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Society paid its devotions to the thea
tre this week. It bestowed its favor
upon Marie Tempest and W. H. Crane
and De Wolf Hopper to the exclusion
of social functions. Apart from the at
tendance upon the theatres, there has
been very little activity, and the pros
pects are not particularly encouraging, though the wedding season
promises to be a brilliant one. It seems to be definitely settled that
the Pleasant Hour club will not give another party. The Empire
club, which displays remarkable vitality, has not yet finished the
regular season, and it is probable that it will give summer parties as
usual. The Patriarchs will give one more dance.
The coming minstrel performance to be given by the Lincoln
Ligtit Infantry at the Lansing theatre April 17 is attracting fully as
much, if not more interest in social circles than the recent entertain
ment "Among the Breakers,"' and it is said that if somo of the per
formers in the latter entertainment are present at the minstrel show
they will learn something to their advantage. Nearly every feature
of the performance will be of local interest, and the fun will strike
right and left. The end men will be Messrs Prank S. Burr, Ross
Curtice, Y. A. Bostrom, Fred G. Plummer, Forry Moore and C, W.
Outhwaite. The soloists will be Messrs. H. A. Mayer, C. M. Camp,
Ed. Butler and W. B. Clark. Mr. O'Shea, who has a remarkable
facility in legerdermain, mind reading, hypnotism, etc., will add in
terest to the program. Mr. H. M. Wilson will give an exhibition of
club swinging. Messrs. Bing and Wittman will appear in a triple
bar act and a musical turn will be done by Messrs Curtice, Burr and
Moore, The show promists'to make a big hit. A number of Omaha
people are expected to lend their presence tb the a ffair, Two boxes
have already been secured by the Omaha Guards. Another box has
been sold to Colonel Bills, of Fairbury.
Mr. S. H. Burnham returned Monday from his trip east.
Mrs. Frank W. Smith, of Alliance, is in the city.
It is said that there will be two more cotillions before the end of
the season.
At the performance of "The Fencing MasterH at the Lansing thea
tre Tuesday evening, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Kier were the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Oliver in their box. Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Hall and
Miss Cora B. Hardy occupied the Lansing box. In another box
were Lieutenant and Mrs. R. H. Townley, Mrs. W1ghtmant of
Buffalo, N. Y., and Mr. J. R. Lemist
Mrs. S. E. Moore's statement as to the financial result of the per
formance of "Among the Breakers" shows that the total receipts
were 8311-35. There was a net profit of 824235, which was divided
equally between Elder Howe and the charity organization, for the
benefit of the poor of the city. Mrs. Moore makes special acknowl
edgment to Mr. D. E. Thompson, to Mr. Ed A. Church and to the
Lansing theatre orchestra.
The funeral services of Mrs. H. P. Foster were held Sundaj after
noon at 2 o'clock, at the family residence, 1213 H street, and were
conducted by Rev. E. H. Curtis. "Lead Kindly Light" and "Abide
With Me" were sung, by Mrs. C. S. Lippincott, Mrs. A. W. Jansen,
Miss Nanon Lillibridge and Miss Hattie Becker. The pall bearers
were Mr. H. B. Patrick, Mr. S. B. Nesbit,Mr. A. G. Beeson, Dr. C.
F. Ladd, Mr. R. J. Green and Mr. 0. S. Lippincott. There were
many beautiful floral tributes.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Dorgan left Monday for California.
Mr. George W. Mercer, of Omaha, was in Lincoln Monday.
Mrs. Helen Wightman, of Buffalo, X. Y., who has been the guest
of Lieutenant and Mrs. Townley, left Thursday for Chicago.
Rev. C. C. Lasby left Monday for California.
The C. U. C. minstrels at Lyceum hall this week furnished much
genuine entertainment. Several of the performers showed unusual
talent. Among the features of the program was an overture pre
pared especially by F.Lorenz; "Climb up Ye Children, Climb,"
chorus; "Give Him a Welcome Home," Professor Arlington; "Come
Down from the Moon," Mr. Rice; Germau medley, Professor Emer
son; "You Can't Lose Me, Cholly,' Mr. Sweatman; "Knights of the
Mystic Star," chorus. Messrs W. H. Cunningham, and B. F. C.
Baker gave an amusing specialty, "The Upper Ten and the Lower
Five," and Mr. O'Shea gave one of his clever exhibitions of legerde
main. Professor Arlington appeared in monologue comedy. Mr.
L. Butler rendered most artistically "A Battered Tin Horn." The
closing number of the enjoyable program was a sketch entitled,
"The Trial of a Member of the Colored Gentlemen's '400' Club."
Mrs. A. Bruco Coffroth has been in Omaha, the guest of Mr. and
and Mrs. J. F. Barnard, formerly of thid city.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Hill and family have returned from La Porte,
Lavita Whist club was entertained Monday evening at the resi
dence of Mr. and Mrs. E. Hallett. This organization, by the way, is
the oldest whist club in the city. Its membership comprises Mr.
and Mrs. F. A. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Weir, Mr. and Mrs. C. T.
Boggs, Mr. and Mrs. Allen W. Field, Judge and Mrs. I. V7. Lansing,
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Lindley, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Kirker, Mr. and
Mrs. J. J. Gillilan,Mr. and' Mrs. J. W. Waugh, Mr. and Mrs. J. J.
Davis, Mr. and Mrs. J. W.DoggJ and Mr. andfMrs. E. Hallett. The
invited guests present Mo-iuiiy evening were: Judge and Mrs. C. L.
Hall, Mr. and Mrs. W. L.Fairbrother, Mr. J. E. Houtz and Dr.
Mr. Bert Wheeler is on a trip to the Pacific coast with members of
the Omaha city council.
Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Hathaway returned Saturday from California.
Professor F. W. Taylor gave an illustrated lecture on Mexico at
the First Congregational church Tuesday evening.
The funeral of Mrs. Frances Outcalt was held last Saturday after
noon at the residence of her son, Mr. R. C. Outcalt. Rev. E. H.
Curtis conducted the services, and Miss Lillibridge and Miss Gay
lord sang. The remains were taken to Brunswick, Mo.
The First Presbyterian church celebrated iti silver anniversary
Wednesday evening. The exercises were opened with an anthem by
Miss Gaylord, Miss Lillibridge, Dr. Eddy and Mr. Kettering, the
church choir. Rev. Lewis Gregory offered prayer, Dr. Curtis, the
pastor, made a brief address, and Mrs. J. N. T. Jones, whose mem
bership dates farthest back, gave a historical sketch, detailing the
progress of the church under the various pastors, Rev. Peck, Rev.
Ellis, Rev Weller, Rev. Kenlo, Rev. Gordon and Rev. Curtis. The
present active membersship is 537. Following Mrs. Jones' address
'Miss Gaylord. Miss Lillibridge and Dr. Eddy sang "Memory," and
Rev. H. T. Davis spoke briefly. Miss Gaylord sang "Home Sweet
Home," and after "Auld Lang Syne" by the congregation, Rev. By
ron Beal pronounced the benediction.
The annual meeting of the society of the Homo for the Friendless
was held Wednesday at the home. The children gave a number of
musical selections, and reports were heard from Mrs. F. H. Crowell,
Beatrice; Mrs. C. W. Hoxie, Lincoln; Mrs. C. K. Ch'ibbock, Tecum
seh; Mrs. O. Merwine, Palmyra; Mrs. Libbie Scott, Brewster; Mrs.
Babcock, Melroy; Mrs. Hoel, Tecumseh. An excellent lunch was
partaken of, and in the afternoon the session opened with a concert
and exercises by the children. Miss Josephine Lotteridgde recited
"The Newsboy's Debt." Additional reports were made by Mrs.
Caroline Jones, corresponding secretary; Mrs. E. S. Helmer, treas
urer; Mrs. William Knapp, financial secretary; Mrs. Luther P. Lud
den, clerk of the board; Dr. J. O. Everett, physician and Mrs. L. B.
Hoel, superintendant. It was shown in Mrs! Hoel's report that there
are 160 people in tbe home, divided as follows: Adults, 14; children,
124; officers and employes, 22.
Sorosis met on Monday at the home of Mrs. H. H. Wheeler, and
the ladies present were greatly interested in the discussion of the
income tax which was ably led by Mrs. T. C. Munger The income
tax is one of the great economical questions of the day. Adam
Smith says that all subjects should contribute toward the support
of the government in proportion to their revenue and the protection
afforded them. And the revenue ought to exceed the amount neces
sary to be raised by the smallest sum necessary for collection. Our
taxes are raised in two ways, one by direct and by indirect taxation
We have very few direct taxes the majority of the revenue is rais
ed by indirect methods such as taxes on commodities and stamps,

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