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SPECIAL- Two Pounds
Extra Large size Wal
nuts 35c
Choice Creamery But
ter 30c
6 cans Sardines.... 25c !
1 doz. Supreme Milk 85c '
2 lbs best Cream
Cheese 35c
STANDARD no cheap goods
ind my prices are right
Best Hams, lb. 18c
Nice Breakfast Bacon, lb 18c
Pick Nick Hams, lb. 122c
No. 5 Lard 70c
No. 10 Lard $1.10
Medium Cottolene 65c
Large Cottolene $1.60
No, 5 Compound 60c
No. 10 Compound $1.20
6 bars Sunny Monday Soap.... 25c
6 bars Morris' Best 25c
10 bars good Boap 25c
( gal Kerosene (bring your
can) 65o
I gal. size Choice Feaches....35e
1 aiL Btze Choice Pears 35c
1 gsi. ize Choice Pumpkins....25c
1 gal trtie Choice Squash 25c
3 pkgs. Seeded Raisins 25c
1 doz. cans Milk 90c
S cans Extra Corn 25c
1 doz. cans Com 95c
3 cans Extra tyual. Tomatoes 25o
1 doz. cans Tomatoes 93c
2 cans Sauer Kraut 25c
2 cans Choice Peas 25c
2 pkgs. Arm & Hammer Soda 15c
3 cans Extra Choice Oysters 25c
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Hirer Salmon $1.40
Alaska Pink Salmon, can 10c
Vi gallon Syrup 30c
1 gallon Syrup 60c
Vi gallon Karo White Syrup..35c
5 lb. box Macaroni 35c
1Mb. size Corn Meal 35c
Pkgs. Post Toasties 25c
Krinkle Com Plakes 25c
t lbs. Brick Codfish 20c
large bottle Vinegar lOc
&tia fine Uncolorcd Japan
. 1" 40c
cans Clcarbrook Poache....50c
' cans Clearbroolc Apricow....25c
No. 5 Keg Pickles 85c
lbs. Head Eice 25c
' Cll0ice Dried Peaches....25c
4V lbs Best Cream Rolled
a well-behaved
You needn't
bother much
about your carbu
retor when you use
d Gown
ike Gasoline of Quaii
Red Crown atomizes easily.
Because of its uniform qual
ity it saves adjustments. It's
an all-refinery, unmixed gas.
Standard Oil Company
Salem '
LUPtI is
Famous "Dryden" Stock of
Poultry Being Reproduced
At Big Institution
Festivities Postponed For Two
Years Will Be Celebrated
By Nation
Tokio, April 19. Official announce
ment .was made today that Kmpcror
Yoshihito of Japan will be crowned
November 10. His wife will he crowned
empress at the same time.
The ceremonies will be conducted at
Kioto, the ancient capitnl of Nippon,
300 miles from Tokio. All the oI.(
rites of the kingdom are to he ob
served. Tho proceedings will continue
for one week,
On November W, the final day of the
coronation, the Mikado and his suite
will go to the historic shrine of Ase,
where the rulers of Japan have wor
shiped ever since the days of Htiddha.
Here, with the entire court in attend
ance, a solemn service will be conducted.
Kxpioding the theory that the mixed
strain of chickens is iuferlor to the
purebred Htct.-k ami thut such mixed
strain cannot be maintained at a cer
tain standard of efficiency in breeding,
Superintendent Ntoiner, of the Oregon
insane asylum, has already proved thut
the bo-called "'Dryden pullet," Ore
gon a lamous hen, which broke the
world's egg record, run reproduce her
self a thousand fold, und every one ol
her progeny, directly anil indirectly, is
true to breed anil upholns the reputa
tion of her illustrious ancestor. The
poultry industry at the insane asylum,
under the direct supervision of (.', M.
iVilcox, former ussistuni; to I'rofessor
1 Dryden, ol' the U. A. ('., is conducted
uniiu n strict v scientific basis, us. in 1
fact, is cvervtliinir else undertaken at lmrt of the ceremony will be in the ! effect on Jannarv 1. 11117. l.oiiL'liury.
Oregon's big' institution under the gen-! r"",IH .f ,,IU ancient palace at Kioto, j It is the sense of the resolution that' i'r" "ml '' I'"11'1'"" ""'1
oral nipervision of Dr. Steiner. I Voshihito was to have been crowned n new charter adequate to meet the l,,l"Ku,1'1'l,i Alil''' '""I Ibirothy, were in
Few people of the state, and thi'hv0 .vear8 B0' Duf' ,hc ,ll'n,h of llis "''''I" of the city is nhsortitclv m s- k rt,1l'. Kniuln.v afternoon the guests
is albo trno of the people of Salem audi "'other interferred, the entire nationality us the present cumbersome system,"1' Mr' Mr!l- " '' K"ki"'
vicinitv, realize thut a model farm l'" "r" " ' " " "reeus iteiay, inofficieucv llm ovtniv.' i""uen 11110 nine iinugii-
Proposed Measure To Be Sub
mitted At Next December
Salem is to have another chance to
vote on a new chatter. Three times
already such a proposition lias been
The first steps to biing t,i8 ,lU0l,t
was tnken lust night at the council
meeting when a resolution was intro
duced asking that the mayor appoint a
committee to draft a new charter and
have it ready to submit to tho people
at the regular city election in Decem
ber. Councilman Mills moved the adop
tion of tho resolution nnd the motion
wan carried.
The resolution declared that taxes in
the city Salem were higher than
they need be, that the situation is such
that it repels rather than invites ont
ide capital, that the nldermauir form
of government is burdensome and long
gone out of date, and that the admin
istration of the city costs too much
in every way. In order to remedy this
state H. affairs and bring Salem to
the front and establish an efficient
form of municipal government it is be
lieved necessary to change Hie instru
ment of government.
Charter Is Deficient.
11 nun puiiiicn out mat the present
III Mokrsiflk-lhlOikL-Tiirifh lljl
ttndEptianUj(mttesiiilkiViiid II
United States Has
More Trouble Ahead
Washington, April 20. Prospects of
a fr'sh controversy between the 1'nit
ed states and the allied powers was
seen today in a visit of Minister Hitter
of Switzerland to the state department
concerning American contraband ship
meats to neutral countries.
Hitter presented representations as
to the shipment ot American cotton to
Switzerland through Italy. Switzer
land is the first neutral tit appear in
dispute of the allies' blockade.
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
(Juite a number of llullim young
people attended a duiico given ut Indc-
netllleiice Fridnv iivetiimr
harrer is full of deficiencies. iIjiii it! Mrs. ('. 10. stiints of Airlin n ;.. tl,..
is inadequate to the needs of the citv,ity Saturday a guest at the home of
and that it is full of sins of omission. 1 her son, Dr. V. t'. Stunts.
In jrder to prepare 1111 instrument ol'j Mr. nnd Mrs. A. 1,. Martin have
government to replace the present one, i moved into the l.ew Cntcs property on
the resolution asked for a committee ; Shclton street. Mr. Cates recently'pur
of nine to be appointed. This commit-! cliused the property fro 11 Frank' Van
tee s to hold public hearing., on the Nnrtwiclt.
vario.is phases of city government and! s- t-ougliniy and (Hen O. Holmnn
secure the opinions of the people. Itj'1' Sunday morning for n short busi
is to report by September so thut tl,.. ' ness nnd pleasure trip to the Siletz In-
ciinrter can be prepared and placed lie-i""1" agency.
tared nnd iilin.ii.l )..,.
Ilign otficials of (he armv and iiavv. tore tho neon e enrlv en.niirl, t... t..n Jliss l.oto o vertoil. 11 teacher tn
Japanese princes and representatives ofjiind thorough discussion before ihc day""' I"1'1''1' schools of Fulls City was an
foreign governments have been invited '. election. If the proposed measure : over-Sunday visitor at the home of her
to the coronation. The most impressive : carries it is planned to Imve it i.n im,. 1111111 and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. I'. S.
mil. nl tin. ill I... :.. 41... ! ..!....:. ... i ' "u I, 1
i ..iii.iii..
4 fT.W-
1 fe-ihs'."
Building for Comfort
in Modern Homes
Make! (or an extensive use of such new
designs sad colors as arc now shown in
Dmpcri t$&L 7arics
There is a new joy in bringing to
the home such an atmosphere as
Colonial Draperies give.. In their
warmth of color and beauty of de
sign they not only serve their own
purpose but radiate a rest-inviting
air throughout every room in which
they are used, Proof of this is in
the contrast between the homes
made comfortable and attractive
with Colonial Draperies and the
homes which are conspicuous for
the cheerless, uninviting atmosphere
of undraped or poorly draped rooms.
Priced from 25c to 75c yd.
5 .'ir.
PAPER HA NGICS : One of the many possibilities for un
usual decorative effects in combinations, blues, yellows and deep
1 lbs. Japanese Rice 25c
Bt TiUamook Cream
Chce. lb 20c
1 Best Cider Vinegar 2Bc
in every respect is being
der their very "noses," and
seem to nptireciaie tho fact.
i to the insane asylum piitltry yards anil
stock barns and pens would open the
eyes of the people to the fact that this
institution, not very many years ugo
! complained of Um being the most ex
I pensive institution in the state, is rap
idly becoming ntst only self-supporting
but 's producing furm, garden and barn
yard products for the benefit of other
onductcd uii-1 00101114,1011 festivities were indefinitely ngan -e. The system,
A visit
says the resolii-
tcr went to Portland, Sunday nftei
A -Kidney Remedy Advertise-;
ment Brought Great
I take pleasure in stating that I f'O'incilmaii .Nues, in view of the fact
have used Dr. Kilmer's Swaiun-Koot. :,'IB' Hit' filv iv;is civra an ,lmi
It will not be long until I 'hut 1 was greatly benefited by the ''ioii regard the South llieh siieef
this institution will not only produce ; same and have used it in my family. I n vinir, lin,i ,vlls to nv fm,
u-M-ivuniig iuu u nevus ior sen-sup-. -ou n ""u, nucu imo yuuiig ne Bui-1 -.MiiMiiiK mere, declared thut the purchased a Cadi
1 '. . ; , ' 1 , '. " ' 1 T m i - , . i " , .;, ,, " V 1,1 "oing any s1Uih
to rurnisii tne neons or otner institti-l cium-n in my pnysicum, ne nuenucii '".- pitving. ne soul lie thouuht the
tion, is unfair to the businessman who il"'.", V""' ' "' '"' ' 'V' '"'
lias io give his time to attend tit the ' Sl",1'l'',"'k'
work of the city. Jl, ides. the oieseni 1 "' .'V Ilu' "' Al""".v
iicoiupiiiiicii ny ineir ctiiinren were over-
Sundiiy visitors lit the country home of
Mr a n'd Mrs, 1.. I). Itrown,
Mrs. I'lan-nee Ireland of Vortbuid IIiBncinsll Btaw u. Qraduatca May Got
was in Dallas, Friday nud Sntiirduy tbei . , '
guest of Mrs. D. 1'. Patterson.
.Mr. anil .Mrs. K. ('. Kirknnliick are
in Portland visiting relatives ami !
,n,''"''i"' v n . i w . i ' '' vt-rsifv of Oregon, Kugene, April
u ! II I li.r rel nt-iii. il Sn I n riln i- I cm .. . " 1
Portland. While in the inetiiiinilis he
ne. Six and drove the
to this city,
Mr. and Mrs. William Patrick of
.iiiiii.-i is ion or eoiuiicts iiml defects,
which have involved the ciiv in ,.,,.i.'
costly litigation. ' ,
Aldermen Mucy nnd Mills nie authors
(if the resolution. ' '
Ought to' Go Slow.
New York City Houses .
Want Young Oregon Men1
Chances to Entor Some of Coun
try's Greatest Concerns.
III. to go direct from Oregon to ser
vice in one of the greatest business es
tablishments of New York city is an
exM'nence niiide possible tor several
tions ill and about Salem. him but did In in no good. Almost byj-'t.v should be more careful in letting West Salem 'were in I) s Siindi.c the- Vi', y T'", "V ,hr,"h "'!
About a vear and a half atrn Suner-! accident 1 noticed an advertisement Wur" be. done. There wn u; n. i m. ... u i i. !l,,r,r Irom the s. linol of commerce ot
iuteiident Steiner mociired n " atiirt. 1 about tho curative lironertiea of Dr. ! ''ce ft.- a moment, nml .1..... ... ' :i K ,, J:... .. ....'.' ' ..' -. ... ' . N''"' univeisity. The
.. . , i.., , - . . ' . wniiiii- .iiiiiii a. .-.iiiii-v linn ii. i. .ii'nisi'ii
said he knew, left Suliinliiv fur a short fishing trip
I ut Oregon school of commerce is on
the lookout for suitable persons and has
as yet selected none. (Irndiiiiles lire
preferred, but, a student who will gnul-
nig ' ot the Dryden stock of poultry, I runner s owamp-uooi. i procured a ' .wacy aro;e r.inl
one ol the cwiginala of which sustained ""ie uuu gine ii to oim according ro nine not neen done exactly! on the headwaters of the l.uikininiile,
a record of 1)03 eggs in one year, and ; "'" nuns, ii curen mm or wnat weif'gn.. ne iiinici to Councilman Jones They exi t to return home this
41 . .11' 11. Ii. . m. lwillirll4 ...ou i.lmr.u. I n.u!l,l. .1 4... Iln.l .nl.l. II V .. I. 1
inns estnniisneii a worm s reeoru. i nis """'"" luiimooiuie aim um .uiu. i on unow us well as nnv ing.
now iainous hen is a cross between a!sl,me wit" others of my family. l.on? how things went as you were on Mr. and Mis. William Cllis of Pulls
Whito l.eglorn and a White Plymouth : hflve 8U( ' tranK f"1'" Swamp-Koot be street coininittee. " Vj,v jM tM. , ity ovei Sunday visit
1 "e .it-..-, .iuiic lYiuioui u in i jiMicinoiiu .loues admitted that lie ing lit the home ol their mhi. Osenr Kills,
my family since the wonderful cure of knew the state of affairs and that he Hev. und Mrs. C. W. Hcvnolds have
my sou as well as myself. I recom-j reg-etted them, lie said it should be returned to their home in ' l-jigene nf
mend it to all who suffer from kid-; the duty r,r the eouneil to louk after tcr a short visit with relatives in Dnl
ncy or bladder troubles and 1 am led , the ilt.y's luisiness first, tl thut of las.
to believe that it is one of the best ; tho property owners, and then that of Mis. I.ott 1). Hmwn entertnined the
medicines for the purpose for which it the contractors. Heretofore he said it, members of the Fridnv afleriu sew-
is used, that has ever been discovered, had been the other wnv, a, contract- i"K club and their husbands nt nn old
This is my experience from the use of , ors were nllnwed to deviate from nlans ' fashioned dinnei Fridnv evening.
r ft tvtvn.0) iiiiniiiiii-, ivnu'ii dl1 V 1 III io MR i ' irrinii i i h, hi i mc i'iiih', nun in ,.lt t.,.p : . I . r
nf .hi- won.lorflll m.lu.ina o lunm ,.l:if.la. -.1 M MLMIUIOIIB, ulh" lllllf filler tlllll tO ImIHUK'HN MihIK'M
' " m on-v. -UU.7H.I iMiiiini-, i i lie 1'iiy nit- in i ( i' i 'im 1 i mi- .., V...L ....:i...,u:t. .(....; .. t
... " i, 'Tl' R"S "" ,,","!:? M"re the visiting relatives ,,,;. , ,, ,,, ml'laiill,rK,,).' ,,
' ""VI l'i Ul-riM I't IV j.ssss.." Innimiu
Immigration Commissioner
Caminetti In California
Sim Francisco, April 20. Anthony
Caininetll, 1'nili'd States coiumissioucr
geiieial of immigralioii, in rived here
todiiv from Washington and went, im-
ineilinlely to Angel Isliind for I n-
ference with the iininigiatiiiu nffieiult
there, lie also inspected the stiilioh.
While I'aminettl declured his visit to
the const was purely unofficial and that
he merely intended to inspect th
various immigration stations, there
were reports today that one of the id)
jeets of his trip is to find a logical
sn ssor to Sinuiiel W. Mnekus, in
spector here, whose term expires Into
in July, HiiTore leaving Washington,
Ciiininclti denied that his visit fori)-
Rock, and since it was propagated by
Professttr Dryden, head of the poultry
department of O. A. ('., it was mimed
the " Dryden " stock. The number of
laying pullets at the insane asylum
pens now is .TOO and from this stock
2S0U little " Drydens" have been hatch
ed this year. The Dryden pullets are
maintaining the record established by
their great-grandmother, and an abso
lute, accurate record is kept of everv
Unite this June is not Inured. shadowed nay general shnkenp in tho
j The idea developed from desires ex- const iminigriil ion slations,
I pressed by such concerns us the I'liited j
States Steel corporation, the A iiii'I ii-li 11 I
;Telephone nnd Telegraph eompiuiy, the!'"w Vnrli business circles. The house 1
'lngeroll Wntch ciiinpiiny, the Nii'lioniil engaged in foreign truilo wish to fit
Vity bank, to secure men Irniiicd f()r ion fur business in Hussia, linliii, China
;fi.r! igi ImsincsH. A number of lending jniith America, and elsewhere, as well
(Ncw York business houses followed suit. U" 111 ""' I riit.tl States.
The companies will pay men i-1
id under this plan .fiiil to t".ri a mouth !
on a year's coutrnet, the men to givo!
i cgg that is laid bv any of these pullets, 10 ,llc ";"" l'u""c. ' ?,n
ivL-hi,.;. a- L, i.v .i.,..i... ,h... io1'1'" respectfully,
14 14 n . 43, 4. V, ... ll .111.11
II . 11. .1I1AI i.l,
ll:i Hroyles St. Atlanta,
10. O. Williams. Votary Publi
I time thev are laid until the chick
jhatciied. Likewise, the record cf the
Letter to
Dr. Kilmer & Co.,
Binghamton, N. Y.
regular business.
I Ask One Man Service.
j A couimiiiiiciition from the P. H. 1,.
4 P. o. asked the council t invi'sti
ersville Sundiiv iifteriioon
Mr. ami Mrs. Vim Dornsif
turned to their limnc
a short visit at the home of
gate the feasibility of installing a oiie-l-'"' '' N "'jrnsife,
chick is kept just as accurately from
.he date of its "birth" until it shall
have expired.
Kvcrythinjf is system ut the asylum
poultry yards and Mr. Wilcox has the
records on hand to prove that tho .'Mil
"Diyden ' pullets at the institution a.ot Wll Do For
rur im ihhi niuiiiiia nuve lu-jii uji iu. You '
tlitf roi'onl of their uncoHttr. nnd the! i . nta . i vii,,, , e. rn
nrreci niiH neon kuhiuiiipu witnoiu a I(-,, .,, v v t D....i L 1 ' " ,,m""i'i; ,.
i t mi i i.. 4 i.. tt. iivi Miinnaiiiiwii. i .. iui nuui in; nu.v 01 f it rt'l' if Jt lit nil tlli'.l tin, I 1 1. IM'I.
ireiiK me recor.s sep, .y .or. . ncox , , . ... 1...,v;,,., .. Vm ... " ' ' i ,.,,.,,, T,. ct Sondnv uitl.
show that all ot these pullets maintain- i nlso receive n booklet of v,.lol,le . . .. .. . . . 1 hi. f,.,ile ncr Fulls Citv. I
- - n I'.-. 1 1 inn ini'u jirit lertv-owners on i i. i
information, telling about the kidneys .Vm)!, ,j.,tv street for hard surface' ,,r,',',' Bu" 1,1 '.ola Sunday ,
and bladder. When writing, be ure',wvins was rtad and referred to the ""' K'"'"t of relutives and friends. j
and mention the Hiilem Daily Capital stre't eommittee. I J '
.loiti-nn Weiriitiif fiftv.ciint tin. I rum. : 4 . .- .... ... A limn ilneiili't need Colllollirill sense.'
The iirriiiigcnicnt is thus vir-
, tuiilly a business fellowship. The con
I'avc re- . ' r , .,'
1, .1 1 ' in in- 1 in" 11 in 1- i 1 l 11 11 1 11 null llll
lll Portland utter ,,, . . ' .
mi- 1. 111 . 1 . 1 y , nun 11 in no leu 111c II1CI1
umu enr service, or a ' pav-as von eii
ter" service, in Salem. The ci'mipnnv
stated such a system wus workiiu well
Kugene for the past seven months
ailll CCOtiiimii'itI IIS Well a .. P f !..:.... 4
f:l t. -.. .. .. .1 1 11 n ill ,
"I r 0., I nunc! nuui I on t lnni.
iu .. .l
.111. 11 nil ... : 11 .1 - . . . 1 1 . . 1 1
iMil ruin, sill 1 iilll II III IP 1 V llll'i t' II It r-
ni.ti... ... lit .I.. ,i.i t L .. I....
i- ir r e....... .. i...ti..i..i ii ' ' " "' " ' ' '""' '" """
,, ,'. . ' .' ... .. I. ! pfrinunrnt posit inns ill three or four
was a Dallas business visitor i ridny xl,lltH
and Saturday. P ,.,,, ...:, . ,..,!.i 1 .. ....
Camp Fire (iirls will give a piny : ' ;
(Iriind theiitre toiiinrrow niglil ' . . . J " t " '
.... nil VI' I.'.,...... .. II.,. I H 1 ii" in mniiii
eiiu.ieii, 1. in. .4.. ,.n , hitherto been nble In brnnl,
in the
r -A ,.. oil r
friMmilUY NotR
Ii '4 KI W 4 Time,
long is Others,
Saves Work.
Get a Can Today
ed an nvcrage of fioin .0 to 'l.l eggs
every month during the months of Sep.
tember, October, November, December,
January and February, when the egl!
market is sn high, and these records
nre being exceeded now, during the nat
ural heavy laying season of all poultry.
As a result of the introduction and
cultivation of this strain of rhifkens
dollar size bottles for sale at all drug nnd
if he has enough of the uncommon hind.
F. Vi. Waters et ux to J. J. and J. W.
Ur. .steiner not only hopes to snve the . .. lot 1. Smith's Fruit Furm..
taxpayers the annual expense of "0i0 Lyk, (Ji mith to Minnie D. Smith
heretu'ore necessary for the asylum 's , wjf,,) tj. c. D. und Vi interest in S. K.
supply of eggs, but to iiirnisii uie otner i. ;(tj( (j, .1 E.
Parcel Post Orders
A Specialty
T Delivery Anywhere In Sa-
reasonable distance In
Morris, Cash
PHONE 1107
Morris XTe
fro audi Road
institution with eirgs in the course of
another year.
Just now the institution is realizing
more eggs than it needs, and the sur
plus is being preserved and put away
for 'he winter season. Dr. Steiner is
conserving his Dryden stock eggs for
i hatching, and is purchasing eggs in the
Mcien market for l"i rents per dozen to
I preserve for future lonsiiuiptimi. With
i in another year, with a flock of over
,' Have a firm determination to help
yourself bock to health and strength.
Take care of your digestion, and see
that your liver and bowels are dally
active. If Nature needs assistance, try
Stomach Bitters ;
It is far easier to drive a soft head
without delay. Avoid substitutes. rd nail than a hard headed man.
Robert II. Savnge et ux to Henrietta
McAdam, Q. C. D. pnrt M. I.. Savnge
Clam, "!, 7, .'! W, purt Stim'l Parker
Claim, 77, 7, .'I W.
.-mill "Drydrn pullets,"' Dr. Steiner is
certain that the institution will be in
dependent of the egg market,
Not only is the poultry department
maintained upon a strictly scientific
basis, but every brain h of the farming
and livestock industries nf ih" main in
slitu'ion and the asylum farm is main
tained at the highest efficiency of wr
vice and productivity, and the strictest
rccor I is kept of every, foot of ground
space that is put inlo crops, o that at
the end of the year Dr. Steiner is able
to r-"ider an ltcini7.nl and accurate ac
( u niting for in cry acrt of ground on
der nis management and every article
of food that is produced or handled at
either one of the institutions A visit
and inspection to Ihn main institution
and the asylum farm wuild be a rev
elation to the people at Subm and the
state of Oregon.
Mayor Cured;
Skin Cleared
By D. D. D.
the light committee , '
j III regard to the proposed Improve
iineiit of Mcicis street, Saginaw tn
, Fairnoiit, a pmiest wns read. The ob
jection was leleried to the city engi-1
, neer and stic t omniittee to check up.'
lb Is for wood and for road muchm-;
cry were opened last night and were1
life'ie.l to the proper cimniittees. I
An ordinance requiring each person i
engaged in mllei tiiig garbage for prof-j
it ti pny n li.cn-e fee of if.jtl per jeuri
was introduce ! by oiinciliuaii Cnruh.
The fee exii' ted is to maintain the citv I Mnyor Chiiiuimn i t Dills. K.vr.'iii".
dumpgioon.l. The ordinance, because it ; IX,,." bin
mis not liebcM'.l broad emrigh in scope, muivelous euio of si, hi tiuublii wuu
was nfi'trc.l to the ordinnnee commit-; lux '' '' I'res. rl.i..n.
t next eting. ! hTfJtZ" wl.'.ic'li.iw'l
e v m MpM wssKsiisiivM ' 11 ' n w,,,l 1 'v'H'l Willi t-r-
- ' tvr, MllM"llHl''H W"! fP, tlf.l il rl FMIlif
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for Y'luil I'. Ii. 1 . Iif fl'Miii T-f inc"
Itculm frin t'i iifn of I. V, 1.
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J'luipl' H. Hip).i . tlnri'lr ijff, fllctipfip'ir
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I All diuKi'inlH littVU tltU iuiwiu
W tfln on hunrl.
If you win romo to vn o will mil
you thtt flrnl ttffltle on th Kunt urit'-i
thut It will lofiuh your cumo or your
; irifn y n'fun'lr'!. You nlotio to ju'lc.
Afk n)nn h.," it D.V.lf, Hkln fioap, hunt
tor ttJi'ltjr Kin.
I 3. C. Perry, DruggUt, 115 Booth Com
mcrcUl ttreet.
Free Dispensary for
Worthy Poor
Dr, I'. II. May, D. C, and Mora
A. Brewster, M. D. D. C WiU
conduct a free dispensary for
Chiropractic adjuntmenta at rooma
305-fl 7, Hubbard Mdg. fio-cilled
Incurable caei especially solicit
ed. Hour from 1 to 2 p. m.
I'hone 572.
When you have it you'll have no further
bother with ashes, soot, smoke, dirt, pitchy
or wet wood or dusty, dirty coal.
Install it now. Phone 85.
The Gas Works

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