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Professional Directory.
J Bee.
..618 1 ..,,., I Office, Zehrun Block J 9 to 10 a in
, Dr. Ben j. P. Bailey -L ,. t Mua)
.671.) f Residence, 1313 G street ) 2 to 4 p m
ETenincs, bjr appointment. Sunday's 12 to 1 p. m. and by appointment.
I Dr. J.B.Trickey,
j Refiactionist only
19 to 12 a. m
Office, I OB O itreet VI to 4 p. m.
I , ... ( Office, rooms 26, 27 and I
Offlca tacVliOUlS N. Wente,D.D.S.- l.BrowneU Block, 137
I ( ao 11th itreet. I
,, , v I Office over Harley's I
Oliver Johnson, D.D.S.i drugstore v
' 1 1105 O street )
offie 2JDr8 Clutter & Shannon -J 1135 o street
CiMtK CtyAi CO .
ii ttftft t CTD
m "v
Pl 05,
! Trio hpt nf pvprvtriino- in trip, o-rnrprv lino. n.t trip
..V. WWW- w- .---, 0 Jj ,
Good Luck Grocery.
C-mT aiTI'5r WOT O street.
J&.m 5rVX A V TelephoneOKO
one 38.
You will find them only at
made to
order. A
line of
Furs al
ways on
hand. All
Sal Cloaks Remodeled, Re-d3ed and
made into Latest Style.
143 Soutli I2tla
A Shoe . .
that t"oe6D't tit is unfit to
wear. It may be ever eo styl.
ish built along the latest
lines and yet bind and pinch
and cause you agony.
We are experienced in the
art of fitting feet. Our Shoes
are lacking in none of the
three qualities which good
Shoes ehould hhve Comfort,
Durability and Style.
All the new Fall Lines are
Society haB not lacked for gayety
during the past week. Almost every
night there has been a dancing party,
banquet, reception or musical, besides
numerous small functions given in the
afternoons. It would seem as though
every one was celebrating the election.
The annual banquet of Soroeis which
13 alwayB held at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. A. J. Sawyer, was given Friday
evening, November 9. The decorations
and arrangements of the board and
rooms carried out the idsa of the olden
time. The tables were set in thb shape
of a horse-shoe, with old -fashioned blue
dishes, one knife, fork and spoon, very
little silver and a few candlesticks with
tallow candles. The walls were hung
with old-fashioned pictures and on the
mantle were rows of pewter platters ana
braES candlesticks. On the outside of
the menus this quotation was printed,
"We'll see how the old-time dainties
suit the old-time boys and girls." Mrs.
E. H. Barbour, the president of Soroeif,
was toastmistress, and while Mr. Guth
rie carved the roast pig, Mrs Barbour
gracefully read the following quotations:
"What has this country deserved, what
has it done, that it in golden letters
should be set." Afterwards she called
on the guests alphabetically according
to the gold letter on each one's souve
nir whereon was recounted the deeds
and heroes of the century. Mrs. Barbour
was a brilliant toastmistress and the
moments sped, not one lagged under her
skillful and tactful management. The re
sponses finished, Mr. Guthrie's task of
carving the pig was accomplished too.
Under his sharp knife and knowledge of
anatomy the pig fell into straight elicep,
as though pigs came that way. "The
three R'e a spread of old-fashioned
food." was the banquet where each one
responded to the toast, "The Century."
After the banquet Mrs. Hill played a
medley of old tunes. Mrs. Barbour al
luded to the old-fashioned lady with
ringlets, and repeated the quotation,
"Soft words with nothing in them make
a song," and then Mrs. Burlingim sang
Oisian'fl Serenade.
O come with me in my little canoe,
While the sea is calm, and the skies are blue.
O come with me, for I long to go.
To those isles where the mango apples grow.
Then come with me and be my love,
For thee the jungle depths FlI rove.
m gather the honeycomb bright as gold
And chase the elk to its secret hold.
II chase the antelope over the plain,
The tiger's cub FlI bind with a chain ;
And the wild gazelle with its suVry feet
III give thee for a playmate sweet.
f come if the love thou hast for me
Is warm and bright as mine for thee ;
Pure as the fountain underground
Where first 'tis by the lap-wing found.
At the close of the program the loving
cup was passed, all drinking to Soroeis,
after which the president presented it
to Mrs. Sawyer as the gift of the club,
Those present were Messrs. and Me6
dames Guthrie, Hill, Hinman, Hodg
man, Lees, Miller, Wharton, Sawyer,
Taylor, Tibbets, Frost and Burnett;
MesdameB Bell, Barbour, Barnard, Bur
lingim, Hall, Welch, Wheeler; Misses
Tibbets and Miller, The guests were
Mesdames Sewell, McCreery, and Nor
throp; Misses Hall, Harris, Irwin, Long
well; Dr. Manss and Dr. Lowrey. Every
year Soroeis banquet has a distinct
character. Every year the members be
lieve that invention has been exhausted
and that the next year's will be a repe
tition of some previous function, but it
is always new. The menu of this year's
banquet was especially delicious and the
speeches were short, crisp and sparkling.
Mrs. Charles H. Rudge gave a large
card party la9t Saturday afternoon in
honor of her sipier, Mrs. McMasters ut
Chicago. The rooms were decorated
with yellow and white chrysanthemums
and lighted by red lamps. Euchre was
played and three pretty prizes were
given. The invited guests were: Mes
dames Charles Hammond, O. N. Hum
phrey, A. L. Hoover, S. C Hoover, Hill,
Wolcott, Field, TibtettB. Frank Ever
etts, Fisk, O. M. Thompson, R. H. Oak
ley, Talbot, Mary Phillips, W. A. Phil
lips, Rickett?, Harris, Casebeer, Holm,
R. M. Turner, Nance, J. T. Dorgan, E.
L. Holyoke, Burkett, George Woods,
Ackerman, Newmark, Doane, Aitlen,
Herrick, Kirker. J. M. O'Neal, Limbert
nn, Newman, Thomas, Moore, Putnam,
Patrick, Billmeyer, Lahr, Burt Rich
ards, Latahaw, E. W. Davis, Leese. Van
Brunt, Welch, Reese, Foster, Rector,
Ross Curtice, Grainger, Leonard, C. I.
Jones, Wright, Riseer, Harpham, A. A.
Scott, Teeters, Helwig, O. W. Webster,
E. Baker. Hays Thompson, Eubank, L.
Arnett. Blackburn, Bailey, Selleck,
P.ummer, Lindlny, Kellogg, Menzm
dorf, W. H. Tjler, W. G. Taylor, Bar
bour, C. M. Jaques, W. C. Davis, Stone
braker, Inkster, Rdokins, and Mullen.
MiBses Hammond, Hoover, Nance, Hoi
lowbush, Miller, Kirker, Saunders. Put
nam, Deweese. Gertrude Aitken, Grace
Aitken, Lindly, RiEser and Odell.
On Saturday evening Mr. and Mrs.
Charles H. Rudge entertained the fol
lowing guests with six handed euchre.
Messrs. and Mesdames Le Gore, Wil
kinson, Rhodes, J. C. Seacrest, J. C.
Harpham, Dayton, Hutchins, Garouttc,
F. H. Woods, F. M. Hall, Ward, Blish,
McMurtry, Levering, Usher, Guenz,e!,
Folsom, E. C. Folsom, Spencer. Trap
hagen, Sizer, Rewick, Van Riper, II. O.
Barber, Warner. Neal, A. R. Lee, Crit
tenden, Sharp, Stearns, W. J. Turner,
Mrs. Milne of Erie, Pennsylvania, Mis3
Carson and Mr. Richards.
Mrs. Herman Dierks entertained on
Wednesday evening in honor of her
guests, Miss Annie Ronnie of Walnut,
Iowa, and Miss Dierks of Kansas City.
The rooms were tastefully decorated
with carnations and chiysanthemums.
High five and crokinole were played.
Miss Ronnie'a numbers on the piano
were exquisitely played. Mr. Easter
day also played acceptably. The guests
ware: Messrs. and Mesdames Barth,
Page and Easterday. Mesdames Wit
tie and Johnson, and Mr. Water. Mis
ses Pearl Hall, Carrie Hall, Bertha John
son, Eleie Johnson, Annie Vieth, Kate
Vieth, Anna Hasse and Winnie Smith.
Mrs. Fred Gardiner and Mrs. Richard
O'Neill gave a large card party ThurE
day afternoon, November eighth, at the
home of the former. The decorations
were palms and pink roses. Refresh
ments were served at small tables. The
guests were: Mesdames Winnett, Tal
bot, Wente, W'lkjnwo, Wright, Cran-

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