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Daily capital journal. (Salem, Oregon) 1903-1919, May 26, 1915, Image 3

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Restored To Health
By Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound.
Bellevue, Ohio.-"I was In a terrible
J.t, before I took Lydia E. Pinkham's
pound. My back
ached until I thought
it would break, I had
pains all over me,
nervous feelings and
periodic troubles. I
was very weak and
run down and wag
losing hope of ever
being well and
strong. After tak
ing Lydia E. Pink-
barn's Vegetable Compound I improved
ppidly and today am a well woman. I
oiinot tell you how happy I feel and I
annot saytoomuchfor your Compound.
Would not be without it in the house if
It cost three times the amount "Mrs.
Chas. Chapman, It. F. D. No. 7 Belie
ve, Ohio.
Woman's Precious Gift.
The one which alio should most zeal
ously guard, is her health, but it is
the one most often neglected, until
lome ailment peculiar to her sex has
fastened itself upon her. When so af
fected such women may rely upon Lydia
t Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, a
remedy that has been wonderfully suc
cessful in restoring health to suffering
If you have the slightest doubt
that Lydia K. I'inUhsim's Vetccta
bleConipounrt will help yon.writo
toLydin I'.Pinkhain Modirinet'o.
(wnfidi'iitli.l)K,vnn,Mas8., for ad
vice. Your letter will be opened,
read and answered by a woman,
and held in strict confidence.
Oregon Woman Tells Wonder,
of Panama Pacific Exposition
To the editor: At the Orison luiil.l-'
in I found the fiieu.ls orally cor.liul,
ami it was my goo.t fortune to receive
to ntten.l the rpi-entinn -
r, IS i-i'rtiiinlv .i,-,vr. .:..-
the xtatistus that ()reKoii has 'one-fifth
or all the stan, itur t ,i,. : n,., ,
..... .,uu to niten.l the reception ""lies, rue interior i womlcrfnllv at
temlereil to the cromrnimling officers 1 traetive, artistically .lecorated 'with
niiil officers of the IT. tj. . Oregon , mammoth ferns, woods both polislied
which was hclil Friday evening, May -I. ' in the rough. n. realistic cnini.imr
lllVltlltlima tn tl.iu ..l.,l . l,;.l, I.. .1. - . . "'..
. ' 'tui'-ium were - ".v hi.iim- iw iinnter
oniid io uer num. aint t ip
pi.i.uuu pinu-n bowl of the battleship
Oregon, which, reports snvs, has been
out of commission since tile naw went
dry, was very much in evidence ami
successfully quenched the thirst of the
assembled guest. It wa certainly a
galaxy of "fair women and brave
men' and a most enjovable and happy
tune was tlij experience of all. The
Oregon hand and orchestra furnished
the music.
On Sunday, May 30, Memorial 'lav
services will be held at sea on thn l,.,i.
i tloship Oregon.
On looking through the Oregon regis
ter I find the state is sending a gciod
representation to the fair, the only one,
however, registering frnra s!lein this
was on .May I'll) or vu-niitv being Miss
!tve!!tiS i Wl'n , S,rh SixI,,"'"l' Among the recent arrivals at the Pan-
street 1 shall try ami keep you posted a,na.acific international expos t on
front time to time as to arrivals in frn, the state of Oregon are"-' E N
be,.,, vi,i ,,;;:.," "Z. ""V. V. .Mi-Hnnnl'l. .1. W. Webster,
. . , it-uiii-m u, ;ss
A letter addressed to the " Zeroline
Oii"o.,'' posted at Odessa, Wash., and
suother aiblressed to the "Red Crown
Gasoline l'i..'' posted nt Calexico, (,'al.,
ilHn't bother I'ncle Sam's servants
at bit. The writers knew what they
muted, luit diiln't know where to get
il, The directions were definite enough
for the pnstoffice service, however, and
without delay the letters were delivered
it each iustn nee to the nearest Stand-1
art Oil company station. I
Even if you have nothing to give the
poor Wt a crust of bread, make it
llatui!e by softening it with a little
of the milk of liuimm Kindness.
viiom mug ror tne wilds of his native
state. The different counties have dis-i
I'la.ved in a most attractive manner the
variety and size of their various prod-1
acts the Oregoni.m certainly cannot
go hungry with all these good things'
which the state can furnish and these
with the number of colored views I
lighted at night, point to the tourist!
the scenic grandeur and unalloved
pleasure which awaits him ca n journey
through Oregon. ' '
With kindest regards, and wishing
now and nhvays abundant success to
inc. i aonai .journal, I remain,
Vours sincerely.
Purify and Build Up th. Blood with
Hood't Sartaparilla.
In the spring your blood needs
cleansins ami enriching. You fwt
poorly, and there Is more or less
eruption on your face and b, dv
?, hLul'pet"e,i8 not gooJ' '"" 4
time an yU nre liri'1' aU th
You need Hood's Parsaparilla It
Is the one safe and effective tonic
that ms stood the test of forty
?h'ra; i,1,' m,kes the ,pure r"1 bloii
that will make you fee bolter look
better, eat and sleep better It la
the old standard tried and true all-the-year-ronnd
medicine for the
blood and the whole system.
Ask any druggist for Hood's Sar
saparilla, and Insist on having It
Nothing else acts like It, for nothing
else has the same formula or Ingre
dients, md so there Is no real suh.
stltute. Get It today.
Ho .Jiurnul and its beauties tn 1 1 v
sounded, I leel that 1 must add my
mite to the general sentiment that
scenically it is beautiful beyond com
pare. The stage setting is almost per
fect, having the fir-topped slopes of
the I'residio as an interesting back
ground and the blue-green waters of
the bay ami the Marion hills as never
tiring outlook.
The grounds are beautifully laid out,
the colur scheme being so soft and per
fect that it never offends the eye, and
the mural paintings ami statues, to
gether with the profusion of flowers,
shrubs ami trees, are an endless won
der to all who attend. One of the
decorations upon which I have heard
so many eastern people comment is the I
hedge stretching firm one gate to nn-
other, which is made entirely of South j
African marigold, and never fails to
bring forth the exclamation: "Whv!
it is really growing."
The Tower of Jewels, 4:10 feet high,
which forms the oatowav to the center
of the exposition, ami the entrance to
the Court nf the I'niverse, decorated,
with the colors of the exposition nndj
scintillating with many colored jewels,'
is also one of the sights which brings'
expressions of astonishment and won
del', and when this tower and thej
grounds and the various courts are:
lighted at night one really feels as if j
he were in some vast cathedral with
incense burning all about him.
The exposition buildings nre not only
architecturally beautiful lint foim per-j
li'i'I jiariiionv one miii Hie ouici, dim.
each state ami forcicu building lias an
individuality all its own.
Our Orciiou building, requirinjr. for
its coiiHtviKaiun one miUiou feet of
Martin, Kd H. Duffy. 1 It
Whitney, J. VV. McDuff, Mrs. and Miss
Hevnn, Portland; Fred II. I'aulvers, C.
I'aulvers, Salem; Mrs. ('. Hartley, Miss
M. Armstrong, Corvnllis.
Tetrogra,!, May 2t. The new treaty
between China and Japan, enilu-acin'g
the conditions recently accepted by the. big
t ninese government in the negotiations ited snace today, a
with Tokio,
to n l'ekin
has been .sinned.
message received
here to-
5 Oregon's Educational Exhibit
j Excites Wonder of the World
: That Oregon's school exhibit in the
educational palace at the I 'nun ma Pa
cific exposition is attraitiug the atten
tion ot all educators ini.l others inter
cstcd in the problem of bettering the
, rural si lmc's and of keeping on the
harm thn.;e boys and girls who may be
'trained to become expert farmers, is
the opinion of Assistant State School
iiperinicndent K. F. Cnrlcton, who bus
Jjust returned from S;,n Francisco where
he has been for the past two weeks
tn check up on the work and add t,i
I snnie of the special features of the
'school exhibit. Mr. niletmi has some
lery important messages of good cheer
to impart to the people ot Oregon In
lution tn the state s , isidav at the
ex0ition, but on nccmui't of lim-
more extended in
Something Special This Week
You can have sent to your home one of
our $3.75 Guaranteed Electric Irons and I
a $2.50 Springer Ironing Board
For Four Dollars
tervicw will be published tomorrow.
Memorial Day"
A special program is iiein
by Kev. Tisclier. of the
church, for ncxr Sunday. A
T)av sermon will be delivered
pasior at tne morning service, with spe
cial music appropriate to the occasion,
In the evening a symposium program
will be arranged in which the different
branches of the (I. A. B. will partici
pate. Judge Daniel Webster will speak
for the (i. A. If. post; Colonel K. Ilofer
will represent the Sons of Veterans;
Mrs liozclla K. Hales will speak for the
Ladies Relief Corps; Mrs llallie Hinges
will be soloist. Mrs. Rodger A. Fish
render several patriotic, readings.
The Electric Company
State and Commercial Sts.
Dublin, May L'O. The Tilsh national
prepared ists today formally approved the ac
I'nitnrinn lion of Ji.'m Redmond in refusing a
Memorial portfolio in the new coalition cnbincl.
bv the ' " "
Members of Sedgwick Post No. Ill, (J,
A. 1!.:
You nre hereby ordered to intend the
funeral of our lute comrade, Ira Krb,
nt the undertaking parlors of Itigdun i
bjiicliardsoii, lhursdny, May JT
o clock p in. The W, U. (', are also
requested to attend in n body Hv order
of F. L. Pound, commander; I). Web
ster, adjutant.
Those Who Have Paid Up To
Standard Rate Will Not
Be Assessed
Food Drink
"HORUCK'a" you may uci gubatltut
Unlaw you ay
The Chautauqua as
a Community Asset
The Ellison-White Chautauqua Co. have organized one of the
greatest amusement organizations in the world. Through their
efforts the people of Salem and vicinity are permitted to see some
of the most talented people and acts of the United States and
Europe that otherwise would never be brought to Salem.
There were enough tickets sold last year in advance for this
year's Chautauqua as a guarantee to Ellison-White Co. that the
Chautauqua would be a success, thus showing that those attending
last year were more than pleased with the entertainment.
There have been a great number of new attractions added for
this year, and every act staged will be appreciated by all.
Get a season ticket and see the first performance, as this
year's Chautauqua will be good from the first raise of the curtain
to the finale.
Dates: July 5th to 11th Inclusive
Sail-in policy IiuMitk in tlu l !'uri.-i
Iiurti'ii1tiinil t'irt ii'ln'f noriuthiti, tin
si'ttli'iuciit of lln' nl't'iiii of wliii-h ik in
tin1 hinds of lit'fi'ivfr llnivry Welis,
.si ulo in nt nv im. in in it sin in' r, will i r
ft'i vi' t lit'ir UK.i'PMiit'iM mt ii't'H mm:
tinu during tin1 lumiiin wivk fli n tl -cciviT
Wells Mntril tliis hiurnin tlutt
there will .jnliltMy lie over HHl ulio
Intve polii'ifM u i it ten i'nmi tin f(l fiO i r
eent uf tin- ImiiihI mte miIjui m iih
Mvtnciit up to (lie lull inmiiint.
Those who IhI'I polii'ies in tin;- ,1.
puny nei'uftl i it to i In i i ti In w h die
Mll.ect tn t!il ir-M'!Mlii'Mt liiiil tlte ul'li r
of the ctnirt i n-l i m't i ('if hm-umi to
i MM mi iiHse, 'line nt iipi'H i in h Utiil i t I y
polii-y hnhlei imt i iiiiM i In Km 1 1 r
i-i nt 'of the sttni'liinl nite t.-r the m
iiose of llil'lviiiL' M" i tl.'' In i illtiiH
of the ri.inpiiii tor mv Mi-ti:ireil. i
Mr. Wells tnte, to.lny ti..t pulley- ,
li.i'iteis knew tin' tinnuiM ' tinil lit--
seiMiH'iit, i iii ether wun!-, i!! t'(.r- i
nir th.- iiiniuint t mm the p'ji. y u fi- h !
tin y Im ll. A nhiiu to tin- lu. n1- t h im (
Ftnle ii nietiilrei' ol it iii itniil e.'iiipii ny j
enntint with'lniu or mm i einier H poliey
until nil us.-efi-jn-nt- 'l'o- ei p. leln e. It I j
pill'l. Mini Ulelet t lie in t I ll- t mil et the
i I t to rulle. t -lll'l IIkmv: no l.t. h" IH '
IHiW eoililiellr.l 1 iV Ml'lie . f thiV elilel .
mi'. 'a- a,' . ?rnt. rt u i
Proffer Co-Opcraiion In Pro
motion of Flax Fibre In
dustry In Valley
I'r. V., A. I'ii'irc, chiiii iniiii, , i.
Miliar, Im iiiI i r I'. uf O. hi IiihiI nf ,,1,11.
iiihvi', iiml ,lni-k O'NimII. t i ii i-Iiiijh
livilit njii'iit uf tlm u. V. II, N,
inilnmil ci,iii,iiiiy, I'liiiii' up I' i 'ui.
Iiiinl vi'M.Tili.y mill I'oiit .(1 ii, ijv.
1'iniir Witliyi'uniljii i'iiiii'i'iiiIm),' tlif pii).
K I Im'Iiik iiiinli, in . cMiililiiilinii Mt
II", I iv. In;.,,,, h f il,,. 1 1 x ,,,M. n ,n.
I IT II, i mini, riiiill Willi n, Mai,.
ii-nlini v.
I r. I'ii'iiT, im i Ii ii i i in ii ii ni' 1 1 u,.
" ' ' ' mi'l fj.i.li. f.nui ii i,r il,,. ,, i,,,,,,.
linn. Miitol Unit In, uinli'lHliiuil tliut
' ' " '-I'll II ill flTlllIJi Hi tt 1 1I r., (t -
"'" "U Hi!' I'lllllllllll ,'. III'
(miiiiiiii'I,!', ,,r l li t In-r ii iVi'liiiu i,f riviil.
I'.V IIUI.il, M llml l,l;lllli,iii,t nn flu' imt
"I III,' Milli'V vi,,,. i iiiir,., iiin,r (I,,. , .ri
iiihl Hint ,,,y M, ni.ln-,1 r,
Hi,- ,',,i,l', i,'i,' I'm- tin' ,ui, j'
I'l lMni; ii v Iri'linir nlionlil it i mm. ,
iIiumih'iI tin, (jnvi'riiiir nl' tin' In-nrly hii p
; ,rt in,, I i ,ri it iuii uf II,,. r,,ri,,,
I'llllilllrri'llll li,tv
I, tin
nlilrr In
t. l.ll lv
I llir l, .llli'l,: II!'' -:, ill III
I'lilil,,,, , I ,,,,!.. W I,,, 1,1, M M,l
I.V t!ll'. IL' tt. ,1 ti.lll I. I'
ll I )' , IIJ! ill ll'.HI J'-I HJtt
I tllflt
, II,
i.f (In- sill,,- IH:,I I,,- 1,1,1, ,-,,llt,
IMi-llll,l-l' I,,':'- i'l Nil, -III M",I'I -l
1 li-,i.l,,l 111 I,,' I- VIMV III Il in I,'
, nnihiiii; ji -" iii'-nt mi -I'lly I
wlni litm- In,, I ,'..''",.
llM-r urn I "l v I, "lil' i" tl,'1
1 ',,rll!,i,, ,ll tin- .-i'k i.-" ivi- in : i'
I nl' ii h -1 us nt nil tln-ir ,,,,i,)i i. II,i-ii-
i. i;. i-.n nn- ' , i - i i-
t,, Iiiij r ,1-iil "t 'I,,- 'Jim, Im, I l,-iii,
lilt,' Uli'l tl,'-'- IWll II-,t III--' "l-'-'l.
it v f
l.ntnlon, Mny Thf Ihiily M i.i
nyi Anton Liiiii;, tin' OirinhiN of the
i II. t tno prothii tioiiN ot the I'li:-' ion
' piny nt 'lieinniineriin, Ihih j'.ineil n
'new enrps of tioopH eipiippiil will,
-kfH. which tlx' tieiiiiniiH lnie foiiio'l
to fit'l'tt he I'reiu-lt riiifetlit Alt-iii- in
i the VoheH. Anion l.nnu, liK' the nth
, ef it-tors in tin1 "I'lifiMoii riny,' if n I
j niitive i f Olit MiinmeiiiM, ItiiMinn. j
when; the piny in piven nt tell yeitr in- I
te.'M.lM, He im ll piitlei. lie m of '
i i.tti)(ih(r nppeiirnn.'r, trill lout Hell Inn
It tl'I Ii 111 llll tlllUWiUil lit' ill! I I'Mi'lli lull lire I
' to t he ChriM nn i. pi teil 1 1 y fninoit
piniiteiM, In H(U tin pi'rfi.iiiiiim es nt'
(tiie " I'n'.f-n I'lny" were lnmiht to
Ithrnpt rlue hy I he niitlireitk uf the
per 1 Ofii.e'i cnliriteil in tin' (miimihi
1 It i in v. Knur were kllleil in l.iittle, iilel
tWO tilt l III llOr-pitlllH
Many Salem People Are
Visiting SsnrFancisco Fair
i-im i;.
fii'in ii i.i
i i-.-n iiii.I I
till, IH! I"i
l li:,ili- M i
' till' ttil
i,,,u il, II,"
lil-ll.l'l. v.
I lr. Iluiuir.l
1 1:,
rriiii n.-'l
V l-ll III
I'JltM ,'t Nll'lll II'1
Iiiiii t, t'llllirl I
:i ,, ,, 1 1,- inn' i t kit
Mill l-tllll- l,-
l-li I i, Hi
t,i- hill,'
I, ,fl
-1 .! t
1,11,, II linn II l-ill' Ii' ,,,ll Il
!-,l I,
I'll,.i llv
, , i-, ,
.M r.
l h.
II, rl "I. v.
U Ini, nun
. ity. II'
l i,-l il,,-
W. )i 1 1 r 1 1 ii ii
l r. .1-.
Inri' I, ii-.it, ih I, '!-.
l-X' ' t t,i n-il Hi
AllX'lJj III" Mtll'T
Mr. .Miirlni im t,
Mil -.11
,' I,, ,,
t, n.-ll
w t,
l.lllrWM ,11
! ;ll lit iii'- , ' 1,1
II,,- -,, ,r,-i
Hi W
t-ll IH'-l!
tin- 1
III UII .lilil'
ily nfit ii
llllll'-H A. s
who w ill r -1 ii ii tn Nil'-m iilt'r Mmiinn
n mi, nth in !.', -iu !'". "J'-l V. Ill- h
nr,-',ii. 'vl,,i i i, ,'ri' -li'l in l-ll,'-' i in .n
iiiK lit I'lii-' r-. ill". Win. I.'. Kinw.-r i
iiniv lr. ni( lit I;,im I,,iii ,i'l Mil, I h"
.i.. t"l t,i i' tin n In thl city Kitbili a
I N,,l i,l,l iliii-n llii f'l.Ulill riilitim-t
I II II ! I ,,l"ll,rni fur Hi,' A ,tll 111 i
j I1m,h.( I. nt will Ih ii f l.i-ni-1,1. Iii i-i in(
i,f Ihi' nimill Hiiwmilh nf lliis hi-,1 ion. '
( 'Miii ,i,iiirn, t will ri-,iiii" .'l,(,i,,nni 1',-i t
I i.f l.niilii-r, whn li will In- fiiiiiMii'il liv
' II,' II. I- l,' ll l.iiml.i-r li, , nf Klmn; tin-,
I Vili, ii null nn M inlini 1,1, iff, iiml
. - t f lln , nf Smiih Mi'imliiiii, TIh-i,"
! '( I l li-M t H,,, I- nn I, lln, I In -1.1. t I In' '
fie tn l ;-ninif Ihi- w,- li in,-1 In l.-ifl nn
. 1,1,1 i li- i ni n nil- i iii.li- ,v ih, ihn .
siiui, ill tiriiiH, All thi'-i- milli iiii- iinw
II, .'-rill,', II IN I ll-'M-l, K Will I'l' ii. ii, I
f,l I fl H l,. Ill ,l,t 1,1, Ml, .11 H M IIO-.Jlll'.
Win ii tin- In, "hi-nli I'll- n v is Min t
i , riiiniiij nt f,ill i iii-ii, il- -.'ii in-ri will
In- i ii,,i,wi l.i-i lr II,,. i,,i r.i i ., ri. nn. I
it will r''',,iit- it "ti-ii-li- r ' ii f i urn n,,v
'-mill llituliir fii ,'iiin-lrJi tin' rnntirt'-t.
'ThiK n.i lil," llilil ;il ill, ii , i-rii,.'!- w;ii.'. i,f
1 1.' ir I ii y tn I hi' mini thi' tnlul i-t-f.
i'l,, lit 'irn tnr uhui'n will ini,n,n,t f
1 'iii'-ii, nllv ln.iii'ii.
Snllit-thini nf thi' llli'l, , ii, t nf wnrK
ilnit will !, ri-i,iiii', tn fill lln roll-lill-t
Iiml 111' ruti-iit ll,.-li,,f ,iin ,i
fli-iiiii 'I from tlm fin t llml it Mill ii'
I 1 1 r n .urn tliiui H ,ii,i tn mrrv lln
; mi. i. ifa t'iM-il . iii'l, i, t fr,,,ii l-.liu tn
Im i-ijiii'h i,f ii'livi-n',
jit tiiHtt-iiiiu iiml nn
mil i p4 thn imliiNtiy. n M, Btm,.,
llml il mm tlm ,,,ii.- nf (. , ,i,.ri
li,-iiil ',1 thi' M-linnl nf I'liiiiiui-r f tin'
I'. nl' 11. In (;..( nut a 1,1,11,-1,1, if, ,, tin,,
In t in.- tlm flux imliiitry unit
ii -lu-i I tlm '-,, n,i-nitinii nf thi' homil i-f
,-niili"l mi, I iiIIh-ih inli'i, !,-, I in il,,.
I '''"'I '-I' II"- imlili'liy in I n i m -Ii i i, K
l'i,,f. Milli-r with mi,h ii,r,,in,iil,,,ii
wui iimiiIiiIiIi' I'r, ,ui tiiuii tn ti ,
llnvi'iiinr Withyi-nniliii umiii-iI th" ,1,1
i'lltlilll lilllt tlll-i- l',,':l,,,M, III' I'll ,
l-rilliiiii iiml iiihMiiii,-,' wiih fully I, ,
j 'ii riiili-'l ; hi- n-vii-wi-il thn iiriiui-i'iM thnf
niii ! ii iiiinli' fnr lln in-iiniii t ,-li,l,
, 1 1 .-1 1 u i I , t i, ll,,- lil.n- iuililntiy II l.i I nii,l,
,11'IT i-i,-i,iiiiihiii;Iv nf hi ,r,,,,.-l .i
j ihhim III" lllu liulli'ti Illi,ni,:h M,'h
ii Mirn y ii I'mf. Millnr I mi ln t l(
wnilhl tn III' Millll' Hull' 111 ',,iil,hl I
ll,, r" iv, mill bi! no lucul dulu avullulj
'mini tin- rnt i-rnpj hiul In-i'ii linn i-Bii'ii
in,, I thn r. nit n imli-il, iiml I'mf. Millm
' inl'i. riin'il lim ijnvi'riiiir Hint It wiih tlm
ml, -i.l, nf Mm II, of (I. hi'I I nf ,-, iiii
ii, t,i liiulii' ft ul li Biirvi-y nf tin
i,,,.,-nv iiml ln in p,i:,itn,n tn mnUn
"'"ii'-uii ni,iiiimiiii liy till) limn lo-
, III T-t Ii 1 1 r-t n-B Wl-ri' livililllllll'.
A i
Hill i
n n-l
r vh in, 'Jr., May L'H. - l,iikiiiilii try
ivrnmi'm i-i-'-t In I.i- in i -lunu ul.uut
Hli-ln, nr.. Mv n.- - A -In nn l.rr h. i,f j '
thi" ri'l- Inivi- i-.iiri'l nn -n.'ii'd ,ntli
.i.,k r.iiilrn, t, in,-1 will n'nrt thn l,o
furt'.rv h'iiiik tl,i wi-'-k, "r '""n
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I. i, Mi. S, illn.

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