boon conducted In tho county
and much of tho credit for Its suc
cess Is duo to County Superinten
dent Smith, who has worked hard
to mako it a sourco of onjoymont
and Instruction to thoso in attend
ance and who delivered an address
at 2 o'clock this afternoon outlin
ing his planB for tho Improvement nf
the public school work for the year
In which ho suggested, among other
things, tho organlztnlon of n tcach
ors' reading clrclo, Thdro wero 200
tonohors In attendanco and all mnn-
ventlst church. Hor maiden name lfostcd keen Interest In the proceed
was Rachael Scboemaker, and sho Ings throughout tho session. Tho,
was tho mothor of ilvo children, two
surviving her. Sho was all hor life
a dovout Christian woman, a loving
mother and good neighbor, Hor re
mains wlll bo laid at tho sldo of her
son. Nowmnn, In City Viow ceino
tery. Tho funeral will be conducted
from tho dough mortuary parlors,
sorvleoe by Captain Cnrrlngton, of
the Salvation Army at 2:30 Tuesday
Some of tho critics seem really
glad when they And somebody Iiub
done something they ran ecold
lnstltuto wlircloso this af tornoon
with an address by Prof. Livingston
on "The Ohnllongo of tho Twentieth
Carload of Furnuces
Mr. A. L. Fraser., a successful
plumber and tinner, of Salem, yester
day received a carload of tho famous
Lenox furnaces. This furnaco Is one
of the beet on tho market, and Mr.
Fraser. anticipating n largo domand
for furnaces this fall, has laid In a
supply to that people wlll not have
to watt for tht-lr furnaces to be in
Mailed. U he receives their" ordVr
Silverton.Ore., Oct. 12. (Special
to Capital Journal) Mrs. Bartruff,
the girl brldo who was Miss Helen
Anderson, and whoso parents live
near tho Swarts mill on tho Silver
ton road, has again tried to make
way with herself. A fow days after
her marriago she tried to kill hor
solf and was cared for at a Salem
hospital. Tuesday when B. H. Da
vis started for Salom from Silverlon
ho found Mrs. Bartruff about two
miles this side of Sllverton, semi
unconscious near tho roadside, with
a three-ounce bottlo of carbolic acid,
about one-third consumed, and a
note from her husband saying ho
had deserted her. Sho was taken
back to Sllverton and placed in
chargo of Dr. Brooks. He imme
diately went to work to pump the
poison out of her. Sho had started
to walk to her home, back towards
Salem. When out near the Pudding
river bridge sho' sat down by the
roadside and drank tho acid and
awaited death. Some little boyg
saw her sitting there and acting
sick nnd gave tho alarm and Dr.
Brooks, of Sllverton, started for her
relief but was met by Mr. Davis
bringing hqr into tho city, when
sho was attended to and then taken
to tho Salem hospital in an auto.
She was able to sit up.
For some time Mrs. Bartruff has
been very despondcut owing to her
husband having deserted her. The
poison burned her terribly but It 13
thought she may recover.
Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. Jos.
Anderson who live on tho Sllverton
(Paid advertisement.)
( Jf
One of the Judges of the Supreme Court, Whose Place Is
Sought by Judge Geo. H. Burnett, the Republican Assembly
Richland, Wash., Oct. 12. Under
orders to locato tho permanent Bur-
vey for a railroad on the west banki
of tho - Columbia river, extending
southward from tho Boverly cross
ing of that stream, a party of 17 civil
cnglnooB in tho omploy, of the Chi
cogo, Milwaukee & Puget Sound
railway have beon sent to Hnnford,
and nro working nt their task. It Is
known that It Is tho plan of the rail
road to build the long-projected ex
tension of tho road Into tho Hanford
and Richland irrigated districts, with
a posslblo and oven probable branch
road Into North Yakima.
Tho lino from tho Bovorly bridge
across tho Columbia river 'to Rich
land will be 52 miles In length. The
Mllwaukeo has obtained practically
all tho right of way for tho extension.
Tho work will bo done by Contractor
II. C. Henry, who built tho-St. Paul
coast oxtenslon from St. Joo, Idaho,
to Soattlo.
Henry's contract will aggregate
moro than $1,500,000. Actual grad
ing will not bo long delayed, it is
stated, and tho now system will be
complotod within a yoar, and prob
ably In less than that time.
sc s(c s)c jfc Jt j(c jfc 5(C ?fc ifc js sf jjc )(4 Sfi
V Z t X 4 tl V fe 4
Mrs. D. F. Wagner and daughter.
Nannlo, hnvo returned from a
month's outing at Newport.
F. X. Molsan, of Gorvals, is tran
sacting business in this city today.
Ho is ono of tho earllost and most
promlnont farmers on what is
known as French Prairie.
B. H. Davis, of Sllverton, Is at
tending court this week.
Mrs. Claud Gatch and daughter
leavo this week for Los Angeles.
California, to mnko tbolr future
homo, Mr, Gatch having boon trans
ferred as bank examiner to that
Mrs. II. Geo. Meyer and daughter,
Mrs. Ed. Thlolsen, arc 'spending the
week nt Portland.
Mr, nnd Mrs. II. B. Thlelsen aro
In Portland with Miss Noll Thlelseu.
to have an ex-ray examination inado
of her hip, which has. been troubling
hor for somo time.
Miss Cora Talklngton Is Improved
so as to go out of the house some.
NY8-MQ1SAN. At St. Josoph's
.Catholic church. Octobor 12, 1010,
at 9 a. in., Mr. Albert Nys, of North
Yamhill, to Miss Agnes Molsan, of
Brooks Father Moore performed
. i.c . m . mny
Although not a native of Oregon, Judge King came within a very few
miles of it, as he was born October3, 18G4, on a farm near Walla Walla,
and came to Oregon (as a matter of choice) in 1S71, sinco which time
'he has been a continuous resident of this state. He spent three years in
the Oregon State Agricultural College, and graduated in the law depart
ment of the Central Normal College at Danville, Indiana, in 1891. Prior
to his appointment to tho Supremo Bench, he was recognized as one of
the leading practitioners at the bar. He has served nearly four years on
tho Supreme bench, two years as Commissioner and nearly two as Asso
ciate Justice of tho Supreme Court. He, with Judges Moore, McBrldo
and Slater, Is endorsod by the non-political judiciary movement, which
moenient had the unanimous endorsement of tho Oregon State Bar Asso
ciation nt its session in June last, rf which association Judge King's oppo
nent! Judgo Burnett is a member. Judge King's record as Supreme
Judge is aboe criticism, and ranks high among the bar and people of the
state. Among his decisions of note, and which have commanded the admi
ration of the people and bar alike, are Straw v. Harris (54 Or., 424) up
holding and clarifying the Initiative and referendum system of law-making;
Longworthy v. State (104 Pae. 421) sustaining the constitutional
ity of tho local optlpn law, and Hough v. Porter (51 Or., 318) whore more
than SO points of law affecting water rights wore determined. The last
case named Is used in connection with the lectures on mining and irriga
tion in tlie Ann Arbor Law School, and Is generally recognized as one of
the leading cases 1 1 the United States upon the questions there Involved.
It has beon cited, with implied approval, by the United States Supremo
Court. Is there any good reason for supplanting a man on the Supremo
Bench whose record hns proved satisfactory to the people, merely because
his opponent is a momber of tho majority parts, of the state? Politics
does not enter into the qualifications of a juror, then why should it be the
test for judicial oiflce? A complete answer to these inquiries was given
by Governor Hughes, now Associate Justice of the United States, in a re
cent lecture at Harvard. On this subject, among other things U. S. Su
preme Judge Hughes said: "This ofilco (the judicial) is tho last place that
should be used for tho purposo of party rewards All offortsTb sub
merge party considerations In tho choice of candidates, to facilitate inde
pendent choices to rebuko the use of judgesTiip's as a part of party pat
ronage should be encouraged by the public-spirited citizens. No man
should bo expected as a faithful party man to support the candidates of
his party merely because he Is a candldato of his party. The sentiment
should be encouraged that loyalty to natlonnl parties demands no such
support, nnd that, without loss of pm-ty standing, men may vuto for 'judges
ni'coi-iliiiR to their views or personal lltnesfi,"
Tho United States Supreme Court h composed of members of both par
ties. Cleveland appointed a Republican as a momber of that court, while
Harrison, Roosovelt and Taft-have appointed Domocrats, in order that tho
court may be a mixed court politically, New York, Massachusetts, Iowa,
Wisconsin and other states, including our neighbor stato, AVashlngton,
have pursued the same plan. Why should not Oregon be equally-as pro
gressive? Votors: It Is for you to say.
(P'd Adv.)
WANTED Your produce: Eggsr
poultry, pork and veal at tho high
est cash price. T. M. Jones ami
Son, Commission Merchants, at
Farmers' Feed Barn. Phono
Main 430. . 9-28-tf
A BIG BARGAIN) Modern 7-roora
house, fruit and berrlesffor sale at
a sncrlllco for a few days only
Corner of Lee and 12th streets..
Call at 1110 Lee. l0-10-3t
came delinquent September 1,
1910, and the ordinance makes it
the duty of the poundmaster to
tako up and impound all dogs;
owned or kept within the city lim
its on which the license has not
been paid. Having been appointed
to the above position, I hereby
give notice to all owners or, keep
ers of dogs to pay the license at
onco, as I shall begin immediately
to enforce Its collection. Tho li
cense is payable to tho city treas
urer. A. L. Young, poundmaster-10-10-3t
$5 DOWN and ?1 per week will buy
a choice lot on South Commercial
street on car line, fot 50x100
feet. See Bechtel & Bynon, 347
State street. 10-12-
FOR RENT Furnished and unfur
nished rooms, or housekeeping
suites, 1145 Leslie street, opposite
Yew Park grocery, or inquire of
Pacific Land. Co., 420 State street.
WANTED Shovelers at 13th and
Center street,. 50 for nine hours.
WANTED Good penman wants copy
ing to do at house spare- time.
Address "A. B. C:," care Journal.
. 'i0-12-3t
FOR SALE Fifty acres of fine
fruit land, one-half in cultivation,
balance pasture and timber. This
place has fair improvements, has
plenty of wood, water and fruit,
and is located two miles from Ore
gon electric R. R. and boat land
ing. Prlco $100 per acre, includ
ing all personal property. Will di
vide or take Salem property in part
payment. Address J. L. Kinney,
Hubbard, Or. route 1, box CI.
Tho man with a suspended button
missing, believes everyone suspects
ho has had words with his wlfo. F
L. P.
Who would not bo verbose nt a
dollar n word?
West Salem Transfer
Connects with all trains at
West Salem for Dallas, Falls
City and Salem.
Loaves Journal office for
West Salem at 8:40 a. m
12 m., 1:10 p. m. and 4.00 p.
m. every day'except Sunday.
Also for Independence. Mon
mouth aud McMlnnvllle.
Leaves Sunday at 8:00 a,
m., 1:00 p. m., and 5:15 p.m.
Calls at hotels on request.
Telephone or leave orders at
Capital Journal office auy day
but Sunday. Phone 32.
J. B. Underwood, Mgr.
LOST A black music roll, between
Barr's jewelry store and Garden
Road on car line. Please return
to Journal office. 10-12-3"t
WANTED Place for aged man
where ho can board and bo
nursed when necessary. Reason
able compensation will be paid.
Inquire 427 N.. Church St., Salem.
Some Bargains
. 97 acres, 25 cleared, house and
barn, 20 acres prunes coming three
years old, balance second-growth tim
ber. Price $60 per acre, one-half
205 acres, 100 acres In cultivation,
houso and two barns, 4 miles from
Dallas. Price $70 per aero.
200 acres near Rlckrealgood Im
provements, most In cultivation.
Prlco $65 per acre, one-fourth cash.
Sovoral 10-acre grub oak tracts m , . i-
$40 per acre. See ".1?""
'i'"f i auunage or ruuy io,
000 operators on account of
8-hour law and extensive "wire
less" developments. We operate
under direct supervision of Tele
graph officials and positively placa
all students, when qualified.
Wrlto for catalog. National Tele
graph Institute, Clnclnnattl, Phil
adelphia, Memphis, Davenport, la.,
Columbia. S. O., Portland, Ore.
RAPHERS! The railroads anJ
wireless companies of America are
short full 10,000 telegraphers.
We can qualify young men and la
dles in a few months and place
them at $70 to $90 per month
for beginners. Tuition canbe do
posited until position Is secured.
Operating six Fchools under direct
supervision of Railway and Wire
less Telegraph officials. Maln-llua
wires and Wireless stations U
each school. Write for catalogue
to nearest Institute. National
Telegraph Institute, Clnclnnattl,
Philadelphia, Memphis, Columbia,
S. C, Davenport. Ia Portland,
Oregon. 9-12-w&s-8w
At Dallas, Oregon
Sanitary Fish and
Poultry Market
Everything in the FiBh, Poultry
and canned goods line.
11 y market ' absolutely sanitary
Biv meats letne kept In rofrlgerator
envi or. Pi- - -n 'nrk aMMin''.
'' r..".- S ' Tt!-rh . rpfs
Phone 730.
Over Ladd & Bush Bank. Salem, Or.
Mirwcn Union
nominee nciotv
Fran Mfre)lfh. nMn f-
Salem, Oregon llootu 13 Hush Hunk Itlk. ShU-ui. Or

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