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. " -,. m IW'TTitBilTI1 BiM'lh'IIW WiWillV'f HHTItll I
v . a 101
Is the subject for the morning address at
St, Paul's Church
Corner Church and Chemeketa streets
at 7::' anu 11
I,, services always "special"-there is alway;
A1 particular reason why
s a
The Evangelical Association.
Chemeketa street church, K. G.
Ilornschuch, pastor. Services uu the
Lord's day at 11 a. 111. ami 7 : :t( p. in.,
reception of members; Sunduv school
at 111 a. 111.; Y. i A. at 0:30 p. m.;
prayer moctiiijr 011 Tnursday nt 7:.'i0 p.
111. U11 Friday, at 2:30 and 7:30, a
county prohibition conference will be
held in the W. C. T. I.'. hall. All
friends are invited.
of Falls City,
lay, visiting nt
secretary of
(fipitaI Journal Special Service.) ,
LL, Or.. March. IMT. "!"?,.
iris'tii? at ""' '
3r.d)r,c.;-... . .....
iT,,. Hooker is ,nJ
Lft w u""0 iUI ",la''k of.
...I'mlillae aiitciiniibile winch is Hie
y word in auto const nidiou.
i0l DaVlH, a tor r mon-mnii .,
.ii(ily now residing at . minium,
:w is in the city looking alter.
-mtf interests.
Jr! Waller Nirhol
ni in ua as. wenneso
i, borne of relatives.
llti Winnie Mil' 0 II
ve Pilk county Fair usso. inl um. was
Pile. Thursday, in t lie intor-i
lelif the comiiifi exhibition.
C. L. Starr, of Portland, was a imi-j
ii visitor the first of the week.
V- Hwnr.l White, id rails ( it v,
in ill the eity Wednesday shopping.
J H. V. dates of llillshnro, was in
lite fitv the first of the week looking
fin business interests.
Fred Rich, of Siiinmii, is visiting nt
lit home of liis sun, Hand,! liich.
Mr. iinl Mrs. H. P. slniver have- re-
'inpil from a several months' visit
lilli relatives in Seattle. Tlicv were
.foundiiii'il homo hv their little ernnd
imikwr, Sliss Katheriim Jennings.
Mrs. Paul Hush, nf Falls I'ilv, was ni
isitor it the Innne of County Trens
w mnl Mrs. Prod llulman the first
.f til week.
Un ff WVIIIIK .T.,lili.i,,i, ,...l,.n.l
'WirKiif (lie week I'roni an extended
-'it n me nmno ot relatives in
Miwntn, California,
fetWanl, of lllyiii.ia, vVashiniilon,
rilllrd In 'the bedside of his
ii, Finnk Ward who is .seriously,
" Jiul Mrs. n. .1. Hiant and little
son of Falls City were Dallas visitors
I lie first of tho week.
Harry Hollistor, of Portlnlnd, was
in the city this week looking after
business interests. Mr. Hollister was
formerly a merchant of Dallas, being
connected with A. 8. Campbell in the
dry goods business.
-Mrs. John Hill, of Salem, is visiting
nt the home of her mother, Mrs. Char
les Mitchell in this eity.
Mrs. Luther Chnpin, of Salem, is in
tho eity this week visiting at the
home of her mother, Mrs. Henry Mus
cott. Mrs. A. S. Campbell has returned
from a visit with relatives in the Cap-
inn iry.
Miss Jennie Shriver was operated 011
at the Dallas hospital Tuesday for an
attack of appendicitis. Miss Shrives
is teacher of the Greenwood school
east of Dallas.
August Kisser spent Wednesday
night with friends at Greenwood.
L. A. Schultz, ' a business man of
Rcllwood, was a Dallas visitor Wednes
day. Mr. Schultz was formerly a
merchant of this eity and conducted
tho grocery store now mvnn.l 1. ir n
Black on Court street.
C. N. McArthur, of Portland, was in
the city Tuesday greeting old friends.
I at was on his way to Kickreall to
look after business interests.
1 1 1
The .first meet inn ni H.u ...
the .Nnzarine taliernaele was held Inst 1
nign:. I lie singing ot the evangelists,
K. A. Lewis anil K. S. Mathews, ucer.ai
pnnied 1111 stringed instruments, was en
joyed by the audience. Mr. Lewis
preached a very powerful sermon of the
olil-l'-ishio I type from the text,
"Preach the Word.'' Services cverv
night at 7::i0j Sunday 11 a. m. and :i
and 7 o. m.
Refonned (German.)
Comer Capitol and .Marion streets,
W. U. Lienkaeinper, jiastor. Wuiiday
school at 10 a. in.; morning worship
in Herman at 11; Lenton sermon,
Christ's Last Words, "Thirst"; even
ing services in lOnglund at 7:H0, sub
ject, "Jesus and Peter.'' Meeting ot
Heideiberg Guild at U:4" p. 111.
Castle Chapel, United Brethren.
'Comer Seventeenth and Nebraska,
H. D. Dorks, minister. Bible schcul,
iU n. in.; morning worship, II o'clock;
sermon by Rev. W. W. Hosebrangh;
Christian F.ndeavor, (i::!0; gospel ser
vice, $7M, sermon by Rev. W. X.
lilodgett. A hearty welcome to all.
Lone Oak Mission.
Habbath school at 2:30; meeting for
worship at IltUO. Everybody welcome.
C. J. Wearies, superintendent.
Lutheran Church.
Kail State and Eighteenth streets.
George Koehler, pastor. Sunday school
at 9:ilU a. m.;- divine service at 10:30
a. m.; Luther League at 0:45 p. m.;
evening service in Knglish at 7:30 p.
m.; Lenten service every Thursday at
7:30 p. m.
South Salem Friends.
Corner of South Commercial and
Washington streets, H. K. Pemberton,
paston. liible school at 10 a. m., classes
for rll ages, Kunner Xewby, superin
temlent. Revival meeting, in charge
of Lindley A. Wells, is now in prctgress.
He will preach at. 11 a. 111. and again
at 7:30 p. m.; a meeting of special in
terest to all. Von are invited to at
tend and bring a friend. These meet
ings will continue each evening of the
coming week.
Take Hood's Sarsaparilla, the Old
Reliable Spring Tonic.
Don't let the idea that yon may
feel better in a day or two prevent
you from getting a bottle of Hood's
Sarsaparilla today from any drug
store and starting at once on tho
road to health and strength.
When your blood is impure and
impoverished it lacks vitality, your
digestion is imperfect, your appetite
is poor, and all the functions of your
bodyare Impaired.
Hood's Sarsaparilla is a wonderful
blood tonic. It will build you up
quicker than any other medicine. K
gives strength to, do and power to
endure. It is the old standard tried
and true all-the-year-round blood
purifier and enricher, tonic ind ap
petizer. Nothing else acts like it,
for inothlng else has the same
formula or ingredients. Bo sure to
ask for Hood's; insist on having it.
Key of Power." All friends of liberal
regilion and of progressive thought are
cordially invited to oir services,
First Church of Chris;, Scientist
Sunday services are held at 440
Chemeketa street at II a. 111. and ,H p.
111. Subjebt of Bible lesson, "Sun
stance." Sunday school at !l:l.1 a. m.;
Wednesday evening testimonial meet
ing at 8 o'clock. The leading room of
this church is located in the llnblmrd
building, suite 303, and is open cverv
day, except Sundays and holidays, from
1 1 :4, a. 111. to .5 p, 111. All are welcrtne
to our services and invited to visit our
reading room.
Ja.'k Frost, who conducts a small con-
fectionery store on South Twelfth
street, reported to the police vestenluv
I afternoon that his store had 'been en'
! tere I and robbed Thursdiiv ninhi Tim
miscreants ti.ik several dollars worth
of the standard brands of smoking to-!
bacco and about $1(1 worth of cigarettes'
of ail kinds. They took a small quan
tity of chocolates and a few other
tiinklets about the store. The police
think the wcrk is evidently that of j
youths about the town. ' 1
; All Mugers, of 1130 Oak street, re-i
polled to the police this morning that1
his basement had been entered last i
1 night ami two cases of beer taken.!
'The culprits entered through a small
; window for putting in wood. Mr. Ma-!
; gers iias been practicing on 'clay pigeons
1 and says he will take a shot nt the next
man that tries td steal his beer.
First Methodist Episcopal Church. j
State and Church streets, Kicnnrd N,!
Avison, D. 11,, minister. !i;4." a. in., i
Sabbnth school, .Messrs. Schramm audi
Gilkey, superintendents; 11 a. 111., ad-l
dress by Hon. H. P. Mutton, superin
tendent Anti-Saloon league; 3 p. 111.,'
Attorney General Geo. M, Bricvn will
address a mass meeting of Salem citi
zens on the merits ot the bill passed
by thejcgislature to enforce the con-!
stitutional amendment. Citizen voter,'
hear him! 5 p. 111. , the Intermediate
leuiMie M i'h 111 Ki 1 1 . 1 tc c . h ,,,ni ,,t.
dent, wiU meet in the league room; (1:30 !
I p. 111., Miss Mc Bride will lead the Dp
j worth League in a study of "Dyke'
1 Builders Against Ruin''; 7:30 p, m.,!
Illr. ti. X. Avison will speak of "The
j Ilistri'.y of a Oong."
Keen after a woman has grown i
oau.iJiters, she wants her husband to
tell her that she doesn't look a day
older than when she was married.
Unitarian Church.
Corner of Chemeketa and Cottage
sreetH, Richard F. Tischer, minister.
Sunday school at 10 o'clock; morning
service at II o'cln k, subject, " 1'ni
tari'in Christianity.'' .Music by Miss
Inez Denison, Mrs. Walter Denton, or
ganist. Social service meeting at 7:30.
A special program hits been prepared.
-Mrs. llallio Binges will sing several se
lections, accompanied by Mr. Harry
Mills. Kev. Tischer will speak on ".The
. .. . I ' !
'mi,MU,,tmK7MmKamm, mu imMIHIiHllilllllll I inifiJBMiMuie'Ji!nig
'Raw 8
X furniture .St aw i
Successor to Josse & Moore
First Presbyterian.
The pastor, Carl II. Klliott, will speak
to his junior congregation on " lleing a
Christian," being tho first of three
tnjlis to young people preparing them
for church membership. To the adults
the pastor will speak on " Choosing. "
The evening sermon is the thirteenth on
the Kpistle of James, and the subject
is "Tho Privilege and Power of Pray
er." The Sunday school mcits at 0:4"
a. in., Glen Xiles, superintendent. The
morning music is led by a cpinrtet and
in the evening by a clunus, botu con
ducted by Professor Walsh,
j Swedish Taternaclo M. E. Church.
uinei ruiiiu j 11 weii 1 11 iinu .um
trcets, Rev. John Oval, pastor. Ser
vices at 3 p. in. and S p. m. All Scan
dinavians are most cunliully invited to
First Congregational Church.
.lames iMvin, pastor. Regular ser
vices nt II n. in. ami 7:30 p. m, in
!the morning the pastor will j. reach on
the subject, "' litious That .Make
Faith in Imnioitnlity Possible and
Precious," In the evening tilt subject
will be, "''an toe ' hiistinu Religion
Survive.'" Sunday school at ID a. m.,
I'rol'.'ssnr W. I. Stnloy, superintend! nt ;
mid-week service, Thursday evening,
.Mai.'h IS, at 7:3u, subject, "The Home
' coming of the King. ' '
A plate glass window in the store of'
Poisal & Shaw was broken last night
and it was first thought the intent was
to enter the store, but it later proved
to be merely a friendly scuffle of some
hoys on the sidewalk' in front of the
store. The lads told the proprietor of.
the damage they had done and agreed
to pay for it,
. i
New School Building To
Be Strictly Up To Date!
The architectural features of the new '
school house to be erected this spring '
in Mouth Salem on McGilchrist and I
High streets include many of the ideas
now being used in the construction of
the better grade of schools.
The design will be a modification of '
Lombard)' architecture, a type of build
ings from northern Italy, showing a de
velopment between the' Knninnesquo
and Gothic types.
The building will be two stories high
with a basement hating its floor on a
level with the grounds. The material
to be used will be a cream colored
brick, with a Spanish tiled roof. There
will be adequate fire escapes so placed
as nisi to interfest with the architec
tural beauty of the building.
The basement will contain two large
sized piny rooms and on each flour: four
class rooms. Special attention has been
given by Architect George M. Post to
the lighting of the rooms. The area of
light for each room is one-fourth id' the
floor space, this being the proportion
recommended by the lending educators
of the country.
Plan Well
Before You
Before you award the
contract, plan your house
well. Visit our offices and
avail yourselves of the
splendid, new plans which
we have for the use of our
Falls City-Salem Lumber Company
299 North Commercial St.
Telephone 81:1
-Mrs. Lewis Wallace and babv, Violet,'
! returned to their home in 'Portland American girls have n world-wide
'Monday after a week's visit with the i hi t n t i 11 for beauty, but, at the same
: 10. Uhondes familv. ,imi'' there are girls in our cities who
i Mrs. X. 10. Tyler of Bucnu Vista was I""""'" tIT beauty of face nor form,
!nn over Sunday guest at the ,1. H. Bed- '"'cause in these instances they suffer
j ford home. ' ' f nun nervousness, the result of disor-
I Attorney and Mrs. lOrncst Blue were l'1''1''' "f ,,K' w'"'anly organism. At reg
! Portland visitors recently. l"'1"' in'eivals they suffer so much that
i Work in the neighboring hop yards ,'"'ir strength loaves them; they are so
'has begun in earnest, ' prostrated that it takes days for tin 111
j Thursday afternoon a number ,,f 1 ''"'over their strength. Of course,
West Snloi'n ladies eallieie,! nt tin. u,u. 1 such periodic distress has its bad effect
I'd' liev. 11 nd Mrs. T. D. Vuines. A
Fulton Gocarts
I have just received a shipment
of the famous Fulton Gocarts and
Fultonettes, and am selling these
at nrices that cannot be dunlicat-
ed- See these gocarts before you buy.
Matting and Matting Rugs" in
the latest and newest designs. I
carry a complete stock in all
size and colors.
See my window for prices.
Complete Home
I Always Save
You Money
First Christian Church.
Corner High and Center streets, F. T.
Porter, minister. !:4.j a. 111., Bible
M-hoid, Dr. II. C. Kpley, director; 11 a.
ill., worship and sermon by pastor; 0:30
p. in., Christian lOndeavor; 7:30 p, in.,
sermon by lOvaugclist A. L. Crini; male
quartet and large horns.
Commons Mission.
241 State street. Services Sunday at
3 p. ni also on Tuesday, Wednesday
and Friday evenings nt 7:30. Kvery
body welcome. J. D. Cook, superinten
dent. "Social Service Meeting."
A special program is arranged for
Sunday evening. Mrs. Bailie Hinges
will sing: liev. Tisc her will give a lec
ture on "The Key of Power." Kvery
Jiody is welcome. This is the second
meeting of the course at the l.'nitarinn
The Swedish Missionary.
Rev. Aug. Ols from Portland, will
hold service in the Baptist church next
Sunday, the Hth nt .1 o'clock p, in. All
Scandinavians nie cordially invited.
W. C, T. U.
Mr. Thomas In.nglas, of Willamette
university, will conduct the gospel ser
vice in this hull. Sunday, 'March 14th,
at 4:00 p. m. slim p. You lire cordially
invited to be present.
Associated Bible Studonta (I. B. S. A.)
Regular weekly bible study in up
stairs hall, south west corner High and
Ferry streets Sunday morning at 10;O0
o'clock. All bible students welcome.
No collection. Phono tiPN-W.
Spring Time
Is Here
Help make the world beauti
ful. By planting flowers and
gardens. We have a large as
sortment of sweet peas In abund
ance of colors, in bulk.
All kinds of puro garden seed
that will grow, in hulk. Rose
Lawn Fertilizer for gardens,
roses and lawns.
Fletcher & Byrd
349 N. Commercial St.
the nervous system. The withered
and drawn faces, the dark circles ti ml
crow 's feet about the eyes, the straight
figure without those curves which lend
so much to feminine beauty are the un
mistakable signs of womanly disorders.
When a girl becomes 11 woman, when
a woman becomes a. mother, when wo
men pess through the changes of mid
dle life, me the three periods of life
I when health and. strength are most
lueirv linrtv nf viuimr L. needed to withstand the puin and dill-
gathered n't the Birch home Wednesday "n,'n caused by severe organic dis-
cvennig to surprise Mr. Fred Hureh who
that lii v attained the age of aim. teen
.ladies' aid society was organized ami
lic following officers elected: Picsi
jdent, Mrs. H. A, Hunt; vice-president.
I Mrs. lOrnest Blue; secretary-treasurer,
' .mis. I. . .Miller,
! It was decided to mod every two
! weeks on Thursday afternoon at the
homes of the members. The next meet
ling will be at Mrs. ,1. H. Bcdfoids,
: March lioth.
but he wu not surprised hav ing ri ived
an inkling of what wns coming and
jwes prepared with many und varied
dainty refreshments which were served
otter several , outdoor grimes were
1 Mr. and Mis. l-'red llnniiu were called
I to S.iver Friday on account of the slid-
I I di n death ot a mur lelntlve.
At these critical times women lire
best fortified by the use of Mr. Pierce's
I'aviniic Prescription, an old remedy
of proved worth that keeps the entire
female system perfectly regulated and
in o.-.c. -iliMit ' 11 il i I in 11.
Motlieis. if your daughters are weak,
lack ambition, are troubled with head
aches, Iks.-itirde and are pale and siol-ly,
Dr. Pioire's Favorite Prescription is
The father, mother and sister of liev. 1 "ln" ''"'V ,' 1 "''.v '"''"li 11111
L. D. Yuriies all of Now berg are visit-
I nig at the parsonage.
I Mr. lleoige Thoiuas nun' son, Chuilcs,
who have been spending the winter ill
i Kings' valley returned to this neigh
horliood I-'ridav.
Washington, Murch 13. The recess
appointment, of Joseph J, Koshoiough
to he po tmaster at Oakland, Mil,, was
made today by President Wilson. This
was the first recess appoint meal 11 1 1 -noon
cil by the president.
bloom of health to their cheeks 11 ml
make Mom strong and henllhy.
It' you nre a sufferer, if your daugh
ter, mother, sister need help get Mr.
Pierre' Favorite Prescription in liquid
or tablet form. Then address Dr.
I'iei , Invalids' Hotel, Moffalo, .. V,
and leci 'he confidential advice from a
stuff of s ialists, that's free; also
1. 10 page book 011 women's diseases scut
free, --Adv.
our I,
sermon is one
ad and hits
I hat goes
the' other
Highland Friends.
Corner of Highland and Klin streets,
Josephine llockett, pastor, residence
22.15 N. Kim, phone Nun. Snbbuth
school 10:00 a. m.. Karl Pruitt, super
intendent; n ting for worship 11:00
a. ni. and 7:3o p. m.: Christian Kndeavor
0:15 p. m.; prayer meeting 7 :.'I0 p, m.
Salem's Pay Roll-Increase It
I am doing my share are you doing yours?
Hundreds of suits will be bought the next few months. Will you let that
contract in the east or give it to Salem tailors? GENTLEMEN, ITS UP TO
YOU. If you want to see Salem prosper, keep every dollar at home. The rent
man needs it, the baker, the butcher, and a hundred other industries that are
waiting for Salem's pay-roll Saturday evening. I have five families on my pay
roll and could put on as many more if the people of Salem would Buy in Salem
satisfaction. I have spent six years in Salem, studying your needs and the art
of building clothes that hold their shape in this climate. That's why my tailor
made kind look better in six months' wear than ready-made looks in one month.
And you get more satisfaction from buying of me than you do from ordering
from Chicago and other mail order hou. es.
Every garment made on the premises by skilled journeymen tailors under my
personal supervision. One of the largest stocks in the state to select from mean's
that we have just the very patterns you are looking for, and will be tailored to
suit and fit you.
stice and see what I have to offer before buying.
Do yourself justice and see what I have
urn's Leading Tailor to Men and Women.
flordesu, March 1.1. The Canadian
Pacific liner Montrose in ashore m
Portugal blink, mnr Mbnra, Hcngnlii,
on the wevt coast nf Africa, Recording
to a cable received here tndnv. She is
(sending out wireless calls for nsist-lance.
' Ami the avernL'" man spends nine
tenths of his life trying to ncciiinii
(lute enough money to enable him to
jpenl the other tenth In copifort. j
Attend our spring opening sale which begins March 15. Store open evenings.
ft i , - i
I i 'if''
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