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Editorial Page of "The Ca
pital Journal
March IS, I !M 1
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ac a . .
teEEfEEE5ET- &WmM 1
M "fflli I.IU I1 I III I. TTT-ii-Ji I
r ' 1- 1,1 II
Daily by carrier, per year.
Dailv by mail, per year...
Weekly by mail, per year.
Per month...
1'er month. .
Six months. .
FYJBLISHED EVERY EVENING BAUti'l' bujiuai, oaium, umuv.i, m 0I SUCH Ul UgS as tlie picnviiucu, mailing it, yi s."s-j ---
.if 1 r, f T possible for peddlers to continue their trade and equally
Capital JOUrnai Xtg. V,0., IIIC. ! difficult for the man or the house behind the peddler to
l s i iTbnes chas. h. fishlb, doka c. andbkskn, ! escape detection.
' ' " President Vice-President' bee, and Treas. A v&.QYft must fa kept of every Sale, Stating the
I amount sold and the name of the purchaser. This sup
plies the remedy that the states lacked in attempting to
.Vioc break up the traffic, for the states could not go beyond
their own boundaries, whereas there is no limit to the op-
erations of the federal act.
1!,, Capltai journal carrier boys aro instructed to put the papers on the Enforcement Of the Statute is in the hands of the in-
Zt ?JSw trTZZ , ternal revenue bureau, acting under instructions from the
way we can determine whether or not the carriers are following instructions, secretary of the treasury. Congress has appropriated
none Main si. $150,000 for its enforcement.
" " " " 1 It is signif icent that there seems to have been little dif-
CLEAN MEN WOULD MAKE POLITICS CLEAN. ( ference of opinion as to prohibition being a natonal issue
when applied to the dope traffic.
President Hartley, of Yale university, has given advice
to young men not to go into politics, for the reason they, No doubt President Wilson is right when he says that
may succumb to temptation. That is one way to look at a reports of the situation in Mexico are being exaggerated
.subject and hope for the overcoming of temptation and by interests desiring intervention by the United States,
wiping out of corrupt politics, but it is not the practical Still conditions are bad and constantly growing worse,
and rational way of reaching desirable results. If the ad-, and this country can no longer afford to ignore them,
vice were taken bv a considerable number of persons there j Under the provisions of the Monroe doctrine we are jn a
would still be politics and the way would be open to control, measure responsible for the maintenance of organized
of affairs in a much more objectionable manner than now, government in the smaller countries and Mexico has had
when the real trouble is that not enough attention is paid pmple time to straighten out her own affairs. It is our
(o politics by the great body of the American people, who duty to stop the reign of nfurder and anarchy.
do not go into it sufficiently to feel their duty to partici-, :
pate at all times in the primaries and elections. Some even An exchange thinks that the idea that women invented
argue that politics is so corrupt that they keep away from' nothing is absurd, since they invented romance. They
the polls, and thus make themselves responsible for at 'have also caused men to invent some wonderful fabrica
least a share of the corruption that exists. lions when they come home at 2 o'clock in the morning.
President Hartley's assertion, "Only the man who has;
an independent income can with safety and honor accept, A member of the Colorado legislature has introduced
a position in congress," is a little out of" tune. It is not for-; a bill to regulate the newspapers of that state by the rail
gotten that some men with independent incomes accept road commission. He probably holds a grudge against;
positions in congress much to their dishonor and the dU- the commissioners as well as the newspapers. j
credit of, their constituents. There's the inference to be j
drawn from Dr. Hartley's assertion, that only rich men About time to begin firing something besides notes at
tan be honest in public' life, and that isn't warranted by those Mexican presidents. :
the facts. J ' , . !
Any man can remain as honest in public as in private i Among other regulations is one which controls the sale
life if he possesses proper strength of character to resist national stew.
temptation, and after all it is the meeting with tempta-
Hons and resisting them that gives him strength and reso- n
lutiOll. ' OPEN FORUM : fimlH his pathway beset wilh lliorns'
Money cuts a figure in politics as in every other field, fn.ni family
, , , , . . i , , r i .. , 4i,i fi'FXf customed to the luxuries or a palatial
of human endeavor, but it is not so all-powerlul vet that j ;...... down t the i,.v,.i t prewnt
tViuvii m- il'if( fur -1 lll.'in vvilhdllt wealth noi' are COlldi-i ... roumlings is u trying experience. And
Uieie is no pldCt n l a man wiuumi vu aim, mu aic v. mu , Umrmh 7 n,0 lhe m mMmnnn me si ,y ,iy
llUilS SUCH UIUI UlUy a IJvil man .au luuuiu ivivw ixui 1 pnnion miiii ri'in im-j;uii ioiiiii-i lummy,
engaging in polities. This country is not yet ready to give
up popular government for rule by men with dollars.
Eugene Register: Rev. J. R. X. Bell,
a pioneer PresM'terian minister, for
rears stationed 'at Corvallis, passed
through Eugene yesterday afternoon,
hiMip.,1 for San Francisco, where he will
tal e charge of the educational exhibit
at the Oregon building at the fair. He
went to Hoseburg from here and will
take n day light train at that city for
inn Francisco.
Me.lford Mail Tribune: A drizzle fell
over the valley again last night, the
precipitation being inconsequential in
anv good it did. Toilay the sun is shin
ing brightly, nn,l .iust enough wind is
blowing to dry the ground. The nor
mal rainfall is ten inches short, and
rain is badly needed. It is predicted
there will lie heavy rains in .lime and
MurshfieM Record: Assessor T. J.
Thrift has a story which, however, wa9
related by a person who overheard the
conversation. Mr. Thrift went into a
Marshfield business house, looking like
a logger, and asked the proprietor what
the place was worth. Believing Mr.
Thrift to he n prospective customer, or
else in a joshing mood, the party told
Mr. Thrift the place wns worth if.1..jiH)
and wanted to know if he wished to
buy. "NV said Mr. Thrift, "I'm the
assessor. 11 ml I'll now put you down for
:."il)(l. " The place rapidly decreased
in value during the subsequent argument.
Lebanon Express: It may be old.
but still it is timely to spring the year
Iv advice about bringing oil t the split
log drag. A little work before the
roads dry out will put them in good
condition for the season, but once they
are permitted to harden money spent
on breaking the clods and shaping them
is largely wasted.
TJoscbnrg Review:, liosebnrg's first
jitney bus made its appearance on the
streets todav. The cur is being oper
ate, bv S. T. Smith, a former livery
man of this city. The only difference
between Rose.buig's jitney and those
conducted in other cities on the coast
is the variance in price. Mr. Smith
will charge a 10 cent fare. This is
necessary he says, on account of the
limit 0,1 patronage,
It doesn't matter whether you live in town or in
the country. It doesn't matter whether you want a
new roof, or a new veranda, or a new fence. We have
what you want. If you get the right kind of lumber,
you have sense enough to know that it lasts the long
est and is the cheapest in the end. We can't afford
to sell anything but the right kind.
Front and Ferry
Hilly Sunday, baseball evangelist, is responsible for
calling atention once more to the alleged wickedness of
New York City. -This is a subject prolific of discussion
mid every once in a while somebody is sure to start it
No doubt that much wickedness exists there it does
in all great cities, and the "great white way" is a synonym
for evil-titling throughout the Western continent. Yet
there are off-sets that are worthy of consideration.
New York has the lowest infant death rate of any city
in the country. Nowhere in the world is there a city of its
Mze where the streets are so free of offense. Here is an
other item:
The late recorder Sinythe, while sentencing a criminal
as ho had been caught and convicted of a scandalous of
fense while in New York, took occasion to denounce him
as one of a large elass of people who visited New York for
the purpose of indulging in practices that should not be
mentioned; then after a more or less prolonged and hectic
sojourn among the denizens of the underworld returned
home to inveigh against the wickedness of the big town.
Kmerson said that a man may travel around the world
and find nothing except what he tales with him. Mayor
(iaynor.once said that people who talk so much about the
wickedness of New York must find most of it in their own
Max O'Rell, the witty Frenchman, sshile in this conn
try, heard a returned traveler denouncing the sice (if
"Why, where did you go?" asked Max.
LF,C, 1 Sl.ATION ACiAlNST 1 ) R I T( ! S.
an untoward spontaneous accident he
Some ol us had hoped that with the has suffered n great financial loss.
Ipii-sing tit" lhe late giiliernalorinl ad- A grief to those holding in nieiuoi v the
luiiiislrinion there would be less turn- struggle of its construction (referring
1 ing back, ojilu thj' freedom of the to the granger warehouse). It was
Siuic the prison populaiotn. Our recent somewhat of a pnoncon, however, that
i governor st I a close second perhaps tho Herman Amcri.Hin or some like
lo the notorious ex Governor lilease of institution fi ,,d bv the corporate
Soolh laiuliua. I is to be hoped that association In, taken' (he matter up.
lhe prison hoard of pardons and (lov. Making a huge equivalent into hook
cinor Withycouilie will not follow in ,.s the coven beautifully decorated
the wake of the last four years. J see with I if,, lit,,, pictures of' the octopus
it -luted a few days ago Hint tv con- To be ,liti-ihutc, for the delectation
iets seal up for outranges against of ,he Hill,. ,,-; t li ,. n in foreign lauds
" l,1,v" ''" '"""'d "" Thin Shaking the nikali ,lust from his ,.,.
gives opportunity to n.pe (he old hieno. rn- ,;. ,p,w n in blustering
ciimnin ,ty. o for shame! For good- ,ie wi,, ,, vmv(., intention of
ness sake governor, why hbeiale such crushing the Southern J'acifie What
degeneiate human specimens.' If you m,iM. u lU , M
must pardon convicts don t let it be s.-ii, I hi, buzzing lo,
su.h as these. If sal.vrusis is dis- lhe al f wlwilo. And slill un-
t. rteiiie MieoirjU UUIIIomieS TlOUl I Hull o, lie S.,,,,1 ,
il : .. :n .. . .... ., . ' " ''
"" up. ,.-,.oiiM-in win noi core mem nig , Hi,
and they are still a menace in u. ,.,7, '
rn in in 11 it i 1 y, when pardoned or paroled.
The sin genu's It nife is I he right
remedy, u h,ia I, a i barious ; Vcs. right
here i-. when, a lot of sickish senli
nieiilalit y shows its self. I.et me sav
the Aiiiercuiii pcopl, ar, oversto. ke, ,m
with senliinent and iin.lerslo.l.ed Willi l,
a line seu-e of justice. Ilenc, lhe in
hoi gun mid lhe 'unwritten law" of lie
1 1'1 :l I ill I
The inenMoi' who assault
"1,1 wo i deserves tilt,
noose and not sentiment.
The peiple of Ohv'oii lone Intel
Mcdford Sun: Sam March and Kd
Hniney, both of this city, while search
ing in the abandoned workings of nn
old mine near Oold Hill, run across a
ledge measuring one inch in width
which appeared to he almost pure. gold.
From tliis ledge they took but two pan
nings, which netted them from five to
six hundred dollars. Their find prom
ises to be a good one nnd they expect
to realize several thousand dollars
from the same.
IN HONOR OF HIS 55TH BIRTHDAY present were: Mr. and Mr ClyJtCiitf
lortn, .i r. nnu .Mrs. i'rank T, (
forth nnd little Zoe, .Mr. and Mn, lot
Schwab, Tressie anil Vera Cutifottl.
On dcimrtinu. nil wished il.i, hiu
jmany happy returns of the day.-ftf.
vai8 r'uir.
The children of Mr. nnd Mrs. John
H. Cutsforth gathered tit their horns
near (lervais Sunduv to honor the 55th
anniversary of Mr. Cutsforth 's birth.
Ho wns presented with a handsome
watch chain and several other tokens
of esteem.
A bountiful meal was served and 0.
general good time wns hud. Thouc
We often winder woy men wit
have been splendid (taoMbnUiietaoiM
hnv been 'offered twig natinat ti
hold down the saim oil -Itia-WKck jl
lis a 1
I-!. liter .1,.
iirelnllv ti.
goes flv-
f "Catcli me if von
'- '"iig wnv to Tipperarv.
-Atr KKVullf.
r.. March 12.
p.-i I
lo I
Utile gills
ca oiai nil n l s n iik'11 1 . I'lease,
bnaid of pardons and eood eov-
inor. do nut repeal th,, penileiitiarvt
X. .1. II,
1' kind, dr., Mai. h l'J
''is lm lip ii, .
nil!.-!, n.ai.e."
eniployer nil,.,
plot til. n.
He s,,:i!, ,
Ain.'iiiaiis w h
all Willi;,, i,,,
oiilv lo in,, il,
into ,ih, ....
I: I road and studied
ti le entitled "The I'.a
I'v Observer, piibli-hcd
n 'tin eoluinn yestei'dn.v .
ed fault wit, i employ
kips, and in the same
lie stuteicent that the
line Japs lor his own
Klamath "Fulls Xorthwestera: More
than 4iiil pounds of seed gruin litis been
shipped bv parcel post to Xorthorn
t.nl.e county by Martin Brothers ill the
last till days. The grain goes to Weed,
thence to Portland, The Hallos, lleiul
and to Fort Hock, I'ouuley and other
small places bv stage. The rale is only
!td."s per hundred pounds. The grain
is put in "iii piiiind sacks, the maximum
weight accepted by the pnstoffice de
partment, it n 1 1 parcel post stamps for
.'I cents placed on e:oh sack.
linker' postmaster makes the pleas
ing report that. February's stamp sales
marked an increase of almost 15 per
cent over sales of February, lull,
The Funnels' and Fruitgrowers'
league of Medfoi',1 has uiideriaken a
cniupnigii against predatory uniiuals,
and the "swat them early'' war cry
ha been raised.
I -ii nil.
The Oyrntii it of An Octopus.
I" tlie I-!, 1 1 1 . i r : (in,', in, on a titii, ill
' I w itliiu II,, shadow- of lhe capilol,
''ic -M a fair liltle rhv in lhe. -
pi. old cnievment f ils own beautiful ,
sill 1 ,1111101 llgs.
I Wi
Legislation is attempting to curl) the habit-forming
drug evil. The nesv federal law is very stringent and its
effect will he watched with interest.
One wholesome object that it is hoped to achieve ssill
be the uncovering ami consequent outlawing of the class
of physicians that have found catering to drug victims a
profitable practice, and that encourage the drug habit.
The sinking of the Krye may be the cause of an iiiter-
iiiiuitig I,,
' no us oi in,' .lesenc, hi a Huge ii ., ,
0, teieis oi II I.,l,,..l.... T. I , : . . L "'' "' '
an, I llauy, Hint had recently become i,j,j!M
.ii.iiin 1 1 i , ii ii i ii us ciiv ironnieui, an. I
that it had been slowly iusidiousl, bu
-uielv (listening lls deadly ehlt.h
aioiind lls v itals had no thought,
The lime having appioa, hed when
improved sanitary ,ou, litions were ini
poiutivo, "Spiiug water munieipnl
ownership" was the slogan of her lend
ing Mi ens in (lie bile contculii.n won
onl Icy a u a eo ity of lies in (he last
ciiv election,
A dug well i ..iii paii v owned is the
plop, r iliing. giowlcd the octopus;
one Ihoiisaii.j ilollais for m, said
Hanv ,.r 1 will block any water sys
tem proposed see Suvdell, page I and
'-, Vol. I.
II. ill' the night is light plenty, said
Ib-. k, and one of thee da.v s I will put
in a meter and ihev shall not have one
lie w,,i
Hew in
-ccking ,,,.
Hie goose th
'flic A inn i.a i
Ihree He, I,,,,
and sii,,,,,,j,
conl is, ati,,i,
t v. Cor . ,1
c:i-itul ilMo ;
Ol'l'i. i.ll ii,
inercial enl, -.
If Ob.elV,.
of tiie p, ,
V o,e,
Ins ;
lie v
tliiuk the iinem,lo,ve I
l:;ive wailed patiently
lb" usual spring wnk
'ii 'miner job has passed
aims cvill slait something.
:i,v 1 1 , . v nn, already started
.ii:,! th, y alone can stop it.
I i 'i ; or ubsei v ed the Am
'I !'. voting Cor the vv,,-l,.
!MI ci'-:it ..ii net. Fid he oli-
'". "'in m.t spring weiv
''. voting In -t Noven,.
""ii ' eight hour law .'
. I that in the Ihi lew
'Kga-iim and w,, uen hav ..
'"nelly after a few self
J'i-Js, nnd have killed
id the golden egg1
" ;i love has at tho l:it
Wii'ked up to lhe ol
i-t his ballot for ih-
"C his einpliiver 's pioper
'"""'.anon.- of the rights of
a I"1: leu of taxation an I
'i I'.-i.-n, , under w hi.-h ,.
' I" i -- cannot exist.
'" vv' observe Hi lights
oi '. is paying It i m Ins
i'.,' follow nflor some loud
iiloi-. ,,,, ,lup will ever g,-t
Astoria lludget: Sand is today bp
iio.: pumped into the first reclamation
fill at the iniei se,l ion of l!ond and
I'lvelfth sheets. The. dredge is milk
ing fast pre.giess. The sanded area
will soon include ('omtnci'ciiil street.
M"dl'erd Sun: In a legal dn.-unieiit
of "Iii words liled recenllv with th,
county ,-oui t there were :iii ' ' suitls. '
This i.. wlier, said public got said
Men said legal pioiession is above
''The n an with (he hoe," says the
Kngene Register, "is a f.-imiliar sight
in Kugene '. ba.-k yards at the present
' ii"". The vvaim weather of the past
week or o has dried the ground in
Mill" lo, -amies sulticioullv to
of gat. Icning.''
Hai.er Fen,,,, oat, on moving into new
'm l linger ipiartcis, in Hie new Fugles'
hud ling: "Yesterday and todav are
'""V ing davs at the ' office of' the
M. oning liemociat. leaving the
S'liluiid building on ( enter street, the
I'emo, tat is ,ui(iing a structure which
lm- kou-ed it for lhe nast 11 vin
. ue 0lieis,, f
""'l fin dun!'
the paper has not
le that period of
' the
enl. to
,,v s looks as th.cgii
would cost him a
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 1868
Capital - - $300,000.00
Transact a general banking business
Safety Deposit Boxes
Are buying their harncsn nd eiluiptueut for t',e si rm
mo, I'icii iniiig uiai a lanner neeoi, in the w.iv of t
work of u. SV
Is. LoganberrT
wlio nnd feu.inn nmterinK All good a, new ,1 , ''rWtl than any
body else can tell them for. Incubators, i lib-ken remdnjr, et:.
H. Steinbock Junk Co.
Phone Main 22 1. !33 State Street, Salem, Oregon
F.oipiired for Health and Beauty,
Il is sulpii-n u di j)) it js ,,,,,
'" ." l1"" gain and again that
"1"'! Ocautv of the ski,,
,,,!,! '''""1 shall be pure.
; ; , ."' 'kin receive impure
."" ' I:1'"!""- and blot, h aiipear, and
!'" ""Uv!,,al suffers f,,,,,, humors.
' ' " n mi other external applications
, , ' , 1 " '"r these affec
wnl never have il. .1... i
auscs ,,f impiir,. ldoo.1
n re
effeci while th
"V. """'""" ar, v,.,-v cl,,,r ,i,.
tp'illa is the m,t ,,,.
'lUC tor ,,,, l-ri C v l .,
II 1
.cssfnl me.t
I , , ' i"i purrii v
I'lood. reuuiviuj i,i,,.l ,
mid giving . .. . , ,." '. ' '"" '"''
It KiviN tutu to .,11 tl,' I
en having lln.-d' v.,,. ,,"'
" for it. Ho,,1, ' ;' .V'""
jL, I -T V s rfi sjrnV; -H.-
' TP
t '.i v- f SIW
r I
Ju V' j ; J p
I '!V 5 1
( r'r? :-V
1 . .,A3U
The Opal Range
Deservedly popular owing to its superior quaJjl
and construction. Guaranteed for tvven 'J
Three-ply wall construction, with ffX
sliding regulating damper, smooth mckd ti XK
polished top, thermometer and base, wio
fire box, insuring economy of fuel; and -
construction, making it a splendid bake .
tVnm t-m nn -vti nn ,,-a.ilr instill s Olic i ;
v-uiimi UfLlUIl, niUKing IL U solemn" j yol
from $:',0.00 up. $1.00 a week installs one uu
Your old range taken in part
oog worries on,e ,v,i,,.

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