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Things We Never See
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: Baseball : jStuffy Mclnnis
Northwestern League Standings.
parly knockout."
Tiio boxing expert of the Evening
News hail the. following to say of Kit
chie todays
"Ritchie is in wonderful condition.
I anil no Minxes wuu me Bpeeu.oi u
snake. His training bouts indicated
I that he has a bewildering variety of
Liehtwelght Champion Said to Be In blows and he ia a splendid defensive
Vancouver .
Spokane ....
V ictoria
Portland ..
.... 54
.... 52
.... 40
.... 33
.... 29
.... 30
By A. M. Corrlgan.
riue Fettle and Fans Are Confi
dent Will Reclaim the Title.
anil offensive fighter. The general Idea
that the American la devoid of a punch
is erroneous. His work was a revela
tion to me. Welsh will need all his
nlAvArnnya in artn "
WELSH 13 A FAVORITE ,.,,-,' rmnin "i fiv( tn follr fa.
IN LONDON BETTINOl Vorite in tho betting today, but it was
predicted that tho fighters would enter
Chips' Victory Over Murray a Fluke,
Clabby's Victory In Australia Puts
Him lu Line for Middleweight
London, July 0. Both Willie lfitchie,
the ring at even money
Tho Hcv. J. H. Bouniers today agreed
to act as master of ceremonies at tBe
fight. Scores of clergvmen filed pro
tests with the bishop of Islington
inguiust such action.
lightweight champion of the WOrld, j LATE BING GOSSIP
and Freddie Welsh of Knglaml, tapered
off in their work today for their sciied-1 New York, July 0. George Chip's
uled 20-round bout here tomorrow night; recent knockouts in California of Sailor
nt the Olvmpin. The American planned ' K lVtrorkcy of Snn Francisco and
to arrive' in London tonight from his " Hghting Hilly Murray of Sacra
training quarters and will stop at a ! monto nave convinced New Vorkers
private house. His wife and biibv nr-; that Al Mc( oy s victory over the I'onn
rived from America aboard the Aqni-1 "vlvainnn was a fluke. It is pointed
finia nn.l await him at the Waldorf, out that the Hrooklymte has not won
Ititchio today scut the following tele-, a victory over nny opponent since he
gmm to the Loudon office of ihe Unit flattont-l Chip with a punch in n New
ed Press: 'or rl"K- McCoy s most notable op-
' " Mv Vendition is perfect. I expect ; ponent he defeated Chip was M,ur
to force the fighting and hope for nil I "' '"' the Culiforniiin bent him easily
i -1 both times. Followers of the game pie-
Yesterday's Results.
At Spokane Spokane 1-4, Portland
At Seattle Seattle 3, Vancouver 3.1
At Victoria Tacoma 1 1, Victoria 10,
Western Tri-State League Standings.
W. L. Pet
Pendleton 4(1 32
Walla Walla 4.3 34
Baker 35 42
North Yakima 31 47
Yesterday's Results.
At Walla Walla v. alia Walla 3
dletou 2.
At North Yakima Buker 6, North
Yakima 1.
.590! V
.455) ..
1 A
cure of the habit. This omission may
be supplied by some enterprising ad
San Francisco, July 6. The most dis
couraged and dejected young man in
San Francisco today was Billy Murray
of Sacramento, who was knocked cold
in the fifteenth round of a scheduled
20-round bout at Daly City Saturday
afternoon by George Chip of Newcastle,
Pa. Murray attributes his defeat to
ovorconfideiice and is anxious for an
other bout with Chip.
Manager Jack Kearns announced to
Red McGhee says:
The most unlikely-lookin' pup may
cop blue ribbons when grown up, up-
seiiin' an me u,oj.
IThe rcrawny-lookin'
Stuff Mclnnis join
ed the Macks the
wise ones made a
lot o' cracks 'bout
foundling institutes.
Their laughin' rang
out loud an ' strong
the funt
can t be done." But Connie piayea
his hunch. He know tho kid was short
on height but figured he'd produce all
right because he had the punch. That
first year Stuff was just nineteen but
in that swell in-field machine he fit
(Tacoma Ledger.)
Those who refuse to abide by the
laws of right living and right thinking
always have to pay and usually pay
with heavy interest. A once prominent
lawyer in a neighboring city has volun-l
teered to the prosecuting attorney the
infnrmfltinn flint liA Ifl ft fnronr Ami hftA
fauntlcroy, a reg lar j 8urrcntIcre(, nileif to the sheriff, pre
sissy when a boy,;pare(1 to take ig punishment. He is
grows up bigimore than joq.OOO on the wrong side
White Hope. When, , .. j d r Bnd without a cent with
wnich to make good. He says nign
living did it that and recklessness in
speculation through which he had hoped
to meet his inordinate expenses.
It is a pathetic tale he tells of how
he committed his first crime to secure
mnnnv fnr livincr Axnftnses: how he
whon Connie j could not meet the forged note when
this kid 'fore long it became due; how he felt forced to
would will ol' Da-j forge again to shield himself, and then
vis' boots. n nliintrB into aneculation in hone of
mnkinir a biff enouirh bunch of money
That kid? Au, cut to holD im out It is the 0i,i ca9e over
Tho, tans all said. " aaain of the man trying to lift himself
bv his bootstraps. It is an oft-told
tale: but. somehow, not all men seem
to become as familiar with it as they
Some who will not learn from the ex
perience of others must go through the
furnace of experience themselves to
Pure Cane Sugar $5.15
Everything for canning
Fruit Jars, Caps, Rubbers, etc.
Choice lot of the season's best berries.
Let us fill your market basket.
Prompt service. Thorough sanitation.
Westacott-Thielsen Co., Inc.
Successors to
Thielsen Cash Grocery L. A Westacott & Co.
151 North High
of other people's money. Well, a swift
run is soon over; a slide down hill is
quickly madoj the door to the prison
is always wide open.
Now, in his failure and woe, he is
counting up what interest he has pstitl
and must continue to pay, on that first
forged note. Other men with less abll-
ty, Has money, less social advantages
just like a glove. There must be
sprincs in Stuffy 's legs; ho gathers inii... tilfli forcred note must some dja7 than he have gone along honestly, eat-
il.. ... J 1 1 .. . . V, V. ni.loa Kalnw - .. . . i 1 ... T 1 : tV. 1 1 1, 1 n 1 1,. . P
iiiw nniit-ai rr6a oiui, "-'w"i:iail oue. wim lnieresi wnicn ma uevii . uik mu euiucu huu nuuicaumD huih w.
delights to extort. This man has been prosperity.
as successful as any could hope to be. He has chosen to quaff tho stolen
along those lines. He has secured and poisons; and they have done their part
spent in fast living more than $20,000' as they always do.
An' he don't fall down at the bat.
Ask anv pitchin guy 'bout that.
I They 'II tell you Stuffy 's there. Hts
two-base wallops sure look like tine a
.lav that he intended sending Murrav to '' ' m.e J t
the mountains for a month's rest, it Is ! PJ1 tthe ,H!'-, ,"J,
San Francisco, July 8. The event
ful elopement of Leo Freeman and Miss
Lillian Schabert of. Portland terminat
ed happily today in the wedding ii the
runaway sweethearts here. The cere
mony was performed by the Rev. Fa
ther Stark, chaplain of the city pri
son. Tue couple left Portland nearly
a month ago and came to San Fran
cisco to be married. They were arrest
ed, however, at the request of parents.
Miss Schabert was held until today,
when she received permission from her
parents to marry Freeman. He was re
leased a week ago.
It 1.1! t , !.. anfnt
. :n VOUlluSlur vi Ull r I, B I I'liil.? uuiiiaici
it tirst sur- r: r. f ; .
t ii ii t simicivs ur iiusiiiu iu I'uu vi
VOien In SALEM, OREGON, stop
Strictly Modern.
Free and Private Baths.
SATES 75c, $1.00, 1.50 PER DAY
Tlie ouly hotol lu the business dbtrict.
Nearest to all Depots. Theatres and
Capitol Buildings.
A Home Away from Home.
T. O. BLIGII, Trop.
Both Phones. Froe Auto Bus,
possible, however, that
have to um
ibunnged left oitic first
r. ...... i :.. fi... ..n..A...i ...ifi. At
i,-K-n in. hi in in" ni-iuu.i in mm in . . , .
diet that McCoy will never consent toMc('ov in New York and the punches j sl"K,e 'u,r "a,luu"B-
i meet l hip again. Chip landed on the eye did it little
I Clubby 's win over Kddie McGoorty ; good. Murray spent mi st o'. yesterday
ion n foul in Sydney, Australia, Satnr- j nursing his buttered features and pon
i day makes him loom up as the man 1 dering over lost opportunities.
most entitled to the middleweight chain-1 Chyi was about town yesterday
jpionship held by tho late Stanley Ket-1 showing but few marks of battle. Man-
i liell. The Hammond scrapper is about nger .limniy Dime believes that his man
j the cleverest middleweight in the game is more entitled to the middleweight
i with the possible exception of Alike! title than Jiininv Clubby.
i Gibbons. Promoter Cof froth has prom-, "Chip
iseil ( hip a iiiateh with Clubby and tho is more
? All Aboard"
for Dixie Queen
. . - - -)
lit acres of timber bind
Orejimi Klei'tric railroad; will trade
fur city property; price. "niO per acre
(St. Louts Globe-Democrat.)
People who have entertained alarm
that the progress of the prohibition
movement will deprive them of the
cup that cheers may take more than
au academic iuUrcst in a theory that
knocked out Murrav and that is attractively set forth by the editor
tiinn Chibbv ever did." said : of the New York Medical Times. Ale'
winner will only have to reckon theu Dime. "Murray also bested McCoy i contends that there are certain meuiai
with Gibbons before being rccogni.il twice, which makes it more evident j experiences that are virtually "spree- j
as (iie middleweight champion of the , than .ever that his knockout of Chip j equivalents. '' He describes some of ;
world. Gibbons has promised to en-j was a fluke. these, using the phraseology which ,
gnge in a -iiround bout in California "We arc willing to take on Sturray ; prohibition workers have made fa-j
mid it now looks as if the question of! for a return match, or will tackle Mikei miliar in their assaults on the demon j
who's who in the middleweight divis- 'Gibbons just as Promoter Coffroth de-! rum. lie talks of "sociological de-1
ion will be settled in or nliout Sim eides. Ve had n talk with Col froth I baneb.es " and "morbid religious in-:
Francisco. ! Saturday night and Chip may be seen j toxiention' ' ami declares that the vie- j
McCoy declined here Hint lie was uift in action here again soon. Boxing isjtims arc affected by the same funda-j
ii bit siiriiiiseil over Chin's Imiukiiiit mir luwimw urirl it U imp uim In mnvn 1 ine ii till factors that underlie certain
of Murray, : ,v competition Hint Chip is the clinm-
"l.'hip," he said, "pneks a harder ii'ion of the middleweight division."
punch tliiin Murray but when the bout
j is only for 1 rounds it is n hard propo-; SEALS ARE DESPONDENT.
sit ion to put it over on the iilitoiuian
San Francisco, Jitlv (
10 ucres of good laud all uu ler cull I
Viitioii; will take city property as part
p.mueut; price $2 W0.
r nercs good land nearly all under
vation four miles from Salem and i lose
t: railroad statinn; price $750;
lon n, balance $" per month.
.r acres good laud nearly n! uinlei
riiltivution, houso and burn all kind1
of fruit, sightly bnution. close to street 1
car line; will take good city properly i
in exchange.
i- nit i-
Italiai. prune trees l't year small , , Mftrta His onlv setback of th
bouse, burn, snriuo water Dined to bam. I
running water through place, tl mile
rum Salem; price $.1730.
tonus or aicoiiousm. ue luciuues ;
among the peuple subject to the at
tacks of psychic unrest tho most active
temperance propagandists. ,
This will furnish the people who
Dismal fail-1 l)r,',,'r another kind of intoxication a
sciemme ivi'ii mi iu use kii.--i
i'Mrunkeu'' reformers. They may iu
! sist that it is nil a question as to
' whether the same results shall be
procured from spirits of the grain or
from psvehie derangement. There!
i will be a new insistence on liberty of
j choice of intoxicants. Hut the psychic
s.'hiiol will have some advantages in
j tho argument, not the least being the
j matter of cost. Py reading a few in- j
i expensive tracts and listening to a!
few speeches they acquire, at nominal!
exuense. a "iag" that it would re-
quire a week 's wuges to accumulate in
the traditional way. They will also
be able to make a formidable array of
statistics gathered from courts and
pcuiil institutions pointing to after
effects of other forms of intoxication.
However their argument may influ
ence the opposition it will be satisfy-
: ing to its proponents and they will revel
in their psychic debannehes.
Hut the eminent, medical authority
docs not coiitine his attention to tne
temperance propagandists. He at
tributes queer happenings in church
I politv and piactice to the netivties
'of psychic debauches. He notes "the
! curious paroxysmal addiction of eer-
tain interesting figures in eoniein-
I.os Angeles, Cal., July (!. The Oaks' ! porary life to social reform of one
losing streak is uubroken and Khinke1 sort or another." He finds the de
has lost another game. That is i'.e, rangement especially marked among
aiimiiin iv nt tii,i-th nf .I1- iritnlr in kA i.v.tai.linr. nt wev TiifortllS. He
last mouth was nt the hands of the i., i.;,,,!,,, : iin.inii ;o Th.: ...... !,. th-v fcv. been "obsessed
V'uiee, , dBK!1 after dropping five out of niiie ;bv the determination to exhibit all
games, have departed sadlv tor home, the indecencies of sex ntierration
AccountH of ti.e fiu lit indicate that
Mnmiy began to tire after the tiith
round and all ( hip bad to do then was
10 wait the opportunity of putting over
the haymaker.
"Nothing would suit mo better than
to meet Chip again. Next time, how
eer, 1 would like to meet him iu Cali
fornia, where they allow "O-round
lights. I am anxious to convince tlie
public that I am ( hip's master and
t lint my knockout of him in a New York
ring was not u fluke.
Portland, Hie., .lulv ti. With t.ie
lire marked the efforts of Del Howard
mid his crew of Seals to" better their
standing in tlie (oast league race
as a result of their clash here
Inrt week with Harry Wolvertou's
eassy Sacs. Sncraiuento won tive out
of the eight games ami ns n result the
Seals now are resting in third place,
leading the Heavers by the scint mar
gin of three points.
Howard and his men are en route to
Portland for this week's scries with the)
Heavers, but the Seal skipper would
make no predictions regarding the out
come of the clash.
Mv men are in clutches of old Joe
Nothing like a good satisfying
chew or a rich, fragrant smoke
to keep your nerves steady and
your head clear. Street car
men are about the busiest lot
of fellows on earth. Starting'
stopping watching traffic
taking care of passengers
something's going on every
It would be a tough job for
them if they didn't have their
Dixie Queen to smooth out
the kinks; but it's "All Aboard
for the Contentment Avenue Line" when
they use this rich, mellow, satisfying tobacco. '
ll Hi
Tf 'II if I
.-. t ...... I 1.....1 ll ., I....
vation, good fruit or berrv land; will ,,,K"", .01,,t ot their buoyant sails, Slump, raid Howard. " Kverytuing is
take eitv lot as part ravmonl; price ; 1 "ll,'l'l'v "' ''is equally i.n- going wrong and the men are not lut-
..1,1,) iioi'r crew oi nan iiissers were en tmg. I lie Heavers are going along at a
'route to ( alifornia today. They drop-, fast clip, taking six of eight games
I ncrc of good land, family oi '1'iu.l. ' i''d six of the eight games played with from the Tigers. We are up against n J
well, bunted on main macadam road Portland. This was the best record of toui'h proposition this week. '
leading into Salem; price :iiO; $.10, the week iu the Coast league and the "Hub" Pemoll and Lefty Leifield.
c.ish, da In nee $10 per month, ti per tent Heavers nre now just half n game be-; are Howard's most consistent winners,
interest. hind the Seals tor third place. Fanning has been unable to strike his
' The double xiitnry of the Heavers stride and until he does the Seals can-
20 acres of good land, nearly all Sunday placed just three games be-. not hope to get back up among the
liiuler cultivation, f h.hm of bearing ' tween them and the Xcnitinns for the leaders.
poach orchard, land lias gnad drainage. leadership el the league. All of which !
fiiio building site, 3... miles from 1 goes to show that the Heavers are the1 OAKS LOSE IN LOS ANGELES.
nniemi price t-hjo. rem ciimntrs.
,,, , , , , , I I!' Higijinbothain's victorv in the
W acres of good land, 20 a res undci i filkt Sl,!lV ,..,. fi,.,
cultivation, 10 of which were set to 1 ,i ;,.:, :,.. , .,,
lot, ea-t front, f,""":' l0:it two dining tho week to(Wni9 thff victorious Angeles are awaif-; While he does not discuss the English
louse, close to 1 C V .. : ing confidentlv the arrival of Wolver- militants, we presume that they are
is is a map. " 1 r:''"''fo ''o'nes this week and ,, ciimbing Sacramentans to begin of the same " psvehiatrie type." He
Muniigcr .k( redic is hopeful of taking promises to be au interesting concludes, very charitably, that these
Snerameutans. Kov Ilitt of
who had won five straight shutout
!i-roon house, comer
bearing fruit, store house,
hool; price. J'.'OO. Th
series. "snree-emuva ents ' are more wnoie-
I Fhmke' defeat was the fifth straight some than would be alcoholism it
Use the tnott efficient busi "" that exployed phenomenon. Seven self, a fact due to the-unusually high
ness method to supply y0ur : hits, for six runs, in less than thre? in- principles and motives of the vie-
wantsand that method is a The week- worR was featured bv as to the probable duration of such
Want Ad in thlt paper. Cut the slugging of Wolter and Ellis. Also, ' sprees, it is possible that there are
( the cornersdeal direct. I the Oaks showed signs of actual life classes, some being merely snnsmodic
i and save a fair account of themselves, and occassional reformers, while others
n .,, ' I-ouis Lachmund is in London, Eng- Kumors were circulated today that are habitual psychic drunkards. Nor
ROOM 2 BUSH BANK BLDG.land, on a business trip. j Venice will sell Kranx llosp to Oakland, does he recommend any institute for
If you want to buy trade er sell see , the series.
W. H.
Plug Cut Tobacco
is made from pure old Burley tobacco, aged from three to five'years
so as to bring out its full ripe flavor and rich fragrance.
Most sturdy, live men won't use any other brand, once they've tried
DIXIE QUEEN because no other brand
has the snap, the taste and the honest
sweetness of DIXIE QUEEN. It gives
you big, juicy satisfaction such as you
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. fli j lit

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