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Vhat Sbil I Do With My Daughter?
B KOXK WK-VTON BULL. ; : iwr met t keow mure stout, and rr
KOTZ: QtnatiOB an Mm ccv.patians! more for her lire xtork, and krr farm
f womea will aa cartfully anjwrd niuil ta abr h for ar future
by Mrs. Bull Addreaa bar la car of ritiieaa. Thia attitude of indifference
tall papar. Ed. is giTiny place, howerer; to one of in-
. , . ... teone concern. Special child are'ieae ile-
One baby out of aerr nifht born in , , . . ... i "
Z . . parlmeiila are being etiabliahed ia atate
tha Lotted Wmt dieii before it ia one- . .. . . . . ... , .
,, and my department of health and in
fear old. . .
, . ... , numerable private agenriea are. en-
I wa fornierW thought that th wa 0p,ra,in. witB pllbic authorities in
provision of nature to prevent rbil- demonstrating the need for infant wel
drea who were sickly, and who had deli-; fr work.
cata constitutions, from growing up into! Tne 'inrt teP taken in eitien, town
weaklings. Today we know that most rounne nere a real ngni is ne
of these death are unneeessary, that
they are the result of ignorance, care
leasneas, and failure oa the part of the
puunc to recognize that they can be pre
It ia only in the past decade or so that
the government has begun to feel re
sponsibility for keeping alive the chit
dren who are born in the United States,
ad that it ba begun to make a study
of causes which lead to their deaths.
Birth registration is comparatively
new, and on the whole America ba
No Relief Mrs. Brown Fin
ally Cured by Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable
Cleveland, Ohio. "For years I suf
fered so sometimes it seemed as though
ii could not stand
ll I J II 1 1 1 M I M 1 1 1 1 1 M 1 1 1 1 r I I H
Y'f 1
ing made against infant mortality is to
appoint child welfare nurse who under
the direction of physicians are re
sponsible for the care of mothers and
babies who cannot afford private
nurses, and who, because of ignorance
and poverty, are likely to be neglected.
.Every city which claims to have the
welfare of it inhabitants at heart is to
day making an effort to study home
conditions uuder which its babies livo,
and to see that they are given proper
care. Infant W eliare stations and
Baby Clinics are multiplying in all
parts of the country, and the baby wel
fare nurse has come to be a recognized
institution. She is a student of condi
tions which are responsible for the high
infant death rate, and as a collector of
information and statistics she hns iil
ready proved invaluable to local gov
ernments. Hie not onlv knows why so
many children die in their first year,
but she can mid docs prevent dcnllis
which would occur if it were not for her
Whether the baby welfare nurse in
employed bv the Division of Child II v
giene of a city government, whether she
acts for a hospital or baby clinic, or is
engaged by a woman s club or a Visit
ing Nurse society her service is that of
investigator, advisor and educator. She
is bound to become one of the most im
portant factors in the. enmpaign for bet
ter babies, and for more live babies and
fewer dead ones.
The work of the infant welfare nurse
is very much like that of any other pub
lic health nurse except, of course, that
she specializes mid devotes her entire
timo to the care of mot hers nnd babies.
baby but the entire faiuily profit byju
aer viit
A a rule tbf mother bring their!
babies each week to a ajalhern' confer-'
race nation or baby clinic where they I
( be eiaiuiaed by a pkyiirian. anil,
where tha baby ea be weighed. Tbe
mi rue keep a card record of the lnl.l
from the dar of it firnt vrit to the
the mother
card is marked each week wilb -thel
baby's weight, it physical condition
and growth. It furnishes a complete
record of its first two year of life.
The work of the baby welfare nurse
is' full of delightful opportunities to
meet people on terms of the utmost con
fidence and helpfulness ami to be of
the dar of it first vrit to the .If - T TT I
. u ahe i. conscientious nd .f;BIarffarer Mason Tells of
sother to operates with her. this! i I r 1
,uuuii,n s Latest rasnion
By Mirjaret Mason.
"My skirt' in ribbons, " sobbed poor
service to th m in a thousand different What ever am 1 going to dof"
ways. Ihe importance of this branch of"Just calm jourself," Dame Fashion
nursing cannot be overestimated be-j said.
cause if is at the root of all social re- " For I've fixed that. So toss vour head,
lorni. me osiiy wruare nurse is hii ,.ni wear vour skirt with bauebtv
.....J : lv..:i.i;.A. - u....... i :i " e .
healthier citizenship. j. ribbon skirt's the latest style!"
All the little things which mean so
much to the health and comfort of the; New York, April 21. With fickle and
oa .y are taugui oy tne nurse sue is an i,lgl.ni(llla ya,hion ba.i.Uir.g the ribbon'!
'ing of the child and her advice is sought l"1 trwU U bou,,( t0 rac Coma
in the solution of many family prob-1 quently the new "nbbonette" skirts
lenis which Bre really outside her pro-1 are sure to v. in tu a walk. To begin
....... ,.,., W1IQ ,ne woniterful new ribbons are
ami as one w no nns vniuame iniorma- qllite the most beautiful creation in
tiou to give. the fabric field to end with they are
Dr. J. H. Mason Knox, late president tnp Bame. Therefore if vou use a width
of the American Association for Study nf Persian rib !,- t l.plri,. o Wir n. .
and Prevention of Infant Mortality, lias
stated: "In the last analysis nil our
work hinges upon the better care of in
dividual babies coming under our in
fluence, and it is here that the trained
nurse should be given the first place.
yoke mid another width of Persian
ribbon to end it at the hem the answer
is a bit of Persian peifectibn.
A pleated skirt of oyster white tussor
with a Id-inch band or rose, blue, gold
anil green plaid ribbon around the hem
my nusband was
sent for and the doc
tor came. I was ta
ken to the hospital
and stayed four weeks but when I came
home I would faint just the same and
bad the same pains.
A friend who is a nurse asked me to
try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound. I began taking it that very day
for I was suffering a great deal. It has
already done me more good than th?
hospital. To anyone who is suffering
as I was my advice is to stop in the first
drug-store and get a bottle of Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound before
you go home." Mrs. W. C. Brown,
2844 W. 12th St, Cleveland, Ohio.
it any longer. It
was all in my lower
organs. At times I
Could hardly walk,
for if I stepped on a
little stone I would
almost faint One
, " J tuiiu tu IUU I.IIIC JlltlllieiB uuu uuiiii
day I did faint and1, and directs all her efforts towards mak
ing and keeping them both well.
The baby welfare nurse has a tremen
dous responsibility. Her daily routine
demands faithfulness and close atten
tion. In cities where the board of health
works in close connection with physi
cians and where prenatal care is provid
ed the nurse is given the names of all
expectant mothers in her district. She
keeps them under supervision until the
children are born ana rfien assumes re
sponsibility for the babies as well as
for the mothers. She makes weekly
visits to their homes, shows them how
to prepare the baby's food, under the
doctor's instructions. She is constant
ly, though unobtrusively, teaching les
sons of hygiene and sanitation and help
ing in a thousand ways, little nnd big.
so that not'only the mother and Hie
both because of her uuiotie opportunity i ,iesn 't force it' wencr to n.,..into
and because of the good results which Ahem, Ahem " to attract attention,
she has and does accomplish. It is she A stun , in u - I,,.. ..,..,.i;,.,,lr
who enters the home, a welcome visitor. gtri1)es of vivid Koman stripe ribbon, 10
but one armed with expert knowledge ( ;,. willth alternating with plain em-
and kindly act- It is she who can ope
the closed windows, remove superfluous
You can get Sunkist
Oranges wherever
uniformly good fruit
is sold. Tissue wrappers
aiampea ounKist
tify the genuine,
rln -
Uniformly Good
California Fruit Grown Exchan
LA 6
erald green ribbon of equal width. The
effect of the, plain toned ribbon of
course accentuates the fact that the en
tire skirt is formed of ribbon lengths
Gorgeously flowered ribbons alternat
ing with the one toned strips arc as
effective as the Koman striped ones and
you are sure to go dotty over white
khuki-kool skirt with huge pockets, hem
and girdle of cerise satin ribbon spotted
with silver disks, big us dollars.
In many of the ribbon skirts the plain
and fancy ribbons are used in alternat
ing strips running around instead of up
and down. These are forsooth for the
willowy woman while the perpendicular
strips bring joy to the portly persons
who are short of stature and breadth
and long only-on Kmbnnpoint.
Another method of applying the wid
er 12 and 15-iucli fancy ribbons is ns a
panel in the front and back of the skirt
with a width of pleated plain lined silk
on the sides.
Though ribbon skirts arc positively
the most novel of all the new skirt con
ceits a plain one which shows your true
mettle is a glowing garnieniof lustrous
silver cloth. These metallic skirts are
clothes, prepare the baby's feedings,
give it a bath as an object lesson to the
mother, and perform a hundred other
services which together mean the differ
ence between, life and death."
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package,
proves it 25c at all druggists.
wonderful worn witb a slip over blouse
of vivid tint, bright with vari hued
bead work or embroidery.
Indeed the slip-over or chemise
blouse vie nith the skirts for very
gorgeuusness. It is true some carping
critics (mostly ones husband aud Lis
ilk) seem to look upon these new blouses
a glorified dressing sacks. But wait
till they get the bills aud tbey will se
the big difference.
One lovelv chemise blouse smack ing
of a Chinese tendency is of citron color
ed Oeorgetle bound around the low
round neck, loose bell sleeves and pep
lum with an inch band of Chinese blue
Georgette. A Chinese medallion sparse-
lv done in blue, gold and black leads
appears ,tno in front, two in back and
one on each sleeve. A girdle of the
citron edged with blue is finished with
a beaded tassel in the gold, black anil
This also comes in different color
combinations but the citron and blue is
more distinctive and Chinesev.
Flesh color, white or gray Georgette
make lovely slip over blouses (tiid ones
of embroidered net or voile are less ex
pensive by half or more but not that
less attractive by any means.
When walking out in vour ribbon
walking skirt and your slip over blouse
if vou want to walk awav with nil the
smartest sartorial honors you positive
ly must carry one of the fetching new
walking sticks. I hey are much like the
long Directoire canes that have tried
for so many reasons to be taken up- No
board walk or anv other fashionable
walk of life is now quite collect with-
Musterole Loosens Up Those Stiff
Joints Drives Out Pain
You'll know why 'housands use Mus
terole once you experience the glad re
lief it gives.
Get a jar at once from the nearest
drug store. It is a clean, white ointment,
made with the oil of mustard, liettcr
than a mustard plaster and does not
blister. Brings ease and comfort while
it is being rubbed on !
Musterole is recommended by mariy
doctors and nurses. Millions of jars are
used annually for bronchitis, croup, stiff
neck, asthma, neuralgia, pleurisy, rheu
matism, lumbago, pains and aches of the
back or joints, sprains, sore muscles,
bruises, chilblains, frosted feet, colds of
the chest (it often prevents pneumonia),
Copy of Washington's
Call for Kecruits
When tieorge Washington waa ia
command of the rmie in Massachus
etts, shortly after the IWlaration of
Independence in 177, he found it
necessary to send out recruiting of
ficers with poster and brass bands.
urging the young men to enlist.
lly a special ioster he made the n
i nniinceinent of recruiting a folhms:
j Tor the pur pi we of enrolling such
'youth of spirit as may be willing ill
enter into honorable service. 1 He en
couragement to enlist is truly liberal j
and generous, namely, a bounty of I2J
land an annual and fully sufficient sup-1
j ply of good and handsome clothing
land a daily allowance of large audi
j ample supply of provisions, together
with Tiil a year in gold or silver, tuei
whole of which the soldier may lay j
up for himself and friends, as all arti-i
cles for his subsistance and comfort are
provided by law, without expense to J
him. After a few years he can return j
to his friends with his (lockets full of!
money and head covered with laurels.
Ood save the I'nited States."
The war department has printed on
placards Washington's call for voluii-j
tcers ami ergeaiu i v mr i,,r.u
crnitin officer, has distributed several
in the city.
New Books Received
at Public Library
The Salem public library is in receipt
of a number of interesting books this
week. "Social Insurance," can now be
studied by those interested. Then there
is a book on "How 10 Conduct a Sun
day School" mid one on "The Business
of Heing a Friend."
The complete list of new books is as
follows, and they will be found on the
shelves Saturday:
Arnold Kssays in criticism.
Blackiiinr -Klemenis of sociology.
Bolen l'lain facts as to the trusts
and the tariff.
Conde The business of being a
Cromwell Agriculture nnd life.
Klson Book of musical knowledge.
TCly Munnrnlies aivl trusts.
Fabre The life of the caterpillar.
Fowler A history of sculpture.
Lawrence How to conduit a Sunday
Jlasson Best Rtories in the world.
If you are
in purity first
is what you
should always
There are many
other reasons
why but try a
can and see for
Mm- Ask
P!hC Your
out one. '
They come enameled in any shade to
match up or accentuate the color -scheme
of your costume. Some of them have
Say cords and tassels tied around their
knob tops and others more elaborate
have coquettish bags of silk, beaded or
gold lace trimmed, attached midway of
their slender length.
I have no doubt that these fascinat
ing sticks will -stick this -season and
that soon no chic charmer can even step
down to the corner drug store for an ice
cream soda without this newest staff of
fashionable life fo lean on.
l'aton Join (i. l'atun. missionary to
the New Heluides.
Simons American literature through
illustrative readings.
Thurston The art of looking at pic
tures. . Westervult Legends of old Honolulu.
Wilson The motivation of school
Shenill Modernizing the Monroe
doc trine.
Lowell Involution of worlds.
Metchnikof t' Nature of man.
Kubinow Social insurance.
Brown Tile prisoner. '
Conrad Victory.
Fox Heart o'f the hills.
Hawkins A young man's year.
Hold ns Magnetic north. .
St'acpoole The gold trail. .
Street Need of change. '
Widrtemer hv- notf
'--Ttiriiiiiiiii" . .7"""'"" "J"" " ' .-iww mmmm hi nM i,..s.iu wiwo mi . j i . , .. ..... "" " ' - . suJ-j-tm mm i .... i ,iu.u-... n i n i n m 1 1 . i i.
"""" 1 " "" "" "" " 1 ,fl "mi - -HiMiMaM """ iifwan rirttiMiiittMMMlMinahi-,ra ...; - - -- - ',r- i ri r- " f urn mii - u hum jjjmii. .juq . ....
: ' i-ir '-un wtmJmmvmmmmi ,,,..JIWJWMWM, mmmmmmmm i
"" " " T"""'" miiniii MMmii mm-i " - - ,j ft, . . r ir-l--n' H'-lMi rlrttlrtr-v- ?. , , , , :Sa. ,aji3jlilllJI
VVIT.T, STTUPAKS ATIHITI? POT? HI FT? W.WPniJ TC iw ctitimp annua axtt r-TTrprrTxTn ti. tt o ,vn .im r r-inr ,ttT; tx r . "iAiy UK u:N1 WEEK THAT
ii SO REMARKABLE THAT IT T1ISCOITRAGF S AT T. ( OMPFTTTinAJ IN tcvf.v TRViMn imitatp itt, TifrrurvTro A aniaiAni AMI AlbN 1HAT WILL BE
ia " - vi,m avA. a i , 1 A M. Ill J A. V llTllin 1 U il I J
Some of the Prices That Will Create a Riot This Week
Extra Special-:00 pairs of Shoes selected Extra Special-500 pairs New Pumps and Extra Special-Men's Tan and Black, Button Extra Special-Men's Armv Shoe tan nnlv
from our stock that sold at $4.00 to $4.50, to Oxfords for the ladies in the very latest lasts and Lace 0xfords the lategt m m& s' ian
we' have all widths, and the price is only $4.95
be closed out this week only at the ridiculous
price of $2.95
grades $3.95
Other styles from $2.95 to $5.95
season; $5.00 and $6.00 grades, while they
last $3.95
Extra Special Ladies' Cloth Top Patent and Kid Vamps, Turn Shoes, in all Sizes, Regular $4.00
and $4.50 Grades, to go on sale now, for only . . . . .
Extra Special Men's $..50 and $4.00 Lieht WVU HRFW JH(1FS
Work Shoes in tan leather, a good, serviceable , rn 5 " i Vf a
Shoe V $2 65 Men s $o.00 Dress Shoes, button and lace,
Extra Speciai-Ladies' Tan Button Shoes and black and tan' g0 at : $3-93
Oxfords, all sizes and ?11 widths, in $5.00 and : Men's $6.00 Dress Shces, button and lace,
100 grades, all go at $2.95 black and tan, go at $4.95
Children's Tennis Shoes, black and white, all Men's $7.00 Dress Shoes, button and lace,
sizes, now go at 50c black and tan, go at $5.95
Ladies' $:5.50 and $4.00 Dress Shoes, button
only, now go at $2.95
Ladies' $5.00 Dress Shoes, button and lace,
good styles, all leathers, go at $3.95
Ladies' $6.00 Dress Shoes, button and lace,
good styles, all leathers, go at .$4.95
Men's Tennis Shoes, black and white, all sizes,
now go at 75C
Ladies' and Boys' Tennis Shoes, black, white,
all sizes, now go at 60c and 65c
Men's Work Shoes, up to $6.00 grades, black
and tan, go at $2.65, $2.95, $3.95
Phone 616
Next to Ladd k Bush Bank
n hi i ulti ii , .mm. iiJtWttM.
''l4"j''?wf'f?'-'-ti'-".1'' WTJ"Ji Hi. n. i mij i

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