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, 4
Have the Style and
Give the Wear.
$1.00 to $5.00
Clothes With Merit
We have great confidence in selling you
Bishops Ready Tailored Clothes
Our thorough study of clothes-making for nearly half a
century, is a guarantee that our customers will be satis
fied. Every year we add new features, to give more value,
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$15.00 $20.00 $25.00
Henry Clews Says Recovery
From Depression Is Certain
Sport News i
Jack Johnson Suddenly
Makes Change In Plans
Willamette University Has
New Cinder Track For
Prospective Sprinters
After tun y of ranu'et effort
itrnl vnbinics t'f cuiver-clinti Willam
ette I ' ni vt-rsily truck nut. will now In
.tide In (ruin n'l :ni up tt ih.lo oill.liT
track Tliif vv'll it 11" w IImi truck men
emlier i'. fie f I r i 1 1 tt
vt'tt'y tt tint
line irittiinif 'h .it in in i ..vt.i.i't... ,
I II II ..-llli' II intuit I IMI- ! ' . i , . . , ' , ,
i ,,, ..... j i ti'ii'ny I hii.i rrliMlilv luti.iiucd tndtiv
I .1.- . IK III! I I
mi' ue I'liii'r.'ti mi' ring,
tn got nut mil. i
ilniii in funncr
cinder Intel, w'
UIIIL' surface wt
v iim liurii'il ii
Hilling tin'
( 'llli'll TllttlllpS.,l llllll (I tlMlll'rl nt' UICII
'.live been sto'nlilv winking on tin'
truck, pulling in retaining walls,
(.proiuling a I'ivit nf ),i:vi nviT tin'
ln'il iiinl 'nvi'rinn nil wit', ii layer ol'
it roei.ed tinder t tin' track is unw al
ums! cninpVlfd. it will ln rolled with
II nli hin i nl 1 1 r.
'I'm' truck is ii iU H'li" iiil'i' nni', mid
Ii in nil average Vtidih nl' twelve feet,
which will iilliiv tiii.r 'liven I . i r run
ners. T!n lilll Mini iln.-li is ei;l.lien
feel in niillli mil will in: I. nnc nt' tln
I est lull yard cursci in tho stiilo.
W illi tin' I'iinVr I rit" k n rciility nml
'(' nf tin' Vl'-V lc:t, I Ii, hi'lii'Vi'il
Mint ni'W into." it i'i track nml t'irlil
work will In' nw nl.i ln'il, liutli in tin'
ft llo- H in si-Ii i .il nni! in tlui tnwns-
1 1 1 fur tin'' will now linvi' n I'liuni'i'
III St'C Hltlllc lit' till' h, St events in nth-
j"l ir i iii t lii'ir n'n i ity.
'I'm ni'W' I nil' k will ulli w of some
now records to In' iii.ii! in the noucou
I'creufe nii'i't which i.i to Ini lii'M mi
V.. 1!. fii'l.l M n y
Mult of tin' credit i; duo ti tln work
(lnni by Clinch Tli'niiiiiu ill making
tlin finder truck u I'l'rtuii't v.
(By Barjy Tari...)
fn va mi, April ll. Suddenly changing
liis 1 1 1 II H, .lark . 1 1 1 1 1 1 :-: . 1 1 1 is nil. king 1 1 r i 1 1 -irutimis
for n iiiii:k gctawc.y from the
.I'l'lli' (if Ilis lll'f"!lf lit t'lC llillllls of .It'HM
iVillurd tonight. n . ! i' li ' 1 of going to
dint iniiiie, lie in riini il ti titty to lotivo
Inr I . ii I :i ii . 1 via .lanit.iin lit tin1 earliest
...H.-ihle mouii'iil.,
Tlifl'i' were iitii'on l"u nidi nntm in
"irciilntiiin toilii, ' that .lol iinon was to
I'i1 arrested on the wliitn slavery cliurg
es still pending Pgliiniit him ill Chicago
hi which hi'- ".lumped " ij,.'il,IMill luiil.
iVIii'I her these i ii imirH wen rrHnn.iillr
'or tin' ni'rii I'liiui'n lir. jilnns wns
pot kiniwn. ami tlic Imi'icr c li ti in i
.ri'iiMcil to ivi' I. in ri'ii.inn.. ''or ilcciiting
to si a i'i for Kiijjliinil tonight.
In.iii'inl ol tin' ijilllli.lHI.I iintii which
j W. T,. I'ct.
I. on Ancji'li's 5 3
suit l.iiko ;i 2 .(iou
Sun l''iuiicisco 4 ;i ,,r,71
Onkltunl ; 4 ,429
iVi'nii'p 2 II MM
ll'orllnml .1 5 .;i75
I Yetorday'g Results.
At Suit l.nki'-Snlt l.iiki. (i, J'ort-
At Hun FinnciHco Sun Frunri.Hco 1,
iwi 0 1 m iiininijHl.
At I .(IN Alir-t'lt'K ,oj Alll(ll' ,'l, Ouk-
laud 0.
it ut tin' rt'ecipts wi'ri only .riii,H0ll. (If
1 11. : 1.. 1 .1 j.'i.. ..11 1 ..
vnciitiiin I""" ' """"" cc.-i.cu T,.,,, ,,1-
Wi'vliiiitnii, April 7.-- (itt'til Kiirprisi'
at il.c rcptiits thul .IncU .lohusoii, ox
lii'iiv wt'iiilit. t'lianipioii, woiilil lio ur
ri'itcil in 1 1 11 - ii mi an. I lnuiiuM to (lie
I 1 11 1 1 I suites In laci wliilc slavery
lel'tiiuesi ii oxpiciM'il here nulay Ity
! As.f'.laiil Altoiney (leneral Wtiilace,
1 who was in ehaiie of (he prosecnt iou
ol .lilllllSOII.
Wallace ileclnreil lie lunl isntetl no
ortlt"'. for the arrest of the lillicli, knew
iinlhitiL! nf the presence nf secret ser
vice men in Havana ami huil heaiil nf
no -lcn lie inn taken fir' the elia
1I1I iou of the erstwhile chniu ion.
Uii.elnill prtictiee
n (nut I'ulliiisii'siii
v. elt, Satiirilm nftei'iini'ii t'liiversily
nt' tin 011 w ill nii'i't the It ciil ti;i;re
! linn in their fil.tt nanit, oilier than
p actice mimes, nf lie sc. if -u. ttiei;iiu
lit'S slrnnij ti'tini ,li:i year 11 ml will
ilniilit less put 1,11 11 fast unine. Init ii
In net ri- lupecti tr lie then tn see the
littitii'. I'n.tcli .'I lit'iiipMiu I ns not i eu
; nil the lineup nf the Icnin for the
Ciitiinic; i;a lie, l ,.t wil1 iln ,n tninnmiw,
nMint: on w illi , when he mil ilis'. riliulii Ilia new suits
Williiniette this tn the men Item nf tl n iir.i,
Take Stock in Piper"
Says the broker: "You
want to chew tobacco to get
the real juicy sweetness
out of it and you want to
chew "PIPER'' to get the
top-notch plug-chewing of
the world. Down in Wall
Street we use it all the
time. "PIPER" not only
saves our time it multi
plies our tobacco enjoy
ment." PIPER
. '
1 1
CkiTtiict Ckiptt FUnr
The greatest distinction
about "PIPER" to a innn
who likes a smacking good
relish to hi chew It the fa
mous "Champagne. Flavor."
The wlney tasta minutes on
his tongue with the natural, mrl.
low sweetness of the ripest, rich
est, carefully selected tobacco leaf.
"PIPER" ta the highest
type of chewing tobacco In the
world wholesome, healthful
and (Atufytng.
U So w4 IOu wlii iuh..,,
loll wm1, w pmni, ik
or cAuroRNiA
Catchers Are Released
By Manager "Hap" Hogan
San r'riitii'isi'n, April 7. Cutcliers
.lack Hliss tiiul V'nntz wefe rcleitseil ten
ilttys 110,0 Ity "Happy" llo(;tin, mil rnifri'i'
of Venice, ncconlinc; to 1111 unnoinice
nient iiinili' liy llo(;au tinltiy, who stateil
Hint he .in! not limine the fi'lease of
llie tw 1 tellers Iieciiuie they asked
him not to.
Vuutz was seenreil liy Venieii in a
truile with l'oi'tlnnil tliis Hprine;, hut
never li tn) a elnince to piny. Hliss is 11
veteran of the I'tieifie coai.t lenniiit. He
Ui'uiliinteil into tlic Nutioniil leiiL'iie.
where he plnyeil until when Har
ry Wnlvertnii linuulit him from St.
I.nuis. Wnlvertnii was tl maiumer of
Sacra inentn.
It was it 1 mi 1 ruinni'eil liy Venieo piny
or thut I mii i I Knestner, pitcher nml Ut'in
Uailer, int'iehler, were either tilreinly re
leaseil or wmihi he slmrtly. ILnKaii -re-fusetl
to eonfirin or ilen'y the rumor,
lint simply suiil that Ko'slner nml itu
'ier Were not lteeileil on this trip.
Ho(!iiii ulsu iinnoiineeil that the Ven
ice friincliise im.iiI. I he returned to
Vermin in due couisi' of time, lie stateil
thai property which , ,uj, UII
ft'.lute plant w,is himikIiI liy Owner KJ
Muier whit wniihl let the 'eontraet for
the constriictiiin of the hIiiihIh inline
iliatcly utter the puiehuse of a miittihlc
"'einiin is only si'vaa miniites hv
in.' Mi eel cur ti'oin J.s Angeles,"
avelVcil ll..,;an, "unil it's just like
linuuu two tennis in l.os Angeles. Ue
"iil, I he fniiliah to piny in Venice
when we can ucc omplisli much hetter re
sults in Vernon."
Suit l.uke City is in the Pacific
I'nu.-t leiiK'iie to stny, llnn.in lielieves.
" I. neer saw 11 city shew so much
'iilliusiusiu in my life lief'ore over liase
I'lill," tlecluri',1 the Venice leinler, "It
w 11:1 a hie, Kiirprise tn me. ' '
Jess Willard Leaves
Havana For Key West
(By Barry Fads, United rrosa Staff
H-'tvaan, April 7.-.l,.M Willanl suiil
larewell tn Havana to lay. Tin w
hcnwwcie,ht champion 'saile.l from
Hie Cuhan capital t- Kev West lo he
liin rcapiiin the rit Ii rewanls for his
victory over .lack Johnson.
When Willanl nnive, in llnvauii,
most of the folks ieKar,le,l Ii 1,
nke iiinl helicM'.l ,c whs travelini 11
loilX way from h, tll1(, ij,.!,!,
Hut toilnv he left as a compietine, hero.
A spe.ial hunt was rliartcrcl f,,r the
I'linmpinii ami it stenmeil out liin,le, to
the ;:naiils with trainers, inovinu pi,,.
tine men, inul hanueison who have
t ocli '.l lo the stan.lanl uf , ,,w
-lilt III t 1II.
iwilM't n.m,
nJ w'll Miij 1 full iltt 10c
cutof "FIl'KB" od kind
torn Uthr onuck Fit IK,
nywhvra la U. S. AIm a
foldtr about "PIPES." TU
tobarco, pcuck ml mtllinf
will cot va JOc. wbtck w
will lladly aptal-bM-aBM
a trial will aak roi a
ataajr tut 01 "jfirtu,"
New York, Ajuil 3, 1015.
All signs indicate that we have en
tered a period of permanent recovery
from the wJr. The first effects of
th"t cataclysm wcro panic, followed by
purrijsis, then a period of vacillation
between feur and confidence. Through
all of these phases, the process of fi
na icial und commerciul readjustment
has been progressing with remurkiible
ste.ni.ness, until fear liar now almost
Itoitilly dianppeared and bmiyancy is
taKirg its place. Trade ana iiimncu,
at !east so far as concerns the I'nited
S'.ites, have boen completely ' ldjnsted
to war conditions; and the tendency
uow is to discount in naVtince the com-
ling of peace. Confidence linn been fur
ther strengthened by progress or nie
war itself. While, it would be unwise
to indulge in premature optimism, the
hone of un early end is bused upon the
'belief that prepared nens on one side
and exhaustion on the other can oniy
brii one relt. The general opin
is Hint peace will conn1 during th(
nul.imn. Be tht.t ns it may, there is
a iiiiversal presentiment in Invnr i
enily peace that must linve some foun
daHon greater than tiie mere wish.
War is the vory essence of uncertainty
however, and setbacks must be expect
ed although the outlook if clearer thai
at a y time since tho struct;'13 oegnn.
A nong the fnvornble dcvclopnients
of importance in the chi'.ngc of attitude
at Washington end by nunieroiis in
fltte.it ial politicians towurd big busi
ness The significance of this changi
in policy will gradually be appreci
ated, innsmucb lis enterprise will be
stimulated by cessation of the attacks
t li;. t have done so much to iinpnir bus
inert, confidence ilniiei; the past de
cade. A favorable impression lias nlso
been created by n nninlii"' nt court tie
cis'oiis, both in tho I'nited Stutes su-
pi'"me and state courts, which have re
strained many of the wrnicious :
lacki,' upon corporate activities, and
: .'isiiied our corporations fi,irer trettt-meiil.
Money continues nbuinlarl and easy
and this too is a powerful aid to 1.
peiiitioii. Our bunks are in si 11 ml e.
1 it iun , reserves being higher than at
any tune since the new sy.-tem went
into effect. The strength nf the New!
Ynilt nioiietary situation is illustruted
by the freedom with which foreign na- j
Hons are coming Here lor capital. 1 a
iiadian. Argentine and Swiss loans have
already been placed upon this market.
A French loan of ijs,r)(,tMill,iii!n is now
being offered, which will undoubtedly
be successful. Holland is also under
stood tn knocking nt the dour. Kvea
(I rent Hritaiii is securing financial fa
cilities in this market through the ex
tension of credits resuming from our
I'M'ess of exports, No very extensive
I. nni un burrowing from tins nunrtcr
is likely, inasmuch ns (Irent Hritnin
has shown in 11 rvi'llou.i tiliiiilv to finance
the war on her ow n amount us will as
lo render financial n(atanre to her
allies. To a very roi.s'ideruble extent,
(treat Britain is paying the war out of
current revenue, it being estimated
that the country could pay almost its
entile war expenses by giving up 11
few luxuries, such 11:1 liquor, tobacco,
aiitninoHileii, etc. This, of course, will
not likely be seiinuslv undeitukcn, but
it shows the wide leeway which is pos
sible. Our foreign trade continues to pre
sent a remarkable excess of exports,
due entirely to alinnrmul conditions
brought about by the war. In Feb
ruary we shipped about $75,0011,(1(10
more foodstuffs thiiUf iii the same
month Inst year. Over if 10,000,000 in
linfses and mules were exported to
Ktirope, chiefly fur war purposes. In
addition ninny millions were expended
mi munitions of war, the record of
which is not yet obtainable. Our Feb
ruary exports to France were $30,000,
000 larger than a year ago. To Great
Britain $52,000,000 greater than a year
ago, and to' Italy $20,0(10,000 more than
last year. In March the results prom
ise to be still more astonishing, the
total shipments from this port amount
ing to over $1.'J(S,000,0(JO, or 4S,oou,
000 over a year ago. Our imports are
still running heavily behind, the March
total at this city being less than $90,
000,000, compared with $107,000,000
lust year. The reduction in imports is,
of course, mainly due to tho loss of
trade with Germany, Franco and Bel
gium. Under such circumstances, heavy
gold imports would be ordinarily ex
pected, but the fact that gold is need
ed more abroad than here, our supply
being far beyond requirements, calls
for other modes of settlement. Very
considerable amounts of foreign secur
ities have been sold in this market re
cently, und more arc likely to follow,
especially should this market continue
its present advance. On the other
hand, the new foreign issues referred
to above and the granting of credits
to foreign countries will tend to absorb
this bnlnnco and restrain gold imports
In this connection it is of interest to
note that the administration at Wash
ington has apparently withdrawn its
objections to the floating of loans for
the belligerents in this country.
The most emphatic reminder that
the stock market hns successfully
faced tho wur crisis, wus the abolition
of minimum prices by the stock ex
change. Iliis is a most encouraging
declaration of financial independence,
which cannot but have a wholesome
influence throughout the whole finnn
cial world. It means that we no long
er have fear of foreign dumping, and
that this market lias shown its capacity
to meet all legitimate demands. Spec
illation on the exehiiugo has broadened
considerably and shown widening activ
ity, the transactions in stocks and
bonds during Alnrch biing much larger
tliitn for several months past. There
lias been a good investment buying.
and tlic whole market shows a healthy
tone in spite of the excessive and
somewhat sensational advance in ccr
tain specialties. Such features must
be expected while the war lusts, es
pecially in securities which benefit
from war contracts. This phase of
speculation may, howjver, be easily
carried to the danger point.
(leneral trade is quiet, but improv
ing. More activity is shown in the
iron and steel industries, nlso in the
textile trades, ulthoiigh the volume of
business is still much below normal.
Some of the railroads ore making bet
ter returns, partly us 11 result of the
advance in rates, but the volume of
traffic does not us yet show any im
portant increase, Should the present
spirit of hopt fulness which exists in fi
nancial centers extend to coiiiiiiercitil
and industrial circles, ns it probnbly
will, we may look for better reports
from the railroads. It Is n little early
to form any opinions about crops, but
the agricultural classes as a whole are
prosperous, and the present spring will
undoubtedly see increased efforts to
augment the yields, particularly of food
and animal products, which are bring
ing war prices,
This niiirket has now experienced a
very considerable advance, and more
or less profit taking must be antici
pated, especially should events of an
unfavorable nature occur. The out
look, however, is for continued im
provement; aud u widening of activity
would prove more satisfactory and
sounder than any spectacular advance
at this time. In all probability the
innrket will t.liow wider and more fre
quent fluctuations, affording good
trading opportunities.
Henry Clews.
Holeproof Hosierv
9s rmnpc Tn pha .
LittlSlLi J twenty-e ght diffprpnt- vr cfl0lce of
famous "Holeproof Hosiery F0f d p 01'S in the
hard service, or for any purpose wi l?a Wear fr
proof Hosiery is the &bA
could wish. It is the original brand of ffi? ?foot
anteed to wear for a definite leneth nf
months from date of purchase or new ho?e gjg
MEM You will never know real hose '
mU until you wear Holeproof Hose f factlon
not know of the fine silky texture of thk W0
hosiery, or of its wLingS
your patience and
G. W. Johnson & Co. C
141 N. Commercial St.
j the New
a oummcr
A collar cut to fit the neck and the prevailing fashion in big knotted
cravats. A manly, good fitting, good looking colk. ifaiia
Mm liiincico, April 7.-Pitcher
Mni'tiiioiii and lienor, I ufieldern Mur
I'hv and NauKlitoii and Trainer "Doe"
Xi'huciil. r. inciulieiK ' (. ',Mtlain
Heaven., arrived in Sua l-Vanc i.ico to
lay en ntiitn fmtn l.os Aum-lei to
I'oitlan.l. They left the IteaveiH vei.
ter.lay nt I.,,, .hw'1' and will leave
lnnie,ht for Portland.
Nhneidcr mated that Maiumer Me
I'redie order,.,! the player mi0 0
lliev could Kot into shape, hut it i
tl'i'UKht tl,t N,n,,m m Mllr,,iv
"ill lie released t the Nortliwe-'t
leaeiie. lte,K,M' ,mlv ml (, ,lmi0l)
ii.lii't. Murtiimni, who was a holdout
until the Inst moment, was one of I'ort
laud k lomlnin twiilers lust iieasoii.
fan Kraacisco, April 7.-leolnriiiK
that his wife is also the wife of llue.li
l.aui;hliii, Arthur Apostl,,, . ,.nui,IWi
today, file,! unit fur n niiiiiillineut of
Ins inimiuK,, to Kliahetl, Atuntle,
whom he wed iu lssu,
AecoidiiiK to AHstle, the woman was
marned to l.iiKhlia hi Ireland, desert
ed Sun there and cuni.i to America,
where slie m,,, t, rin0,,r( Rllli ),.
cam.' the mother of Ihr- ehildrn. While
the ihililten wer verv mimll UuKhlin
emljjratetl, iinifroiited Apostle and de
niiiuded hi wife. Kor tin, mka of tho
children, Apostle refused to (iv up
the woniau uutil the children wer
Krown. Now tlnii they are !! to
.'r tut themselves, he Intend to give
their mother back to he; first husband,
"Sweat, Sweat, Sweat,
From Morn To Dewy Eve"j
The pursuit of vnnmhinjr fittnt'C Is'
rowitiK swifter IV New York's ilnuih
lets ot Kve its c:nliti) rinlit tlirunli
the Turkish l.uth establishments ot
liolhaiu. It's a rigorous task this!
steaniiitK lunk the sylph-like form
Imt the figure must lie renamed and
one rl tlie most popular forms of ne-
oiuplisl nl it is t leave two or three
piiinds every day in tl. hot-room of n
I'uikish l.nth esiil,i.l,ii,0t.
There's one meat .Irawliaek to the
treatinent, however. The tfiimiiiK pro
cess lakes away the ywm hut it gives
hack 1111 awful appetite. In turn, the
ai'peHe uives hack the- avoirdupois
anil mi the merry, meiry eltaso of the
I'i'i'ft'i t figure continues.'
(Capital .Teurniil Special (service.)
rratem, April 7. -Mi,, Marv deriiz
is spendiiii; a week at home.
Mr. IMl.ert ami Mig j.;a Iwell
speiii I'.usier at inunc,
Mr. Clifford Welty ha returned
hniiie from Sensi.l.. 1 it.. -:.i
spend several weeks' with his parent,.
"". 1,11 .viastiitr. Hin i,i,i Rn
iiti 111st ra tor s sale on Wednesday. April
1, of thi, week. The family will leave
on rrlday fr Oklahoma. Their Rotna
will lie a irrenl 1,,.. ... .1.. V.i."
. . , ' to ,nr , 01111111111 II V
Jt'"l their many frie,uU regret thei'r
Word hns 1 r iv0,i j,otf ,,,,
Miss .Sadie Welty, viBit0(, r,,in,ivi
tn tins eoiiimunity Inst winter, was
iiinrritf.l re tly i N,T Mexico.
Mr. t.phrntnt Meiner and family, of
Mo iillii m,ed to rtuni last week.
MrJohn tlerber i, reported to be
Mis. Marv Harper, who is attending
hi. ,e, college nWm ,.pPn, ,pVtrn
day, at home Inst week
Miss Klinheth U.n,R,rtner visited
ith home folks on Kaster Hunday.
lhe 1 rntun. Literary iociety closed
last H.day fV(,n Th
November. An excellent program wis
Ktven for the !,, evinF K W"
Another cre.mery mf.,ig b.
Business Is Improving
In Spots, Says Wilson
! Wnsliinnton, April 7. business is
iniprovini; but "in spots."
This was l'rei'iilent Wilson's charac
terization of the business situation to
day after licnrirg a report from Sec
K'tti'y of Comm n'tf Kedf.cid during n
nicotine; of ti.e cabli'i't.
In discussing 'he American note ml
dresi'."il to tireat Hrit.iln as n result of
the order in council plnciiin nn embur
',0 upon Hnipmetits of (.nods to and from
Oeritutny by icutrnls. the i resident dc
eland that n reply fn.ni Kiigliind wns
not iieecsstiry. The note, it was point
vil out, simply (tilted cleerly the posi
tion of tin, 70V"rinnint, without
grounds for nrguinent.
Neither President Wilsnt nor Scire
lury Bryan would conim.'rt on the sit
iiutinii between Jnpnn and China, re
sulting from .TrpanV lUnantls upon
the 1'eking govi riinu nt. Neither would
they discuss what action, if anv, may
c liiken as t result f ,K d t-tli of
'.eon C. TI1resl1.tr tlm An,.,.t..n .i.
.pcfulted when the liner Fnlabn wus
uiik by a tteri'ina siibniarine.
If a mule and n horse are hiti.licd
to the- snme wagon tho initio look, as
meek ns any married man.
Full and Complete Llna of
Tested Garden
In Bulk.
Larger quantity mi more quality
than buying in packages.
Fletcher & Byrd
549 K. Com'l
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Fruitlnnd, Or., April 7. M. M. Han
som has planted a small prune, orchard
of about a hundred trees. . "
Saturday night a tuffy pull was
pulled otf at the homo of .Mrs. Leon
(iirod. tuito n large crowd of young
folks assembled and had a fine time
pulling the sweet stuff nnd making a
fine niiiHs to be cleaned up the next
.Now Hint duck Johnson has been de
feated the proud Cnucnssiun race is
vindicated nml the country snved. The
"while hope" has been realized, nnd
now a white man is as good as a
nigger. L,et us give thanks.
Mondav Bert Bressler had a race
after nn escaped inmate of the asylum.
Ilert being built somewhat on the
lydcsdale plan could not bent it quite
swift enough ns the runaway probably
being from ruciug stock unce.stors,
evaded rapture.
I wo of rruitlnnd s popular voung
people have lately committed the act
of. matrimony. Miss Gertrude Sehrader
and Herbert Branson, Tho bridegroom
having served in the U. S. navy doubt
less feels prepared to encounter new
prizes. Throwing our handful of rice
this community welcomes Mr. and Mrs.
Branson to the rnnks of old- married
Wednesday evening the 7th at the
I'luitlnnd school house K. R. Uynn, of i
H.vnn's market, and others of Salem,
will nddress the citizens of this com-1
inanity on the matter of better markets
and better market facilities. All are
invited to attend.
Next ..Sunday evening tho 10th at
the Fruitlnnd ' church Rev. ' Wallace
William will speak on the topic, "The
Devil: Who lie Js and Where Ho Is."
The ftpenker requests all infidels and
skeptics to attend the lecture. All on
whose souls Satan has a mortgngc
should route and lenrti how to- pay it
Sundnv Evening Easter exercises
were held at the church. A nice pro
gram was given, All did their parts
well. Sjieeial mention being made of
the violin -solo by Frank Kglor. This
number was well rendered especially in
0110 so young. Little Ruth Lattin had
a nice recitation. Freda Stundifer,
Hose Otterbein and Dorothy Uunner,
all little girls, did excellently. By thin
the work of the others is not depreci
ated. II. J, Cernik had a mandolin solo
11 mipaiiied on the orgnn by Miss Pris-
cilia Otterbein. Miss Kintn'a Stnndifor
had charge of the exercises.
The "Christian Festival" of Easter,
while proper enough, may be ninde but
nn empty external. Tlio resurreetiou
of our Saviour from tho (lend is the
great central truth of Christianity, If
hrist be not raised our faith is vain
and the christian is yet in his sins,
says the grent apostle. (1 Cor. 15.)'
Though wo are to remember that
Jesus was raised from the dead there
t no Bible teaching that we nre to re
member the day or the time of his resur
rection by any ceremony or religious
net. The christian Is to not forget the
fnet. The ritual service and the day
t but secondary. The upright daily
life of every believer attesta the
Power of Christ', resurrection and
keep, it in perpetunl remembrance. The
word Enster occur, but once in the
Bible and then it mean, the Jewish
passover. The name comes from the
pagan goddess Eastre who wai .up
rose,! to preaide over .pring, the time
when life is restored through nature to
flower, and vegetation. Ana.tasi. or
Resurrection would be the better term.
Also the time of Easter varying from
year to year (sometime, in one month
then in another) i. arbitrary and ua-
Washington, April 7. nootlrw U
son, baseball fan, todav atwpWm
son pnss to the American tp,!
ball park here. A4i thcunhi
Wilson, otherwise the prH
presented with a apeeiaf iVA'4
was announced lie wtptei ft
greatest npprecialieft
natural. Think of our Uiepndnn
Pay coining .Inly 4th, then eit jeu
in' August! Thi" vsrisHtneu U
fixed in the fourth century (A. D. 325)
by the council of Nice and that
have the movable festival of Easter.
Whence New
Comer Arrives
Welcome it with this
ly attractive anil coniforui
This is ilistinetly . K"' jl
crib, yet the priee "7 JT,
crate.' The erih H
iron and i
54 inches long. It ' "
inches high. Thft"ti5
sive. Hot), si.lea .of IJ '
drop. Crib i '"'1
while enamel or Verm. Matt
price 14.00
Furniture Store
t""i0 do"- '"r'"
Bungalow , ii
balance Mt !'
Farm Snap
3 acre Howell. P '
acre; terms. . , ici ""1
3! acre Howe I f r.r I ti
5 ncre trnct, '"l 'ralr w, H
crop. fleKK) d
I'rice -'w.
what you n;, C"
1,1 S net c""'
af ... Cr Rtflt
. ati
' h
i .
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