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mi. . ma hti a t tatto vat. fi A T.TM nPTflnV MOKT) AT. JTTTiT 27. 1 91 4.
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two weeks with Mr. C. Xerod, of 3o0
North Eighteenth street.
a fas'.ionable
i V - . ttA...linrv
n r- r :1 T L--.r n.l'BPT. nHl ureu Buruuiua
K. BDU .lira, iuuici a. ,,-..,,!. ,l i. vrv
son Dan, Jr., are beinK wel- gms scooo. m si- '
corned bv their friends after1 popular. ...
-1 - . ba.pa.i woalf a Jill VI n (f l
whieh time they have visited most of A pleasant aoc.u 'f 1 elJat hor bom
the principal eastern cities. Their trip joyed last Thursday bJ A Dr. a
was tuken early, enabling them to ai-nurauer ui
ttend the commencement exercises of.ed as guests for the day of Airs. J. IN.
their son at the Philadelphia College Groshoug of St. Louis, who entertained
of Pharmacv, from which institution he! with an old fashioned quilting and car
graduated with honors, in both thesis, pet-making. Mrs. C. L. Davis was ask
and microscopic work. Daniel Pry, Sr.,!ed as honor guest, tho invitational list
I i Troutdale. Ore., July
L prisoners from the .Multnomah county
i 'rwk 1jle at Kellv ,lttei 11((l,r thp
I Miss Florence Elliott, of McMinn- leadership of Sheriff Tom Word are
I villc, arrived yesterday to take a posi-! given credit today for saving a number
tion in the state industrial accident de ' of homes from destruction by " brush
ipartment at the state house. 4 fife on the outskirts of Troutdulo last
Mrs. George Bering, of l'ortland, was Saturday. .. ..
the guest of her daughter, Mrs. James The blaze started from tho camp fire
Moose, over Sun.lay. l "
Dr. and Mrs. O. B. Mills left jester- tfot beyond control of the citizens,
day in their motor car for .Newport,' Sheriff was notified and w. h 1,
where they will remain a week. prisoners ... automobiles reached here
Mis. Mabel Nicholson spent Sunday ' .
e m Jefferson. " "' i" " . . " J '
Mrs. M. Findlay visited '""
friends in Albany Sunday. . ' H L. DeAmmond, of Medtord, were
Mr. and Mrs. L. H. ( ompton were n!both wintered at the Salem hotel this
guests of Mr. aud Mrs. Miuton, at Al-; 1I10rnjllg;
bany, yesterday. I ,B,es Jensen, of Grand Island, was
Miss Dorothy Holland returned but . . Sunday.
week from a nionta s visit with ner lit-i , .-.! 0f h00.1 River, was iu
is a graduate of tho same college, and also including: Mrs. Lee Atcheson, He frie . j,azc, Akc at ludepen- .. ' .', vpstc,'.av alll. toi,..ed at the
n ail ress at tne' Mrs. Charles Davies. -Mrs. v niiam urn-1 ., ' . "
was called UDon for
larce banatiet eiven by the alumni of ' nett. Mrs. Joe Martin, Mrs. Jessie
tne college. Dr. and Airs. Fry w-erejjjacy, Miss Lillian Lenoan, Miss Lau
also attendants at the nlumni recep-lBne Atchcson, Hugh, Rodney and
tion. Leaving Philodelphia tbey spent . Claude Martin, all of Salem, and Mrs.
several days in New York City, were;j j, jjiUg Mrs. J. Booster, Mrs. Gal
the. guests of friends in Atlantic City,! h" t'h Ben Kriiers, Mrs. Eppers,
nd also visited in Detroit, i. bicago.j M Harnid Lathv. Mrs. Aral, Mrs. G. , inI1,i linti. from 8lcm are: H. F. Ry
lalt Lake City, Kansas City, Sioux Af . Mrg charie8 Moore, Miss Pauline ' ()er 0 k. Mcnvin, Mrs. L. E. Bowen,
City, Indianapolis, St. Ioiiis, and also' , , ,. Bribes.. Mrs. H. Kirkwood, , K. w. Walker and Win. Tyler Smith.
viewed the wonders of the lellowstone, ,.. i;iw fi Jessie Bripcs. I v v srinlrr nf the Marion hotel
I .ii i 'o ,.u.iu ....... . , . f o p ... .. i n t
-f T i:ua Anna (..!. .. lknfla,.l viuilnr ViMltpP.
iiaugn-, , ;. n . ui. vm i
will lonv nong, alios iiii8'ti hm uuj.
this week for Ncskowin where they
will occupy their cottage
r v..- t. :n i.., ...inii ;iit Raymond i eatch, son
his father in his well-known local arugi Mrs. H. H. Veatch, was ploasontly sur
firm prised by a number of his young
friends who called at his home last
July Glean-up Bargains
Children's Tub Dresses
At Reduced Prices
Children's dainty Tub Dresses; the materials are of ex
cellent quality, serviceable and washable, and every dress
is well made and carefully put together. Checks, stripes,
plaids and big assortment of colors. Regular prices from
50c to $:U8. All reduced in price.
National Park,
Dr. and Mrs. Fry, with their
lers Jennie and rriscuia, win iruvc; ,,., v". vii-W-r.! Mr I
(h.VI HIT1 1 " " " ' " F
dence. . . I snpm hotel.
Will Lacey, of AnadBrko, Okla., who : A L MisnU,r) of tne Humes Cash
has ben visiting his sister, Mrs. Ra.vgtore M,og o ,8 tuking i0.days'
Lacey Holland, and relatives in Bur- p va,.ation
rouuding towns during the month, start-; '. m
ed yesterday for his southern home. 'fRUIT GROWING AND MARKETING
Mecent arrivals regisiercu av in-
M la1 H n
Polk County Fruit Growers Association
Held Big Meeting With About 100
Fruit Growers in Attendance.
for the re- Oulbrath and Mr. Onsby.
of Mr. and
(Journal Special Service.)
Dallus, Ore., July 27. The meeting
was culled to order promptly at 2:00
o'clock Saturday afternoon by the
Women's and Misses' Novelty Waists
in voile arid lawn; all down to date
models; good range of sizes to select
from. SPECIAL, $1.98
several days,
several weeks.
their son
11. E. Botts, of Tillamook, is registev-.
ed at the Marion.
Keith Powell, of Lafayctto, is at;
the- Marion. president of the association, Mr. II. A.
R. A. Booth, of Eugene, was at the ; Vnn,i
Marion over Sunday. i ir C
Mr. aud Mrs. Arrnur l. nuur
Eakin was the first spenkor
and he gave reports of the North Pa-
I ..... .. r. lr All. nVSl.'illlAV .. ....
Dr. and Mrs. Mark S. Skiff left Thursday evening to bid mm iarcwen mr. aim ju.. . cific Fruit Distributors and tneir mc-
,e, jiusirnim, uh vri. "".r . tliods of selling IruitB in eastern mur-
iUI uiriivuui. , - . o- . .. .
preceding themlwhere he will spend the summer with mo const, irnm vu. , p( ket
They will remain for
his erandfather. W. II. Veatch. His
guests were: Marjorie Minton, Leo
nore Minton, Magdalene Tufli, Flor
ence Valentine, Mable Mason, Hcrbort
McKee, Theodore Tufli, Arthur Buell,
Lilliun C per, Glen Craig and Robert
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Brophy, Mr. and
Mrs. George Riches were week-end vis
itors in Newport. During tneir stay
Mrs. Bertha Darby chaperoned the
members of the Intermediate Christian
Endeavor Society on Thursday, when
they enjoyed their annual picnic.
In the party were: Lawrence Brew
er, Clifford Smart, Carl Smith, Hall
Cook, Philip Elliott, Herbert Darby,
Wtlhelmina !nuth, Vera Uiiley, ea-
nee Wiley, wt Maon, ne,ma h wer(J of Mr and Mrs Harry
Cook, Marie Cook, Marie Emmons and , w ' HIlthB who ftr0 0CcU.,vie one of
Helen Smith. the Savage cottages. They are enter-
Returning home from Washington, D. taining Mrs. R. B. Fleming', sister
G.. Friday night, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M tMnu"' "d Ha"y AV.cdmer as
Glover are making brief calls and re- heir hou8 8UCSU ?h,ie there
ceiving their friends at the home of i ... ,... u
Mrs. Glover's parents, General and Mrs. ! t Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Watson are home
W. H. Byars, on North Commercial ) fn a dehgntful four weeks' tour
street. The r stav. however, w be all i"r""K" ""g
at the Marion over Sunday. They M t ; tQ mnrke BnJ of ,he distributorg
this morning for San tra.ic.sco. T..ivinir more than J5.000 telegrams
H. I. Pr.ce, n prominent ua .as .ner- - d W(,nt
chant, was a Sunday guest at the Mwl of thcrc(lit 8V8'u.ra for tha
10 V i m r n P,,r,lv who live ! 8lno11 shipper who had no means for
Edna Purdy, employed by tne uregon
Nursery company at Orcnco, left early ussocat.on.
tn s morning for Ocean Lake, Tilla- Mr. H. A. Woods was the next o
mook, where they will spend the vaca- respond and made a very Rood I talk on
tion period. They will rusticate at; the idea of the meeting, which as to
Garibaldi beach for three weeks. ! have tho members of the Polk County
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Luce and C. C. j Fruit Growers association to join and
i ... n... a.nra mii nt the ! become a lart of tho North Pacific
Bligh over Sunday.
Hazen Johnson of Florence was reg
istered at the Bligh Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Larson of Puy
nllup, Washington, are guests at the
Fruit Distributors of Spokane, Wash
ington, which is a mutual non-profit
growers' organization for selling and
distributing the fruit grown in the
states of Oregon, Washington and Ion
ho, with Dallas as one of its sub-ship'
Mr.' and Mrs. J. W. Montagne arrived j ping points. Mr. Woods explained the
too brief, Mr. and Mrj. Glover, with '" from Portland yesterday and are guests rnies ana regulations ui irun u.o-
Mrs. Bvavs, leaving tnis week for Cas-1 Tamed east by M.ss Maude Durb.ttj fa tributors and a goodly number of ques-
cadia, where tbey will remain during! who w.th them was entertained by th Henderson, the popular mana- tions were asked and answered to the
the mouth ofAugust, joining General ; nutor Chamberlains .n UuhinRton, Nothing department satisfaction of the audience. Mr
liyars, who left tor that resort some-1 C.. For heir pleasure Sena or Cham, K k , h . Woou8 aaid he hau espflcted Mr. H.
time ago. " bertam and daugh ter, M.ss C arr r Le . o fc , California, I Davidson of Hood River, Oregon, presi-
Tho Glovers made their trip bv way Chamberlain, entertained with a charm- " 1 Prnn.,pn T. An(reles ! dent of the North Pacific Fruit Dis-
House Dresses
Women's and Misses House Dresses
in a wide range of styles and sizes ; high
and low necks. SPECIAL, $1.00
Hand Bags
We are cleaning up on leather hand
bags; all genuine leather, fitted with
neat handles; cloth and leather lined.
Lot 1, $3.98. Lot 2, 2.98. Lot 3, 98c.
Tub Dresses
Children's Tub Dresses in a variety
of neat styles; good quality materials,
and all well made. Ages 2 to 6 years.
who congratulated themselves on being j Club, "DCifSOV; blucstcm, Sllc.
nt a real live meeting. I Oats No. I white feed, '.,lj
f tk. fiionU. oi-v oninvii.o me lunciieon, asKing among
an 84-mile tour by motor and launch i K"s iu. .
through this newly recognized wonder- of Hon. C. J. S.mtn ot Portland, and
Jamj I Mrs. Carolyn B. Shelton. Mis. Chain-
rte Mr, Glover has-"served as (."on- i berlain was unable to preside as hos
gressman Hawley's secretary, he has! toss, being nl troin the effects of the
crossed the continent 14.tin.es, Mrs, i intense heat winch had prevailed pre
(ilover acknowledging eight trips. On.v.ous to their visit,
their journey east last November thev Mrs. Shelton was also a dinner hos
were accompanied by Mrs. Glover's sis- i tesa for them, her invitational list in
ter, Mrs. Sherman Thompson, who spent eluding many well known Wash.ngton
tiiree delightful months sightseeing and ; 1" opi.
in attending the large diplomatic ani
congressional socinl functions which
were given during her stay in Washington.
n...t,. i.. v. ;,,.i ,niSalt Lake they had the pleasure of see
of the noteworthy social events given in the Garden of the Gods and the
i... .u ,....11 o. .:..,. contisuous beauty places. M.ss Durbin
piting in tho equally delightful though : so accompanied them on their home
smaller affairs, which fill the davs of ! ward journey as far as Detroit. She
the women whose husbands are connect-. will visit there and in Ohio betore her
ed with the diplomatic, congressional, return home, which will probably be in
senatorial and cabinet circles. September.
Mr. and Mrs. Glover are loyal Ore- j The Watsons returned by way of C an
t;A: nn n.,.io nr riinPR.' ado. stopping at Glacier, near Banff,
Li J tn n,o ! where thev were given the unusual
Should congress adjourn, Congress- , privilege of scaling one of the immense
man and Mrs. Hawley and their daugh-i glaciers. ,
ter, Iras, expect to return to Salem! They were especially fortunate in
this fall. Mrs. Hawley, since her hus- j avoiding tne unpleasant heat which has
band's appointment in Washington, has characterized the eastern summer sea
been a member of the Congressional 1 son. each place which they visited en
club and has enjoyed all the social pres- joying a period perfect weather,
tige incidental to such a position. Miss' ,,
Hawlev, who is considered one of the!" Mrs.X. C. Nerod and her two-year-old
prettiest girls of the younger debutante; eon, Billy, of Spokane, arc spending
- " - , O - " . ., . ,
and other points. j trihutors, to DC witn tnem ai tins meei-
W. H Dancy joined Mrs. Dnncy in ! intf, but for some unknown reason had
Newport yesterday, where she is visit- failed to come and as Mr. Wintha R.
ing with the 0. C. Locke family at their Palmer of the Purdue university of La
cottage "Sunset." Fayette, Indiana, was with them, he
L. Wimbon, former pianist at the 1 was called on and gave a very interest
Globe and now playing at the Albany ; ing talk on co-operation of fruit grow
Globe, was visiting in Salem yesterday, j ers, and told how the fruit unions of
George H. Graves was among the ; the cast managed to distribute the fruit
Salem people who spent Sunday in ; so one market would not be glutted in
Portland. 1 one ci,v nnQ 'lttve no fru't ot tno k'"1'
Mr. and Mrs. William Hunter arc in another, tie also explained tne mr
Dallas vs. Sheridan.
Dallas busebnll funs to tho number
of KiQ took a special train to Sheri
dan to see the last and deciding gume
of a scries of five games between the
two towns. It was a pitchers' battle
from start to finish, with Dallas losing
by a score of 7 to 1. Tho main features
of the game were two home runs, two
made by Sheridnn and one by Dallas,
all being hit over tho right field fence.
Dallas goes to Falls City to play their
last game of tlio season.
Portland, Ore., July 27. Wheat met
Road signs mre ordered secured at
gray, the meeting of the board of governor
ot the Sulem Commercial club at their
Barley Brewing, 20; feed, $1!). weekly dinner today. These signs will
Hogs Best live, .H.!!5. oe uistriliuteil about Marion county
Prime steers, 47.55(r7.li0; funcy . showing the direction to Salem and tho
cows, iftl.50; best elves, $8.25. j number of miles. The placing of these
Spring lambs, it5((i0. I signs will be niude by patriotic auto.uo-
Buttcr City creamery, 30c. ' ! bilo owners of Salem. When crosit
Eggs Selected local extras, L'5(fi2iic. roads are reached a sigh post will bo
1 1 ! placed and the reading of tho distnnco
FREED FROM PRISON. I ln0 cyclometer taken so that the
distance may be correct. It was voted
San Francisco, July 27. Kx-Assessor , ut t, mooting to get up an exhibit for
Henry P. Dalton, of Alameda county, ; tm, iortlnnd chamber of commerce as
paroled at a recent meeting of the state) tllut 1)0,iy hlls 0ffer sl,U(.0 , the u,,
prison board, was relensed from San, p(,o(ll0 to ,how ,,, j,roaUcts of tho stir-
ihmuiu luiinv. j.u .s n.ii( "Y j rounding country.
VI-UIS lur mrr'liiiK u uiiuc iu iliiiv
the People s Water company a assess-
A Journal Want Ad will tell It for
lalo, Niagara Falls, Chicago, Denver, I among the recent arrivals ot the Os- ference ,n freight rates to the east on
Omaha, Detroit, Salt Lake City and i burn hotel at Newport. small lots and .n carload lots and also
other places of interest were included; Miss Maud Suvage is spending a j the way the rni roads handled small
in their itinerary. Going by way of fortnight at the Nye Beach cottage of shipments and carload lots. Mr. I aimer
At, .i "Mi-a r.,.nriro Knvnirc. is an extensive traveler ami takes a
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. McKee of Ra- groat deal of interest in tjuf fruit eiil
lem are registered at the Nicolai hotel j ture nf the west, and members .if the
at Newport. j association will always welcome n man
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Cooley (Ella j of his kind who makes a study jf
Kopplein) were among the recent ar- j what is needed at whatever stato he
rivals at Nye Beach. j is in to better the conditions of the
Albert Magers motored from Salem small farmer, and says co-operation is
to Newport recently and is spending one thing that will bring tho big buyer
several days at the beach. j and the small producers together.
W. II. Fisher and .Miss lono f isher I -r. n. v. vuiuput-n, "
have taken the Joseph cottage at New-1 association, asked all those who want
port for the season. i cd to join to come forward ami give
State Forester Elliott went to Port- ; their names and every fruit grower in
land this morning on business and will j the hall gave his name and when the
return this evening. , I meeting was .over, literature, was die
David Hovenden, of Woodburn, arid j tributed among the departing gu8t;,
$111 Ms for $495
Don't go the rest sf the season without a Straw Hat
or with a faded one
All Straw Hats
One-Half Price
$1.00 HATS 50c
$2.00 HATS $1.00
$3.00 HATS $1.50
PANAMAS, $5.00 grade $2.S0
Money can be saved by making your Clothing se
lection now $3 to $10 on every purchase
Daddy's Bedtime
Best Bed Bargain
Aff i oil
ver UTTerea in saiem
How the River
Traveled to
The Sea.
"Make boats and
carry them."
ELL, kiddles, I'm ready to answer the question you asked me to
day when we were rowing on the river.
"Goody, doody!" shouted Jack and Evelyn, swarming all over
daddy's knees. They were in their nighties, so daddy cuddled
them cloae and told them about bow the river traveled to tho sea.
"Let us make believe," began daddy, "that there is a river spirit who lives
away op in the mountains, so blgn that maybe we could never tlnd his hiding
pluce. He is a very ambitious spirit aud always wants work to do, so every
day be starts out with his divining rod to see if he can (iud a 'well eye' as n
beginning for bis river.
"He is a pretty happy fairy when be Dnds one because he knows be has
found hidden water. He waves bis wnnd. and the 'well eye' becames so full
that it naturally has to have an outlet, so, of course, the water, Instead of be
lug nmiglity and wanting to run awny ophlll, runs right down the mountain.
"At first there is hardly any depression in the ground over which tbo water
flows. You see. the tiny little stream has no bed that it cun call Its own. But
a little farther down the side of tbe mountain the river gathers force from
other st Tenuis and rill.
-Bnt one day tbe river was afraid. It bad come to a great high precipice
There Is really nothing to fear." whispered the river spirit 'Just you tumble
right over. You'll be caught all safe at tbe bottom.'
"So the timid little strenm took courage and leaped gayly down the preci
pice, dashing penrly srny nnd foam ns it fell. 8ure enough, when It reached
the bottom of the precipice it found a bed all ready made for It; not a nice
soft one like mamma makes for you kiddles, but bard rocky bed.
"After awhile, still cheered on by tbe river spirit, it grew broader and
stronger and more Intrepid.
"Cltle were built ou Its high bonks, and tbe river whispered: 'Let me give
yon my wealth; take the (lab In my waters; let me turn your water wheels
and grind your torn and wheat: take my water and water your laud no It will
he more fertile and arow more wheat and corn; make great bouts and I will
carry them for you. for I desire more than anything els to be useful to men
' "Vrhen tbe river reached tha aea It was no longer tbe timid stroaro that
feared 1o tumble over the precipice, and It rushed right Into.the sesi and wasn't
afraid of the great ware at nil."
-Daddy, that l n very good story, but where dom the hidden water com
from?" ked Jack thoughtfully.
. "U to bed. kiddles. I've jut to read my paper." "W daddy.
1 5 Beds Only Variety of designs White
and Vernen's Marten finishes up-to-date
patterns. There is only one of each design
and in order to make room for Fall goods
arriving, we will place these on sale while
they last. Beds from $7 to $10, special at
177 N. Liberty
Salem, Oregon

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