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(Continued from page 3.)
book form have been issued for the
Sacred Heart academy jubilee and grad
nation exercises. The cover is of heavy
cream art paper, tied with white cord,
and bears the following inscription in
gold lettering:
Fiftieth Anniversary
of the
Foundation of Sacred Heart Academy
Salem, Oregon
June eleventh and twelfth
The pages, separated with art tissue,
contain the following invitation and
The Sisters of the Holy Xames of Jesus
and Mary
and the Graduating Class of
nineteen hundred thirteen
cordially invite you to the
Golden Jubilee and Commencement
of Sacred Heart Academy
Salem, Oregon
June eleventh and twelfth, nineteen
, hundred thirteen
The second page contains this an
nouncement: Wednesday, June eleventh
Reception of Former Students
Sacred Heart Academy
three to nine o'clock p. m.
On the third page is the following
announcement: ,
Thursday, June twelfth
Salem Pontifical Mass
, at St. Joseph Church
ten a. m.
Most Reverend Alexander Christie,
D. D. Celebrant
Sermon by
Reverend Arthur Lane
Banquet of the clergy
at one p. m.
Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacra
ment at four p. m.
Jubilee and Commencement Exercises
Opera House, eight o'clock p. m.
The Park school closed with a dis
play of industrial and school work
which was proclaimed a great success
by the numerous visitors.
The floral decorations of rooms and
assembly hall were very beautiful. Each
teacher had prepared an exhibit of the
regular daily work and displayed it in
their roomB; while upon seven large
tables, arranged in the assembly hall,
was the industrial work.
Many rewards were given for tho
Is Not Modern Unless It
Is An All Gas Kitchen
Gas Is the only Fuel
Gas Is Cheapest
Gas Is Cleanest
Gas Is Handiest
Gas Is Quickest
Hot weather loe iti terrors for the users of gat. The
kitchen should be the most comfortable room in the house
for it it the workthop of the home.
A Gas Range and
Water Heater
Do the cooking and heat the water without heating the
room. See thit demonttrated in our window, corner State
and Court ttreett.
Phone 85 Phone 85
boys' shop work and toys, bread, bis
cuits, cakes and candies. The girls also
captured many rewards fot their culin
ary and domestic works."
This speaks well for the superintend
ent in charge.
The primary work was well up in
quality and quantity. The impartial
and careful judges were Mrs. Lafky
and Mrs. Dotson, who marked the high
er grade articles with blue, red or yel
low ribbons. The material for these
badges was donated by J. L. Stocton
and Company and E. T. Barnes Cash
! . . .
Miss Tessa Dent of Portland, Mrs.
Robert M. Hofer's sister, who left home
last February for Eurojie with Mrs.
Clara Waldo and Miss Edith Waldo, is
being entertained extensively by rela
tives and friends in England. She has
been the guest of her uncle and aunt,
Sir Alfred and Lady Dent, in East
bourne and Brighton, England, where
she has been delightfully feted.
Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Bishop were in
Pendleton this week to attend the wed
ding of their son, Thomas Royal Bish
op, and Miss Wilma Bnrmestw, on
Wednesday evening. Only relatives
and a few friends were bidden to the
Mrs. C. S. Hamilton passed a few
days in Portland this week, returning
home Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lewis Thomp
son motored from Portland this week
for a day's visit with Mr. and Mrs.
William C. Knighton.
Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Jones, Miss Alta
Jones, Miss Zoe Olmstead and Miss
Jones' friend from Portland, Miss June
Simpson, motored to Albany Sunday
for dinner at the St. Francis.
Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Lantz have an
nounced the betrothal of their daugh
ter, Mabel Grace, to Mr. Walter Man
ville Petteys. The marriage is to take
place in Bay City at the home of the
bride's parents, June twenty-ninth.
Miss Lantz has been the recipient of
numerous pre-nuptial affairs, including
two showers of beautiful gifts. Miss
Lant. has many friends in Salem who
will rejoice in her happiness.
Miss Elizabeth Lord returned Mon
day from, a fortnight's trip, including
a visit with Miss Ruth Church in Port
land and with Mrs. Arthur Sherwood,
at the Forbes-Sherwood ranch in White
used Because
. Miss Ellen Thielsen went to Portland
last week Friday to be the guest for a
week or ten days of Miss Helen Whit
ney, on Woodworth avenue. Miss Thiel
sen attended the alumni banquet and
festivities of St Helen's Hall.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Albert and their
young daughters, Mary Jane and Jo
sephine, attended the JorgensenDal
rymple nuptials in Portland last Mon
day. Mrs. W. Melvine Plimpton accom
panied by her little son Sherman went
to Portland Wednesday evening. Sher
man left with her grandmother, Mrs.
W. W. Plimpton on the following day
for Sea View, where he will remain
during the summer months.
Mrs. Carey Martin and her little
daughter, Frances Mattie, accompanied
Mrs. Frances J. Smith to Portland last
Thursday. Mrs. Smith was returning
home to Lewiston, Idaho, after passing
the winter with her daughter, Mrs. Mar
tin, who was guest of Miss Olive Misa-
niore while in Portland.
In recognition of her services as edit
or of "The Clarion," Miss Ruth Man
ning was presented with a beautiful
gold brooch by members of the high
school student body.
Doctor and Mrs. J. C. Griffith and
son Lewis attended the wedding of Miss
Grace Palrymple and Mr. Edwin D. Jor
gesnen last Monday in Portland.
Mrs. Ada Strong and her grandson,
Henry Wesley Thielsen, returned home
Wednesday from a pleasant' visit of a
fortnight in Astoria.
After a visit of two weeks in Port
land, Mrs. Frederick 8. Stewart returned
home Tuesday.
Miss Helen Pearce went to Portland
for the Jorgensen-Dalrymple wedding,
June second, and also attended the
nuptials of Miss Irene Flynn and Mr.
Raymond McCarthy, watch was a so
ciety event of Wednesday morning in
St. Mary's Cathedral, with Bishop
Christie officiating. An elaborate re
ception at the home of the bride's par
ents followed the ceremony. Miss
Pearce will remain in Portlnnd for a
short visit with her aunt, Mrs. A. F.
Brasfield, and her friend, Miss Helen
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Bynon are
entertaining Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Wood
of Portland for week-end guests. Mr.
Wood is right of way director for the
Portland, Eugene and Eastern railway.
Mr. and Mrs. W. n. Bnll of C.lenn
Acres, Riverside, have with them as
guests for three or four weeks Mr. and
Mrs. M. L. Wolff, their young son Fer
dinand, nnd his governess, from 8nn
Frnnoisco. Mrs. Wolff is Mrs. Bull's
Mrs. George Waters went to Port
lnnd Thursday for a few days' visit
with her mother, Mrs. E. McGuire.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hofer returned
Monday from southern Oregon, where
they enjoyed a trip to the government
monument, Grants Tass Cave.
Miss Minnetfa Magers attended the
College of Music recital in Alliany Inst
Miss Lucille Belle will bo week end
guest of friends -in Corvallis and will
attend the annual college commence
ment dance.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Morris Abrunm of Sim
Frnnciwo are expected in Snlem tndav
nnd will be house guest of 51 r. F. 1.
Talkingtnn and Miss Tiilkingtnn.
Mrs. Arthur .1. Lennnn and small
daughters, Margaret and Mnrjorie, ac
companied by Mrs. Charles Husk of
Portland, attended the graduation re
cital of Mm Lennon's sister, Miss
Blanche Liston, lout Thursday. They
are visitors with the W. A. Listons.
Doctor Margaiet A. Pomeroy wn
given an informal surprise farewell
party Tuesday evening at the home of
Doctor and Mrs. B. F. Pound, Doctor
Pomeroy, accompanied by Mr. Pome
roy, who will visit relatives in the
Fast, is entering a medical college in
Xcw York ('ity, where she will take
two months of study. Doctor V. L.
ITnmilton of Portland will attend to her
practice during hrr absence. Mr. and
Mrs. Pomeroy left Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Thomas of Keolts
Mills and their little son Marion were
guests this week of Mr. and Mrs. O. J
lloff. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas were for
mer residents of Salem, removing to
rVotts Mills two years ago.
Norlvn Hoff and a student friend,
('. L. Dickey, passed the week end with
Mr. lloff 's parents in Salem. Mr. Hoff
returned from Agricultural college
Wednesday for the summer vacation.
Mrs. E. A. Mellon of Orenco, Oregon,
is house guest of Mrs. W. II, Steunloff
end will remain for a fortnight. Mrs.
Mellen has many friends In Pnlem,
where she once lived.
Nothing is more unsatisfactory than
uukiswid kisses.
The members of Kensington Tea club
boarded the electric last Tuesday for
the Mute School in North Salem, where
Mrs. Edward Tillinghast entertained
them. With one or two exceptions, the
entire membership accepted her delight
ful hospitality. Mrs. 'Ray Burton was
guest besides and the young woman
teachers in the institution also were
asked. Mrs. Frank Brown and Miss
Nell Sykes assisted the hostess.
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Barnes, Mr. and
Mrs. William E. Kirk and Mr. and Mrs.
Frederic S. Mcndenhall entertained
Tuesday evening for the Cherry City
Flinch club, in the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Barnes, Chemcketa and Capitol
streets. The drawing room and hall
were brilliant with the many1 toned
William Allan Richardson roses, and the
beautiful Caroline Testouts were used
in the living room. For the dining
room were gorgeous Jacquemeinot roses.
No guests were asked besides the club.
Miss Delia Hagan and Miss TMen
Litchfield were hostesses last Monday
evening for the Nika Mika club, in the
home of Mrs. 0. P. Hoff. Guests be
sides the club members were Miss Marie
Lodge, Miss Olive Motcalf and Miss
Sigma IverSon.
The music department met for the
last time this season Thursday after
noon at the residence of its director,
Mrs. William H. Burghardt, Jr., when
the following most excellent program
was enjoyed, not only by the members
of the music class, but by those of the
drama depirtment and a few guests be
sides. The program was opened by Mr. Bert
Lovell Wilson, whose splendid dramatic
voice was heard in four Tndian love
lyrics, Amy Woodforde Finden's (1)
"The Temple Beels," (2) "Less Than
Dust," (3) "Kashmere Song," (4)
"Till I Wake."
Following these was Vaquero's
Song from '' Nalonia" Victor Herbert;
Lolita, Spanish sereuado A. Bazzi
Peccia; Credo con Fernio Cuori, "Othel
lo" Verdi; Vision Fugitive, Horodi
ade Marranet; Tescator, Affonda Pes
ca La Giocanda Panchielll; Son le
Spirite che nega, Ilfistofell Baito;
Prologue, Pagliacci Leon Cavallo.
Mr. Wilson's heavy work awakened
tho greatest onthuaiasm. His voice
shows careful training and the tones
are full of beauty.
Mrs. William Fleming gave a short
sketch of Massnnet; tho story of
"Thais" was rend by Mrs. Gnylord
Patterson; Mrs. Walton Vnn Winkle
pnvo tho exquisite "Love Is a Virtue
Hnrc" from "Thais," and the "Medi
tation," a violin solo played by Maud
Powell, was given on tho Victroln.
Closing tho program were the fellow
ing Victrola selections:
'.I Have Lost My Euridicci," from
"Orpheus" Oluck; "Piff Paff," Hu
guenots Myerbeer Marcel Journet.
"Hempre Amar," " Faust "Gounod,
Farrar and Caruso; "Toreador Song,"
Carmen, Bizet, Litta Ruffo; "Waltz
Song" from Romeo and Juliet Gou
nod, Tetrazzini,
These selections were tnken from the
0eras studied during tho season.
Flection of officers for the club will
be held next Saturday, Juno fourteenth.
The Swedish Ministerial Association
of tho northwest anil the Epworth
League convention, met at Venersborg
Colony, Clarke county, Washington,
.lunn !, anil will continue over Juno R.
A largo delegation has been in attend
ance from all over tho northwest coun
try. This meeting him been onn of the
most sucnessful meetings among tho
Swedish peoplo in this part of the coun
At the close of the convention, the
Negation will leave Venersborg on the
Bth for Vancouver, Washington, where
they will bo the guests of that city. A
committee of the Vancouver Commer
lal club will meet them and a banquet
will be giveii in their honor, after which
a tour in automobiles will bo taken
sight seeing over the city.
On Tuesday, June 10, the delegates
will meet in Portland and leave for Ha
lem, Ore,, where they will also be the
guests of the city, A committee of the
Hoard of Trade of Salem, and a commit
tee, from the Swedish church, will meet
the delegation at the electric, station at
1 p. in., and conduct them to the .Marion
hotel, where a banquet will bo given,
after which a trip will be taken through
the city to view tlm most beautiful city
in tho northwest. In the evening (hey
will attend the concert at the Swedish
Methodist church, corner South Fif
tocnlh and Mill streets. Hev. John Ov
all will have charge of tho party.
This convention and the trips through
this country will surely be of great ben
efit to this section.
A Lann county man wanted to shoot
his lawyer. This might seem excusable
in many cases, but is not advisable; it
is illegal and "clearly unconstitutional."
There is much interest in the union
church meeting to be held Sunday ev
ening at 8o 'clock in the armory to pro
mote interest in the World Christian
Citizenship conference in Portland Juno
29 to July 6. Hundreds of Salem peo
ple will attend the sessions and the ob
ject of the union meeting tomorrow
night is to explain the conference so
that Salem should be represented at
Portland by just as many as can possi
bly attend.
The conference program includes ad
dresses by men of prominence from
many lands, including several from Ore
gon. Governor Oswald West will dis
cuss "prison reform" and will be chair
man of the conference on prison roform.
"The Grouping of Church Schools
About a State University" will be dis
cussed by Dr. P. L. Campbell, president
of the Oregon university, and Dr. J. H.
Leiper, of Portland, will discuss "The
Sabbath a Human Necessity."
8nffragette Stenographer! Declare
Knowledge of Spelling a Neces
sity. Many suffragette stenographers have
given their testimony this week to the
eclipsing of beauty and ability. Abili
ty is The Capital Journal's choice,
picked to win and played against any
odds in the race of life. Beauty runs
only a lose second, according to the
story of all the pretty stenogaphors.
The girls are getting the books that
will make errors in their office work
only the result of rank neglect to profit
from an ever-present help,
"We don't want your pity, we want
work," is the slogan of the suffragette
stenographers, who declare that they
wish to make ability such a necessity to
employment that the low wage and fre
quent reprimand will soon become rel
ics of a forgotten past, and women will
occupy the same position as men In the
business world.
Every workingman, every suffragette
should secure the error-eliminator,
known as the New Modern English Dic
tionary. Tho last week has been a greater suc
cess than was anticipated. Hundreds of
men and women have been brought to
realize that their ignorance of English
is their real bar to success, and that
the use of the handy helper of The Cap
ital Journal's Dictionary is the real
means to overcome tho shortcoming.
Six consecutive coupons and a small
erpense bonus get tho book for you.
My son, apply thino heart unto in
struction and thine ears unto tho words
of knowledge nnd bo reminded that
many of thy brethren have acquired
much riches and peace through tho
Journal Want Columns.
Bechtel & Bynon's
If you want something worth the
money look this up. 150 acres l'
miles to railroad station, 115 acres un
der cultivation, 100 acres of which is in
clover and timothy, 35 acros in pasture
and timber; good family orchard, house,
barn and other outbuildings; woll,
springs and running wnter; fenced and
crosB-fenced. With this placo are 3
horses, 3 cows, 1 heifer, 4 calves, 20
hogs, about 20 sheep, 200 chickens, 2
wagons, carriage and full outfit of
farming implements. Some of the house
hold goods will also bo included. Build
in KB alone cost over tOOOQ. Owners are
old and must sell. Price for all (105
per acre. Ask for Mr. Scott.
30-acre hop yard In fine condition,
good hop house; only 2'i miles from
Salem on good road. f.'lOO per acre,
including crop, if taken soon. Raw
land in tho same vicinity is selling at
300 to $350 per acre. Easy terms may
be had on this if desired. Ask for Pet
tyjohn. 7-room modern houio, basement, on
carline, lot 72x150, on paved stroot,
all assessments paid. This Is a snap at
only S3000; 300 cash, $25 per month.
See Mr. Scott.
Just outside the city limits and l'l
minutes' walk from street car. All
under cultivation, good rich soil, Small
family orchard in full bearing, logan
berries, raspberries, blackberries and
strawberries sufficient for family use.
Good 8-room plastered house and prac
tically all furniture for same, $3500.
Ask for Pettyjohn.
Phono 452. 347 Slate St.
No One Takes
The Capital
t Except thote who want to
read it that's why a Cap. i
I ital Journal ad. it a pull- 1
7 ing ad.
We are Offering
$11.00 Refrigerator now $ 8.75
$12.50 Refrigerator now $ 9.45
$13J0 Refrigerator now $10.85
$ 7.50 Go-Cart now $ 5.75
$ 8.50 Co-Cart now $ 6.95
All other goods at similar discounts.
Salem Furniture Co
333-339 Cfiemckcta St., Near Commercial
100 feet Cast of Y. M. C. A.
Sales Managers Meet, .
(DNITUD run L11S1D wns.l
Philadelphia, Pa., June 8. With re
ports of business conditions in every
commercial centor of the United States
ready for submission, some 300 members
of the national sales managers' asso
ciations today opened the annual two
day convention, n. II. Bigelow, of St.
Paul, Minn., called the first session to
order. Business was suspended in or
der aftor a few preliminary speeches
for a sightseoing trip and reports, most
ly from delegates of western and Pa
cific coast firms, showing what change
in gonoral business hns been affected
by recent political changes wore honrd
this afternoon. ,
Daniels Will Speak,
Annapolis, Md., Juno (I Secretary of
tho Navy Daniels nnd other navy of
ficials arrived hero today to take part
in tho graduation exercises of the naval
academy. Secrotary Daniels will do
livor an address tonight, after which
tho graduates and friends will attend
a farewell ball.
Iloadquarters for
At the Lowest Price),
Successor to Charles D. Mulligan,
250 Court St. Phone 124
Excursions East
Tickets Sold Through Via
Low Round
Italtimorn 100.00
lloston U1.SU
Huffalo 03.50
Chicago 74.00
Colorado Hprings ,10.50
Denver 6(1.50
Dcs Moines O7.!!0
Detroit 05.00
Duluth 01.50
Indianapolis 81.40
Kansas City 01.50
Tickets will he on sale dally, May 2Hth to September 30, 1913. The
return limit is October 31. Choice of routes and stop overs are allowed,
going and returning. Tickets and other detailed Information furnished
on request.
Kaggngn chocked and sleeping car accommodations arranged through
to destination. C. K. ALDI.V, Con, Agt., Salem, Ore.
It. II. Cror.ler, Assistant General Passenger, Agent.
W. C, Wilkes, Asisstnnt General Freight and Passenger Agent.
Portland, Oregon.
In seasonable goods, ttraw
mattings, rugs and refrigera
tors, go-carts, garden hose,
etc., are now priced at a great
discount, to stimulate trade.
We operate an exchange de
partment where you can trade
in your old goods for new.
We are in the "low rent" dis
trict, and. can sell for less profit
than others. Walk a block and
save dollars.
Most Children Hits Worm.
Many mothers think their children
are suffering from indigestion, head
ache, nervousness, weakness, coativa.
ness, when they are victims of that
most common of all children's ail
mentsworms, Peevish, Ill-tempered.
fretful children, who tost and grind
their tooth, with bad breath and colicky
pains, have all the symptoms of having
worms and should be given Kickapoo
Worm Killer, a pleasant candy lozenge,
which expels worms, regulates the bow
els, tones up the system, and makes
children well and happy. Kickanoo
Worm Killer is guaranteed. All drug
gists or by mail. Price 25e. Kickapoo
j Indian Medicine Co., rhlladolphia and
St. Louis, J. C, Terry,
And there are also a fow womoi
who don't understand mon.
V t r I narlan.
Oraduata Mo- , .V
Kllllp Colleg., fVto-
Chicago. III., -"j ;. pt.fiu i
which enjoyt f
largest practlcs i-"-
In t b world.
Lameness, dentistry and diseases of
the foot a specialty. Phonos: Resi
dence, 19(11; office, 273. Office and
feed barn. 420 8. Commercial street
Fi . mx.
Limited Traint Eeatt
Spokane, Portland and Seattle
Great Northern
Northern Pacific
Burlington Route.
- Trip Fares
Milwaukee 74.00
Minneapolis 01.50
New York 110.00
Omaha 01.50
Philadelphia 110.00
Pittsburg . 93.00
St. Louis 71.50
Ht. Paul 01.50
Toronto 1)3.50
Washington 109.00
Winnipeg 01.50

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