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! Willamette Valley News
Halls Ferry News
(Capital Journal Special Service)
Halle Kerry. Feb. 2-. The paa ulg nf
Hulls Kerry are enthusiastically con
giatulating themselves in hnving at
tained a school district, same having
been recently granted: it was sorely
needed ns maiiv children in the niiniodi
to viiinitv have
of tin- necPssarv schooling which each
ami every child is rightly entitled to.
We are strong up tins way now for
his hmiiir, Judge llnshoy.
Notices have been posted calling a
school meeting of the above, mentioned
district, same t le known as district
l.'IS, Hulls Kerry, said mooting to he
held Feb. Hth, Monday. 1 . m.. this
meeting is to ho held in the old lint
is its aim, they eitend a cordial invi
tatiou to all neighborhood laides to
meet with them. Meetings to be held
John A. 1 .auk ford, wife nnd son. who
have spent the pa, year in the eastern
states, have returned and are domiciled
twice each
Mrs. David Mathei. thing on the'
Halls Feriy tarn:, has as her house!
guests her brother and wife, Mr. and'
Mrs. Coleman of Nebraska, they are
grentlv pleased with our mild, delight-
long been deprived i ful climate.
neorge muion, wuo nas reci nnv pur
chased a ten acre tract of land of the
l!ivriow Land Co., MM Halls Ferry,
lies .i crew of men at work clearing'
ground and expects to iiegin building (
William Snyder an old scout of pio
neer times, has sold his homestead to
Mr. and Mis. C. W. Schwab, new coni-
troni .Nebraska, vacating premises
month ou each alternate in their home at Halls Perry.
Rickey News
(Capital' Journal Special Service)
Kickey, Feb. 23. Mrs. Crim spent
the week end in Salem with her daugh
ter, Mrs. .1. Howard
Frn nk
.M:deay Satuiduy nighr.
Little Bruce Bancroft who had
tonsils removed, is doing nicely.
Adolph C.esner was the guest of War-,
ron Wallace Friday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. K. A. . Lewis returned i
(Capital Journal Special Service)
Independence, Feb. 23. Dr. ('. F.
Cropp spent Sunday in Portlaad.
Mrs. J. B. Thompson of Albany is
the guest, of her bro.hcr Uow Waiker.
(or a few day.
Miss Penrle Percival returned home
from Portland Tuesdny. after spending
a week there studying the latest styles
in spring millinery.
Mrs. Alpha Bas'-ue returned home
from Portland Wednesday af'er attend
ing the millinery .'i.cn there.
Mrs. K. Bacon of Tillamook is the
house guest of her mother, Mrs. ( has.
Smith, for a few days.
W. Perrv returned home the iiast of
and Mrs. Ada
at 17 1 Jf.i 19 eeats and docks at 20fa 22
cents Turkeys and gees were also
The pork market was strong with the
best Selling up to IS 1 - cents. Top
grade veal brought 15 to 15 1-3 cents.
Mohair Going Op.
The eastern mohair market hag been
comparatively inactive during the week.
Prices on everything are very firm,
however, and the tendency is uaturally
upward. Commenting on the foreign
situation, the Boston Commercial but
letin says:
"In Yorkshire the situation is quiet
pr, no news of mohair being reported,
although prices are firmly quoted. Sales
at the Cape latterly havo been small.
Basutos having brought 33 cents for a
small quantity lately. Alpaca has been
moving slowly in Liverpool. A sale of
seconds is recently reported from that
Or'ron Frvsbie. lrvin Caplinger and j ;,. fr',m "
auk Harris attended the dance at . M,s ' ot ''r
in ron:nni nisi we-. , , u. .... ...:.... t--.
. . ...I ttwoivil i III' llil'K. .17fl I L' i n
a aue'iT
1 ; , arv combing, 50(n5.ic; best carding. 55
nesday evening. tu.. . tn...
Dixon attended the millinery openings! . a
hi '": '' I "Boston auotat ions:
Budd " bouae, at nails Ferrv station. I and having smaller acreage of the Hi
II is an interesting bit of history wor-lerview Lanil Co., and building a neat
the of note, that this, the first meeting : bungalow.
ol the new district should be held at
i C c r.- .... ., i,,tiu.l ,;.;- t!1 oo , goon cnriuug, Dvyn ooc ; oroinarv
ooilii . ouovi. w.., . iv. . ... .. tjs rr.. n I M
" " .. , . i i i hi ii in)' . i.i u jui. roiciun: i pe nrsi.
ar:: accepted a position in turkey, fair average, nom-
I the Conkev and
i young student mechanic?
neut citizens of Halls Ferrv
vet one of the strongest advocates
the old residence o) this good old pio
neer citizen. He being among the first
of the few to settle in this section, now
resting in his last long sleep with the I
people of yesterday, and the new gen-j
oration, the people of today, can but
honor hint and pay tribute to his car 1
li' 1 claims.
The Uuffon Brother'! of Halls Fern is dearine sumo, with view of going in
have the contract of furnishing the ; to the onion business on an extensive
timbers for the new dub house, to be (scale, with the high cost of living and
built soon at the golf links, which is the much heretofore despised ouion
to be constructed oi logs ot generous j soaring into the class of luxuries, it
dimensions and two stories, the prints I looks as though Mr. Buffon had the
show an up to date building and VMS' (right "view."
picturesque. A lot of interesting im-j ft, .. Cain, one of our new citizens,
proveiiients are coining out Riverside recently from Monroe, Oregon, who ill
drive'' towards Halls Ferry, nnd ru-;sn has purchased n tract of land, is
nior has it we are soon to have a new ! raising "cain" in the timber by ex
store building. tensive clearing.
We an glad to congratulate our. Miss Schwab with her younger sis
iicighhnrs at Livesley station on tin' tor, Miss Laura, who is attending high
good gravel road that is being put in school in Salem, are week end visitors
from Livesley station to the golf links iat the homo ol' their parents, Mr. and
nine being constructed and donated DV Mr. C. . Schwab
Mis. I). A. Harris who bus been ill
with la grippe is able to bo up again.
i: : c, ..e ..... - rnu .. r.. ..... ... 41. a it...
.'in line .i niiiuii uni oi inn lyii.'ui i m iii-iioii iui iii-,.'cii- in in ...v, . fe.u
a bachelor: nr.v last ! nday was Kesolved that i.in- , - sharnlv reduced, but stocks are so liehl
of coin dil more for his country than 'grade, has made a neat wooden box for . 4. . ' u-a ,.,;. , k..7
maintained without difficultv. There is
Onion Demand Small.
consumption of onions at all
reached by Portland has been
the new school district we have, is con ) Washington. Only married women were holding the school wood,
stantiy making improvements on hisj allowed to debate and every one seem-1 Mrs."llavid Mills and daughter Lenta
f arm. I ed very anxious to see the ' hens " have returned to their home near Shaw.
W. H. BHffaa who has recently pur-! scratch and peck. Mrs. Whitney was Qur nlrai mR;j ,.nI.ripr ,. Msber,
chased a twelve acre tract of beavei chosen lender for the alfirmative and i c( . ;n on a four wheels all along the
lam land of the Kiverview Land Co.. Mis. C.iini for the negative. I hursday , these snowy and rainv davs.
evening Mrs. Wnitney received word W(J cmM hardly get along without
one oi ner osuswi guuhi uvi m- j-n-n
the T. A. Livesley Co. We only wish:
we also had a few that were more pro
gressive. The ladies of Halls Ferry and vicini-j
ty liaii' recently organised an afler-l
noon club, known as the "Recreation
rending, music, literature, 'ancyjtrv hou
nnd a general social help to each tect.
Mis. 1.. M. Laiikt'oid of Riveraide
Park farm at Hulls Ferry, one of the
most progressive of our farmers, has
been making additional improvements,
building a strong granery, capacity of
2tMM) bushels, and an up to date poul-
Whitmore was the nrcm-
eoimi not ue pies- ivi...
ent so .Mrs. wnitney ami .us. .u. ..
Magee tried to bold the fort against
Mrs. Uriat, Mis. Killiiin and Mrs. A.
Parsons, but went down two to three.
After the debate the following pro
gram was given: Recitation, Mary Kil
Uva4i solo. Irene Killiuii: recitation, lr
vin Caplinger; duet, Miss Schaller.
Miss Edwards; recitation. Miss Hazel
Harris; recitation, Margaret Magee;
recitation, M. M. Magee; reading of
Oatette, Frerd Hickman.
They could have divided the school
fund with "the church" thus relieving
the state of some of the responsibilities
of public education. This would have
been in line with this sectarian business
the late legislature distinguished itself
Miss F.sther Bowers is housekeeper
and caretaker in the family of Mrs
(lleasoii on Eighteenth street, Salem.
Spalding Plasters
Demonstrator is here again and we wish
any one troubled with
or kindred diseases, kidney, liver or lung
troubles, call and talk it over and get one of these
absorbent agents free to try. You will be surprised
to know what they will do for you, for they are not
merely plasters but Spalding Plasters.- There is a
- Here for a few days only. Take advantage of
this and get something really good for
115 S. Commercial Street
Fruitland News
(Capital Journal Special Service.1
Fruitland. Ore. Feb. 23. At the spe
citil school meeting held Friday, the
Kith, T. J. Eggler was elected to fill out
the unexpired term of M. M. Ransom,
who was n member of the school board,
but who had removed from the dis
trict. E. J. Mills is rapidly recovering from
bis two weeks' siege of measles. The
Jackson family is also much improved.
'nv that thev have finshed up the
business at the state house let us all
sing Gloria in Excelsis.
This week our school is being B4Ut4
by Miss Richmond and Miss Sullivan
of the state normal at Monmouth. These
young ladies speak in high praise of
the Fruitland school. )
Wonder bow Representative Tichenor
felt when Mr. Thompson imprinted that ,
magic circle with a draw string on his
blushing check; Is that net to form a
precedent to be followed In future as
ticmbl vs?
A short while ago H. C. Todd, our
teacher, book some of the pupils of the
sixth, seventh and eighth grades to Sa
lem to see the legislature perforin. He
then chaperoned them to n photo studio
and had their pictures taken in a group.
And this all at his own expense Mr.
Todd has endeared himself to all his stu
dents and w ill be long remembered by
them for his many kindnesses-
In its practical operation that surgical
bill might come under the head of niicl
tv to animals. The humane society s
attention is called to this.
Ernest Bennett and Harold Lattin
have made a nice dresser or commode
to hold the lunch pails of the pupils at
school. It is a nice piece of work pret
tily stained to show the grain of the
wood nnd reflects credit on the these
State House News
Governor Withvcombe this morning
signed house bill 550, which is the road
bond I. ill introduced by Representative
Bchimpff. All the bills are now signed
by the governor. There was only one
veto made, and that was house bill
115, which provided for pitting county
roads within the limits of St, Helens
under the jurisdiction of the city.
reason to believe, however, that pr'ces
have now almost reached the limit.
Potatoes, it is believed, will go high
er yet, as the demand has not been
seriously curtailed by the high values
There was but little business done in
the jobbing district because of the holi
day, and the Front street houses mere
closed in the afternoon.
There are but 20 carloads of onions
remaining in Oregon nt the time, and to
of these have already been sold and
awaiting shipment. This leaves but 10
cars for sale during the remainder of
the season. Announcement to that ef
fect was made during the day by V. T.
Hwank, selling representative of the
Confederate Onion Growers' association.
The Daily
Capital Journal
A Quick, Handy Reference
for Busy People
Salem Electric Co., Masonic Temple, 127 North High Main M
T. M. Hair, 164 South Commercial street Main 1M
Salem Truck & Dray Co., comer State nnd Front streets Main "
If we are forced into war, it will
be some comfort at least to reflect
that Von Tripitz will never draw down
any Noble prize money.
FOR SALE A bargain, 40 acres, 20
acres in cultivation, 6 room house,
good barn, out buildings, fruit; four
miles from good town in Douglas
county. Hquaro Deal Realty Co., 202
U. S. Bank bldg.
rologist, nervous and chronic, diseas
es a specialty. 35 vrs. experience with
drugs, surgery and drugless methods.
Examination free. 712 State St. Phone
Ferrv Sts. Full line nursery stock.
.Italian prune a specialty. Nursery lo
cated one mile east of penitentiary.
Address R. 0, Baleni, Ore. Phone 100
No. 84, meets every Thursday at 8 p.
m. in I. O. O. F. hall. C. O. Matltxk,
M. A. C. A Vibbert secretary, Crowa
Drug store, 338 State street.
A. O. D. W. noteetloa Lodge N. X
Meets every Monday evening at 8 In the
McCornack ball corner Court and Liberty
McKadden, recorder ; A. L. Brown,
financier ; K. B. Duncan, treasurer.
president ; Mrs. L u Tlllson, secretarw.
All cases of cruelty or neglect of damh
animals should be reported te the
secretary for Investigation.
Harvey Wells, insurance commission
er is in Portland on business connected
with the oil ice. Ho ill' expe
next Monday.
cted back
Is Good Advice
This is a most opportune time to select an Overcoat or Raincoat. The styles
in these garments change but little frfom year to year. The prices are now
greatly reduced and the qualities much better than will be possible to get
Mens Overcoats, $25.00 now $18.75; $20.00 now $14.85;
$15.00 now $12.50
Rain Coats have been reduced to just One-Half Price:
$15.00 Coats now $7.50; $10.00 Coats now $5.00;
$7.00 Coats now $3.50
A thrifty buyer will take advantage of the Suit Bargains we are offering
in H. S. & M. and other makes of Clothes.
As a result of an extended writenp
in the Engineering News, of New Vork
city, of the highway depudtinent 's lit
tle bridge manual, which was publish
ed in December, the department has
been receiving calls from every nook
and crannic of the United States for
copies. Requests have been received
from I'hiladelphin, Xcw York city,
Ohio, Illinois, Arizona, Texas, West Vir
ninin. Quebec. Canada; and Boston,
Articles or incorporation were filed
this morniiiL' bv the Valentino Manu
facturing company of I'ortland to deal
in wooden tovs and novelties. The cap
ital is given "as $80,096 und the incor
porators John L. Valentine, T. K. Oon
lon, Waurice V. Seitz.
The American Bronze and Brass
Works filed with a capital or 110,(10(1
for establishing a ireneral foundry. I tie
incorporators were Robert Gray, Mat
thew Camobell and D. A. Schindler.
The place of business II Portland.
Supplementary articles oi incorpora
tion changing the name of the Fourth
Street Store, I'ortland, to "Levitts,'
was tiled. Also supplementary articles
bv the Portland Motor Car company
"vtcndinir the nowers of the corpora
tion to the building and owning of
Tortland, Ore., Feb. 23 With the out
side demand stll active and the weath
er unsettled , the egg market was firm
yesterday and about half a cent higher.
Sales were reported on the street at
32 1-2 and 33 cents, case count.
Butter wns very firm and sube ex
tras were quoted up to 39 cents. City
prints were out at the new advance
price of 12 cents in plain wrappers.
The poultry market is in a very firm
position and is likely to continue so,
as flocks in the country are known to
be much reduced, owing to the high
cost of feed. A local dealer's circular
""We advise. all poultry people to pro
duce iust as much as possible this spring
for stocks have 'all over the I'nited
States) been greatly depleted. Prices
will surely be lugli ana we sliouiu meei
the situation. Eggs will also be high
nnd all pullets should be saved from
slaughter. "
Hens and spring roosters were quoted
The following prices for fruits
and vegetables aro those asked by
tho wholesaler of the retailer, and
not what is paid to the producer.
All other prices are those paid tho
pioduccr. Corrections arc mado
DR. O. L. SCOTT Graduate of Chiro
practic's Fountain Head, Davenport,
Iowa. Jf you have tried everything
and got no relief, try Chiropractic
spinal adjustments and get well. Of
fice 406-7-8 V. S. National Bank
building. Phone Main 87. Besidence,
Main 828-B.
Hay has taken a tumble in price,
according to market quotations this
morning, itutterfat and butter hold
steady in price, country butter selling
for forty cents. Kggs are on the raise,
with indications of further advances
if (he cold snap continues
Smelt is coining into the' iiiarkel in
quantities, and prices are
Regular conclave fourth Friday to each
mouth at 8 o'clock p. m.. In Maaonle
Temple. Sojourning Sir Knlgbta are
courteously Invited to meet with nt.
Lot L. Plane, B. C, Frank Turner,
UOiraoN OOtlNCIL, No. 1, R. ft 8. M.
Stated asseuilily first Monday In eac
month, Masonic Temple. N. P. Raamue
sen, Thrice Illustrloua Matter; Wenn C
Nlles, recorder.
SALEM COUNCIL NO. 2822 Knlghte to
Ladles of Security Meets every 2nd aa4
4th Wednesday eack month at Hurtt
Hull. Visiting members are Invited te
attend. E. h Walttn, financier, 480 a.
14th Street.
PACIFIC LODGE No. 00, A. F. ft A. at
Stated communications third Friday
In each month at 7 :30 p. m. In tit
Masonic Temple. W. II. Dancy, W. U, 1
f.rnent H. Choate, aeeretary.
&k Ztl WOODMEN OF TUB, WOR,n-Meet ever,
directors. Latest modern methods
known to the profession employed
499 Court St. Main 120, Main 9888.
Men's Work
-r -v-r-T-T-T --v-T4"t-4
26 Boys'
Suits at
Half Price
quite large
going down
Wheat $1.20(i$1.2j
Oats, new .- 45c
Bran $28.!i0
Shorts, per ton $32
Hay, cheat 8 10
Hay, vetch 10U
Hay, vetch $12
Hay, timothy $16
Buttcrfat 43c
Creamery butter, pat pound 44c
Country butter 'iO(a li'-c
Eggs and Poultry
Eggs, trade 30c
Eggs, cash 29c
Hens, pound 1516c
Roosters, old, per pound 9c
Turkeys, live 1921c
Turkeys, dressed 22"a)2'lc
Ducks, live lol(ic
Geese, live 12c
Pork, Veal and Mutton
Fork, on foot 10L-H 3 e
Veal, according to quality ....ltfolSMrf
Veal, according to quality 10il3c
Steers 68e
Cows 45'jC
Bulls 4(oiae
Kwcs Bt
Lambs lie
Wethers 68e
Figs and Dates
Figs, 30 12-oz $2.60
Black figs 10e
White figs lie
Goldeu dates 15
Dromedary dates $3.75
Cabbage 6c
String garlic 7(5)10c
Fotatoes, per 100 pounds ....$2.7r(S;3.00
Parsnips, carrots and beets ..$1.25
Green onions 40c
Artichokes $1.10i
Lettuce, California, crate $3.25
Onions 9(5)9 VjC
Celery 1.101.25
Tatnale husks, lb 10c
Cauliflower $3.00
Brussels sprouts 18o
Apples -
Oranges, navels
' Lemons, per box
Bananas, pound
; i aniormn grape i rim
directors and undertakers, 252 North
High street. Day and night phone
proprietor. Garbage and refuse of al
kinds removed on monthly contract!
at reasonable rates. Yard and cess
pools cleaned. Office phone Mair
2247. Besidence. Main 2272.
ON Good Heal Estate Security
Over Ladd & Bush bank, Salem, Oregon
Eastern Money at Lowest Bates, on
approved Security. Homer H. ;ii.i:th,
Room 5, McCornack Bldg., Salem, Or.
Fridav night at 8 o'clock in Derby
bldg., Court and High Sts. A. J.
Swcinink, C. ('.; It. S. Geer, clerk,
507 Court street. Phone 593.
B. N. A. ' 1 Oregon Grape Camp ' ' Na.
1360, meet every Thursday evening
in Derby and Laiky building, Oonrt
and High streets; Mrs. Sylvia
Sehaupp 1971 Market, oracle; Mrs.
Melissa Persons, recorder, 1296 North
Commereul. Phone 1430M.
CHAS. B. HODGKIN General Insur
ance, Surety Bonds, real estate and
rentals. Hubbard hide. Phone 386. tf
Co., 220 N. Liberty
Phone 263. A com
plete line of Electric
Supplies and fixture
50 years experience.
Dtpot National and American fence
Sizes 26 to 58 in. high.
Paints, oil and varnish, etc.
Loganberry and hop hooks.
Salem Fence and Stove Works, 25f
Court street. Phone 124.
Lv. Salem Train No. Ar. Portland
4 :38 a. m 2 Owl :85 a. as.
7:15 a. m 0 9 :M a. ah
9:46 a. m 10 Limited 11:30 a. m.
11:20 a. m 12 1:35 p. m.
1 :50 p. m 141 1. 4 :0V p. m
4 imp. m lo Limited ... 5:50 p.m.
5 .10 p. in 20 7:40 p. m.
7:55 p. m 22 10:00 p. at
Portland to Saijh
Lv. Portland
6 :30 a. in. Halem 8 :35 Eugene 10 :Bo a.
H :30 a. in.
10 :45 a.m.
2 .05 p.m. . .
4 :40 p. m.
8 :05 p. m. . .
9 :20 p. in. .
11 :45 p. m. .
Lv Corvallls
4 :10 p. m. .
Lv. Eugene.
7 :35 a. m.
1 :55 p. m. .
5 :25 p. m. .
12 :05 p. in. .
Lv. Bnlem.
1 55 a. m. .
10:15 a.m. .
Lv. Salem
12 :55 p. m. .
Lv. Salem.
4 :15 p. m. .
5 Limited
7 .....
. 13 Limited .
...17 Local .
IB ....
...21 Owl ..
10 :11 a. m,
12:50 p. a.
. . 4 :io p. m,
. . 8 :40 p. ta,
. . 8:10v. a.
..11:20 p. av
.. 1 :60p. m.
10 Limited .
10 Limited
r t -v-v t-v 4-v
I ! , . i-1 . I irrouo fruit
Warns Women Against Ww:l,
ting Corns and Says They i ('ocuai,uU
Lift Right Out
Bceanae style decrees that women
crowd and buckle up their tender toes
in li:-l heel footwear they suffer from
corns, then they ctrt and trim at these
painful pests which merely makes the
corn grow hard. This suicidal habit
2.50(a 2.75
Betall Prices
Country butter
KgK'i dozen
Sti(ar, cane
Sugar, beet
Creamery butter
Flour, lurd wheat
Flour, vnlley $1,9002.00
. 40c
. 35c
may cause lockjaw
warned to stop it.
A few drops of a drug called free.-!
one applied directly uKin a sore corn
give (jnick relief and soon the entire
corn, root and all, lifts out without I
pain. Ask the drug store nian for a!
ipiarter of an ounce Of f reewuie, which
costs very little but is sufficient to re
move every hard or soft corn or callus
from one 'a feet.
This drug is gummy but it dries in
a moment und simply shrivels up the:
corn without inflaming or even irri
tating tho surrounding tissue or skiu.
Portland, On
Club, $1.52.
Bed Russian, -1.30.
Bluestem, fliMs
Forty fold, $1.54.
Oats: No. 1 white feed, $3i.
Barlev: Feed, :.
Bogs: Best live, $12.35(ii 12.(10.
Prime steers, $9tl60.
Fancy cows, $7(8.
Calves, ( 10.
Spring lambs, $12(il3.
DBS. B. H. WHITE and B. W. WAL
TON Osteopathic physicians and
nerve specialists. Qraduate of Amer
ican school of Osteopathy, jarksville,
Mo. Post graduate and specialized is
nerve diseases at Los Angeles college
Treat acute and chronic diseases
Consultation free. Lady attendant
Office 505-506 U. 8. National Bank
building. Phone 859. Residence, 341
North Capital street. Phone 469.
corner Commercial and Trade streets
Bills payable monthly in advance.
..T.wr... , ,i . T . I . I.' M iw lUiDlCi Am
HI'IT.UI, ', "''"' ... . 'I n ....
gon Cedar Cump. No. 5246. meets ever
Tbarsdav evenliiK at 8 o'clock la ale
Derby-Lniky bldg., corner Court and
High streets. J. F. Day, V. C, J. A
Wright, Clerk.
RALRM IX)rOB Nt. 4. A. F. A A. II.
Htated ceinmunicatlons f rst Friday ll
each month at 7 :30 p. m. Id the Maaonb
Temple. Chas. MdCarter, W. U. ; . I
Holver. secretary.
Hggs: Selected local ex.,
Hens, 18 l-2(o 19c.
Broilers. 18(7i 2dc.
Uecse, 12 1 2(al3c.
Ar. Sat
5 :80 p. m,
Ar. Bat Ml
0:45 a a.
4 :00 p. a.
22 7 .56 p . a.
...2 Owl 4 :35 a. a.
Ar. Bugeat
...21 Owl 0 :80 a. a.
.. 5 Limited 12 :2s pa.
Ar. Albaaa
T 1 -.60 p. a.
Stops at Corvallls
Ar. Albaaa
0 -.10 p. a.
Ar. Albaaa
. . 7 :30 a a.
Ar. BugeM
IS 8:50 p. at
Lv. Corvallls.
8:25 a. a. ..
12:12 p.m. ..
2:11p.m. ..
4:10 p.m. ..
6:18 p.m. ..
Lv. Salem.
10 :16 a.m. ..
4 :15 p.m. ..
12:65 p.m. ..
6 :4U p.
Lv. Salem.
6 15 p. m. . .
Ar. Hale
10 8:45 a aw
14 1:45 p. a,
10 4 :00 p. a.
20 5:80 p. a.
22 7:58 p. a.
Ar. Carvallla
5 11 :83 a a.
0 8:88 p. a
1 2:20 p. a.
18 8:00 p. a.
SalbuCebr Limb.
No. 78 Arrives at Salam 0:18 a as.
No. 78 Leaves Salem 0:60 a m
No. 75 Ar. Salem (mixed) 2:00 p.m.
No. 74 Leave Salem 3 :05 p. a.
No conaectleo south of Ueer.
Salem, Falls Citt and Wsstbbn
No. 161 Lv. Salem, motor 7 :00 a. a.
No. 103 Lv. Salem, motor 9 :40 a. a.
So. 106 Lv. Salem for Monmouth
and Alrlle 1:40 p.m.
So. 187 Lv. Salem, motor 4 :00 p. ra
No. 160 Lv. Salem, niotar 8:15p.m.
No. 230 War Fr't lv. Salem. . . .8 :00 a. m
Ko. 162 Ar. Sulem 8:80a a.
No. 104 Ar. Salem 11:18 am.
So. 160 Ar. Salem 8:15 p. m
No. 168 Ar. Saltm 8 :0i p. m
No. 170 Ar. Balsa
So. 210 Way Fr't ar Salm.
2 :30 p. m.
Orrgnn City Transportation Powyany
Boats lenve Salem for I'ortland Monday.
Wednesday and Friday at 11 a. m. ; an8
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings
at 6 a. m. Fort'orvallla the boats ieav
Salem Tuesday, Thursday and Saturduy
evenings at 8 o'clock. Boats leave Porv
land for Salem at 0 .45 each inornlnf.

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