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Beginning tho l'rel Wednesday in October the 'Ladies' Matinee
Muaicale will give a musical ami literary entertainment at Curtice's
hull every two weeks. Among the members of this organization are:
Mrs. 1'. V. M- Raymond, Miss Marie Hoover, Mrs. Will Owen Jones,
Miss Stella Rice. Miss Gertrude Sousley, Mrs. C. S. Lippincott, Mrs.
Emma Hagenow, Miss Clara Richardson.
Dr. II. B. Ward, or the University or Nebraska, and Miss Harriet
C. Clair were unitc.l in marriage l:st week in Chicago. Dr. and
Mrs. Wrd will be at homo in tho city aUcr November 1.
E. Finney and Mrs. Rartha Quick wcro marri-jJ Saturday evening
at the residence of Mrs. Quick, Rev. J. J. Morgan porfonning the
Jo'n D.xjd.oI N-jbraski City, who graduate 1 from the Univer
sity of Nebraska laif spring, was in town this veek en route for the
eafit where he will enter Vale college.
Professor Gray has been engaged as musical editor of tho Call.
Miss R'rtha Warner lett Monday for Evaimviilo, Ind.
Miss Nellie Young, of Trinidad, Colo., is visiting her sister, Mrs.
G e irg 1 1. Warren, 17 12 P street.
Mr :md Mrs. W. A. Eckcr left Tuesday for Crcston, la.
Mis. E. Ij. Viekars, of Cairo, III., is visiting friends in the city.
Miss Cora McDowell, of Fairbury, will attend the university this
Prof. Owens returned Sunday from the east, where he spent his
Tho Palladian baok this year is a little pamphlet containing use
ful information about the Palladian society and the university in
general. It gives a picture of tho hall, and the history of tho society
with tho by laws aud constitution and a list of the Palladian alumni
with their present addresses.
A reception to the new students was given by tho various college
religious organizations in the society halls Monday evening.
Dr. Lowe lert for Dakota Monday.
The senior breakfast given Saturday morning by Dr. and Mrs.
Lowe was a very enjoyable event. All the sanior.-? aud members of
tho faculty were present.
C. F. Royce of tho Omaha liec, formerly of this city, was in the
city this week.
Tho Y. W. C. A. reception on Tuesday evening was attended by a
V large number of ladies.
Miss Jeanette Wilson will entertain tho Cracker and Cheese club
next Tuesday afternoon.
Hon. A. II. Weir was in Chattanooga, Tenn., this week.
The following directors were elected at the annual meeting of the
Y. M. C. A. held Tuesday: A. G. Greenlee, J. II. Waterman, G. D.
Sweezy, Dr. F.S. Stein William Barr, H. P. Marferding. for throe
years; "C. II. Wixon for two years.
Governor Crounse, lilahop Andrews and Dr. Hurlbut delivered
addresses at the opening cQhe Wesleyan university Tuesday.
There will bo a preliminary'niecting of tho Pleasant Hour club
sometime next week to prepare for the reorganization the coining
Tho reception given by Mrs. L. C. Richards in honor of Mrs. Mar
garet Graham of Pasadena, Cal., oa Tueslay afternoon was a very
brilliant affair. Mrs. Richards was assisted in receiving her guest's
by Mesdaraes Gere, Lamb, Weeks, Bessy, Clark, Ed Green, Will
Green, Dales and Miss Elliott. In tho dining room at a prettily laid
table vrere-Miss Jeanette Wilson and Miss Lnl i Clark serving punch
and ices. Miss Emily Week, Miss Sarah Harris, Miss Mariel Gere,
Mies Elhn Geri, Miss Margaret Clark, Mas WiUaa. of SL Paul an 1
Miss Bertie Clark also assisted. The largo rooms were well tilled
and all afternoon a stream of carriages lined R street. Society at
least tho women of it -turned out in full force, and in the radiance
of swell new gown3 and bannets. Tue hrao was artistically deco
rated with graceful palmsand fragrant with tho perfume of myrai Is
otiiowere. Mrs. Graham read a very pleasing original story and
Jliss Jeanette Wilson whistled a solo very sweetly. The hospitality
of Mrs. Richards is bo well known that it is needless to say that i.
was ono of the most delightful receptions given in the city, '
Miss Ura Kellcy of Omaha has returned and will attend tho uni
versity this winter.
Invitations aro out ann uucing the approichin? marriage of Miss
Ber ie Burr to Mr. BemanGa'esDawis, the wedding to occur at seven
o'clock, Wednesday evening, at the First Presbyterian church.
After the ceremony there will be filial reception at tho home of the
bride. Their cards announce that they will be at home Thursdays
after December first at 1S47 C street.
Miss Mac Burr will leave Tuesday for Sioux City, where she will
spend several weeks.
Miss Marie Marshall departed to-day for Indiana where 6ho will
attend school.
Will Clark has gone to New York.
Dr. Crim and family returned Wednesday for Now York.
Mesdames Wheeler and Can Held left Wednesday for Chicago.
John Zehrung, who has been visiting his son Frank in this city,
returned to Denver Wednesday.
Tho principal socioty event of the coming week will bo "A Cake
Walk" given by Mr. Harry Lansing and Miss Grace Oakley at tho
Lansing Hall on Monday evening.
A jolly da icing party was give l Wednesday evening at Lincoln
Park by a number of young men in honor of Miss Curtiss, of
Stoughton. Wis., who is visiting her sister, Mrs. Fred Hallett. The
hall was filled with merry dancers until a late hour. Much praise
was given the young men in charge for their successful mauage
ncnt. Those who participated in the dance were: Messrs. and
Mesdames Risdon, Barber. Cooper, Hallett, Scott, Myer, and Mc
Candless; Misses Curtiss, Melick, Ramsey. Cooper. Daisy Burks,
Tyler, Vyvian, Peters, Barnaby, Rector, Graham, Fowler, Burks,
Lottridge. Smith, Carmody, Carpenter; Messrs. Van Smith, Camp
bell, Pratt, Deemer, Jeckell, Kiein. McNeal, Robinson, Wilson, Mer
rill, Lottridge, Winchester, Cook, Northam, Kennard, Anderson and
Miss Catharine Brown, of Hutchinson, Kansas, and Miss Jose
phine Allen, a recent graduate of Ann Arbor, are the guests of Mrs.
L. II. Austin.
There was a pleasant informal dancing party at the Lansing,
Wednesday ovening. Those present were: Mrs. J. D. McFarland,
Mrs. D. D. Muir, of Denver, Miss Maud Oakley, Miss Maud Remick
or Los A ngeles, Cal., Miss Lulu Clark. Miss Jeanette Wilson, Miss
Nellie White, Miss Margaret Clark, Miss Bertie Clark, Miss Grace
Oakley. Miss Lucy Griffith, Miss Forbes of Chicago, Miss Mary
Undeiwood, Miss Lottie Whedon, Miss Blossom Williams, Miss
Mario Marshall, Mr. D. G. Wing, Mr. Claire Young, Mr.C. A. Hann,
Mr. John T. Dorgan, Mr. Harley. Mr. Earl Bridgman, Mr. W. E.
Johnson, Mr. Ray Welch, Mr. Harry Lansing, Mr. Mattson Baldwin,
Mr. Lew Marshall.Mr. C. P. A. Clough, Mr. Mason, Mr. Fritz Snyder,
of Omaha; Mr. Guy Hurlbut, Mr. Ross Curtice.
Chancellor Canfield's circular letter to the students of tho univer
sity suggesting, for ono year, withdrawal from the inter-state athle
letic association, the abandonment of the annual, and the "reduction
to the loyest possible point all expenses connected with member
ships in the various literary societies and in the fraternities, and by
limiting all social gatherings both in number and outlay,'' has pro
voked much comment Some of tho students resenting what they
claim iB an unwarranted interference on the part of the chancellor
with the private affairs of students; but the circular was written
with a good intention, and the suggestions will doubtless be followed
to some extent.
The marriage of Miss Georgia Lovell, of Covington, Ky., and Mr.
Will Underwood,of Chicago.will occur October 9th at the First Pres
byterian church, Covington, Ky. The wedding will be a very swell
affair and a largo reception will bo held at the home of the bride's
mother. Miss Lovell is a charming girl and made many friends dur
ing her visit in Lincoln a few weeks ago. The Misses Jeanette and
Mary Louise Underwood will leave next week to attend the wed
ding. There was a large attendance at the informal dance given last
Friday evening at the Lansing. Those present were: Miss Jean
nette Wilson, Maud Remick of California, Katharine Weston of
Beatrice, Maude Hammond, Lulu, Bertie and Margaret Clark, Grace
Griffith, Mao Burr, the Misses Cowdery and their guest, Gertrude
Marquett. Brownie and Sarah Baurn of Omaha, Hallio Hooper,
Grace Oakley, Nellio White; Messrs. Earl Bridgman, Wing Allen,
of Omaha, W. E. Clark, Job Sherman, C. Y. Smith, D. G. Wing. Will
Clark, Fred Plummer. Ned Brown, John Dorgan, Will Johnson,
Wliitr , Fred W. Houtz. Lew Marshall, Will F. Meyer; Messrs. and
Mesdames C. G. Dawes, Charles L. Burr, Dr. C. F. Ladd.
Ono of the pleasant affairs of tho week was a whist party given
Thursday evening by Miss Lena Deweese in honor of her guest
Miss Mao Bryan, of Salem, Ills. Whist is always interesting, but
especially bo when first brought up at the informal commencement
of the winter's whirl. Miss Deweese's guests were: Miss Gene Get
ncr, Maud Hammond, Grace Griffith, Ena Ricketts, Louise Pound,
Lotti's Clark, Mae Byran, Stella Kirker, May Lewis, Dena Loomis
Lola Paddojk; Messrs. Tom Allen, C. Y. Smith. Fre.l Hyde, Carl
Marloy. Harry Barber, Ross Pound, Clyde McGinty, Will Clark,
Chas. Clark, Ned Brown, Geno Brown, Fred Plummer, Dick Reed,
John Phillips.
Last Monday evening while Mr. D. A. Elton was returning home
from nis business he happened to notice a small parcel on the side
walk very neatly tied up in pink paper with colored cord around it,
and knowing that the first of April was along time past he picked it
up and on opening it found that it contained a handsome diamond
ring that had evidently been purchased of E. Hallett, the popular
jeweler, who by the way has the largest and best stock of any jewel-e-
in the city. Mr. Hallett was seen by a Cokuier scribe this week
aid he 6ays that tho number of diamonds being sold is large con
f i lering tho stringency in the money market. Mr. Hallett's stock
of both loose and set stones is the finest that can be found anywhere
and he is always pleased to quote prices on anything he has. Hia
number is 1143 O street.
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