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i- 'A f I
HOWsdo vouknow
vhere the honeysuckle grovs ?
HlburNose .Knows
and with equal certainty your nose knows
good tobacco. Pure fragrance is the soul
of things. A tobacco with a satisfying,
pure fragrance will prove a smoke with
a soul.
Such a Tobacco is
ThcPerfeci Tobacco for Pipe and Cigarette
Made, as it is, from an expert blending of
rich, ripe Burley leaves, grown in the
sunny "Blue Grass" section of Old Ken
tucky, TUXEDO has a pare fragrance
that is all its own.
Try this Tet: Rub a little Tuxedo briskly
in the palm of your hand to
bring out its full aroma.
Then smell it deep its deli
cious, pure fragrance will
convince you. Try this test
with 'any other tobacco and
we will let Tuxedo stand
or fall on your judgment
"Your Nose Knows"
lOcnt Tins
la HaifwFuu
:. i n Pound Giass
(Qoatinued from page one.)
(Continued from page one.)
"making satisfactory progress," ac
cording to the report of tield Marshal
Haig today.
"Everywhere we penetrated the en
emy's lines," the British commander-in-chief
"In the direction of C'ambrai we
stormed Hcnnies and Bourssers and
penetrated into Havrincourt wood,",
the statement asserted. I
"la the direction of St. Quentiu we
captured i'resnoy Le Petit and are ad
vancing a lino southeast of Levcrguir, "J
the statement continued. !
The report asserted that there was no
estimate of the number of prisoners as
yet, but that a considerable number had
been reported eaptured.
Ship Sunk Submarine.
San Francisco, April 9. The sinking
by the British tank steamer Sequoya
of a German submarine during a fight
off the Cornish coast was revealed to
day following the arrival of the Se
quoya in Wan Francisco.
The submarine was destroyed after a
20 minute battle, during which one man
on the Sequoya was killed, .three were
wounded and the bridge and steamer's
wheel house were carried away by the
submarine's shell fire. Finally a shell
from the Sequoya struck the driver,
Lose Your Fat,
KeepYour Health
Superfluous - flesh is not healthy,
neither is it healthy to diet or exercise
too much for its removal. The simplest
method known for reducing the over
fat body two, three or four pounds a
week is the Marmola Method, tried and
endorsed by thousands. Marmola Pre
scription Tablets, containing exact
doses of. the famous prescription, are
sold by druggists at 75 cents for a
large case, or if yon prefer you can
obtain them by sending direct to. the
Marmola Company, 864 Woodward ave.
Detroit, Mich. They are harmless and
leave no' wrinkles or flabbiness.. They
are popular because effective and con-yenient.
Skinner & Bushuell operated the fer
ry. Although the ferry was to be sold
at a right price to Marion county, since
Skinner & Bushnell were not operat
ing, Judge Kirkpatrick refused to pay
the $5 a day- Hence Marion county and
Salem will stand the entire expense of
the free ferry.
It will be remembered that when
Skinner & Bushnell were asked to name
a fair price for their equipment and
25 per cent profit, their figures ran up
to $.j.)O0. The committee appointed by
the Commercial club and the Marion
county court regarded this price as ex
orbitant, and after appraising the
barges, offered Skinner & Bushnell,
$2300. This offer was refused, and to
prevent the city from operating a free
ferry, Judge kirkpatrick issued the
injunction against Marion comity.
Part of the stipulation between Ma
rion county and Skinner & Bushnell
provides that "Marion county shall
pay for said equipment, a sum of mon
ey equal to the valuation placed there
on by the commission heretofore refer
red to, said payment to be made with
in ten days from the date of filing of
which sank immediately amid'a burst of
flame and smoke.
Germans Like It.
New York, April 9. The German of
ficial statement received from Berlin
via London today declared "minor en
gagements" between Albert, Cambrni
and Peronne "were taking the course
intended by us."
This is the section in which the Bri
tish today reported their great drive.
"A battle around Arras began this
morning after several hours drum fire,"
the statement said.
a duly certified copy of the award of
said commission with the county clerk
of Marion county, Oregon."
Up to Marion County
Should Marion county .refuse to pay
the award, within ten days of the
date of filing the award, the injunc
tion against Marion county will again
be in force. In the stipulations, Skin
ner & Bushnell do not claim any future
profits, but do claim a reasonable prof
it for their investment.
If' for any cause there is not a final
settlement after the awards have been
made by the circuit judges, Marion
county is to return -the equipment to
Skinner & Bushnell and pay a reason
able sum for the time it had used the
So there you have the ferry situa
tion. Judge Kelly and Judge licit will
figuro the value of the outfit of Skin
ner & Bushnell and if they cannot
airrec, may call in another circuit judge
Then if Marion county for any reason
does not pay the price agreed on, it is
to return the barge to Skinner it Bush
noil, pav a reasonable price for the udo
thereof, and the injunction would bo
on again.
Anyhow, everybody is invited to
come across the river, free.
During the month of March 3,858,328
packages of first class matter passed
through the Portland post office; 34,
liOl more than during the same month
last year.
United States Will Help Sweep
Raiders and U-Boats
From the Sea
By Carl D. Groat
(I'nitcd Press staff correspondent )
Washington, April 9. The Cuited
State will woik in full harmony with
the allies, it was officially slated at
the navy department today.
In keeping with President Wilson's
message to congress, "valuable cooper
ation will be undertaken."
Secretary Ianiels declined to say
when this cooperation goes into effect
or to what extent it will be carried.
The presumption is that it is alreadv
under way, in part.
The coperntion is to be heafty and
thorough. Preliminary discussion "start
ed Saturday, continued yesterday and
doubtless other meetings will be held
For the present, it is likely that the
American navy will direct its efforts
at clearing a part of the Atlantic of
submarines and raiders, giving tho al
lies a greater freedom of action than
has been possible without American
Incidentally, reports of one or more
raiders in the Atlantic persisted again
today, though the navy idea generally
was that tho Nantucket Shoals "raid
er" was only a drifting derelict.
Aside from cooperation between the
United States and the allies the sin
cere cooperation of labor a gigantic
factor has been pledged to tho gov
ernment. President Gompers of the
American Federation of Labor, has
given assurance that there will be none
of the labor disputes which for a time
marred England 's chances in tho war.
South America Too
Entrance into tho war of Brazil, Bo
livia and perhaps others this week,
bids fair to have i vital effect upon
developments, adding as it does to tho
crushing weight against llohenzollern
isni. ,v
New reasons for prosecuting tho war
relentlessly if any such be needed
were furnished by Belgian atrocities
reported by the state department, show
ing conclusively tnat Uermnny s heart
lessness is a menace not alone to Bel
gium but to tho world. The report de-1
scribed Germany as gradually drawing
the strangling steel net about Belgium
making her a vast internment camp.!
The war department preparation for
a big army under tho expected congres
sional passage of the administration
war bill, is ready for recruit work. At
the same time, the department is keep
ing every eye on the Mexican border
situation, though the latest reports
from General Pershing indicate no pres
lent cause for alarm-
Other government branches are pros
ecuting thoroughly the hunt for Ger
man Bjnes. Partular care is tflkon to
strip the border of any of these in
triguing German hirelings.
The state department anticipated to
day that it would soon know officially
about the reported Austrian break in
The Oregon conference of the Unit
ed Evangelical church closed here yes
terday. Dunne the sessions the con
ference pledged itself to stand behind
the government in this crisis, adopting
the following resolutions:
"We recognize the wave of democ
racy that is sweeping autocracy, des
potism and imperialism from the earth
in the death struggle that is now on
with the greatest of all these, Prussia.
We realize that we no longer live to
ourselves, but in the world, and "that
we must think, pray and act in world
terms. Therefore, we deem it our duty
and privilege to pledge our loyal sup
port to our government in its humani
tarian efforts for righteous adjustmgnt
of world interests."
The conference also went on record
as favoring national prohibition.
The following appointments for min
isters were made by tho conference:
Oregon conference district. 8. S.
Mumey, presiding elder, Portland;
First Church, J. A. Goodc, Portland;
Oekley Green, H. II. Farnham, Port
Brooks, C. C. Calkins; Beulah, S. A.
Ramsdell; Corvallis, C. P. Yates; Dal
las, W. S. Plowman; Dayton, G. K.
Erskine; Eugene, V. E. Fisher; Elkins,
M. J. Ballantync; Florence, R. 0. Caves
Gaston, J. L. Burns; Hillsboro, A. H.
Miller; Kings Valley, L. K. isriggs;
Lewisville, C. S. Poling; Lebanon, S.
Pal; Mapleton, M. D. Phelps; Kick-
reall and Middle Grove, G. 11. Stover;
Salem, G. L. Lovall; Summit, V. A-
Ballantyne; Warren, J. Bowersox; con
ference missionary, C. C Poling.
The ' Comel.-ok ' man was rrallv
newr down and out. His weakened
condition because of oxerwurk. Ia k ot ,
xer iso, improper eatiiiji and living de '
inands M insulation to satisfy the cry for
a health giving appetite and the re-1
f rolling sleep e-seutial to strength.'
GOLD MEDAL Haarlem oil Capsules, i
the National Komedy of Holland, will
do the work. They are wonderful'
Three of these capsule each day will
put a man on his feet before he knows i
it; whether his trouble comes from uric1
acid poisoning, the kidneys, gravel or
stone in the bladder, stomach derange
ment or other ailments that befall the
over zealous American. Ilon't wait tin-'
til you are entirely down and out, but;
take them today. Your druggist wilL
gladly refund your money if they do j
not help you. 2.V, 50c and f 1.00 per box ;
Accept no substitutes. Look for the'
name GOLD MEDAL en every box.i
They are all pure, original, imported j
Harlem Oil Cupsules. j
Evangelical Conference
Passes Resolution On
War and Other Things
We recognize the wave of democracy
that in sweeping autocracy, dispotisni
and imperialism from the earth, and in
the death struggle now ou with the
greatest of these Prussian we realize
that we no louger live to ourselves but
in the world and we must think, pray
and act in world-terms, therelore be it !
Resolved, That we deem it our duty!
and privilege to pledge our loyalty and i
support to our government in its!
humaniau efforts for a righteous ad
justment of world interests.
Eesolutton on Prohibition.
Realizing that the liquor traffic is the
gaentest of all our foes iu this national
crisis, there be it
Resolved, That we instruct our sec
retary to memorialize congress to im
mediately submit to vote the question
of national prohibition and insist that
cur Oregon representative iu congress
support it.
On Romanism.
The conference expressed itself
strongly to the effect that there can be
no double loyalty. Romanism demands
supreme allegiance to the pope, and the
nation is honeycombed by the intrigues
of the Roman hirearchy opposing our
free schools, free speech and freedom
of religion, and the conference went, on
record as utterly opposed to such in
trigues and political meddling.
Dcn't Be Afraid to Buy Your Summer Needs in
Clothing, Hats
and Shoes
on account of the rain, for we are not going to have
any more rain for a long time, and unless you get
your outfit at once you will be unable to secure what
you want later, for the merchant is having a hard
time to secure goods,
Portland, Or., April 9 The Colum
bia-Willamette Trnpshootors' . associa
tion competition for the Oregoninn tro
phies will start Sunday, April 15, and
will continue for six or eight weeks, ac
cording to the number of clubs taking
part. Seven clubs already have com
plied with the league requirements and
there are two or three more yet to
hear from. '
The Albany Gun club, the Capital
City Gun club of Salem, Or., the La
Grande Gun club, the Woodbru Gun
elb, the Round-up Gun club of Pendle
ton, tho Canemuh Gun club of Oregon
City, and the Astoria Rod and Gun
dub have filed their entires with the
trapsbooting editor of the Oregoninn,
This leaves nn odd number of dubs,
and should there be no further appli
cations it will be necessary for one club
to play solitaire for one day during
the season, this being considered pre
ferable to dropping an entry for the
purpose of having an even number.
The Oregoninn is dositious of giving
Brick Brothers
First Volunteer of
Aumsville Honored
Harold Ransom being the first young
man of this neighborhood to heed the
call of his countrl, a large number of
his friends assembled Thursday even
ing at tho residence of his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Chas. Ransom, to tender him
congratulations in honor of his enlist
ment nt this time, when brave men
are needed to maintain the honor of
our flag and bear it on to victory, un
til the principles which it represents
will not only mean freedom for our
own country .but freedum for the civil
ized world. Tho. evening was spent in
games, interspemed with both instru
mental and vocal music, patriotic songs
and airs predominating. After a nicely
prepared lunch, at a late hour the
guests took their departure. As Harold
goes forth into his new field of labor,
whether at routine duty or on the tield
of battle, he ciin rest assured that there
will be a warm spot reserved for him
in the hearts, especially of all those
who met to do him honor.
Those present were: Mv. and Mrs,
Chas- Hansom, Harold and Wayne Ran
som, Mr. and Mrs. Irwtil Robertson,
Miss Dell Robertson and Justin Robert
son of Turner, Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Anderson, A. E. Clark, Mr. and Mrs.
T. W. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. A. P.
Speer, Mr. and Mrs. P. (5. Speer, Mr.
and Mrs. H. C. Porter, Mr. and Mrs.
Ross Coddit, Mr. and Mrs. 11. C. Lewis,
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Boone, Mr. and
Mrs. Robt. Colviu, Mrs. A. W. Schrunk,
Mrs. Matt Flier, Mrs. C. P. Hem, Mrs.
n ,ii , -
Your dealer has a supply
of fresh Sunkiit
Orange avery day.
These ara tha uniformly
good orange. Order at
dozen today.
Uniformly Good
Calif orniFruitGrowrExcbni
everv club in the stale a chance to wir.lSherm Swank, Mrs. Chas. Martin, Mar-
one of the trophies, and everv entry
received not later than next Wednes
day night, April 11, will have n place
on the leegue schedule, which will be
printed in the Oregonian.
Eugene, Or., April 9. Tho high
school debating championship will bo
decided in Kugene, May 11, when two
debaters from Joseph, representing trie
eastern part of the state, meet two
representatives from Silvrton, the
champions of the western section of
the wtntc. Tho subject is compulsory
health insurance. The debute will come
during the university junior week end
The university nays all the expenses
; Wichita, A. O. Schmallo; Adna, - "
,, lb,'! rL: ;l'0-Kn ." champion.!, cup to tho
winners in a tield which originally in
cluded 72 high school teams.
Trench Press Forward.
Paris, April 9. French forces con
tinned an advance in the region of
Maison De Champagne after hand gren
ade fighting, today's official statement
The war office reported repulse of a
German attack north of Rhein-s, op
posite Conrcy.
For Itching Scalp
You do not want a slow treatment
for itching scalp when hair is falling
and the dandruff germ is killing the
hair roots. Delay means no hair.
Get, at any drug store, a bottle of
zemo for 25c or $1.00 for extra large
size. Use as directed, for it docs the
work quickly. It kills the dandruff
germ, nourishes the hair roots and im
mediately stops itching scalp ' It is
a pure, reliable, antiseptic liquid, is not
greasy, is easy to use and will not stain.
Soaps and shampoos are harmful, as
they contain alkali. The best thing to
use for scalp irritations is zemo, for it
is safe and also inexpensive.
The K. W. Koe Co., Cleveland, O.
Independence, Or., April 9. James
Edward Tlkius, whose funeral services
were held here Friday, was bom in
Virginia in 1M"2 and, had he lived un
til June J, would have celebrated his
ilOth birthday. :
He came to Oregon iu 184.) ami in
1M.50 took up a homestead near Mon-
moutn, where lie spent tne greater part
of his life. In 3 Ho I he married Miss
Lucy Cumalt, who passed away Novem
ber 21, 1901. Besides five children, El
kins leaves 1.") grandchildren and nine
great grandchildren.
A delegation of about 20 citizens of
Independence and the south part of tho
county waited on the county court
Wednesday morning and secured an
appropriation of $2000 toward tho con
struction of nine miles of new road
from Independence to the Hcnton
county line. The balance of the cost
will be borne by independence people
and property owners to be benefitted
by the improvement. It is intended
that this new ruad shall be u link of
the proposed hard surfaced highway
across Polk county. Dallas litemi.er.
gnret Hauge of Portland, Miss Kthel
McDonald, Mrs. Idea Hem, the Misses
Ida, Alice and Bessie Schrunk, Miss
Lena Herg of Shaw, the Misses Viva
and Mary M'cNenl, Miss Edith Diet?.,
Miss Osie Gricc, Miss Katie ' Brock,
Pearl Flier, Geo. Flier, Miss Vcneta
Eastburn, John Eastbum, Miss va
Douirhty, William oughty, Opal Phil
lips, Ruby Speer, Elizabeth Swank,
Llewellyn riier,
Spraying Experiments
Will Be Made Soon
by 0. A. C. Experts
By O A. C. Experts.
Experiments in spraying, both liijird
and dry, will bo carried on in the gen
eral experimental work this spring un
der the supervision of Prof. H, P. Bars,
of the O. A. C. Tests will be made on
the orchards of the Oregon state hns
pilnl, blocking off n certain number
of trees for the dry spray and a like
number for the liquid method.
The experiments this year w ill be car
ried on mostly for apple mildew, npplo
scab, San Jose scale, gooseberry mil
dew, currant nnthiacnoso and loganber
ry anthranose at the state institutien
On the tracts of W. T. Jenks the ex-
Jack Speer, Mark Speer and Max Con
dit. Record.
Grace. Leona and
.Merle and Gwen Martin, nonaiu Mpecr, .rionments will be for nrune blossom
Elmer Colvin, Holly and Eunice Lewis, I j 1 i irli t mid brown rot. At the Winstal-
ci -r....i. o.. .l Afrn. C' I " , ,
ey piuee, neyoixl tho county poor form,
the experiments will be for California
peach blight. On the George W. Weeks
place, for pear scab. Experiments for
pear scab will also be held at the E- E.
Kvans tract, near the Kaiser school.
Cherry brown rot ami blossom blight
will be treated at the lloosier place in
the Sunnyside district. C.vlindrospor-
i liitu experiments will be tested on tho
(Continued from page one.)
advance until the standard list was
some 1! to i! points up.
I IH: UUjtlllg JIIVJX in. UK nun . nuui. 1; Kl- I'UIIHI H IUU irBCtS a 11 I OI tBO l)l-
spent, however, and by mid-day trad- stable Lone Maple orchard for leaf spot
ing . died down leaving most of the in-1 on prunes, one of the worst diseases i n
dustrial issues not more than a fraction
to a point or so above the previous
closing level.
A quiet churning movement char
acterized the afternoon trading. In
most cases tho past part of the earlier
gains were wiped out. After selling
up 1 to 4 points, the steel group react
ed with one or two exceptions to near
Snturdny's closing.
Copper shares wero firm but narrow.
The general list was under pressure in
the late trading with several weak
Mrs. Lucy Keurns died at her home in
Stayton, Friday afternoon, March .'10,
after an illness of two months as a re
sult of a paralytic stroke.
I.ncv Jnn Brvant was born in Miller
county, Missouri, on March 17, 1H:18. She
The Kid Komedy Klub under the di
lection of Mrs. Anna Rogers Fish gave
an entertainment at the Spring Valley
school house Friday night for the ben
efit of the school 'funds. The players
and their casts are as follows:
"A Girl of Today."
Donald Davison "Bis" Nelson
David Howard "Puck" Evans
Rex Howard JamSs E. Elliott
Albert Schindler "Dud" Elliott
Turfield Schindler .. "Lady" Clayton
Dent's Office Boy.
Rex Howard Jack Burnett,
Theodore Howard. .Jimmie (office boy)
David Mr. Dent
Tleckman the Glazier.
aii o.i.:...ii- tm :..!.....
Turfield Schindler ... Charlotte Russe nightly and HU6 the Idcasinij results.
Be Better Looking Take
Olive Tablets
u your SKin is yeuuw cumpicxiuii - - , ' M ...m. i.or
pallid-tongue coatcd-appetitc poor- ! o,M the plains "";-
have a hart .ale in vnur moutha 'brother, John Bryant, wnen a gn of
oiilv U and settled in Jordan valley.
Miss Bryant was married to John
Kearns on September 28, 1K5I). To this
union were bom six children, five of
whom are living, liey are: t.eorge
W-, of Grants Pass; Mrs. Margaret F.
Smith, of Alturus, Cal.; J. T., Joseph
and Susan May, ull of Stayton. She is
also survived by 12 grandchildren, 11
great grandchildren, and a half-sister,
Mrs. M. Weinfurtner, who resides in
St. Louis, Mo. A daughter, Mrs. Ida
Staples, died October 11, 1HH7, and John
Kearns, husband of the deceased, died
May 7, 1!00.
Mrs. Kearns was a woman of broad
intellect, a devoted wife and mother,
and was loved by all for her sweet
Christian character. Stayton Mail.
you have a bad taste in your mouth a
lazy, no-good Iccung you should take
Olive Tablets.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets a sub
stitute for calomel were prepared by
Dr. Edwards after 17 years o study
with his patients.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are a
purely vegetable compound mixed with
olive oil. You will know them by their
olivi color.
To have a clear, pink skin, bright eyes,
no pimples, a feeling of buoyancy like
childhood days you must get at the cause.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets act on the
liver and bowels like calomel yet have
no dangerous after effects.
They start the bile and overcome con
stipation. That's why millions of boxes
are sold annually at 10c and 25c per
box. All druggists. Take one or two
the coast.
Mr. Barss Fays that ull the varieties
o'f pears su"ceptable to scab will be
about right for spraying the first time,
next week with lime sulphur one to 25
or Bordeaus 4-4-50. inis should be fol
lowed by another before the blossom
opens. Every bud should be covered,
ho savs.
Bulletins of the proper methods and
mixtures for spraying may be had by
writing the O. A. C. Prof. Barss will
return next week with an assistant to
begin the work on the state hospital
The Coos county court yesterday ap
propriated 20,000 to aid in construct
ing an nrmorv at Marshfielil.
REGULARLY Hood' Sarsaparilla
Before Meals Peptiron Pill After.
This combination Is having wonder
ful success everywhere.
It is sweeping poor health and fear
of mental and physical breakdown out
of many homes.
It is restoring lost appetite, givlns?
the glow of health to the cheeks, mak
ing faces bright and complexions clear,
and literally giving worn-out, brain
faKsed people the strength of iron.
For It combines that most useful of
all metals Iron in a course of medi
cine that is peculiarly effective.
Hood's Sarsaparilla is made from nn
unsurpassed formula of blood-purifying
and stomach-toning remedies, in
cluding sarsaparilla, mandrake, dan
delion, yellow dock, wild cherry, gen
tian and other valuable alteratives
and kidney and liver remedies,
-Peptiron Pills, named from pepsin
and iron, include these with mix ami
other blood and stomach tonics just
what physicians prescribe.

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