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'wnriTi " --j"."j'm
tho stock vvas borrowed allayed all suspicions. I received daily a
list of all brokers and firms to whom my stock was loaned. I thus
know at almost every moment exactly who were short and Jo what
extent. This was of tho utmost importance to mo if I would make
a grand success. I kept my chief brokers informed of who the
shorts were and how they stood, and directed them to bid it up in
the event of any of them trying to cover, and so discourage covering,
and then to let it fall off slightly, withdrawing, seemingly, all sup
port. Thus I traded for some ten days, or, to me more exact, until
the close of business on Saturday, August 25, when I thought it
time to realizo something from my venture, as my mind and body
were under such a strain from holding so many under my hypnotic
power that it was beginning to tell on me, and I feared that I
should break down before long if it were not soon ended.
As fortune would have it, that Saturday night wo had a heavy
frost all over the corn belt, which caused great damage to the crop.
It was noticed in the morning papers and commented upon to the
effect that, possibly, the damage was so great that there would Ie
little or no crop left. This, I knew, would aid my plans, and I ac
cepted it as a welcome ally. I turned to my newspaper notices; I
selected those I had prepared to take the initial steps, and sent
them to the Wall street papers to be published as reading matter.
The temper of the street being still bearish, owing to the late fall in
sugar and other stocks carried down in the break, I knew that I
would have to change it to bring it to my aid. I wanted it bullish.
I must make it so. I continued my newspaper articles for two
days more without moving the market up. I let the market rest
by dissuading the shorts whom I controlled from selling, and yet
did not allow them to buy. Knowing that a movement, once start
ed, will gain adherents in a very short time, I moved glucose up
sharply just before the close on Wednesday night; and cl-i I t 5
points above the day's opening. v ;
This I did 6o quickly that none could cover, and jeft myself ina.
better position than before. Xext morning I supported tha market,-
. .. k
against all sales, of which there were not many? most persons be$ng- .to claim my attention was a notice that the Exchange would that
wary and afraid of manipulation. The market dragged alongTqujet'yHday again-open for business purposes. That all accounts that could
ly until 2:15, when, all deliveries having been, made,-I again ad V"JvVd justed had been settled during the past four days, and that
vanced it sharply until closing. I now had -my brokemtmtirerjrj the.mjury tcfthe street .was not as great as had been feared. Being
under my control, with the market booming, the shorts running tp 'naturally strong' and healthy, I'soon recovered and was able to go
cover and many new speculators coming into fhe market on 'ttJe 'out again. My first "thought was about my money in the trust com-
- w. -- . .
I stationed myself in the gallery of the Exchange, where I could
keep them fully under the influence of my power, I willed them to
buy all the stock that was offered until they turned tho tide of spec
ulation and the market roso steadily, but surely; up, up it went. All
the stock that was offered was absorbed, and yet they bid for more
until tho remaj&fng outstanding shorts were nervous and frightened
to such an extent that they became frightened to cover and bid it
up on themselves a point and two points at a time. Now was my
golden opportunity I sent word to the trust company to call in the
thousands of shares they had loaned for me.
This they did at once and pandemonium reigned. Never were
such scenes enacted on the Exchange. Men struggled and fought.
The crowd became a seething mass 'of mad humanity. Hats were
crushed, clothing was torn. No stock was offered, while upward
the bidding soared. Where would it end?. I was appalled at what
I had created. I rushed to the trust company. I inquired for my
stock; I found they had it all. Then back to the exchange in
breathless haste. I called out several brokers and gave orders to
sell all that I had for' cash, but only to the strongest houses. This
they did almost instantly at prices above the regular. Back to the
trust company again to make immediate deliveries and receive' my
certified schecks. Thence to the brokers who had my other shares
to have them delivered in the same manner. Once more to the
trust company to make my deposit, and the deal was over. I went
back to the Exchange for one parting glance at the roaring torrent
of speculation. It still continued. I became faint, reeled and fell to
the floor.
When I recovered consciousness, I found myself in my bed at
home, weak and exhausted. How long I had been there I don't
know. My physician forbade conversation until I became strodger -assuring
tne that all was well and that I would shortly be about
-again. I remained thus for four days, after which I was allowed to
sit' up, chat a little, and see the papers.
Imagine my surprise, when, looking at the paper, the first thing
bull side. This was the time to finish my deal with one masterful',
stroke. The leaders whom I had controlled and forced to sell were
borrowing, as my list showed, 50,000 shares. i -.
The stock was up 22 points from where X had it, and I was the
only one who could supply them. I must change my tactics, supply
them with stock, turn them to the bull side and my bull " leaders to
tha bear side. To do this I met the bear leaders at the Windsor
that night, and, after talking with them for some time, through my
hyponitic power, changed the current of their ideas until they be
came more bullish than my purchasing brokers had been. I let
them have fifty thousand shares privately to cover with, and trans
ferred to them the remainder of my shares, which I had with my
brokers. I left them feeling very bullish, and advising their follow
ing to cover and go long of the market. I had thus disposed of one
half of my stock at a handsome profit, and felt that I would un
doubtedly succeed in my project. I went home well satisfied, and
had my first good night's re6t since the beginning of my manipula
tions. Hastily glancing at the Wall street papers in the morning to
see that tvey had my bullish articles in them, which I had sent for
insertion the evening before, I hurried down to the brokers who
hd been buying and sustaining the market for me, and informed
them that I had sold out for the shorts, and advised them to whom
to make the deliveries. At the same time I compelled them to
change their ideas so fully and completely that they became greater
bears than the others had been. I forced them to believe that the
upward movement was over; that I had sold out, and that a sharp
decline would positively come, and that at once.
The market opened more boisterously that it had closed the night
before. It was openly stated that the big shorts had settled pri
vately; that the support had been taken from the market. It was
seen that the former buyers had turned sellers, and those who had
been following the movement threw their stock over at such prices
as they could get. So anxious were they to dispose of stocke and
get short that prices were points apart in the crowd. I had deter
mined that this day should close the deal. To more effectually con
trol tha action of those to whom I transferred my shares the night
pany. I took a cab, drove down town, assured myself that it was
all safe, and-then sent -won! -to my friends who had gone into the
pool -with me- to meet' the next morning at my rooms. This they
did at the appointed time, and we divided our gains. It was unami-'
pusly declared that I was entitled to one-third of the sum realized '
for my efforts in the scheme, nd the rest was divided proportionately-
Thus ended the greatest deal based on scientific research which
has ever been made in Wall street It also ended my
hypnotic power. I have .never been able from that day to this to
influence any living person by the power of my will. I have settled
down quietly in this out-of-the way place to enjoy my wealth with
the bolacing thought that, although I obtained it by a method which
would not be considered strictly mercantile,! took it from those who
had taken it by no more legitimate method from others who
were greater lambs than they.
Now rain falls hard and the earth is cold,
And gods and men ignore you,
And gone are the hopeful days of old,
And black are the days before you;
And soul and body crave in vain,
And the world is a place of weeping,
And death is the only end of pain,
And life is not worth keeping.
Now the sun shines clear or the moon is faii
That paints tho hills and by-ways,
And gladder than wine is the sweet, rich air,
And gay are the well-trod highways.
"Tis a world of smiles and love, and rife
Are the joys of the good god's giving.
And the man is a fool who gibes at life,
And great is the cheer of living.

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