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' mm cArmt joram. tun, ornmn, momut, QfTontB a, 11113.
rngti Six
Primary Cause of Doctrinal Er
rors of the Past.
Pastor Russell 8ayi That li the Proper
D,ni For Harmony and Union of All
Follower! of Christ Jeeuf Chose the
Twelve, and In a Message to the
Church Made It Known That There
Were Never to Be Any More, Nor
Any Less The Successor to Judae.
St. Louis, Octo
ber 20. W'u repor.
one of Pastor Rus
sell's discourses
here today from
tlie text, "Have
not I chosen you
Twelve V" (Joliu vl,
7(1.) He said:
As Christians we
Imvu long In uioiit
cil our differences
mill wondered lit
their number. As
wo Imve been get
ting riil one after another of tlie doetri
iiiil errors of the pnt, and see tlieir fool
ishness, nml h'.'i tu Unit they are not
Hiipporleil by liilili! tc-dimony, we won
der liow tliey originally got a foothold In
Christian faith. Hut a glance backward
Is siillielcnl to explain tlie situation.
During the ministry of our Lord and
the Apostles (he faith of the Church
whs kept pure, hut as Jesus prophesied
In the parable of 'The Wheat n ml Tares,
nil this chunked as soon as the Apos
ties fell asleep, lie says, "While ineu
filept, the enemy came nml sowoc
tares" amongst the wheat. 'The tares
of error sown by Satan shortly aflel
the death of thu Apostles have ylchlVi
nn nbiiuihiut crop nml well-nigh
choked out the good seed of the King
1nin Christ's saintly followers. The
nominal wbeat-liehl might almost be
called a tare Held, so greatly do the
tares predominate.
I tit t In the Harvest, (he end of this
Age, the dawning of the New Age of
Messiah's Kingdom, (he Lord will fa
vor Hindi conditions as will effort a thor
ough separation between the "wheat"
nml the "tares." lie' will gather Ills
wheat 1 nl o the garner. All Imitation
Christ Inns will, by the fiery troubles
of that day, be reduced to (ho ranks
of the world In general.
Judae' Place Improperly Filled.
Whilst the eleven Apostles were
waiting as directed for the I'enteeostal
Messing, they, contrary to direction,
liusled themselves by nppolnlliiK a suc
cessor to Judas. They chose two men,
mid of (he two Mected one by lot,
mid then supposed that they had made
nn apostle. Without reproving them
ioil Ignored their choice; thenceforth
we hear no more of Matthias. In Ills
own time (!od brought forth the suc
cossnr of Judas, and we nil recognize
nt once St. l'anl, of whom It Is written
that be was "not one v hit behind the
clilefi'sl of the Apostles" and that he
liad vhlons and revelations more than
they all.
St. 1 'mil's writings constitute the
major portion of tlie New Testament,
nnd are Invaluable gifts of (!od to His
jieople. There never were to be more
npostles than these Twelve. Jesus de
clares that lie chose The Twelve.
A km In He declares (hat Cod gave them
to lllm and that lie los( none of them
nave J wins, whose disloyalty had ill
ready been foretold.
When Jesus prayed for these lie dif
ferentiated tliein from Ills other fol
lowers, saying, "Neither prny 1 for
these alone, but for all those also who
Hball believe on Me t hroniih their
word." Their words are His words.
They have been Ills inoulhpl s to the
Church, (if these Twelve, mid of none
others, lie declares, "Whatsoever
things ye Khali bind on earth shall be
bound in Heaven," and whatsoever
1h1ngs ye shall declare loosed all shall
know are loosed nnd not binding In
the sight of Heaven. So carefully did
the Lord liilrnd to supervise these in
their utterances, that their words
would be Infallible; and lie wished nil
of Ills followers to know this.
Kurlliorniore, after our Lord hud m
tended to jjlnry. He sent a message lo
the Church through SI. John (he lieve
aalor. In that message He pictured
the Twelve Apostles ns a crown of
twelve stars, upon the head of the
Woman, (he Church. Again. In the
Kvmbollcal picture of the New Jerusa
lem, which represents Hie Church In
glory beyond (he veil, lie pictures (lie
Twelve Apostles as the twelve founda
tion stones. There never were to be
mi v inure, nor any less, l'ronrllus
Htandpolnl we see that we are not (o
expect an additional revelation of any
Kind, (bid's people are ii"t to trust ei
ther In their own speculations and
mental gymnastics, or In visions and
il renins; for, as St. l'anl declares, "If
liny limn preach any cither (iospel than
that which we have preached, let lllm
U accursed." (Halatliins I, S, !U So,
too, he declares, "The Word of His
jrrace Is able to build you up," and to
"make you wise unto salvation."
Again he said, "The Word of (iod Is
Biilllclent, that the limn of (led may
lie thoroughly furnished." (Acts xx,
Jf; II Timothy III, 15 17.) We see,
then, that (he Church needed no more
I hail the Twelve Apostles, nor nny
further revolution of any kind than
those Riven to her through this In
Bplred apoBtlesliip. Hut that there
.ft $, :,f, j
A I j
I Ml
would bo somo who mistakenly would
claim to be npostles, tho Lord Jesus
clearly Indicated, declaring that thero
would bo false apostles, "who say that
they nre npostles and ore not." Roye
lntiou II, 2.
The First Pseudo-Apostles.
When we speak of pseudo-apostles
false npostles we should not bo un
derstood ns charging intentional fraud.
Itather, sympathetically, let us sup
poso that the early bishops, lu accept
ing the title of npostles nnd In claim
ing for themselves succession to tho
Apostolic otllce, were honestly deluded,
ns much ns were Hie people who thus
nckuowedged them, Let us remem
ber, further, that tho mntter grew
gradually, Just ns titles and dignities
grow nt this day.
Let us remember that tho early
Christians were not generally oduciit-cd-that
remarkably few people In old
on times were able to rend. Indeed
general ability to rend belongs only to
our generation, to those living In this
our wonderful day the dawning of the
New Km of Messiah's Kingdom. Let
us remember nlso that nt that time
books were very scarce, becnuso very
expensive. Tho Jews did, Indeed, en
deavor to have n copy of tho Iloly
Scriptures lu each synagogue, thero to
bo read once n week, In portions, from
large and costly scrolls.
Christians, expelled from the syna
gogue, had no longer the opportunity
of the Jews for studying the Old Testa
ment Scriptures. And the New Testa
ment, written In a fragmentary man
ner, was costly also, and not brought
together ns a collection for a long time
after the death of the Apostles. The
Sacred writings soon became relics,
remembrances of the dead Apostles
und of Jesus, worshipped by all, but
not studied, even by those who were
able to read. Their value for instruc
tion was considered at an end, because
the theory in the meantime had sprung
up that the living bishops were the rep
resentatives of the Apostolic office and
Inspirations. The people, therefore,
unable to read, asked not, Wfiat say
tho Apostles? but received their the
ological instructions from the bishops,
whom they believed to be the living
When wo reflect that very few min
isters in ono city, even of one denom
ination, nre today fully ngreed'ns re
spects Divine Truth, we must not bo
surprised that during the two centuries
following the death of the Apostles,
these supposed "successors" got Into
all kinds of false doctrine each lend
ing a company of believers nnd hold
ing the pre-enilnenco of his own views,
few thinking to measure their presen
tations by those of The Twelve, Divine
ly appointed.
"Apostolio Council" Next.
The doctrinal strife between the bish
ops grew. Gradually the peoplo of
God, about A. l. 2")0, began to be
separated into two classes tho clergy
and the hilly. The bishops, Instead
of being chosen by the vote of the
people, publicly claimed tho Divine
right, as the superiors in tho Church,
to ordulii for them their clerical teach
ers. The clergy, under the lean or tlie
bishops as supposed successors to the
Apostles, lorded It over God's heritage.
Later, lu tho Sixth century, the lllsh
op of Itonie began to be considered su
perior to all other bishops, and finally
was declared to be the chief father, or
papa, or Pope.
About the Knurl h Century creed nink
lug begun. The Nlceiie Creed, the Atli
nniislan Creed and the Apostles' Creed,
all were formulated In the Fourth Cen
tury. It was discovered that more than
a thousand bishops-psuedo-apostles
were teaching very contrary doctrines
on ninny subjects. The Kiuperor Con
stantino accepted Christianity und was
perplexed by the variety of touching,
lie convened Hie "Apostolic Council"
of Nice. Hut although he provided ex
pense money for all bishops at lending,
only about one-third obeyed the com
mand. These bishops disputed and wran
gled over differences for days and
weeks und months, Finally they reach
ed a conclusion satisfactory to Hie em
peror. It was promulgated with gov
ernmental sanction and with the dec
laration Hint any persons or teachings
to the contrary were to be expelled.
Thus a small minority of men who mis
takenly thought themselves Inspired,
under the leading of an K.niperor who
had not even been baptized, set lip n
theological standard which since has
served well to fetter religious thought
in ninny, and to make others believe
that there Is nothing In religion but
Crccd-nuikliig along these lines pro
gressed for twelve hundred years,
w Idle the lllble was neglected. It wns
not even thought necessary for Instruc
tion In theological seminaries. Luther,
then a devout Catholic, had taught and
preached for years without ever see
ing a ltlble. The explanation Is that
the bishops, esteemed to be living npos
tles In full authority, were thought to
have more up-to-date knowledge than
the original Twelve, and lu Apostolic
Councils had formulated creeds which
they declared were alone necessary to
be believed. Can we wonder that In
Hll those fifteen centuries the real nug
gets of Truth which had been deliv
ered by Jesus and the Apostles, nnd the
Prophets became sadly Incrusted with
human tradition, superstition, inlsun
deistaiiillng, etc.?
Groping For the Light.
Our Catholic frlepds do not agree
that a great Reformation movement
started In the Sixteenth Century. None
of us will claim that Luther nnd his
friends were Infallible, nnd that In one
step they passed from the confusion
of Fifteen Centuries Into tho full IiIiim
of religious knowledge. All, however,
Catholics nnd Protestants, can surely
ngree that some kind of creed lmetus
to righteousness came to the Protestant
: i
movement of tho Sixteenth Century.
We have the proof of It all about us.
No longer are Protestants and Cath
olics warring with each other, burning
each other at the stake, etc. Each
may feel free to Investigate for him
self and to accept or reject such doc
trines and creeds as he may please.
All true Christian people deplore the
division of Christ's followers Into nu
merous sects. Nevertheless we may
surely feel a great sympathy for all
of them when we remember Hint each
separate Beet represents an additional
effort on the part of honest minds to
grope out of darkness toward the light
All who are awake are conscious that
somo terrible nightmare of error rested
upon Christendom for long, long cen
turies. The Torch of Civilization.
Well has the Hlble been cnlled the
Torch of Civilization and Progress.
The lllble, not men, was the great Re-
former nnd 'lender Into civilization.
When tho Rude was placed lu the
hnnds of the people, they began to see
Hint God's Message ciinie from Jesus,
and the Apostles, nnd the Prophets of
old, nnd that clerlcism nnd sacerdotal
functions were niaii-niade. A desire to
know what the Hible teaches becan.e
more nnd more prevalent. The first
effort of the clerics wns to tell tlie
ninsses that the priesthood had the Hl
ble and would read It in their hoarlng
but it was rend In Latin, to those who
could not understand Latin.
Gradually the desire sprang up foi
the lllble in the English language. Dr.
Tyndalo wns nuiongst the first to rec
ognize the need and to supply It to the
Ilritlsh. Later on Luther, with assist
ants, supplied the Germans. Hut not
many were able to read. A partisan
spirit nrose. Seeing Hint the Hible
wns popular, nil ncclnlined it as the
Divine Itevelntion. Hut each party
condemned the translation made by the
other, when in reality there was no
particular difference between them. It
was all the bishops could do to keep
the people from studying God's Word
themselves and to make them satisfied
with the presentations already given
them by their teachers.
Therefore the Hlshop of London
bought up a lot of Tyndale's Testa
ments and burned them in public. Hut
more were printed and the demand In
creased. People hungered for God's
Word and felt suspicious of the creeds,
as well they might. Then .came the
Catholic Hlble in the English language,
and later, our Common Version English
Hible, and many others. Still the claim
Is made that Protestants should not
read the Catholic Hlble, and that Cath
olics should not read the Protestant
Hible, when In reality, the two nre
practically the same good translations.
It would appear that there are many
religious teachers of all denominations
who outwardly extol the Hible for
popularity's sake, but who lu reality,
Inwardly wish the people would never
read it, for they .realize that the Hible
Is the greatest foe In the world to eccle
siastical hypocrisies and superstitious.
Back to the Bible, Says Popel
The present Pope with a clear vision
beholds the drifting of our day nwny
from nil faith and religion. Viewing
the attitude of the Protestant colleges,
universities nnd theological seminaries,
the Pope realized that nearly nil the
educated young men of Protestant
lands are being taught Higher Critic
ism, which Is but the polite modern
name for Infidelity, lie perceived that
Protestantism, which originally boast
ed of its fidelity to the Hible, and pro
tested against the acceptance of the
teachings of the bishops as Instead ol
the Divine Word, has cut loose from
the i'.ilile as an Inspired authority and
Is drifting upon the rocks of lllghei
Criticism, rationalism, atheism.
The Pope then bethought him of tho
Catholic colleges, nnd found the same
Higher Criticism Intruding Itself
there. He perceived that this general
trend nwny from God has already
crushed all religion In ninety-six per
cent, of the Trench, and In ninety per
cent, of the Germans. Tlie awfulness
of this situation greatly impressed the
holy father. He realized that our In
crease of education and decrease In
religious faith must speedily spell an
archil. At the risk of condemnation
from both Catholics and Protestants
as narrow-minded and bigoted, the
Pope Instituted heroic measures. He
gave orders that all Itoinnn Catholic
ecclesiastics and teachers must be ex
amined as to their faith, and must
solemnly swear to It, and Hint nil
books along the lines of Higher Crit
icism should be banned.
Pope Plus X took another bold, cour
ageous step. The Pope perceiving
that the masses would no longer rec
ognize the P.lshops ns Divine authori
ty ns successors to the Apostles, the
Papal bull directed the Catholic
masses to no longer look to the suc
cessors of the Apostles for Instruction,
but to the Hlble Itself. He urged upon
the Hlshops that Catholics everywhere
be encouraged to read the Hlble. This
Is a move In the right direction. If
Catholics should get to rending the
Hlble (I care not w hether they use the
Catholic Version or the Protestant
Version -1 use both), Protestants may
be shamed Into real Hlble study, In-
sieau or uie snain niaue-believe so
much practised. May we not. then,
hope that all true Christians, Catholic
and Protestant, of every shade, might
through the honest study of the one
groat Hook of nnthorlty, come back to
the "one Lord, one 1'alth, ono Hap
Hsin," nnd the one "Church of the Liv
ing God. whose names "are written
In Heaven?" Toward this end let ns
labor. Let us each lie students of the
Hlble, nnd lot us bo honest and loyal,
not handling tho Word of God deceit
fully. So shall wo have tho blessing
for which Jesus prayed: "Sanctify
them through Thy Truth; Thy Word
Is Truth."
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Writes to
Al Tozier
Albert Tozier, of the slato labor
commissioner's office, Is In receipt of
an interesting letter from Joaquin
Miller, the famous western poet, who
is a personal friend of Mr. Tozier. The
letter Is In reply to ono written the
poet by Mr. Tozier In tho Chinook lnn
gengo during the winter while the
poet was lying apparently nt death's
door. Mr. Tozlei's mother, who was n
life-long friend of .loaipiln Miller, hnd
ali?o written him, hence li is reference
to her in the letter given below, Since
then Mrs. Tozier lias passed away. The
poet's letter follows:
"My Dear Mr. Tozier Thank you
ever so kindly for your happy letter In
Chinook; and most especially for the
one from your good mother. Please to
thank her for me, and say that when
I am again in Oregon, which I hope
will be before many moons hence, I
vill be most happy to meet her.
"I have been ill a long time, and
hence delay In answering. With love
to you all, I am, yours, Joaquin Mil
Xovenilier 21 Proclaimed for "Made In
Oregon' Guilds.
Thursday, November 21, will be
"Home Industries" day In Oregon and
proclaim!) ions from (ovenor West
and Mayor HiiBhllght will be Issued
announcing It ns a special day for rec
ognition . at the "Made In Oregon"
movement. At Hint time the conven
tion of the Manufacturers' Association
of Oregon will be held In Portland
and It is nt the request of this organ
ization that the governor is to issue
the proclamation declaring a holiday.
About L'OOO manufacturers In all
parts of Oregon have been Invited to
attend the convention and, taking ad
vantage of tho Bpeclal rates that will
prevail on all railroads at Hint time
for the Pacific Northwest Land Pro
ducts Show, which will be In session
at the same time, it is expected that
an exceptionally large delegation will
visit this city at that time.
Arrangements will he made to have
all the factories In the city close for
one hour In tha day, nnd speakers
will address the employes In behalf of
home Industries and the patronnge of
home-made goods.
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The Times
the Tariff
AM) IS I) E. MA XI) EI) 11Y THE IE().
If the argument used by the Repub
lican committee In Its campaign ad
vertising is sound, and if It convinces,
Mr. Tnft will, of courso, ro re-elected.
"Remember tho panic of 1893. Re
menibor the panic of 1907. No panic
under Tnft. Retter be safe than sor
ry" so runs the legend. The relation,
casual or otherwise, between presi
dents and panics, or for that matter
between parties and panics, Is ex
tremely vague. Your panic Is a thor
ough mugwump, very much of an in
dependent in politics, quite non-partisan.
Panics arise from causes out
Bide of politics, having very llttlo to do
with politics or with the policies of
presidents and pnrtles.
The panic of 1893 was due lo un
sound conditions In private nnd In
public finance. Speculation had been
loo venturesome, credit was over ex
tended. To these causes was added a
growing alarm about the consequences
of the silver coinage act of 1890. The
currency was undergoing debasement,
confidence was shaken. Rut although
It wns passed during a Republican ad
ministration and by a Republican con
gress, many Free Silver Democrats
gave their vote3 to the measure. The
Republicans havo always Insisted that
the panic of 1S93 was due to the Wil
son tariff of 1S9 I. They aro using that
aigumcnt now with a solemnity which
would lead- ono to roncludo that they
really believe there are fools enough
among the voters to ninke such silly
tactics politically worth while. Again,
tho panic of 1907, often called the
Koosevelt panic, took Its rise in the
unsoundness of banking conditions. It
wns a bankers' panic, although politi
cal agitation against the corporations
may havo heightened Its Ill-effects
through loss of confidence by Inves
tors and the public generally. Rut the
underlying causes were non-political.
In this campaign the Republicans
will have It that If Mr. Wilson Is
elected and a tariff bill passed, a pan
ic is Inevitable. Tariff bills do not
causo jinnies. A downward revision
of the present tariff might make some
of Its highly prosperous beneficiaries
very uneonifortnblo, but it would al
most Inevitably Improve the general
conditions of business nnd enhance the
prosperity of the jieople, because the
duties now levied are unjust, are bur
densome, nre a drain ujHin the people's
resources and nn obstruction to the
exchanges of trade. The Republican
argument put Governor Wilson and
the Democrats In the iiositlon of really
desiring and intending to destroy the
country's business nnd bring on trade
stagnation. That Is the same thing ns
snyiilg that more than one-half the
peojile of the country aro blind, unrea
soning fanatics. We have heard this
argument for forty years, until it Is
listened to now with contemptuous
smiles. It used to be very easy to fool
..he i ww. ! TL
Where they were once
tooled, they have become Informed.
They have learned from high Republi
can sources, the tariff board, that the
old protenso of the need of duties to
protect American lnbor against the
VOU can squarely face the
weather and th? world if
you wear one of our
There is satisfaction in knowing that your overcoat will
resist the storm and there is more satisfaction in know
ing that the coat is admired by the people you meet,
Any one of our overcoats possesses the combination de
sired by most men style and utilityand don't forget
that we can sell them cheaper because we sell for cash,
competition of Kuropo's paujier labor
Is a ghastly lie. They know that when
they buy a tariff-iirotected article only
a very small part of the added price
pxes Into the treasury, Hie bulk of the
exaction finds It way into tho bulging
lockets. , of the manufacturer. The
1'ooplo are thinking a good deal less
about the manufacturer's Bojihlstries
nnd his outcries than they aro about
their own condition. It is tho day of
the consumer. If tho return of pros
lieiity is a condition very favorable to
President Taft's campaign, this high
erst of living offsets It, and more.
With food supplies nt prices that are
well nigh prohibitory even for those
of good incomes, It is hard to persuade
the common man, the average man,
that there Is any good reason for
maintaining duties on the articles he
needs for the nourishment of his body.
Tho tariff argument works steadily
and effectively against Republicans In
the campaign of this year, The abuses
and extortions of the tariff law, which
was continued In force, almost un
changed, by an act of Republican bad
faith, have been too often exposed for
deception to be longer possible. The
hardship, the injustice, the outrage of
extortionate duties are felt as they
have never been felt before. The pan
ic cry Is heard with derision, not only
because tho peoplo are used to It but
because of Its hollow Insincerity. No
Intelligent person exjiects or believes
that the Democratic party, should it
gain tho presidency and both houses
of congress, would proceed to enact a
radical revision of tho Payne-Aldrich
act. Radical downward revision Is
Imjiossible, there will bo too many
protectionists in the houso, notably
from the south. As we have already
pointed out, the risk is not of an ex
treme jiolicy in revision, but of too
gicat timidity, of coinjiromlses that
will leave tho range of duties still un
justly high, The peojile were cheated
of their hopes when the Republicans
revised tho tuiiff in 1909. They are
now In a mood to Insist upon down
ward revision In good faith. They
clearly see that that kind of revision
will be undertaken only by tho Demo
crats. Tlie Republican party and the
Progressive party aro committed to
protection, their attitude Is practical -
ly that of the standpatter.. A vote for
Wilson is the only vote that will count
for tariff reduction,
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at J. C. Perry's.
A man may attain a quiet sort of
popularity by minding his own busi
ness. Fortunes In Faces.
There's often much truth In the
saying "her face Is her fortune," but
Its never said where pimples, skin
eruptions, blotches or other blemishes
diBfigure It. Impure blood Is back of
them all, and shows tho need of Dr.
King's New Life Pills. They promote
1 , T.u , T ' vrmuole
hcttlth and beauy- Try them. !5c
at J. C. Perry's.
Children Cry
to suit
Your Gray Hairs
Quickly Vanis
Harmless Homed, 31 tide
Garden Suge, Itcslores Color
lo G'rny Hair.
A feeling of sadness ncromnanloj
the discovery of the first gray lialrf
which unfortunately nro looked iipof
as heralds of advancing ago, Gra!
hair, however handsome It may l
makes a person look old. We
know the advantages of being younp
Aside from the good Impression
youthful appearance makes on olhere.
simply knowing that you are "looklnt
fit" gives one courage to undertak
and accomplish things. So why bu!j
fer the handicap of looking old on wjj
count of gray hairs, when a slmplr
remedy will give your hair youthfu'
color and beauty In a few days' time
Most people know that common gar
den sage acts as a color restorer aw
scalp tonic as well. Our grandmotb.
era used a "Sage Tea" for keeplw'
their hair dark, soft and luxuriant;
In Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Hal!
Remedy we have an Ideal preparatlot
of Snge, combined with Sulphur an;
other valuable remedies for dnndraK
Itching scalp and thin, weak half
that Is split at the ends or is con'
stantly coming out A few applies.
Hons of this valuable remedy wllj
jiring back the color, and In a sliorf
I time It will remove every trace o:
dandruff and greatly Improve th
growth of the hafr. ;
Get a fifty cent bottle from yom
druggist today, and notice the differ!
cnee in your hair after a few days
! treatment. All druggists sell it, lint
der guarantee that the money wilv
he refunded if the remedy Is not es
actly as represented.
Agent, J. C. Perry.
J. W. Copeland, of Dayton, Ohlof
purchased a bottle of Chamberlain'
Cough Remedy for his boy who had
cold, and before the bottle was al(
used the boy's cold was gone. Is that
1 "w, r H
doctor 8 blll? ForSale by 0,1 4M,OT
Use the best at hand,
hojied-for better may come.
that the,
If You Send
. All Flatwork
To the Salem Laundry you les
sen" washday and lronlngdfiy
work more than half.
The linen will be whiter, clean
er and handled with less wear j
than It would receive In your J
own hands. We do no rubbing on
washboards. Pure soap and a i
abundance of pure water do Urt
work for us.
Our prices are very reasonable,
and Include the washing and
Ironing of all the sheets, table-
cloths, pillowcases, toweU,
naiikins, etc. Wouldn't you like j
to have us send a wagon for I
Phone us. l
Salem Laundry Co. if
130-166 South Liberty ' Streot
Telephone Maine 25. j

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