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18I TWO.
B. HOFEK, Editor and Proprietor R. M. HOFER, Manager
i i i - ;
te4cpndnit Nfwtpaper Devoted to Amerlrin Principles
a4 tbs Prorrnu and PeTetonmetit ot All Orernn
rM.taHl Btery Evenlns Eirept SimrtiT. Hlem. Ores'in
(iDTirlablj lo Advance)
allf, n Carrier, per year ...15 20 Per month. .4.1c
Ball, by Mall, per ynr 00 Per month.. 3Rc
Weatlf, bf Hall, per jer .... 1.00 Bli months .5i!
The Capital Journal advised its readers to wait thirty days be
fore making up their minds what to do about supporting anyone
for president. .
The reason for this was that an unusual condition presented
itself, and it was necessary to let the candidates come fully be
fore the people.
This was not necessary in the case of President Taft or ex
President Roosevelt, but it was necessary in the case of Mr. Wil
son, the Democratic nominee.
As a college professor, a college president, a writer of books
on political economy and history he is a man who has stated his
views fully on great questions.
Whether those views harmonize with his platform, whether
these views expressed during his long educational career, would
lie acceptable or not, remained to be seen.
Here s the first round in the battle of Candidate Wilson with
the records of Professor Wilson.when he was not a candidate,
and the candidate suffers a little.
CongreHKimwl Record.
Representative Hill : I was exceedingly glad' this morning to
read in the paper where I saw that Mr. Gompers and Mr. Morri
son and a number of other gentlemen were at Sea Girt consulting
with the candidate for the presidency on the Democratic ticket,
and I sincerely hope that they asked him to explain some remarks
made by him on this great subject in 1909 in a baccalaureate
sermon delivered at Princeton University, contained in the Tren
ton True American, June 14, 1909. It was delivered on Sunday,
the day preceding. The text was from the seventeenth chapter
of Luke, tenth verse, which, he says, reads as follows :
"We are unprofitable servants. We have not done that which
was our duty to do.'
Dr. Wilson treated the subjectin this way:
You know what the usual standard of the employe is in
" our day. It is to give as little as he may for his wages. La
bor is standardized by the trades union, and this is the
standard to which it is made to conform. No one is suf
fered to do more than the average workman can do- . In
some trades and handicrafts no one is suffered to do more
than the least skillful of his fellows can do within the
hours allotted to a days' work, and no one may work out of
hours at all or volunteer anything beyond the minimum.
And, gentlemen on the other side, this is your candidate for
"I need not point out how economically disastrous such a reg
ulation of labor is "
Ix?t me inject: Last night I rose in my place and asked unan
imous consent to place a tariff address of Dr. Wilson, delivered
before a tariff commission holding a public hearing for that
purpose, held in Atlanta, Ga.., in which he aimed to give the of
ficial authorities of the United States his views on the tariff.
To be sure, that was 30 years old ; but he has not changed them
since, for he said only a few days ago, or a few weeks ago, in
New York that the whole Republican position and platform was
"ignorant and preposterous." He appeared in Atlanta as a free
trader, and, in my judgment, he is a free trader today, and yet
a Democrat refused to allow me to publish the remarks of his
own candidate for the presidency on the tariff question. I am
giving you now not an opinion 30 years old, but I am giving you
a baccalaureate sermon delivered in Princeton three years ago,
and it is directly pertinent to this bill.
"I need not point out how economically disastrous such a reg
ulntion of labor is."
I commend that to mv friend from Pennsylvania, Mr. Wilson,
and to my friend from Illinois, Mr. Buchanan.
It is so unprofitable to the employer that in some trades
it wjll presently not be worth while to attempt anything at
all. He had letter stop altogether thnn operate at an inev
itable and invariable loss. The labor of America is rapidly
becoming unprofitable under the present regulation by
those who have determined to reduce it to a minimum.
Now, I do not believe that, gentlemen. I do not believe mv
friend from Illinois, Mr. Puchnnan. or my friend from Pennsyl
vania, Mr. Wilson, are "unprofitable servants' in this country.
1 know that the men who livein my district, and who are honest
straight-forward workingmen, members of labor unions, are
re nutnble, as high-toned, as responsible, as industrious and as
faithful as any citizen (apulause on the Republican side) in it,
whether they be lawyers, doctors, presidents of universities, or
men working as "unprofitable servants," as he designates, sim
ply because they belong to a trade union-
Mr. Moore, of Pennsylvania :Do you believe that Mr. Gompers
iH'lieves that?
Mr. Hill : No, I do not. And I think it was high time for him
as a Democrat to go to Sea Girt yesterday and try to reach a
working compromise with the candidate of his party.
Let mo close this up.
Our economic supremacy may bo lost because the country
prows more and more full of unprofitable servants.
The substance of the alxive expression is that the organized la
bor is an unprofitable servant.
The Capital Journal gives tie above merely to keep its read
ers informed of (he trend of the campaign.
Y. M. C. A.
F. M. Dostworth, who has served
the local Y. M. C. A. so faithfully and
well for the past several years, ten
dered his resignation to the board of
directors yesterday, to take effect
September 1. Prior to coming to Sa
lem Mr. ISotsworth filled similar posi
tions In California, where he will re
turn, but be has not definitely de
cided what Una of work he will en
gage In. More than likely he will con
tinue the work of the upbuilding of
the young men, No arrangements have
been made so far to secure a successor
for the retiring secretary, as his re
tirement came as a distinct surprise
to the board, as well as all the mem
bers of the association.
Mr. Hotsworth will be greatly
missed from the association, and his
separation from the services of the
Salem organization will be greatly de
plored by all its members as well by
a large number of the citizens of the
city. However, If the retiring leader
of this association can secure a larger
field for bis services It Is the hope of
those Interested in him that he may
succeed In his new field of operations.
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Alderman V. T. Rlgdon has Inaug
urated a very unique method for bet
ter control of the saloons of the city.
He has visited every one of the 15 sa
loons and secured a written pledge
from the proprietor of each that he
will not sell, nor allow his employes
to sell, liquors to minors or men In an
intoxicated condition. Mr. Rlgdon has
been led to take the step ho has by the
attitude of a large number of citizens
of the city who have complained to
It I m of the fact that liquor Is being
sold to minors and drunkards. This
ir In vlolntlon of the law, but is a
hard law to enforce, 'especially aa re
Kards a drunken man. A man may
come into a place of business and ask
for a drink while he Is In an Intoxi
cated condition and yet the bartender
might not be able to detect that fact.
While Alderman Rlgdon Is not a
member of the license committee of
the council, yet from the Inrge num
ber of requests that come to him for
action to secure better control of the
snloons, he feels Justified In taking
tlllB step.
Mr. Rlgdon feels that all of the re
sponsibility of selling liquor to a
drunkard should fall on the saloon
ltreH'r or bartender, but In the case
of selling liquor to minors, ho feels
that a certain portion of the responsi
bility should be borne by those mak
ing application for a drink. In case
the bartender is In doubt as to wheth
er It Is legal to sell drinks to an appli
cant, the agreement is such that the
applicant will b sent to tho chief of
police, who will be expected to make
the proper examination as to the cir
cumstances or conditions nnd if a
w tit ten statement Is received tho
liquor will then be dispensed.
Mr. Rlgdon has faith in the propri
etors of the saloons of the city und be
lieves that they will keep the pledge,
but If they do not he will use his best
mdeavors to dt fiMit the Issuance of a
new llccnsn to them when they make
application for a renewal of license.
An affirmation will lie required of
those In doubt, which must have the
O. K. of the chief of police before It
will be honored.
The form of the pledge made by the
saloon men and those signing It Is
ghen below:
"Whereas, Tho sa limns of Salem are
net used of selling liquor to minors
m,tl drunkards; and
"WlnrenH, No dental on our part
will lie nccepted by our accusers; now
"Therefore, We. the. saloon proprie
tors of Salem, Oregon, hereby pledge
ourselves to sell no liquors to minors
or drunkards, or lo nny other persons
In violation of law ; anil further, we
will kivp an account of the names of
nl! minors and drunkards who ask us
to violate the law, aud we will rexrl
the same to the city marshal.
"I'aul Mnrnacb, Annex bar.
"Ross K. Cooper Court bar,
"Standard Liquor (V, by A. 0. Ma
tters. "William Hutu. ITS South Commer
cial street.
"K. J. Daly, Marlon Hotel bar,
"Swarts & James, The llr.
"F. M. Magna, by K. M. Cxper. H7
South Commercial street.
"K. LVkcrlon, 2",2 North Commercial
Bt reel.
"O. A. Madison. 31 State street.
"Kd HWsIng, JI3 State street.
"Ralph Swans. SS3 State street.
"F. II. Collins, 4.17 State street.
"J. A. (r. 4",7 State street.
"George N. i1tterMn. 3.',6 Stste St
"lVter llach, 1 3 South Commwlal
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