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GdOD BUYS IN ; would prosecute
Pan Francisco, July M.-Tht he had ; Anted Pocses Searching for Train Hob Elg Um)er M(m and John r CaoU
One acre all in Jjf nri njf fruit trees,
close in. f'iO.IH) down, balance if-Vm a
month, (f per cent interest.
bars Who Killed Flagman Elgin If!
Caught Will Be Lynched.
Tako Over Plant From the Oregonlan
Publishing Company.
applied for a warrant for the nrrest
ut M. 11. I)e Young, publisher of the i
San Franciseo hroiiiclo, nn a charge
of criminal libel, mid It it . 1 been turned'
down ooll by District Attorney Fickert I
anil Itiil ftuatuhilild u-nu tkn I l.n ... , i .... !
hero today of Don Heott, secretary of ,'r' ...... " .(,- , ,K leiegiHm has been sold hy the Ore-
New Orleans, l.a., July M. Alyii.h-' r'ortlan-1. Ore., Jiilv 2--.-The Kvcn-
o. acre iurin, new uuiiuiiigs, uu acn-s , . i. ..,..' ,' mourns r.igin wnue nouiing up nc gi,.:.. Pnlil'iuhlmi unv t I v
cultivated, three acre, timber good " fc , .ou.,v. le and .Nashville a New York wheeler, hi, brother, 1,. K. Wheeler,
well, on macadam road, price S,(hni. a ' , ,hp : l.imitcd passenger tram at tlci.t.lly ! ,,, .,,, ,,. rnrrolIj lmimi,illlf (,litor
265 acres farm. 123 cultivated, bill- Chronicle of July 21, wuieh he said ! '"''"J;. ","i,lt "hJ,l,M "l't-i ,, business manager of the paper for
ance timber and pasture, running water, : churned him with posting certain liter-
Hill take city property up to ifsooo in aturo in and about the hopfields of
exehaiiL'O. Price 05 iier acre. Wheatland, threatening the live., of
identified, was teared nere today. ; the oast i-icht venrs it was iinnm,l
hix posses with bloodhuund were today. Carroll it tin, tnte.l l.v .1 K.
All were heavily Wheeler, will continue in bis present
107 acres of timber land close to hHV, the Chronicle chnrL'ea him with . t'1
Oregon Electric railroad; will trade posting read in part a, follows: !, A '''
for city property; price 00 per acre
10 acres of Rood land all tinder culti
nation; will take city property as part not fi(?lt , ol(,ieri b'(t thJ 1)ell who
pay men.., iwco iuv. a(,nt tiH,m
5 acres good land nenrly all under Heott denies nil knowledge-of such a
cultivation, 4 miles from Salem and publication and all responsibility,
close to railroad station; price .T7f J; " A - "'"'''t of tho Chronicle at-
2j down, balance, . per month. " W s,'0,t- f h,,ve 1"'''" s,,n-
: jected to the hatred and suspicion of
5 acre, good land nenrly nil under law abiding workingiiion ol' the hopfield
cultivation, house and bnm all kinds district. " 1
of fruit, sightly location, close to street
car line; will take good city property EECKEY SAYS THE
i nichan...,. DOCTOR IS A LIAR
on the outlaws' trail,
i lion L-rowers. The nl.-.curds which Heott Br""'" "' uesperaie name was arait- official capacity .
i no irnnsrcr oi ir:e leiegram lie-
part a, follows: ! ''' ""pi ib iiiiu mi raines erreciive next .Moimiiy. irne
"Our methods of fighting are the 1,111 ",rl 'oeimuciiuoiia uuu n pavment wn, made Kriday and if noth-
long ranged rifles with silencer, and ""l l"'","v''" tt,l.v 01 u,c ln01.' wurc eoinen up to block the deal, the
poisoned bullet, and poison. We do nl'"-nted in the crime. complete title will be in the hands of
a iic iuuui-ib, luii-D in iiiiiiiimi, ri. hit- nfw uwncrs ov .iioiuiuv inoruiiii'.
thought to have taken the tmiu in' For the time being the paper will be
New Orleans. They masked themselves ! issued from its present offices and the
as the tiain was passing tientilly, three ; nu'i hanii nl department of the Ore
mile, east of here, pulled the bell cord gonian, but plan, are said to be for the
ami, as, Conductor K. C. Totter started installation of an independent plant in
to investigate, covered iiim with n pis-'the very near future,
tol. The Wheeler ikothers are wealthy
Krom Potter and the agent for n ' timber owners.
New Orleans transfer coiupiiey the ban-1 m
the porter rushed toward them. One DROPPED REVM.VFR-
of the higshwnyinen tired at him but
missed and hit Klgin, who was just be-;
New York, Julv 2.1. "Dr. Davis is a
5 acres of good land, all undor culti- iiar," was lieckv I'Melson's readv reply
ation, good fruit or berry land; will todnv, when told that Dr. Katlierinc hind, instead.
take city lot as part payment; price Davis, commissioner of corrections, had Then the trio jumped from the train
expressed the opinion she was eating and tied
'on the idv, instead of maintaining a
genuine hunger strike in prison here. EX-WIFE
III'.) gill, nil I. . ., under sentence
on a charge of inciting a riot in L'uiou
Npinro recently, was to have been ted
forcibly yesterday but escaped because
211 acres of good land, nearly all 'I'" commissioner said she wa, con
under cultivation, 5 acres of bearing '""" the prisoner was smuggling food
,.n,.h nrehnril. land has ,0,0, 1 ,1 mini! ,(!. ' I ' t ""'SS r"(" tlllllo to lior Cell
fine buil.iii ' sito, miles fru, . and eating it secretly.
ISalein; price :i7o0.
1 acre nf good land, family orchard,
well, located on main maciidam mud
leading iuio Salem; price -tii.jll; ifol)
cash, balance $10 per month, ti per cent
fi-ruuiii 1'ip'is
bea:i:ig '. nr.
icluol; plieu :
corner lot, cast front,
store house, close to
.This is a snap.
If yuu v a .. I to bay trade or sell see
Kveiybodv, '' said lieckv, strength
ening her previous statement, "who
says I have eaten since I was locked up
f i ve days ligo, is a liar. ' '
I To determine the point defiuitelv the
'prison authorities put her in solitary
lloelnirg. Ore., July 2"i. Charging
that his ex-wife recently came to
.Myrtle Creek and took his baby out of
the state, Kdwar.l Foley yesterday
asked District Attorney Drown for a
wariiuit charging Mrs. Foley with kid
naping. The Foley; are divorced, and
I or ling to the decree of the eouit
the child was given into the custody
or Mrs. Foley's mother, Foley paying
the costs attendant to its support.
Revolver Dropped from Holster Wounds
Paulina Truesdale and Instantly Kills
Her Sister, . icla, at Tacoma.
Tarninu, Wash., July 25.
Tmesdalo of Hedmond, Ore:
by the accidental discharge
volve.-, the same bullet sir
killing her sister Viola, is
;i ii, shot
of n re-
.iiig and
I iJ l Bags
pBWL and
Wl Suitcases
! mk- A I Wnj Reasons
i lM 1 j &Je best values
iliipiiPg mjm necessmes
The coming man
until ho arrives.
is sid loin noticed
t . - - "
The Markets
LOCAL WHOLESALE MARKETS. without n selling organization. Where
resting comfortably today. Her condi
tion is not serious.
The two young women were returning
to Tneomii lute yesterday from a vaca
tion trip on llorschcad Day. With n
party of others they were waiting for
n n automobile stage to bring them to
the city from the boat lauding at Tit
low Heach. Among those on the dock
was Deputy Sheriff lleorge Ashbv.,
His revolver, carried in u holster under
his coat, in some manner became lis
lodged n nil falling to the ground was
ischarged. First striking raulii.e i.i
the hip, the bullet sped on uud pene
trated Viola, Truesdale 's bni'ii, causing
aliiio.-t instant death. 1
That will appeal to everybody who wants the best of new baggage for vacation
and going-away purposes. We have just received another large shipment of the
famous Hartmar n line of traveling necessities the right kind at the right price
and have mark-vd them at going-away prices in order to insure quick selling. If
you need a new trunk, bag or suitcase, come to this store for them; we will save
you money. We quote a few items that will surely interest you.
! fir j'iJm' n ma
Clover, per ton
Oats and vetch
Wheat, per bushel
Plraii, per ton
Shorts, per ton
GF.RMAX girl wants housework. Phono tints, per bushel
.-! :t
Hay, timothy $11.00'
.. rie
DRKKKMAKJXU by tliu day or piece.
Phono 201 W.
C'lOAU ST01IK Fine location, for sale,
Al. I)., care Jouriiul.
Seventeenth stret.
( hittim tiarU, per lb -i i-tn oe i ,h f;,ni,1)r business, however
1'otatoes, per cwt i.w i the selling end is the weak end. Our
Euttor and ERg3. ' timber land, when first cleared and
I'litterfnt, per lb.( f.o.b. Salu.u 2."e;our luairies when first broken were so
Creamery butter, per lb 27 ', jc ; immensely fertile and produced such
Eggs 2i!c 1 enormous crops at low cost that the
j Poultry. i ''inner, could not help making a profit,
11. 13 North' Hens, per lb nc , no nmtter how the crops were sold.
limn, , inn i i iiili'im c I (MMiinir fx-
would Wriulev unit his mini bo without
a rcmurknldv efficient selling method.' CTApfll IiAfTfiftV
Heinz and hi, ."7 Varieties are world WliUVWl IxililVUl IJ
famous through the power of selling and IWAMTrH HA! P A I PHI
advertising. And so on down the line' UU11lU lW OilLlilii
we might continue for days, enumerat
ing the success of business houses who
paid attention to the selling end of their Thoi'f-ands of Eualieb of Potatcoa
In the farming busiue
No. 020 Hofi matting Suitcuse, size 2 inches, just
the thing for week-end trips; light, strong and neat
in appearance; made with anchor handle, good lock
and ciitches, fancy lining, brassed inside corners and
all-steel frame; sells reg"larly for $1.50.
Wasted Yearly that a Starch Factory
Could Concert Into (!ood Money. j
So. 7.).'! tienuine brown, smooth roan leather case,
size 24 inches, bug handle, handle loops stitched
through ease, good lock and bolts, eh th lined with
shirt told; u good dm able case for nay occasion, and
mi excellent value r.t the regular price of ijni.30.
TAKK CIiaiiKN TAMA L Kb to your
wife. I'red's wight Lunch.
por hundrid.
foi carpets ; 10 centi
Journal office.
lioosters, per lb.
Steers :.
Cows, per cwt
Hogs, fat, per lb
Stock hogs, per lb
Ewes, per lb
Spring lambs, per lb
Vcul, according to quality ll(a12c
Bl'LF.NDID furnished housekeeping
rooms at Tho Lincoln, GII3 Ferry.
FOR KENT Small dwelling in busi- Pol's.
ness district. Phono 411), Carey S. I "Vf Pr lb ...
wood, four foot. Star Wuod Co.,
Phono 42d.
FOR SALB Four Seabright bantam
hen, and one rooster; 270 South Four
teenth street.
J'OR SA1,K Complete plating outfit;
cheap if taken ut once. Call 72.1 X.
22nd street
FOR KENT Modern five room cot
tage; also housekeeping room. 330
North High street. Phone 4.
WANTED Man to work in dniry of
17 cows; must be experienced and
furnish roferoucc. Phono 1431 or 401.
Salted country pelts, each 6"ic((i-l
Lamb peV.s, each 2oc
wanting to take up homesteads. In
quiro of Lour ft Derrick, 350 State
1'OR SALE Refrigerator, opal lined,
100-pound capacity; good condition;
value new, $!."; price $20. W North
IIOTSK AND LOT to exchange for
farm, 40 to HO acre,, not too far from
Salem; -will pay difference. D. A.,
care Journal.
Portland, Julv 2.r). Wheat, club
(ji.HOe; niuestcm 82U'C83.
Data, number one wtnto feed $21;
gray $20.i0.
Hurley, brewing $20; feed $10.
Hogs," oest live $S.0.
Prime steer $7.2."); fancy cows $0;
best calves $M.25.
Spring lambs $.(i $tl.
Ilutter, city creamerv 27 'ic.
Eggs, selected local extra, 2."(! 20c.
Hens 14c; broilers ltic; geese 10(i;
As a result of the vast, waste of the J
potato crop in the Willamette Valley
this year, and of other yearn, when it!
was not worth the while of the farmers1
to dig the spuds, tho promotion depart
ment of the Salem Commercial club un
.i. !.. .i; ..i w m
i ii .K. ,i To. .v, the aKr,.Miltiiral .,,. ,,., for this ,.itV- slu.h
e . oii'h' "h ,1P f'ln"if'" 'ory can be induced to locate, here:
papus throughout the country are , it ;, beliVP, t,,at a ..renf nf:
good could be done in utilizing the !
potato crops. !
... One enterprising eitizeu has already ',
shrewd fnrmors i i n ..
.,. ' ., , ,,. , unereii n soiinou- s re ror tue erection
"I, 0",: ,0 t,'ftt1 ,h: r1"." of such a factory and the ?om,ereil
or t lit i arm ami orchard is lust n MuU iu utf(ii, . k:.. !
Hartmann Traveling Necesaities Lead the World
14e I hnustod the fertility of the soil ami
Si'ii'Ti' jc
7fi 7 ,jc
li'.joi 7c
3 4c
teaching how to
of grass where
Recently, however,
grow tnree blades'
formerly but one
FOR SALE 1014 Hurley Davidson
twin two-speed motorcycle in A I con
dition. Snap if taken at ouce. Call
at Farmer Hardware Co,
FOR SALE-24 acres fruit land, 6 miles
from Salem. Will take $00 per acre
if sold within 30 dars. W. E. Detrick,
K. F. D. No. 2, Salem.
FOR KXCHAXUK Four-acre chicken
ranch for small house and lot in Sa
lem; no incumbrance. Investigate.
W. A. Liston, 4S4 Court street.
FOB RENT - Modern 5-room cottage;
new rang connected up, included.
Seattle, Wash., July 25. Eggs
Fresh ranch. 20(f30c; Orientals, ISc.
Iltitt..w lm.nlv ..ninnierv IMlhCH !?0c ! I
bricks, 27c; city creamery, cubes, 20c;
bricks, 27c.
Cheese Liinburger, 10o; Wisconsin,
lS(rflc; Swiss, 20e; Washington, lll((i'
1 7c'
Onions (ireen, 20(i 2.V por do?..;
Eastern Washington, 3!jC((i4c por lb.;
California, 3'j(ci 4'...c.
Potatoes New local, 1 ' -j fi 1 3-4c per
pound; California, 1 3-4(f2e.
San Francisco, July 23. Eggs Ex
tras, 2.S'...c; firsts, 2")c; pullets, 2l-..c.
Ilutter Extras, 23,:Jc; prime firsts,
23c; firsts, 22c; seconds, 21 -'
Cheese California fancy, Hi
PJ'.jc; seconds lie. '
important as the producing end. In
fact, they go hand in hand to tho suc
cessful culmination of the year's ef
forts. Hero and there, individuals have
worked out selling plnns and still more
recently association have been formed
to tniie care of the selling end.
In tho Northwest, the apple indus
try, one of the greatest producers of
wealth which this section possesses, ap
peared a few years back to have
reached the zenith. Over-production
was the bug bear and a rapid decline
in apple profits was freely predicted.
Then began the solution of the prob
lem of increased marketing, to tuke
care or the increased production, until
rouav tne
and others
and prospec
apple market of the world is so large
and its Intent possibilities so enormous
tnnt only a continued perfecting of
grading, packing and marketing is
needed to make the business perma
nently profitable, if figured, as it must
be, in averages of three to five years.
The fruit exchanges are the "selling
organizations of the farmers and grow
ers. Thev are becoming- as highly
specialized as the selling organizations
of the shoe- manufacturers.
The choicest of apples are being
selected and packed under trade names,
ns. for exuniple, the already famous
"Skookum Itrand'' k
throughout the world as a selected ap
p e that deserves the top market price.
Such a thing was impossible when each
grower shipped independently, but by
shipping through one central' oruanira
tion which has fo rits object better
marketing and the establishing of a
starch manufacturers in touch with thp
situation with the possibility of secur-
ing a branch or an independent factory j
here. That this move is an important
one is fully realized by many who are;
aware of the loss occasioned by the'
rotting of the potato crops in" the!
ground. j
This venr alone there are thousands j
of bushels of potatoes in the ground '
that the farmers can find no markets
for. Other years there is a small crop;
and the prices go up. With a starch!
factory here that would use up the snr-1
plus over the needs of the market, the
tone of the potato market would be1
greatly steadied and the growing of
No. 307 Hartmann brown fibre covered veneer
Dress Trunk, size 3d inches; fibre bound, lcr.g edges,
top and button: bound with angle s".eir; heavy brown
cowhide straps; fancy pattern lining; two trays; top
tray divided into comportments; a good seller at the
regular price of $1 1.50.
312 Martina an Gibrullerized all-romid edged
patented reinforced construction; vulcanized
fibre covering, heavy vulcanized fibre binding on all
corners, making the strongest thing on earth in the
tre.r.k line; cloth lined; deep top tray with dress tray
below; all hardware riveted; buy this and end your
trunk troubles; sells regularly for ifll.oO.
and the small sized into the starch fne
tory so that there would be no loss to
the grower.
Secretary Moo res is sending out
multigruph letters to all persons in the
I'nited States who may be interested in
th manufacture of starch. It is be
lieved that when tho opportunity for
the manufacture of this article and its
many side lines is realized by the peo
pie in gencrul that there will bo no
difficulty iu adding this institution
to Salem.
Traveling Bags from
Steamer Trunks from
Other Trunks from
$1.85 to $20.00
$6.00 to $25.00
$4.35 to $35.00
Inquire at 1135 Hood street, or see
P. N, Androgen, Salem Hank of Com
merce bldg.
WANT TO RENT From 30 to 30 acres
of tillable laud with or without build
Phone 1437 or call Pincknev Bros.
dairy, west end steel bridge.
Rules for standardizing the jural and
village schools of the state are being
mm wnicu, instead or costing pcrintendents bv Superintendent of
is a most profitable investment ik.i.i:.. i..... . v... irv.
, . , . i nunc i usii iiciiuu viiurvuiu. i uv u-
for those who belong to it. the problem ,,0rinten.lents will see that copies are
: S, "'i ioi mr inme poste,l m everv school room, and urge
Eays W. F. Gwln. Gtneral Manager, me Skookum on apples ami ! Sunkist ,,,!,, , hav, the rules enforced.
Northwestern Fruit Exchango. ; "nnaes and lemons is becoming, As , ,hoo, rcqniremei,t ,tar
Farming and fruit growing is a busi-; h thousands, even million of dol-iwiU be attached to the copy of rules
licss, us uiiiiy cuillini'rriniir.f ii us inn- - -" fr. .... .... uv i m-uii
mug a retail store or operating a iac-; complied with the school will be given
a certificate. Mr. Churchill has cou-
and when nil requirements have been
torv. ! ' "e i nion or the growers mean, im-
V" rTr. ,m"' .r ZT'r ; '! ':re,l standardizing the schools ever
""" """ , ' "I" "v" ' ; r s ncc he was appointed superintendent
Where would tho manufacturer of 'or example, the Northwestern rruit , ,,..-.,, it ' OUB at X. most im
shoes wind up if he merely turned hisi Kxehange s now taking steps to put on ""i "it ...!, ..?..
ings, close in. 'ould accept small i manufactured article into a common!" nationar advertising campaign which !,'.',, .,.,. ,L.
tracts, but prefer all in one body. warehouse and left the soiling end to i will greatly aid the growers iu getting' 5 , th- sf, T?.,?. ' .tnebition
met in Sulem last IVcemuer Mr. Church-
An examina-
jmrjammn hiiimi fmniiiiiwiiiiiiiiiiiiiwiiiiai ! i imiiir iihiiiiiiibiiiii i iiiiii mini an .win nil
Sealed bids will be received up to 3
I o'clock p. m. July 31, 1014, by the Fire j
i, .i i n ii,. i-i u -o lio. and Water Committee of the Common I
Portland, Ore July 2-v-lt . was be constable, t hairnmn, at
ieved todav that the cav ot . x.i ,. , .
Minard. of Portland, and J. W. Logan ' rsigned tor 2o
and E J tellers, of Tacoma. on trial ! fir. hydrants to contorm with the tol
in the federal court here chuged with ; -owing requirements: ;
fraudulent use of t'ne niai! in eon-' alee opening to be 4 inch; two hese I
nection with their activity us " locat-; connections, 2'a inch: for installation:
- v ,-v . a j i in 1 f.r t-mn.iK ctlm.ii- nnnn.ul'inn
ics-dent Agents. 335 StMa Street
Jim Willson
, tk care of itself f i onl.v top pru-cs. Not only will it;
vu iim cviu tin , n uai litres m nut i - - - --tit t " n ki iu . .
Tl Bimilnva kiuhlv nimlii...! .nWnltho tidiliir over in the dull sesnn Bnniuinieu ..is piun.
IN TIME of danger prepare for safety.' manager Bnd an equally efficient ad-! reh are to be expecte I and in the tion and comparison of the s stems no t
When fires are frequent it is time I vertising manager, lie has his associa- years when slack crops are in vogue. l various- counties were made
to insure. Onard your homo against tions, his commercial agencies to which , Today, therefore, after yean, of striv' taat ;';',ails fu" " be wome.1 out
loss. A policy in a good company! ho sninies and his associate experts 'S to perfect growing and producing! tllat wo"ul be equally weil adapt e.t to
will do what you' can't do, and it j to whom ho turus for spoeial iufurma-1 conditions the growers are turning their i tBe rain Kr,w"'K eouutics east of tue
mighty fine thing to refer to when I tion. j attention to the selling end and the: lascados, the dairy iouutn'3 of the
' the eicitement is over and the place The selling end of the manufacturing producers of apples are stepping forth! 'past, end the farming end fruit seo
i in ruins. Our policies protect hitu-1 business is a highly specialized end, from their orchards anil from their tions. Mr. Churchill appointed County
i dreds of Hnlem homes, Is yours among with the wide awake" organization. To' packing houses and taking their places Superintendents Seymour, Welis, Stur
theinf If not, fee us at once about this must b attributed the great sue-1 among the foremost salesmen in thejill. IHmcan and Honncy a committei
It. Delays are costlT. Lafler ft Bo-1 cess of manv of the world famous I land, through the media of their selling! to draw np a standard plan, and its
liogor, 40tJ Hublaid" building. trade marked articles, luiagiue Sapolio,! organizations aud associations. report, with few changes, was adopted.
A fine o' acre tract close in tor ifll(X),
4-200 cash, 10 p r month; there ix
over ifiiOd worth of improvements oo
fornia railroad grant lands, would reach to be 1 mch. All threads to be Salem.! Ihe place and the land is all clear but
tho jury Monday night. There was Oregou, uniform standard shape and ; 2 acres of good timber. Plenty of fruit
no session of court todav. f number. Kach hydrant to be equipped ; in full bearing. I.an I in this Incality
With the exception of a sn.:ill amuont , with one 4-inch flange and hub double . is telling for ! j0 per acre, so when
of evidence in rebuttal to be presented ' gate valve complete with bolts and ; .V(1" take off the enst of buildings you
Monday, the government's case was gasket; 4 inch fbuige hydinnt connec- i re getting the land . for less th:m
closed late Friday. .tion; hydrant valve designed to open !r1,f per aero.
m i ' with pressure on wor...ng parts to back i I "till have pome of those 3 S'-i o
of hydrant barrel. Tos-hive automatic tracts on Knifrr Pottom for $ 1 7-5 prr
drip to be provided in bottom of hy- n,,re, 1"" cash, HI per month.
drnnt. Hydrants and vaivea to stand
,liej pounds pressure without leakage
when made up.
DeUverv to be made f.o.b. Salem.
The riwht to reject any or al! bids and;
to select any type of hydrant is hereby
A ton of mountain hoe-v will be
brought ta Portland todnv Hi.d placed
oa sale at the Carroll Public Market.
L. O. Pones, formerly a n:ember of the
Portland police force, sent word yes-
terday that he was going to ship the i
houev from his aoinrv uear Carlton, j
Jim Yillson
This is the first consignment of reserved in said committee. All bids
honey to be put on sale at the markets, shall be accompanied oy a check of o
Mr. Fones is well known in Portland, per cent of the amount l id as evidence
where he lived for a number of years of good taith.
betori) starting his apiary. j CUts. F. F.lgic, City Recorder, j
Ill North III3U Street.
It's almost imre-sible to discs-n 1 -e
ti.ii nss who thi:iks he cau tell a finu.y

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