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age of "The Capital Journal"
Editorial P
May 0, VMS.
- "U MWF
Capital Journal Ptg. Co., Inc.
ciia.s, ir. rrsiiKR,
Sec. und Tretis.
JViily by furrier, per year
I:tily by nmil, per year . .
. if-n.oo
Per month 4!ie
Per Month .'ISc
The Capital Journal carrier boys are instructed to put the papers on the
parch. If the carrier does not do this, misses you, or neglects getting the
piper to you on time, kindly phone the circulation manager, as this Is the only
way we can determino whether or not the carriers are following instructions.
Phone Main 81.
The re-organized Commercial Club is in the midst of a
great campaign to interest and enlist in its service in
dividuals and business concerns not yet on the rolls of the
organization. It will solicit all such to become members.
This campaign means greater things and a brighter
future for Salem; and it means, just as surely, greater
things for every business man, every professional man,
every manufacturer, every laborer and every citizen of
Salem and vicinity. No public spirited citizen who can af
ford to be a member has a right to remain out of the
organization. It is decidedly worth his while to become
actively identified with this great organization and power
for community welfare.
It is proper that every citizen of Salem should give this
matter his earnest, thoughtful consideration, with a viewj
of doing his part in helping forward the general advance
of this community on the road to still greater things.
The prohibition law of West Virginia designates as a
bootlegger any traveler who carries more than two quarts
without labeling his baggage as to the quantity of liquor
in his possession. It is related that a West Virginia cit
izen returning from a fishing trp obeyed the law literally
by wearing a placard which said: "I contain one quart of
rye and four pints of beer" The fish yarns that a fellow
in that condition ought to be able to tell would be ex
tremely entertaining.
A man living in the town of Scottsdale, Pa., sat and
watched a burglar ransack the dining room of his home.
The law-abiding and quiet citizen preferred to let the rob
ber work to firing a revolver and waking a sleeping infant
that he had rocked for four steady hours in order to put
it to sleep. Thus there are occasions when a man can sit
still and see his silverware being bagged by a burglar with
out protest.
General Hugh Scott, chief of staff, asserts that he
could raise and properly equip an army of 500,000 men in
the United States in four weeks. Scott is probably talk
ing through his headgear, since those editors and politi
cians who really know all about such things, declare that
it could not be done, and that we can only be properly pre
pared by recruiting 1,000,000 men at once and spending a
tew billions on equipment and armament.
A Galley o' Fun !
The last words accredited to Vanderbilt when he was
face' to face with death on the Lusitania were spoken to
his valet: "Come, let's save the kiddies."
The words were simple and casual, and the impulse was
that of humanity. They were more than the words of a
dying man; they are the feeling of this living age.
"Let's save the kiddies" did not originate with Vander
bilt on the heaving deck of the shattered Lusitania. It is
the thought of this generation of Americans. Vanderbilt
had absorbed it perhaps he had helped to nurture it, and
when the supreme moment came his heart spoke that su
preme message'
The movements toward reforms affecting young chil
dren have multiplied during the past few years to a de
cree hardly realized by the unthinking.
The agitation for pure milk, for public playgrounds,
for the prohibition of child labor, for the control of conta
fnmis diso.nses. for the t niinint? of mothers in elementary
?.. .:.... r.,.. i, nfp; i u i m",n"' ""' Hll" f""
Jijium-, mi me ii-guiuuun vi wami; un jmunt wuiuugii- thriving w,, j Wnllowii county.
fares, for the improvement of conditions in cheap homes,
for inspection by physicians and nurses in the schools, is! Mr. .i. a. TWey, who lives on the
all only another way of expressing the sentiment of the 1 ..'.'""l.'"'!.'"! 'YkHiV'iiHinvoXav."!
ae "Come, let's save the kiddies." ! ' am if these were treed i.y
. . ' ....... . - ' lit. .1..., !..... A 1 ..... i. M 1. 1..
Vanderbilt voiced in his death only what every good ,;;V Lt the ehnd f Z
creel; uml Ihe south fork of the Ibnp
imh river, near Tiller. It niny lie that
t In- iloir li Jin met with foul nlav liv fall-
The Portland Journal is calling attention to the fact
that water is sold to people of Milwaukee for only six
cents per thousand gallons. Still that isn as strange as it
might be when we consider that it comes into coniDetition
with another and more famous beverage, and probably has' g,ou,c?n't Iear? ?" old ds new, ,'n'cl"'i
f Ur. U , LUl l. : j.. i. ? '.i i: i?o I lot on beln' mod'rate still. O'
w aum iviiiaiauiy iuw in uruer to una any puicnasers
at all.
"Woft'tncle'Si," said the Podunk
postmaster to old Si Snyder, who had
just sold a piece of coal land for $40,
000 and had also received an inherit
ance of $25,000 from a brother in the
West. "I reckon that you will be
(flying pretty high now, huh? Prob'ly
jbe goina off to Europe with your wife
or building you a modern mansion,
"No, I ain't callatin' on anything o'
lhat sort, Joel," said Uncle Si. "I
alius was one o' the mod'rate kind, an'
News comes from the eastern theatre of war that Rus
sian soldiers are compelled to take a bath every week.
This probably explains their readiness to surrender.
Over 250 new laws have just become effective in Ore
gon. How many persons who must obey their pro
visions know anything about them?
Mr, .1. I.'nss Leslie reports countinj;
fifteen Chinese iheiisnnts from the cnr
window on a trip between Knterprise
uml Joseph duriiiK the winter. On one
"pension lie sinv n flock of thirteen
where some lios were Mng fed. This
shows that the pheasants which were
man and woman feel at the foundation of their lives.
One of those who went down on the Lusitania was Hen
ry Pollard, who was on his way to England to offer the
Hi); in Willi a puck of wolves. Mr, l)i
wi'v is anxiously seekiuir information as
i to the whereabouts of his dog.
l?i'iticll nvwil'limnnf m fnl'inlll'i f,vitlii niti nnf nntnvn aF letl,
' i iviou o iiuiviiv u iuiuuiia iui uiuiiui attui v- j'wi 'sliort suienN exhibit
rd Mail Tribune: K. B. Rnrl
chiiijje of the Jncksou county
in, nvliiliit lit III., nvixiuiliiiii
sonous gases mat lie declared could be ellectively used in reports that tin- exhibit is maimix a
retaliation against the Germans for adopting gas bombs "J ''n,:: t;y:;nnV;;;i!liin. ''s"
in the course of trench warfare, says the Hoise, Idaho,1 ureal. ;s success timt he is planning
Statesman i another exhibit .nloug siuiibir lines in
''. . ,1 ,. . , . ; the horticultural building.
Mr. Pollard hail invented a liquid ammonia pro-,
cess for the manufacture of ice. An explosion in the plant,
which rendered several men unconscious, and almost re
sulted fatally, caused an investigation by him which re
sulted in the discovery he was about to disclose to the
liritish government
t -k
ro3ert w. woolle:y
:ourse I shall feel a uttle more free
:o spend money, an' I mean to git me
me o' those pocket knives with six
kinds of tools all in one: I've alius
wanted one an' now I mean to have
it. Then I callate on throwin g bay-
hvinder out in the settln'-room o' my
piouse, an' my wife an' me count on
Ikoing down to Boston first time
ithero another excursion with t,ie
found-trip tickets down to two dol
lars. I mean to be mod'rate, Joel, no
matter if I am right well fixed now."
"I walked Into a restaurant," said
the man with the grouch, "and the
waiter gave me a cracked pinto, a
knife that was chipped, a fork that
was bent, and the glass with the water
in it was unwashed."
"Of course you complained to the
proprietor," said some one.
"No," replied the man with the
grouch, "but when I left I tipped that
waiter with a plugged nickel.
Steward (to indisposed tourist)
You see, it' this way, sir: Itt work
to us, but it's pleasure to you.
Cafe Proprietor: Yea, I had to let
my best bartender gol He went to a
Prohibition state on his vacation and
got to drinking!
u uhIi milt mi. t ii v an The ,11
i.iiod roiiit worts reported in r.ugene . rector of tl. nited States mint is
licgisler: More than half a mile of; Robert V. Wmdley, formerly n news
Mind was plowed uml graded, culverts j paper mini. He wim appointed to this
were dug mid other road work was $5,11110 u year j.il) through the friend
lone bv the members of the Alvadore ship of Secretary JlcAdoo, whom lie
grunge yesterday. More tliau lio men,; helped alt he ,.w York hen do u arte is
icaiiis nun a giisoiiue irncior, ine iiuring t:ie w ciimpnign. His firs
1 lo
nil day, and by night had accomplish
ed work that would have cost the dia
tricl more than $l'J."i,
ior d
Cpl',1 tllO'llt.
In the takinc of human life it is difficult to differen- 1:!!l,,r 'i""1'1!'1' '' iioicomb, worke,!. p uti.-ui .p.i, was auditor of the inter-
tiate between means, but the gas bomb has become quite
an odious as the duin-dum bullet.
War would lose at least some of its horrors if all these
bombs could be lost as was the secret that went down with'
the Lusitania.
The Eugene Commercial Club has just awarded a gold
merit button for advancing the best idea for a club activ
ity. The recipient was A. F. Pingenheimer, and his "idea"
was that a committee of three, composed of a representa
tive from each newspaper, and the club secretary, be ap
pointed to learn the names of new people in town, and to
take steps to have them made at home and to get them into
the club. An idea like that, if acted upon, was well worth
a gold button to that particular commercial club, or any
othe r one which wants to do something for the community.
Australia and Now Zealand are buying American but
terwhat do you know about that! Next thing we know
free trade will ruin the dairying industry in the same way
it has the sheep and wool business.
North Head Harbor: The i'ortorj I'levelnnd, nhio, Mny L'li. The nil
mill, one of the Simpson Lumber fimi-; tiniml biennial ('(invention of the
pain's interests, and which has been j "rot hei -hood o, ui-omotive Engineers,
closed since the ileal h of the Into owu-l"ow sc-ioii here, today unanimously
er, Captain A. M. Simpson, wus started! vol,,'l in fin or of stnte and national
ii. Taesdav with n full crew. This is ! l.'rohi bit ion. !
the first nl' the company's big plants
to start at full blast, and has had n,
brightening inl'lueiice on the people and
San l-'ranc
chief engineer.
Montgomery, of
wus elected assistant
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 1SGS
Capital $.00,000.00
Transact a general banking business -Safely
Deposit Boxes
business conditions geuernllv. It is be
licved that the company will havo nllj
tlieir interests working at full time
soon. The condition of the lumber mar
ket is anything but encouraging, but
the Simpson people lire hanking on
meeting nn increased demand soon.
Their xards here are depleted anil these
must be filled, which will require sev
eral weeks' woik, and by that time it
is hclicw'd the mill can be operated on
a fair margin of profit.
(iaidiner Cornier: Crabs ut'e so plen
tiful in Wiin hesler buy that they can
be taken up on the oars of n bout
two or three at (i time. Whenever the
Steamer Kva has to wait for the auto
singes the passengers and those of the
boat amuse, themselves catching crabs,
which they cook in the engine room,
and then feast thereon.
a I I itililiug,
the libiury not far be-
The ln imi Idnh school election in
Cliatsop county affecting the districts
of Seaside, c. 'aninni, KM: Creek, Hear
hart and Clatsop, resulted in a vote of
Is-' to in favor of union. The build
ing is to be located at f enable.
Crawford: So you found a pack
age of old love letters you wrote
your wife years ago. What did you
do with thcin?
Crabshaw: Changed the dates and
tent them to her while she was in the
The fool prays for strenjrth to win.
The wise man prays for strength to
lose without feeling too bad about it.
Disconsolate Pup: Well, anyhow,
I'm glad I'm not a New Haven stock,
A recurrence of his throat trouble
necessitated the Emperor's return.
Exposure to bad weather aggravated
his ailment, and it it the advice of
ittending phyiicians that he keep
way from the battle front until the
weather it warmer. A Berlin prett
Hofbrau, corporal in the 124th Regi
ment Infantry, left last night for hit
home in Munich. "I am not pre
ciiely ill," taid Huns to his command
ing officer, "but I feel an attack of
tonsilitis coming on I've always been
subject to it and I think I shall be
better off In a warm room In Munich
than I am out here in a damp trench,
on the firing line." Hans says that
if he feels all right he will rejoin his
regiment the latter part of June.
Ms. I. li.,sMM.r.ndft.uii IRKUTSK, SIBERIA. Boboff Bo-
eau makny 5T. oovttcn. private In the Umnth Siberian
Killri. lma lit. I rW.mA fpAIH
Trutsia. He found the East Prussian
winter much too warm for him, and
titer tufferlng a week' inconvenience
from prickly heat, he told the C,
IOuke Nichols that he might be down
&AN FRANCISCO ! - XL t Ti . T' , , ll "?bovi,rn
Vi ' .- ,'T Bet. Sutter udBiuh
The Uiltshom Argus savs straneer
things have happened than that Wash-
ir.gloii county might have a valuable I
agate mine in the (ieodiu rock ipiarry. f
Commissioner llauley has on exhibition I
several pieces of water agate, one Inrg- I
er thnn a mini's fist, and which has ev- 1
cry iippeainn. e of being fit for the I
work of n lupidiiry. ; I
I A mkm, ni(-p,oof, Up.to-d,,te Hold, S
locslni in the eri., nl .rvlk: ...I .
dirt line to ike Eipwilion Ctoundi.
I that I did just the right thing. He
B - ". mq r toucn oi neat
prostration if I had delayed my de
1 1 arture another week."
This isgoins to he a great season f0r
Amencan raih-oad., and Aaierieau 6lm,
mer resorts.
More people from the States are goin,
to visit Canada, and more Canadians are
going to explore the States than ever
European travel will be light.
Many of our wealthy people will learn
something about the wonders of our own
It will be well to make reservations
early, and it is a good time to begin to
study the travel advertising in this newspaper.
Kill Catarrh Germs
and Stop Catarrh
Breathe Tills Antiseptic Dry Air In
Your Own Jfoina n.d utckly End Ca
tarrh, Head Colds and Suuit'les.
One of the surest sicns of enlin-rh of
tl,n lw..l nl i :.. .,..!.:.... I
ni- ii ,,.i, m, in, milium in tunning
cold easily. When you have catarrh the
mucous membranes are inflamed, swol
len and sensitive and a slight drnft or
sudden change of temperature at once
sets you sneezing, snuffling and wiping
your nose. Then again while these del
icate tissues arc iir an inflamed state
the catarrhal germs sneezed out and
coughed up by other sufferers find
quick and easy lodgment in your affect
ed nose and throat mid immediately
start eating their wiiy into your raw
sore organs. Then your catarrh gets
worse nnd you wake up mornings with
tongue thick, mouth sticky and nose
all stopped up.
Catarrh can be overcome nnd the
germs of catarrh destroyed if you will
go to Daniel J, Fry or in fact any oth
er good drug store nnd ask for a large
complete llyoniei (pronounced Hight-o-me)
treatment, consisting of a bottle of
the oil of llyoniei and a siniill hard rub
ber inhaling device.
You put a few drops of the llyoniei
oil into this inhaler, and then put it bo
tween your lips and brenthe naturally
this pleasnnt, antiseptic healing air of
llyoniei way into your nosii, head, throat
and lungs, Tn three minfttes your nir
passages are cleaned out, you brenthe
easily, nnd the discharge stops, nnd if
you will do this every, day for a few
weeks, you will drive nway ever ca
tarrhal germ and snitom of catarrh en
tirely from your system.
llyoniei, when used with this inhal
ing device, is always sold with the posi
tive guarantee that it must give you
successful results or you can have your
money back,
1 lie followii hy a Sa F -
'sitor, "bo hd been in Salem for 4
number of days, ms pr0nlW b .. .
'"ovenient ni process for a llrrat.Mi.j
He ter Salem, un.1 m the t-ulue(.
mil club 011 Ins departure toJav. H,
dedicated the lines "To the Mm
ot the (iet-Togcther biiiu-h":
Here's to the men who "get together"'
To boost, in nv,..v Li.l t .1...
vvlio always boost while sunsliine lasts,
.... . ,. u ljwuu mi- nn)- 0 ercaats,
Hero's to Salem, elean and brijht.
Offering all n pleasant ii;ht;
Whose "get-together" spirit mil
The very best of lifo instill.
Here's to the men who "ireher"
To boost nou1 iot. tiki, torn 4W
Are blown M Mil nil! not bai
lor (Nili'in, City ot IMnM.
The household helpers yout
wife needs can be found quick'
ly through the Journal Want
Based on Evidence of Salem ftsji
(Iraleful thousands tell it
Of weak hncks nrnle strong
Of weak kidneys made well
1'rinarv disorders correeted,
Paiem 'people add their testM
They praise Doan's Kidney PilH
Malem evl-lcnee i now tonipdi.
.. . . . 1. nf Mllld!
Ileports of early relief wk
AU'jit douniy prur -
. t . i' . 1.... !;ifin enftfltt.
John I. ConK1prpni'JJ
N-l-i X. Seventeenth St.,
".mv iiaca gov !- , ,u 11
kidnevs didn't act as
times 1 could tanllr " ' K
ing ubout Doan't Kidney M
them and they W.K
first. It took Doaa V KhflrW W
a short time to rid me of
trouble." . ,..., Jut
Price Otic, nt Jealf,',.nt
,1. il.lv nsk for kidney wW
! n''s Kidney rillS-t ,h 0;
Conger bad. Foster-M.lbnrnto.,1
lluffnlo, N. T.
A Message to the butters
You need not be discouraged about your health, ' 'uled (,r J
help for you. Our Chinese llerb teas treatment an ve
centuriesand are highly rocomm nded for diseases, at wc
stomachheart, liver, kidneys, rh umntisni, blood poi , luI
nervousness, catarrh, bladder tro ble, constipation, PF ,
diseases, female trouble. ' avt np
To those who it may concern: Call at once. Io U r Tb,, j
others fail. This is tho one reliable and positive acip J
suit it pleasinff to all who try it. o.n,itls
CHAN ft BOW WO, China Herb., Teas H. arrf j
Plmna ftQI
B. cm, Oregon.
ltuilding iio In I'ei.dlclii.i Knst Ore
goniiin: W.irk will soon b under way,
(in the iu iv hospital vvii.g :nd the feder-
I ..... Bilh Private Bsth
Q- J1-50 imt 11.50. S2.D0 Until
1-50. S2.QQ double $2.00. 2.50 doublt
I iKmySi..w.ikiuly,ukNortK. Or
I T"ke 'Vnlverssr But direct to Hotel
i And you will be mine. H-lrn.?
: "Yet, Horacel" .
; ,In a transport of toy he teliej the
' hand of the young drl and thakes It.
; To b sure handihaklng hat been de
clared unttnitarr by the best medical
authority, but wnat hit tuch a tumnl-
1 1"0" lov. h!ri to do with mate-
' rial coniitlcratlomf
RnrrnnoriQ "RffUrillff" MachmCS
uui.nu mO , i.
Thp latest mow
They add, subtract, multiply, and divuU. 1 ' e . win te
such as are shown at the Panama-radf.c expo'"
on exhibition in
Room A., Marion Hotel
- bc-'t suited ft'
During the next week. There is n CuiM-oupbs w
your needs. See the Ledger Posting .n oVf.
proven such a success. Come totla. -
Burroughs Adding Machine fo.
" ,- r,-rc. tan-
J- F. Wanless, Representative -
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