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found by Mrs. P. Bishop, the tbimble
A rose bridge, rarely surpassed in V'-T ; V ...r.. ,,.
beauty of appointment was pre JZiZ W,
over by Mm. li. B. Houston, yesterday I n I,n lta"ons T "u
afternoon, when she complimented P0""' .M"r 1;..Lo," J- rC
guests, Mr.. K. O. Kmmott, -Mr-. Frank f- ViV
Settlomeir, Mr,. J. C. IWn.nn and V'- J"'.? ' ' T A, '
Mrs. Blaine MeCord, of Woodl.urn. Ure- . Biiren, Mrs Joe kuimgart
The beautiful living and dining room, ' NIr"; h",lth- ,Mr9- Lta
were re.lolent with elurter. of .plendid !'' xr
Caroline Testout roses, intermingled !,'oh : M". frank Spears, Mrs.
with asparagus and wood ferns, which VaJlR.0,l,, Mrs Fred Stewart Mrs.
formed a veritable bower for the at- l Tb,e'?0' Mr";t C' J MI8ry'
traetively gowned guests. l' Jh "V"' ra"bI Mer"
Centering the serving table In the f''lt,V )'- J1, . Kl,,rl,1c' M't JV
dining room was a great basket filled, ,oror -M"- ( l.fford ivowu, Mrs. Eh.
with these decorations, the same fiow. Raters, Mrs. II. I.. Meyer, Mrs. (urtis
ers being also arrayed on the electric frow Rnssel t atlin, Mrs. 8 W.
mantle above, from which were 8U3. piio.i,p,on Mrs. Ralph Watson, Mrs.
pon.led strands of pink tulle, terminal- Jrt 1 Kuigliton, Mrs. Geo. Waters, Mrs.
ing at the four corners beneath. Kcunl-w- M- I'limpton, Mrs. T. B. hay, Mrs.
ly effective was the combination of West, Miss Cora Talkington,
Coses, forns and tulle on the mantle si I1,,a Jo'"', -Ilss Florence Mc
"oce in the living rooms, the color Kmme, Miss luufred Brd.
motif being completed with the roses!"
und ferns Silling brass receptacles aud" Mrs. IT. J. Bean was a charming hos
browu art baskets, and used in every .toss Wednesday, entertaining her four.
nvaibluble place. Itnblc bridge club, Mrs. J. 1). Sutherland
Nine tuliles were grouped about thefussistrng.
spacious living room, each . guests' ( Guests beside club members were:
pluco being marked with canfc embel-.Mrs. F. W. Spencer, Mrs. ( 1. Bishop,
lished with hand tinted roses In pink. M,s. Ralph Watsoa and Mrs. S. C.
In harmony with the rose motif were .Dyer. Mrs. John II. Albert wou the
lm nritua Ilia rxna trxr lilirli aonm Viniiin- L nnl limi.-,
.. ,i..;''i, k,i,i.,,.i I i x....'.' ...i r-..i:.. n.,..,. cient direction
; .
Who Appeared In Presentation Recital Monday Night.
Patient Received Photograph and Let
ter from Wife Recently and Became
Nervous Body Warm When Found.
of Mrs. r. I.. Black-' intermission occurred during which
of the same shade, and was awarded .roses, combined with asparagus, maiden '. fro! " ", lnmv " l'u-'"-e" '"'r . "t 'Z .1 . , " . . . ir . . .-, ,T.
to Mr, U. G.hipleyi thesecond prize, .r ami WOod ferns, banked the fire-! ' " T ,,1 ZiZt. I ' e r i.
an immense bouquet of Testouts", was
won by Mrs. Carl Webb.
Assisting about the rooms and in the
serving were: Mrs. Carey Martin, Mrs.
D. O. Minto, Mrs. A. f. Wain, Mrs.
Paul JSrhmidt and Mrs. W. 1". Babcock,
Miss Amelia Hancock greeting the
guests at trio aoor.
i left no dull moments in the remaining
portion or tne evening,
place in the liring room, and arranged!"'" ,r"m'"
, nasims an-! ijar. .meres, iei.t ineir The Om0lia sundny school class held Musical nniubeis included pleasing
and serving rooms.
Mis. W.
n g the we
ertained at
its regular monthly business meeting solos by Miss A va M.-Mahon and Miss
at the home of Miss Helen Ingrey, on ' Stella Graham two of tho university's
iavoriitj singers.
. . n,k...", ... .a t"-""- interest centering in tho installation of
reek-end in Portland, was ea-;t,. fniinwinir officers:
The invitutioiial list included tho
Making a slip noose out of his shirt
sleeve and fastening it around his neck,
Paul I.ody, a patient in the insane asy
lum, hung himself front a bed post at
an early hour this morning,
I.ody 's method of self-destruction
was simple and evidently speedy. He
were a "hickory" shirt und the cloth
was very strong. When the patient
had the sleeve tied around his neck,
he tied the tail of the garment around
n bed post and slid his body off tlio
bed until his head was pulled tightly
against the outer rail, lie then let his
feet go to the floor, with tho result he
soon strangled to death.
Tho patient's wife sent him a photo
graph of herself und the children re
cently; also n letter, and the man be
came noticeably ne.vous and restless
for several days past. The liightwntch
states that at four o'oclock or n little
before, I.ody was seen out of his bed
but was not doing anything that wuuld
lend the attendant to believe he was
going to injure himself. At five o'clock,
however, the patient was found hang
ing by tho bed. The body was still
warm, and every effort was made to
resusitnto him, but unsuccessfully.
I.ody was committed from Sheridan,
Oregon, and for a time was getting
along nicely. Upon receiving the letter
and photograph from his wife, he grew
worse again. Coronor dough investi
gated the enso and states that no one
is to blame for the unfortunate happen
ing. I.ody had been in the asylum only
a month and a half. Tho remnins will
be shipped to the home in Sheridan.
I '
f'liiengn, June (1. In Miss Georgia
thA fnii..win.f AffiiuiM. Misses Jieryi uoit. j-.rmiue iinruing,
lurrrn ai'ftiii vnatnnlnV 1 , . . ... . . Vnu4..11 A Uf..Vw.n I n n I i n. '. I n V- 'a fi..0 (UU limneli nt itrniiiiuit unit
Folbwiiig cards, many additional (lfterrtoon iven by irr9- Fre;ie;it,k A. ! ir.uL'" i.'.' ' .-tJ V ' Pennebaker. (i'eiievieve' Avison! Mildred ' aitninnt Homer Kodeheaver, Evangelist
guests called to greet the honor guests. Mih.h.. !' Bn, thelomew. Ruth Vounir. Bess Billv ISundav ' eiioir master, a scaled
I Miss' Glee' Alford treasurer and Miss Hocket, Olivo Rosche, Margaret Garri- j verdict was in the clerk of the court's
Marking an epoch in tho history of 'cet.jne Hohnnnoii 'class reporter. After'8011' Jrll,a iiot!ft"'ll Esther Einincl, hands today to bo oened ns soon as
U,llb . VIII lllllli 11117 ,UI,T I 11 II 1 11,11 II
last night after three hours' and 10
minutes' deliberation. ,
Decorations remaining the snme, Miss i
Vlnrnnf A Ttnuutnti in en torftn ttii ntr flinV..
members of the vounirer social contin-'u -V i 1 tno business session a social hour was " ""i " ' t, ' ,,
gnt tlds afte rnooS us ng eight tables "'r6 ieeUon on Tuesday afternoon; , , , illterestinK floral con. Boycr Inez Go tra. I'lorence Page,
gnii ims antrnoon, using eign taoies evelllnJ nt th(,lr rooul3 North : 'f r: u,.,i.. ii,.., ..i. Helen Pearce, Stidla Graham, Mario
tor- iin.ige, witn .Mrs rnui w mua, ubertjp Btm,t celebratrflg the formal ! iTf the ilrize Hofncll, Mrs. Hellinyer and Messrs.!
121" "i"':' tranafe'rral of the rooina, fulW eqniP1d "Vh eCl.i Its f.r ..m.el Kussell, (llareiiee Van Slyke,
Albert MintoinT irAZa a or P f thf 'J qet on May 12 at u home :"of Dr.Tnd !. "'.''
' menr. nr rnA .-mi em wnmnii a i- nn rn
Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Minto, Mrs. Wain
and Mrs. Babcock are assistants for-!
thin afternoon,
Chicago, Juno (I. Twenty thousand
dollars' damages for breach of promise
r. i-i r- L,i i i diaries uniinir, i iiuun luiim-nwn, was awarded io av to .hiss tieoro-ia
i ..I rs. j.. jl. onerwooti, wnen covers were . , T, , , V. r -..i ,.t i u..n ' . . . . . . ...
laid for 13. including class members 1 Axley, Rudolph Little, harles Hull Jay l,y the Jury which tried her case
- .., 1 v;i.,i 'Htann Hoguo, I'lnkhain lumen, ram against Homer rtodeheaver.
Todd, Alpheus (iillctte, James Head iiodeheavor was not in tho court
Tim Mr,l i,n.v n, !! Bain, Paul Homaii, Errol GilUey, Alrfed , room when the clerk opened tho scaled
ofr8e7 HearrJemy 'had6 p'anne" ' k'. Lb'l M tM ?' j"ry ".'""i
tor tho seniors was, on account of the , . . , lllsfatl'0(r,",-r "10Vf tor( Bt.,u'w ,rlMl UM;'
unpleasant weather,, converted into a fo.npliment.ng in Is Tlorothy Bird- nex hatnrday was set lor arguments
hm.se nnrtv Hmv , th. v,.nttin. fall, a member of the llll l class of tho on the question.
of tho guests were fully realized, tho scliool, Miss Margaret Poisal on-
he members of the association,
Hundreds or interested visitors can- a,i fr:p.ij
eel aunng tno receiving Hours, and
vere extended a e.ordinl welcome bv
hn niplllhoi-a nf flip flatiniiintinii a hnnnl
Following a yearly custom of enter- t0f ,iiVetors
taining for Mrs. Chnuneey Bishop, on,. For th(ir veMnre an nttrncttvo pro
her natal day, Mrs. C. D. Gabrielson B,.Bm n8s Hiven by mr cntertain
varied the usual informal plan of pf :,er. nurina the afternoon Mrs. Frank
taming with
, Exquisite
pink color
tout rosea, mingle.! w.tn maiden hair . ,, Jks. Br0S9 WPre hcar(1 in a R,-a.iuatea, the guessing und final dig- l'0,,rli0 ehati" ,Ui "Wer- wtt9 9firvoJ
fern. Garlands of these were looped ,..,i r . ' '. ,KUl ..ul ul3 ; fi, .11,, iiu nu n,l
.. 1 hi .i.ii. closure or eacn one s uientirr ncna. ........
An evening program was furnished inuinfr mucli nipri-imnnt M. !,,,. Miss Helen Farrer presiding at tlie
Jllimense 1.,, Af:eu r.rnnn Sniitli -na1iof. Mlaa ! .:..! : -i i i l-lljlt'lncr ilisheq. (illPsts foilllll their
i".' .-..- ..., lii 1 si -a 11 11 1 vr - nil niiieru wei-n
lone Fisher, reader; Mrs. T. H. Clallo- j rendered, among them a harp solo by I'!BI'es hy tin-v rilnl9 l(;,or"t,'l Wltl1
way, vocalist; JIts. Frank Fnckey, Miss Gertrude Campbell. After the re- in cap aim gown.
The Quality Shoe Shop
444 State Street ,
New Styles for Men
in Edwin Clapp Shoes and Oxfords.
Tan Vici Kid Blucher Oxford. . . .$6.00
Black Vici Kid Blucher Oxford. . .$6.00
Black Vici Calf and Kangaroo
Blucher Shoes 36.50 to $8.00
No matter what stjle you select, you
are absolutely sure of getting your
money's worth of
Style, Comfort, Wear and
Try a pair.
Expert shoe fitters to wait on you.
The House of Personal Service.
s present. She did not
ipr iliUiirlif lint iliiinteil
eight tables of auction la ia " ,illrt. and Miss Turner also ldav- L ? ti. L.: .... ' .... '.' irradiiation shower,M askiiig the mciu-1 audibly when the clerk read, (he verdict.
A.,l ninim uMAmranlmmi nt wl-.-i:... '' I.,, ... .. 1 . . I.nn 'nt her infiirmnl' dnh niul a few I Her friends crowded about her after;
decorations producing a fmwu Miss Lctha Driscoll and Miss1,!.,, i, J. , . " additional Bursts. ' " nd.joiiinmeiit, kissing ami congratulut-1
motif were effected with a. Mnl.;0n Emmons, who delighted with Uvith a piano solo Seven class pro.die-' Eollowing, enrds, nt which Miss Jes-; mg her.
of pink La France and Tes-fviMn m,mh(,r. r- jnV,.u,n.. Pin. . . " , " ... iC? -'.a,f 1 sin Holenml, secured tho urize. n three-1 ' -
above the archways between the rooms
and filled baskets, bearing
loops of pink chiffon.
Miss Ilila Jones and Mrs. Ralph Wat
son were successful contestants for
Assisting Mrs. Gabrielson were Mrs.
Tl. Il I - 1 II- .hi r -i
..urn. nouens m, i .uiss A inen Jioores, ;-arpoa,.eil in. a )inito mo
ri.i" ts "- Aliss Grace Kinilh. Miss
Decorations of Caroline Testotit roses
iiniwiisie .wiss uiirinide irwin nnu .uiss ; centinn the wmtouaea ami mmai.
I'lora Cone, pianists in duet; Miss Nel-ipnired to the U." C. classrnnms which arranged in brown art baskets, were
lie Schwab, vocalist. Miss Irwin also had been converted into a banquet hall, i "ve'1 to 'arrir ont the I""k brow"
attractively decorated in re,l and preen eolor se"'P. tnese colors uemg inr-
Marie' the class colors. At each senior s Int.-tlu'r displayed in the score cards,
tribntin the uniii.e favor, miniature ',s,liwab M(ls Tone risuor an,, Miss Car. ; WM a tiny , ara,cd to re.Us-.it t,,e l'il'adCd candles, and also in
nosegays of fragrant old-fashioned ,rip XproJ 8(.rveil dnri Ue pvelli , h h Z'hee7,tt ured ' t e tho refreshment
flowers. Concealed . these were the , with Mtss Gene Bell al Vig, Althea prophecies , aking ,,iq,e ai 1 ,, I Quests for this evening were: Miss
various emblems, the bine bird being Mnnr(,s (,iaicnsing refreshments during dated place cards. '"'"Dorothy Hmls.,11, Miss Helen Karraf,
Tarrytown, N. Y., .Iinie (1. Police I
Magistrate Moorehouse today fixed!
.lime 1-th as the dato for hearing the
cases of the ten men and one woman
accused of interrupting traffic, in Euiiu-j
t-iin Square a week ayo by engaging I
in an miti '-Rockefeller demonstration
The prisoners were brought here by j
automobile, tho men hamlciittcil in
pairs, from White Plains, tho county
seat, where they have been in jail.
Cpton .Sinclair, Alexander llei-liiiian
The Piano of Sincerity
From its conception in the muster mind that originated it, to the very
last finishing touch, the Packard is a piano of sincerity. In form, in
tone, in every quality it is sincerely good. Every dealer who sells
it is sincere in tho knowledge that no piano as good can be sold fur less.
K. F. PETERS, Mgr.
Society aad Commercial
1 Printing.
Phone 1512.
Rooms 1-3, Patton Block
Daddy's Bedtime
i..,l aI..i..u twt-i til ii Kftllrt l-niitu til
the afternoon. Following the banquet all withdrew'84. A,'a1' H 'l?Me ilo,(;.ol"',! aid the defense ami llarknian promised : El
ine rest roojn has been open to the ; to the spacious recreation hall, the ; !"le '10"' J" .'eiinio reai-ce, to ,t for ,ho (,(,V(,n this a,lr.
iiarrieii ,. ti, ,,n,.i..i nt "nn in
Mar-, ""T- ' '
Miss Olive Metcalf left Wcdnesdnv ! V"'t lam, .Miss Olive lieck-, JAp SHIPS 0F WAK ARRIVE
for Sheridan to be the anest of her . lu-v- M lr''"'' Churchill and Miss, AT SAN FRANCISCO
sister, Mrs,
lays. Together thev will atteml the i San Francisco, .lime i. Carrying
Rose Carnival in Pnrtlnn.l Mini M. Invitations arc out for the seventieth thun l.'.lID officers, cadets and
cair returning homo the last of next ' am"lal commenc. -m. 'nr. exercises oi i n
week. lamettc university, to be held at tho
'First Methodist church, Wednesday
Occupying a conspicuous plu.-e jn-j morning, June 17th, nt ten o'clock.
Willamette University circles the i.nat
week was the reception iriven la even, i Miss Louise and
Ifmblic since last September, and dur-1 polished floors proving a most alluring Mi!,s Irl"a li,,tHfor'l 1I"rl
jing that time 5,402 visitors have called. ! attraction until a late hour. Higdon, Miss Agnes briscoll, Miss I
" It has been' especially appreciated! ' garet Garrison, Aliss Isabel Mctlilch
live Metcalf left Wednesday Mi Voilet McClain, Miss Olive lieck-, JAp .
Ian to be the guest of her lu-v' Mm I,ori'",(! -ii"rclulI and Miss
s. C. T. Doughty, for several 01,ve Iios(t,e- , j
especrally apprec
by out-of-town people, and has also
proved a great convenience to down
town shoppers, as well as to working
girls and women, the noonday lunches
being liberally patronized, an average
of 30 persons being served each day.
The rooms have been under the effi-
The Little
Pig Who Was
Snook John Was a
Spoiled Pig.
ing, the Christian Association receiving Sacramento, Cal., passed through Ha- harbor,
in honor of the senior class of the col-1 'em Wednesday on their way to Port- anchor
ailors, two foreign ships of war, thei
Asaina and the Aziiina, ot the Japanese
navy, arrive t in port today ami worn,
given a royal welcome by the coast do-1
fense guns and the whistles of piacti-'
.Marie Roberts, of cnllv nil the craft in Sun Francisco
Tho big cruisers dropped ;
in "Man o'War Row" where;
lego of liberal arts in the ronmv halls 'land, where they will be entertained by thev will remain until June 1 4th. I
of the Websterian and Adiilunte liter-' Mrs. Charles Kanim until nfter tho rose Since leaving Japan April -0 the
nry societies. , festival, when they will return to Hu- cruisers have visited Honolulu, llilo and
The rooms were tastily decorated ' leni, to be guests of the W. (,'. Knigh-'s'nn lydro. From this port they will
with a profusion of vinery and roses. '. tons for several weeks. steam north en route home.
In the receiving line were Miss Inez I 1
Ooltra, Miss Mildred Bartholomew and! Chaperoned by Mrs. Charles L. Dick,' in,.cii Irene and Verna Coolev, who are
iMessrs. Harold .lory, Walter (iliescr I Mits Jennie Fry and Miss Maude Dur- i,P .,iiKts for tho week end. !
nn.l n:nT.l.n n:ll t. e l- -!... - - u:.. :..n.. 1 t .u- ' " .. . ...!.. ..-.t
, , , , , . . , .ht ,,. nn,i nnltn tlrert 1 umicri in me v.nristinn uin, a juhv rriinu ui mo vuiiiiKi-r run-, nc time passed swiiuy wun giuiies
ACK arid Evelr. tad be to I tt Dean and Mrs. Oaylard Il.ltingent enjoyed a delightful afternoon ,, jnvciile merry-making, followed by,
una siee,ij. out me nmm u iiaitcrson; .uiss Aggie Alford, Miss out of doors Wednesday, filling sever- 11,t luncheon, the dainty col Dr ettcct
I j
M unslnlrs.
"What in the world will I tell you about tonight r asked duddy.
"Oh," laughed Jack, "you kuow you have a story ready for us! Now,
haven't you, daddy ?"
"Well, maybe I could think up one if I tried."
"I think you could," said Evelyn.
"If Evelyn thinks I can, too, I will have to tell a slory noout n llttlo pig.
for 1 know she Is very fond of little pis'-
"There was once a very spoiled little pig named Snook John. He kept all
his family busy attending to his wants, and they were many. I can assure
you. He thought he was very delicate and that be mustn't overcxercise, so lie
made bis family believe he was that way. In fact, arter constant spoiling, he
began to actually think he was n very fragile little pig. He Imagined be had
heart failure and indigestion nn.l neuralgia.
"One day there was a party in the nlr. Great whisperings went about ns
to when and whore the party should be and what they should do.
"Finally they decided that they would go to a nearby swamp where there
was the most wonderful marshy ground to burrow iu.
"And Snook .kbn could not be persuaded to go. nud be tried to make the
others feel a little unhappy about going and leaving blra. Of course they
were used to his acting In such n way. but still It did spoil the fun a little
bit to fee! they were leaving Snook John nil alone nt borne.' They tried to
make him go. but he said that he had such trouble with his heart that be
wouldn't dare.
"I have to look after myself, as no one else cares whether I live or die.
aid Snook John In a whlny voice.
"That isn't true,' said the others. "Hut we know you would feel bettor
If you came.
"That shows you don't understand.' said Snook John, trying to look
Laura Austin, Miss Ethel Caseberc, ; al automobiles, they motored to Snong's jeinir carried out in the menu, ami also
Miss Electa Chapman, Miss Rene Mic-. Ferry, on the Willamette, where they j table and dining-room decorations,
key, Miss Lottie Penn, Miss Laura served a picnic lunch and filled e.v-j,IH;g r0SPS alli pink-shaded candles.
Heist, Miss Mary Pigler, Miss Esther eial hours with general merry making., Assisting Mrs. Cooley were Mrs. ().
Plumer, Miss Winnie .Schramm,! Those making up tlie party wereii.;. Price and Mrs. A. L. llcadrick in
.insB x.iiiin inerwooa, .miss Vivian .Miss .Marjorie Kay, Miss Uertrude entertaining the following little people:
iiiuiij;, .mr.li uim nne, mth. ; r.ast, .Miss Irene umsf .uiss uoriuce
Ivan Bellinger, Mrs. Kobert Allen and; Craig, Miss Marv Creed Howard, Miss
Messrs. fcrrol Gilkey, Waldo Mills, Geo. j Cary jfoward, Miss Margaret Hodgers,
Lois .lory, Thelma Voung, Margaret
Livesley, Ethel Livesley, I.uella Har
nett, Leolin Harnett, Esther Lankiii,
Agnes Martin, Evelyn Johnson, Stan
ley Price, Howard Price, Charles Lives-
vandervert, Lester Proebstel, Benjamin Miss Carolvn IJi.k, Messrs. Franklin
.Neustel, Huil Homan, Herman Clark Miller, Orris Frv, Frederick Deeka-
and Kobert Allen of the .Senior class. bach. Frank Dnrliin. Alan Jones. Al-1 1.. ...! ln.,l,ino l!rntf
The music for the evening was fur-1 frt.s Xoian ami Mr. Hoover. " ...
rnsiie.i oy a victoria, tne guests being ... . . nt(,rtlt;11,ent will be given
Mr. Cnyler Vance Van Patten an' by the young women of the First Con
Miss Lola Lucille Humphreys were regational church next Monday even
quietly married in Portland Tuesday j,, some, of the best talent of the city
ifr !., L.ul IV.n..,i1.,ulifiiiul ,.lm...l. i -
vr:.,. i ri..t.i ai 4 : ....... tailing mrv.
iinm uuimuni, -uurLaii-l I oieni, p,. r n .,.,. ,.,f.,., .!,,.,. . . ...... r, . .! . ,.,..
Paulina toi, nM.o h n Ann W n. I -.. J . w,"i 1' - - "ft ,vi- I'lirfV I rfSl'lILl JV.IIlllll.11, IHU
. u.i.i... . 111111.111111,1, ..i.iic .viiri, liim ; iniy
Eleanor Kiiby i M ' y , j( ,he only f
The majonty of the student hoi, , the we.kll0WD residents, Mr. and Mrs.
as well as many additional guests called narcm.e Vun Patten.
permitted to listen to many selections
given by singers of international re-j
pute. !
Hefreshments were served bv the
during the evening.
Mrs. Van Patten is the oldest daugh-
. ., . , . , . i ter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Humphreys,
Among the more important of recent :.u i . .u.. ...... L. :..
university affairs was the Progressive1... .- . ,;. , ,,
Ttnnt nartv oiven t.v ho Mi..,. M,. i l"5 Jr'iKiT '" " . a. Jium-
ular reader, will be the principal enter
tainer, reading the series of "Love
Letters of a Musician," by Myrtle
Heed, well known vocalists and mu
sicians furnishing him a musical ac
companiment. Those who will appear on tho pro
gram will be George C. L. Snyder, Miss
Margaret Hodge, Mrs. 11. W. Jlross,
iiuun i'oh? Kiivii n iuc i i."Mrn .iiur- i , . ii i i i
t 'a ir,... -i Vhryf of the Wal.lo 1
Kuby at the Poisal residence on Friday I 7"'.rl """"" "'V iy i .Mrs. .juiia Mross i inncii, .uiss i.er. ,ce
nt iof -djooU " w"l make their home for the summer Kauter, Miss Bernice ( lark. Miss
. .. . at. th. van I'nllnn unfffliia fin
The rooms were prettily
i. i t i. n......
with an abundance of roses and preen- 8""'". wnere -r. van i anon is em- man.
. r.. .i. .11 t,j i ov ihn nw n hl horror, n hinre vellow : ery, large vases of choice
decorated at the Van 1'at,n" cottaKe on the fair-, Bertha Clark and Miss Kvelyn Hcigl
d Breen- ' wnerB Jlr- 1 anon is em
beauties Sf'T"' by State Architect Knighton
the new pavilion and 811111101411111 Alumni of the Salem high school will
-, " -'- " " ,,i .:' : i...i ..i on the n
Jacket approaching him. The awful thing came nt-nrer ami nearer nnu men ; "Irnn,, fh. ,in(trnllere .,. .1,. which is in course of construction. give a reception to the class of 1914
etung Snook John with such force that he screamed und wreamea in pain. . .!arf.neg 1 ... at the high school building, Saturday
"But It taught Snook John n lesson, for it was the first real pain be had t'ontesting for honors at Rook fur-' Fifteen small folk enjoyed the hos- evening, June 13. An elaborate pro
evet bad. nnd afterward he didn't make a fuss about Imaginary pains." ; Bisnei interesting entertainment for ' pitality of Mrs. R. II. Cooley yesterday gram is being prepared by the officers
. ,the earlier part of the evening when an , afternoon, when she entertained for heof the association for this event.
June 29, 30, July 1, 2, 3, 4
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