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vir ilf MkJir m, a .v- cv " i i i i 11 ..." 'Nnr iw av.i rvw t i mnt!'.ryv.ir t. .w mi.-j --wuy a w ft 11 a. tit s. wiw b nrjm. v
Five Thousand Standard 00 Employes Walk Out In Fighting
Mood-Three Killed and Three Fatally Injured In
Armed Clashes, While Scores Are Injured-Situation
Is Unsettled At Other Industrial Centers Where Agi
tators Are Busy
Bayonne, N. ,T. Five thousand
out. Three killed, three probably
in noting and attacks upon the plant to date. Fires started in plant
caused $100,000 damage. Governor order out state troops upon re
quest of sheriff.
Bridgeport, Conn. Twelve hundred employes of Remington Arms &
Munition company out. Friction between leaders prevents 30,000 from
Xew Vork. Two thousand employes of tiie Bliss Torpedo Boat
company, Brooklyn, demand eight hnir day and increase in wages.
Threatening to strike."
Springfield, Mass. W'estinghouse Firearms eompanv employes will
demand shorter hours and more pay, or strike. Similar demands to be
made by employes of plants iu Boston, Worcester, Hartford, Chicago,
Xew Haven and I'roviderice.
Xew Vctrk. One thousand non-union longshoremen at the C'lvde
and Mallory line piers on strike.
Jorsey City, N. J., July 22. At 1:20
this afternoon Governor Fielder ordered
a detachment of militia to proceed to
Bayorme immediately. The governor
received the request of Sheriff Klukead
at his office here and acted at ones.
Bayonne, N. .1., July '22. Two more
strikers were shot and lulled this aft
ernoon wiien an attempt was made to
charge the plant of the Standard. Oil
company and scale the walls about the
This was the second charge made by
the strikers during the .lav.
In an earlier attack three men were
probably fatally wounded and several
others were seriously hurt. One was , was reported that two guards were also
Killed in the battle of yesterday. wounded by bullets fired by strikers be
in both instances the strikers ap-M'ore they were shut from the wall,
proached as close to the Standard Oil! Special Deputies Sworn In.
plant. as possible under cover of build-1
nigs, lliev tnen charge
I, sc aling the ,
wall. As thev appeared at the top of
the wall guards on the inside fired on
The strike has steadily
more serious aspect siree
assumed a
vesterdnv, ,
when one mnn was killed and many luent s notice. With these reinforce
others wounded, and every effort is meats Kinkend believes he can control
now to be made to restore peace, John 'the situation.
A. Moffitt nnd .lames A. Smith are en j Knots of strikers and gesticulating
route to Bayonne to act as mediators, j women congregated in the narrow
ind it is hoped they may bring the streets near the Standard Oil plant to
Stnndard Oil officials ami representn- 'Iny- The entire police force was on
fives of the strikers into conference, the scene. The officers endeavored to
The mediators were ordered to the pacify the strikers ami persuade them
"(cue by the department of labor in to return to their homes, but without
Washington at the 'request of Sheriff avail.
Kinkend, (lovernor Fielder also acted
immediately on the request fw militia
and troops will be on the scene some
lime this afternoon.
The men killed today, bringing the
total dead up to three, were (ioreskl
vVonki and Xicoli Franki, Waoki was
shot through the heal and Franki
through the heart. Bu'h were instantly
Four strikers were rushed to a hos
pital after the battle about the plant,
and the extent ot the injuries is not
know n.
The first ntlacK upon the plant re
united in three men being seriously
wounded. About l.'iit strikers endeavor
ed to scale the wall about the plant
and ere shot down by guards as they
ruuoned the top.
In the second and bloodiest riot, a
'row, of sttilters gathered at the en
trance of the tide water plant and
"pen n given signal ma le a concerted
rush upon the ga;c. Ieput:es inside
the plant opened fire on the strikers
with repenting rifles. A run of fire -
was poured into the struggling crowd",
wlin h retreated, carrying Cie dead and
wounded with them. '
Inst befire the ruh on the gates
were made bunches of burning oil waste
"'" tested inside the plant.
'iiards immediately s'vi.pel out the,
burning waste, and prevented the plant
1m ing fired.
sheriff Kinkeal was fVe on bv
strikers from the Stan. In-1 i plant
here this afternoon. A tuuk car near
die Mandard plant burst into flumes
slortly bef.ire the shits were fired at
the sheriff, but. the fire was e
dognished. It was first reporte I aa o.l tank IVid
Ix'en set on fire, but it was learned a
r and not a tank was fir-I.
A total of thirteen wounded stril ers
h.i I been taken to hospitals this after
"ooti. It was estimated that at least
were wounded when g ia Is iu the
'"I plant firei directly into the
mHs.,v( , eii leax eri-'g t st ir-n the
only were threats hear I t ) lyns
the pistil this aftern-ao bjt the in-
''use. I strikers promise t avenge'
th. e h ,,.r, iiD.i j
Troops Asked For. I
verior Fielder was akod to rili
'"b'.j to Hainan to a I in quelling
Oie tn'er f th S'aidvd I d c-.ai-
puny todav.
sheriff Kinkea! a l fro mest in
,!e gonerno' at f'etit n a. 12 lh fol
own.g battles a'.ot the oil cumr.snr 'i
l(( !4t!(
emidoves of Standard
Oil plant
fntnllv wounded ami scnriv in in roil
Earlier Attack on Plant.
Baymino, X. ,1., duly 2L'. Three strik
ers were shot, probably fatally, and sev
eral others were seriously wounded in
an att.ick upon the Standard Oil plant
here today.
The strikers were shut down while
trying to scale the walls about the oil
The fight about the plant was th
result of a well-planned attempt to
storm the place by idiout 1"0 strikers.
They secreted themselves behind a
church a few yards from the plnnt and
then rushed forward and endeavored to
scale the walls. As they reached t'.ie
top of the wall guards on the inside
opened lire. Several dropped to
ground wounded at the first vollev,
Sheriff Kinkend swore in "00 special i
deputies last night, it was learned to-
te , titi.i if iiuiiinii; llicm ill reserve IU
case the strikers threaten to get the
...l :. 1. i - i
upper hand. I oe deputies were secretly
mobilized in the courthouse nod can be
hurled into the strike zone upon a mo-
(ieorge B. Clifford, manager of tins .
Standard Oil
pmni, aiu me compuin
was "stainling pat
grant the demands
in its redistil to
Of the Strikers Or'l,
negotiate with them, unless they return
ed to work. He intimated that the
factory is barric aded and that prepara
tions have beeu made to resist on
slaughts. The fire in the plant last night re-
suited iii damage estimated at Ioo,iioo.i
Militia Held In Readiness.
Several regiments of mint in are
ready to answer a call from Sherift
Kinkend in case the strike of the five
thousand Standard Oil eniploves here
siumld get entirely beyond control.
Bavoune is conipb tidy in the hand"
of the strikers. The town was kept iu
a state of terror last night following
the rintihg during the dav when one
man was killcit ami scores ininrci. Iii"n,i ,M1I
torch was applied to several onthuilil
lugs ot the oil plant. A string of lio
cars was destroyed nnd the Mandard
bl "s private telegraph office was set
on fire. The blaze in the telegraph
office, as well as those about the plant.
was extiiiguisheti, tint firemen were
wearii.l and tagged today from t'.ie
strenuous work ol the night to prevent
fliiiues fru'ti rea'hing the great oil
S'ri'iers Control Ail Streets.
The strikers are in complete ,oultol
of ail streets and swamps surrounding
the oil plants. There are bat 1.) po
1 and thev are unable to cope with
the angry Ihrungs, Sheriff Kitike.-il
today .Iceland he was hopeful that if
would not be niess:irv to call iij-hi
the niibtia. but it is reabed the -it-nation
is made surw by the fact that
toe strikers were not oigarne.l. There
are no rev ogni.ed lea-lcs with whom
negoi inlioiis m'ght be ( (inducted. The
strikers en n asse rejected nil ii!T"eatiirii
fr;ui the Standard I'd offo ial -b-. lar
ing their .o
reaads would be considered
pi. i.o l.-d th.
A col.l.'reli.
v returned to woik t...)a
between solt.C of the colli
I'S-lV Offl
ials and a bo.lv of t..iker
h.. tilled for todav. lot what the
out. on, e will be is problematic. W h.-lhcr
the militia will be ailed out dep.-i.ds
ei. t, r.ly on de ..pmcnts.
M"r Py and Shorter Hours.
Sprmgf iei I, Mass.. July LJ Frank
.lennmus. oe resident of the later
national M hiiu-t ' union, today ap
peair-i tn the cjsvrn off e and iir
gsnii rs to con 'en'.rate upon New Fug-
land in a .al-aig f'. shorter uoiirs
and wore i.ar. He eg
ge,.. Itost.n.
i'r.tvidero an I
.-r-nn.-f iel I. Worcester.
' Bridge-port -o:nt at when ta tui
Defendant Tells Story of Kill-
ing In Straightforward
The defense in the case of Clarence
O. Bursell, who is on trial charged with
the killing of Charles C. Zimmerman,
finished the taking of testimony at
little after 3 o'clock this afternoon.
After the testimony of the defendant
himself and of l'eter C, Cox, the wit
nesses for the defense touched upon
minor points of the relations of the
two men and their long standing trou
ble which culminated in the killing of
This morning Mr. Cox testified as to
the visit of Bursell to his place on the
morning before the shooting and his
arrival at the scene of the shooting im
mediately nfter it had taken place. He
said that it was a common custom in
that neighborhood to carry .-2 rifles
to kill squirrels and gophers and th
nothing was thought of it. He said
several of his neighbors carried small
ritles to and from their work and that
nearlv all of the bovs in the neighbor
hood had ... rifles. Mr. Cox said he
had been asked by Bursell to go down
to the Zimmerman house and to observe
the wagon tracks iu front of the house
and see if they were close to the fence.
Bursell testified that Zimmerman ac
cused him el driving so elise to the
wire fence that the whiffletrees injur
ed the wire fence.
Donald Bowen anil V.'ava iioweu, his
sister, testified tiiat Zimmerman told
them last December that he took his
rifle and lav iu wait behind his bam
for Bursell ami that If Bursell hail left
his house would have shot and hilled
him. Almost ull of the testimony of
the defense wns along the lines of the
old quarrel between the two men and
indicated that Zimmerman ' was of a
noisy ami quarrelsome disposition and
wns not on speaking terms witli a limn
ber of his neighbors.
After the defense completed its testi
mony this nftemoon District Attorney
Kiugo called Mrs. Zimmerman, Mable
Zimmerman, Sheriff F.ach and Frank
llowen in rebuttal.
The defendant, Clarence O. Bursell,
.,Mt- among the first witnesses for the
was placcif on tlie stuml in his own
defense alter the stute rested its ease
at about H o'clo k ycsteiday afternoon.
Bursell stated that iie was 4S years of
age, which was n surprise to most o'
the spectators who jammed the court
room to the duels, as Bursell looks to
be a much ymngcr man. lie said he
hud lived mist of his life in I'olk and
Marion counties, ami hail a wife ami
two children, the last of which was
born after he had been confined ill the
county jail, lie iui.l known the de
ceased for about 'JO years, but had had
no trouble with liim until about two
years ago in harvest.
"We were thrashing on the ItVbs
l.lllcp ait 1,1 Klirmi I ''is-liott I wns
i, , t ; , . , , iM.miu.,,.!';,,,,,,,, ,,
pitcher, ill the afternoon. I asked him
(M,i,t. some scandalous stories he had
itrcadiior .it.., til nte ami I,., .:..,ii,..i
it. I he be was pa-seil and he began
cursing me. lie invited me down off
of my hind to settle the matter, but I
told ,iiiii I did not fight. I was afraid
of In in. He then threw his pitchfork
.'It me niltt it staved ii-i inv html until
,,,,, ,,, ,i, ritia. li i jtf and 'put it down.
T1,. .., ,, , ., ,
the road and had Ins bov rule his
horse ahead of me in the road so that
I could not pns iu the narrow lane."
" llursell Mvoiintfij scleral incidents
win-re Ziniiicriiiaii jeered at him and
threatened to "get him." Once he
suid he met Ziiiiiocruiaii in the road
and Xiinmei man v.as carrving a shot
goo. Hor-.cH had a .-- title in the iig
he said he was iiccost.ene.l
to i any a .'22 rifle as the s ptirrels and
gophers were bad iu the vicimlv of his
farm. I',urell put down his gun tin-
tune and after a few words Zimuier
roan departed coisiug.
Mi the iiioriung of foe J'th of Mav,
he sn.q, Iu. nls going dow n the nrul
to hi lower ran. h when lie passe I the
XiTiiuteruiaii home. He was earn ing
I he .22 rille, as usual, on bis shoulder,
when he heard itiiinenuan siv in
iei ring I. mc, ' I am 't ai aid of his gun
.imuicruinn wife all.-. I to oer hi;
(Continued on faje FivO
hoiil.l be ccnt.-red,
n.iiv rooipli. ate the labor situs-
tior in the inoii.tiou fa. tones at
Bridgeport, where the irike was be
lieved to be settle. I, as Well US ill other
munition plants.
Jennings tie. late.! Ftril.es will be call
e. in in any cities unless the workers are
l-ert'ilttod to share ill the benefits of
the war orders l.emg filled by var ous
fa lories. A il.-rn.n. J wdl be made, he
said, lor w.iges of .Vo tents an hour for
an e.ght lotor da., .s.tnilur clto't will
be ina !e in be ialf of ttie eirj.i.yes ot
the .,w It r to. lis at U iltttington, Jlel.
Arbiter Are Appointed.
.pi. -
a -1.... ,:t.
I if rh
let irta
I pun the re
nt J' K inV.cn I. of I'.av inne
. t.t of !: ! or tod iv appoint
ed .It. hit
.M. .f lilt, ot xew .let s.
aa i
Ja-oes A. Ssr.cth. of Pennsylvania, B
. .tic 11 attrs in th,- tttrite of tht five
thousand htan-lnr-l 'Ml roriipany etn
t.l.iv. t flnvfiitne
1 - y
They are e;eite. lo arrive
New Je'-eV tew 11 tirnght and will
rer .tr-i e j.s'ejv wi.h rei r-'sen
,of UU ti tea.
Berlin Advices Are To Effect
Public 'Buffings Will
Be Razed
Furks Officially Deny That
They Are Negotiating For
Separate Peace Terms
Berlin, via Amsterdam, July 22. -.
Grand Duke Nicholas has determined
that Warsaw shall not fall into the
hands of the Germans with its govern
ment buildings and beautiful churches
unscathed according to information
reaching here today.
While the Slavs are engaged iu great
battles to the north and south of the
city on which its fate hinges, the Hub
sum commander is reported to have as
signed men to apply the torch every
where iu ease the Slavs are thrown back
and Wnrsuy is evacuated. The Rus
sians have made up their minds, a dis
patch here declares, that if Warsaw is
yielded to the (iermans the victorious
nrmy will be able to take possession
only of ruined hulls of the costly build
ings of the government and church.
Already the turrit or, v to the north
and west of Wnrsnw is being laid waste
as the Russians retreat.
Bridges lire being Idonn up, houses
are being destroyed and the country de
vastated by the retreating forces. ' The
same is true in tV Baltic provinces
where the Kussians are retiiing before
the sweep of (lencral Von Billow's cav
alry. In the Higa region bridges are be
ing blown up nnd all crop! are being
confiscated or destroyed. All cattle und
livestock is being dnven to the rear
of the Russian nrmy,
CoienliHgen dispatches today declared
that flames from the Klga region have
lighted up the sky for several night
past. It is assumed that the fires are
from the crops, farms and villages being
destroyed by the Russians ia their re
treat. By crossing the I'trata east of Bloiiie,
the (ierntans south or Warsaw are now
within thirteen miles of. the city. To
the north it is admitted that stubborn
resistance is being met along the Narew
river. The Russiitn defensive positions
in that region are extremely strong.
While these trenches ure being torn up
by artillery and stormed by infantry
the general advance may be held up
for several days.
Southwest of l.ublin a great battle is
in progress along the Wiejir river. The
conflict in thin region is one of the
most desperate on the entire front. Field
Marshal Von Mackensen's forces are
battering the Kii-.-ian renter ami offic
ialdom momentarily expects word that
the (iermans have broken through and
seized the Lublin I'hoim railway.
Russians Bunding Firm.
I'etrograd, duly 2'2. Continued re
sistance of I he (icrinan attack to the
south, west ami north of Warsaw with
the assault against the f.ublin Cholin
railway (hecked in one place, was re
ported by the war "ffire today.
In the Riga n-giiii the fighting is
centered west ot Mitau, the official
lerlnred while on the Narew
front the run. r. offensive is direct, d
toward I'ultusk. nn the right brink of
the Nnrew the
have been dnu
the 'Joth near tl
the lleruinns nr.
repulsed w ith c
thousand pn.-.u.
: Bug sector.
I 'I he ili-stru. to
enemy is declared to
bark somewhat On
ullage nf houkhodly,
..'rlnred to have I n
i. -idernble loss, due
i- were taken in the
f ilv nine Turkish
sailing ships, i in r-ing cargoes of flour
was also report.-.!. Th torpedo destroyer
flottllu sank th. !ip.
Tierce ru;htlng In Alsaca. '
I'nris, ,1'ilv 2.'. Furious fighting in
Alsii.e is rc..-rt. I in the coiniiiuriiquc
jfrom the war .foe today. In bitter
j eiigagetnertl s .1'iusseiirs rcH.tle.ly
'drove lurge I...Ji.s of (iermans down
I. title Reo hie k. i kopf niountiiiri T'i
May night and Men moro iletermi nei at
lacks were inn b- west of Muint. r.
I The li.'rn.stis made nine rushes on
i Wednesday in -f ..rt to r -)' it i n ground
I which had I.e. m lost, but in every in
; st mo-e were ui.s .' essf ul it was stated.
The enemy miff-red eitrer.nely hesvy
1 .ss,. when tlnown bark and then sub
'jetted to for. e t.ointer attacks by the
trench. In .to- rountrr attack the
French took IV inr.ls of tren.-lns,
Turks Do Not Want Peate. '
The Hague. J jS 22. The Turkish le- i
gltto.n here to-lliv denied thfct ern tsslt r ies 1
of the sijltnn are en route In Mwier
land fir the .-, r f"" of negotiating a;
eparrtte s.e wi'b the allies.
A (tenevs tlisj
Turkish minister
left retorted tl.st the j
f justice and a M-ennd '
vive., lurk.sti iiiph.tnat sr rps-te. there to
day. Ksrlter di sfrhea told of th- de
Highway Engineer and Ad
visory Board Covers Many
Miles of Roads
Chief Oeputy State F.ngineer Cantiue
returned to Salem yesterday afternoon
and reports that the trip just concluded
by the State Advisory Board, consist
ing of S. Benson, of Portland; leslie
Butler, of Hood River, and J. H. AlbeYt,
of Salem, and including A. A. Rosen
thal, of the Portland Press Club, nnd
C. H. Williams of the Portland Ore
goninn, starting from Portland on
Monday, duly t -th, was very satis
factory in every respect.
They inspected the Re Tigardvil'e
work, stopped at Salem and examined
the asphalt ie concrete plant, which
w rk is being-carried on under the
direction of the Marion County Court.
At Albany, the Commercial Cluli nr
ranged for a meeting at which time
the work under way iu different parts
of the state was presented by Mr. Can
tine, and Mr. Benson submitted a pro
posea plan for Mute liond issue, as
reveloped by leading business men of
Portland. Mr. Albert and Mr. Butler
amplified iu detail the desirability of
financing state work In this manner.
This bond issue proposition was dwell
upon tic .Mr. Itenson at the various
points where stop, were made, and in
variably was received favorably. The
proposition was put forward at this
time iu a tentative way only, to have
brought out ituv objections or criticisms,
or any suggestions which would meet
the problem in a better way,
The County Courl of I, inn county
accnuipanie.l the party from Salem to
Albany where thev were met by the
I'oiiuty Court of Benton county, who
went with the party as far as Corval
lis. The Ciimniercial Club of Corvallis
had arranged for a meeting with the
party. On account nf the lateness of
the hour and having an engagement at
Eugene, they were obliged to omit this
meet ing.
The Couritv Court of l.nne count v ac
companied the parly from Albany to
the Douglas county line. The Advis
ory Board looked over the liife near
Cieswell, uiid also south of the divide
in I iii ne i n I v having iu mind that
j reconstruction work will be required at
' those points.
The County Cnurt of Hough unity
j met the patty at I'.ugene, going through
i lo (limits Puss. The attention of the
j party was called to the work needing
i lo In done in Pass Canyon; also be
tween drain and Nankow; also fo the
possibility uf eliminating the bad hill
known as Robert's Mountain south of
Roieburg; also the hill at Mvrtlc Creek,
and the grade crossing of the Southern
Pacific railroad between those points.
Attention was given f the road situs
tiou ill I'nnyoa I'reek and at lilen.lale
At Ro-eburg a most enthusiastic
i meeting, attended by representative
, taxpayers, was held; also at (irnnts
(Pass, Medt'onl and Ashland. The
jCouiitv Court of Josephine county met
'the partv at Wolf Creek, and a ui-
panie, the pnily through to the I all
i forma slate line. Josephine oiunlv is
parti'iilarlv interested in the elimin
ation of the bn grades between lilen
dale and Wolf Creek, to whi.-h the at
tention of the Advisory Board was
In Jackson county the new work
posed between the llouglas county
and Central point was examined;
line also
the grade cr.issmg known lis Billings
Hill north of Ashland wits examined,
part. ire of the diplomats from C.,nstan
tinople. In both instances it was re
ported their mission rris lo di uss
peace with repicsclitalives of the triple
Italian From America.
Naples. Jills- L'J. I wo thotl-nii l I'al
inns, -.bintce, s trotn the l iiit.- l Mute,
landed it t Naples today to fight f..r the
land of t'icir birth, dr. at crowds greet
e.l the home coming patriots 'I !,. v
Were give-i II t relne fid-.'l s OWltl-.tl Urol
headed by hau ls paraded thr..i gli the
prilo 1 1 i I t r.-ets earn il.g Ainerean not
Italian flags.
a-hii.gtoa, J.ilv 22 -1
onsiil I ies.tt.1 has tal ea
Belgian and Seiluiin interests lit War
shw, Ambassador Marve reftrte-t to
stale ic'Mineiit t eliiv, i n 1 1 oi a 1 1 1. g
that the .-apt urn of th.
bv ir.t
'ierriuins is I'nionieut
f JO -ti. .1.1
rn ;r,..cK
dreg ."
night sill
day: r-..ier
i.on.oa; w
iy win la.
10 BUN
Rejoinder To Germany's Protest Reply Was Sent Oil Quite
Unexpectedly By State Department - Believed To Con
tain Final Word of Warning That American Lives Must
Not Be Sacrificed, and Rights of Americans Respected
By Cliarlea P. Stewart.
Washington, July 22. Tho last wnrd i
of the I'nited States, a warning to (ler
many that repetition of the sinking of
the liiisilnnis may imperil the friendly
relations between this country and Her
many has been sent lo Berlin.
Dorintr conference at the White
tfitiisii lust titirlo I'rouiihiii t Wilson nil. I
Sirrctary of Slate Iiunslng put Hie
final touches to the new American note
and announcement that it had been Im
mediately cabled to Ambassador
tlcraril for submission to the Berlin
foreign ol'fico was made early today.
The note was dispatched lit II o'clock
last night and It wns believed to have
reached Berlin at 10 o'clock this morn
ing. It was at first understood It ha I not
been determined whether the note
should be forwarded today or held un
til nfter the cabinet meeting tomor
row but the president, and l.linslng de
cided upon its immediate dispatch. As
Simmies of (he unanimous npproval of
the cabinet were given Ihe president!
and his premier Tuesday and there was'
no real reason for holding up Ihe com-l
muni. -ai ion for further conference
with the various secretaries.
Announcement that the note had
been forwarded came like a thunder
clap. It was entirely unexpected, The
text of the commuuicatlon will be
secret until It has I n delivered bv
Ambassador (icrurd to the foreign oi
fiee in Berlin.
The note was cabled via Copenhagen,
rpua reaching Berlin It will be decod
ed lit the American embassy and hand
ed to Foreign Minister Von Jngoiv,
Friday. Secretary Pausing said it
would bo made public upon being tie
livcicil to the Herman foieign minister.
What the Note Bay.
The new note einphasies that the
railed States will view with the great
est, concern the further loss of Anieri 1
can liics through the sinking of mcr-1
. lianliuen bv submarines without warn
ing and such an act cannot be regai.lcd
as oilier than threatening the hitherloj
peaceful rclationi. between the two;
countries. j
In view of the fact that (lermiiny
has i-Mldcd the real principles set forth1
in previous American miles, the com
uiuul.'iit mn which the foreign office
must now consider is a final warning. I
Another incident in which a merchant
u. an Is torpedoed causing the loss of
American life will be regarded as an
unfriendly act, possibly precipitating
a breach in di.ninntic relat ions.
There have been eoiif li. tiug reports'
as to Ihe use of the words "unfriendly1
act" in the nolo. The view which this
j goMTiiitic nt will take ia case Americans
art. again Jeopardized by a submarine
'iilla. k was thus set forth in Ihe orig
iii.nl draft of the note. Later it was
j reported the words "ns evidence of
j unfriendliness" were substituted. II
is now understood, however, Hint, in
Insl nights' confciSiic,. between l'res !
I dent Wilson und Secretary Lansing
'unfriendly act" wns reincorporated
in Ihe communication and It Is this
i view that will be brought before the
l-ais.-r. 1
I No Reference To Indemnity. I
! An iuistrtant point in t-oiinection
I with the now note is that it does not
I tout h ujeiu a demand for financial re
paration to tho families of Aoieroaas
lost in the sinking of the Lusilama.
I This llbet-l is left open. ho. h 11 lie-
man. I will iiutptesdonably be made
hiier, but for Ihe present the admin j
istrntion does not desire to nije. I
iii.iii.v In 11 1 1 e rs into fhi tpiestion. '
The I lilted Stales thus places its .c
mini 1 for recognition of the principles
that Aoieri.iiiis have the right under
in'i-rMttioiinl law to travel iu snfctv
u"ii 'he high seas above any .i-nitind
'for reparation for those who peiihi"l.
Field Marshal Von
(By J. W. T. Mason, written fur the
United Press )
New Vork, July 22 If Warsaw fulls,
lo'd Marshal Von Hue bub otg, wit.se
itirnv hits been eni'sniped' wt sl t.f the
j. ity since last autumn, will have pioved
to have lio n Ihe decisive fa. ..r lu the
ctiir.pnigti sgiiinst the Kussitin i-iiy, on
Iliad, riiturg 's army is sten-ltlv reep
Itig 10 sfer U srsliw- whue the i 1 1 1 m -s 1 11 1 . n
ttre rallyittg to rhe.-k the advance of the
(terrnait ririny from ttte i..rth mid from
the south.
..11 ilindenburg 'a originnl plan "I
'iiiiftniiig a direct nssnuit from the west,
stents to have been adopted agiiiri. The
W,,i,re of Fold Marshitl Von Ma.-keii
sett's raiitpnign from the south is he
.-..rriit.g more appsrent eri'-b tlitv. If he
j superceded Von Himleiibiir as the
In the first note delivered to Ger
many the imperinl government was in
formed that It would be held to
"strict accountability" for the loss of
American lives. With the Lusitanla
furnishing a concrete ease Herman?
evuded recognition of Americans' righi
uM.n the seas nnd is nnw told that
further violation of this right will be
regarded as a "unfriendly act. 1 Thia
ends discussion of the principles In
volved in the controversy. President
Wilson has made it clear that he will
insist upon the rights of Americana
guaranteed under tatcrnntionnl law.
No threat is made as to the action that
will be taken iu case another merchant
man with Americans aboard Is tor
pedoed without warning but the declar
ation that such an Incident will lie re
garded as an "unfriendly act" carrle
with it Ihe suggestion that a break in
diplomatic rclationi might follow. It
is understood that the I'nitci! States
again expresses its willingness to act
as mediator between (leriuany and Lug.
bind tow aril bringing about a modifica
tion of the melhotls of warfare at sen,
but in the meantime it is made clear
that this guvcrnini.nl expects the right
nf Americans to be respected, despite
relations between the warring powers.
Oonuuu Huggentlon Rejected,
The (leruian suggestion that Ameri
can slops, bearing special markings ami
not carrying emit luhneil, will be as
sure, of immunity from attack ami
that If necessary four belligerent ves
sels may be placed under tho American
flng under a. similar conditions ia un
derstand to have been rejected. Tha
Failed Hlules, in rejecting this pro'
posal, stands by Its original contention -that
Americans have a right to travel
anywhere in safely whether upon neu
tral or belligerent ships, regardless nf
whether such vessels aril carrving con
Washington, July 2'J. That
k Admiral I'iske has invented an 41
"aerial torpedo" for use iu 141
battles between air craft was 41
firmed by Ihe navy depart-
incut olficliils today. The tor- 41
ifc pc.lo mav be launched from an
aeroplane. Its course is con-
trolled by wireless, 41
Teutonic Allies Draw
Lines About Warsaw
Taking Outer Defenses
Berlin, via Loudon, July "'J. - Th.
Tcudiiiie 11 1 01 1 en urn diawiug in closer
upon Warsaw.
(leruian forces compelled the Ru.
inns In retreat nt seveial points south
nf the Vistula, die war otti.e an
nouitce.l this afternoon.
To tin south the Aiistrians ptirsu-d
the retreating Slavs tl the outer de
fenses of Iviingortvl,
The railway toward which Field
Marshal Vou Ma.-kensen has been tlriv
ing is endangered from a new point at
a result of the Austrian nd'-uuec.
'Ihe Ivaiigorod fortress guards War
saw on the southeast and is 011 the
noun brie railway from Warsuw to Lub
lin and I holm.
n.r.NTY or harviist hfi.p
Walla Walla, Wit-h., July 22. For
the fust tunc in years there is an over
uhitn.lan. c of men t., rare for Ihe har
vesting 111 this section, L. L, Wells, gov
ernment employment agent stated to
day I To., men f-.r ton v j-di iu the r. gi.oi
smith ot the rsiinkc river was ab.oil the
ral.o, M wns said
Hindenburg Is
Operations In East
kaiser's eastern ion! i.lant, he may not
b.ng hold Mint position.
Warsaw's chau.es of holding out
agaln-d the enemy are about even. T
untiles protecting th I y were Hit
mediately weakened when help was
It Ie. li::altt to retnfoi.'c tlie opposition
against on Ma. kertsen,
Tin nrelicnlly (here is no reason why
the Slavs cannot hold Warsaw even
with a weakened force. They have had
months ill which ., n'rengthen their
defenses However short they may be
of high powered shells, it is improbable
that they seriously lack ina. lime gun
aioinunit 1011.
If War. aw is abandoned it means
that Uussia's pli legniat ism is giving
way to a disipiiedug itnaguuntion. If
thnt characteristic develops, a separate
i peace may not be far distant. y

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