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I lie Salem
NOV. 8, 191 3
The Capital Journal
The Barnes -Taber Company
- GRAHAM P. TABEB, Editor and Manager.
Am Independent Newspaper Devoted to American Principle and the Progres
and Development of Balem in Particular and All Oregon in General.
fablletaMl Hverj Hviralof hiietpt Bunr, Balm, Ornnn
(Invariably In Advtnce)
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Pally, by Mall, per year 4.00 Per month.. 86
Weealy. by Mill, per ywir .... 1.00 gli month .50
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"tfrrn Today" adi strictly cash In advance.
The Capital Journal carrier boya are
porch. If the carrier doei not do tola,
apex to yon on time, kindly phone the
way wo eat determine whether r not
Phono Haln 81
THE ESTABLISHING of tho flax Industry horo ii dragging eomewhot,
but from all indication it will materialize before long. The leavon is
working in the lump and the roiult will, wo think, he satisfactory. To
u it loom an aheolutu necessity, for to grow, Salem must ho-ve payrolls,
and to have payrolls, it must have factorio. In order to have factories,
we muiit have raw material, and flax to bo the ideal material. It will
make a profitablo crop for the farmers and it is a crop that requiros much
mumto! lulwi 4ttn. irlvtii.v An.nlnVTiKVtif tn munv In Mia f'ttAm Wlinn . It a wn.lr
of manufacture and the probation of the fibro begins, there is an abundance
of work and much of it woll paid work, too.
Ia Mr. Eugene Bosse we h&vo a man who has duvotod his lifo to flax-grow-
1 t. V . 1- i 1 .1.!. . i . .1 a
ing, biiu wnuse wnoio neuri is in mis movement; to stare ine manuinciure or
flax products hero. Ho will be at tho sorvieo of all thono who will plant a
fiulil of flax and will give them the benefit of his knowledge without it cost
ing thorn a cent.
Arrangements' nro under way for organizing and perfecting a company for
the manufacture of flax products, and it is hoped to have this in a satisfactory
)Vp boforo lung. It is understood a man woll versed in flax product manu
facture is available), and that next year tho first products of tho mills to bo
established hore will be sent into the miirket.
Every property ownor in tho city should get behind tho movement and aid
in getting it started. If you cannot do a great deal, do what you can. A
united offort will win and start what wo holiove will be tho greatest industry
for Salem that it is possiblo to even think of. With everyone doing his or her
pait, tho matter can bo cosily perfected, but it roquiros that each and ovory
person got in and do his share.
SINCE THAT MEMORABLE DAY last February when nuerto gained as
cendancy through the assassination of Madero and Snarer., tho United
States has been absolutely consistent in its refusal to recognize or treat
with him as tho constitutional president of Mexico. This policy was in
augurated by President Tuft and luis been carefully adhered to by the
Wilson administration, The I'nlted States tins not resorted to drastic meas
ure, but, on the contrary, has exercised unusual forbearance ip dealing with
a situation' which at times seemed almost intolerable. This forbearance was
not duo to four or inability, but to a feeling that moderation might accomplish
tho desired purposo without humiliating Mexico or Involving this nation in a
costly war. :
in the meantime England seems to have misjudged the determination of
Woodrow Wilson and to have conoludod that his careful mid deliberate meth
ods wore indicative of weakness. At all events, she has adopted a course to
ward Mexican affuirs that amounts to little less thmi a positive affront to tho
Vultod (State.
Her action in this mutter was undoubtedly duo to tho influence of Lord
Cowdrwy and Sir Woetman Pearson, together with their associates, who have
acquired vast oil concession through tho friendly office of Vietoriano Huertn.
It was Standard Oil that financed the Madero revolution at least to a
great extent and it was tho Cowdrayl'enrsoi' Interests who have undoubted
ly supplied such money as Huoita has boon nblo to raise.
The quarrel between the two oil syndicate should have nothing to do with
international relations, and, so far a tho I'nlted States Is concerned, It hat
not, Kngland, however, seems to have taken a more commercial view of the
situation, and ) allowed bor diplomacy to be governed to a surprising extent
by purely financial reason.
Vnder ordinary conditions it is Incumbent upon a government to protect
tho Interests of It citizens abroad, but wheu such protection interfere with
tho natural rourso of International relation, It should bo given in such a man
ner a to imply no offense to a friendly government.
England could have protected the Interests of Cowdray and Pearson without
giving positive affront to tho Vuited StMtes, Simply because she recognised
Huerta with undue hasto constitute no ground (or tho stupid Insult offered
this government by the useless, ostontntions act of Sir Lionel Carden In pre
senting hi credentials to Vietoriano Huerta tho very next day after the latter
had defied the warnings of tho Wilson administtutioti by declaring himself
dictator. It Is the British foreign office, not the American state department,
which has committed a broach of diplomacy. It is Sir Edward Gray, not Wil
liam J. Bryan, who is crude.
THG OUF.GONIAN lis criticised President Wilson ' policy, or lack of it,
" sharply that it ha awtkencd a desire on the part of many of It
readers to know Just what policy the Oregtinian would have followed.
Wool,) It bo war and intervention1. If tho t'nited State make a thnvat
of Intervention, it must execute that threat, if the terms under which it
i made are net complied with. It must call its own bluff, if it make one.
Would the Oregonian make tho threat of Intervention and would it actually
intorvene, if its threat v not hcededt Would It revognite llnerta, the assas
sin of President Madero, and so set the seal of approval no murder as a mean
of acquiring office! Would it plunge tho country into war, and if o, for
what I What has Mexico done that would warrant our Interference! We ere
sot asking this in a carping spirit, but for information. The Oregon ian will,
no doubt, agree with us that we need It, and we hope therefore it will kindly
aopply II. If the president Is making mistake, let it be pointed out wherein
that mistake lira. Will th Oregonian kindly point out tho remedy and outline
tho policy the president should pursue, o that this country cau artim the Mex
Icau trvubln with honor to Itself and justice to Mexico!
Dr. Newell Bwlght llilll contends that the whole world will soon be march
ing under one flg, and have but on tuligton. Ho has evidently not been
keeping in touch with the Mexican situation.
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
posit Boxns. raAVtxxsa- check a
adi and
instructed to pot the papers on the
miasea yon, or neglect getting too
circulation manager, a thla ii the only
the carrier! art following instruction.
WHETHER A LAW 19 A LAW or not depends to a large extent on tho
officials. Portland, Maine, ha been actually dry for nearly v a year,
it having an old-fashioned sheriff who believed in the enforcement of
the laws as he found them on the statute books. He died recently,
and in a short time Portland went wet again. Recent reports show
that intoxicating liquors are being shipped into the city in large quantities,
and practically no effort is being made to stop it. Officials can enforce any
law, if they desire to do o, and if a law is unpopular, tba best way to get rid
of it ia to enforce it. When a man gets into office, it is not for him to enforce
some laws and refuBO to enforce others. It i hia duty to enforce-a, law that
is distasteful to him, just as much as one that please him. Wa respectfully
call County Judge Bushey's attention to thi idea. The widows' pension law
may strike him as a silly law, but" be must
law just aa much as the acting on county
The city council of Boise declare there is no redlight district in that city,
and then officially warns the police force to keep out of it.
An exchange says a girls' school in Pari has instituted a new course. It
is labeled: "How to catch a husband and how to keep him." The first part of
the course will be devoted tq instruction in dancing, and the second to an in
tensified course in cooking.
Umatilla county gave almost a two
to one vote for the U. of O. bills, and
voted yes on nil tho balance, the work
men' compensation bill being given a
tremendous majority. 1
The first annual dairy show to be
held at Hermiston will open Saturday,
November 8.
At Durkeo but one woman voted at
the election Tuesday.
II. C. Hampton and Gib Haines,
brothors-in lnw, had a row at Tamp
an's farm in the Eckley district, near
Myrtle Point, Sunday, in which Haines
shot at Hampton, missing him. Hamp
.ton then pulled his gun and Haines
thrro times, wounding him so badly
that ho died shortly after. The row
started over family matters.
Superintendent Moore, of Lnne coun
ty, hns started a series of spelling
schools, tho old-fashioned kind. It in a
good move, for if there is any one
thing tho youngsters of these days can
do worse thnn nny other, it is to spell.
Tho La Grande city council will re
sign November 10, and turn the city
government over to the "commission
msnnger." La Grande hns adopted
tho very lntest in split, gown city gov
ernments, nud it will bo watched with
considerable interest by th'.' oth.r citier
of tho state.
W. A. Bnlzell has received his com
mission ns postmaster at Klamath
Falls, and has taken charge of the of
fice. Jnmes Sherill, an Oregon pioneer of
1S."2, died at the home of his daugh
ter iu Amboy, Washington, last week.
Ho and hia wife lived for many years
near Harrlsburg, in Linn county. He
was 83 years old.
Portland Is contemplating putting in
its own paving plant, doing its own re
pairing, nnd, probably, in tho near fu
ture, its own paving.
Candidates for municipal offices in
Sumpter Bre unusually scarce this full.
The American says that not even ru
mors of aspirants for city honors are to
be heard on the streets. "Time to get
busy," concludes the American.
Of the half million and' more dol
lar In taxes levied against the prop
erty in I'matilla county In 1012, only
about tH.OOO remains uncollected, ac
cording to a statement given out by
No Indigestion, Oaa, Bournes or Vp
et Stomach If You'll Take "Papa's
Diapepain" Try Taisl
Do some food you eat hit back-
taste good, but work badly; ferment
lute atubborn lump and cause a ick,
our, gassy iomacni .w, ,ur, or .c int( wornhip preceded by C. E. song
Dyspeptic, jot thi down: Pape' Dia- ,,.,.;,.,, Rt -.j,- from m,'w l)opk, .
pepsin digests everything .leaving Both- mon j0M tn6 Krioa of Sin
ing to sour aud upat you. There never ,rl Thos j Woodcock, pa.tor.
a anything o safely quick, so cor j gjj Friends,
taiuly effective. No different how j p,utll foinmon-ial and Washington
badly your tomach i disordered you .(roots, Kalph Woodward, pastor, lies
will get happy relief la five minute, i,olu.B i;n $0HtD Hh street 10 a, m
but what please you moat i that it WMe chool rally. It a. m., preaching
strengthen and regulate your atom-
arh so you ran eat your favorite food
without fear.
Mot remedies give you relief ome
time they are, but aot ur. 'Tape's
D(pepia" I quick, positive and put
your tomach in a healthy condition o
th misery won't com back. j
You fell different a ooa a "Pap1 (
Dipepiu" come In contact with the
stomach distres just vaaisheayour '
stomach gel weet, no (, no belch
ing, bo eructation of uadlgeted food,
your kea,l dears and you reel una.
Go aow, niak th bent iavtmBt j
you ever made, by getting a Urge fifty- j
cent e of Pape' Dipepsin from ay ,
drug Here. You realise la, five mia-jE.
ntM how Bdlo it U to suffer from
ind:ittion, dyspepsia or any stomach
not overlook the fact that it is the
bill and all other laws.
If Cross, Teverlah, Constipated, Bilious,
Stomach Sour, Give "California
Syrup of rigs."
A laxative today saves a sick child
tomorrow. Children simply will not
take the time from play to empty their
bowels, which become clogged up with
waste, liver gets sluggish; stomach sour.
Look at the tongue, mother! If coat
ed, or your child is listless, cross, fev
erish, breath bad, restless, doesn't eat
heartily, full of cold or has sore throat
or any other children's ailment, give a
tenspoonful of "California Syrup of
FigB," then don't worry, because it is
perfectly harmless, and in a few hours
all this constipation poison, sonr bile
and fermenting waste will gently move
out of the bowels, and you have a well,
playful child again. A thorough "In
side cleansing" is of times all that Is
necessary. It should be the first treat
ment given in any sickness.
Beware of counterfeit fig syrups. Ask
your druggist for a 50-cent bottle ot
"California Syrup of Figs," which has
full directions for babies, children of
all ages and for grown-ups plainly
printed on the bottle. Look carefully
and seo that It is made by the "Cali
fornia Fig Syrup Company." Don't be
fooled I
Deputy Sheriff A. C. Funk, official tax
Speaking of election day, "The Eu
gene Guard said on Tuesday: "This
is tho day we decide whether the state
shall be ruled from the North End of
Portland, or whether the people who
stand for higher ideals and morals
shall dictate tho affairs of the state."
Lebanon Express: A. C. Gleason,
who recently resigned as foreman of
thi office, has purchased a half inter
est in a paper at Forest Grove, and
will soon go to that place to take
charge of the same. Mr. Gleason is an
excellent newspaper man ami printer,
and will doubtless succeed well in busi
St. Paul's Episcopal.
Holy communion 7:30 a. m. Matins
and sermon, 11 a. m. Kveiuong and
sermon, , :30 p. m. Sunday school,
9:45 a. m.
Christian Science.
First Church of Christ, Scientist, 440
Chomoketa street. Services Sunday at
11 a, m. Subject of lesson sermon.
"Adam and Fallen Man." Sundav
svhool at 9'A!i a. m. Wednesday even
ing testimonial meeting at 7:30 o'clock
Heading room iu tho church oien every
afternoon except Sunday. All are in
vited. Central Congregational.
Ferry and South Nineteenth streets.
10 a. m., Hiblo school with graded les
sons. 11 a. m., iu,blic worship of in-
Moving Picture Exhibit
, . , , ,,
.10 p. m., even
by the pastor, special inging, 7:30 p.
in., bright hour service, Thursday
7:30 p. m., song and glad tidings.
Lutheran Church.
East State and Eighteenth streets.
o:.to a. nt., Sunday school. 10:30 a. m..
,vine service, t:30 p. m Luther
league. 7:30 p.m., evening service.
conducted Iu the English language.
Strangers are welcome. O. Koehler,
United Evangelical Church.
North Cottage near Center street. A.
A. Winter, minister. 10 a. m., Sundav
svhoot, Prof. A. L. Schmalle, soperln
(mi. lent. 11 a. m., preaching:
of C.
Secret Power." fl:30 p. m., K. I,
meeting. Mi t'esebor. prciident;
frl Mmit, loader. T:J0 s m., sermon:
"Th Swial Meal of Jells.," Men
.day, 7;.i0 iv. m., teacher training el.
The Superior
We are offering are keeping
where your money has the
Now offered in our Ladies' Coat and Suit department. Beautiful styles like
. the pictures, offered at SMALL PEICES. SUITS
$4.50, $7.50, $10.50 and $12.50 COATS $3.95, $7.50 and $12.50.
ff '" IIWIIII'I ' III. I Ill l.lllllllll .U .... llipHllipilUtMW.i,WM
I Value. S6rVlce
ft llrsll SiipiithMiifMliSI illllWimis! iMitaaaaatSaaeaiW ,-'... a..ih hi .-.t..jL-l l V-Jj' " -tT -,,mil : n I
lecture room of church. Wednesday
evening meeting of seuior cluss of the
Sundav school at home of Mr. and
Mrs. Carver. Regular prayer meeting
Thursday evening. You are cordially
invited to attend theso services.
Evangelical Association.
Corner of Center and Liberty Sts.,
I G. F. Lieuing pastor. Sunday school,
10 a. m., preaching, 11 a. m., Y. P. A.
services, 6:45 p. m., preaching 7:30 p.
First Congregational.
Corner of Liberty and Center. Per
ry Frederick Schrock, minister. Bible
school at 10 a. m. orning worship at
11 a. m. and evening worship at 7:30
p. m. l!ev. George W. Hinmnn, of San
. . , . , iK .
Francisco, will speak at both services.
He will give a storoopticon lecture at
the evening service, Tho Congregation
al conference of Oregon will meet with
this church Tuesday, Wednesday and I
Thursday of next week.
First Methodist Episcopal,
vomer oi state ami vnurcn sireeis,
Richard N. Avison, D. D., pastor. l:45
a. m., Sunday school, H. C. Tillman, su -
porintendent. Jl a. m., sermon, "The
Hidden Life," 12:30 class meetings.
3 p. m., Mrs. Edwin Sherwood will
speak at the Old People's Home. 6:30
p. m., Epworth League. 7:30 p. m., ser
mon, "The Verdict of the People."
Gorman Baptist
Corner .North Cottage and D streets,
Ct. Schunke, pastor. Sunday service,
10 a. m., Sunday schoul; 11 a. m.,
prearhiug service; 7 p. m., young eo-j
p!e' meeting; 7:30 p. ni., preaching'
service; Wednesday, 7:4o p. m., prayer I
meeting. All German speaking eople
huarlily welcome to all services.
l a a.
of the International
L B.
The Salem claw
Bible Students' associatiou will hold'
their regular weekly study at 433 Court
street, upstair, Sunday at 10:03 a. m.
I'ndeuominational. All Bible students
welcome. No collections.
First Presbyterian.
Church treet near Chemeketa. Rev.
II, T. Babcox-k, pastor. Morning ser
vice, 11 a, m. Theme: "Influence."
Kvnuing ervice at 7:30. Theme:
"The Lord' Keeping." Sabbath
school at :43. C. E. at :30. Mid
wwk prayer meeting Thursday even
ing at 7:30. The public is cordially In-
rirst Christian.
Corner Center and High streets, F. T.
Porter, minister. 9:43 a. m Bible
vhool. See the improvement after the
bonfire. U a. m., worship sod sormoa.
nb.io-t, "The One Body." :.".ii p, m.,
C. K. T:30 p, ni., sx-re,l concert by
SouthUnd Jubilee Singer. Thy aro
this store a live hive of business. Come and do your trading
greatest buying power. See our window bargains.
millinery i
Genuine clean-up price now
on all Sailors and Trimmed
hats, also ostrich plumes.
Come and see the money we
can save you. Hats np to $5
and $7.50.
Winter Underwear
Now on sale and specially reduced for
fast selling. Children's vests and
15c and 25c
Ladies' Union Suits
25c 35c up
Christian men and women, and come
highly recommended, and you will en-
joy this sacred musical.
AullU104 VUU1VU UUUi .
Corner Capital aud Marion streets.
H. G. Licnkaemper, pastor. Sunday
school at 10 a. m. Morning worship in
German at 10 o'clock Subject: "I
Believe in Forgiveness of Sin." Even
ing service in English at 7:30. Sub
ject: "What We Know About Heav
en." Mission study class at 0:45 p. m.
Textbook, "Winning the Oregon Coun
try." Church of God.
.nurcn services bi mo qsuai nours,
11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Elder Boyd
j 7"
Aider Swanson at the evening some,
, u iui7
invited to attend.
W. C. T. U.
O. F. Liening, pastor of the Evan
gelical Association will deliver the gos
pel tomperance address at tho W. C. T.
I. nan Sunday at p. m. a welcome
g jjj
i ETangellcal Aaoaclation.
chemeketa street church, comer
Seventeenth and Chemeketa streets.
E. O. Hornschueh, pastor. Residence
North Seventeenth streets. Phone
1129. Service at 11 a. m. and 7:30
Pianos and Organs
rom the cheapest to (he
best sold on installments
and rented. I
Genuine needles, oil and
new parts for all sewing
machines. Sewing ma
shines rented.
20,000 Yards
Dress Goods
and Silks
Now on sale. All specially low priced
for fast soiling. Every piece the latest
fall goods. Yard
25c 35c
49c 75c
and up
p. m. Sunday school at 10 a. m. Young
People's meeting at 6:30 p. m. In the
evening Jacob Stucker will nreach fin
"vniivnu.!, lUtl'MUICT J i., Bb O p, m,,
Guy Phelps will lecture hero on the
'i White Slave" question. You are
urged to be present at all theso ser-
Jason Leo Memorial.
North Winter and Jefferson streets.
J. II. Irvino, pastor. 10 a, m,, Sunday
school. 11 a, m., sermon: "The Chris
tian Attitudo of tho Victor Toward the
Vanquished." 6:30 p. m., Epworth
League service, introducing "Win-my-
cnum week," with special vounir neo
plo's rallies Thursday and Frldav even-
ings, ac r.w. special " Win-my-chum"
songs and sermnn
-k" mo jrraiin.
unitarian church.
Corner of Chemeketa and Cottago
streets. Rev. Richard F. Tischer,, minis
ter. Sundny school at 10 a. m. Ser
vices at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Morn
ing subject: "Our Position in tho Re
ligious World." In the evening Rov.
Carl M. Wilbur, D. D., denn of tho ro
cific Coast Unitarian School for tho
Ministry, of Berkeley, Cal., will occupy
the pulpit. All frionds of liberal reli
gion and of progressive thought aro in-
Mteu to our son-ices. Bring
Edison, Victor and
I Columbia Talking
Machines '
A full stock of Records, f
I Latest Sheet Music
Piano and Organ Studies.
Violins. Guitars,
Mandolins and Banjos.

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