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Today's News
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V' r -v- WalifMSM BJMUUL J (I IiJ ill I i l l)
i. ,
vi '
nnm nr Hnmrnn li nn lwuiawra' BTAD8 -
mi or inrunntno i iau iKuyti m hjiut e 1
720 Members Actually Signed
and Over 800 Promised
and In Prospect
Campaign To Be Resumed
Tuesday Morning With
Renewed Visor
lp to noon todny, which marked the
ilosiM.f the third day's campaign, the
committees oji membership solicitation
(or the re-organized commercial club re
ported a total of 721 & memberships se
cured with enough promises and pros-
l'ts still , view to ,riii(f the total
uoove me wi mark which w
g""i nxe.i tor the three days'
Did they call it quits at that? Well,
tardy. The unqualified success with
which the proposition has been met
"ma the past throe davs has only
wrved to whet the appetite of the
lenders and workers in the cause and
In inilme them vyjti, liew lif(, am( vilfor
to the extent that a motion was un
animously adopted to raise the limit to
IWOand a recess was taken until Tues
day morning, nt 9:4:) sharp, when the
rrai.ugn will bo renewed and waged
relentlessly until the happy end has
been reached. Nothing short of llioo
Bienei up membership- for thru years
Vul ajuicuse tho voracious zeal of the
W mpromptu speeches were made
ttvt noonilny luncheon todav
woorts of tho working com
"" mutten received the kevnoto
''f everyone of which was "Unquali
''d and I'ncoiidnionul Success," anil
(,V(,ry one spoke enthusiastically nod
!",.,'""raJi'"v'y ot the prospects for car
on th, work until tho new mark
hi " i.'l'"''. whieU will provide
' ""'"""''ation of commercial and
' h'r .organs,!,,,,, of the city with nn
iutiii.il worknig fund 0f $20,000 If V
''is", who is i (.harg0 0f the cum-
. rc.se,i tho committeemen
'nffly dur iiir the li.. :.
lie coiniil
'"ii'iitcd them very bisrhlv ar,,
- .fii i ii i.iiiiii
"b. tl,:,t neve:
r before, in his 'many
(Continued on Pnije Threa.)
TP f i . rv
wmm 10 lomn eteUis-
memberment of Austria
From Western Allies
By Alice Roho.)
d 1'iess taft Correspondent.)
e. .May 1. (Hy maii t0 N(,w
Malv does nnf ,l,.u;.... A.i.i..!..
. V'.'.'' dismemberment. Whitever
i -.-..Mi cH,o me masses i
I I'1''. tho classes will be satis- i
' i Wh.-u territory, which
Italy con-!
i in I II ! I v
belongs ta her,' is re-j
"lore. tll
g'lotn. for Italy does
a Possible obstacle in
" "i-li to see
'"" wav of
I'an-Slnvie. invasion re-
,in,!',7Ti',iml','''('.v '' tho disintegra
, ' "" ,;,,.v "d Austria, the rtalians
. I as lull .. r.inl:-,.l ... n...-
'.V i.
....i..i.i, no inr as i r-
Hut they do not pi
'Tuonan say, their wish
"" ",0!', ' Migland and:
. r.tijl,,,,,! ... .... . '
p,i (i ttj in i it rn p raitiui.rt
""ncrti ,1, , . .... . - " - " .
r;'itii'! retoruiist
"nt int.)
s V' .I; 1
The uroso : , e 1 . .. ".I
'rOsniM'tfi Of n S uV 111
' "I CP liiinnm n f-1.
fill , I. , "" iruui. j.B(,
bi, . ,. ith Kngland and Aus-
," Kussia.
'Mat """H lw.vs de,ire friendlv
'nl', , Liitfinnil br. anse of Kng
iiv r
i -"i in i a.
in the Mediterranean.
limns With Kl.sslo s ('., , n.
and roval family ird e.-...ii-tt.
1 fsl.... 1!.. n.. .
:'r. I,-,
, ..:?', "rjlI ' I'"'!
H.i ' M " rtnM t,l9r1krAd i ,, I
.. onc.i. . ..... ...
riu..;. "l unpen nerseit is ot
.ec.niisA .l. . ..... ..
the o '''."'n,i'"i nnd "brought up",
"b i,,;'"'"!1 ""' However. Italy,
. " aatioti-i . . -
"it Mi;. "ivresrs ni SUIKO, ll
. itiiiir i,,...,.. , , . . ,
.. 1 "iiij i, ..,, ,..i..
'frxhs t ' , 1 I'luoH-riin eomi.ieien
"a.w , .,. T.., ',, i
"'l 'Lu I'i'""'1'''xis.n has not beenldnv. .fating that u,,',""r,1'li',.,",n,'u''!l
'"r'i ,, Kvor-,r nationality In reported the sinking of th- Kuian war
lrnti.il, . Rovernment, tiaml"
i.J""r "'"I-montmi-lv in the face of i
),. 1,- ''"'"' that is the sort of
' i nn .t . . . -
rid,,.; "nl"e,l by Robertl. It is the
),', j'? "'"intains ho seei in Fug
"""on ami Italy',.
Artillery Fire Drives Germans
From Heavily Fortified
Paris, May 2s Hy a brilliant charge
which swept all resistance aside the
French stormed and oecumed a series
of German earthworks uear Potichez,
it was officially announced today. A
number of prisoners were taken. '
Fighting everywhere north of Arras
continues with uninterrupted violence.
Around Ablain the French artillery
drove the (lermaus frrrn heavily forti
fied farmhouses. Near Angres.'n Ger
mnn attack was met by a steady fire
from tlio allied artillery which' 'com
pletely broke down the asisuult and
nuscd the enemy to withdraw, leaving'
several hundred dead and wounded on
the field.
Fighting in LeFretre woods has been
renewed, it was stated today, with the
French making a slight advance on the
edge of the forest.
German Hotel Raided.
Milan, May 2S. Tho first outbreak
against Germans had occurred here to
day with the storming and ransacking
of the MotropcVo hotel by Italian mobs.
The Metropole, under German man
agement, was attacked last night. Hu
mors had been circulated that signals
were being flashed from the roof of
the hotel to the Austrinns.
The mobs poured into tho Metropole,
lrove the employes out and searched it
from cellar to roof for spies or signal
ing apparatus. The Metropole is u
large hotel generally patronized by
Germans Driven Back.
Fetrograd, May 2S. The Aiistro-Oor-
man forces have been decisively beat
en in the attempt to surround I'remysl,
an official statement declared today.
There lias also been a decided dimiuua-
tiiei of artillery fire from the German
mill Attaint! it 1 1 tuta uili wlt Ii u ua mini .
plntely tiiiled in their efforts to ad-
vanee. the war ol t ice declared that
nt no point cast of the San river was
tho enemy within 21) miles of the Hits
sian linos of communication.
The Russians have occupied Urumiiih,
whore the wholesale massacres ot Ar
menians recently occurred, it wiis of
ficially iiinuuincod ttiluy. The Turks
were driven out by the udvaucing Hussions.
lVspito the fact that the offensive of i to vinegar but hud never hud any com
Ceneral Von Muckeiisen was resumed plaints us to anyone becoming intoxi
early this week with the utmost vigor ented from drinking it. Hi' said after
it. is now believed that tho Hussiatis are bis arrest he had some of it iinaly.ed
iu a position to hold I'rzemysl safely, ut Willamette university and that it
as there are again indications that thei showed iibout two und one-half per cent
Austrinns and dcrmans are running alcohol.
short of u in in nu i t i ii n . Little action hasl i .
been repietcd southeast of the fortress
and the attack on the northeast, strik
ing at the railway running to I.emberg.
is declared to have slackened greatly.
The Hiissians fell back along the Sun
until reinforcements came up, but their
lines are now said to have been
strengthened ami the line of communi
cations is well guarded.
It was the plau of (leneial Von
I Mackeiiseii to pien e the Hessian right i
wing and seize the railroad running to;
Loo, honr. For 24 hours the encmv s !
iirtillery poiue.i a torrent oi nrei
against the Hui-siuu lines between l'rze-j
mysl and .laroslau. At the same time
Hermans again crossed the l.uhaczov-i
ka river and struck at the Hiis-'iaii!
flunk. Between I'remysl an. I ,lasos-J
lau the (icriuans were completely check--ed.
Cn the east bank of the S.-ini
heavy ("gliling continues, but the ene
my's left is not advancing. Itetween
Stryj and Kol.iinea un eiigagemcnt of
great propoitions cotitiiiues with alter
uiiting advantage.
French raider Captured.
Merlin via wireless to London. May
s The commander of the Ii French
iiir ruiu'-i.s .ui'j..'i - --i
l.u.lw ie-haven was broiiuM down and
emit u red hv the tierimins iieiir Nancy,
1111 otlieial siuteillent oeciaici ,. ...
Another one of the Freti. h aeioplaacs ;
was forced to descend east of Nciistadt j
n,..i tl... i,ci,er uns cliollired.
Tl,.. ....,.!, il,.. Freocli was made
iniou un "mien town," it was stated
and several civilians were killed and
, wounded.
Lleveii persons were kill
: wounded in the French laid
d und '-'I
ace. .ruing
Ma tinheiin.
. , cfi,..,! ,,,1,-iei.s from
,..,,,1 ,,,,,,., ,.r,,j,,,,i .hroin.h the root
of the irrcat aniline factory at l.u.nug
shiiyen. killing five workmen and in
.iuring The employes rcmnine, at
,s exploding
their work dc.pite the ion,
iil.i.nt them. The bombar.linciit
for 2" minutes. One bomb fell upon
kiltiiuf three nersons and
nous.- oi
four. An aviator brought down at
(Iriesheim was captured a was Ins ob
server. Pnirnrrrad Makes Denial.
t I..n
.: :. V..V r,l today denied that
1..e "S .in ornciai
Hip wuHitp i'lint.'limun t i ....
i .. i i .
sunk off the Bmph.'riH or
wv.. .i..
from l'etr..grl wn
i... ....i 1. 1- nn announcement rr'.m tin
ine o. ..... - - .
. . i i... u,,fi..iineement tr.m Tlie
prion i.-u r,,n- i
.-;:i r,.ss burenu in Berlin on Men i
preu o m ' ,, .
shin enienuiu" - - i
Tt, i. wns taken to refer to the I anten
, irt ;. 1U
ruon, the loss of which I'etrogrs-. """
The homelier
ife trusts him.
.u rt.rtf his
Proprietor of Cider Works
Charged With Liquor Sell
ing Is Freed
The .jury iu the ease of the city
against O. K. Burtiiett. proprietor of
the Farmer's Cider Works charged with
violation of the city liquor ordinance,
brought in a unanimous verdict ot not
guilty, iu the municipal court at 12:11)
today, liurtnett was charged with sell
ing liquor to George Hastings and
Thornton Matney. These Ijo.s were ar
rested last Week on a biii-irfurv )..,,.,..
and when liurtnett notified the police
that some one was iu his cider works
l tie jury was made up of W. 1). F.vaas,
F. N. Derby, H. A. Smart, George Vick,
F. W. Spencer, and G. W. Ilobson. City
Attorney Trindle represented the city
nnd Hoy Shields appeared for the de
fendeut. George Hastings and Thornton Met
ney testified that they purchased one
quart of loganberry cider, or wine, ns
they called it, and two quarts of apple
eider from Burtiiett. This was mixed
und they drank it at the cider works.
They then duplicated the order exactly
nnd drank another bottle at the cider
works. With the other two they said
they started out to go across the river
nnd, dropped one bottle nnd broke it.
Then they drunk the other buttle and
were at this time feeling a keen exhil
iration and went back to the cider
works to secure some more. This time
Burtiiett. refused to let them in und
they suid they broke in which caused
the call to be sent in to the police.
Chief of l'olice Welsh testified that
he purchased a bottle of apple cider, a
bottle of loganberry cider and another
of the mixture, two ports of cider to
one of loganberry, from liurtnett and
sent all three to 0. A. C. to be analyzed.
"err. rtiKinguiii, usaiatttnt chemist ut O,
A. I ., wus then called to the stum! t.i
testify ns to the tests. Mr. I'ilkingtmi
suid that bottle No. 1, straight cider,
contained 4.li pet' cent alcohol by
weight. No. 2, loganberry cider. .'!,l,'.i
per cent alcohol by weight, and Nu. II,
the mixture, 2.:ii per cent ulcohol.
When Mr. Hiirtnett was called to the
stand he suid flint he kept eider ia all
stages of fermentntiou from sweet cider
Make National Appeal For
Relief In This Country
Washington, Mav -'. At the reipiest
of I'resideut Wil-i.'i, Miss Mabel lionnl
man, head of the Aieeroaii He. I ('loss,
today left nt the While House lor the
'.resident to s;en mi uppeiil to the coon
try for funds for the relict' of thou
sands of .Mexicans who ale starving to
The situation in the republic belnw
the l.'io llraii.le is teirilde, Miss Hoard
11:1111 told til-' lie-.vspnperiliell, but owing
to till' I rellielldons illllill oil tile lied
Cross oc.ii'ioiied by the Feropeau war
there i. no tiiud to devote to this woik.
Wluileer inn ley is used, she -aid. must
1 !...,! I.e .,,,.,,,1.,, si.l,., iioti....
S(t(1 ,(,., r( n's-nt tld i. es todav do
(iImJi (iM, jiif X1,,MI crop Inn I u
(,x)nls)l., Ulilj ,.h,,t,i.r ciop will
..... 1 Li. .1.1.. I'.., I..,.. .... 11... .
, i il ,,, m,,,,i , ...l is. ..I 1
,., linaiduuin that the situation in
(hut -ectinu is so . ritb-sil Hint laie-j
numbers of
.cnen a
I clnldrei
of death
bterallv ut
the point
starv ut ion.
In addition t v. Miss Ituii'dmau !
s-ii.l tins nltetrioou. coiitiiloitiotH ot j
I i ire (..-.(! needed, and she express I
ed a h n,e that ii rain dealers and farm j
gelienillv . .111-1 n.ooiie i. ... .
.ill. I ilollllte iineiaiiy.
These supplies mil 1... sent to lialveston
ill 1... sent to lialveston i
lit once lllnl lor.wii,.--i i. ...-s..u I
the I'll l lies!
, Morris, dire
possll'le Inollielll. .s.. i . j
tor of the lied I ro-s lit
. ,.,,.,: ,,, .,,. ...vera
rlou.ls oi
am to .Moiiteiey at oloe.
Some anvietv is l.eing shown n a,i
ministration oifo-i.-iN lest an armed
i.ns-e from aleiitnie. Texas, should in
xnde Mexico ill fill effort .l letabate
on the smugglers v ho recently hilled
several Ameiiciiiis. Tie' Tcxii" state au
thorities have renewed their demand
that federal i avail v be pro ided to pa
trol Ihe entire Texas Mexico border.
London. Mav 21 'I ae snamer Argyll
. ,.'.i,.i ,,rt i,resnioal,l v n
."'r' o"" ' " i - r
. )mvlnrf .nt out
distress call, miying that she l.d beer,
d f on tlimijaUy i. h stat.sl
tin. ntteruoon.
.,,.,.-., .!
. ,ti:. il... Anrv sinre iihj
eiiinsip f , -
,,,,,. .,, ndeered by tlie governmen
' ..l ....... I.s mitt It
. resumed
there were no pasw-ngr aboard.
Tlit fn!lowi.iir is nn n.l.iri. t.. ii.,,!,,.,...... i . i. . ... . .
ii-ii & i
:; ! v ' rrl'!"" "om
1 w " '
s,. l,m-i". , . m t I'r... V
ror years if litis i,.n i c
...j,....., ,...., ..... ... ninn 01 tne lie-
10 send to the sclmc.'s of Salem. '
coinpauics of messengers, with urect-
nigs, in connechon with our national'
Memorial day. This year we send the
messengers as usnnl; hut we also send a
written message: Irom the men who ,
tonght tor the nation iu the mist, tn
the yii'ing men nnd women the bovs
and the girls upon whom, us voters,;
t ie interests of the tuition must rest iu slant iu your devotion to our country
Jie ycurs to con.o. ,! its princi'ples ,,,,,1 ideals. We up-
The needs ot the nation culled up to.penl to you for an nbiding reverence
war 111 the bit s; tut Americans do not ; for the flag of on- country the "lied
love war. True, we have had wars; White and lllue."
we have fought td protect our ci,intry;l We are told of 11 public officer who,
we have sent arms across our borders, jiu a fit of auger, swore that he hoped
but not for conquest. We acquired ter-1 never again to hear of the I'liited
ritory from Mexido, lint we paid them
for it. We delivered Cuba from her (Continued on Pnge Three.)
Until Kaiser States His Posi-
tion More Protests Are
Waste of Time
By John Edwin Nevln !
Washington, May 2S. Although fii-r-
...uu noouini-iiian yB mm active, lis Is
evidenced iu reports. I'roiu r,ondon, ad-
ministration officials today admitted
there was nothing the 'ni,., states
could dn about it,
President Wilson protested Ccrinnuv
agaiiiHl the torpedoing of mcrchiiut
men withoiil warning on the broad
f round of hinnanity, but it was pointed
out that until lierinniiy atates her posi
tion the administration can do nothing
unless American vessels lire attacked
or American lives are endangered. In
asmuch as it was expected (lermiinv
would insist thai the I'nited Stntes has
no jurisdiction over ships flviiiir for-
eiun flags, if they liny,, no Americans
aboard, officials refused tn discuss
what would be , o ( ,.,. ,), k-m.r ,ilivmlr , Hirglv supported an
waned aside all reference to linniani-1 ami capital punishment iaw at the last
tarmaisiu , s reply to the president. ! electi I ing to have it passed to
Heports that (,erni,,y had five of 1 save these five and nine othe, -
Her ablest Imwers working up,,,, t. , ., men Iu Florence prison. The
reply to the Americiin note and thai five were again reprieved, and their
their first action would be to agree to , tenth dates pustpo 1 until alter .dec-
the lads in cadi case of which I'resi-.ti,,,, (t i. voters not nnlv rejecie.l
'.'''"t Nil"'" '"plained, nronHe,l grent : anli capital punishinciit, but deprived
"'rest i iiiLr officials. Those close the governor of his pardon and reprice.
to the president reiterated (hat he pu,.r, adopted a stiiNlimuil inn I
wool, permit no ipiibbling and would ,,.,i vesting it with a I I of pardon
insist th.-it Auieiiean lives must b ..I ,,,,,,l,.s Tins left it Itirdol-
respected everywhere,
If Herman! ngieea U, this, she would
oe pernnne.i o .lenate oilier issues, but
Ihere will be a temporizing on the
iM'esli f the safely 0f Aincihiins
whether nn American vessels or those
flying bellijerent flaps,
S'ecieinrv llrvan todav said there
would be no fuither developmciits in
'ie f I'1" diimuge.l steamer Vc
b'a-l :in until mniplcte reports fi.mi
Ambrissiolor I'aje and his assi-lants
are rccivcl If it should be proved
that (he cI,i:i4.-iii was torpedoed, it is
adiniltcl thai n .erious situation would
be eoi.froiited. Hot if this is not de
termine,! -uid (I. nanny ileuies respmisi
bilily for tl plosion whi. li .liiinnccd
Hi" Nebl'lsl nil. il WIIS Mi i.l llie enne
I w.ll
n ide
I "t The l'iiii-. Stntes
la I e it for granted, h Itlioul
as the llrili-h ndmiiall V does,
in :m t.iipe.lo caused the dam
o- A rienn sleaioer.
" ,
WII -'4 HB (VCfJI.
lleilin. voi wileirss to Nomina, Mav
'.''. A i a ;c from A tnluissadid Von
llerii-loilf urL'in.' an early replv to
I'm -i, lent Wilson's note regarding the
mil i
,. of ihe l.usitnnin and I In- ecu
nliiiiarine warfare was n ived
; him r.iren.n ' I- luoiiv.
. .'phc t.-i.-ina in America has been in
ct c.'l ".'.I d 1 1 oosioii w II lell .III maieil
ebr.il i
The Neloa-I an incident is slill
explained ruv-tery ,,.re.
The Weather
Oregon: Isir to-
night slid Snliir-1
day; warmer Sal
nr. lay except near)
tie const; west- I
erlv winds. I
i (hvi ii.'7
r nun i' hit a ireo mint:
.... hi,,, Li i
1 In inoincs. u mm.,., I t.. tl...
r. ...... ' 1 . . "
pcopie ot loony to maintain these i.tenls
ot qeniocracy und of liunian ibert
hone that this nine -. ,..
vet to be sure nf 'this i
another, the principles upon which' our
niitim is founded mav be attacked at
any time iu the future; mid we remind
yuu. with all the emphasis we can give,
Hint "..i..f,,.i :. .1 :
liberty. " '
We' noocal to von. then, to l. ,0,..
Five Condemned Men Saved
r At Eleventh Hour By Action
of Parol Board
Florence, Aiiz., Mav 2s. The state
board of pardons today grunted the fivi
condemned munli'icrs, .he.lii!..,l to
hung today, a reprieve not to o.vce.l
' nine weeks duration.
All of the five men who es.iipe.l the
gallows today had repeatedly been re
: prieved, pa Tying their cases from court
to couil and, wih the ni-slslniiee of
(ioernor Hunt, foe to cnpiial punisli
I eiciit, hoping to hae their sentence
I enmuiutcil to life imprisonment. Some
! of the men have been in the Florence
I prison for five years. They were
trusted inmates of the penitentiary and
! hud a child like faith in the power of
their friend, Warden Sims, nnd the liig
nor, to save them from the gal-
bell. less.
I'll 1. 1 no loneer(
iiii.lcmucd men. I heir cusii,ni
llrv liberties were talicn awav, and tliey
were placed iu iini"leiers tow to awnit
the rope,
The five men are: . H. ihive,,
nil,, hilled Deputy Sheriff i Inules King
ill Jerome; Mlgod I ''I II 1 ' II. who killed
liis wife and a man at .lerome, in a fit
of jealous inje; Knilludo I'ere, wlio
slew I'elii io rhai on, at 'migress Jn--1
ii in : Fraiicisco .i,ii'.;io-, who slew Ins
wife ill I'hoellix. tllnl lllliciili Vilbiloho",
who -hot to deiith Coiisialile I'hin.as
I '.rovt ii at Ha . Ai i.onn.
Judge Refusen Appeal,
n, Ariz.. Mav 2i. I'd. i.al
Snwtcilc denied i 1 1 , . r n V s tor
i nicli eollde'lioed t" hang at
. today the riL'ht to aio.e.'il to
the I'n
Ihe l'nite, Slates supreme
his .lei isimi refusing n!
eoiiri ftoui
of hanens
corpus to the murderer-.
In icfu-il.g the will-. Jo l
o o coiil. I coioe from grunting
ihein and the most that could po"ihl
lie done would be to defer the dale ol
execution. The petitions n'c not in n--cold
with I'nited States siriiol.- Til.
Ho. ibd'endnnts lime lint t I depii'.e-l
of me rights. I deny nil the writs''
Crowds Fuel Tension.
Florence, An'.., Mav 21. - Wnle a
'crowd of witnesses was n-sioiildiiig iu
the dcuih towers of the slate pnson
this luornilig t'l see the scheduled ei-e.-utioiis
of five murderers doomed to
die between In and I p. in. and the
prison guards drew lots to see who
iinl. spring the gallows trap..
Secretary to the Warden Woimxlev
entered the condemned calls a few min
utes In-fore the hour fie. for tlie tirst
hanging und obtained ante inorlern
stnt eats from the five men. All the
condemn.-, I men had likewise dniwii up
their wills. 1'hese were hunde.l oxer to
s., rctarv Worni'lev.
Three priests were busv in murderer.
fow nixing eitreme unction. The men
,nneii their ilesth clothes, which left
ih.ir throats enroled for the noos, and
waited. A nrrvou. tapping of tint
... ;,,, .,,. ,,
iiil.-t. ... an -n.. ---
(Continued on Hit Tnret.)
Losses to Navy and Shipping
Stagger English Officials-No Further Details Given Out
As to Number of Lives Lost On Majestic and Triumph
-Berlin Jubilant Over Recent Under Sea Raids
By Ed L. Koon. have proven costly iiwlng to tlio power-
London, May lis. Staggering lossesjful seiirchliglits furnished by tho tier
have been 'heaped upon the ilritish ' auiiis which continually play upon the
navy and Knglish shipping within tln ! H'I lines.
past hours with the destruction of I admiralty today hud no further
the warship Majestic, blowing up of the1 details regarding the sinking of tho
Steamer I'ri ss Irene, nnd the tor-; 'M"jostle. No iiiniuiineement hita been
pedoing of merchant vessels by (lermail j""'"'1'. "J1"' l"' original lnteinent of
submarines ' I'1"" "'H'1' declaring that th Muiestio
The steamer (ladebv was lorpedoed ' ,1!",'n ""'1 off Hedd-Kldli.hr
mid sunk bv a submarine off Cornwall, ? "'"joi ity of the e.rew hud
ln T"t H J'TVw 1 J'iV P""r ,"1 '''ncv"p"u'' toduv trnk varying view,
" ? ",,"',' " W"r"( 'i';"'"".'l-!of this latest disaster. Tho Daily New.
Somewhere t the rish cons he ,.,.,-u pessimistic, slating',
stee sieanicr A, gy shire is fighting for, ..Thl, ,',,.( ll(M,, m,1 Clu,0utai!a
her lite, wounded by a torpedo. m.s of ,.,,,( v victory."
While the admiralty was wrestling1 The torpedoing and smiling of th
with the problems growing out of hej Ilritish battleship Majestio wus nn
destruction of the I'rincess Irene with nouiiced by the admiralty in tho folluw
a loss of between M) und UMI lives, the1 ing slntcnieiit :
officials were besieged with requests! An enemy submarine torpedoed and
for confirmiition of nllnck on the sank II. M. H, Majestic, Captain II. t
Argvllshire. At Liverpool and other J Talbot, In lay, while it win support
ing points wireless sigiiulH of distress, iug ""' urmy on the (lallipnli I'eoin-
I rcpiests for aid from the Argyll- j ""' .
shire were picked up ami vessels has "Nearly all the officer anil nieu
toned out to nsiist the ship, I"1'1''' "Hved."
Tlie ndiuirallv could give no informn-i Tl1" tt t lf.ili ip Majestic wan a vessel
lion regarding (he nlliiek ns the Argyll- "'""" Hl"' ,"' l"'0"0 horni-powor.
shire message mend) slated that she:.1
had been torpedoed.
V.. .I.....II
given. I
It was s'ill insisted Hint' the er-!
plosion v. ti i. Ii destroyed Hie I'rincess
Irene at Sheerncss yesterday was lie-1
cideiital. Spy rumors coutiniied to be.
eirciilaled, but nil were scouted by of I
fieials. No additional retiorts have vet'
been received from I lie Diinlauelh
L'urding iossible losses on the Males,
With the sinking of Ihe Montreal
steamer Morwenmi, aiiuoiineed yester
davilny, and the nlliiclis reported today
there was no doubt among officials thai
the (icriuan loibiniiiine warfare had
been resumed in full force.
Berlin Woll Pleased.
Merlisi via Coiienhim Mav .'S All
I !' 1 1 1 1 1 was jubihiul loday lis a result the directing forces of Ihe Ilritish
of the sinking of the lliitish warships ! Heels' was made complete. Arthur J.
Triumph and Majestic Iu the liardan llalfoiir holds tho post of first lord,
idles. vacated by Winston Churchill, ami th
It wus Hi-uii -nt fi in Hv stilted that fiiction lesiilling from disagreements
Herman submiiiiiics which deslrove.l the I"'1 to policy netween Fisher and Church
ships tiavcled lull miles t omplish ! ' '"'hoved tn have been eliniinuted,
the feat and retiirneil safely without:
revealing their base. The Majestic was Danish Steamer Surft.
hit in the stein and sunk rapidly. j Siochholin, .May 'JH. The Danish
The Tnues Zeiluiig today declared ; steamer FJy struck n ininn ami sunk
that Ihe allies' Hiirdniielies eiimpaigu i veslerdiiy in the Aland sea, The Fly
is duniiu-d o failure. The Anglo-iwna ciinving u cargo of coal from
Fielnh losses on the linllipoli pcllitlsiila
Iiiimi been so great that Hie allies ashed
lor a tiuce during which Ihev could
bury ihcir dead, the paper said. .
Brliish it C'oiut.untlMopln. !
London, May i!7.--Thc Hritish ndmir
ally issued the following lepoit from
the vue li I im I II I ill the eastern .eii
telllinella: "The subtiiiiriiie . K 11. Lieutenant
' oioniinider Martin liioisioit h has sunk
in the sen of Miirmoia a vessel con
'iiiinng a u'eat ipiiinlily of auiiuuin.
tion, coliipiising chillies for hea v
how iiei.i, siieiiil gun moiintiiigs and
a ui inch gnu. She also chiise.l a sup
p!v shio wilh a h"iiv cargo of stoics "
'llol Inrpe.lned ll'-r lllnl. nlc ii pier at
It elosto. A smiill stoic ship was iibii
hn-e, and run ashore.
''I'he sal. mar. ne K II entered Con
slant inople aiol .lischingcd a
ut a transport alongside the
the tmpC hi was hciii.l to clpl
Ilolbnd Kilters frotost
ll,i In . I todav
'I'he Hague, Mny
loiwindid a vigorous protest to Ocr
in ri ii as a result of the aerial attack
ii ade upon the Dutch trawler Aginveil
hiige on May 12.
Activity in fiiiidanelles.
Loudon, May 2s. Despite the loss
of the I i it i nli wur-hi. Triiiniph and
Mao -tie in the Diinliniclles operatious
within two dii's, tin. allied fleet i"
again boiobiirdiug the Turkish fortil'i-.-atii.is
both from nisnb. the stiuits and
troiu the Hnlf of Sur'is, iis.ltelles floili
I elie.los stale, I toil.'IV.
ith the opening of a renewed bom
baidmeiit by the fleet, the bind forces
I .lorwnid Ui new utinek. wluehi
ill e
I. dure, I to have rcaiill. in well
, .ostium-! advances nt several points. !
'ph.. Audiabiiii nnd I'r h troops
.wept f.i ward in Ihe dire. Iron ol "
Krillna. storiiiing Tut ki-.li trenches in
rapid successioii. llther allieil forces
1 delivered fieri attack, near Itoluir and
Fiob-r Hern. so due, tion the Tilths!
hsvp couvertcd the linllipoli iisiiln '
into a mane uf riituiiglcineiits ami en
,r bments. l-.very I urkish position
is also guarded by Inn. I mines wlnchl
. ... .
have resulted In severe lo.se. to Itrit-
..li and irsirh ttoupi. Night, kttscksj
by Submarine Torpedoes
"ueis ami crew on a peuce foot-.
oik "KKe.Kno'il i .1 1 .
i i ue .Mii. esnc, n iiicti wus hin t in
I WS, carried four U-ineh, 12 tl inch
and HI .'Much guns ami It! .1 pounder
gnus. It addition the vessel was nrmtfd
with five IK Inch turpedo tubes.
The sinking of the Majestic makes
ili.. fit'ili It.iil, i..,iti..ui.i.. i..., i
lh.,.,l,.,,ns I
tiy a lioslile siiIiiiiiii me, the Triiimtili
liaving I Bent to the linii.no iu tha
tinlf of Saros hist Wednesday. Tho
Francli also have lost one battleship ill
the Turkish i ampiiigii, the lloiivet.
New Naval Administration.
London, May "M, Kugliiiul 'a navy It
now under tut entirely new niluiiiiistra
ton. With the appointment of Sir
Henry .laetioiu to .uciee. Mir .loin
i Fisher as first sen bud. the i liuiion in
Torpedo Hluks Caedoby.
I'en.unce, May 2S, Thn Ilritish
steamer ( aedeby, en roiilo to ( Hnlil'f
from Oporto, was torpedoed mid sunk
by a siibioariiie otf I '(en wall, it was
Icaiiied to.lnv, when survivois troiu ttto
vessel were lauded M Ncwlyii by fish
ing vessels,
'Ihe I'ne.lchv wns n vessel of III')
Ions and runic. I a cergo of pilwoinl.
Ohargod to tlennan H 1 1 y .
mess, May noiuors
peisisientU r i ri-il hit . I that a Herman
"I'V mused Hie explosion which blew
the steamer I'liucess lieiie, 'fhe ad
miralty oidered an inn liato rnvestl-
giitiini into the disaster, but it was
declare. i that the explosion would sure
ly be fooiiil to have been due to an ac
cident. 'I'he estimates of the fatalities on
hoard the 1'iiiieess Irene as nut'lo by
the morning ncwspupci vary from ills)
to more than inn. The Daily Mail suV4
t luit iu addition to the iH shipwrights
,i , .. . . . .,. 1 ,
-.- on .....in i".r nifinini'ii
from Chat hum, as we'l as 2I'I incintiers
of the crew, which would give a total
ot IIS persons on the .leuuicr.
AiiHwnr Expected Tomorrow.
leiinlon, May 2H.--A dispatch from
The Hague conespoiulent of the F.vonft
ing News sins it is reported that tier-
ninny's reply to the r 'lit American
note regarding the Losilaniii will I.e for
warded lo Washington tomorrow. It
will ask whether it In true that His
Lusitaiiln was .inning munitions, thl
i correspondent deelnrcl, thus pining th
way for further liitenhaiiar's
' w
I'.irt liin.l. Ore., Mav 1(8. A
charter rate of HO shillings for
sailing xes.els to niox'O ths new
wheat ciop to Furope was being
demand.-, I here todav. Ths nor
mal rale Is 21 shillings. Th
shipments will begin ill July,
Wheat carriers sre difficult to
secure eveu at this pries,
I )
i)i itii)(a,iti Js.
i i
yr,r rwv

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