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All the Newls that's Fit to Print
. ' . a . tM -
Man Captured Monday Pleads
Guilty and Must Suffer
Death Penalty.
Is Arraigned, Held, Brought to
Trial and Sentenced in IS
Los Angoles, Cal., Dec. 27. John
Bostick, "tho El Monte bandit,"
pleaded guilty in tho superoir court to
day to the murder of Traveling Pas
senger Agent Horace E, Montague, and
was sentenced to be hanged.
When the awful words had fallen
from Jurgo Craig's lips, Bostick bowed
Lis head and wept silently. He did not
utter a sound, and be shook his head
when the court asked him if he wished
to speak.
Ho will be taken to San Qucntin peu
iteutiary within ton days. The death
penalty, according to the sentence
passed by Judge Gavin with Craig,
must be inflicted within 90 days.
Bostick was arraigned before Justice
Young, hold to the superior court and
brought to trial and sentenced to death
within 15 minutes.
His Terrible Crime.
The crime for which Bostick, who is
but 22 years of age, must bang, was
committed on tho night of December 1.
He boarded tho Southern Pacific's Sun
set express at Pomona, held up the pas
sengers of the rear Pullman and shot
and killed Montague, who, he thought,
was about to resist.
Bostick left the train at El Monte,
walked severnl milcB to Oueonta Park,
boarded an eloetric oar for Los Ange
les. Tho following day he went to San
Francisco, where he had been living
with a young woman whose identity the
police either have not uncovered or arc
keeping secret.
Bride Causes Capture.
Arthur Colon and his bride, of San
Francisco, were responsible for the ban
dit's capture December 22. The Colens,
returning on the exprCBS from their
wedding trip, were robbed by the ban
dit. While Christmas shopping on
Mission street in San Francisco, they
saw Bostick. Thcv left the car and
trailed him for half an hour. When he
entered a billiard hull, Mrs. Colen
wati'hed the entrance while her husband
telephoned tho police, who made the
Confesses Quilt
On a Los Angeles-bound train tho
following day, Bostick confessed to
Sheriff Hammel, of Los Angeles, no
also confessed that ho had robbed an
other train at Richmond a few weeks
Since his arrest Bostick has refused
to tell his name, if 'it is not Bostick, or
to tell anything that might shed light
on his former home, tho Identity of his
parents and friends, or the girl with
whom ho admitted he liven in Snn Fran
cisco. He has declared rppontcdly thnt
his greatest sorrow l for the widow and
two liable of the man he killed.
Irxmtn rssss ijmsm wins.)
San Francisco, Dec. 7. His atten
tion called to reports that he might be
among President Wilson's selection for
a place on tho federal reserve board,
under tho new currency law, Rudolph
Sprecklcs said today he was a candi
date for no office, and would not accept
an appointment to the federal reerye
board, even if named.
T!. M ( mUM J if .(I
... V y , jgUgi .
Angry Husband
Theory Advanced
Mystery of Murder of Charles McKen
na, Traveling Salesman, Deepens
at San Francisco.
unhid pbiss uuain wibi.
San Francisco, Doc. 27. Though the
man found murdered early Friday at
the Division street crossing of the
Southern Pacific track had been iden
tified as Charles McKenna, traveling
salesman for Earl & Co., Palo Alto gro
cers, the police were without a clue to
day to his murderer. '
After spending Christmas with his
brother, George, McKenna left about 10
o'clock, it waslearnod, saying he in
tended taking the 11:45 train for San
ta Clara, his home. It was four and
one-half hours later that August Pet
ers, a National Ice company employe,
came upon the body, partly stripped,
and with a man standing nearby search
ing the pockets of the victim's cloth
ing. For the murdered man's movements
between the time he left his brother's
home and the discovery of his corpse
by Peters the police were unable to ac
The theory, advanced by a few, that
McKenna was killed by an angry bus
band, was not generally accepted. The
slayer, under such circumstances, it
was objected to this suggestion, would
have been unlikely to have been inter
ested in the contents of his victim's
pickets, to have lingered in the vicinity,
or, especially, to have fired on a cas
ual passerby like retcrs.
San Francisco, Dec. 27. Jack Mel
ville and Jack Hurley, the two prison
ers who escaped from San Queutin
Tuesday, were still at liberty today.
There seemed no longer any doubt that
the pair got safoly across tho bay, and,
with more than three days' Btart their
pursuers began to admit that the
chances of capturing them looked slim.
The success of the break was aaid to
be causing considerable anxiety among
officials at the penitentiary on ac
count of the probability that it would
arouse similar ambitions in the breasts
of other convicts.
Judge Galloway is today hearing the
divorce case of A. M. Fry, as guardian
of Isaac Millor, against Ida Hoff Mil
ler. This is an action wherein the plain
tiff is seeking to annul the marriage on
the grounds that the defendant took
wrongful advantago of tho plaintiff,
Miller, by inducing him to enter the
matrimonial pact by giving false prom
ises and having the ceremony per
formed contrary to the regular rules of
law. Thero is considerable property in
the cose and ninny witnesses were on
hand this morning.
New York, Dec. 27. Heaviness in
London was reflected by early trading
in stocks here today, most of the lead
ers opening lower. Canadian Pacific
dropped 2i to a new low record
fur the voir. (In light trading a few
isolated advances were scored. After
tho opening drop 1 bettor tone develop
ed, but renewed selling caused another
slump. F.efore tho short session ended
New Haven jumped throe points on re
ports th.it the company had compromis
ed its difficulties with the government,
lion. Is wore stonily. The market closed
Sooner or later a man's illusions de
velop into experience.
Seizes Broom and Beats Him
Until He Leaves Through
Bank Window.
Mexican Is Run Down and
Jailed and Says He is Only
18 Years Old.
united pdkss lbased wiax.l
Los Angeles, Cal., Dec. 27. Confront,
ed by an armed bandit, when she en
tored the counting room of the Eugle
Rock bank today, Assistant Cashier
Ada Carr seized a broom and chased
him into the Btreot. A sheriff's posse
capturod the man an hour lator in Sys
amore canyon, in the suburbs.
The bandit, who is a Mexican, had
broken into the bank through a rear
window. He was' crouching in front of
tho vault when Miss Carr arrived to
open the bank for the day.
Thrusting a revolver into the wo
man's face, tho man cried:
"Throw up your hands."..'
She Uses Broom.
Instead, Miss Carr seized a broom,
and, screaming for help, attacked the
Mexican, knocking the gun from his
hand and belaboring him over the head
as he plunged in desperation through
the window.
Citizens who heard Miss Carrs'
screams followed the bandit until they
were relieved bv deputies from the
sheriff's office.
Tho Mexican gave his name as Ea
phaol Castelo and his ago as 18 years.
Ho was jailed, pending the filing of a
charge against him.
unitho rues i.basid wini.1
El Paso. Tex., Dec. 27. In anticipa
tion of a decisive battle with tho feder
als at Torreon, Mexico, it was reported
here today that General Villa, the rebel
leader, had abandoned bis proposed trip
to Ojinnga where he intended to con
duct the expected clash with the feder
al garrison which fled from Chihuahua
City about two weeks ago, and instend
probably would go to Noo, near Torre
on, to prepare for a general attack on
the government troops.
Negotiations wore opened In El Paso
today between Luis Terrazas, one of the
richest men in Mexico, and representa
tives of Genoral Villa, looking to the
release of Torraza' son, who has been
held by the rebels for a ransom of
dniiid frotl uisbd wins
Olendulo, L. I., Dec. 27. A quadruple
tmgmly, in which an entire family was
wiped out, was revealed hero todny.
when neighbors found tho corpses of
Henry Knell, ajjed .IS years, bis wife
and tlieir two children, Henry, aged 12,
Mini Tinn, a baby of 22 months. Tho
police believe that Knell lint shot his
wife, thou locked tha two children In a
room an 1 after turning on the gas, shot
himse If. All four were dead when
neighbors broke into the house.
(tNiTrn miss i.s.isr.n wisi.l
Calumet, Mbh., Dec, 27. The first
of tho funerals of the Christmas eve
tragedy's victism was held today, Mrs.
Mary l'eteri, aged 61, and three sons of
Fhilip Heikkinen, a Finnish miner, be
ing buried at Velolw Jacket. Seventy
other funerals were set for tomorrow.
Five thousand miners will march In tho
processions and services will be held
simultaneously at Calumet, Laurium.
Wolverine and Red Jacket.
Soul Widow
Scorns Stage
Offer of $500 Per Week Refused by Af
finity of Late Couch, Who Refuses
to Discuss Flans.
Monticello, N. T., Dec. 27. Declining
numerous theatrical offers, one of them
of $500 a week from s New York man
ager, Miss Adelaide Brance, "soul
widow" of Melvin Couch, announced
today that she would retire to seclu
sion, but refused to divulge the place of
her retirement. She said she expected
to leave this afternoon.
Miss Brance's strange relationship to
Couch was revealed through the lat
ter 'a death last week, when a secret
apartment, back of Couch's offices, was
discovered. Although she had occu
pied this room, which was completely
frunished, for about 15 years, no one
in the town ever suspected her pres
ence until last week, when Couch, a
former associate of Judge Alton B.
Parker,, died suddenly in his office.
Mrs. Couch fainted when informed of
her dead husband's double life.
Miss Brance said today she would not
go to her brother's homo in Coopers
town, not wishing to face old friends
and former acquaintances. She has re
ceived scores of letters of sympathy. It
is probable she will go to a sanitarium
for a time.
Officers Woolcry and -White last
night arrested William Moshur, W. Kai
ser and J. C. lioise, all minors, on tho
charge of gnmbling. The boys wore
caught in the act of playing poker by
tho officers when the latter suddenly
stopped into a little confectionery store
conducted by Frank Stottard on Court
street between Liberty and High.
The lads appeared before Judge Elgin
this morning and after pleading guilty
to the charge, all three wore fined $25
Stottard Also Arrested,
Stottard, the man who owns and con
ducts tho establishment In which the
arrests were made, will also bo arrest
ed bv Chiof of Police Shedock on the
harge of allowing minors to play cards
in his plnco of business. His hearing
w:U be held some time Monday.
r N 11 Kl I'ltKKS I.BABEU WtBS.)
Chicago, Dec. 27. Djr. C. B. Hilton
made in alarming report this afternoon
concerning the condition of President
Charles II. Moyor, of the Western Fed
eration of Miners,
He made a rapid examination of the
wounds In tha labor leader's back,
without locating the bullet. Then he
ordored the patlont to St. Luke's hos
pital for an X-ray examination.
"It is barely possible," he announced,
"that the ball struck a vital spot, and
may prove fatal,"
The Weather
1 TO
Dickey Bird
Oregon, ruin
snow oust
portion tun 1 g h t
and Sunday, south
easterly winds,
brisk along tlm
a " j
Reads the
27, 1913.
Said That Ambition to Succeed
Shedeck Is One Cause of
Slow About Handing in Reports
to Man at Head of Depart
ment. It is more than evident from the re
marks being dropped by Chief of Polico
Shedeck that the patrol department is
not working in harmony with him, as is
generally bolievod by mnny. It seoms
that the chief is boing rather nogloctod
by his men; In other words, they fail
to mnko dofinite reports and do not con
sult him in one way or tho othor.
The chief declares that tho only inti
mation he had of the alleged arrest of
Kate Frohmadcr, the young woman who
was charged with being drunk by Of fit
eors Woolory and White night before
last, was that a young womau had boon
taken in some time last Wednesday
morning, and that sue was anorward
taken to the hospital.
Woman Not Booked.
Despite the fact that the officors
wore" called to tuke charge of the alleg
ed drunk and disorderly woman, hor
names doos not appear on the police
book at the station and Bhe was not
even placod in jail, Tho chiof declares
that tho arresting officers, instead of
locking the woman up as they should,
bundled hor in an auto and took hor to
the home of City Physician Miles ou
South Commercial street. Upon exam
ination, tho doctor then advised the of
ficers to tuke hor to tho hospital.
"Wo have every accommodation for
cases of such nature as this woman af
fjiir," said the chiof today, "and I can
hardly figure out why this Frohmadcr
woman was taken to tho hospital at all.
We have warm quarters for women,
niodiinl attention whenever necessary,
and everything at hand with which to
aro for just such persons as brought
to the attention of the night men."
it is strongly hinted that tho officors
in question uro not koeping in very
close touch with the chiof for tho rea
son they aro fearful of criticism from
outside sources, It is a known fact that
there lias been a split in the department
for some time involving certain patrol
iiiuii and the chiof, and things will
come to a heml no doubt within a com-
Hi rativoly short time.
Political Boa Busy,
The rumor is current hero, irow tha'
tho now council will soon bo In charge,
to tho effect that there aro several lo
cal men strongly affected by the buzz
ing of the, political bee. Especially Is
this said to be so of prospective candi
dates for chief of police. With rumors of
this character being mnde common prop
erty mining the knowing ones who follow
city affairs closely, It, Is believed that
tho present blench in the police depart
ment, has boon occasioned by certain
n, embers of the force setting thoir cup
in the proper direction pending a cam
pal ,'ii for the office.
lu any event, It is pretty well known
that severnl long knives aro being plac
ed in condition mid that tho users of
-nine are beginning to wield thoiu al
ready to what Ihov believe to bo a good
Hoads to Be Chopped Off.
Wlm t should be another incentive for
the 'inili-r ollicers to k'et In sonio good
work in th proper direction, it is said,
is the fact that there will be two or
throo heads chopped off just ns soon ns
the new council goes in. The ;ntrn'
men, who nr" 111 tie eharne nt the
council and tho chief, aro wondering
now just who will get the ax and each
,,,! no is v-ry btsv new. The
Daily Capital ;Journ
pmrr twn
if A
Sacramento to
Feed Unemployed
Work and Shelter to Be ProTided for
Unfortunate 2500 People Who Are
Penniless There.
Sacramento, Cal., Dee. 27. Immedi
ate work, shelter and food are to be
given Sacramento's army, and estimat
ed at 2500, of unemployed, destitute
and hungry men, women and children,
through the medium of a municipal re
lief bureau to be established today.
ThiB was decided at s meeting of ap
proximately 50 representatives of civic,
charitable and religious bodies, held in
the chamber of commerce rooms last
After discussion of all the phases of
the situation it was determined that s
meeting of the heads of every existing
organization In tho city meet at 4
o'clock this afternoon in the city hall
to apponint an executive to assume
charge of relief work and select a suit
able place for the housing and care of
the needy.
It was decided to secure, If he own
er will give his permission, the old na
tional guard armory, that is being va
cated by the militia, and to establish in
the building a free employment bureau,
soup kitchen and clothing depot.
At today's meeting committees will
be named to conduct the various de
partments of tho rollof work, soliciting
funds, gathoring clothing and pro
visions and securing employment. It
is also expoctod that a vlgilnnce com
mittee will be appointed from among
the occupants of the rollof bureau to
maintain ordor and to see that those
who are offered employment take a4
vantage of it.
According to figures compiled by
County Assossor West, Marion county's
total valuation for 101.1 is $4.1,029,958.
Tho report shows that school district 23
Is valued at $200,700 moro this your
than last, or $1.1,300,210. Valuation! of
all tho incorporated titles and towns in
Marion county are shown as follows:
Huttoville, $1805; Aumsvillo, $134,070;
Aurora, $207,215; Donald, $27,005; dor
vais, $1112,775; Hubbard, $179,11.1; Jof
ferson, $2(11,032; Mt. Angol, $300,231;
H,ilom, $12,431,415; Rilvorton, $1,008,
()."(); Sublimity, $7059; Stayton, $.167,
073; Kt, Paul, $51,285; Tumor, $178,402;
Woodburn, $1,019,088.
It will be seen by those figures that
Nilvorton is second In the highest valua
tioti while Huttevillo scores lowest.
(l.'NITICD I'lir.NS I.SANKI) WllUt )
Rod Muff, Cal., Dec. 27. Loot esti
mated at $500 was taken by a gang of
hoboes from an Oriental establishment
in tho towu of Tehama, near here, last
night. The gang, which bad been en
camped near tho river bridge on the
ndgo of Chinntown, sbldeiily cleslond
cd on tho settlement. During the raid
mm Chinaman was fatally stubbed and
four others seriously hurt. Tho raiders
esrnped without any of their number
boing Identified.
fi'Mnrn rims i.k.ihko wiiik.
Portland, Or., Dec. 27. Seventy-two
lavs from I iillno, for Portland to loud
wheat for the I'nitcil Kingdom, the Dri
ll -h l ark In vor:o bin was posted on the
oveidue li't to, lay with reinsurance
placed nt 10 per cent.
chief, however, being elected by the
people, is left alone, so he Hays, to make
whatever record ho may se fit, while
his men are leaning toward what they
1 '.y; to be the itrorest political post.
The Largest t
rrNT on trains and miws
-.t BXANU8, FlVa CS1NT8.
Says Attack Followed Refusal"
to Accept Funds From Al
Shot While Being Hurled Down
Stairs and Then Is Hurried
on Train.
Milwaukee, Doc. 27. Suffering from
two bullet wounds in his shoulders and
ono in his head, President Charles II.
Moyer, ;of the Western Federation of
Misers, arrived here today,. .
He was directly ftom the Michigan -copper
country, whence ho said he was
expelled last night after being shot,
frightfully bonton and subjected t
gross Indignities at the hands, he as
sorted, of members of the Citizens' Al
liance, an organization formed with tha
avowed purpose of maintaining order in
copper rogion during the pending min
ors strike.
Hell's about to pop in the copper
country" Moyor announced, as h
stepped from his trpiiu. "Tho miners
are thirsting for revenge, but I hope to
return in time to prevent thorn from do
ing anything to injure thoir causa."
Tolls of Attack on Him.
Asked concerning tho attack on him
and bis expulsion, Moyer continued:
"Organizer Tnnnor and I wore In our
room iu the Scott hotel at Hancock.
"Shoriff Cruzo called. He domnndod
that wo accept for the federation tho
funds tho Citizens' Alliance had collect
ed for the families of the Christmas
eve fire horror victims.
"I replied that tho strikers them
selves had raised $0000 and this waa
sufficient; while we were grateful for
the proffer, we could not accopt tha
"Cruzo left.
Signal for Attack.
"Five minutes lator tho inino whistle
began to blow as if thoy wore a pro
arranged signal. As they blow 150
membors of tho Citizens' Alliance In
vaded our room.
"Wo were lolzod and hold by some
of tho men, while others danced in front
of us, striking us frequently In tho face
and kicking our bodies.
"Finally some ono stepped behind
Die and shot mo, I fainted when the
first bullet entered my back. I don't
remember the second and third.
' ' When I recovored consciousness we
were boing paused from one man to an
other down tho hotnl stairs. As thoy
passed us along, ouch one struck us.
Shout and Dance.
"Jletweeii Hues of dancing, shouting
members of the Citizens Alliauco wo
were passed along In this way to the
railroad station, Thero thoir fury abat
ed somen hut tlkrough fatigun, 1 guess.
Put the mino whistles continued their
unearthly shrieking and tho men their
hen ling and dancing.
"I could hoar tho passenger train's
siren long before tho Imln appeared,
eveiv window filled with startled faces.
"Two deputies bought our tickets
and ucconipiiiiicd us on board. Thero t
received first b'hI "J my wounds were
dressed ngnln when wo reached Uinn
ning. "After I left the strike district, I re
ceived the best care. All my wants
wero attended to. I'm on my wny to a
(Continued on pnga 8.)

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