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Workers Are Guarded By 200 Police
men When Placing Rails at Intersec
tion of Lines Company Agent About
to Serve Injunction When Sent Over
Drawbridge and Marooned.
Detroit, Mich. The building pro
gram of the Municipal Street Hallway
Commission, which has under construe
'tlon a few miles of line near the north
erly city limits, struck a new angle
when a big squad of laborers, guarded
by 200 police officers, ripped up a sec
tion of the Detroit United Railway
track at Mack and St. Jean avenues,
and then crossed the company's lines
with a city-owned diamond and the
necessary trackage. The crossing was
made before daylight and while E. J.
Burdick, Assistant General Manager of
the Detroit United, was held a prison
er' on Bell Isle. Mr. Burdick was
rushed over to the island by police of
ficers, who kept him marooned there
by raising the draw bridge.
Tne bridge was lowered when the
"prisoner" made his way back to the
city. He was just in time to see the
workmen on their way home from the
Mack avenue "job." The result of the
treatment accorded to Mr. Burdick will
be an action against the city of Detroit
for alleged improper arrest, as well as
the institution of contempt proceed
ings against those city officials re
sponsible for the construction of the
tracks at St. Jean and Mack avenue.
At the moment he was seized and
hustled away the Detroit United offi
cial was engaged in serving an injunc
tion issued by the Circuit Court
against the city, enjoining it from in
terfering with the street railway com
pany's tracks in auy way. Mr. Burdick
stated that when he protested to the
officers upon being taken away, he was
informed that they had "orders" to do
what they were doing.
After reaching Belle Isle Mr. Bur
dick was searched at the police sta
tion there and everything of value
taken from him, he said, except his
glasses. He was informed that he
was held for "disturbing the peace."
Even the telephone of the island was
disconnected so that he could not in
form members of his family of his
plight, Mr. Burdick said. The plan to
outwit the Detroit United Company
apparently was a well defined one, offi
cials said. The laborers who were to
do the "job" were locked up at the
yards of the Department of Public
Works until the time came for them
to go to work, when they were rushed
to the scene on motor trucks and ac
companied by patrol wagons carrying
the policemen.
Run On Bank.
Lexington. A run on the Bank of
Commerce of this city, believed to have
originated in rumors that heavy loans
had been made on tobacco lands and
crops, was started by a long line of
anxious and frightened depositors
when the doors were opened at
o'clock in the morning. At time for
closing, 2:30 o'clock in the afternoon,
the run had been quieted and it was
stated that the vaults contained more
money than was there in the morning
when the bank opended.
Revolver Is Sole Clew.
Kansas City, Mo. A cheap revolver
is the sole material clew that has been
found in connection with the murder
of O. V. Dodge, vice president of the
Midland Life Insurance Co. and other
wise prominent in the business life of
Kansas City, police said. The weapon,
it is said, was dropped by the murder
er as he tied after killing Mr, Dodge
in the driveway of the Dodge home.
Whether it was dropped purposely or
accidentally is a matter for specula
tion. Argentine Head Invited.
Buenos Aires. President Yrigoyeu
was invited by Bainbiidge Colby, Sec
retary of State, in President Wilson's
name, during Mr. Colby's visit here,
to visit the United States, says La
Kpoch, the government organ, which
sees in the invitation great signifi
cance in view of the policy pursued
by Argentina during the World War
and her recent withdrawal from the
Geneva meeting of the League of Na
tions. Salina Post Upheld.
Newton, Kan. The action of ilie Sa
lita Post of the American Legion in
actively opposing the spread of the
Nonpartisan League movement in
Kansas was upheld here at a meeting
of the Executive Committee of the
American Legion, Department of Kan-
Interned Sinn
What at first sight appears to be
,ner at the internment camp at Ballykinler, County Down. They covered
camera man.
Twenty-three Men Face Homicide
Charges as Result of Riots at Mate
wan Last May Between Citizens,
Private Detectives and Miners.
Williamson, W. Va. Trial of the 23
men arrested on homicide charges
growing out of the gun battle at Mate
wan last May between citizens, private
detectives and miners has been set ten
tatively for January 19.
The trials originally had been set
for last September, but continuances
were granted. Judge It. D. Bailey, ap
pointed by Gov. John J. Corn well to
till the unexpired term of Judge James
Damron, resigned, will preside at the
trials. It will be his first regular sit
ting, although he .presided at a special
term in December.
Wade Bronson, Prosecuting Attor
ney, announced that in all probability
change of venue would bo sought by
either side. Other cases resulting from
coal mine strike disorders will also
probably be tried at this term, the
Prosecuting Attorney announced.
Spirited legal battling is expected in
the homicide cases, as a number of the
most prominent criminal lawyers in
the state have been retained by the
prosecution or the defense.
The military patrol a I Nolan report
ed having been lired upon last night
by unidentified persons. The shooting
came from the Kentucky hills opposite
the town.
Diamonds Are Recovered.
Detroit, Mich. With the arrest here
of Bertram W. Eastman, 22 years old,
police have recovered 21 of the dia
monds, valued at .$1",000, which disap
peared from the home of John Richer,
December 10. The diamonds were the
property of Mrs. Richer, who received
them a number of years ago in settle
ment of an estate in England. They
ranged from a quarter of a carat to a
carat apiece. One la valliere, con
taining 1G stones, had been in posses
sion of her family 250 years.
"Monte Carlo" Uncovered.
Boston, Mass. Prohibition Enforce
ment Agent McCarthy ran into one of
the biggest surprises of his career
when, assisted by Plymouth police, hH
raided a building in Marshfield in
searcn of liquor and stumbled upon a
regular society "Monte Carlo" running
full blast. In the wild scramble of the
200 odd society folk present to escape
when the officers broke into the house
all but 90 did so. Many of the 110
who fled were women, the officers mak
ing no effort to detain them.
Broker Suicides.
Spokane, Wash. John R. Milholiand,
investment broker, of the firm of Mil
holiand & Hough, of Spokane, accused
by Jay B. Hough, in an alleged con
fession to the police of having partici
pated with him in the embezzlement
of $3T0,000 in bonds and money front
James F. Callahan, millionaire mining
man of Wallace, Juano, was later
found to be dead at his home here.
Hough, a partner of Milholiand, sur
rendered to the police and is held in
Treasury Certificates
Washington. Offer of two new se
ries of Treasury certificates, the com
bined issue for about $250,000,000,
was announced by Secretary Houston.
Both series are to be dated January
15, one maturing April 13 and bear
ing interest at .ri?4 ler cent.
Feiners Try to Foil
a band of Hindus, is actually a body
United States Has More Than
Double the Strength of the
Japanese Navy.
Washington. What officials believe
to be complete information as to the
relative naval strength of the principal
world Powers now is in possession of
the American Government Whethei
it will be presented to the Senate For
cign .Relations Committee in connec
tion with that committee's considera
lion of proposals looking to world
disarmament has not been disclosed
The information has been compiled
in the form of tables, which show that
Great Britain's sea power is double
that of the United States, and that,
although the British preponderance
in capital ships practically will have
born overcome by the United States
with the completion, in 1923, of the
American building program, the
American nayy will still be inferior iu
types of vessels which naval officers
regard as extremely important, nota
bly destroyer leaders, cruisers and
light cruisers, cruising submarines and
airplane ships.
The United States Navy, according
to this information, has . more than
doable the strengthof the Japanese
navy, ana this ratio win oe maintain
ed even with the completion of the
building programs of the two countries,
The United States will be far superior,
not only in capital ships, but also In
destroyers and submarines. Japan,
however, will have double the number
of battle cruisers, now possessing four
such vessels, with eight others project
ed. while the United States has none
completed and only six building.
Without reference to second-line
ships, of which Great Britain has a
preponderance in all classes over the
United States and Japan, the British
navy contains 20 battleships carrying
at least 10 guns each of twelve -inch
caliber or larger and displacing 20,000
tons or more. The United States has
16 such vessels, Japan 6, France 7 and
Italy 4. Great Britain has no first-line
battle ships under construction, while
the United States has 11 Japan 7
France 4 and Italy 4.
The British navy, pioneu in the de
velopment of the battle cruiser type,
navy contains 20 battle ships carrying
of modern ships of war. with 6 first-
line battle cruisers and 4 others class
ed as "second line." The United
States has none completed and 6 under
construction, Japan 4 in service and 8
projected. France and Italy have no
battle cruisers built or building.
France To Enter Ruhr.
Washington. Through its embassy
here France has notified the United
States informally of the contemplated
invasion of the Ruhr Valley because
of the alleged failure of the German
Government to effect a disarmament
in that district. It was learned that
the State Department had not convey
ed to the French Government any in
timation of the attitude the United
States would take in the event inva
sion became a fact.
Would Return Property.
Washington. Senator William H.
King, of Utah, completed a bill propos
ing to restore to German citizens all
property taken over by the Alien Prop
erty Custodian dining the World War.
A special Court for the consideration
of the claims would be formed under
the measure and the .United States
would not have to pay more than the
$700,000,000 realized from property
Explosion Kills Two; Wrecks Home.
Ft. Wayne, Ind. Ebber Shelter, 24
years old, and Ellen Sheffer, 12 years
old, son and daughter of J. W. Sheffer,
are dead, and two others are injured,
one probably fatally, as a result of a
mysterious explosion which destroyed
the Sheffer home, at Auburn Ind. 20
miles north of Ft. Wayne
the Cameraman
of Sinn Fein prisoners marching to din
their heads with towels so aa to elude the
Industries to Reopen and Resume
Work on Normal Scale as Nation
Readjusts Itself and Methods to the
New Situation. .
New York. Manufacturers should
now resume their buying of raw prod
nets in a discriminating way to keey
the wheels of industry turning and aid
n maintaining the economic balance
of the country.
This is the optimistic and hopeful
message sent out by J. Philip Bird,
General Manager of the National As
sociation of Manufacturers, who ad
vanced the suggestion in a review of
the general business situation.
"The lime has now come," said Mr,
Bird, "for every far-sighted manufac
turer to return to the kind of discrim
inatory buying necessary to sustain in
dustry and restore prosperous business
"We have passed almost through a
brief period' of the closing down of
factories and mills in the readjust
ment. We are now seeing industries,
reopening and resuming work on al
most normal scale. We will have more
and more of this as we adjust our
selves and our methods to the new
situation. We have seen great changes,
so far, without widespread labor up
heaval, and this is one of the most
healthful signs for the future, because
in these great turn-arounds the em
ployes have not been forced to shoul
der the greater part of the burden.
These things follow in the natural
cycle of events that trail all great
Beat It! Texans Say.
Brownsville, Texas. B. It. Kato, a
Japanese colonist from California, who
arrived in Brownsville, was met at the
train by a committee of the American
Legion, Chamber of Commerce, Retail
Merchants' Association and farmers'
organizations and told to leave with
in 48 hours. Kato was told that public
sentiment made it impossible for Japa
nese to colonize here. Trouble was
probable if Japanese persisted in Jhe
attempt, he was to'd.
Pretty Soft!
Washington. The dancing man has
come into his own in Washington. If
you can "shake a mean toe," wear
your evening clotnes well and know
how to manipulate your mating tools
you can earn $10 a night by escorting
a pretty girl to a ball. And besides
that, she's supposed to send a limou
sine after you. I actually feel guilty
aftout taking the money," declared one
of these professional escorts.
Two Injured Seriously.
Muncie, Ind. William L. Fitzpat-
rick, 2S years old, and H. II. Swlhart,
26 yeais old, electricians, may die as
the result of burns suffered when two
oil switches at the plant of the Indiana
General Service Company exploded
and threw burning oil upon them. Fitz-
patrick is chief electrical engineer for
the company. Industrial power users
were without current.
Unemployed Army.
Washington. A total of 2,323,000
workers are out of employment In the
country, according to a survey of tba
industrial situation made by Clint C.
Houston for the current issue of La
bor, official organ of the Plumb Plan
League. Mr. Houston asserts that his
inqu'ry. disclosed the greatest indus
trial slump sKce the money panic of
Hope Nearly Gone, but Lydia '
E. PinkhanVs Vegetable
Compound Saved Her
Star, N. C "My monthly spells
gave me bo much trouble, sometimes
tney worn a last wo
weeks. I was
treated by two doc
tors without relief
and they both said
I would have to have
an operation. I had
and was unfit to do
anything, and had
given up all hope of
ever getting any
better. I read about
your medicine in the
'Primitive Baptist' paper and decided to
try it. I have usedXydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound and Lydia E.
Pinkham's Liver Pills for about seven
months and now I am able to do my
work. I shall never forget your medi
cine and you may publish this if you
want to as it is true. "Mrs. J. F.
Hursey, Star, N. C.
Here is another woman who adds her
testimony to the many whose letters we
have already published, proving that
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound often restores health to suffering
women even after they have gone so far
that an operation is deemed advisable.
Therefore it will surely pay any woman
whe suffers from ailments Deculiar to
her sex to give this good old fashioned
remedy a fair trial.
How Fabrics May Be Tested.
The thumb test will help to deter
mine strength and weaving quality of
goods. The fabric is held between the
forefingers and thumbs, while the
knuckles should be forced together,
causing a heavy strain on the fabric.
Its strength will be shown by the
ease or difficulty with which it teare.
Th occasional use of Roman Era Rnliini
at night will prevent and relieve tired eye,
watery eyea, ad eye atraln. Adr.
How He Got It
"Pa had the last word In
an argu-
ment witlvma last night,"
"That so?"
"Yep. Ma was arguing that she
simply had to have a new gown for
a dinner party that is coming soon."
"Well, how did your father get the
last word in that sort of a battle?"
"He finally said 'yes.' "
in One Day -
Be sure its Bromo
The genuine bears this signature
Stomach -Kidney s-He&rt-Luvcr
Keep the vital organs healthy by
regularly taking the world's stand
ard remedy for kidney, liver,
bladder and uric acid troubles
The National Remedy of Holland for
centuries and endorsed by Queen Wilhel
snina. At all druggists, three aizea.
Uekfer the aame Cold Medal oa rfr Us
aarf accept ne iraiutieo
Children's Coughs
may be cheeked and more eerioue condition
of the throat oftea will be avoided by
promptly airinc the child a dote of eafe

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