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the capital journal
E. HOFER, Editor and Proprietor.
?.. M. HOFER, Manager
Independent Newspaper Derotea to American Principle and
the Proerreu and Derekjcaent of All Ororon
Published Every Evening Ezcept Sunday, 8alem. Ore.
(Invariably In Advance)
CaDy. by Carrier, per year. $6.00 Per month Me
OaOy.by Hall, per year Per month Mc
Weekly, by Mall, per year ' 1.00 Six month! Pc
Iukitw) rant uuiav wiai.J
Seattle, Wash., March 7. Out of
18 candidates Seattle voters will to
day elect the nine members of the
city council, and a bitter fight Is on.
Arrayed against an even Ine of the
reform candidates are nine stand-pat-
tars, most of them prominent In the
present council. The former have
the support of two of the local news
A hot fight Is beln made on the
election of Joe Smith, an Insurgent
newspaper man, who wa nominated
In the primaries without making a
speech or spending a dollar for ad
Terttelng. He was Maypr Dllllng's
private secretary.
The peoplb will also vote on an
$800,000 bond Issue today for a mu
nicipal trolley system. The Seattle
Electric company, monopolists of Se
attle's traction system, Is making a
warm campaign against the measure.
Although the weather Is disagree
able, many women were on hand to
cast thotr ballots when the polls
err out saloox licenses
okitid nni Lai a ib win.
Everett, Wash., March 7. Because
the city must worry along without
$70,000 usually received from liquor
license fees, there will be no street
lights, no health officer, no sealer of
weights and measures, and a big re
duction In the police force. There Is
no law that will permit taxing the
people to meet these expenses, and
since Everett has gone dry, the radi
cal cuts In the budget were made at
a council meeting last night
Astoria, Or., March 7. The Centen
nial committee perfected Its perma
nent organization at a meeting held
yesterday afternoon by the election
of officers as follows:
Mayor H. D. Henderson, president;
Judge F. J. Taylor, vice-president;
B. F. Crawahaw, secretary; C. R. Hlg
gins, treasurer.
Web Holmes Was In It.
On Friday of laBt week while Dell
B. Scully, of Portland, WebBter
Holmes, Wm. Stephens and Mr. Arm
buster were driving to Nehalem, a
tug broke while they were on a steep
hill just on the other side of Bay City,
lotting the tongue of the rig down
and causing the harses to run. The
horses ran to the bottom of the hill
where the rig upset All the parties
received a severe Jolting, but no one
was seriously Injured. Mr. Scully re
ceived a severe wrench In the back,
which caused him to walk on crutches
for a few days, but he Is recovering
rapidly. Tillamook Herald.
(Independence Enterprise.)
Wm. Ball Is building a boat to be
run on the Willamette river between
this city and Salem for the exclusive
accommodation of passengers and
light freight. Mr. Ball expects to
have the boat In operation before
June 1st, next. It will be a double
deck vessel propelled by a 40 horse
power gasoline engine, which has al
ready been purchased, and will De
shipped to Independence soon.
Mr. Ball recently passed the re
quired examination before the exam
ining board of engineers at Portland
and is licensed to operate the new
craft as soon as It can be finished
end launched. It Is his Intention to
give the traveling public the best
service that has ever been given on
the Willamette river between here
and Salem, and the boat will proha
bly make at least three trips dally
each way.
This new enterprise means a great
deal to the people of Independence
and tributary towns and the proprie
tor should not only receive the hearty
encouragement of Independence peo
ple, but he should also receive their
To equip the boat as he Intends,
will mean an expenditure of consid
erable money and it Is deserving of
all possible encouragement Mr. Ball
will make every effort to meet the
demands of the traveling public and
the boat will be provided with all
the requisites for comfort.
Look Out
Make no mistake. Use only
those medicines the best doctors
approve. Should your doctor
order Ayer's Sarsaparilla, well and good. If something else,
still well and good. He knows best. Trust him. htt'"u.:
"Juat Say"
It Means
Original and Genuini
Thi Food-drink (or All Ages.
More healthful than Tea or Coffee,
Agrees with the weakest digestion.
Delicious, invigorating and nutritious.
Rich milk, malted grain, powder form.
A quick lunch prepared in a minute.
Take bo (obstitote. Atk for HORLICnVS.
Others are imitations.
Some Good Buys
New, modern 7-room house, basement, furnace,
electric lights, hot and cold water, bath. In fact every
thing modern and up-to-date, about 100 feet off paved
street, $3500,
Cheapest lot in Fairmount Park, 50x150 feet, only
Nice new 5-room plastered cottage on fine residence
street, offered for a few days at $1 600,
Three fine lots in Englewood Addition, 50x150 feet,
each, $350 for inside Tots and $450 for corner,
New 5-room plastered house and two lots near a
paved street, $1200,
Four-room plastered house and extra large lot, $850,
Building lots In Rlverview Park Add, $125 each,
Fine Court street residence, basement and all mod
ern, $5000,
Five-room Court street bungalow, $3500,
Small Tracts
Twenty acres of first-class fruit land, 4 miles south
of Salem; small house and new bam, fine for family use,
balance all in crop, $3500,
Twenty acres, all in cultivation, house and good prune
dryer, 10 acres in bearing Italian prunes, This is a
money-maker, $5300, . .. i ,
Forty acres, 32 in cultivation, balance timber and
pasture, six-room house, bam and hop house, eight
acres trellised hop yard; there are three exira
springs on place, good team, 4,cows, 1 heifer, 150
chickens and farming implements all go with place for
Five acres rich black soil, all in cultivation, close in,
8-room house and good barn, good famiy orchard.
Horse, cow, wagon and farming implements all go with
place for $2800,
Farm Snaps
108 acres, only 5 1-2 miles from Salem, one of the
best farms on Salem Prairie, 90 acres in cultivation,
balance timber and pasture, 8-room house and two
irns. fiiniriiiiina)
388 State Street,
Salem, Oregon,
Toronto, Out., March 7. Sir
James Whitney, premier, of Ontario,
gave notice yesterday that he would
move an antl-reclproclty resolution In
the Ontario legislature Wednesday
or Thursday. The resolution recites
that the interests of the province
would bo Injuriously affected should
the reciprocity agreement become op
erative. It Is pointed out that the
agreement would result In commer
cial union With the United States,
would weaken Canada's position and
Influence as a unit in the British em
pire, and would faster a union with
the United States.
The tennis enthusiasts of the uni
versity met some time ago and elected
Neal Zimmerman manager and Paul
Homan president of the tennis asso
ciation. There Is a great deal ol In
terest being shown in the 'varsity re
garding tennis, and just as soon as
the baseball diamond and the track
is completed the students will place
three courts upon the campus, two
near the gymnasium and one near
the young ladies' hall. The colleges
all over the Northwest are organiz
ing teams and match games will be
played. It Is probable that Willam
ette will have two or three games, and
practice will commence Just as soon
aa the weather affords.
A meeting of the men of the uni
versity was called afte chapel yes
terday morning, and Manager Schrei
ber, of the track team, spoke ear
nestly to the students regarding the
Importance of hastening the work
on the track so the men could be out
training when the weather permitted.
There will probably be a field meet
some time during the last of April,
and It Is very Important that the
team be wprklng at the earliest pos
sible date. Material Is abundant this
year, and Willamette should win from
all non-conference colleges. Captain
Oakes, of the baseball team, spoke
In the same strain regarding the base
ball diamond, but he also said that
they should both be finished before
practice began on either one. The
Another Coaster,
The Potter Realty company have
awarded to Joseph Supple, the Port
land ship builder, a contract for the
construction of an elegant gasoline
passenger boat for the Portland-Bay-oceaft
run. The new vessel will be
150 feet long, 20 feet beam and seven
feet draught. She will have triple
engines, accommodations for 150 pas
sengers and a speed of 18 miles per
hour. Bay City News.
Of Herpicide Is In Giving It a Thor
ouph Trial.
There Is only one test by which to
judge of the efficiency of any article
and that Is by its ability to do that
which It Is Intended to do. Many
holr vigors may look nice and smell
nice, but the point is do they eradi
cate Dandruff and stop falling hair?
No, they do not, but Herpicide
does, because It goes to the root of
the evil and kills the germ that at
tacks the papilla from when the
hair gets It life.
Letters from prominent people
everywhere are dally proving that
Newbro's Herpicide stands the "test
of use."
It Is a delightful dressing, clear,
pure and free from oil or grease.
Sold by leading druggists. Send
10 cents In stamps for sample to The
Herpicide Co., Detroit, Mich. One
dollar bottles guaranteed. J. C. Per
ry, Druggist
Senator Barrett III.
Hlllsboro, Ore., March 7. W. N.
Barrett, state senator. Is reported
critically 111 at his residence In this
city, and two physicians have been
called In consultation.
Senator Barrett was prominent In
the last senate, and was the tempor
ary president of that body while per
fecting organization.
Forced to Leave Home.
Every yew a large number of poor
sufferers, whose lungs are sore and
racked with coughs, are urged to
! go to another climate. But this It
ooetly, and not always sure, here's
a better way. Let Dr. King's New
Discovery cure you at home. "It
cum! ma of lung trouble,"' writes
W. R. Nelson, of Calamine, Ark.,
"when all else failed, and I gained
40 pounds In weight. It Is surely
the king of all cough and lung
cures." Thousands owe their lives
and health to It It Is positively guar
nteei for coughs, colds, la grippe,
asthma, croup all throat and lung
troubles, 50c and 11. Trial bottles
free at J. C. Perry's.
hnnahnll nrnKnppta iirft hrlcrhter thn.n I
the track, and many victories are ex
pected. Several games have been
scheduled, the earliest one to be April
16. Dr. Sweetland concluded with
the assurance that the wprk would,
be completed this week If the stu
dents turned out to work as they
The banquet of the W. IT. glee club
will occur tonight at 9 o'clock In the
Hotel Marlon. The songsters antic
ipate a splendid time. Dean Men
denllwvll, of the College of Music,
will be present, and, a9 the professor
Is noted for his wit and humor, his
presence will greatly enhance the en
joyment of the evening. Peter Pfaff
will be toastmaster.
The party given by the Willamette
freshmen to the seniors of the Salem
high school Saturday evening has
been the subject of much discussion
around the university. The seniors
thoroughly enjoyed themselves, be
cause of the excellent manner In
which was carried on. The party
is Important, because of the Influence
the acquaintance and hospitality of
the freshmen students will wield In
bringing the high school graduates
to the 'varsity next year.
This shop In Portland, on the cor
ner f Seventh St. and Salmon !s
one of the most Interesting I've ever
seen in any city. It Is one of the
landmarks one of the oldest houses
In the city, consequently it comes as
a surprise when one is looking for
an art shop and the salesrooms of
the Arts and Crafts Society, to find
one's self entering a little quaint old
house with an old brass knocker on
the door. Within it Is all artistic
beauty gives one the feeling of the
Empire Colonial period. Fine old
Pieces of mahogany tables, high
boys, serving tables,, an old clock,
fine reproduction of some of the old
masters,, mezzo-tints in quaint old
frames, fine old silver and crystal, in
fact the many things that go to make
an art shop Interesting, but so clever
ly arranged here, that, as I said, you
feel you are back In the old colonial
days the empire period, which was
the finest and best of the colonial
period. This shop was the home of
the late Mrs. Hugh Hume, a woman
devoted to fine things. She made a
trip East In the early spring of 1908,
and arranged for work to be sent here
for a large arts and crafts exhibition.
This was held In 'he arts museum of
Portland, and what was left over
from this exhibition was taken to
Mrs. Hume's home, the present little
shop. Mrs. Charles E. Curry re
turned from Europe that spring, and
those two women, Mrs. Hume and
Mrs. Curry, established In the little
old home the salesrooms of the Arts
and Crafts soolety.and, from the
small beginning, has grown the pres
ent art shop, which today occupies
the whole house. Mrs. Hume was a
sister of George DeForest Brush, one
of the most celebrated American por
trait painters, and he was living in
Florence, Italy, at the time Mrs.
Hume opened her little shop. He se
lected and bought for her most of
the rare and beautiful bric-a-brac,
pictures, etc. This shop is the only
one west of Denver that carries the
handsome silver of the Boston Craft
ers. The beautiful silver service that
was presented to the Rev. and Mrs.
A. A. Morrison, of Trinity church,
on their 25th anniversary was pur
chased from this little craft shop.
Here, too, you can find those beauti
ful embroideries and drawn work on
Russian linen, brought to this coun
try by Mde. de Blumenthal and the
German and Japanese orpss-stitch em
broideries, that are so very beautiful
In coloring and design. Since Mrs.
Humes' death, In May, 1910, Mrs.
Curry has carried on the business.
She has associated with her Miss
Jones, a,very capable assistant. From
March 10 to 25, there will be a, very
Important exhibition of English mez
zotints and the Herter loom textiles
In the shop, to which every one in
terested in fine art and the art
and crafts Industries will be most
cordially welcomed. The exhibition
is free. Mrs. Doolittle, of Salem,
will have her studio for exclusive
Interior decorating and house fur
nishing with Mrs. Curry In the shop
of the Arts and Crafts society, at 225
Seventh street, Portland.
Ah me I I saw a huge ana loamwme iij,
Wherein a drove of wallowing swine
were barred,
Whose banquet shocked the nostril and
Therfspoke'a voice, "Behold the source
I fled, and saw a field that seemed at first
One glistening mass of roses pure and
white, ... . ,-
With dewy buds 'mid dark green foliage
And, as I lingered o'er the lovely sight.
The summer breeze, that cooled that
Southern scene,
Whispered, "Behold the source of
Saturday evening some 50 represen
tatlve people of Spring valley gath
ered at Lincoln, Or., and organized
a "Progress League" to work along
the lines of the Greater Oregon De
velopment League. Great enthusiasm
prevailed. Following are some of the
topics discussed:
"Poky Old Pfke," J. J. Strattoo.
"Punk Pikes," J. C. Zinser.
Products of the Farm," W. H.
"The School Master and the Big
Stick," I. A. O'Reilley.
Oysters and coffee were served by
the hospitable people of Lincoln.
Although D. D. -D. Prescription has
been recognized for years as the one
remedy for Eczema, Psoriasis, and
all other forms of skin diseases. It Is
now known that there Is no other
wash, even those used by the beauty
specialists, that can compare with
this mild liquid for cleansing the
skin of pimples, blackheads, rash,
and all similar Bkin affections.
For this reason alone, a bottle of
D. D. D. should be kept on hand in
every household. A trial 25c bottle
will show you the merits of this great
remedy as a complexion wash.
D. D. D. seems to remove the cause,
whatever the trouble may be, cleans
ing the skin, and leaving It as soft,
as smooth and clear as that of a
healthy child.
Get a 25c bottle today and keep it
In the house. J. C. Perry, Druggist.
"our, f
im X
Best Patent hard wheat flour,
Best Salem Flour, sk.... ii on
Nice Bacon
2 lbs. Full Cream Cheese.'.
1 doz. Tomatoes 9
1 doz. Salmon jjjjj
(Your last chance to get the
Metor Brand of Alaska Sal
mon at this price.)
3 cans Milk (good).. 23e
3 cans first class 4-oz. Oysters T
Just received car load of alfalfa
hay, per 100 lbs SOc
60 lb. sack Bran gOe
Shorts, per' sk $1.20
Oat Hay per 100 lbs ;s
tolled Oats and Barley. 100
lbs $L50 X
Come and see me; I will save X
you money. r
All goods promptly delivered, t
rnone 14B7.
444444 4444444M
4 4 4 4 4 4 4 -
Oregon Dectric Ry. Points
Daily March 10th to April 10th
Omaha 25.00
Des Moines 27.S5
Indianapolis 35.65
Baltimore, Md 49.75
Boston, Mass 50.15
Charleston, S. C 51.75
New Haven, Conn 49.85
Portland, Me 52.15
Chicago $33.00
Clnclnnattl 37.90
Milwaukee 31.50
St' Louis 32.00
New York 50.00
St. Paul U25.00
Kansas City 25.00
Colonists tickets from C. B. & Q., G. N. and N. P. points will apply
to points on Oregon Trunk same as to destinations on S. P. & S.
From other points in proportion.
Tell your friends in the east of this opportunity of moving west
on low rate through tickets via Burlington Route, Great Northern,
Northern Pacific, ."North Bank" and Oregon Electric lines. You can
deposit with me and tlekets wl 1 be furnished people In the east. I
will give details on request.
Agent Oregon Electric Railway.
Gen'l Freight & Pass. Agt,
Portland, Ore.
Not a Word of Scandal
Marred the call of a neighbor on
Mrs. W. P. Spaugh, of Manvllle,
Wyo., who said: "She told me Dr.
King's New Life Pills had cured' her
of obstinate kidney trouble, and
made her feel like a new woman."
Easy but sure remedy for stomach,
liver and kidney trouble. Only 25c
at J. C. Perry's.
Portland's Popular Fire-Proof
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets Invariably bring relief to wo
men suffering from chronic constipa
tion, headache, biliousness, dizzi
ness, sallownees of the akin and dys
pepsia. Sold by all dealers.
Get It at Dr. Stoae'a Drag Store
Co-operation today is success both
today and tomorrow.
A Cold, La Grlppr, Then Pneumonia
Is often the fatal consequences.
Foley's Honey and Tar expels the
cold, checks the la grippe and pre
vents pneumonia. It la a prompt and
reliable cough medicine that con
tains no narcotics. 'Foley's Honey
and Tar is the beet cough remedy I
ever used, as It quickly stopped a
severe cough that had long troubled
me," says J. W. Kuhn, Princeton,
Neb. Just so quldkly and surely It
acts in all cases ot coughs, colds, la
grippe and lung trouble. It Is as safe
for your children as yourself, and
should be used In all cases ot croup,
whooping cough and measles. Re
fuse substitutes. Red Cross Pharmacy.
A Reliable Remedy
Ely's Cream Balm
il quick I) abiorberf.
Gitei Relief at Once,
It cleanses, soothes,
heals and protects
the diseased mem.
brane resulting from Catarrh and drive
sway a Cold iu the Head quickly. Eestures
the Senses of Taste and Smell. Pull size
60 eta. at Druggists or by mail. Liquid
Cream Balm for use. in atomizers 75 cts.
El J Brothert. 66 Warran Street. New York.
The House of Comfort Combined
With Elegance
Our Rathskeller Grill finest dining service in
city, with Hawaiian orchestra from 6 to 12
p. m.
Most perfectly furnished, moderate priced,
modern hosteky in the metropolis of tne
Owners and Managers
Also Operating Seattle Hotel, Seattle.
Salem Fence Works
Headquarters for Woven WIr
Fencing, Hop Wire, Barb
Wire, Poultry Netting, Shln
f'ea, Milthoid .Rooting, P. 4k.
B. and Ready Roofing. All at
the lowest price.
250 Court street Phone 114
1 In Cearua Imne k. In Mmiw.mL
StVtl IMWITIMIl. ! S.r.1 SrdT I IUU-
.peMfNI. Till. iMMiH,M Wl p., I
Warah.aM. gaapi irraaralacaunaaal aal
iaaa. aaal faar wwa ui tat
reatieicttco .aoa uautm, e.
Sold in Sales, by Dr. S. C. Stoat
For Infants and Children.
Tha Kind Yon Hat? Always Bought
Bears tha
ome people ride the bicycle,
jjid some in autos course
Jfe is full of mixed desire
Inject then what you most admire
Jjjy choice remains the horse.
ut when in search of pure delight,
pffervescent, clear and bright
JTveryone can read the cheer
ight in these printed verses here

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