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I. 0. 0. F.
.F. UllSwv First and Third Saturtlayin
u muuiit
B, R. Dodeon, N. O.
li. H. Scott, Secy
r- JR. 0. U. A. M.
Wartburg Council No 15 Jr. 0. U. A.
M. Meets 1st and 3rd Saturday in each
monht. Visiting brethren welcome.
fciuerald Lodge No 377 meets every
Saturday night on or before each full
Triplet Gap Lodge No 677 meets
4th Saturday of wach month,
John iL-Jones, County Judge
H. C. Bvrd Sheriff.
G U Howard Trustee.
S. H. Jestes, County Court Clerk.
Chas W. Summer, Circuit Court Clerk
R. A. Davis, Clerk and Master.
W. B. Crenshaw, Register
W H. Jackson, Tax Assessor.
W. D. Jones, Coroner.
N. B. Melton, County Surveyor.
A .B. Peters, County Superintendent
Rescue Cage.
Less thrilling than being rescued
and carried down on a swaying ladder,
hut much more practical. Is a new res
cue cage.. When the fire ladder Is
thrown against a burning building It
carries with It a wire cable attached
to a flteel cage. Like an elevator with
out, a shaft the cage hangs from its
pulley at the top of the ladder, within
easy reach of the windows. It is low
ered by turning the cable drum on the
fire truck below, and will carry four
passengers safely. Popular . Mechan
ics Magazine.
Bright Rupert
The lesson was on the rabbit
"The rabbit has long ears, fur on
Its body, and a tall, nothing to speak
of, though," the master Informed the
The next day he wanted to see what
they knew about It.
"Now, then, Rupert," he barked to
a particularly bright youth, "tell me
something about the rabbit." ,
"The rabbit has a tall," said Ru
pert, eyeing his silent fellows trium
phantly, "but It mustn't talk about It"
Jutt So.
She Was teaching the word "ele
ment" to a sixth grade. She had told
them its meaning the substances of
which a thing Is composed and then
had Illustrated her definition by saying
that the elements of the earth were
water and soil.
Then she asked them to write sen
tences containing the word. And this
is the one Henry wrote:
"Water is one of the elements of
Possibly Lew Than Hair the People
of the Ottoman Empire Have
Moslem Ancestry.
"Probably less than half of the men.
women and children called Turks owe
their ancestry to the Mongol ami Mo
lein tribesmen who migrated from in
oer Asia to Anatolia." says i. o.-s-' H.
White. D. D.. in the American Revjf -.v
ef Reviews. "Probably Hie lurg r p:rf
are of ancestry once reckoned t'hris-
-ian. This Is continued by th fjict
. - . .... -
that the nhyslcal characteristics of ;
Mongols nave largely laueu mi. ""V
visibly persUt in some, notably i:i T;ir- i
tars Immigrant from the Crimea or j
the Balkan states, whose IliiPngr I ;
" comparatively pure. This but empha
sizes the differences in the case vt the
Anatolian stock.
"In the- heart of what we call the
Turkish empire approximately om
fourth of the population are avowedly
Christian ; approximately a fourth of
the remainder, the Shins. fre nearer
in srnfimeiit to 'hr:sil:ins than to
rulr Mohammedans; a majority of
the wlwh? are of Christian or''n.
Torre Im held tbcni together i:;it;i
O m I tit 'Mow! will Ml. and In pr'n
rijite of "reversion to tyjie rr-;i:t
!-. ourfd. After careful o'.serva
rinns tuntlnued durlnz ii::my .w.rs of
nss.!.i.e in the country I a:u o-!i-yi
,r 'tat the Moh.-'.mmi'.an Turks
i pot increase In naai'ifr. u.;".It a
tt,. I'W-'rr of ia'i:r( for t'o pi'ra!
sirn or io:vp; tny. -wLi'e :he Ottoman
Chri.-IL- :i do increase rai'.V.y cn!--s
checked by periods of massacre. IfT
then, some two million to five million
Mongol Immigrants filtered Into Asia
Minor, their descendants possibly
reach those numbers today; the rest
of the population Is to be credited with
Christian ancestry."
Bowling Green, With Its Ancient
Fence, Will Again Become Show
place of New York.
Modern New York will probably bet
ter appreciate its Bowling Green
fence, recovered and restored to view
by the Broadway association, for the
Incidental publicity of the restoration.
When the fence was new, Bowling
Green waa an important part of the
town, and the New Yorkers of 1770
considered It well worth while to Im
port the fence from England and pay
800 for It. One la reminded that short
ly before the fence was put up, the loy
Hi citizens, grateful for the repeal of
the Stamp act, had adorned Bowling
Green with a leaden equestrian statue
of George HI. For a while fence and
statue stood there together: then the
Revolution came, and the "Liberty
Boys" pulled the statue from Its ped
estal. The fence remained till 1914,
minus the gilt crowns that the "Lib
erty Boys" had hammered off the tops
of the fence posts, but the famous park,
lost In the growing city, was gradually
neglected. When the fence returns to
it, the park will be replanted with
shrubbery, and Bowling Green made as
much as possible like Its historic self.
Christian Science Monitor.
Insisted on Showing Hla Patriotism.
He was full of patriotism, was the
elderly man walking up State street
the other evening, and It Is possible
that an unprejudiced observer might
have suspected that he had taken
something else aboard during the
hours Just past. At any rate, he was
most patriotic and the sight Of a sturdy
doughboy gladdened his wandering
eyes. The boy was acting as convoy
to two maidens fair and wasn't par
ticularly anxious to be sorted out for
hero decoration at that moment, but
the elderly man was not to be de
nied. He took off his cap with a flour
ish worthy the days of chivalry: he
loudly proclaimed his everlasting ob
ligation and appreciation of the coura
geous soldiery that saved the world;
he insisted on shaking hands, not once
but thrice at least, with the young
man whom he called "Th saver of th'
country"- and he looked at the girls
as If he thought his patriotism, ex
pressed and partially understood, en
titled htm to an introduction to them.
The doughboy made' his escape as
quickly as he could, blushing exceed
ingly. And as he went along he con
fided to the girls :' "Gee, I wish 1 would
have got overseas as easy as the old
geezer got half seas over." Hartford
Courant. .
The Knightly Pledge.
"W'ats this Knights Commander of
the Bath decoration they're hanging
onto our generals over' In England?" ,
asked one wounded doughboy of an- i
other. ,
"Huh I" exclaimed his companion
from Tennessee. . "Reckon that must
be th' prohibition division of the Brit
ish service. All they gets to drink is
the two well-known waters-Hiot and
Not Exactly.
"Mother," said a small girl, after
contemplating her baby brother for
some time, "was I a bnby once?"
"Yes, dear; we were all babies
"You and daddy, mother?"
"And grandfather?"
"Yes, of course 1"
"What, mother I" exelnimed the
child Incredulously, "with that beard!"
China After Industries.
Chinese government agents have
been sent to several countries to
study the manufacture of telegraph
and telephone equipment with a view
to producing all such apparatus at
DciiTV mn . DMIMOIMrt
French Chateau Owner Had Amer-
j leans Remove woaern improve
! ments They Had Installed.
i In our anxiety to get results In
; France we were ofteu tactless from a
French point of view. This cause of
irritation was exaggerated by our gen
eral i;norauce of the language. I won
der If the America-, schools, after this,
will teach us speaking French instead
of the book French they taught in my
And we ran Into certain French
jKM iiliarities which we found It hard to
understand. For example, early In our
war n fhie old chateau near Bordeaux
was leas! for a headquarters. By the
terms of the lease we were to leavo
j everything exactly as we found it.
I The chateau in Its four or fire hundred
'yor of exi-tenre had never known
Hn;tary plumbing; the owners bathed
In wash basins or rubber, tubs. Ex
pecting to stay a long time we In
stalled, by permission, drains, bath
tubs, toilets, a water-heating system.
When, last January, we ended the
lease and moved out the officer who
conducted the business offered to leave
the plumbing where It was, since Its
removal would cost as much as it was
worth. The French owner refused. We
had to take out our plumbing. What
he wanted from that chateau was not
sanitation, but venerable beauty, and
the sense that he dwelt In the same
Identical home as his ancestor of the
tenth generation back.
The American finds it hard to under
stand such a point of view ; and he Is
a bit brusque in expressing his opinion
thereon. Will Irwin in the Saturday
Evening Post. '
Cotton Plantations Planted in Defiance
of Authority Stn Easily
- From tho Air.
The department of agriculture, has
adapted the airplane to Its needs, and
plans to have a large fleet of ma
chines to serve the farmer, lumberman
and orchardlst during the next six
months, according to an announcement
from Washington recently, says the
San Francisco Chronicle. The ma
chines will be used to find forest fires,
map out forest and other surveys and
to act as detectives to find outlaw
cotton planters in Texas, Arizona and
southern California.
Lieutenant Compere at Ellington a
year ago investigated the cotton situ
ation. Owing to danger of an Inva
sion of pink boil worm from Mexico it
was necessary to create restricted
safety zones where no cotton could, be
grown. Certain outlaw planters In
land surrounded by heavy forests have
defied the government and planted la
these districts, which are difficult" to
find. The young Californlan took, a
camera with him. cruised over the for
ests at a 7.000-foot altitude, ' and
snapped seven outlaw fields. The
fields were destroyed. " Compere has
been released from service and will
soon return to California to organize
the agricultural aviation scout work on
this coast. . : ; "" M-
Find a Moth Exterminator. ;
Experiments of the bureau of . ento
mology. United States department of
agriculture, have demonstrated that
naphthalene Is uniformly effective in
protecting woolens frorj clothes-moth
Ipfectlon and In killing, ail stages of
the Insect. , A red cedar chest readily
killed all adult moths and showed con
siderable killing effect upon young
larvae, It did not prevent the hatch
ing of eggs, but killed all the result
ing larvae almost Immediately. Red
cedar chips and shavings, while not en
tirely effective In keeping the adult
moths from laying eggs on the flannel
treated, appeared to protect It from
appreciable damage when used lib-'
eraliy. Des Moines Register. ':
Trench Mortar Regiment. '
The wartime organization of trench
mortar batteries with the divisions is
to be abandoned in favor of a single
trench mortar regiment, which will be
organized as a part of the army artil
lery to be. assigned for duty . by . the
army commander. Trench guns re
sulted from stabilized ; trench war
fare, and the divisional batteries lost
their usefulness excepting under spe
cial conditions when the allied attack
turned the warfare Into an open strug
gle. For that reason, the trench mor
tar units of all divisions were among
the first to be sent home.
, Submarine Not Yet Perfect.
In spite of the fact that the British
have some steam-driven 2.700-ton sub
marines capable of a surface speed
of from 23 to 25 knots, the submarine'
as a weapon of war is too slow and
too blind when It Is submerged o be
considered a serious weapon of naval
warfare. When It can see electrically
to a distance of ten to fifteeu miles
while It is submerged so deeply as to
be Invisible to the air scout, and when
it can steam 20 knots submerged it
will dominate tho naval situation, says
Scientific American.
Rival of the X Ray.
A physician has contrived a simple
camera that seems to rival the X-ray
In a limited field. Into a light-proof
box, containing the member to be ex
amined, he admits light from a tung
sten lamp, filtered to pass only red
rays. Fassing through the hand or
foot the red light strikes, at the bot
tom of the box, a photographic plate
highly sensitized with an eosin solu
tion. An exposure of one-half second
makes the shadow picture. Jfopular
Mechanics Magazine,
f A'.'EftlCArj 13 Stf.lS
Mw-y nrri Why near Adrr.iral
I. a. Ouiao. d a.-.d r",:ti ns C:n-
e a' Ptpuiar R.-a.u. j
: 1 i
. a'l !.
speech or. two, and when he left he
had Washington hanging to his very
abbreviated Jacket tall. Folks here
certainly did like the admiral. A
popular Idol that obtains the plaudits
of Washington Is pretty good.
These are some of the things the
people liked about the admiral: He
snld very. positively that he will not
write a book on the war: he referred
to the navy's part In the war as Its
"stunt"; he boosted General Pershing
to the skies, Indicating that the ad
miral Is without a Jealous streak; he
referred Jocularly to himself as "the
only rear admiral In captivity," and
said he was glad to exhibit himself If
the folks wanted to see him; and,
host of all. he took time to talk with
I every one who could squeeze a word
! Into his ears. .
Down at the union station, wnen me
admiral was boarding bis private car,
a gray-haired woman rushed up and
shook his hand warmly.
"This is the proudest day of mi life,
admiral," she said. "I now have
shaken hands twice with you7'
"All right, my dear lady," the ad
miral replied, raising his cap. Tm
glad If meeting me pleases you. Come
around again the next time I'm in
tow n and we'll shake a third time.
If any further proof that the ad
miral Is btimun were needed, it mUjht
be stated that he plays a rattling
game of handball. Washington Star.
MRS. E. M.
Good Fare and Clean Rooms
Keeps , regular and
' "7:, Dealer in -; - '
General Merchandise
A General store, carrying a line of goods com- g
plete for the trade, Auto Supplies including g
H tires, fixtures etc, likewise Auto repair g
II work done; When in need of supplies
H or repairing. erVE DS A CALL g
8000 Miles
standard track
directly aervins'
Florida -Georgia
and thm
District of
I 111
milium i
Um for Rat Skins,'- t " ;
Exhibiting the cured skin of a brown,
rat, the veterinary Inspector of New J
castle, Eng., has pronounced such
skins superior to the linings found In
some expensive coats. The difficulty
In creating a ratskln Industry appears
to be the uncertain source of supply;
but the demand that would be aroused
would be an incentive for destroying,
the rats that now constitute so serious
a plague. The bodies of the animals
Deed not be wasted, as they form suit
able food for pigs, poultry and dogs.
Didnt Know the Groom. '
"I made a terrible break today."
"That so?"
"Yes. You know I went to Lillian's
"Well, the other day I met Lillian
on the street, and I didn't recognlw
the man with her as toe groom."
KHHi I I , - i
The Pre9Hill appr ciit your
pubscription, enl h iu thi w ek
Careful Attention to. Guests
Transient Boarders
Ifil'lljli! hli'lH! j 1 1
the Public
IF YOU or your friends
contemplate traveling
to any Doint and desire
information regarding
fares, schedules, train ser
vice, etc., you will find it
to your interest to call on
or communicate with the
nearest ticket agent of the
Southern Railway
System x
' "Trains are operated on con
venient schedules and every ,
effort is made to make your
trip a pleasant one.
J. R. MARTIN, Diriiion Passenger Agent
017 Maifcat SbnMt. Cbattaaooca. Tm.

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