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THIRTY SEVENTH YEAR iAint oteOOH, Friday, jantjaby 16, 19K PRICE TWO CENTS. 8Tilo"I'FivSDcSTaI
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Bars an Arizona
Corporation Here
Man Who Resisted Taking His
Family to Poorhouse Makes
Own Terms.
Slayer of Poormaster Will Give
Up to Sheriff and Take
His Medicine.
Corporation Commissioner Says Com
plaints Are on Tile in Regard
to Sunset Company.
'rBummerdale, N. Y., Jan. 16. After
standing off Sheriff Anderson and 20
armed deputies since Wednesday, Ed
ward Bcardslcy agreed here today to
surrondor on his own terms.
Beardsley, a farmer, was a poor man
with a wife and nine children to sup
port. Poor Master' John G. Putnam of
Chautauqua county heard that the lit
tie ones were suffering for.food, and
called at Beardaloy's home to take
ithem to the poor farm.
Beardsley shot him.
Then he shut himself up in his house
with his family and vowed he would
lull anyone who tried to capture him
or to take his children from him. The
sheriff did not dare order the house
rushed for fear the woman and little
oues would be killed in the fight.
Suffering Mores Him.
It was the children's sufforing from
Lunger which finally forced Beardsley
to offer terms. Shouting from a win
dow to the sheriff, he arranged a con
ference. The sheriff approached the front
dour. The deputies were required to
jjrotip themselves at one Bide with their
lisn.ls in tlio air. There Mrs. Beards
ley held them covered with a shotgun.
tier husband, heavily armed, negotiated
with Sheriff Anderson.
Will Go to Ills Brother.
His children were hungry, he ad
mitted. Ho did not want them to suf
fer, but ho would not have them takeu
to tlio poorhouse. If the sheriff would
promise to lot Beardaloy's brother
James take thorn in charge he himself
was willing to surrender for shooting
ruttiam, be said.
Sheriff Anderson agreed, and the
brother was sent for. In tho mean
time the Benrdsleys stood off the posse.
If treachery were attempted, Boards
ley declared, he would kill a dozen
The corporation department this
morning declined to admit the Sunset
Oil & Oas Company, an Arizona cor
poration, to do business in the state,
and returned a check for $95.75 offered
in payment, together with a statement
that the department would refuse to
admit the company until ' further in
formation was submitted.
In a statement today, the commis
sioner says that the Sunset Oil com
pany was1 organized in Oregon March
5, 1910, with an authorized capital
stock of $500,000 and a large part of
the stock had been sold to Oregon peo
ple. The officers are: W. M. Cherring
ton, president, Thomas B. Kay, vice
president; E. C. Armstrong, secretary;
its attorney is -Senator John A Carson,
and among its directors are D. B.
Cartwright and H. G. Meyer, all of
Salem. Its property is all in Oregon
and all of its operations must, of
necessity, be in this state.
Reviews History.
Commissioner Watson then goes on
to review the history of the company
and asserts, among other things, that
it is delinquent in tie annual fee for
the fiscal year ending June 30, 1914,
that there is nothing filed in the office
to show that if has transferred its
holding to the Arizona corporation and
that thore has been nothing filed to
show that the stockholders authorized
such proceeding."
Further it is asserted that complaints
have been filed with the department
in regard to the company's method of
transacting business and so it is the
policy of Watson to proceed cautiously.
. Sees No Reason for It
He doclares he sees no reason why
Oregon owned property in course of
development by money owned by Ore
gon stockholders should abandon an
Orogon corporation for one formed in
Arizona, with the same officers and
directors and controlled by the sanio
stockholders. He charges that contrary
to law the company has sold all its
stock in the old compnny in exchange
for stock in the new.
Industrial Commission Pro
posed Will Not Have Any
. Power in Court.
Late News
President Will Outline Exact Trust Sit
uation and Will Urge Necessity of
Doing Something.'
San Francisco, Jan. 16. Heavy sen
tences were imposed here . today by
Superior Judge Cabaniss, on two hold
up men. Walter Cooper was given 30
years, and William C. Johnson 20 years.
Johnson pleaded guilty of holding up
William Berry and robbing him of
$170. Cooper was convicted of the
same affense.
El Paso, Texas, Jan. 16. Luther
Barnard, a newspaper man of El Paso,
this morning captured General Salazar,
one of the federal defenders of Ojin-
aga, Mex., aboard train No.. 10 on the
Galveston, Houston and San Antonio
railroad at Sanderson, Tex. Ho la
wanted, with General Orozco, on a
charge of violating the neutrality laws
Yokomaba, Jan. 18. Because he was
Washington, Jan. 16. The cabinet
approved today the address President
Wilson soon will deliver to congress on
the trust question. It will go to the
printer at once, and will be read to
congress next week.
It developed this afternoon that the
so-called industrial commission, the ap
pointment of which is to be recommen
ded by the president, will not have any local new,papor from it, correspondent
Wilson Disapproves of Met
calf's Plan of Government
by Commission.
From Outset He Has Insisted, aa Build
er of Canal, He Should Select a
Man to Operate It.
Washington, Jan. 16. Following a
conference between President Wilson
and Secretary of War Garrison, the in
timation was given out today that the
criticised for failing to give warning Dregi.inn(. ould .noout Colonel Goeth
of the Sakurajima eruption, the head a,g cWil governor of the pama canal
of the Kagoshima moterological obsorv-! zon6 Bhortlv It WM Baia the chief ex.
atory committed hart Karl, aceoruing diBappr0ved Governor Motcalf 's
to a mossage received here today by a recommendation for a government by
powers in court. It is intended that it
shall give full publicity to trust legis
'mtion, outline what the various sections
of the proposed law means and place
its services at the disposal of corpora
tions to assist in preventing violations
of the act. It will not be pormitted,
however, to decide just what a trust
is, nor will it tell the corporations just
how far thoy can go.
The president's address will not sug
gest any specific bills. It will present
the exact trust situation, as it stands
today, and will urge the necessity of
making whatover legislation is enacted
in the clearest, strongest and most un
mistakable language.
Punishment of Offenders.
RoKsrdiug personal guilt, it is under
stood the address will suggest automat
ically fixing punishment for the various
offenses prohibited.
Prior to the cabinet meeting Presi
dent Wilson conferred with Representa
tive A. O. Stanley, of Kentucky, who
conducted the steel trust investigation,
Stanley said the president outlined his
address to him.
I think it fully covers the points
in which the country is interested,
Stunloy said. "Tho best part is that it
leaves all details of legislation to con
gress. It suggests mat certain condi
tions ought to be met, explains them
mid states what the president believes
are tho necessary remedies. But it pass
es the responsibility up to congress."
at the scene of the disaster.
Coroner Clough this morning was
caried'to Wheatland whore tho remains
of an unknown man had been found
laving on a sand bar in the Willnmctte
river' near the town. A farmer
,,-..r.,i dm bones vesterday and
phoned the information to the Claeka
.ma rnnntv i-oronor. who In turn ad
vised Coronor dough, the remains bav
inij been found in this county. With
the exeeptiun of a few piece of flesh,
the onlv thing left of what was once
a man Is the l.Bre bones. The coroner
boxed "P the bones and brought them
to Palem this afternoon.
Theere was nothing found with which
to Identify the remains. It may be
possible however, that they are those
of a man who was paid to have been
drowned in the Willamette kt this
imint last Octoter. This Incident was
brought to light by several small boys
commission. Tho plan was understood
to be to give Goothals the widest pow
ers to croate and fill offico, unhamp
ered by civil service regulations.
Government Plans.
Plans have been completed for the
canal zone government, and only the
president's executive order is now need
ed to put thorn Into operation. It was
loarned that the president is preparing
this order.
The plan, it is understood, contem
plates tho appointmont of Colonol Goe
thals as governor. Colonel H. F. Hodg
es, Lloutenant-Colonol William Sibert,
IT. IT. Rousseau and Richard Motcalf
Tokio, Jan. 16. Marines from the
mnval squadron at Kagoshima Bay part
l.. .1.1 Kuldim Inland todav. The
- ' .... Bpa avnA.fAi4 frt nftmnHA ItlA AnmmtttnA
squadron commandor, reporting to tne 1 '
. .i miU thnt nf tne "". n
r.,.... innnn , il.nnn. about two- enabling act, of the formal opening of
a,.,. ..' wished. Tel- th on Jnn"y -
egrnphic communication into what re
mains of Kagoshima had been rostoreu
Committee Powerless
The committee will have no powers
Everything along the coast, including conne,.tod with the government or ad
tho villages, was coated with two or mj,j8trtion of tho canal zono, and It
three feot of slowly cooling lava. It
was too hot for the marines to venture
far into tho island's interior.
"An Unmitigated
Liar" Says West
Governor Comes Back at Attorney
General in Strong Language for
Statement Regarding Lieu Lands
Governor West this morning, in un
diplomatic language, thus jumps onto
Attorney-General Crawford:
"In an interview given out at Eu
gent, Attorney-General Crawford had
the following to say a to my criticism
of the lieu land plank in his platform:
" 'The statement in my announce
ment that seems to be questioned re
lated to the following transactions:
" 'Two or three years ago the State
Land Commissioner used up about 50,
000 seres of what is called indemnity
school land base, being lands to which
the state was entitled, and for which it
might sol oct government lands in lieu
of the lands lost to the state or recon-
veyed to the United States. The land
commissioner selected in lieu of this
base lands in the vicinity of Albert and
Summer Lakes, in Lake county.
" ' Lands so selected were alkali
lands, worthless for any purpose what
ever, but were to be used, if at all, by
parties who were to endeavor to reduce
the sodas and salts and other mineral
values of the lakes.'
"It making this statement the attor
ney-goneral has proved himself to be an
unmitigated, if not a malicious, liar, for
he was in possession of all the facts
long before making any statement in
reference thereto, as will be shown by
a copy of a lottor sont him by the clerk
of the state land board under the date
of October 24, 1913.
"The letter 1 as follows:
Brown's Letter.
" 'Referring to your request for in
formation as uertain indemnity selec
tions made by the state along the shores
of Summer and Albert Lake, wish to
say that these seloction lists when first
fiied covored 3373 acros, or such lands
as the company leasing the lakes from
the state thought would be necessary
for the successful operation of Its
" 'Being informed that, owing to a
change in its plan, the bulk of those
lands would not be neoded by it, the
said selections woro withdrawn with
Messages Signalled After Waitt
Says All on Board Are
Salvage Tugs Are Rushed to
Scene and Are Grappling
for Submarine.
The Weather
will die as soon as tho canal is opened.
Present plans indicate ft sweeping
vitnrv 1nr f'nlnnel nnetlinls. From
the outset ho hns insisted that ho, M , ho exception of two lists, covering
Everett, Wash., Jan. Ifl. Armed pos
ses left Granite Falls at daybreak to
hunt down the five men who robbed the
stnto bnnk there yestorday afternoon.
The rohbory was followed by a running
fight between the bandits and citizens
n which about one hundred shots were
exchanged. Suspicion is directed toward
railroad grading camp near Granite
Falls and one band of officers was
sent there to search.
Four of the robbers entered the bank
.. i . r..- ... l
one guarding ine door, iwo wrr
Cashier Ingersoll and his assistant in
to a roar room. The alarm was given
and citizens at onco opened fire on the
sentinel bandit riddling tho front of
the bank building. The robbers iuBide
put the money in the cashier's tray in
to a sack and all fled leaving the voult
funds intact. A running fight followed
until the bandits disapjieared in a
swamp Inst night. H was believed the
men were surrounded but thoy eluded
tiiirsuers and went further into the
Washington, .lull. 16. The comp
troller of tho currency issued today a
call for a statement of tho condition of
national banks at the close of business
January 13.
Tho Dickey Bird
says: Oregon, ruin
west, rain or snow
east portion to'
night and Sutur
day; and souther
ly winds, moder
ately high along
the coast.
tho builder of tho canal, should select
tho men to operate it. It was asserted
thnt it will require a minimum of 2)00
trained men to operate the canal and
to conduct the government, of the zone.
Rumors of Friction.
All employes now in Panama have ap
plied for positions under the, civil gov
ernor, and rumors of coutinued fric
tion between officials thero were re
ceived today. It was considered certain
that a sorious break is certain to fol
low between Col. floethnls and others
when he sturts making his appointments.
89.05 acres along tho shoros of Albert
,akp, and 302.00 acros along the shoros
of Summer Lnko. It is deemed advu
ablo to hold these lands In order that
tho state will own at least a few acros
f shore lands, and thus always havo a
inso of operation on the shoro side of
he meander lino.' "
Law Governing Special Elections
lied and May Cause Trouble
t ion, and the Judges and clerks appointed P""" "f voting upon a bond Issue In
for the next preceding general election . this county until after tlio next general
The booty will not exceed
Washington, Jan. 10. Hearing on
tho Xingary Falls power controversy are
on hero todnv before tho House com-
mlltee on foreign affairs. Tho House
is expected to pass the Cline bill which
gives the Secretary of War brnaa pow
ers over the hvdro-electric companies on
the American side o the Falls. The
measure would prevent the diversion of
more than 15,000 cubic feet of water
.nml for rvower purposes, snd
.u Mulmed tb-v saw s man fall out would mane me
of a boat and drown. slat, regulations on service snd tolls.
If the ftrict letter of the law passed
by the last legislature authorizing tho
county courts of the state to Issue and
sell bonds or county warrants for the
purpose of building good roods and
maintaining permanent highways is
to bo adherred to, thero i a doubt ex
isting in tho minds of many who have
become interested in the mntter, as to
whether or not the Marion county'court
pan legally call and hold a special elec
tion for tho purpose of voting on the
S."iO,0"0 bond Issue, now being con
sidered, until after the next gcnoral
election has been hold.
In support of this belief, section 7,
of chapter 103, of the 1913 session
laws, is referred to. The section reads
n follow:
"The county court shall have printed
to use at suc h special election lineup'
iug bond election for good roads pur
IKises) the samo number of ballots, both
official Imllots snd sample ballots, as
would be reuired by the election laws
at general election. The election shall
be conducted and the votes canvassed
in the same manner as s general eloc
shall act as Judges snd clerks st such "lection.
special election."
Old Officers Out.
In the event a special good ronds
election Is culled iu this county, it per
haps cannot bo held for the reason the
judges and clerks serving at the lust
geneml election, went out of office on
the first of January ami, according to
the section just quoted, it is necessary
that they serve as such Judges ami
elec tions at a special election held for
goods mads purposes.
Although a new set of judges and
clerks hBvo been appointed Slid are
now subject to call nt future elections
lliii year, the section specifically says
thnt the Judge and clerks serving at
the next preceding election must act
at spncinl bond elections. Thus it can
be readily realized that Inasmuch as
the old officers of election have
resigned, and Hie last general election
was .held In 1912, there would be no
legally appointed judges and clerks to
conduct S special election for the pur-
DlHtrlcts Changed.
Another feat urn which would make
it almost impossible to use old clerks
and judges of election is that tho pre
iucts were changed the first of the
year. .More Jmlges aim cierm woun
he required than served at tho last gen
erul election.
Thero may bo a technical loop hole
through which this stumbling block
iii!iv be evaded, it Is believed, tint as
tho luw rends it Is doubtful.
i;iectioii wherein bonds or warrants
ro Involved are conceded to be of
grave importance and each county
admonished to us very great care In
conducting such election.
Just wlit will be done in regard t
the plans being arranged for holding
the special election to vote on th
fsriO.nim bond Issue in this county ha
not been learned as yet, but It Is afo
to say that those managing the propo.
ition will ffive careful couiideratlon
to section 7 of the road laws,
Concord,' N. H., Jan. 10. Federal
Judge Aldrlch today ordered consider-
Hon of tho question of Harry Thaw's
admission to bail postimned until the
conclusion of tho pending habeas cor
pus proceedings,
Tho order was a distinct defeat for
tho Thawltos, who had expected Harry
would bo out on bail within a week. It
was generally believed that Thaw will
either bo sent back to Mutteawnn or
freed early in February.
Plymouth, Eng., Jan. 16. All hop4l
of saving submarine A-7 was abandon
ed at 10 o'clock tonight.
Plymouth, Eng., Jan. 10. With 18
living men on board, British submarine
A-7 was at the bottom of Whitsand
Bay, six miles from here, this evening,
unable to rise.
The submarine, maneuvering with the
rest of the naval flotilla dived severa
hours earlier. When it failed to reap,
pear at the surface within a reasonable
time other commandors became alarmed
and tried to learn what had happened.
Signals Message.
For a loug time their efforts were un
availing. At 7 p. m., however, the fol
lowing message was signalled to the
surface by Lieutenant Welman, in com
mand of the submerged craft:
"All safe. Mechanical damnge pre
vents rising.' Oxygen tubes working.''
Salvago tugs were rushed to the
scone, and grappling was begun for the
sunkon boat.
Powerful tugs wore making desper
ate efforts, to bring the boat to the
surface but in vain. It lay in bIx
fathoms of water, and in a difficult
and dangerous position where no diver
ould reach It.
Hubbies wore rising, indicating that
tho craft's frail shell hnd been pierced.
Naval men admitted they feared there
was no holp.
Every available vessel was on the
sceno, experts on each one listening for
mossngos by wireless tolephoue, a new
experiment in the British navy.
Tho A-7 carried two officors and H
Its crow was alive at 7 o'clock to
night. At 9 p. m., however, uo sounds
wero heard. '
It was officially admitted that un
cus the submarine could be raised soon
there was no hope, as 12 hours is as
ong as a boat of the A-7 class aa
remain KUDmcrgoa wiinouc costing me
lives of all on board. A gulo and a
rough sea were adding to the difficul
ty of attempts at rescue.
Mouth Ileud, Wash., Jan, 111, Mrs
Margaret Hess who alleges she was
driven from her claim on North Hivcr
Sunday night by a band of armed and
masked men, Is In South Bond today In
a pitiable state but with her fighting
sulrit fully aroused. Him stated thnt
she would return to her claim when
those she holds responsible for hor evlc
Hon am imprisoned.
Claiming that the members of th
liaud fired upon her and her tow sons
broke Into their imbln and finally set
firo to It, she intends to charge all of
those whom sho alleges she recognized
with first degree assault, burglary and
Sbji Francisco, Jan. 10. Trapped In
a balcony behind a glass partition by
flame, three Chinese lenix-d through
the glass panes and dropped tea feet
to sjifetv early today duriug a. flro
which partially destroyed the sales
rooms lnr of the Kim Chong compnny.
The men cscuped with sevoro burns and
painful cuts. The damage to the build
ing Bud stock was 2,."00.
Irvington, Cnl,, Jan, 10. A coroner's
jury returned a verdict today charging
V. A. Finlcy with responsibility for tho
death of Sumner Blacow, whom he ran
down with his automobile ncr here
Saturday night. Fluley will have a
preliminary hearing tomorrow on tho
charge of murder.

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