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MONDAY, JAN. 22, 1917.
Now 5 straight
Since 1914, OWL tobacco leaf
has risen 60 in cost. Costs of
other materials have also advanced
When sold at 6 for 25c, OWLS
have cost you only a shade over
4c apiece. That price we cannot -continue
Knowing the kind of men who
smoke OWL, we believe they will
unanimously prefer to pay 5 cents
straight than find the slightest low
ering of quality.
Therefore: We must ask our
good friends to pay for the OWL
Cigar 5c straight or 25c for 5
The Million Dollar Cigar
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terms imposed upon the vanquished.
"It would be accepted in humilia
lion, uBder dure, at an intolerable aae
ritie and would leave a iting, a resent
ment, a bitter meniorv anon which term
that it might in all that it wa and did. cf peace would rest, not permanently
how mankind the way to liberty. '"" -nly aa upon quiekaand. Only a
"They cannot in honor withhold the I ee between equalg ran laat. Only a
(itucr me very principle of which
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To nnn
new diplomatic
Ruddy Cheeks Sparkling Eyes
i Most Woniin Can Have
Says Dr. Edwards, a Well-Known
Ohio Physician
Dr. F. 11 Ldwards (or 17 years
treated scores of women for liver and
bowel ailmem.i. During these years lie
gave to his patients a prescription made
of a few well-known vegetable ingredi
ents mixed with olive oil, naming them
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, yon will
know them by their olive color.
These tablets are wonder-workers on
the liver and bowels, which cause a nor
mal action, carrying off the waste and
poisonous matter in one's system.
H you have a pale face, sallow look,
dull eyes, pimples, coated tongue, head
aches, a listless, no-good feeling, all out
of sorts, inactive bowels, you take one
of Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets nightly
for a time and note the pleasing results.
Thousands of women as well as men
take Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets the
successful substitute for calomel now
and then Just to keep in the pink of con
dition. 10c and 25c, per box, AU druggists.
change looking to settlement of the
armed aliip question.
The) second course seemed logical to
authorities, though the department had
inndo no official pronouncement of its
views on that point up to early today.
Germany wants that vexatious problem
cleared; the department, too, would like
lo have it satisfactorily disposed of.
To date there has been gulf between
tlio two nations in their interpretation,
(icrninny says nrmnment mnkes a ship
a war vessel, without the usual immuni
ties of a peaceful merchantman. Capture
of prisoners on such a ship, she holds,
is justifiable.
On the other hand, the United States
says "defensive" armament is proper
and clears vessels thus armed- But
there hnve been slight indications in the
past two or three months thut tho Uni
ted States might alter some of its ideas
though perhaps uot euough to come to
tae Herman viewpoint. Hence the pos
sibility of disagreement wns greater to
day than in recent months, especially
as this issue is linked with the probnbil
ity of a blonder II I lata I submarine cam
ems m
aoiiea pxeitna a ovttn ou.
trea Hu&M Sinjjorts v'jl
on i ii sp poof 'bixrcirrra
4Boa jo nitj8 iamb e joj
By H. D. Robertson.
led Press staff correspondent. 1
De Janeiro, Jan. 22. Allied
Steamship agents today were discussing
plans for n convoy of allied merchant
men across the seas. The project con
templates "ports of rendezvous" in Eu
rope and South America.
1'nder such a scheme allied merchant
men would assemble probably at Lisbon
and Periiaiuhuco. mid on eeretaiu speci
fic dates would sail under protection
f allied warships all the way across the
British, Freueh aud Norwegian con
sular officials today completed arrange
meuls for transfer "back home" of
citizens ot those nations included in tno
prisoners lauded from the Hudson Main
at Pernambueo. Many will start the re i
turn trip on the next outgoing steamer.
Tho Brazilian government is taking
no chances of violation of its territorial
waters. A big fleet of belligerent war
vessels is petroling the coast line. The
cruiser Dcodoro was additionally assign j
ed to this squadron
It was one of this fleet of "neutral
ity guards" that today reported the
finding of tho decapitated bodies of j
eight Paraguayans and six Argentinians,
floating in the river near Porto Mur-j
tinho, Brazil. It is presumed they were!
enticed aboard a river .steamer by ent-j
tic thieves and massacred, although the I
nmtitc behind the crime is unexplained.
Former Oregon Coach
Will Go To Chemawa
Portland, Ore., Jan. 22. William J.
("BUI ') Warner, coach of the I in
versity of Oregon football team sev
eral seasons ago, will assume n similar
position at the Chemawa Indian school
next fall. Warner 's appointment has not
been officially announced, but it is un
derstood that it will be forthcoming in
tho very near future.
Warner, who formerly acted as men
tor of Cornell, from which ho was
graduated, had fair success with the
Lemon-Yellow team. His appointment
as coach of the Chemawa team is expect
de to put that institution back on the
football map.
Multnomah Schedules One.
Dow Walker, superintendent of the
Multnomah Amateur Athletic club, has
scheduled tentatively a game with the
Indian school, for ho believes that
Werner will turn out a team that will
give the club players stiff opposition.
service to which they are now about to
be challenged. They do not wish to
withhold it. But they owe it to them
selves and to other nations of the world
to atate the conditions under which they
will feel free to render it.
"That service is nothing less tha.i
this, to odd their authority and their
power to the authority and force of oth
er!' nations to guarantee eaec and jus
tice throughout the world. Such a set
tlement cannot now be long postponed.
It is right that before it eomcs this
government should franhly formulate
the conditions upon which it would
feel justified in asking our people to
approve its formal and solemn adher
ence to a league for peace. I am here to
attempt to state those conditions.
"The present war must first be end
ed; but wc owe it to candor and to a
I just regard for the opinion of mankind
I to say that so far aa our portieipation
i in guarantees of future pence is con
cerned, it makes a great deal of differ
once in what way and upon what terms
it is ended. The treaties and the agree
ments which bring it to an end must
body terms which will create a pence
that is worth guaranteeing and preserv
ing, a peace that will win the approval
of mankind, not merely a pence that
will serve the several interests and im
mediate aims of the nations engaged.
We shall hnve no voice in determining
what those terms shall be, but we shall,
I feel sure, have a voice in determining
j whether they shall lie made lasting or
! not by the guarantees of a universal
I covenant; and our judgment upon w hat
l is fundamental and essential as a con
dition precedent to permanency should
!be spoken now, not afterwards when it
may be too late.
"A covenant of co-operative peace
tljnt does not include the peoples of the
new world can suffice to keep the fu-
j ture safe against war; and yet there is
only one sort of peace that the peoples
j of America could join in guaranteeing.
! The elements of that peace must be ele
I meats that engage the confidence and
satisfy the principles of the American
: governments, elements, consistent with
i their political faith and the practical
convictions which the peoples of Am
! erica have once for all embraced and un
dertaken to defend.
"I do not mean to say that any Amor
! lean government would throw any ob
I stacle in the way 01 any terms of peace
I the governments now at war might
j agree upon, or Seek to upset them when
1 made, whatever they might be. 1 only
I take it for granted that mere terms
j of peace between the belligerents will
not satisfy, the belligerents themselves
Merc ngremnts may not mak peace se
cure. "It will be absolutely necessary that
11 force bo created as a guarantor of the
permanency of the setnement so much
greater than the force of any nation
now engaged or any alliance hitherto
formed or projected that no nation, no
probable combination of nations could
face or withstad. If the peace presently
to be made is to endure, it must be a
peace made secure by the organized
major force of mankind.
"The terms of the immediate peace j
agrceu upon win iieierimue wneiner 11 is
a peaco for which .such a guarantee can
be secured;, The question upon which
the whole future peace and policy of the
world depends is this: Is the present
war a .struggle for a just and secure
peace, or only for a new balance of
power; if it be only a struggle for a
new balance of power, who will guaran
tee, who can guarantee, the stable equil
ibrium of the new arrangement.' Only
a tranquil Europe can be a stifltile Eu
rope. There must be, not a balance of
power, but a community of power; not
organized rivalries but an organized,
common peace.
"Fortunately we have received very
explicit assurances on this point. The
statesmen of both of the groups of na
tions now- arrayed against one another
have said. In terms that could not be
misinterpreted, that it was no part of
the purpose they had in mind to crush
their antagonists. But the implications
of those assurances may not be squally
1 clear to all, may not be the same on
I both sides of the water, I think it will
I be serviceable if I attempt to set forth
I that we understand them to be.
I "They imply, first of all, that it must
1 be a peace without victory. It is not
' pleasant to say this. I beg that I may
i be permitted to put my own interprota
Ition upon it, and that it may be under
stood that no other interpretation was
I I. ,,. , I, .1,1 1 ..atrlnn nlv t.i
face realities and to face them without concerning ir
equality and commoa jwrtiripation in a
common benefit. The right state of
mind, the right feeling between nations
is oa necessary for lasting peace as is
the just settlement of vexed questions
of territory or of racial and national
The president declared "the very ex
plicit assurances" regarding peace, re
ceived from belligerents imply that the
peace that comes must be "a peace
without victory." Victory, he declar
ed, would be peace forced upon the
loser, a victor's terms, imposed upon the
"The equality of nations upon which I
peace must be founded if it is to last,
must be equality of rights; the guar '
antees exchanged must neither iccog-j
nire nor imply a difference between big
nations and small, between those that
are powerful and those that are weak, j
Kight must be based upon the common
strength, not upon individual strength,;
of the nations upon whose concert pence j
will depend. Equality of territory or j
of resources there of course cannot be;:
nor any other sort of equality not gain-i
ed in the ordinary peaceful and legiti-
mate development of the peoples them-;
selves. But no one asks or expects nny
thing more than equality of rights. Man
kind is looking now for freedom of life, :
nor for equipoises of power."
''And there is a deeped thing in-f
volved thnn even equality of right
among organized nations. " No peace ;
can last, or ought to last, which does I
not recognize and accept the principle
that governments derive all their just:
powers from the consent of the gov-1
eraed and that DO right anywhere ex
ists to hand peoples about from sor-j
ereignty to sovereignty as if they
were property. I take it for granted,
tor instance, if I may venture upon a j
single example, that statesmen every
where are agreed that there should be
a united, independent and autonomous
Poland, and that henceforth inviolable
security of life, of worship and of in-j
dustrial apd social development should
be guaranteed to all peoples who have
lived hitherto under the power of gov
ernments devoted to a faith and pur
pose hostile to their own.
' 'I speak of this, not because of any
desire to exalt an abstract political
principle which has always been held
very dear by those who have sought
to build up liberty in America, but for
the same reason that 1 have spoken of
the other conditions of peace which
seem to mo clearly indispensiblc be
cause 1 wish frankly to uncover real
ities. Any peace which does not recog
nize and accept this prciple will in
evitably be upset. It will not rest up
on the affections or the convictions of
mankind. The ferment, of spirit of
whole populations will fight subtly
'and constantly against it, and all the
1 world will sympathize. The world can
be at peace only if its life is stable
and there can be no stability wdiere
the will is in rebellion, where there, is
not tranquility of spirit and a sense
of justice, of freedom and of right.
"So far as practicable, moreover,
every great people now struggling to
ward a full development of its re
sources and of its powers, should be
assured a direct outlet to the great
highways of the sea. Where this can
not be done by the cession of territory,
it can do doubt be done by the neutral
ization of direct rights of way under
the general guarantee which will as
sure the peace itself. With a right
comity of arrangement no nation need
bo shut away from free access to the
open paths of the world's commerce.
'And the paths of the sea must alike
in law and in fact bo free. The free
dom of the seas is the sine qua non of
peace, equality and co-operation. No
doubt a somewhat radical reconsider
ation of many of the rJes of interna
tional practice hitherto thought to be
established may be necessary in order
to make the seas indeed tree and com
mon in practically all circumstances
for the use of mankind, but the mo
tive for such chances is convincing
and compelling. There can be no trust
or intimacy between the peoples of
the world without them. The free,
constant, unthreatened intercourse of
nations is an essential part of the pro
cess of peace and development. It
need not be difficult either to define
n aomire the freedom of the seas
if the governments of the world
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and the. co operation of the navies of
the world in keeping the seas at once
free and safe. And the question of
limiting naval armaments opens the
wider and perliaps more difficult ques
tion of the limitation of arms and of
all programs of military preparation.
Difficult and delicate as these ques
t i an s are, they must be faced with the
utmost candor and decided in a spirit
of real accommodation if peace is to
come with healing in its wings and
come to stay. Peace cannot be had
without concessions and sacrifice.
There can be no sense of snfetv nnd
''I am proposing government by the
consent of the governed; that freedom
of the seas, which, in international
conference after conference, represen
tatives of the United States have
urged with the eloquence of those who
lire the convinced disciples of liberty,
that moderation of armament which
makes' of armies and navies a power
for order merely, not an instrument of
aggression or of selfish violence.
''These are American principles,
American policies. We could stand
for no others. And they are also the
principles and policies of forward lonk-
,., ,, Illy lllfli itnu .YUimii t un iimic .Mill m
equality among the nations of great Jern aml e
preponderating armaments are hence- foiloa community. They are the
forth to continue here and there to be , pi .g of manhill(j and must pre
built up and maintained. vail.-'
''I am moDOsiiior. as it were, that ' ii ,
in- the nations should with one accord,
cercly desire to come to an agreement ; aaopi we iwinm . ,, , j
I soft concealments. Victory would mean 1 ''It is a, problem
peace torced upon the loser.
the doctrine ot the world: that no,
filiation should seek to extend its j
Crafty Counterfeiters
Operate In Seattle
i vistor's with the limitation of naval armamcnis pumj ci -v ,V V i.
t vistoi s witn im eyfery pp.)ple shou,a let s,oattIPi Wftsh.. .Tan. 22. United
t ree In determine its own ioiu, us ! states secret service men were ennvine-
Afi !. ..I. I ,, '.li i ml I .. I n,1nt- .1,.,, n r.f 1,,. MflIa
U'ua 111,11 uu vt. ljiu Mill LJCSI,
counterfeiters on the coast was eornered
"I. ...... i , iMMnfJ
111 IBB anv " I.
''I am proposing that all nations
York, Jan. 23
shortly to establish a submarine "bar
rier" around Kngland and Vramv, at
tempting li "starvation blockade" her
self, according to general belief in
those two nations, passengers on the
White Star liner Baltic said today. Ac
cording to this information, Germany
plans to notity the world about reoru
Germany Reports Successes
Berlin, via Sayville wireless, Jan. :
Successful forefield engagements
the eastern Carpathians were reported
in today s ofticial statement, v. est or , ,oflrth' ' irI enrnnslino- alliances
Friedrichmdt, the statement also iSMfl , d hcm into c ti.
Russian attacks by raid.,... detachments. of fatch -n a n(,f of
"'" North of the OitO. vallev." the intrigue and selfish rivalry, and dis
statemeut continued, "There "was a turb their own affairs wUh influences
temporary increase in artillery activi- interinded from without. There is no
tv on both sides. West of l'nnieu a entangling alliances in a conceit oot
hostile companv attacked our protect- power. When all unite to act in the
is tag positions on the I'utna river and 1 same sense and with the same purpose
was repulsed. 'an aci in ine cumuiuu uiwmt ruu me
The statement reported onlv isolated free to liv!c their own lives under a
clashes on the Macedonian front, dur
ing reconnoitering operations.
English Reaulsed
Berlin, via Sayville wireless, Jan. S
Repulse of a "minor English attack
common protection.
when they arrested Prank E, Nichols,
age 53, Sunday morning at 1 709o 14th
Although Xichols declared he was in
nocent and a victim of circumstances,
government agents later found moulds,
home manufactured eoins, nnd a sup
ply of metal with which they declar
he worked. i
Since the middle ef December,
government's sleuths have been tracing
counterfeit dollars as coming from
Nichols. According to a letter found in
the house, Nichols formerly lived On. a,
-nnltrv ranch near Oakland. Cai
n - i nr ,1,.. i i.it ! ti, ..r ti,.u fnrm i in a hum irrenade engagement neari
of blockade. The notification, however 1 lens, was annouac-d in today's ofticial;
will officially characteriie the scheme j statement. I apture oi several rrrncu.
soldiers and a macnine gun ov wr-
man reconoitering detachments which
made short advances into hostile po;
tious near Be.ouvaux and Pont-a-mous-
son, was also reported.
as a "barrier" not a "blockade." To
make such a barrier effective, it is re
ported that Germany will put into ser
vice thirty new "super-super-submarines"
capable of IS knots on the aur
face armed with heavier guns than any I . .
........... i.iot't -1 . . nan .mil -i German Attacks Stopped
mored sufficientlv to make them imper ; Pari a, Jan. 22. Two liermau attacks
vioiis except to fairly heaw missies, j in trenches north of ouneres wood
Moreover, these new boats are said to yesterday evening was topped by artil-
fiit.l h ....iv.. min.. lv lerv and intantrv lire, to.ia s omciui
be fitted also tor extensive mine
ing and able to cruise about two thous7
and miles or more without replenish
ment of supplies.
The Baltic pasengers also furnish
ed reports that in connection with this
blockade Germany is preparing a new
contrabrand list on which it is expect
ed that all articles of food will be
statement related. A number of pa
trol combats in Alsace were also re
ported. Colonel Clark Wood in the Weston
leader observes that whatever else ;
may b laeking, the women officials of j
r -:" "will certainly have sandi
ISQPB f0 Jovcth hat ancient burg, "i
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