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for the last half; riding neck and neck
with Haynian in the last eighth and
beating him by four inches, Collins
third with the balance away behind.
The time 4:56 2-5 is a state record.
In the 2 mile handicap Class B there
was a slight change, insomuch as Rigby
failed to catch the field and dropped out
in the first mile. The finish was Ren
shaw, 50 yards, first, Mills, 100 yards,
second and Park, 100 yards, third, time
5.-0G 2-5.
In the 2 mile open Class B the finish
drifted back to the tame old order with
Rigby first, Renshaw second and Park
third in 5:15 3-5.
The tandem was again brought out in
the mile open Class A and good time
was made. The finish was Hayman
first, Collins Becond and Pixley third,
time 2:22 1 5.
Pixley and Hayman the Class A
favorites came out for a tandem half
and made 1:05 2-5 with flying start
Of the thirty-four entered, but eigh
teen rolled their wheels out in the 5 mile
handicap Class A. This was a continual
grind, interrupted every so often by a
half mile spurt by the frightful farmer.
The scratch men by changing pace and
good hard work caught the field in the
last two laps. They did notjpass as easily
as they anticipated for Sabin of Beat
rice from tho 150 yard mark, ground out
a red-hot pace to the finish and was
never headed. Pixley and Hayman from
scratch finishing second and third, time
12:47 2 5.
Pierce and Early on a tandem were
stated to go against Tessier of Sutton
for a half. At the pistol Tessier fell in
behind and although the ground was
burned up he stayed with them. Swing
ing wide he lost slightly on the last turn,
but with a pretty sprint regained the
ground and beat the tandem by inches,
tim9 1:03 1-5.
The Morgan & Wright trophy, a gold
brick, for the fastest unpaced mile on
M. fc W. tires was also won by Tessier.
He came on with a flying start and made
the first quarter in 32; the half in
1:03 1-5; three quarters in 1:45 1-5 and
finished 6trong in 220 2-5, about one
second slower than Coulter's paced.Class
B mile on the same track last year.
A reception and ball was tendered the
wheelmen at the city hall in the evening.
Referee Ebersol of Omaha awarded the
prizes. Refreshments were served,
everyone got acquainted and all prom
ised to attend the state meet at Lincoln
Mile novice Class A First heat, A.
L. Auge.'I, first; H. L. Vanderwood,
second; S. B. Early, third; time 2:43
Second heat, S. D. Bowles, first; H. F.
Jacobson, second; C. Landmesser, third;
time 2:44 3 5.
Half-mile open Class A First heat,
O. W. McBride, first; W. A. Pixley.
second; H. Frederickson, third; W. M.
McCall, fourth; time 1:18 2-5. Second
heat, C. M. Carter, first; M. Nelson,
Becond; F. E. Edwood, third; F. M. Tes
sier, fourth; time 1:12 2-5. Third heat.
C. C. Collins, first; H. Tt. Sabin, second;
O. O. Hayman, third; B. C. Nichol,
fourth; time 1:11 1-5.
Final one mile novice Class A S. D.
Bowles, first; H. L. Vanderwood, second;
H. F. Jacobson, third; time 2:33 1-5.
Quarter mile open Class A W. A.
Pixley, first; J. A. Bailey, Jr., second; C.
C. Collins, third; time 33 1-5.
Half mile open Claps A C. M. Car
ter, first; O. O. Hayman and M. Nelson
tie for second; O. W. McBride, fourth;
time 1:10 1-5.
Half mile Class A boys under 16 J.
F. McNeider, first; A. Jacobson, second;
time 1:162-5.
One mile State championship O. O.
Hayman, first; C. C. Collins, second; H.
F. Jacobson, third; time 2:36 2-5.
Half mile apen Class B F. B. Rigby,
firet; E. E. Mock ;tt, second; time 1:18 1-5.
Two mile handicap Class A H. B.
Sabin, 100 yards, first; W. A. Pixley,
scratch, second; F. E. Edwood, 50 yards,
third; time 4:55.
Five mile open Class B F. B. Rigby,
first; W. C. Mills, second; H. R. Ren
shaw, third; time 13:41.
Half mile, championship First heat,
F. E. Frederickson, first; W. A. Pixley,
second; F. E. Edwood, third; C. M. Car
ter, fourth; H. C. Gadke, fifth, time 1.05
2 5. Second heat, C. C. Collins, first; F.
M. Tessier, second; J. A. Bailey, third;
O. O. Hayman, fourth; time 1:11.
Mile open Class A First heat, H. E.
Frederickson, first; W. A. Pixley,
second; M. Nelson, third; H. C. Gadke,
fourth; time 227 2-5. Second heat, F.
E, Edwood, first; C, C. Collins, second;
B. C. Nichol, third; O. O. Hayman,
fouith; J. Mack, fifth; time 2:47.
Quarter mile open Class B F. B.
Rigby, first; W. C. Mills, second; H. R.
Renshaw, third; time 32 4 5.
Final half mile state championship
W. A. Pixley, first; C. C. Collins, second;
time 1:06 4-5.
One mile open Class B F. B. Rigby,
first; H. R. Renshaw, second; W. C.
Mills, third; time 2:19 1-5.
Two mile state championship W. A.
Pixley, first; O. O. Hayman, second; C.
C. Collins, third; time 4:56 2-5.
Two mile handicap Class B H. R.
Renshaw, 50 yards, first; W. C. Mills,
100 yards, second; J. D. Park. 100 yards,
third; time 5:06 2-5.
Two mile open CIcss B F. B. Rigby,
first; J. D. Park, second; H. R. Ren
shaw, third; time 5:15 3-5.
Final of oue mile open Class A O. O.
Hayman, first; C. C Collins, second; V.
A. Pixley, third; time 222 1-5.
Five mile handicap Class A H. B.
Sabin. 150 yards, first; W. A. Pixley,
scratch, second; O. O. Hayman, scratch,
third; time 12:47 2-5.
Unpaced mile Class A O. O. Hayman.
221 3 5; H. Holloway, 222 1-5; H. E.
Frederickson. 224 3-5; M. Nelson,
229 2-5; F. M. Tessier. 220 2-5; F. E.
"Money Saved is" Money Earned.'"'
"The Best is always the Cheapest."
the world's
is not 6avcd by buying low prictnl
These two Proverbs do not conflict but are
They are condensed statements; meaning that
experience is that money
Bicycling is in its infancy but has given us two phrases
equally true and equally synonymous with the above
I "Get ttxe J3et.
"Get tbe JR"tler'
E. R. GUTHRIE, AGT., 1540 O ST.
"Say, Dean, Dffirn hMii ? nnno,
ev.yenu ha.rcrr teei ?11? ir.lienffi j nres.
Krs uua es Yo'c meiisg Hanh ieetaa
rooyoa.p aoeekyh hrutnmg dah np,sWu,
jymosoessCp's n swbrtro!!!!
That's just about what it would sound
like, if I attempted to put in print what
the boys said te me at odd times since
their return from Kearny. What
trip accounted to, is conveyed ir
following bit of doggerel:
To Kearney Town tho boys all went
Awlieel and on tho trains
Their time and money bath reresient
What got they for their paimT
Friend Dickey, with his speedy less
The "Notice" did not win.
And Benson found his sprinty pees
Were all to weak to spin.
And M octet, he our Class B man
A first could not win out
While Bailey in tho two day's span
Found he was weaker than a clout.
And Yule, tho rider they call "Wick,"
lie too 6o sorely failed
And Painter uo'cr a lap did run
But in the finals quailed.
Fred Yule, Ed llowo and Milmine too
Ed Allen, Boebo and the lot
Who hoped aLincoln "win" to view
Say. "Pshaw, our boys all went to pot."
Jtist Received
a full line of
Good Meals
are needed by all athletes.
I have never ridden a bicycle, not
because I think it wrong, nor because I
couldn't if I tried. but simply because
I have no bicycle. Bicycles being what
they are and gravity being what it is
with no apparent prospect of a change
in either, I cannot 6ee why a woman
Bhould not ride a bicycle as it is intend
ed to be ridden, and I do not see how
she can otherwise ride it unless she
shall make a "leaning tower of Pisa" of
And, "shall she have a rational dress
for bicycle riding?" It is my opinion
that it would bo irrational for her to
have anything else. The munificent
lengths of a party gown or the multi
fold bieadths of the, so-called, house
dress, would but add incongruity and
entanglement to sure defeat for the one
who thus attired, attempts to conquor
the under such circumstances uncon
querable. If a woman will not dress
appropriately for the bicycle, then I say
it is not proper for that woman to ride
a bicycle; just as. I would object to
being one of a party to climb a moun
tain, the other members of which party
were women with tea gowns, high heeled
shoes and compressed lungs. Aside
from the question of utility, health,
comfort and good temper, a rational
dress for the bicycle is more artistic.
Even the men appear better on the bi
cycle in appropriate costume. They
are not attractive with hand-cuffs on
their ankles.
For a man or woman appropriately
costumed.-with a clear head and a love
for out-of-doors, I would think bicycle
riding could not help but be enjoyable.
The exercise and onsequent invigor-
Also a fine lot . . -
Cycle Iarxt
Cycle Hose.
1039 O Street.
and at
Morning Noon and Night
Will serve you meals both
ful and invigorating.
Open all jVigtxt.
ation must be beneficial Ida B. Hultice
in American Wheelmen.
July 14, Firth, 30 miles. Start at 8:30
take dinner and return in the
July 21, York, Gl miles. Start at 5 a.
m. and take dinner in York. This is a
good chance for ye century riders.
July 28, Raymond, 12 miles. Start at
3 p. m. This run is for all wheelmen
and wheelwomen of the city.
Short runs will be called from time to
time during the month for Wednesday
The excellent report in detail and the
summary of tho State meet of the
League of American Wheelmen at
Kearney, which appears in this issue of
The Courier was prepared by Mr.
Fred G. Yule, agent for the Victor
bicycle in this city. Mr. Yule was the
special representative of The Courier
at the meet and the editor takes this
method of complimenting him on the
completeness of his work.
A number of interesting local items
are unwillingly crowded out this week
to make room for the account of the
Kearney meet.
Jones Oh er garsong, regardez,
eece er apportez-voo le la
Waiter Beg pardon, sir. I don't
know French.
Jones Then, for goodness sake 6end
me somebody who does!
PChlekcur-. Kadi Mam4 Brmas.
-fftk. !I.l'laa4!Bl7Caialae. A
17 iSr?I
At 0
", "J rnuMe. ubics uk ,
TiL j "aKrl wu Die-A
M.Wtm gtTMl
Bmd In Hr4 and ah
I(t fftlM Wiffc Mb MM - 1
then KtfudaMT.mv2
nm it I i r Z . , T
la sump Car nwtlnlan, unkk 2
'fcCES-wT;".Tvr"ss-i. j
No id ot prcbate cf will.
In the county court of Lancaster
county, Nebraska, to Harriet A. Guild,
Geddie Guild and to any others inter
ested in said matter: You are hereby
notified that an instrument perporting
to be the last will and testament of
Henry A. Guild deceased, is on tile in
said court, and also a petition praying
for the probate of said instrument, and
for the appointment of John S. Hewitt
as administrator C. T. A. That on the
1st day of August 1805, at 10 o'clock a.
m., said petition and the proof of the
execution of said instrument will be
heard, and that if you do lot then
appear and contest, said court may
then probate and record the same, and
grant odministration of the estate to
John S. Hewitt.
This notice shall be published for
three weeks successively in The Courier
prior to said heating.
Witness mv hand arid-official seal this
11th day of July 1S93.
Joseph Wurzburg.
July 27 Act County Judge.
First Publication July 12.
In the county court within and for
Lancaster, county, Nebraska, May
term 1893, in the matter of the estite of
Austie Lowry deceased.
To the creditors of said estate:
You are hereby notified, that I will sit
at tho county court room in Lincoln, in
said county, on the 15 day of November
1895, and again on the 15 day of February
1895, to examine all claims
against said estate, with a view to their
adjustment and allowance. Tho time
limited for the presentation of claims
against said estate is six months from
the Wthdayof AugUBtA.D.1895,and tho
time limited for payment of debts is one
year from said 14th day of Augustl895.
Notice of this proceeding is ordered
published four consecutive weeks in
The Courier, a weekly newspaper pub
lished in this state.
Witness my hand and the seal of said
county court, this 10th day of July 1895.
I. W. Lansing
July 27 County Judge.
are the only ice wagons handling
Telephones 583 and 581
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