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MOTION TO DISMISS '. xiujri 'Svk: caillaux trial
lT1fl t1tlWttlt I ITT 1
JUntO nllhUKAWAL (hum mtmtM t t
Prosecution Dropt Case When Husband
. Refuses to Test 1j BUverton Liquor
CtM Are Also Dropped.
judgmeut was in the mm of 2!KJ.
Socialist Shows
(Continued tyom- page one.)
controversy, a th ng strictly against .
Kmiliah precedent
.Nevertheless, tne party leaner, in-i
First Wlo Plays a Leading Trump by Some of the Democratic Senator Want k
! Producing the Much-Talkedof Let- President's SUtement and May Fly 1 1
tors and Handing Them to Attorney. 1 the Beaten TiacX.
No. 1 of the fireuit court were deprived ( arson, the anti-home rule leader; A.; " ------- - -
of a sensation today when Judge Kelly Itonar Law, conservative chief; John sepu ( aillaux to.lay when he stepped son a wun.irawai, at me appointee ti
allowed the motion to dismiss the suit Redmond, head of ' the Irish delegation j fro, his automobile at the palace of own request, of the nomination fft
lion- K Wriidit who was in- l"""""l -1 Juttif to atten.l the trial of his wife, 1 nomas u. Jones orcmeago lor a piacs.
11609 " m" 'the house of commons, responded. . . . j ,h. ,... .,. . Bp.
ThA kimr received tnem with a speech uu r"rB,! "'"'""'"S , " " " " . I
n which he declared that "the cry: tor (iastou Calmette of M.e Figaro.";ed
the break between the president and ; t
There was no question that strong certain leading democratic senators w".ioj I
dieted on a charge of adultery. Dis-
Annav Uinon in tnukinir th ma.
Jlb.UI ' ...
. ' . . . . 1 III
tion, stated that Mrs. vmgni s nus- . . .. . . .. of ,he m0!lt
band, Alfred Wright, ""ei' l'o;ee ' responsible- and sober minded of my j feeling was aroused against him by the , confirni,tion ot ,he executive's!;
cute his wife on t-ie charge, and as ne w ,, (charges his divorced wife made against','. . I
1 .n- IIZ.i. iu' l-'Hili,,K 'ompiwnlse, there seemed him on the witness stand at yester- 8pll(lt0n, Ree(l aud Kitchcock were!
was dropped. Joe Spurgcon who was nothj ,,lft ,lllt for tho liberal, labor day 'i session of court. It was generally ,ai(l b ,he ,atter , re,ent ,he si.l
held as a co-defendant by the 1 grand (ui( mrimnmtary alliance to agreed that the former -Mine, (aillaux (lellfB reference in bis letter of with-j
juy, j.B. 'force the home rule bill tnrongn in , ie.ave wnn nignuy auu goou urne, (rawal to ..memi,ers of the majority
- . - -- iieiiance or its
ncn tne icsiimony
This case conies from
the parties of the a lit a e 1 .11 w 1 li(h(,(1 a ,)u)in liHiat(,h , th(, effwt placed the defense 11. a most awkward , ,,atroliauo aml ..Hficallv that his
known, and the rase attracted consult - th ,he war offko ,,,, ,,, a , sltation. ! candidate would no git the Kansas
able attent.on when pureon was call- f. ,,)llrt.mar. The letters were supposed to be part i Jst"rshii,
'ln-i?AHrB.v Ri,,o moved this S?0L: An alternative appoinfnent of Jones.
.... . .. ..... ------- - forces, w 11 en tn ri'iiri-n aiuicii rcsisiuin-n '"""i " iv r' it wn uuilerstood would be made
ilruggist, WHO was irien oil tin; nrsi in- )fjy RUNS WILD IN TiUJ
March term of i
"."f'wht w'nlt 'lcfiai.ee of its o.oncnts. The result,, and that by turniug over to Fernaiid , who h M with lne re.!tt
of right was not it WBS Kenerallv flt, might actunlly be I Labori, Mine. Caillaux 'a lawyer, the ) publicans " I f X
,,, Tllrlll.r wh a ci vil struggle. I two letters, it was snid the (aillauxs j ill,.ilon(v it W8B exacted Keeditt
'11 1 Ti,B Lol,,lon I)l4ilv Telegraph pub- feared ( al.nette would publish, she had ' , tne ..inaille' track on fed-1 XI
It was admitted at the Whitto lloui'e
dictincnt during the
court. Johnson was acquitted of the
charge of illegal liquor fcUiug at this
trial, an. mo ou.cr ,n;i.c...,-ms . Rungft .r(.n(lehall,
IIIBIIII.WH VII Ull VI nil"... ir iviu ... - ... t, 1 i.
dewe, " charge of the I pper (Incknmas divi-
,in, reports that fl boy. about 13 years
The jury in the enso of J. W. Taylor (),, hm j,een wandering around in the
against tho Portland. Kugcno A Eastern , . . .. , , , . . ..
tt mountains for the lust two weeks, vihit-
Hhwrv company for persona damages ', ,.' ""'"" .'
.--'1 ....:' ;., f,. h. iii. ii'B the different ranger stntions mid
ll'tllllllll U ITllll It III IB.WI "I I""1 ......
tiff, awarding him damages in the, ,' keeping camps.
- 1 , . . . , 1 T in linv ret
of 2S(). The case went to tlie urv at " .u ...n ........
'J ; . . i-.J .. 1.!.. 1
about 2 o'clock vester.lny mid nn early 1 "r "y miormau..,, as lo ... .......c u....
verdict was expected bv both sides, his clothing is rngS from shoes to out.
but it took tho jurv several iiours to When lust seen, Henr the Oak Grov
rea.h nil agreeinen't. Thev reported ringer stall m, the ranger attem ten
Inte vcterd.v eveniiiL'. Attnrnev Will- t detain him, but the boy hroko Hun
ter W nslow aimcaiei for t ie n :uutiir. .inn wiib-iiibi seen r.......i.g .1.. ...u i ... ,., .,:..,..,.; . ..i
town-d Hlack Wolf Meadows, flic 1' "V''.. ,. h ' ' I
v And in to Stay
FOR seventy-five years three
Quarters of a century the
express has been the right-hand
of the shippers of commercial
America. The express came to
Salem in 1854, and it came to
stay. For sixty years it has
been the right-hand of commer
cial Salem.
It is here to stay. The other
day when reports went out that
the express companies might re
tire, from business, a protest
test the express companies?
No ! The merchants of the coun
try shippers everywhere
petitioned Congress that no ac
tion be taken that might have
the effect of forcing the express
companies to retire. Commer
cial organizations all over the
world have joined in this appeal
to Washington.
For seventy-five years in the
past and for a good many more
years in the future Express Ser
vice will mean
ii inese iciiers were, in iaci. as nam-1 i.. u ... ... i ...... i.
tttt.t.b op M.AfiKAllAS ...i.. . ..:..- i.:- ;t' l,ml. """ . I; . c : T
" . . .......... u.0 ..v . imj woull, be a chicgoan, like Jones him
.i i,i i-n.-.i-ii, nun, it u m-iii-inii anivrii,
Kstiicada, Ore., July 21. Chief Fur- could they nfford to have them made
;n public in connection with Mnio. ('ail-
liiux s trial 1 It, on the otner band,
they could be read in open con it with
out mining the ( nilluiixs, it would be
impossible tor tho prisoner to contend
longer Mint they constituted an excuse
for killing Cnlmette.
A Clevor Attorney.
From this dilemma Attorney I.abori
re-sorted to a clever maneuver todny to
extricate himself.
went up. From whom this pro-
Wells Fargo & Co., Express
453 Court O. J-Gould, Agent Phone 46
i 1 1 m -i.-.i
sen, --ii possioie. :
nr.rn.1 Paul f Wnrhnnr nt Xerv Vnrk HtH" HtttMtHH IHfTfUl tHtryTTTTT TTI TTTTTT-TTTT itttttttttttttt
urged laul M. Warburg or .New iorK.j t
..is second federal reserve ..oard ap-i Mmm--,mmm,
pointoe whose confirmation was held! ,-f-, 1 J.??Sr "' .
up in the senate, to decide nt once ..rnnuin riFll
whether or not he would appear be- RiJ)lflH (jlKL
fore, the committee on banking and
currency for examination. I UkU V(VT I FPT HfiMF
iinv nut i i iiviuu
Warburg originnlly refused to ap-i
pear and asked, as did .(ones later,,
that his appointment be withdrawn.-
He was persuaded, however, to recou-
liecalling the former Mine, ('aillaux , i,rr this request, ami the administra
te the witness stand, he said: j tion was hopeful, if he would answer
"; Ma. lame, you played uic a trick yes-, tho committee's questions, that he
tenla.v. I return our letters to you. would be confirmed.
Many senators were said to approve
' A judgment' in favor of .lames f!. child 's identity is-a mystery nnd hi:
llelt.el was awarded in the circuit court : existence in the mountains is danger
yesterday ngiilnst J. W. Kvans. Kvans nus.
two might be relative. i of him in principle who would, never-
An. i lie ntrere.l tne witness tne let-1 theless, vote against 1. 1 tit
ters. The former Mine. Caillaux flushed ! dine t to express himself.
and witn a dramatic gesture refused to
accept them
EUGENE NEAELY EECAME when the location was change l to Jack
OBEGON CAPITOL ONCE i sonville, nn act was passed providing
! for the selling of tho material. T'.ie con
Won Twice In Popular Election, Once : stitution adopted in 1837 provided that
Again1 Whole State and Once From all state institutions should be located
Corvallis Freak legislation. lat the capital, and this provision pre-
vented, probably, any effort for several
Tint Eugene was once voted to be .years to linato the university. In IH3.S,
the -apital of Oregon and incidentally i however, two acts were passed, one of
that i icalt legislation is not a new fca- which organized Corvallis college, at
tine nt' the Oregon " system," are facts Corvallis, and I'liion university at Kn
shnv . l.v en.nn nld records recently ua- l-ene. lioth were private institutions.
Knii Francisco, July 24. While the i cartlul by a Eugene attorncv, in look- but the former was finally turned over
While Police Were Looking for Her All
Over tho Country, Lottie Milne Wr.s
Home and Sick in Bed.
I 1 no success of this move by U.hori the International Harvester coin)
tfttttttttt mttttmtttttttTTrrttrTTttTTt : as considered problemiiti
Fruit Specials
Turlock, sweet and Juicy,
pound , l'jC
Eocky Ford Melons
Sound and large, 2 for 2Tu
Sound and small, 2 for 13c
Transparent Apples
Basket 15c
Bushel $1.75
The Dalles Apricots
Finest quality, basket
Crate . ...
The "Real Jim Wlllson's
Selected Early Triumph
Peaches, basket
Crate ...
.. 33c
if ' he de 1 l,"'','c ' a dozen cities between ing e.p some old history of the statF, to the state and became the Oregon Al,'
I Toronto and San Francisco have Wen says the Kiigene (luiir.l. In two votes rieultujal college, and the other lid.-
imntic gesture refused to! The objections to Jones were based ! searching for Miss Lottie Milne, who r'u T .,' , . . V " , . v,."
i tln somis to have cotton alontf
-41.. ' .11 I .1.. ...,
ssitv of makinir the letters public. I the banking firm of Kuhn. I.oeb & Co. : i,. ,,.. :n ; t...., n.,. i,. ; " victorious, i nere were s.. s, now-, prcu.v wen, h.... ,.,.,.,.... ,.v . .... .....
I but mav believed the impression wmd.l Feeliimr at the White House over the """" ' ; er, betw.xt the cup and the lip. , envy tne other cues tne.r petier sue-
be that he had done s,o because ho could 1 outco.no of the Jones' difficulty was "'S lett thllt clt'- ! The congressional act ot August H, cess in getting state institutions.
not have acted otherwise without dam-1 said to be very bitten It was under-1 Last Tuesday, Wutt ui, n young busi-1 organized the territory of Ore- . .. i
aging either his client or her husband. I stood thut several democratic senators n(,s, mn, appealed to the police for i aut nori.e.i rne rem on... uy.suL
of the territory and appropriated the
poured to have relieved him
Tho police ami militnrv nrc-mi tinn ' besides Heed and Hitchcock were ;.i ; fin.li,, , r;Uu V;i., H lr. " M locate the seat ot government
against any disturbance about the pal
ace of justice were made more thor
oughly than ever to.lay, and the vio
lence of the demonstration against
Caillaux indicated they were needed.
The prisoner, though very pale, was
culm. Her enemies maintained that
the violent fit of weeping she had
Thursday was feigned.
rnscnl Ceccnldi, a member of the!
' " ,r"V r- v T , ' Isiini of .-.,())( to aid in erecting tJO cap-
left Toronto for tuin irnncisco July,, i i Jr.,
15. When her baggage arrived July 19 j 1 0 u" ptat Selected.
he became alarmed. ? ! j,v ,R.t in KebnlarVi js.-Jl, th,
natron receivi a cegram touaj ; ii.,,,, tixt,d xaU.m as the capital,
Money Savers
r-'uear Cured Pic Nic Hams Hie
Heavy Hacon Iiack, smoked Hc
from Miss Milne's mothe saying itT
hud been detained ,n Toronto by - , he caHe,,' Marysvi.Je J.
Westacott-Thielsen Co.; Inc.
TMelsen Cash Grocery
Successors to
151 North High.
L. A. Westacott & Co.
chamber of deputies and a friend of ; I1'9 Grandmother's Hecipe to Bring
' l aillaux, testified in defense of tne ex- i toior, x.ustre ana XnlcKnecs to Hair
minister s record. When Faded, fitroaked or Gray.
Ccocnl.li's testimony was given in nn .
impassioned tone .and with many ges-1 Tllnt 1)(,utirill evon snIl(le of (larU
til Villi I IllUlllt.l thil rnut innt !. '
i.ii" .....t .tci o; giossy liair can only be had by brew-
as the site of the university, and named I .. lln r;..4 i ..'..r
. . ,.....i ... j.' ni ijiiiu
. cumu.is.uiiers iu e.v.-t uic uc-v.-jiii,.
uumunns. ir n. v. . " ' P.,T. ..nvk 8allsJ,.
inas w.-re not specitied except that the1 . ar
I No. 5 Host Lard
' i in a courtroom, ( aillaux 's enemies burst
ing a mixture of ago Tea and Sttl-
-r i"" auJ. ,,isse9' 1wlllilc 'Jl0 w't-lphnr. Your hair is your
.Mrs. (.us (linpman and baby Kuth ,)ellitoiitiaiy was to be large enough to
are visiting friends in the Rose City. , affoninio.lntc 1 convicts.
( has. Speaker was a Sunday visitor! T,l(lse bllil,lill(,s apparently not bav-
Htl h,0l",,'! ... v ,' -. iR been erected, by act of January,
The Ladies Aid held a splendid , tho i0!iisi.ltln.e appointed new
..i.-..i...K im in.. ....... nners. inak niir a distinct loan:
Best Hamburg Sausage
.. 70c
.... 13c
... l.ft
.... 13c
ness was speaking, and the disorder
- i finally became so great that Judge Al-
banel threatened to arrest the disturber!.
Can eat fruit now. Wnlil's Fruit Market has created a sensation
with the lowest prices ever (ffered to the public. The poor man
does not need to do without fruit; our prices are Within the reach
of all. j '
Fine ripe tomatoes 5c per Iti
Large ripe bannnns 23c for IS
These bananas are nut chilled or frozen.
Fancy sweet oranges, thin skinned and juicy........ 20c per dm.
Fancy ripe cantaloupes 4 for 25c
The finest California watermelons 15c 20e, 25c
lUirly Columbia Peaches one .....13c, 20c, 25c
Wohl's Fruit Market
Buying and Selling
for cash is the most clear cut way to trade we know of. When we
place our close cash prices on these groceries, no risk of loss, no ex
pensive bookkeeping, no stock of merchandise on the credit books
and another on the shelves we say when we put our close cash sell
ing price on these close bought groceries, we've got prices no store in
the city of Halem will meet. The proof of the pudding is in the eat
ing. Did you get that one I
A few prices follow which make the people whl want to make
their grocery money go as far as possible sit up and take notice.
1 lb Best Creamery Butter for 30c
Oood wheat makas good flour, good flour makes good bread. Vim
flour la made of No. I Hard Wheat and makes good bread. The
price is tl.10 per sack. Yea never had better flour In your kitchen.
a packages Arm & Hammer Boda- for 15c
3 cans of Tomatoes for 25e
3 cans of Corn for 25c
Fresh Rancn Eggs, Saturday special ,...27c the dosen
3 bunches of Oreen Onions for j 10c
6 pounds Pure Lard for 70e
10 poo rids of Pure Lard for..... ; $1.40
Ice Cream Boda at our fountain j 6c
Best VaUsy riour at .j.. 11.15 per aack
1 m Gal rmrdellli Ground Chocolate, regular price 35c our price. 30c
3 eana of good Salmon for 25c
Ben- Peppers, 9 pound! for J 25c
A trial order will convince you that we can and do sell groceries
at a smaller margin of profit than any store in the valley.
makes or mars t'ua ' face.
charm. It I Fred Thompson.
When it ! spent in sewing.
The afternoon was
A delicious lunch j
lor the erection of tho university.
In January, l.Sol, sonic work evident
fades, turns gray, streaked and looks was serve.l by tne nostess assisted oy , y imvi ,,,,',, ,01ie on ,hl, capitol
dry, wispy and scraggly, just an appli-j -M'!,a . ,,os'e 'u'"'; v. 4 , . .. ; buil.lini; an act was passed directing
ruwun or iwu 01 oae Mini ouimur en- " thflt t)l0 form of arelntet'ture shoiihl DC
'j Independent Meat
. aillaux -s friend having finished hia 1 oee(, iti appeara.u-e a hundredfold, i lre" visiting Mrs. Kingston's par-
irl'. n Mlllllwirrer nf f nlniiitti. inju 4hn . ' ai. . . T ...... n EnllD
story, a supporter of Cnlmette took the
stand Ktienno (irossclaude, of. the
staff of "I.e Figaro."
The editor, he asserted, never thought
of publishing Caillaux 'a personal let
ters. In tact, said the witness, h
eliminated all purely personal passages
when he published tho "Ton Jo" epis
tle, printed only what was of political
import and good for the public to know.
llenry Bernstein, playwright, author
and intimate iriend- of Editor Cal
mctte, testified, that from things Cal
mette said, to him, he did not believe
the latter offered money to Mme.
Kstradere as she said he did, to ar
range a meeting between himself and
Caillaux 's first wife.
Jle added that he judged from what
tho e titor told him just before be was
i shot, that he held Mme. Estradere,
I former society editress of "Le Figaro '
! in somewhat low esteem.
Sporting Editor Franz Reichel, of
"Le Figaro , said he spoke with Cal
I mette the Sunday night before he was
; killed, referring to the "rabre uocu
; ments", which Calmetto said he would
I like to publish but could not because
he bad promised not to.
I "It is all 1 have left," Reichel testi-
i fied Calmetto told him. The purpose
I of Koichel's story was to disprove that
Calmettc still had letters by Caillaux
in his turn. Is,
1 Dr. Albert Cnlmette. the late editor's
j brother, related that after the latter
I wns killed his wallet, containing about
i 3(1 papers, was placed in the doctor 'a
hands; that some of the documents
; were important, and that he and an
. other brother. Dr. (). Calmetto, gave
j them tos Presitlent Poineore, who
j thanked them warmly, but that the
1 letters referrel to bv the Calliauxs
. were not among them.
i "Oaston told m the day before he
! was killed," said the witness, "that
. i-e was at the end of his campaign
' against Caillaux because he had pub
, lished everything he had except the
'Fabre memorandum', which he prom
' ised not to print.
U 1 4'..,... !..;,." ' 1 '.rii.ifll
IWt bother to prepare the tonic;' a' 1-oretta rails. hw and directini? that the work be
you can get from any drug store a 50 ! t Ms. wyer anrl w i'i Mwyer i;pr01leflltm, t0 completion.
cent bottle of "Wyeth's Sage and Sul-1 'P0"1""1,?. '!htt:L "hlnK "f B i' Just what happened next does not ap-
plmr Hair Remedy," ready to use. This ; )" S lu7' " ' T, . ' ' pear in the laws, perhaps the commis-
an always be depended uion to bring,' - . Vr.-:-V . "1. ZZ. !sioners resisted in following out their
-:".7".T"'" ' l,Jo !;.. nr..hitectnre. Anvwav.
a delightful out of doors attair rridav 1, , . , "
back the natural color, thickness aud
lustre of your hair and remove dand
ruff, stop scalp itching and falling
Everybody uses "Wyeth's" Sage
and Sulphur because it darkens so nat
urally and evenly that nobody can tell
it has been applied. You simply damp
en a sponge or soft brush with it and
draw this through tho hair, taking one
small strand at a time; by morning the
gray hair has disappeared, and after
another application it becomes beauti
fully dark and appears glossy, lustrous
and abundant. J, C. Perry, local agent.
(Journal 'Special Service.)
Turner, Ore., July 2. Mrs. M. J.
Morris returned onday from Albanv
where she had been making a short
Tuesday evening George W. Moore
and family an t Mrs. O. A. G. Moore
departed for the Soda Springs where
they will spend several weeks camping.
Miss -M nnel ...taley who has been
visiting Hester McKay for several
weeks left Sunday evening for Baletn.
The Ladies' Presbyterian Missionary
Society held an. all day session Thurs
day at the home of Mrs. R. O. Thomas.
Each member came with a ell filled
basket and joined in a picnic dinner
under the trees.
Mrs. S. R. Rodgers is visiting her
son in Portland.
G. A. (. Moore returned Monday
from Gladstone where he has been at
tending Chautauqua.
Mr. and Mrs. H. It. Miles are re
joicing over the arrival of a tiny
Mrs. Frank Baker of Oak Point.
Washington, is visiting her parents,.
.r. ana .wrs-. J. r. Lyle.
C. II. Riches is busy hauling lumber
for tho new house and barp he is
planning to build on his place north of
tt 11.
architecture. Anyway,
! the legislature seems to have gotten
GEO. W. WECHTER, Proprietor
157 S. Commercial Phone Main 7i0
afternoon. The afternoon was spent J S' ""
... ......- ....ft... .i.i.i i.aMmi on a.'T I'lmitt'iiiir T .if . k .
in taking pictures an. doing childhood! , " f , II "
stunts. Lester and Leslie Morris en-! capital location to orvalhs and the KarSfdltlS
tertained the voung ladies with musical I uiiivermty location to Jacksonville and J-U 5UIUU
selections during the afternoon. appointed commissioners to erect i.ie
Miss Clara Miller and sister Florence buildings. The territorial otiicers ap
are visiting their sister -urs. G. Fox of I pointed by the president refused to ac
Rickreall. ! knowledge the validity ot the removal
Miss Bertha Kingston, of Portland, jact an.l continneu to mainxain xneu 01-
spent Sun.lay with her sister Mrs. Fred
Mrs. E..M. Law and granddaughter
Miss Alice Rients were over Sunday
ficcs at Salem.
Legislature at Corvallis.
In Pocember, 1-Soo, the legislature
mot at Corvallis, but the first bill intro-
visitnr with Mr, l aw's ilniiohrer Mrs. duced was to return the seat of govern-
Wm. Gulvin at her home near Jeffor-1 mcnt to Salem. Various amendments!
son. ! were proposed, to locate it at Eugene,
The Boy Scouts returned tired but 1 Boseburg and other places, but after a
We have several feoo I wheels,
with equipment, which mut go
at lower prices than even o..
regular low offers.
a fair price or wLI take it i
trade for a motorcycle.
say they had the time of their life.
stiff fight Salem won, and the legisla
ture joined the other officers at Salein.
The new capitol building was nearing!
enmntetinn. hut nn the 2!th of the
month it took fire mysteriously and j Capitol St., at Union,
was totally destroyed. This removed
one of the most effective arguments in
Geo. M. Reeves
Phone 971
85S N. Cora'l
Free Delivery
Phone 68
New York. July 24. Following the
lead of London, where stocKs were
weak an.) irregular as a result of the
tense political situation in Vlste-r and
Austria, the local stock market opened
todny with prices generally lower.
Canadian Pacific was off 1, while Soo
line fell 2. H. & O., Erie common and
first prreferrad and C. t O. went to
new low levels.
The market closed weak.
Cleveland, Ohio, July 24. The home
of John D. Rockefeller, at Forest Hill,
near here, is rapidly going to seed
Tho Tie That Binds,
Unfinished business was disposed of
at the Isst session, the prinpieal work
being the election 'of Mrs. U G. Hum
barger of Aberdeen as auditor.
Spokane "resented the only invita
tion for next year's meeting, but other
cities- will doubtless be presented to
the board at a later date.
Onlv Oh "KBOMft ormmrai'
Sparrows have built nests in the eaves 1 To get the genuine, call for full name
of the house, eows have taken posses- LAXATIVE BROMO QUININE. Look
J ...... ... .... "'"ii vi ir siguaiure 01 i. vi. urove. lures
j windows have been broken by boys. a Cold in One Day. 25.
Raymond, Wash., July 24. The most
Medford, Ore., July 24. That pangs
of burclars are at work about Med
ford is proved by the robbery of .Mrs. )avor 0( the Salein location, and a
Waters, at 1024 West Eleventh street, !few ,avs later in January, lSorj, an
Wednesday night, the fourth, robbery act was'pass-.l providing that the ques
araund Medford in a week. tion location be submitteft to tho
At uoid mil a more desperate ganglvo.CTS 0f the state at the June elec-
at 2:13 Thursday morning blew the
safe in th M. S. Johnson saloon and
erurdd Valuable jewelry was
stolen at Mrs. Waters. One ring con
taining three opals and three emeralds,
one solitaire amethyst ring and one
plain gold ring, marked " E. W. and
II. R.' are among the missing articles.
It is not known whether the job was
the work of a single burglar or a gang.
The police have no theories. Some
think that the burglaries are the work
of 'floaters," a large number of
whom pass through Medford every day
The work is
despwrato for
another theory is that a gang of cracks
men is making the rounds of Southern
Oregon cities.
of th.
relieved in
Ewb Ca-suit-tmr
the (MluY)
, name S
Bncare of roi ntrrttit
tion. If no site received a mammy ot
the votes cast a second election between
the two towns having the highest num
ber of votes should be held iu October
Eugene Wins From Corvallis.
At the June election the contest was
mainly between Eugene and Corvallis. When In SALEM, OREGON, stop
Eugene received 2637 votes, Corvallis!
2332, tvilem 2101, Portland 1154. On the I
official canvass some votes were thrown I Strictly Modern.
out but Eugene held the lead with Cor- i Free and Private Baths.
vallis second. The United Sta.es ofti-1 BATES 75c $1.00. $1.50 PER DAT
' Cl " I 7 " J I'ieers insisted that tho government would ; The only hotel in the business district.
.1 .u". " I" not recognise the result whatever it Nearest to all Depots. Theatres, ard.
' w.ci- .i- .. . . 1 .,,,1 ,.. ;,.. ; n... r, ii. .
was, a;.d people lost interest in the Oc
tober electiou. No polls were opened in
several counties. The result was that
Eugem- received 2509 votes, a clear uia-1
jority of all votes cast. Tho govern
ment officials refused to acquiesce in
the result and no effort was made to
carry the vote into effect.
People became absorbed in changing
Appearances are changing in the vi
cinity of Chemawa. The moss-covered
. " v. . u ; .. 1. 1. ... : . , 1, . . ..
il'T'''!." "onvirntion, h0 's,a,e of the past, as t now has a new coat, the territory into a state and in prepar
: X . ; ,, and from the herd of Poland Chinas 1 mg a state consuumon. 1 ne staie con-
M ; V .ufT u00" ,0:la hicn now inhabit the orchard every, j stitution was adopted the following
"" . ...r niiu ihrwi thinir would indicate that an easterner ! rear. 1S..7. and provided that the lecis-
had arrived on the scene. j luture should not have t ie power to lo-
Mr. and Mrs. y. Taylor Jones and cate the seat of government but that it
son Russell have just returned from ! should be located oy popular vote. The
Lamar, Mo., where they have been vis- j question was first submitted ifl 1SH2,
iting Mr. Jones' mother. They are now; and no place having a mil majority was
visiting Mrs. Jones parents, Mr. and .again submitted in lr.4. r.ugene stoo.l
Mrs. Thomas W. Lewis, nttr Chemawa.
They expect to return to their home at
Dallas, Oregon, soon, at which place
Mr. Jones is prominently connected
with toe S. F. C. 4 W. By. Co. They
report extremely hot weather in the
east, and were aee-ligbted to get back
to Oregon, "God's eountry;"
well in both these contes-s, but Salem
won in the second election by a clear
majority of ?!.
University at Ccrvallis.
. No attempt was made for years to
again locate the university. While the
tocatii'U was fixed at Corvallis material
had been assembled for buildings, but
Capitol Buildings.
A Home Away from Home.
T. G. BLIGH, Prop.
B0U1 Fnonoa. Free Auto Bus,
Care of
Chinese Medicine and
Tea Company
Has medicine which
will aire any known
153 South High Street,
Salem, Ore. 'Phone 283.

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