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Communication Was Handed
To Von Jagow This
Anything Like Lusitania Inci
dent In Future Will Be
Strongly Resented
By Carl W. Ackerman.
i I'uitud l'ress Staff Correspondent.)
Itcrlin, via The Hague, July 23. The
new American note in protest against
(mtimu's submarine warfare is in the
hands of the foreign office. It wa9
handed to Foreign Minister Von Jagow
it 1:15 this afternoon.
The note arrived at the American
embassy, having been relayed from Co
oonhagon, earlier in the day and was
immediately decoded and prepared for
.'uhmission to the German foreign mini-tor.
The note hus transmitted bv cable in
seven sections, the first two arriving
b-t night and the last at 5 o'clock this
1 '"'" Arrangements for publication
f I he note were being made this aft
"i noon.
AinOMssmior lierard remained flnspt
';l nith Von Jagow for 30 minutes
"Mowing delivery of the note. Both
the ambassador and foreign minister
were extremely reticent at. the con
clusion of their conversation.
By C. P. Stewart.
I mted l'ress Staff Correspondent.)
Washington, July 23. Delivery to
foreign Minister Von Jagow todav of
he new American note ns to the 'sub
marine warfare will cast the die so far
:' this country's future relations with
'ermnny are concerned.
Ambassador Gerard has been instruct
ed to inform the state department con
loleiitiully of the reception accorded the
'e eninuiiiiention by the German of
t'cink Evidence of the effect of the
""te informing Germany tlint'n repeti
tion of the l.usitnnia disaster will be re
garded as unfriendly upon public opin
1 "i both in the United States and Oer
"" is anxiously awaited bv officials.
oine criticism is expected at home as
"ll as abroad.
Summaries of the note- were todav
" at to American representatives in otli
"' foreign countries and copies of the
' ""iniiinicatinn will be furnished repre-
-".lines ot tne belligerent powers!
"re late this afternoon. The public!
'II be given the note tomorrow morn-
mi;. t
Indications are that Germany will '
""li'v milking a reply f this latest I
roiig pronouncement of principles,
"hile President Wilson is ready tot
" t any eventuality, he hus not vet do- i
' j'1'-' j"" wl,at course will be pursued1
' '' 'mother ship with American pus-.
cers aboard meet the fate of the I
I "-iiaiiiu r American rights upon the I
' - seas should otherwise be violated.!
' might mil a special session of con-!
- '-s. or diplomatic relations with Or
ai'iiiiy might be severed without sum-
II '! ''ig congress to consider neti..n tlml
, il.l be taken.
mmedinte action was in prospect '
" result oi the attack upon
r Ordunn. henrtlor nmi.n ifq
21 Americans on the last
"'i.-- Tr.'in Liverpool. While the in
' 'Cation ordered by the stnt.' depart
" "'' i" still in progress no direct cvi
' " ' been f.Miud positively estnh-'-'ung
that a torpedo was fired at the
J'.1'"!- Neither can it be established
"ugh the American passengers
l' '..er the (irduna was ordered to sino
' submarine before she was shell
None of the Americans were awake
'le, k nt the time and the case
"," '"' "''''red materially should it be
' 1 " Hint the liner was ordered to
'"' '"'1 ignored the S'nal fnm the
" ', marine.
h. a t,(, nr,tt, , (,r,.ar Hrjt.,in ,,r.
' ' 1 ' - nt'"int interference with Am
"' unierce tl rough the British or-
"Uiii-ii mil . .I:s,;,t.'he. to
leier,iK much nrwin llie in
!i ti e r,,.w communi. ation t'i Berlin
'iv-.l l'res'dent WiUon is le
"d to make it clear that the noco
with Germany ti t.) the
arl'nrc are entirely ;.s't from
''iiiiiiirnin.n to be sent to Katf-
'hitilrg t,, interferen-e With f"l"
' A' i'. ptance bv Cermanr of this
'v den.ands fnr rec.ig!iii.,a of
ri;!it upon the rnnto't be
' i'1'tiot-jl ti,,.n (!,, p.,si'i..ri t.ik
1 l i i'land n to ,er ordrr in conn
Mi.oil I ine new .r..tet to (iern.any
v .-ab'v re.-ene.. h..wever. U''.'
n to Great B-i'mn may l-
I . :ir!y r,et m-ri'h.
''' -v'":-h' North Aneriean
" n-w li,tH,r b,w, 4.'.''i! ekil,
ren '
-" ,n h o ir.tr.al of wnrkmg in
' -!" s Art 1 all thes vears we've
'-lliiig it ',.i-;Jry " Ju-
Double Standard of Life
Is Objected to By Wife
of Wealthy Chicago Man
Chicago, July 23. Chicago today de-1 Drcxel boulevard,
veloped another triangular tragedy in I Two years and a half ago, another
which the love of two women for' the baby arrived at the "Millahr" apart
same man lias oneo more set awry the meiit. a girl. The couple was delighted,
normal trend of threo lives. "We have planned great things far
Seven years ago, 18-year-old Julia i our babies," said ''Mrs. Julius Mill-
.uinuiir, iresn irora uermany, went to
work for Ralph B. Brumbaugh, wealthy
furniture dealer. A year later Brum
baugh confessed his affection for the
girl. With Mrs, Brumbaugh's permis
sion, according to Brumbaugh and the
girl, she was cared for at a local hos-j
pital. When the baby camo a boy
tne monier was estaonsneu in a rasn
ionnble apartment on Prairie avenue.
Brumbaugh, childless by his first
wife, was permitted to spend much
time with his love-wife and the baby,
according to his storv. He spent, his
afternoons and the early evenings with; it so years ago had it not been for the
her, as "Julius Millahr." i woman whu bears my name. 1 under
The remainder of the time he was! stand she has gone to the federal au
Baumbangii and coirid be found either j thorities with her story. Whatever
at his office or bis home on exclusive! happens will make no difference."
Koseburg, Ore., July 23.
"Nothing to it," declared Sher
iff George Quine today, after in
specting the bathing suits worn
by Roseburg's fair sex at the
public swimming resort. A
juvenile officer had complained
that the costumes were too
Not only did Quine officially
0. k. the bathing suits but im
mediately bought one for his
daughter so that she could taku,
an occasional plunge.
Spectacular Escape
of Sacramento Man
Who Wrote Bad Checks Ruip'uuaupp'ior xiluii
tiffs in the suit and City Attorney Al
!..,. A I. ...i. l u I.. .' ....
f'hiearm. July 2.1.Cornered in an
apnrtment in the exclusive Alexandria
hotel here, Abraham White, wanted in
Sncrnmento, made a spectacular escape
today by sliding down u fire escape.
Police pursuers were thrown off the
tni"k and White got away.
White has been sought since he for
feited his bonds following his arrest
in Kl Paso a few weeks ugo at the re
quest of the police at Sacramento,
where lie is wanted in connection with a
bunk deal.
White's wife is still at the Alexan
dria. She stilted that she had under
stood White's difficulties in Sacramen
to had been settled.
Issued Bad Checks.
Sacramento, lal., July '23. Abraham
White came here from San Kraneisco
and promoted Kirex company, controll
ing a preparation to prevent fires. He
was lavish with his money and fre
quently issued cheeks on San Francis
co banks. Finally, one check for
l.'Joo, given to the Sacramento Na
tional bunk, came back from Sau
Francisco marked "no funds."
In the meantime White had fled to
Texas. He was arrested in Kl Paso.
When n detective from this city went
Kl Paso with a requisition from
(lovernor Johnson he found While was
out on bail.
Application to (iovcrnor Fctgu-on ot
' Texas resulted ill the governor saying
that he had lear I from White's at
torneys, who were friends of the ad
ministration, that the charges were
j not sufficient for Whi'e's removal to
i California. The detective returned
I White claims to be the man who
; cleaned up a hundred thousand dollars
in the Cleveland adtniiiMiatioti bond
sale bv getting options on gov eriin cut
.bonds and selling them nt a prolit to
'the Morgans. The treasury department
, had iiegiede.1 to require a desmt on
i the options an l Whi hume i he was
shrewd nough t c his . hale to
make a big killing by In, Ming higher
than the bond houses, but low enough
to cause them to want to g.-i the l,, k
of bonds awarded to In'"
U hile showed po lure, here of u man
soiti lie once ow nc l I'll the II .. ! 'n
tn er.
No Military Reason to Burn j
City of Warsaw, Says Expert
(Ey J
ll'ell t,
, elk.
W. T. Mason )
the I I .'..- I I'r. '
,l:,!v 2 .. '
,..o,'., in the ,i:r-i
, Wi
-t r ii- ;
ill 111 '
ul, 1 other ,. v,.tal ,.a i
,1 bv n.ilitv reasons
il,c I i-1 that the or
;i,e Lalto prowl,,- are
ne, e-. it. i-,
,loe to
,,rtlier III
i ,, rioaii d
T'.e I' ll...!!
Co t J "
-.. cut alol "
mi i of W.n (
,i tl,, r p r,-
I hnv
to it
t :
ie l',e- ,iaai,' ' u
ot trie
d-i- a-:
,. T , . i in i
te -r r-n, 'i I-pl-c.
They ire
.t in I Oi-'.r f
(, wstcr tro
lt,g iiint". t'r
nur. !... !'' ,h"
pbea nil be repi'-r
aur today, " that other woman
she is not his wife in the sight of Ood
cannot stop us. But sue would never
consent to a divorce so we could mar
ry. Now she has threatened Ralph with
the law."
Mrs. Brumbaugh refuses to talk. She
said she had nut divided anything ex-
cept that
she could
' ' double
longer. ' '
have nothing to be ashamed of,"
said Brumbaugh todav, "1 am glad
tiie world knows all. I would have had
Started As Friendly Suit Con
test Develops Into Bitter
Factional Fight
The suit brought against the legality
of the bond issue of (3110,00(1. authoried
by the vole of the people of Koseburg
ut i no recent election tor the purpose of
constructing a railroad from Hosebuig
to the line of the I'mpqua Natiunal for
est reserve and the erection of a modern
sawmill in Roseburg, was argued in the
I the cit v of Roseburi?
" " " M.m represenieo
I The suit was brought by Harry
1 Pearce again the city of Koseburg to en
jjoin the city from disposing of the
j bonds or entering into contracts with
i Kendall Brother who are eonstrurtinir
the road. This was a friendly suit until
Dunniwny came into the case, backed a
number of heavy taxpayers of Roseburg
who, however, were in a hopeless minor
ity nt the bond election.
This suit was filed in the circuit
court of Douglas county late Wednesday
afternoon and the plaintiffs nought an
injunction restraining the city from
offering the bonds for sale or aiding
Kundall brothers In the work. The
plaintiffs were:
John Hunter, Hyman Wullenberg,
James Hibb burn, Henry liidenour, J. it.
New-land, Charles Pnrrott, A. J. Hol
lows, (ieorge W. Kapp, ('. V. Parks
and James Millikin, late Wcdneseday.
liusijuirg, lire., July 23. Adorned
with u sign bearing tiie wirds "rail
road knockers," two effigies were
found hanging by the nec k in the heart
of the city early today.
The finding of toe effigies followed
the holding of an indignation meeting
here last night in protest against the
action of lo Kosebuig men in filing a
suit asking that the city be restrained
frun issuing . loo. lino in bonds recently
voted fo aid hi the construction of n
railroad extending 30 miles wiwt of
Several prominent business men are
said to have piutieipnted in the
" lynching. ' '
Phoenix, Ari., July 23. tiovernor
Hunt today denied the repott that the
stale department would interfere wilh;
the scheduled exocut luiis five mur 1
deiers at Florence prison next Week. !
W..ingt lul.v 23. -A. Mitchell-
Palmer i Vni,s Bamfi, is slate,) fr
appointment as counsellor of the Hale
.lepartmenl, ' ling Robert W.
Ionising, now e- re-tan ( state, it was
ireote, this nfteriioou.
pr, e lent . (,f the time of Xapul
, t..,t a I,, able now. Nnpoleun '
I e ut? the cualitry or per.lh
'i.i.i t.
hmi was an act of patriot !
t-l" .Ho I S.
of M..-..W
. If T..-nfi lag. The burning 1
w:. a f iiieful p re of French j
t w-ti!ig 1 m1 rt In lot Will not
i.ermnii-. i n the iin.trurv, it i
.le III.
W I I ' .1!
ii . i.t tr
The r
-elU.Uit ,
. 1 1, em to re, e. v e en,
in the - t feer.
ttl. si.. tin, m fa, t, be in
n lor a ' I slid ciiirfort a'revlv
, i eii ttie i
rii:.ri The l.ori, ng of i
. r-.-i, riat,. v nit h, Is pen-
. out r 'V in I . " n
-li-e-l.t on the
Jot nl Hi- un;,,l
i M . IK., I win. b . .
alike It mn fn.
. I the ,!-!.) in 1.
Third Day Of Struggle Shows
Little Change In General
Strikers Have Secured Muni
tions of War and Are Well
Armed and Defiant
Bavonue, Nt J July 23.,
Third dy of Htandard Oil plant
employe! strike. Desultory fir
ing throughout night. Militia
held at Newark subject to im
mediate cull. In case of further
er fighting will be summoned.
New York. Thirty thousand
garment workers did not strike
as was planned. iNfaiiufiicturers
conceded their demands.
Bridgeport, Conn. Strike of
Remington Arms and Ammuni
tion company employes practi
cally ended. Workers gained
their demand for an eight hour
Palmer, Musi. Wright Wire
company closed. Men struck on
demand for an eight hour day.
Brooklyn. Concession by em
ployers to demands for eight
hour day eicd ' threatened
strike at the Bliss Torpedo Boat
New York. Strike breakers
(partly filling the places of l.ono
striking longshoremen of the
Mnllory & Clyde line pier.
Bayonne, N. .!., July 23. Al'ler n
night of intermittent rifle and revol
ver firing, employes of the Standard
Oil Company plant here enloicl the
third day of their strike, which for
violence and bloodshed may be com
pared to the Calumet copper strike anil
liloody l.udlow of Colorado.
The strikers begun gathering al dawn
today near the oil plant. They crept
behind fences and sheds which served
as shields though splintered by Hie in
eessaut fusillades of yesterday. Be
tween their ten foot concrete wall about
Ibe plant guards on the inside can
n:ke 1'wenty second street, the heart
of the strike zone, upon the first signs
of attacks Occasionally during the
early morning there came the sharp re
port of a revolver, but there was no
general I'iglitiio.' nail no additional casu
alties were reported.
Despite tin- nnrlike conditions small
children played atiou tu the streets in
the strike region They peered uioiiud
comer upon sinkers or peeped out to
look at the oil plunt, thoroughly en
joying the "f'in. " The police tninlc
no clfort to stop the shooting which
revailed tliroiii'liout the night or to
remove the clnhlicn who appeared on
the streets this morning.
Tin1 calling ot militia to Biiyoiine up
poured to be imminent today. Slo rill
Kinkend admitted he would be help
less with hi" deputies armed only with
clubs, should t'.e I, allies of yester
day be repented. The sheriff said a
sipotdron of c:iiilry of the New Jersey
National guanl ,ii being held a New
ark .ready to h -pond to a call for
help at utiy m- a --nt. (tovcrnor f ield
er has proini-e, I , hurl these forces into
the strike robb-n town within an lioin
aMor Kinkiud r, (uesls aid.
The stnkets , i 'aincl munition dur
rig the night ii'. I toony wore l,i lo ved
to Well BMIIC'I
It was hop. I that the fedora! me
diators uiior
a conference I
f 4 ii-in Ik and
strikers tod.iv.
siotii-r of pol,
miit.-d the pin
iv r In t rit ion le,
I .MiUll"lo!iers
,- able to bring nbout
'wen the htniulurd Oil
I'lesentnti ve of the
Henry Wilson, column
safety, him i,s,, sub
..-itmii of app'uiilii-g an
I ci,mH,M., of five cit v
'I here was hope 1 but a
C ontinued on Page Five )
eon :
f air to
northwest to north
s. r-, x
Plot to Dynamite Plants
of War Munition Factories
Is Discovered By Officials
Cleveland, Ohio, July 23. Local fed-i
,-ral officials, upon iir'ders from Wash !
mgtoii, today notilied the Peerless audi
White Automobile companies and the1 '
American Steer i Wire company of in,'"K ""d l''l attaches there ho held the
alleged plot to dynamite their plants.
Ml of the companies thus wiirned have
been manufacturing munitions. :
tiuaids were thrown about all three
plants this aftoriuim and every pre
notion was taken to prevent strangers
approaching. The plants employ 12,000, i
all engaged in getting out huge war j
orders. !
Report of Investigation Made
By Dudley Field Malone
Is Submitted
By 0. P. Stewart.
(Tinted Press Staff Correspondent.)
Washington, July 23. A submarine,
presumably (ionium, attacked the liner
Ordunn, bearing twenty-one American;
passengers, without warning on July !
0 during the vessel's recent voyage I
tront Liverpool,
This was conclusively shown in a re
port submitted today by Dudley Field
Malone, collector ci the port of New
York, it was learned on high authority,
this at'tci noon. I ho information, con
tinuing pievious in i uunts of the Ordunn
having I n aliellcd nv u submarine,
aiis olficially presented to the ndiniii
istratlou tor the first time with Ma
lone ' report.
No ttii, ii that an immediate break is
expelled with (lermmiy as a result of
lint new American note delivered tot
Berlin today wits discernible in official (
circlea. The state department was ml-
used unollicially ly the ( uiteil rress
that the rote had In presented to the
foreign office by Ainbiissiidor (lernrd,
but ProHilcnt Wilson and Secretary of
state lai'sing proved their lack of anx
iety ( ver the situation by making pre
piirations to leave Washington. At the
V'hitc Bouse it was 'iiinoiinccil the
president would probably leave for
Cornish within the next 21 hours where
he will resume his v urn t ion . He will
lemain there a week or ten days.
I iinsing left this afternoon for Man
i hestcr by thc Sea, Mass., where he will
spend the week end with Colonel House,
lie will return to Washingti n Mon
day. The premier said it would be "sev
eral days" before the note to (Ircat llri
lain regarding interference with neiitial
commerce is completed. Work on the
commiiiiicalioii is well advanced, but it
will certainly not be dispatched to
London before thu president returns
from Cornish.
The investigation into the attack up
on the Ordiiiui upon which Malone re
ported today was made through the ens
toms officials upon orders from the
treasury department at the reipiest of
N-cretiiry Lansing. Malone made his
formal ri poit to Se rotary McAdoo, but
!.,, ii.lkcd with Piesoleiit Wilson nod
' is presumed to have told him of the
j information gained through the inves
; ligation.
I Malone ' report win of such a nature
Ihnt the inliiiiiiistratioii will be com
II,-, I fi demand that llerlni lurnisii
this go
of the
with I ierinaii ' version
General Carranza's .
Regime Is Totterin?
Washington. July 2-1.-runa
' regime in Men
here today a- being in a 1
eol,lll"ll. lie is likely
fiehcial Cm
o IS regarded
IT V precll r loos
.,' ,e Lut t Ii d
at Vera ( rn. at any lime, ai'iioncii
the III, sen. e of lli-IVS llliullt ' III-f II I Vll
III has led to rumors that lieiiernl lion
lib has planned n new coop.
It,,rdr reports that the pre. i. lent will
intervene 1" u n'ln y are l i . r.-ditcl No
tli-W Ho ve H rolltcm, lilted illlttl cololl
til, lis Hie more settled
Serious Trouble When
Carranza Attacks Nogales
Phoenix, Ari
troul.lo at Sogul
i-ias Hi'emi't lo
July '.'!. H.ri'iiis
s wh.-n tin Carrair
apt arc the cl'V fr-oo
,e, le. I,, the booth-
llie V'llllstan IS ellf,e,
,-ia Pa' i'o: raiil -iid
O, , 1 1 v ,
, Old
il g In to, la ' in, I" li'",
I . SI ,"s, ,'l, I'hoi-nu
of the Su.'lth' ll, I'u, i'o
rcel, I ' 1 1
. ot fete. A l;
f the lia'ioii
to.lsv for f,
refowd to se
g ii.s were
taut iieiicr.il Karris
gusrd I .'" oi apieie
li. a hi ne u 'tu liar r li
on the groon I Unit th
ermiirnt i.r. per' -
I Havonue! N J . .I,! -3 bevcral
I .hols were fired H'iJ a n'lir.ber of d. pu
'ties were felled by flung brick, in r
j newe l noting by strikers of the htand
IsrJ Oil mmpmy here thu ifteroiuu.
Tiie first Intimation that the plants
..,.., : .lanuer camo out here when an
,. :, . ,. , i,;i i
secret to the dynamite plot. The man
was immediately closetisl with ( lumen
BoWoddv, special agent of ,th depart-
jtnent of justice, and I'uited State! Dis-
ltrict Attorney Wert.
I., M. Kittredge, president cu the
Peerless company, said his plant was
working on a million dollar order for
Washington, July 23. That a
submarine, presumubly German,
attacked the liner Ordunn with
out warning, was conclusively
shown In a rcort submitted
today by Dudley Field Malone,
collector of the pott of New
York, it was learned on high
authority this afternoon.
Malone reported to Secretary
of the Treasury McAdoo re
garding the investigation made
into reports of the Orduua hav
ing been shelled by a (lermati
submarine on July I) following
her departure from Liverpool
with 21 Americans Included in
her passenger list. Ho also
talked will) President Wilson,
presumably upon thu same sub
ject. Strikers In Other Plants
Making War Munitions
Would Be No Surprise
Washington, duly 23. Strike! in tin
ltethlehem, Cntiicuie and (lary steel
'plants the biggest In the country
would cause no surprise, Son rotary Mur
rison of the Ainericntl federation ol
Labor, said today.
I A national union victory is believe, I
bv federation leaders to be foreshadow-
ml by the concessions made to the
strikers of the Itemiugton Arms and
Ammunition company nt III idgeport,
Conn., and the llis Torpedo Pout com
m uy in llrouklyn. President (liimiiel's
is in Bridgeport. He will return here
The department of labor hud received
no information this afternoon as to the
progress madu by its mediators nt Ibty
ii n no, N. ,1.
Continued Hesitancy
Is Still In Evidence
(Copyright ll'l'i by the New York LV
eiilng Post.)
New York, July 23. -Continued hesi
tancy of movements on the stock cx
change today whs naturally ascribed to
the lortlicoiiiiiig publication of the note
to inaliy. lint Wall street, in com
moil with the rest of the community,
was nbcady favored with the unofficial
stiiniiiiiry. It knew two days ago the
(leniiiiti proposals whereby American
ships would be spared if they wore a
II. rim tag about their necks would be
It also knew that Foreign Minister
Yoa Jago would be reminded of the
tlosil alulity of speaking to the point,
and the I n t that any further experi
minis of toipeiloing, without, warning
ships with Americans aboard would be
an lot of ho sillily.
t nder the circumstaiices the markets
III i t li III y piiHNlbly reflected ralher till
cctlniiity as to how the public at large
in tiortiiaiiy as well it here, would take
it Ihaii cny i, cute misgiving regarding
the actual itiplolnatic Meiie
Puces i ere iiregnlar. In
shures the i till' t ua! lolls were
.. ,.i ,
pi , it I "nous incident being the
pitrionlsr weukness of already low
i na iiciiil
r a 1 1 a s
' W ar stoi ks" did not movi
Paul Farrell Killed
Under Whetls of Car
The I lu II., lire,, July '' I Losing
his foothold and tailing beneath the
wheels while H t tclli pt 1 1, g to hoard Two-
hv Itios. ' const no I ion train in the vhi-I
' . 7r?. '.'
Munll, )!i. sou of W A.
S ash., and in phew
f President J. II. Karri II, of tl,e 11. W .
II N. company, win killed here to
so-veral cars pas-.-d over his h-gs
Pair. II was iiio-,,iiw.'ioiis when picked op
and tin, I ho iioor Inter. lie was a
an in tin
employ of th" li. W. It,
4 S
Cleveland, ( Mil', July S3 - "
l-mtvcr hud a simile on "Chi. k'
ed '
an- in llie morning half of the semi
final round for the wi stern golf shniu
pioi -l,ip here todav, II- finished I op
The men wire sll s.pmre lit the I7lli
h,,e, siisvi-r won the home hole bv
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Back of Strong Fortresses
Russians Meet Rush of
Teutonic Hosts
Italians Cross Isonzo River
and Hold Position In Rear
of Goritz
Petrograd, July S3. Ten strong Gor
man attacks against the Kussina lines
southeast n( Lublin have been repulaed
with heavy losses.
With the ufficial aiiuouocement to
Inv, the war office reported a success
ful stand being made by the Kussiam
in defense of the Lublin ( holm railway
in the region where Held Marshal
Mncki'iiseu is endeavoring to envelop
Warsaw through the fortress of Ivun-
gorod. The enemy is declared to oave
suffered heavily, tint lute tliapatciie
from the front' declare that fighting
within eight miles of the railway II
just entering a divisive stage.
Strung counter attacks are being
driven against Von Mackensen'i right
wing, preventing advance of the Her
mans in the Hnlient north of Krasnotif.
It is hi-re that the enemy has pime
trnted to within eight miles of tne rail
way and where heavy lighting- is now
The Austrian fotcei er the Fui(
river are muring no progress agains
the Kiiiwinii left flank, the war orfb-H
Son Hi of the Vistula lh Russian!
have withdrawn to their strongly forti
fied punt ions extending from the fort
ress of Novo (leoiglewsk to Ivaagoro.l,
'ill miles In I ho southeast. Along this
line, bristling witii armored trenches
and stonily defended by field pieee
ami iiuiohliie guns, the Slavs are cheek
ing llie forward rush of the emmy. To
the north of the Pulish capital the
forces of Field Marshal Vou Iliiub'Uc
burg Bio being held along the Narewr
river. Jabbing at the Herman line in
st mug counter attacks, the Russian!
are inflicting, heavy losses upon the
ciieniv ami successfully resisting as
saults made upon liieir own defenses.
The mar of gnus only 13 miles away
can lie plainly heard lu the streets of
Warsaw, blattered bands of dormant
have even penetrated within 10 mile'
uf the city. They were only detuche.l
coinioaiiils', however. And were slaugh
tered before being able to withdraw to
their main lines. The belief persists in
I'l trogrud that Warsaw cannot be cap
tured. I'rnvers for victory in the great
conflict now raging went said through
out the nation yesterday. In an order
to ins I roups drand I'uke Nicholas call
ed li them for greater deeds. They
were told that the heart of the nation
was with tiiein and urged them to show
their gintitii.le by new feats of bruvery
and daring.
Iiespite a h'-avy bombardment the
deriiians have been unable to penetrate
the outer defenses to the west of War
saw near Illume, lor two days an
avalanche of shells has been poured
iigainst the redoubts perfected by th
Slavs during the winter, No serious
damage bus been done by the bombard
ment, it is declared.
At a mini m f iendlture in live!
the IdiHsnin infantry has been success
ful in lepul-nig evcrv assault, and with
llie... results of the past Is hours'
lighting, officials are confident tan
I be till-
i approaches to the city caiui,
,,i by stoiiii.
The Nun- river line is being strung
lv held bv ihe Russians. After suffer
ing severe lo-ses ill attempts to break
through tin" defense! ill this region,
; Von lliiideiiloiig has nut resumed hi
'attempts to penetrate the Sluv line tu
the ling river.
j The i ho f danger la now seen in th
jaiteiiipt or Field Marshal Von Macksu
I. en to envelop Warsaw tiirmigh Ivan
I Austrian! have arrived nt III
iioler defenses of this forlpss, wher
In aw lighting is lu piogiest Th
-111 V IS declined III be teekleselv c.-
iifu in,( men lor the slightest adviiiitiig
Ihut li , IV be gained. The llll-suill p'ssi'S
haw been ,',,n, uruli w'l', light as ipiu .
' iciir.-meiits have been made to lh
main line of detctis. s when lis-inlcd by
snpenor fun cs.
(lermins Close to CapiUl.
I Merlin, v :a The Hague. .Inly - 1 " Th
'full of War aw appiare.l imminent to-
..lav, Ti it.v is n-crlv half surrounded
ll.v (Ionium foi.-os at an average dis
tance of less thHil I i miles while all
tin." niilroads lending to Ihe Poiish
jiapitnl from the west are held by th
: al tin king armies, ol'fn lal dispulche
stated todav.
Koniois Unit the main bodv of Hus
sinus hnv.- ulr.ii.lv evacuated Warsaw
and that the Herman! were preparing
to occupy the cltv wettl eneul.lte.l t'
i.lav. but were mil credited bv military
authorities, I ritics following the at
tack closely believe that a great batlln
in the jungle of defense) about the city
(Continue j on l'agi Tbrt.)

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