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Ernest Low has gone to Texas.
Miss Herberts Jdvnes of Omaha at
tended the Junior Promenade at the
Lincoln last evening. She w ill be the
guest of M S3 Olive Latta over Sunday.
Last Tuesday evening Dr. and Mr p.
Bailey were agreeably surpiisedbya
party cf friends dropj ing in to help cel
ebrate their lif:eenih anniversary. Al
though the surprise was complete. Dr.
and Mrs. Bailey wc re charming hosts,
The j ly intruders brought a beautiful
piece cf cut glass. All 6orts ot games
were plycd.
W. J. Bryan returned Monday from
his Texc 8 trip.
Miss Lil Tukey of Omaha is the guest
ot Miss Mae Burr.
M ss Kathtyn Brooks is quite ill with
the grip.
The Musicals department of the Wo
man's club will give a musicale program
next Thursday, February 13.
Miss Grace Bennet of Omaha is visit
ing her siste-, Mrs. F. W. Brown. She
attended the Cotillion club party
Thureda, evening.
., ,
Mrs. Jenkins with her daughter of
Fairmont is visiting her husband, Col.
Jenkins, a representative.
Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Harr's spent two
days in Lie coin last week.
G. W. Bonndl returned Wednesday
from his trip to New Jersey.
Mra. Gee. W. Lowrey returned Wed
nesday from Decver, Colo.
Mrs. Juhn Dowt'en'is very ill at the
Windsor hotel with a seiious attack of
the grir.
The Bjcj tub Mandolin club will meet
with Miss Mae Burr Monday evening.
Mrs. C. F. Ladd will entertain this
afternoon the active membeis ot her
iraternitr, Kappa Alpha Theta, and a
few young lid its for Miss Herberta
Jaynes of Omab?.
The renewed Pho chapter of Kappa
Alpha Theta have issued invitations to
me memcers oi ine uiu ruu coupler J or
her Bret anniversary banquet at the
home of Miss Leo!a Vancil, 1222 J street,
this evening tt 7 o'clock.
Mrs. Preston charmingly entertained
her Kensington club last Monday after
noon at her home on Sjuth Eleventh
Btree. A great deal of amusement was
derived (mm diawing threads in the
napkins which were furnhhed each lady.
Conversation was lively and the refresh
ments dainty. The members and in
vited guests were Mesdames O. N. Hum
phrey, Billmeyer, Win. Turner, M. I.
, aicureeiy. oampoeii raincK,
runt, C. I. Jones, C. E. Wilkicsjn,
Van Brunt,
Chapin; Misses Eukss and Clara Parks.
The little bird which is popularly
6UtiDOed to travel around with such
items tfneas brirgs a rumor of an en-
gagem.ntofone ot ths buds to a gen-
tleraan who lives several hundred miles
from Lincoln. The bird neglected to
tell when the wedd-.ng was coming off;
not soon, however,
Mrs. Jno. R. Clark, Miss Clark and
Miss Eertie left last tek for the east
They intei-d to spend the winter in New
York city, where the young ladies will
continue their art studies. Mr. and Mrs.
Oliver Rodgers have rented the resi-
Carl Funke and wife started eaBt this
week. Mrs. Eunke stopped at her eld
home, Newark, Ohio. Mr. Funke went
on to New York.
W. If. Wheeler of Stella is in the city
visiting his old friends and neighbor?,
Rev. and Mrs. G. M. Shepherd.
H. H. Barth and wife will leave in a
few days for Mex:c where they expect
to epenJ seveial months.
Miss Alice Slaughter returned this
wetk from Tiinidad, Col , where she has
been visilirg her sister.
Mr. Harry S. Lrd of Anaconda. Mon
tana, was in the city last week visiting
njB friends at the University.
Mrs. Fred Howe, born Funk?, came to
Lincoln on Friday to visit her mother
and brothers. Mr. Howe remained in
the east attending to the business of a
patent which has proved a great sue
cess. The patent has somethirg to do
with a tooth-brush. The whole world
Las been disgusted with the only tooth
Lrush in sight for years. The bristles
come out and it gets mouldy and sour
while you wait. If Fred has something
that will clean teeth and hold its bris
tles and not fill into bad odor I hope he
will hrinc it tn Nnhriuka with him.
They say the brush is rotary.
. n D . . , .,
Miss Dora Bacheller has assumed the
charge of the advertising department of
Th lW:Br Sh hua maAR a Brm.;a
and successful study of writing adver
tisements. She is at work upon a direc
tory of physicians, a part of which ap
pears in this week's Courier.
Mr. Albert Turpin of Omaha will open
a dancing school on Monday, February
13. Mr. Turpin has taught dancing for
eight years in Omaha, tie came to Lin
c0'0 to instruct the lads at Worthington
academy. Mr. Turpin is a pleasant,
keenwitted young man who locks as
though he could accomplish anything
he wanted to. On Monday evening he
will teach adult beginners at 70.
Children's classes at 2:30 p. ni. on Sat
urday. Mr. C. A. Hanna has gone to Chicago,
wheie he will be associated with Mr. C.
G Dawes in the management of the
Evanston gas plant,
Miss Jaynes of Omaha, who is visiting
Miss Latta, is the daughter of Mrs.
Jaynes who organized the society of
"The Daughters of the American Revo
lution." Without Mrs. Jaynes' enthu
siasm and love of what is ancient and
historical, the society would never have
been started. A present the society is
prospering. It has frequent meetings
which undoubtedly foster a respect fcr
what has been and strengthens the
esprit tlu corgs of the members.
Lieut. T. W. Griffith has been trans-
ferred to Ft. Bliss. EI Pas' Texts and
made regimental quartermaster,
' T w
The Cotillion club gave an exceeding
ly nice party last Thursday evening at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Buck-
st ft. Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Smith made
Yillpnt. Ipadpro Amnnc lhn nrpltv
and intricate figures were the -Star and
circle." -The Bag Rdce," and 'The Rope
Jun.ping; Tne faV0r8 were dainty and
,ent briIliancy to the occa85oD. Misses
Grace Qdkl y and FJorence Farwell
prt8ided over the favor table. Those
participating were Messrs. and Ms-
dames Buckstaff, W. C. Wilson, Wright,
c. L. Burr, Keiley. Burnham, W. B.
Hargreaves, Brown, Lippiacott, Mar-
Bhall, 0o'den. Beeson, F. W. Smith, Dr.
and Mrs. Lidd, Capt and Mrs. Guil-
fojle, Carl Funke, Geo. Woods, F. W.
Houtz and Oliver Rodgers; Misses Flor-
ence Farwell, Grace Oakley. Bennet of
Omaha, Mary Price and Fred White.
F. W. Smith and wife and C. Y. Smith
spent laBt Sunday in Omaha.
Mr. Ed. Fairfield has returned from a
ten d avis' business trip to Oniiha.
Mr. F.-D. Cornell of ihe Missouri Pa
cific was in Kansas City on business
lait week.
Tho management of the Hiydon Art
club has secured a collection of photo
graphs of the wall pictures in the Bos-
ton library. They will be on exhibition
in the art room in the library of the
State university on the 15th and lGth of
next week and perhaps throughout the
week. Puvis de Chavannes, Abbey,
Sargeant, Whistler and others have
done the largest part of the work in tho
library building, which has been and is
more talked and written about than
anything ever erected on this side of the
wuter, not even excepting Biltmore or
the Albany state capitol splurge.
Mr. and Mrs. R, N. Townley entr-
. . , , , ,u .d
tamed Pdlraer Cox, of the "Brownies
fame, with a dinner Thursday evening,
February 4th. The other guests were
Mr and MraFW Brown, Rev. Percy
A. Silvers and Rav. Turner.
T , r i r t
Last Monday evening Mr. and Mrs. J.
A. Buckstaff delightfully entertained
the Bucyrus Mandolin club. After a
satisfactory rehearsal refreshments
were served in the dining room. The
wero served in tne dining room. Ihe
remainder of the evening was pleasantly
Bpent in the dancing hall. Those pres
ent were Messrs. and Mesdames Ode
Ritor, L. W, Marshall and F. W.
Smith; Mhs?s Henrietta Ilollowbusb,
Laura Houtz. Florence Farwell, Grace
Oakley, Jessica Morgan, Clara Bu.k-
stan, ana unve Lalta; Messrs. t. U.
. n v o -.i. tt it n
Ooolev. C. 1. Smith. Homer Hnnni-wrll.
Mattson Baldwin and Dr. Wolcott. A PAINE & WarFEL.
number of peopls have asked why the Quite a number of G. A. R. members
club was called Bucyrus. For the lack attended the twentieth annual er.camp
of a better one the club members de- ment at Hastings Tram the 10:h to 12th.
cided to use the name of the first piece They succeeded in ht lping elect Fred
of music which the members learned to Meyer of Lincola as a delegate to tho
play, " The Bucyrus Waltz," by Guckert. National Encampment at Buffb, N. Y.
There is a IiUle town in Crawford coun- Among those who went from here were
ty, Ohio, situated upon a beautiful little Messrs. James A. lieaton, Phelps Paine,
stream, the "Cyrus." The natives in Foxworthy, Col. Pace, Joe Teeters, J.
choosing a name combined the to
words beautitul and Cyrus into the
euphonic "Bucjrus." We are notre
spocsible for the truth of the 6tory of
the origin of Bucyrus.
The Courier offers a prize of
a first-class round trip ticket
- t tttdtv't i x Ai,
to CALLbUKJNIA to the
individual who secures
the greatest number of cash
subscribers before March 31.
The price of said ticket is ninety-four
dollars (S94.00). So
far the competitors are few
and sluggish, so that the tick-
et is liable to be given in ex
change for very little work.
Everyone but the successful
competitor will receive 40 per
cent on each cash subscription.
Sabbat b,t he night before, Monday even-
The Daughters of the American Rev- ing, February 13th, when the Society of
olution have issued invitations for an Electrical Engineers will receive, in
anniversary progiau to be given at the etruct and astonish their fri-nds at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Welch the university. The grounds and building
22od, Washington's birthday. wib be brilliaLtly illuminated. Tuesday
R. T. Wing of Dillon, Montana, is the morning, Phi Beta Kappa will give a re
guest of his brother, George Wing, of ception at the Chanced ir's home to
220GSuth Fourteenth street. President Carter of Williams College,
Mrs. M. B. Reese returned Mopday wh delivers the Charter day address at
from Wahoo, where she had been called the Lansing on the evening of the lGth.
by the illness of her daughter. n the afternoon of Charter dBy all the
,L t. . - ,. -.. - , a departments will be -at home." espe
The Patriarchs will give a fancy dreES cially the gymnasium and tlu mi i.ary
party the 26th at Lansing hall. departments.
The J. O. 0. club bell its regular
meeting at the home of Miss Alta Wil
son last Friday evening. Instead of the
usual literary program a mock trial wa3
the amusement. A lively interest was
taken in the suit between Jones vp.
Brown until 1 a. m , when court ad
journed until the next meeting of the
club. The officers and interested parties
in the case weie as follows: Judge,
Richard Williams; cleik of court, A.B.
Wells; sheriff, Beruio Merrill; attorneys
for the paintiff Morris Siebmwn and
CIaud Wilson; attorneys for the de-
r,n.ja t Dan De pulr0n and Edwin
Morrison; witnesses for the plaintiff,
E(itn Erfor(f Ara Wilson, Harry Xew-
ton Mabel Eiford, Clara Leese and
Elhe, Cullens; witnesser for the defend-
ant, Fred Cridel. Frank Hawley, Edith
JoneBi Ha,,I9 q and Harry Gage
Thc8. rjreBent w ra Mrs. Eberhart.
Mre GlimeB and Jay Kieretr-ad.
nA. .. r' tv "iv-r i i
loday raine V artel have
. -
their annual Aeckwear and
Suspender Sale 75c, Sl.OOand
$1 05 Suspenders and Neck-
i , rt
wear at rOc. All oOc Teck
ties at 40c; all oOc Bond Bows
and String- Ties 25c; 35c and
40c Suspenders and Ties 25c.
. .
An opportunity to buy
at these prices does not often
occur. All goods new and
fresh. Come and see them.
ir, i-- !.. i-...,4- t.,.i.. :
ivt"p niv. nin-.-n, aij its in
linen collars, Perrin's Gloves,
-r- tt h i r i
Linen .Handkerchiefs, etc.
Brown, Mart Hone, Fred Mejer, H. J.
Wiatcott and Henry Masterman.
H.H.Hart, general secreray of the
National Conference of Charities tnd
Correction of St. Paul, Minn., Burwe.l
Spuilck, superintendent of the M- th
ere Jewels' home of York, and John
Laugblin of Omaha were in the c ty
Wednesday to attend the sate confer
ence of charities.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Haigreaves ind
Mrs. Coates expect to move shortly into
Mr' Benton'8 home. Seventeenth and G
."..,. . . - , .
Tne whlBt cIub was ent2rtaed last
Saturday evening by Mr. and Mrs. W.
B. Hargreaves. These lovers of whist
BPent the ev?.nIDs moflt delightfully at
InnrratnA until q lata Y....w TlnSn... ,
v 5u4u u,.,b, a iaiD uuuA. idiui) re
freshments were served. The members
present were Messrs. aud Mesdames A.
G. Beeson, R, J. Greene, L. C. Burr, C.
L. Burr, Carl Futke, W. B. Hargreaves,
R. C. Outcalt and Capt. and Mrs. Guil-
Chancellor MacLean went to Chicago
Professor Bessey went toGrinnell. la.,
The charter day exercises at the State
university will begin, like the Puritan

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