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Hakes Fersonal Inspection of
Highways and Issues Esti
mates Oa Road Work
ts an indication that State Kngincer
IfVis' as load ol' the consolidated de
,,'jrtim'uts id' state engineer an.l state
Ijjhvray engineer as created by the last
l,,.tflatiiro, takes the position seriously
,,,,1 intends to treat it as bucIi in the
hinre although it was intended that
h, should he merely a figurehead inso-js',n.
far us the highway department was eon-!
t'eine'l. nc luoiiv guvo uui cniinmua tun.
nueeifications fur the completion of th
ion of the j
u'r !
.iMiimli'ti'd i Ml i on s uf the (
1 whi.h Columbia county will invite bids'
The estimates tye tiaseii upon tnoi
,,nit ulaa ot constrnetioii, bids to be
.)!. nnon each unit separately, and
the speiiiiratiieis columns an arbit
rary eliiusi' which provides that, in the
event the contractor repudiates his con
trart before finishing the work, the
state and county may seize his machin
ery ami utilize it for the purpose of
fomph'ting the job. The estimates and
ifcitii'iitions cover that portioni of the
roads in Columbia county which were
ori(inalIy contracted to tho Consolidat
ed Contracting company, whose con
tract was declared forfeited by High
nay Kngiucer Cantin recently because
the ooinpuny refused and neglected to
resume work under tho, terms of tho or
dinal contract within tho time stip
ulated. State Engineer Lewis has just return
ei from aa inspection trip over the Fit
lifie highway in Jackson and Josephine
counties, in company with Highway Kn-j
(inter Cantine, so as to familiarize him
self with the work in all of its details,
ami he reports that, although the recent
riins have rendered the roads over the
Sskiyons difficult of negotiation, they
aro in passable condition anil will be nil
right in due time.
Sacred Heart Academy
Visited by Grand Army
Friday, according to the established
fiutom, n number of the members of
the fi. A. B. visited Sncred Heart
Acailemv and were entertained by the
Undents. A reception was given in
the aaaeaiblv hall, at which both the'
viiitine soldiers and various ,,,,,,,,,,,
i of the Relief Corps were present. The 1"' 1 u",s"' J ' ,v v , -
. . i , . j , a i Mr, and Mrs. (1. W. Vergen and rum-
' mom was deeornted with potted ferns ., . ., ,i i, ,- -,-
t . , . . ... ..' . ' . ny were in tho e tv this week visiting
J N cut flowers, while the bust i relatives
Uncolu and picture of Washington A E vHli-r and Krnest Vetler were
in the nationn p"''". 'ole't , iu Auioru from IJonald Tuesduv on busi
'i. MVnu tho men who had done s,,u,srti
; tn, tVis country. School closed Sntiirdav nt the White
;? wmram consisted of many! ,.,,, witll interesting program.
: innsMl m ftternry numbers, chief, Mrs. W. I, Bauer and sons, Wnvne
; WV were the following: J nm ,,,,, W1,ri, v-l!(iluri, in uregon
if . ' tl" Hussars," String Qnar-j ntv T, .
"tte: lioinlatiVa "serenade." violin1
. unci im .missos Mime t. nmphell and
i Ucralit Hoerller; 'Mdorntion," a vo.-al
Mo I iv Mi,s lee, )nrr; "Last Pose of
. ; Sniiiiner. " harp solo rendered bv Miss
, i "ertnide Campbell; "The lllue and the
' ' "!,;i"b ni.v Captain!'' and
J UnyiiiM Hume the Cows," recitations'
' "v Misses Until Cooper, Frances Poer-1
j tier. an. I Vera lliunk, respectivelv, nnd
M 10 less ,. n,s.,.l .,,..1 .1..U,.- I I..
t Miss (ieitrude liobisnii. One of the'
osl :ittr:ii'lie features of the pro-
of the pro-
t-'rnm was the ting drill executed by sulesinen in Portland this week,
fine of the smaller children. At the: Among the winners of prizes at tie
'1'iso "Th" Sim- Spangled Banner'' was Oregon City "Booster Day" Koe Show
sunn by the vocal class. appeal' the'iiuines of Mrs. Ilrnnt H. Dim-
Ilcvcrcnd Father Munrn welcomed ick. Mrs. F. T. Bnrlow, Mrs. J. .1. Cooke.
on their noble d 1 t 1.L nn-
' the
them '
veterans and congratulated
Yields To Lydia E. Pink
ham'a Vegetable
t years from organic inllammHtion.
lomale wenkncBH,
pain and irregulari-
t.iofl. Tho tvnina In
ii V'V "y sides were in-
r1. T; i?r A creased bv walkinor ,
ni atiinHtr, M Mir
DVUII,4lli;j, VII iiij
feet and Ihad such 1 uu.ntU ,)x hm ,:,., .:
awful bearing down ! itir,r nnnivrMiri.-H.
loclinga, was dc , t it Cniviii unl fsmiily "'J''
riroeiaml n citrln ' 4. . . j i.. .. t In ir In 111' I i 1 1 1 i i ' I
....V.V. (11 rpilli.ll
nn.1 V.AM. !,.'..
ttrraa T Vin.l nivnn.
IIYim tt-rtiw. T , t. i 1
S!Vr.t...f VV r "w.w"' "'
I in -, .
Jfi.nRh.n.'- t- . .. . .
. V. o'" -
m -..i b ti'irntauia I omnoiin.l a fnir
mo ...I . . i
tm, s-HMiuuvtj vvubii. a nave
ued the remedies for four months
,v .annot express mv tlmnkn for what
'iqiiii n dn . i. c ... .
vcev h.... j .
, ..e cone tor
'these lines will bo of any benefit '
' HVn tvxit i . . ....
Hem." x Permlssm" W puunsn. ,
fiJfflei9 . V,,. 'E W,LUAM3. ": five here.
1 Elkhart, Indiana. !i kind of
t. Pinkham'sVeeetnblo Com-
.a,ma,le from native roots and herbs, ;
- .."iiinuuvcrooisBnunerDS,
narcotic or harmful drops,
mil. i . """-inn; or narmtui arops,
Bot mo recoru oi Deing ina
ikZCCC,SSful rpmwly for femnlfl 1118
Iwti!. and Uioueands of voluntary
, onmla on flle , tha pinkham
bv,i 1118 m w18 linkhaml
C,7 ."t Ly, Mass., eem to
hf '',l'..l,lnkliSm'iiVMrp.i-
LMHf'l,,.lI,,W,llh,,Py'"-W''l I
liw '."' .I lllklinni Moll..w.(
:"uentiiiii i .- v.. . r
,"l ynn.Mn.HS.,forn.I- ,
tfi . '(T letter Will Imnnenml
The Original
Unless you say "HORUh"S:'
you may gat a Subsiitutc,
and also in the name ot' the faculty of
Sacred Heart Academy.
Each veteran responded in gracious
words of thanks and delighted his
hearers with reminiscences of long ago.
Then, in turn, the Ladies of the Kelief
Corps voiced their appreciation and
Mrs. Glover read a paper on "The Star
Spangled Hannor." followed liv a skill
ful interpretation of the same.
Follow in), the reception a bnnli was
served in the library.
The following wore the members of
the (i. A. 1!. and W. R. C. present:
11. W. ltyars, 0. W. Johnson, C.
Faulkner, Mr. Tosc. Mrs. W tr nvnr.
- ,lrs - "oniu.l t. lover. .Mrs. K. K, Denni
William Short, Mis. .1. .evv
'never, Mrs. (i. V. .Icdinson,
, . .
Mraskan s Engineer Claims
Hp Vom Mrjfanfp ftf TfimPfln
. ''fv
. u ns "nigton, May .11. Secretary of
State liryun has received from Ambas
sador 1'nge a preliminary report as to
tho damage suffered by the American
steamer Nebrnskan by an explosion oft
Fast net.
The strongest point of the report was
that the Xcbrnskan's engineer stuck to
his story that he saw a whife streak in
the water immediately preceding the ex
plosion, apparently supporting the
theory that this was the wake of a tor
pedo and that the Nebrnskan was at
tacked by a submarine.
The report from Ambassador l'age
was based upon the examination made
at Liverpool by Naval Attache Tower.
In his report to Ambassador Page,
Attache Tower said that the Ne
brnskans flag was hauled down nt K 1 1(1
p .m. because it was sunset and the ship
considered herself at sea. A few min
utes afterward the explosion occurred.
He described the tremendous damage
caused by the explosion, which hurled
heuvy steel girders into the uir, and
other facts of the crew taking to the
boats and later returning, already re
lated in dispatches from London, Tower
reiterated that members of the crew
said ther was no warning ami that they
saw nothing.
The state department has not yet re
ceived a report fiom Naval Constructor
Bowers, who is examining the Ne
braska n.
,, . , . ,,
M,'B' 1""J. , I!luSf"'1' '"'t'l'ter,
Mls. Asa Uillister were in the city shop-
.f ,,, stnntfer, Jr.. was in the city
Tuesday taking out u load of lumber
for improvements on the farm.
Mis. .1. I., lliuke wus in the eitv Wed
ncsdnv from the Browudale Farms.
Carl Mueeke wus here Weilnesdiiy to
meet his brother Hugo Mueeke on his
return from a trip to Portland.
V. 11. Asipiith is entertaining his
brother who is here fi Minni'sntn
r .1 . ..,
P. 1.. .Miller has been attending a
meeting of the Studelinkur nut Idle
Mrs. John l.ewcllcn and Mi's. J. K.
Bom Saturday. May 22, l!Uf,. to the
wife of John A, Mninin. Jr., a son.
Mother und child are doing nicely. John
Jr. is elated but modent while the
gruii.lfuther (John, Sr.i has become too
aristocratic to notice newspaper men
and the rest of the herd.
Among the business visit m H here the
mist week were: .. I.. Hi.miuin, u,
of the Donald district. F. J. Krol.v "1
Needv, O. Bergstroin of lluial Dell, nud
Carl liueck of .Mucksburg,
(leo. Bums, un employe of the South-
em Pacific was badly burned Saturday
ni"ht, near Cunby when some loipeilocs,
,u...l in flu . r trains, exidnded in his
poekel. He as t'.i'iut ami t
1 ....l.v ..In.,,, he was treated
De.lnian 1 Inter taken to Portland.
Chris Zimmerman celebrated his 1 th
liirthilnv Weilnesdiiy. Mr. Zimmeini:in
is one of tin-youngest old men in "re
It is still no trn k nt nil mr nnu
..lint the lMO fo.it water tower m
"' n'
,-it I II 1 1 1 U 1 immh
I. M,. '..tcin u hi I tilt ,1 It t'P')
i has an "i
that the
hit IIomiI KivT. sttrfi
l. Ic
!inn Will 1)0 Vt'l V '
.rt this yea i'.
......... K,.rrv Kftmntl 1
i nun
.t i, c.Mn mvi Hi".
1U ......villi.' t'T i'V-l
' ' . 1 .: i
..k.i. ..... v uv iiiii." '
..- is i-1 i
: .
king for wmk vvlncii tncy
. II till. d
Hug ('u, n .present:,
ling, niade from any
old I III pet. PI'"""
The Want pages po to thf
... l V,vnQ onrl nl'P con
office and home and ai c con
I ii... 1 nml -fl'PnllpntK
Llinnn.t anr filed 101' read
1 T ,,r,r
m, T,,,.r,il
The Journal
rcicj ci
i.,o,1o tViaf's
Wants are valuawe mai
pi.sr wceiv m-ii . ; I I
I Fred Smith of lluiul Dell, Chris tin sylal t two and one half years, leaves ihe
ni. S
Will Draft Insurance Legisla
tien To Submit To Ses
sion For 1917
Insurance Commissioner Wells is in'
receipt f notification from William -'
""m"- I'le Meier & Krauk com-1
pany, of Portland, a member of the in-!
Mirance code commission provided for
'V the legislature, to represent the
business interests that he had selected1
i.iuunuig coinniiticonien to art with
him in the drafting of proposed legMa
Hon tor submission to the next legisla
ture: Senator Udward K. Kiddle. Island
it.v; B. C. Wortman, of o,s. Wormian
k King, Portland; I. X. Fleischacr, of
He.schner, Mayer & Co.. Portland;
and Harry U. Clark, Northwest man
agers of the laterinsnrers, also of
A. I' Inn., - f f. ,
iii-i.Kir, aiso ap
pointed on the insurance code com-i
mission as chairman of the committee '
on fraternal insurance, has chosen i,
act with him J. W. Sherwood, state
commander of the Knights of the Mac
cabees J. W. Simmons, state deputy of
the Modem Woodmen of America'- fi
H. Thomas, of the Knights nud Ladies'
of Security; J. M. Dixon, grand record
er of the A. 0. V. W.; C. c. Van Ors
dell, grand guardian Women of Wood
craft; and 11. J. (lildersleeve, deputv
organizer of the ?oyal Highlanders.
Mr. Jones is district organizer of the
Woodmen of the World.
Announcement of the personnel of the
"" 'ttees will he made at some
later date. Insurance Commissioner
ells desires that these committees
hold open meetings to receive recom
mendations from those who are inter
Just One Sure Way To Be
Eid of This Ailment
Catarrh is a germ disease. To stop it ;
for good you must get down to its real
cause. The air is full of catarrhal
germs coughed and sneezed out bv one1
person and breathed in by another nud
when the system fails in throw off
these germs they find permanent lodg
ment in the mucous membrane of vniTr
nose, throat and head and breed bv
The germs of cntarib can ),0 de
stroyed and the niUnmed tissues pr
nianently henlcd by inhaling the air of
the pure medicated oil of llviiinei (pro-
"oi ed lligh-0 nie). You 'breathe its
air inlu your nose, throat And lungs bv
menus of a small hard rubber inhaler
that Daniel J. K,y ami other reliable
druggists here in this vicinity furnish
witll each large complete treatment.
This medicated, antiseptic uir is cer
tain dentil to the germs of catanh and
Hives them entirely out of your system
when the germs are dcslrovnl the
catarrh with its obnoxious symptoms
will stop. Just two or three minutes
use will (live you ble-sed relief while
its use two or three times a day for a
few weeks will drive catarrh and every
symptom of catarrh completely and en
tirely from your system. No catarrh
sufferer can afford to go another day
without trying this womliit'iil treat
ment as reliable druggists everywhere
sell it on a positive guarantee of entire
satisfaction or monev i-heei fullr re
funded. Nijrht Clerk At Marion Back
At Job-New Clerk Tonight
J. II. (Jinlil Clark McClyn, the
I'eniul nud popular night clerk of the
Mnriou hotel, who lias occupied that
position with perfect sntisl'act ion to the
nil, n, lis iin.l th,. ,r,-n,.Mil t.nl.li.- t',.r
, hotel today to a. pt Ins old position
of eiuuinissnry at the pcniteutiaiy. He
.assumes his new diilics. which, Innv-
ever, are not new inasmuch as he filled
j th,. p.niiion for a year and a half be
f,,re laliiiig the hi'ti'l piisiii.ni. tomorrow
moi nino and relieves Levi llaiiincr. who
look Ins phice up. ni liis tinnier ictire
ineiil, John I. Savage, for many ycais
connected with the shipping depart
mi nt of the Sulein bievverv. and a
voting loan of exeuiplutv habits, a good
'iiiixei" and a penchant for mailing
g.uid in anything 'hut he undertakes,
will be seen hereafter behind the .u. ni
ter nt the Million on the night shin,
lie n-sumes his duties tonight.
fbiod bve sore f.-.'t, burning fwd, swol
len fi"t, svvpatv fnt, sincllini! fi'.'t, tind
(jUd l.'.c cum', calliitisis, bunions nnd
raw spols. .".ii
more shoe tight
ness, no morn
Imipintr with
pain or drawing
up jour five in
nuigii.nl, act.
right otf. "IIX.''
draw s out all the
poisonous .'Xll'lv
tion. whii h imlf
llfi the feet. Vfl
"HZ" and for-
B.t your foot miscrv. Ah! how com
(orUble vour fwt M. "ot a cent
lx of "TIZ" now at any druggist or
department store. Don t utrr. navi
lnt fc., ft u..t n
.well, nver hurt, r,rv.r prt tirw. n
.Mr.( foot roin(yrt gwrnuei nr
' . ph I-1"' "
Organization Passes Resolu
tions Favoring Stand of
, President Wilson
j The Alaroin Cnuntv W. V. T
an 1
' vention met at YVoodbnvn i
II v
-i in the M. E. church. The Oreg.u
state president, iris. Jennie Kemp, of
Portland, was present, also Mrs. Mu'tt;'
M. Skvth. of Portland, an aide state
worker, who addressed the convent ien
Wednesday evening. Tho attendance
and interest was such that the conven
tion was a very profitable and pleasant
Mrs. S. E. Oliver who has been
Marion county's efficient president for
u number of years was re-elected. The
other officers elected for the cumin '
year are: ice-president, Z. A, Uos.'-
brnngli; recording secretary, Mrs. o'rii '
Bear, Turner; corresp.. Tiding senvury. I
Mrs. lihodes, Salem; treasurer, Mi's.
astle, Wucdburn. The following rendu- '
nous were cunpica uy tnc convention:
Since we have come to a stage of civ
ilizntioa where disagreements between
nations us well as between individuals
may be settled without u fight,
Hesolved, that we fuvor u court of in--
)ilr,,li,.n ..-111. .
j,,,-! iu i-niorce us de
cisions: flint n nirttnt,, ...) ...I
' - ' " "e v tinvi tuilCHIL-
against everything that has a tendency I
to cultivate tho snirit of m')ii,M-;u... u...,i.
as sham battles and military drills in
schools and that we ure in faor of dis
arm:! ment.
Hesolved, nlso, that we express our
appreciation of tho sane and statesman
like conduct of our president in this
crisis and that we express our gratitude
in having obtained Btute prohibition and
universal suggrago and pledge our un
tiring effort townrd gaining these
throuetlout thn nntinn.
That we show our appreciation of the i
earnest work of those who assisted in I
securing our prohibition law, House Bill !
No. 2ii2, by vigilant efforts toward its !
enforcement, nnd especially commend :
the work of Dr. Anderson, father of the ,
bill and of J. E. Wheeler, who financed J
the committee of ono hundred, J
That we express our great sympathy
nt this time of the serious illness of our
national treasurer, Mrs. Hutchinson,!
nnu ior our county coriespomling secre
tary, who was missed from the conven
tion on account of the sudden death of
her li u si n ixl .
That we are grateful for the very de-!
lightful manner in which our convention '
wus assisted nnd entertained by our
Wouilliiirn W. C. T. 1'. and fricndi in !
their homes, at the luncheons, for the
use of the church, nnd for the music
furnished by the ladies, the children
and the high school glei) clubs.
Mrs. Onus. ( heffings went to Sale,,,
Monday to visit her son, Flnul Chef
tings, who is unite ill. '1
Miss Alice Peterson went to Salem
Inst week Wcdinsdov fur a shoit visii
She ret,,, I,ro, Mondnv even,,,,.
Newton Lewis nnd grandson, Freddie
f tt;r!'' lv7 ;"
K J ' I ',tl,iM. I iiitik liit'lir'iin M,-
and ,'s U Pi I Id , '
I' I, ' ' "
Moi d v . ,V . I .' t, J "U. v""
j. ' " ' f" r "' "'"
'iu M.-Nenl went to Salem
I I i,.... ,
..ii.ll ll.lllll .VlllinillX
evening i.i Mjii oi ni.-.-.l by her sister Miss
Lthel McNenl nho has received a
'k s in -ntion I'm. in her duties.
.vir. .vsiitoni im. I tamily lormerly ot
.sorth Suntinui but now of Momi.ic
stuped 111 tow 11 loi 11 few ilnys 011 their
way to Porllainl.
Mrs. J. I.. Iwikpntrick and Miss
lioinig went to Sali 111 .Mniidny. Miss
Kmnig went Imiu there to visit her
brother who lives ill McCoy, I'olh
county. Mrs. biil.piitrick returned
h..ine'iu the evening.
The Aunisviile l.iange will hold 1.11
open ineeting I hui'silay, June ,'lnl.
IVoivboily is w.d.iiini! to come nnd
henr'the ileii.iiN-'tni'i.n on Domestic
Science given .y a ludv speaker of
The S. I I ne liic last FlblllV. Illllied
out to lie II grind fUCCCKH. Must of the
.lav was soent in phivinir L'ames on the
..ii.M.i ii,.,,. v Jim I., i. . I...
the s. tni.il linl iicii was enioveil at the
i hnr. Laic ll, crowd turned out
M wit, , the ball g , between the
U.S. and !.. toughs.
The in. iub. rs d the I'riscilla Club
o.n.tl.el ci; rs.M IIS, ,.
'' ""', ' -! '". '"',I,IV 1
,,,,,1 , h,, I,..,,, most of ,. ,i,,
llo-se ne,t.i.; with tl l, ot , s of
n t! iii 'ii several, nie en
d bv
-InnelltH, eonsistn-g
. lie, were pu pal'.. I
i-ri.l.lTS. llSSIsled I.V
who share. I loin. us
aid .en.. I I '
Mi -. P. -
v.;th Mi- -j.,, -i
A , i v . 1. 1 i nine w ns vv it m s.. d
ll 'III
ml e . . i. mils t'tiili. v
ii TougliH i.ml A nui
. 'he feiiiiires of tl...
s. oie 17 in fuvi.i
.1 :t i v other In ilini nt
winners. The h.tgi'
!',. poor pitching ..I
. H. I ':!. a ""('
I l.v - i .Mi. Hattrien for the
II. - I'-. . Spc-r nnd Smith:
T. T'-.
li... . id.
l.llll Llistlnilli.
I ':.:'-. I' I.. V
,.f I' e,r ll "N'
at 1 '! li I
1.1 N- .'I"1 :'
I ii. .1. F t.,.1
' I.--In Inoo.r i.f Iwi,
i. :m were given office
gllilid bulge II tllig
. k. Fiiend-hip I...I.;,'
v iu ill. Il-bcknl, beige.
( ,.,iv. 'il le Id a re. -ptimi in n'
Til. .day ev-l Ihe l.ftie.TS In bi'
I. ..a
d me A b. Miyilcr, ii ppoi ti'i o
bv the liiw l 1' 'i
, I,;, plain of '"I'
r,..i., r .ecfi '-., v i
... Dllister lis ginli'l
I'lbiH.. nnd Mrs. Ora
t the liebesnh ..!..'
i.M-mblv. l " : w h.ti inif her Imh
. i,t,M'.-'itive '""ii '" that u.i',on
Ther..'. no'h.w like b'alln'r not
v.n the miii'io." in.itat.oi,..
MONDAY. MAY 3!. Tills.
; nnttntntnnntnntnjo
which is turniiijr away
wonderful success',
1 W
! h
ClLfLllIUH lUi H kj
I ' " ;
(Capital .lonrnal Spe. iul Scvi. e.) j
'n'-twiisscvcd by ih-.ldd Fell-.A, ,.fj
'"tls Mill- hit nh.h,v , uiiig. 1
S-vcal ol I he s,h,,.o I. n. u. F.
, ,e over aid a v-.v g I ., was
Mis. John iVI
,e iiver In Moliitcl l.-l -t nii'l. Ullelid
. I . I I ,,, nw iit i.l.
l?s. ( k . i :t 1 1 ! 1 -' vi -il.-.l her .i.ght.'r,
Mi-. Ilairv lloindnlil, ol liial plne.
i . w ....... ..... -..li i. ,,! ,.
, v , ,,,.,1,1 ... i
i,,.,. ',,,,, I,:... ;
(,. VM., v.,,... si..i.lv ol the,
Cmted I. nil. ."inn chine lueht al Lug.-i
,, iridnv und Sutunhiv ol llus , el.
llir ti,,.,,- a, i if. .1 me. ijiiiit. ni
.r ( s.hnt., will be 111 at ;
,, , , . 1 1 j 1 e. ,
Mrs I.. II. V... nil. 11 . . 1 1 , 1 1 i I I.V
'her ,l':.'i,ht..r. .Mi.. Ilaib-v Si.nlh, Msit
,, Sal. 111 la t Tlnii -da v .
in iiii
I '
T ' '
T' '
T' '
T' '
T ' "
T' '
7' '
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I 1, .
I.itlle Juaniia Nulling and Lila.""-' n 'nis we. a.
lllacr luive been 1 ug tin- t...-ul-j '' ""'I Mm. II. L. Nulling visited
..niiei.ts II :mi vv.ih. I'1'" j,'l " ''"' "''i'1' with the Tom,
Nellie Kiii-cr s little In. 11. Is ai.'l'
idaiiiiing a suipire pailv In 1 h"i on
Satin. lav. to lie ill the paill, ll the
weather is lavollllde.
Me. Vivinniie he Loi v, nl' Pi.ilinnd.
..I., ,. mi i. hil.iiiij tin. wiih lor tnth. i .
iin.l w m -i" '
, . i . . .. I ...... I i.
l"vv dav, tin ,v, vvcl. will i I . .-...!.
M . - - K. I- , ' "o,,e to ih- log
In- and Mr- c. W. hee nl. i.ain.il
an V.. I... 1 ,,
I,',', v tine the u. .1
"' ,; ': ' .,. ,,.
' ' ,.i,
- .
Sev. ml ll'" il S.I
l imr I..,
y.i,..ii,gi..i, t" i.i.i
g I II 1 II I I'd. I s. A u ii
,,,,,. Ii, I.e. I, I'll v.
niuii 1. 1 e tail ing
.I,.,,, ni,.. .,u und
i the luiv inn I
those ail.ll.lv
I tl Ill'' Noel
i. I,;,-. W In-
II ii
I I'
' 111
I., I v !...-(.
.1, '. ii. . I" Will be
In- h..' IC g I Po
t to In. t
i. .i ... i In. 'on '. i n
ll .'I, III.
(,,r Ihe Aim o. il'
i;,. at. Fall-,
I, who Im- I...-I. K
, .., ,,,,,,,,. I,.. lut IVnlnv. II"'
v h. )v ,. ,,, s.,,,, ',i -. o nud
, ., )m , , vl,,,. ,f nud timi
,),,,,. ea-t to 'he old M , n. ...I..
I, ,,,,.. ,,t lining ovr one of tin- il' i'h
i u i'.,ni ,
, 111 i-'..l . In tor " s
,. )0" bieil n".".bi,g tin
. I,, i,,. Wall...,' li-. '.I"'" .n"' "'
llft,ui ., a 'i I hus 'nl his
it.,,. ;n the ll-.g" is stole in
bint... r -III
s it II. .burl ha I.. bu l ling :
hi. (aim ia-1 of town
1 ,11 pan.' it a ' " '' ' '''
Oiit-. Spell"'' lim"'l ' ' " ' " "I"' j
j 1 1 r mi l..
l.'ev. A. ' vtlii.e n .. . ' I"' ' j
I a, on Saioi lnv mol will be in nitcid
..ie .' nt the iiiiimal .v nod iiii'ting to
be held m
Sun Fran, i- ... II. I i ,. g n si an ,
I, I'l on Wedu.-s.b.v'. g"ii' " " b'l''g',,
t . ...... .tin i. Hn.l m :m h.tmii i u n ir !
, bv M... C. .1. It.. -he,.., i 'j. f r Me
. i i,on,o,i. ....... -..... k
E commercial clit
satisfied jiurchascrs every day, is
both for us and our customers.
are bought nt astonishingly
low prices. People nrtt coming
to attend our SALE FROM
TON, SC10, BLACK ROCK, MACLEAY and other near
i... i
vy iuv lis.
what they think ol
sale, if they were in Sa
lem the past twu' wee
you en it rest ussureil
they did not resist the
temptation of buying
dining this
House That Guarantees! Every
.iniM Tine rmr u wvti a t nt 1
'"'. " ""''iS
Mr. aiol Mis. Ad,. I l joyed n
! .Vl! ,',!,","";ir ""! I"' '" ''
"It, ot I i I Innd, the Inst ol the week,
r ;zzw
Mr. Stew nnd daug -, l,s,
Plaudi, MHted at.lhe Dr. Weld -
it Ml. Aug. I n short li las. week,
Mr.. A Stall' er and bnl.v arc
K ''" P "ad
Miss SioIii si,kiiiI, of Molalla, is
visiting fiieilils ill Sih.'lToil tins Well.,
Mis. Nellii, Sneers returned Pnnii
I'.illnnd the la d ol the week, Imt was
ulli'l Ino I. the,., on Tliolsdnv of tins
, we. li by the sen illness of hei
luoghler, Mrs. ( ohleigh. T b lu.le lit I peiu hoii.c In .1
Mi. Sieen, ac. ouipaiiie.l by her I'li.lav n,g,t between tho ipliiiiurei
Innghter, Mish Kdmi, spe lust S11I and ln-hoe 11 ivas well I, Men. led. It is
imav at the . apitnl ,-ity . "t riiifi.t '"i the nlndents to lin.u
Tin' Joli.i yuaH l.iiiiilv .'iiteitaiiied iln- lino. Is tuiu out and their ibdnilnig
l r. and Mis. O. Knswal.l, of Mniiitui,' was e. i II, nt, ami nnr.ly mis 1110 li
l'",l".v of last ivcdi. ,11111.1 vvoia to prepare.
The V earlier 1 .1 in 1 l.v eiileilai I M1.1.;
V. ni 1 1,1 's , i 1.. 1. II. II, own, und 11 A 111 ri AT
j ' " ' '.' . timi. Niiilli Valvnna, W11..I1., the,
ocliian laiuily in Poitiand.
"'inin i-nng euio.j sn.111 visit.
.villi Ins I.l ol lie, , nl Vllllillll, last VViell.
M 1 s. 1 Inn Irs Hail tun 11 has gin ul.
'o the Hindi In peiii Ihe h loer.
I hole will be a guild ball at the W,
iv. r i v s in in inn in I in
I. . hall Satin. lav e
.. ., , . ,..'"
" ' "" 'm nesiiu. i ins A,UlM.r .,1,., . W, Maev, sue.-
; " ' ' f. be I he s ye,,,, e,,t , N N. Mj,m.k
!.-".,t ,s bung mud.' to innhe ,t a sue- u ,,,, A v,.r.
- , . r ' I M. '. 1. .ty.
.....,., I bv M , . and M ... sl,, An . ,. V v. ere ,. last n t
h., will ,., f.w .lavs nil'"' "j' "', ' "no , miv ,ce, ,
VI. 'bet , g', -ed s...i.bn .1...,' ... r..r .1..- ,-
'li.l, v . a -1 to o 1 1, I , I. ol n . ..nt I.,,-. in tt II! ...
'il- ', died nt hi', dii.i.1 liter 's Imiue
"i loilli ml nnd was brought to 11. in
I hi' i' Tu's.li.v. His loiieial na. at I
H.I..H1II II I.pil, beV. V .1. Will
ol f.' ill' nig. I. .'ellin lit lit Miller em
Tl will be a lent . I
V.'. ii, ball in, l i dav .
a I
Out Door
mm ...in, . mmm .. m nn..-
LIFH in tlm open g'lou a Yiug way ft
towaril inmtri ii pt intitul licultli, tfj
WLicli id tlx; reiiIiuiialmiior Luauty
will podltivt'ly provt'iit all ill effects of tliooxrxiniro
Slmiililinr I'l Hill A
l'r..ilin i tutl in u.vv
I-Nllllt: Mli.taclnm
lliAprtri. p4i.I w.llb
el.M.rf..lly rlun.Wd
bt .uur lKidm.er,
'ttttf;;j ; -
! by I lie S, ve, ton rnl society. A nice
i.n i.l pioginm has I a piepaied and
i w '" '" "'" -el ing
an, n d oil to Ihe Ingliesl bidder.
:zmny ' 1 " "
Mi-s Alola I bge, ,,, sit I. It for Si,
Pl., S. ,., s Tocsdav, whee she
,n,l ntlcol tl nl i-onse,,, M,
had tor traveling .anions Mr. and
Mrs. Fiver and Pel., ToUtatter, win.
'.in v,,, nie inis in lien wing, .Minn.
.Mi-s Kig , plan:, on leinniuiiig in
the e.'.-l -i vellll iiioiiIIm.
Mis. 1 1, Siindool enleilni I il.e
La. lies' Aid u! Hie Dulled I ,n I liei :, o
' I ' , 1 1 . 1 1 ul her liooie West of town tl.l'l
II, If. IT, LlCtlS VUlllTS
For Next Six Months
At a meting Fiiday cveniiig f
s, r,,,,,,, M v,,(; ,.
I, Pinilic ui i.nlie: ion, the ln,,iv.
I tig 1. Hi' ets were lee). . f.. Ihe imIii-
ing n ni 1 11 T b is :
' on li 1 I , oniuiatuler, N, N, Mi;;l.nK,
i .
- n .cuing 1 1. ... i.ona.ilnou.
"' , "':
' t 'he memo, ml eeti
. in. t. I I
Life f .
mtm win. nilf J Tl
ro on ontinK of unykirnl
J; V-i tjpr : :
d) huh ami wind. Jlmle in Ilvnli una whito.
Its uin crouton tho soft, vlvety nppearanee which U id
nmcli nuul.t alter, t'rk 60 ctntijur buUli,
House Pharmacy
' i I
; i I'
1 c i.
.), i
: i ri
1 i
V t
I 1
i f lil.
i.' ' I
."ml nnl. 7 " ants aic
tul he M f ""wered by a woman, , ,
eld k tnct conadcncc j the reason.
I moucy rciunoti.
in ipi P ii i iiNmiipMH wmvwf
Mr'VrirM'4ii-TiHV f

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