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NO. 23
VOL. 3
Wartburg Tenn., Aug. 23,4918
ii ii nil n ivi a- h 1 r iv r
AMERICAN families would have less sugar than the
people of war torn France, if we depended entirely
on our home-grown sugar stocks.
Approximately 75 per cent, of our sugar is shipped
to our shores. We produce about 1,000,000 tons of sugar
a year. Our imports from abroad amount to over 3,000,
000 tons a year in normal times.
The United States Food Administration asks each
family to limit its use of sugar to two pounds per month
per persoii for household use. The military situation de
mands that every available ship be placed at the disposal
of the Army or Navy. When we save sugar, we saye
shipping. t i
Christian Endeavor. Society.
Presbyterian Church, Sunday Evening, Aug., 25; 1918.
AT 7:30
The power of the Cross on the Frontier
Scripture Reading - - .
What are ome of the qaalities of the men that seek life
on the Frontier. 5 Miss Sadie Ramsey
Song . . . Choir
What are. the difficulties of Missionary work on the Frontier?
A J Smith
Snpcial Sone
. it :. i
Bible Keaaings; -'
Myrtle Iwberry, Ollie Human, Wilma Schubert, Zfya
Bardill, TessHenry, Mrs C - Mehry and Lorene Davis.
Song A Choir
Mr James D Burton of Oakdale
has been advised by letter from Dr
Joseph T Ware, Federal Director,
under date of August lstf that or
ders'on hand show unskilled labor
needs in Wor work for August and
September of 451,000, ;
Tennessee's quota on thia. basis
is 3,465 and supplementary quota
will be assigned when all further
orders are in, estimates indicating
that present total figures will at
least be doubled perhaps not later
than August 15th. The County of
Morgan is to furnish 18 of the al
lotment. Those desiring employment un
der this call for Labours should
confer with Mr Burton as Agent
of U S Public Service Reserve.
v Marriage License
The following marriage license
were issued by the County Court
Clerk for the week ending Aug.
I7tb, 19$S.
E W IJall to Mamie Letner.
Merivel Smith to Florence Jones
Earnest Schubert to Emma Trail
The Government Wants You to Go To COLLEGE
and Enlist in the ARMY at the SAME TIME!
Write for Full Details of the Plan ot the
Students' Army Training Corps
Real Estate Tranfers.
The following real estate tran
sfers were entered fonureeord iQ tDe
Register's office for the week end
ing Aug. 17th, 1918.
Nathan MFairchilds and wife to
Larkin Fairchilds 25 Acres 2nd
Dist $100.
Mary Williams et al to G W
Snow 10 Acres 3rd Dist $50.
A H Snow to G W Snow 100
Acres 3rd Dist $540.
J F McNeill and R F Cummings
to W E Hardison 105 Acres 5th
Dist $4000 -
R B Ketchersid and wife to R F
Cummings et al 105 Acres 5th Dist
John Potter and wife to Emory
River Lumber Co R R Right of Way
11th Dist $25
' Wash Neil heirs to W E Ooten
68 Acres 7th Dist $300 ,
Maggie Unger to Albert Golds-
con 2 Lots 3rd Dist $700
A F Paul and wife to T J Fulton
2-Lots 10th Dist $900
F N Wright to Maggie Unger 2
Lots 3rd Dist $700.
August MiUef and wife.to Trus
tee of the C S Ry -7- Aeres 5 th Dist
Z T Scott etal to The Trustee of
the' Sou Ry 4.78 Acres 6th Dt $4
Mrs A E Dumraing et al v to The
Trustee of the Spu Ry . 18' Acre 5th
Dist 60 dollars - v
draft ages are extended, and it also
was announced that the suggested
date, September 5, would not be
the day for the registration of men
from 18 to 45, even if congress pass
es the bill in time' because several
of the largest states hold primary
elections on that date.
The provost marshal had no in
tention, it was said, of creating
registration dates for men reaching
21 throughout the year, but the
present registration was made nec
essary by the approaching deficien
cy of man-power.
There wiU be no new drawing to
establish the order of liability of
the new registrants. The provost
marshal general's office announced
tonight that the 1200 numbers
drawn for the June 5 registrants
would be sufficient to cover the Aug
ust 24 registrants in the " largest
district in tfie country.
Seriously Wounded.
Mrs Ben Kreis of Oakdale is rn
ported to have received a message
that her Son Henry. Kreis had been
seriously wounded in action in
France. This is the third Morgan
County boy "to be wounded since
the war began. Sergt Hagood a
former Oakdale boy and Geo Dag
lej of Petros being the other two.
Monday August 19
Germans driven back over four
mile front west of Armentiers by
British troops; spirited artillery
battle raging near Bevnraignes.
Americans gain more ground in
Lorraine sector. , O
Austrians in attack on Italians
are repulsed
Tuesday August 20
Enemy forced to give ground on
Three sectors: British drive Ger
mans back over six mile front west
of Armentieres and capture Mer
ville, French fight their way toout
skirts of Lassigny also take town
of Pimprez and capture 2000 pris
oners. Slight advance made by
French and Americans norih of
Vesle ' t
Wednesday August 21
Fresh victories are won by Allies
French make heavy gains in new
offensive blow between Oise and
Aisne Rivers wresting . from Ger
mans lost heights remaining south
of the Oise
British advance and capture pev
eral villages in Lys and Merville
Weeks War
Called Aug. 24.
About 150,000 Youths will
Register Under Old" r
Draft Lawft
.Washington, Aug 14 . Regis
tra'tson on Saturday," August 24, of
afiyouth8 who" buve reached the
age of 21 since the second registra
tion last June was ordered today
by Provost Marshal General Crowd
er under a proclamation by the
President. The purpose is to add
quickly to the almost exhausted
class one to meet army draft calls
in September.
About 150,000 young men will
register. Most of them will qualify
for class one, and therefore will
gain the army probably within a
month after their nam.sare record
ed. Telegraphic orders to local au
thorities to arrange for the registra
tion have already been distributed.
President Wilson's proclamation
excepts the territories of Alaski,
Hawaii and Porto Rico temporarily
but a later day will be fixed. Only
men in the armed service are ex
empted from registration.
It was pointed out at the provost
marshal general's office that this
registration would be entirely dis
tinct from the registration that
will be neceesary shortly when the
Condensed 2j
Thursday-'August 1 5
. Ribeoourt is captured by French
forces, it being the key to the val
ley of the Oise River.
Germansvretire over wide front
uorth of Albert.
r American- array officers believe
Americans may deliver and all
American attack soon.
Friday August 16.
Armies practically at a standstill
over entire Western Front; How
ever Canadian tops capture Dam
ery and. Parillers and French
make further progress near Ribe
court. Allied forces in Russia are push
ing south from Archangel in sub
duing the Bolshevik forces, and
armed peasants are flocking to their
Saturday August 17
Fresh allied onslaught drives
Germans back in struggle foe Roye;
Allied positions improved by bril
liant manuver.
Germans launch gas attack a
gainst Americans and French on
the Vesle Front.
Sunday August 18
B.ittle fronts between Vesle and
Somme Rivers virtually connected
by activities west of Soissons.
Raid of Americans in Lorraine
sector bears eemb'ance of new offensive.
Central High School Notes.
A baseball game between the
Deer Lodge and the Wartburg
High School . teams was enjoyed
last Saturday afternoon on the
Wartburg diamond,
Supt A B Peters and Mr J A Ky-
ker were present at Chapel 011 Mon
day of last week Supt Peters gave
an address which was very inspir
ing to both teachers and pupils
Lenora Sexton has been absent
the past two days on account of bc-
The following pupils entered
school this week: Anna Mae' Joy-
ner it Wartburg Rt 1. Charlie New
berry of Deer Lodge. Carson Sex
ton of Emory and Eliza Moates of
Friday the end of the first month
will be , test dayj& We request all
pupils to make a special effort to
be present on that day.
The enrollment at present is 142,
and we are anxious for others to
Join us next week at the begin
ing of the new month.
Petros Company of
To be moved to Knoxvillo.
The Company organized some
time ago at Petros hus a present
enrollment of more than 100 mem
bers, and it is reported they will
soon be moved to Camp at Knox
ville where they will probably be
joined with the other Companies
of the 4th Teun. Regt under com
mand of Colonel Chapman. The
officers of the Petros Co novr are
W Y Boswell Captain, E li Patton
lit Lieut, and N L Duncan 2nd
In this issue of the paper appears
an advertisment of the University
o Tennessee, calling attention to
the oppertunity offered to young
men who anticipate service in the
Army and gives them the privilege
of college training and at the ame
t me eulht in the Army, it will be
w.-U for those havirg ambitions for
advancement etc, to confer with
the University, aud investigate this

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