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I Victrolas-the
Standard of the World
p r j i n mi
i aay rrea mncneu win manage
Cflllo if n liar TvifloI
vuus icuj 1 1 aucu
"Let's dance and sing
And make good cheer,
For Christmas comes
But once a year."
This is not an assembled machine one part made here,
other parts other places; in business today, other days
out of business. Victor means reliability, and sold as
cheap as unreliable bragged-up machines.
Prices range from $15 to $400.
Sold in Salem by
for Him
George C. Will
Almost A Panic
Hits Stock Market
Now York, Dec, 15. Tho Mew York
livening Hun financial review today
oaiii: ...
('(infusion again prevailed in Wall
arc nirvf cut to fit the slwilirs
perfectly. fctw$tim, bforyy
clueti VtABom hco;iNegW.iW
.Street with attendant pressure in the
stock market.
United States Steel, which sold ns
Ugh as 11 1 in the early forenoon, re
acted toward midday to nearly 109
with subsequent recovery to the neigh
borhood ol' IliJ, as compared with jreV
teidnv's closing at 118 5-S. The pre
erred also lost nearly two points. Must
of the standard industrials suffered
similar losses but there was good re
sistance shown in such issues as the
motors, rubber uad some of the trac
tion and copper shares. Trading through
out whs extraordinarily active, sulci)
between 10 and 2 o'clock approximat
ing 2,000,000 shares. This large Vol
unie of selling indicates the extent of
the holding which' have accumulated'
in the long bull movement of the sum
mer. The movement in the railroad shares
was well illustrated by Heading, which
at no time sold below the Thursday
closing level anil at one time was sell
ing more than two points above the
In the late trading there was dis-
Do you love
Your Grandfather, Your Father, or Your Brother.
Don't let him stay away from Church Christmas
Day because he has Bunions, Callouses or Arch
troubles. Make him a present of "Keith's Konquer
or" or "Unlocked Process" Shoes.
These are the Shoes that cure loot troubles.
A. J. Paris Shoe Shop
"The House of Heal Shoes" 379 State Street
Can vou beat our Shoe Repairing? Our customers
Say. "No!"
tinet improvement in the industrial
list, the juice level holding at approxi
mately yesterday's closing with few
exceptions. Trading throughout the lis!
was less feverish in the last hour.
Terms Not Made Known But
Little Kingdom Bows to
London, Dec. 1."). Greece lias accept
ed the allies' ul imatum. a Central
N'ews dispatch from Alliens announced
The terms of the allies' ultimatum
have not been made known. The origin
al demands made on Greece were for
surrender of her arms, control of the
telegraph and postal systems by allied
officials and guaranty id' Greece's neu
trality. The original demand for disarma
ment was made by the French vice ad
miral Du Fournet. A long period of ne
gotiation followed, Fournet finally sill
ling a time limit for eomlianepe.
t - .
Greece, made partial acquiescence,
but further complications intervened
ami finally the allies landed troops at
Piraeus, Which marched to Athens.
There was l ight ing in the outskirts of
the city between these forces ami Greek
reservists. The allies alleged treachery
and as 11 measure of reprisal immediate
ly instituted a blockade of Greece and
put n ban on departure of Greek ship
pin;; from allied porta, Presumably the
reported surrender to -the ultimatum as
above, comes because Greece forsaw be
in starved out.
Theitl have been a number of indi
cations that'll) the interim between es
tablishment of the blockade and to
day's reported action. King Constan
tino has been communicating with Ber
lin, possibly with the hope of throwing
his 'ol with the Teutonic, allies and af
fecting a junction of his forces with
Gorman troops in the lialkans.
By H. C. Hamilton.
(I.'nited Press staff correspondent )
Ml York, Dec. 15. The National
league magnates assembled in New
York fur their annual meeting have
promised to end it all today. They have
instructed Garry Herrmann und Barney
Drey fuss to be ready to weigh in at al
most any old tinfe today and in their
hurry to make this meeting, have agreed
to be called together before noon.
Just what the important matters to
be considered are remuins a dark secret.
But Dreyfuss declared he wasn't going
to leave New York until he had been
given an opportunity to challenge Heir
union's right to lead the commission. Ho
expects that opportunity to present it
self today.
To keep the newspapermen and others
who hang around National league meet
ings from going to sleep on the job.
Charles M. Weeghman confirmed the
rumor last Bight when he announced
that Fred .Mitchell, who has served ns
Qsorgs Stalling! ' right hand man at
Boston, would succeed .Toe Tinker as
manager of the Cubs.
Weeghinan made a great fight and al
most succeeded in keeping the news se
cret, but he didn't have a chance when
he finally was cornered.
While Mitchell isn't the man of
prominence in bnsebnll who had been
expected to fill Tinker's shoes, George
Stalling! expressed the belief that no
better man could have been obtained for
tho place.
"He will improve any baseball club
that .gives him a chance as manager, ' 1
Stullings said.
In exchange for Mitchell, the Brave
will get Outfielder Joe Kelly and sum
that was not given out.
Drink Warranted to Make a
Man Steal His Own
James E, Gaffney has been mentioned
as the purchaser of three clubs St.
Louis, Brooklyn and Pittsburg. Charles
H- Kbbetts hopes that, in view of Gaif
ney's holdings in question, he can hard
ly be accused of wanting more baseball.
Gaffney is said to have an option on
the Braves, held since that club was
sold to Percy Hnughton.
Mike Donliu is in cominimication
with Mike and Joe Contillion, Minneap
olis magnates, regardiuu a trip by the
Millers to Havana. Mike is trying to
arrange some ball games ns well as some
lights for Hugh Grant Brown's race
Muff Bronson Lost.
Seattle, Wash., Dec. 15. In the
closest decision rendered in Seattle for
many moons. "Muff" Bronson, Port
laud featherweight, dropped his four
round go here last night to Harry Pel
singer, of San Francisco.
The southerner showed a world of
cleverness and dazzling speed, but .no
inclination to mix with the hard hitting
Bronson. Muff entered the ring with
one eye in bad shape, ha vine but re
cently had it operated upon. This is the
'first leu chalked up against the clever
On the same ear, I, Sid Mitchell, Aus
tralian welterweight and Frankic Jones
of San Francisco, went four hard fought
rounds to a draw. Both were about all
in at the end of the bout.
- I
Younger Re elected.
Seattle. Wash., Dee. 15- In recogni
tion of the good work he has done as
graduate manager of athletics at the
University of Washington, the student
body yesterday, again elected J. Arthur
Younger to that position for the third
time. The board of control voted unan
imously, Younger was a strong advocate
of the Pacific Coast conference, now
known as the "blfl six."
For Men For Boys
Phone 368
Fly Book
Gun Case
Score Book
Spot Light
Dimmer Lenz
Lined Gloves
ley Hot Bottles
53 rhlm(ltr Phone 363
Roller Skates
Basket Ball
Tennis Racket
W ater Pistols
( ap Pistols
Gym Shoes
Bicycle Lamps
Air Gun
126 South Commercial Street
Husband In Prison, Lover
Jilted Her, Third She
Missoula, Mont., Iec 15.- Three
blighted romances figured today in the
Ms! of llessie Leigh on a charge of
mm during Fred Hoffman last October,
The state alleges she killed Hoffman
just after causing his arrest on u be
1 1 aval charge, Before shooting hiia the
girl swallowed strychnine but the dos
was too small to bring death.
K idence presented today showed
that the girl defendant 's first romance
went to smash when her husband was
Sentenced to a term ill state's prison
at Deer Lodge. Following this, it was
testified, was admired by a Salvation
Army officer, but the affair came to
nn tight.
Mrs. Leigh declares that Hoffman,
the third man, promised to marry her
and support her two-children, who are
in the state orphanage. When he re
fused to do so she caused his arrest
and then, it is charged, shot him be
tore officers could interfere.
do the witness stand Mrs. Leigh les
tilled that tho murder trial of F.d'th
Colbv t Thomas Falls affected her
To Close Mails to
Liquor Advertisements
Washington, Dec. 15. With senate
and house dry leaders predicting con
gress will act favorably on a national
prohibition bill perhaps this session,
the house postoffice committee today
Struck a blow at the liquor interests
when it voted by a majority of one to
prohibit use of mails for dissemination
of intoxicating liquor advertisements.
A penalty of not more than $1.(10(1
fine and three years in jail is provided
for anyone who circulates such an ad
vertisement in the mail. A seven to
four division of the hnuse rules commit
tee tor favorabL reporting the antic i
pated resolution of Representative
Webb for Immediate action on his mi-j
tional prohibition lull was 'today pre
dicted by Representative Chipoi field. j
Illinois, member of the committee.
'I am strongly inclining for nation
al prohibition nivsclf," he said, "and
.judging from the recent attitude nfi
members of the ' ominittec. I should say ;
only four would be opposed."
South Bead, Wash., Dec 15 The
Kleeb Lumber company "s mill here was
destroyed by fire la e lust night, en
tailing a loss of $200,000. The blaze
started in the fire room and spread to
the main plant. The less is partly cov
ered by insurance.
The plant has been dosed for several
weeks, but was to. have beeu started
again the first of the year to start cut
tins; 20.0UO.0OU feet of lumber.
Three winks for a drink!
liush-h h !
Klind pigt
Where f
In the court house! .
Gee! ! !
Walk boldly past the sheriffs office
without batting an eye go also past
the treasurer's offici "lance not at
the recorder's office nor go yet to
the district attorney's office, nor the
jOrtiec ot the superintendent of public
j instruction. They may know in these
I places where the blind pig is, but they
i may not tell.
Siop where it says "Taxes" but
don't let the knees weaken open the
door and go right in. Then go to
i the metal wicket and poke the heed
j through the aperture and wink three
'times at Sloped and say casually, "I
hear there is a blind pig in here." And
Sloper will brighten up his face will
be'um like the sunrise his eyes will
sparkle like electric lights on a foggy
jniuht and his mouth broaden into a
genial smile a sunny smHe a happy
! smile a knowing smile.
I Then he will thrust his hand under
. the counter and produce a bottle a
Bourbon no, a Sunnyhrook bottle
! maybe a Kentucky Cora Juice bottle
Jor perhaps a Cyrus NobJe bottle and
I sot its golden contents bewre the eager
! And on the label it says "Bootleg
j Whiskey" which is better than ordin
ary "whiskey" and it is bottled in
l hihuahua, Mexico, under the super
vision of Pancho Villa himself and is
said to have as much fight in each drop
as there is in Villa's blood. The goods,
before being sent here, was sampled by
the infernal V. S. revenue officer, Ven
us Carranza, and bottled for his ex
clusive use.
Ingredients oh, yes hot as well, a
Mexican popper compounded from a
wide variety of Mexican corns produced
on many barefeet marching over the
Chihuahua deserts, and guaranteed by
the pure feud act, as follows:
One Mexican toe nail; one-half pint
essence tarantula; five drops Mexican
tobacco juice; three leaves of sago Mcf
icana mixed well with fleas; one pound
Mexican sond, well sifted; one pound
senorita facepowder well used, and kiss
es of five Spanish dancers.
Guaranteed to produce a pleasing ef
fect of exhiliaration on snakes, tele
phone poles, bull dogs, rolling pins, miss
ing stair steps, and fidgety mid nervous
And the tax collector's office doesn't
know what, to do with it.
A brave man is wanted!
Double Price to See
World Series Games
Chicago, Dec. 15. The high cost of
the world's series, so far as the Amer
ican league is concerned, was handed
a Knockout by magnates ot that league
on their way home today from the an
nual meet ing here.
I rrices lor games tor the champion-
sclnp series in American league parks
cannot be more than double the regu
lar scale excepting box seats, which
will be $5, the club owners ruled, Reg
ular prices are often quadrupled for the
lug series.
Two big minor league questions, the
abolition of the draft for class AA lea-
igues and the establishment of an arbi
tration board for the minor leagues,
were left in the nanus ot i resident
Adoption of the new players contract
form prepared by the national commis
sion, including the much-discussed lift-
Utility clause, and resolutions to en
l force the rule against the altering of
signed articles of players, were other
; important actions.
Die schedule committee will meet
in New fork early February, Johnson
Children Cry
Seattle. Wash., Dec. 15 Put Sulli
van's Widely known Amerienu cafe bai
ls a heap of mahogany kindling and
broken glass today, following a raid
by the police wicekiug squad lute
Thursday. "Dry" police investigators
purchased liquor over the bar. they say.
The fixtures destroyed were valued at
10,000." The cabaret equipment adjoin
in gtliebiirrcemvas not destroyed.
Children Cry
Says He Was Kidnaped
By Russian Agents
Portland, Or., Dec. 15. A tale of how
he was kidnaped in Astoria by Russian
agents, chloroformed ami taken pris
oner through San Francisco to Russia,
was recited today by Kdward l'astaw,
age 89, a marine fireman, who has just
returned from the war.
l'astaw was born in liussia. lie says
that in July. 1915, the czar's men seiz
ed him. took him to l'etrograd and forc
ed him into the army. Wounded by
shrapnel, he claims he was discharged,
wandered into the desert, was captured
by Arabs and finally after ninny pri
vations reached Algiers and escaped.
Washington, Dec. 15. President Wil
sun today nominated Winthrop Moore
Daniels. New Jersey, to be a member
Of the interstate commerce commission-
Christmas Gifts
-Brass Bed
-Library Table
-Writing Desk
-Leather Chair
-Easy Rocker
-Smoking Set
-Dressing Table
-Princess Dresser
-Suit Case
-Wardrobe Trunk
-Room-size Rug
-Fern Baskets
-Children's Toys
-Children's Wagons
- Children's Buggies
-Foot Stools
-Fruit Baskets
-Aluminum Ware
Shop Early Buy Here
Entire New Wexford Building
count of Pearl Humphreys, administra-1
trix of the estate of L. P. Murpheys,
deceased, nnd closed the estate. The:
final proof showed there was $8S4.64j
in cash on hand.
Judgment by default was rendered j
today in favor of W. H. llobson against;
Candaco Down and F, II. Down on a;
promissory note for $550, which was ex
ecuted in Staytou in 1912.
District Attorney Kingo was in Au
rora yesterday on officii business.
He returned yesterday evening.
Children Cry
I?ev. W. G. McLaren, superintendent
of the Prisoners' Aid societ and also
superintendent of the Louisa Home in
Portland, has furnished bail for Mrs.
Nettie Ridings, charged with burglary
of the O. K. grocery on Twelfth street
some time ago, in the sum of $100 and
has taken her to Portland to await the
action of the grand jury.
arrest she- secured a divorce from her
husband. The case against her was dis
missed because she had a baby in arms,
j Her marriage to Smith took' place on
i December 2 in San Francisco.
Mary M. Foster, administratrix of
tne estate of James L. Foster, asked
i the county court today for the repay
ment to her of 50 received t'rnm tha
sale of a Bulck car in which she owned
an undivided half interest. The car was
sold as part of the estate of the do-ceased.
District Attorney Kingo received a
letter from Mr. and .Mrs. J, L. Smith,
who are living in Stockton, California,
stating they are now happily married.
Thev were both formerly of this City,
and both involved in the police court
and indicted before the grand jury for
illicit co habitation. At that time she
was Mrs. C, M. Bfume, and after her
In the report of S. H. Heltzel, ad
ministrator of the estate of Charles
Crume, deceased, shows the total cash
received was $280.98; The final hear
ing of the estate will be held January
15, 1917.
The first report of John Steelham
mer of Woodburn. executor "Of tho cs-
tate of James F. Goode, shows that the
total cash received so far is $979.67
and the total disbursements $S12.7r
; leaving $102.91 on hand.
:. . V .'I:
; 5:
Court House News
fe Www
Thomas ltiewn. partner of the late
John A. Carson dining the past nine
y ars, filed a petition in the county
court today asking that he e appoint
ed administrator of the partnership es
tate, which is valued at approximately
$2500. The partnership estate compris
es office supplies, ook debts, notes,
and amounts due. Judge Bnshey appoint
ed him administrator this morning anil
placed him under $5000 bond, as re
quired by law. Arthur Reinhart. Rich
ard Cartwright and Fred J. Rice were
appelated appraisers.
lu the matter of the estate of Os
wald Gleaser, Judge Rushey approved
the tmsl account ot Jenny Uleaser to
daj and closed the estate.
Judge Lusher approved the final ac-
Pain in Back of Neck Often
Denotes Kidney Weakness
Symptoms of kidney trouble are various,
but pain in back of neck and dull, aching
feelings in small of back are to be looked for.
Simply by realizing that these dis
tresses are often the onset or sig
nals of kidney trouble it
is well to get rid of
them immediately
by toning up the
The very best way
to do this is by tak
ing a little "Anur-
ic " with the meals. In
this way it is dissolved
with the food and finally
reaches the kidneys, where
it lias a tonic ettect.
"Anuric" was recently discovered
by Dr.Pierce. of BuffalojN Y., where
Ll has been thoroughly tested in his
..... . Invalids' Hospital. Manv can at onee
issociate Dr. Pierce with his great tomc, "Golden Medical Discovery,' 'and Ms
Favorite Prescription universally known as an invigorator for womanly i'ls.
Kidney, Bladuer and One Acid troubles bring misery to manv. When the
kidneys are weak oi diseased, these nat,,ra) filters do not cleanse the blood suf
ficiently, and the poisons are carried to all parts of the body. There follow
depression. uhes and pains, heaviness, drowsiness, irritability, headaches,
eMMUeaa and rheumatism In some peopl, there are sharp pains in the back
and loins, distressing bladder disorders and sometimes obstinate dropsy.
The uric acid sometimes forms into arr,vei or kirlnev stones. When the
une acid atteets the muscles and joijts, it eaoeCS 'lumbago, rheumatism,
gout or sciatica. '
This "Anuric" or Dr. Pieree 's is 3; times more potent than lithia, for it
dissolves uric acid in the svstem, as hot fater does sugar
Some one daily offers his of her words of praise of " Anuric." Here is what
Mr. Charles R. Zampiea has to say:
'I was troubled with rheumatism for a loag time. Just as soon as the
weather changed it bothered me. It attacked my legs ami in through the
shoulder blades- Kidneys were congested. Recently I used " Anuric " and
am pleased to say it has relieved me w0nderfullv "
Step in the drug store and get "Anu,ie," or send Dr. Pierce 10c for trial
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are the original little liver pills, first put np
nearly .,0 years ago. They regulate and invigorate, stomach, liver and bowels.
Much imitated but never equaled. Sugar-cos ted and easy to take as candv

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