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British Admit Check by Ger
mans But Claim New As
sault Advances Lines
Russian Attacks About Prz
asnysz Have Failed Accord
ing to German Report
By Henry Wood.
Piris, March 1.1. The Hrilish forces
live temporarily abaii.intiPd their of
fttsive east of' Xetive Chappelle and
have begun an assault south of Ypres,
iKonling to tho official communique
iiiwd by the war office this after
noon. u i admitted that the English were
reoulsed in the region of Saint Eloi.
Snmliv. but they returned to the at-
tefk list aiiht and drove the Germans
ont of the territory previously lost.
They even succeeded in advancing their
lines bevond the original positions.
Fifliting continues in this region with
imt violence.
Belgian forces are nain proving to
be vorthv allies ot the trench and
lirilinh, the war office declares. An
ittuk delivered by them near Dix
mit, prevented the Germans from re-
inlowiiij; their forces m that neighbor
The flermans were reported, further,
lnuvo suffered a repulse between Four
W?ims and Holante, in tile Argonuo
QerminsTike Prisoners,
Merlin, by wireless via Sayvill,,
.i.ir.n n.-(-anBuniav)' fighting lias
I'Ccii in proems about l'raisnvsz for
'be past two days, it ivas officially an
'oiiccl here te,lav. ;, Was ,,!, ltl,.
frcd that a total of ;,,Iim Russian
I'nsoner, were taken hv (ieneral Von
"I'l'leiihiirg at Angustof w , the Rus-
""!!'". tl'r''e the German lino.
A'V R"ssi'i attacks about Prz-
r have fai,,,.. ,,, (lffi(.m s(Uo.
, . ""lation is hani.cd
"Hi st . '"'"'" '''
. ! "riusn gniilmnts
iiamase iv.-is ,l.,
re c , ks 1;n.o
l h of M.n.,1,,,,, i .,,,,, p
Told of Death of Famous
Son, Lincoln Beachey
San Francisco, March 15. Fears that
death might claim a second victim as
the result of the accident which sent
Aviator Lincoln Beachey to his death
were expressed today by physicians at
tending Mrs. Amy Beachey, ba, the
airman '8 mother. The aged woman
collapsed when told that her son had
been drowned in the waters of San
Francisco bay when the wings of his
tnube monoplane buckled in flight
Sunday afternoon.
Fifty thousands within the grounds
of the exposition and at least as many
more outside witnessed the fatal fail
of the aviator who had successfully de
fied death for ten years.
Tho tragedy came during Beachey 's
second flight. He had gone up half
an hour earlier in a Taube monoplane,
the Beeond time he had ever tried- any
thing but the bilane with which he
had essayed sensational flights for
years. The first flight was only a
partial success. The graceful aerc
Aged Woman Collapsed When Highway Commission Will In
quire Into Knock Against
Western Oregon Roads
Business interests and commercial
bodies throughout the Willamette val
ley are very much concerned and exer
cised over the alleged action of State
Highway Engineer Bowlby in writing a
letter to the officers of the Seattle auto
mobile club advising, in substance, that
the Pacific highway through Western
Oregon will not be in fit condition for
travel during the coming summer and
advising touring parties to take the
Central Oregon route, and it is certain
that the matter will be taken up for
consideration by the Btate highway
commission when that body meets
either tomorrow or Wednesday and Ma
jor Bowlby will no doubt be asked to
The matter came up informally dur
ing the meeting of the governor, Sec
retary of Stnte Olcott, and Treasurer
Kay, sitting as the state printing
board, when Governor Withycombe,
nnu spent, oururuay nnd Nunday in Ku
PRICE TWO CENTS btjutos 'itv? oejtf!
I'nnitu oin-ccsa, me gruccuu aero- -i j.i i. i Ai .
plane soured several thousand feet nlof 1 1 ? nV " attention was culled
-v.t.uj "Tuu me rugene
business men, who were highly -incensed
over the matter as it appeared as a
serious knock against transient travel
through the valley by motorists trav
eling to and from the Panama-Pacific
exposition at San Francisco, and urged
him to take immediate action with the
view of correcting tho wrong impres
sion regarding the valley und Southern
Oregon roads.
It is pointed out that the Westeri
and then whirled round three times in
the "loop the loop".
Descending, Beachey fixed his motor
and took to the air again. Ho ascend
ed to a greater height than before.
Several times he shut off his motor
anil wheeled and dipped sensationally,
the Taube resembling a great eagle in
the sky. ,
When ho Had reachod a height of
(1.000 feet, Beachey poised the mono
plane nppearently for another loop. He
started the sliding flight downward y.":Kn "inus wilt "p ' "t class con
preparatory to turning over and thc.njdltlHn lo.r mot.or truv!!l witllin n n,onUl
apparently changed his mind. At a'
or so, when the tourist travel will be
height of' 4000 feet he slowed down the!8"1' . . ,hp n'll"' of tho highway
motor and began the "dip of death "i00,"11"!8,910" ",0 to understand
wnicn nan made him ruinous the world "". ""' K" mi The fllIll0(. .,.,.,, .... ,. .
over. The mncliino started the lonir .. erroneous unu unmngiiig infor- ,i cii,,,,.;,,,, ' .. 1 " ' '
. ... " tmi.nih 'l.n ........... 1- ..II,. Si unuinii i-k I1UMUI1 I.lie
vessel plunged heavily and went down
Last of Admiral Yon Spee's
Squardon Trapped By
British Cruisers
No Casualties Reported In
English Fleet-Prisoners
Taken Off In Boats
London, March . l,r. The German
cruiser Dresden, the only one of Vice
Admiral Von Spee's squadron which
escaped after the battle with the
British fleet off the Fulklund Ulund in
December, has been sunk, according to
announcement loingni, by tuo British
The Dresden was sunk Sunday off
Juan Fernandez isluud.
'lhe admiralty announced that tho
Dresden was trapped bv the British
cruisers Kent, Glasgow and Omnia. The
British ships immediately onene.l fire
and after resisting for five minutes,
during which she was badly damaged,
tho German warship hauled down her
colors and ran tip the white flag. When
sho surrendered, the Dresden was in
flames. Her magazine hud exploded
and her tipper works were burning
fiercely. 6
Tho crew Was taken off in boats.
England. Order in council
declaring virtual blockade
ngainst Germany. Certain re
strictions laid against neutral
vessels preventing exportation
or importation of commodities
through Holland c.r Scandin
avian countries. Order effec
tive immediately.
United States. America will
protest British blockade ordor,
declaring it flagrant violation
international law and rights of
neutrals. State department pre
paring to decide, soon whether
will foreo Gormnn cruiser Eitel
to intern.
Turkey. British squadron at
Smyrna again reinforced. Re
ported garrison prepared floe,
Dardanelles bombardment re
sumed,' mine sweepers clearing
channel. Believed French
troops expect land at Bulair,
cut communication of European
forts with Constantinople.
Greece. Unconfirmed report
Mussulmans mussacred SO Greefc
families in village of Ysmnri.
Greece excited.
Poland Petrograd announces
German advance on Przasnysz
fniai north halted at least
temporarily. Germans defeated
near Mlawn, Russians blocked
General Francois' attempt to
united his forces with others
before Przasnysz. Great Pr.
nsnysz battle rapidly approach
ing. France British advancing
near Ypres. British re-captured
positions previously lost to Ger
mans near Saint Eloi.
downward nlunno almost nerncndiciilnr- mttnon. ne matter was mado public
ly. For more than - 3,000 it hurtled! "r,""P' N"" "'ferenco of Major Bowl-
lv h letter to the Portland ltotury club
(Continued on Pago Six.) 'for confirmation. : '
Fifteen wounded men from the Dres-
(Continued on Page Six.)
in Po-
again bom-
crman positions r Wcstende.
l-.,0en!lan Ao"nce Haltod.
At'p '-Tho German
h a ah from ""''
by the def V nf." "ast ,p'"l)nrnrily,
'"'' of Ml 1 ,"'r"K'" :"'-hnient
, t ,I"M' "''finally an-
J,h:,,i!,,'Vit was claimed. ,
'" Kith t " "", Geruinn
. others , fro, of p
f for that the
"Wjoti,.. ! . , " V1 ' rzasnys
KU-i. WM f the
'"" 'he fii,,;;., ' in a
spose of Eitel Case
, l! pre
"i New-
"I t
"''! tV-TI,e slate
lai;" to decide nl
"r'nn i verted
icderiih limy r,..
a., for repairs
I1"! to sea or
'ri, I.".. , .
t'I'f,,,.. .
A,,,...., .
'"""'Her l;i, J I ent to
'n,i., '"l.v. This
""'"' lj.i "' the govern-
'"'"'iic-l t . "'"'""'ration
"Ul,l I Allies ot inlur
an. i., ..ii .....
'".v r !.), tue wars i hi
"i 1. 1, .... i . .. ... i
;) 7. ' U 'fcp (v- j.tC,: ' -j
v 1 1 ft u 7N
' " ' vo ' Vii , .;
V'-'-J ''f$ I ' it f t
S .'.' .'I.ii.
3-Justice PASE"4-HAKKY
THAV"- - -
and to
I'ril,; -i,
tn ..... 1
I,.., "'a M I."
'"Minir ,), J"! '" "''I
New York, March 15. Tinny Tliuw
wns declared not guilty of conspiracy
,N bv the trial jury Saturday, but he
foiled to gain the point sought by the
counsel. Ills defense wus based on tue
.,..,,.,..: !... I.a ti.iu itntiKillir allllA
to it. If hJ. . . V "','"". " " "
I i. . . " " 1 ni'ii lie Tien trom Hie stiue nnyiom 111
1 ne.ierieh is not j Mtitteiiwnn In August, li:i, despite the
". she 11 V commitment issued by .Justice Victor
1 by the Her- i.... 1 .. i...i 1 ioou f..ilui,,if
i'"nini) iiu ai-iiiiiui,1 , Jt'" ' ,."
his nciiuittul for the murder of Stan
ford White on the grounds of insanity
be tab on t-p.
I'rv . ' X""'ri,'B" nnd the subsequent decisions of three
,'l'' "'" l'r""! supreme court justices before whom
.ern.auy 1,;,, , ,.n h ci irons ti'rocecdillES were I. rnught
'' in this ease e nil,.,,,.,! t,Bt he was illegally con
fined and, being sane, committed no
overt net in mnkinir his escniK', bei uilse
or vd
SErELLrn t,1? D- ithe stnte should have granted him free-
-is i.u ix CRYPT d
Carranza's Blockading Gun
boat Exchanges Shots With
Cruiser Is Report
England Issues Formal Blockade Order of Whole North
Sea Coast of Germany to Take Effect At Once Vigor
ous Protest Expected Fro m United States and Other
Countries Loophole Left For Escape In Case of
Strained Diplomatic Relat ions Prize Court to Handle
Cases As To Who Is Who , i
London, Murch 15. An order in
ouncil was issued today by Great
Britain practically declaring a block
ade against t'no whole North sea coast
of Germany, although tho term "block-
ado was not speciliculiy used.
The order luys certain drastic re
strictions cm uoutrnl commerce. This
action was designed to prevent the ex
portation or niportation of any com
modities to ucriuauy through Holland
or the Scandinavian countries.
The order is effective immediately.
In fact, it is Btuted Unit it bus reallv
been in effect since Premier Asquith
on March 1 anmsinced in tho house of
commons the intention of the govern
ment to take such action.
Vigorous protests from t'no United
Stutes, Holland and the Scandinavian
are anticipated. iCngland's reply will
bo that she was torecd to act in this
miinuor by Germany's violation of in
ternatiiinnl law and her Biibiiiarino at
tacks on merchant vessels. No vessel
whien sailed alter March 1 will be per
mitted to continue its voyage if it is
bound for a German port. Such ves
sels may discharge their
bo required to discharge their
at a British or allied port.
Too difference in phraseology, which
says flatly that some vossehi will not
be allowed to proceed and that others
"may" be allowed to proceed is re
garded as significant. Possibly tho
government is leaving a loophole which;
can ba used if diplomatic negotiations
fail lo smooth out difficulties with th
United Stntes and othor noutrnl coun
tries luter.
Will Enter Protost.
Washington, March 15. America will
protest vigorously against Knglund's
shipping order.
Government officinls dcclarod this
afternoon that the order would be a
flagrant violation of international Inw
and tho rights of neutral nations. The
fniliiio to specifically proclaim a block
ade, maintained by warships, makes it
a violation, it was declared, of treaty
rights of tho United States with both.
Franco and Knglaiid.
Ai'iliiiHsudiir Page, in London, has not
Washington, March l.. A rumor,
coming from a source which has not
been traced, was circulated this after
noon that the Mexican gunboat sent to
I'rogresso, Yucatan, to blockade that
port had fired on the United States
cruiser Dos Moines. No such report has
reached the navy department.
Officials of that department did not
believo the report, saying that although
Mexican gunboats were supposed to
have been nt I'rogresso recently, they
did not know whether any were there
The rumors came after it had been
decided to exert the strength of the
naval arm of the United Stales gov
ernment to prevent General Vemistiiino
(arranzn from blockading I'rogresso.
That this pressure has had its effect is
indicated by advices to the navy de
partment tending to show the blockade
has cither collapsed or has been
The administration decided to in
struct, the United States eruisi'ii ')es
Moines to keep General Ciuriiuzii 's
gunboat at a distance, from the Mexican
port unless the blockade was volun
tarily lifted. This action was taken to
prevent interference wilh American
commerce. H followed information
from the agricultural interests Hint,
nine-tenths of the supply nf sisal, the
basic, product from which hemp cord
is made, comes from Yucatan.
Two hundred million pounds of bind
er swine are needed annually to har
vest the crops in the United Slates,
nml Secretary of Agriculture Houston
yet transmitted to tho state depart
ment the full text of tho British order,
cargoes at u but President Wilson and his advisers
llritish port in tho custody of n prize have been informed of the general tonor
court or may proeeod to u port in a of the note.
neutral country or in France or Bus- No surprise was expected at tho re
siu. If, however, the vessel should ac- ceipt of the press dispatches announc
eopt a puss for u neutral or allied port ing tho order. Tho proposed American
and should then proceed to a Gorman protest already has been outlined. It
port, she would bo liable to capture is uiiderstortl that it will deny tho right
ami eunilemiiatiou during any future of Great Britain to pluco a blanket em
voy ige. I burg.) on the commerce, of Germany.
Assurances were given the neutrals! This government contends that it has
in the order that tliey would be pro-j the right to send unlimited quantities
teeted in llritish prize emits. Vessels, of iion-eoiitrabaiiil goods direct to Ger
suiliiig from Geiiiinii ports after March , many 11s long us the vessel in which
I will not be permitted to continue to they are curried is willing to brave
thei.- destination
T!ie section dealing with vessels car
ryintf goods to neutral countries but
which are ultimately destined for Ger
many, or carrying the German goods
which have been transshipped lit a
11011' ml port, says that they "may"
the danger nf mines.
The main American protest, however,
will be agniiist the declaration of.
Ilre.it Britain that it will not permit
German goods to be transmitted to this
count iv eitiier by direct or indirect
No Trace Yet Found
Massachusetts Building
Of Aged Murderer; Dedicated at Exposition
llellingliam, Wash. March 15. An
all-night search by Sheriff Stewart's'
posse lor Samuel Ihompsoii, tiO years
ibl und wealthy, who hominy night
lmt und killed his wife und Hugh
Sin Trail. 'is.'o, March I'.Thn Mass
achusetts building at the I'anaiiia I'a
cilic exposition grounds here wns dedi
cate I today. It is located nl tho west-
I ..I1 tl,,i ,iui,ni,,lr, n,l is n Fiiith.
Ilovd, their hired man, was without re- . . (ion of the old lliilfinch.
,o trace of II ipson lias 111., ., ,,, ... ,,,, ,,.,
found. There is a belief 110 ended hisj (ll,,,NS ,f ,,. ,v WI1K m, ,y
life following the tragedy. ,, issillllr Alexander' and the other
1110 nomiio lulling occorreo ... ,,,.1 W(lfn VVilliiii
riioiiipson riiiicli, 1 11 mn 1 1K0 1) Kiiie.i:
Koyd as the latter snt in a chair with1
his shoes off, Ins feet resting on an-
ither chair.
Ilnrrell Thompson, 1 1 -yelir-old adopt
ed son, was the only eye witness. After
Thompson opened tired 011 Hoy. I, lliir-
ri.il savs his mother ruslien to tue teie-
siieirieis were
I lilted States mill. mill
1 iovonior .tohiison, and
of Sim Krnnciscit lr.
phone. Then observing his wile W'th
1..1.1 i.ri,i..Mi wit.,,,, ti,,,f nnl.i.y .1,,, the telephone r iver to her ear,
ilolin H. Stnnchfiel.l, chief of time of Lis escnpe nnd bad shown no
ill, "". X v
ir, ... Hi
. '' Mil (.
council for the prisoner, nt the opening signs 01 menini uoerrnip since 111s es-
l-Hir, a 11 ,i vm-, 111 inn, 111, HHin,
"snvs t It it t we ennnnt inject tho ones-
Mir.h With session f the trial of Thaw and five
' ' "nily and mtv , others on tliehiirgft of poiupirnry tv
11,1 lH,ly of Mm.'fnro Sunnw Court .TnstiVfl Alfrfd K.
nf thu I'nui nnd a iurv mini? tho frank Mnt-
1. 1
.. fr... . M'ls id.i 1 1.. 1... ..,,,..1 k... I... ,,,.,.1.1 .,io liiv nverv means
... SlwIv It.'n "' Ail hbo, vault in nt bin ilisimsnl -to make the question
""' r'ni c,.i,.t,,rv . . Th,ii '. .niiitv the big issue. He
'inai .,I.,ir.,i,r.,J h ini,) n i.rove bv ninny
' he
1 le hit
tu. 11 of ninny into tins conspiracy
trial; that it has nothing to do with it.
Thut, of course, is a mutter which tho
court will Lnve tn decide. But we can
liow mat innw, a sane man, was
illegally held nt the asylum and had the
so, If we can obtain n verdict of
not guilty on such evidence nt this trial
then I (eel that the way is clear for
Tliuw to obtain his liberty. I know
that despite the decision of this jury
the commitment issued by Justice Dow
ling would remain operative, but we
would then immediately sue out o writ
of habeas corpus with the purpose in
view of shoving that, In view of the
verdict Lore, lhe Bowling cominitinent
is illegal and should be discontinued."
The court ruled against the conten
tion of the defense that the question of
Thaw's Fiinity should be considered,
but lie wns acquitted notwithstanding
this ruling np.iiist him. While there
were six defendants placed on trial,
five of them were practically lost sight
of and were dismissed curly in the cuse,
for Tliuw In Id the center of the stage.
The other men were cx-Assemblyniun
Itichurd Itutler, Itoger Thompson,
Thomas Flood, Michael O'Kccfc and
I'.ugene Duffy, all charged with Laving
conspired ith Thaw. Thaw's mother
and sister, Mrs. Mary Copley Thnw
and Mrs. (I. I.. Carnegie, were in court.
blockade was raise,! bv comiiulsion or
otherwise, practically all the harvesting
machines 111 this country would ho out
nf commission,
Cnrrnnzn has been informed that the
United States does not recognize the
right of any de fncln government to
blockade a port which it does not con
trol. The navy depart incut, then in
structed the Den Moines to see that
there was no interference and adminis
tration officials hoped this would set
tle the nintter.
General Carrnnzn undertook the I'ro
gresso blockade to starve out the
province of Yucatan, which rebelled
against tho uuthlirilv of Senor llrecedn.
Mho huh named as Carranza's personal
representative there.
The Maccabees are now busy making
arrangements for a special ill e to be
ill von bv the lirlue to be held lit the
Armorv Wednesday evening. It Is an
invitational dunce and the music will
bo furnished by the Peerless orchestra.
Itailey Lumiir,
Mayor Itolph,
lleiiiamin ldl
J Wheeler, president of the California
'university, presided over the dedicatory
Throngs of visitors from New Kng
I bind took pint In the nffuir, it being;
lone of the mint elaborate state fiine
: lions held since the exposition's open
' ing.
; New York, Mured 15.-Karl linen,
of the lliiinbiirg-Ainericnn st.eanishii
j line, pleaded not guilty today in the
; federal court here to a charge of con-
United Slates
Thompson raised his rifle to his sboiil
dor. Ilefoie he cool. I pull too trigger,
Mrs. Thompson fled screaming from
the house. Thompson chased her nod
sloped her flight willi II bullet in the
buck. Carefully reloading the weapon
for eneii shot he sent several more bul
lets into her prostrnle body.
Aeconliiii to lhe boy. his father said
1.. 1.;. im.ilii.r- " Voo will eet a divorce.1 si.iiiiey to defraud the
will yon," and then began shunting. 1 government by permitting vessels of hi
A telephone operator, listening on company to supply German wars'.iips.
the 'ine, heard the shooting and gave! from American ports, lie wus release,!
the i-In rill. ' ' r"' bail.
The Weather
witnesses that Thnw wns snuu'at tho rignt tu get out if he was able to do They have stuck to him ot every trial.
J-'iiir tonight and
Tuesday; cooler
Report Current in England That
Italy Will Enter War March 21
Ey J. W. T. Mason. j pressure in Vienna has been necessary.
New York, March 15. Private re- While it is not n ssmy to beliova
ports that llnly is to enter the war on ; that the authorities at, Vicuna finally
the side of the allies March 21 are in refused adequately to compensate Italy,
circulation In Knglnnd. The prediction u decided reluctance undoubtedly ex
has not been published, but it is be- ists lo Austria being made a German
i.,il, ,,.,l about. The date, of luiwii. The I it probable interpret1
course, is'onlv a guess. jtion of lhe mutter is that n crisis ha.
There is tentative substantiation for arisen in the Italian negotia.tions, ami
the belief, however, in reports that that I'.erlin is exerting its Influence
Kmperor Francis .loscph declined to with Vienna to meet the Human de
purchase rtnlv's neutrality with Auieri- maud. It does not follow that licciiustj
can territory. It is impossible, how- the Aiistriuu emperor rejects tho sug
ever, to put an entirely pessimistic in- gestion of tho kaiser, Italy's entrance;
terpretat'on nil these reports, for they in the war Is now inevitable, Fraacls
were Intended primarily for publication Joseph probably will continue to hcsl
;.. r .,.in a.,,i Pi,ri ltut 1 1... rmlilii.lt v I tatet until the last moment and the
which Germany hss 'given to the fact . present refusal means no more at this
tl,t neuot ntiom urn lies ruble wnn tune tnan inui morn urgem icuui
Rome, nnd the further fact that leading
German newspapers, without being cen
sored, nrgod Austria to satisfy Italy's
territorial ambitions, iudicato that much
must be addressed to him. The nego
tiations probably will continue until
the kaiser and i'tuncis Joseph have an,

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